why do i read these


Husband (takes book): “Whatcha reading?”
Husband (after reading synopsis): “Why do I even ask!? Another depressing book! 🙄”

It’s very good so far, actually! I got to accuse him of being a narrow-minded non-appreciator of good literature! 😉 Ah well, he can’t be too perfect…and he did read and discuss Flowers for Algernon with me before and he loved it and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, so he’s not THAT terrible! 😊 Also, speaking of good literature, I just signed up to go see Anthony Doerr speak and do a book signing with my substitute grandma, Lu! It’s not until April, but I’m excited!

Annnd, before I forget, @runningforbiscuits asked me my top five favorite books of all time. Geez, that’s incredibly difficult, but I’ll give you a top five that comes to mind: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes, The Green Mile by Stephen King, Water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. There are many, but those are the favorites that currently popped into my head. 😊 I’m not sure I could truly pick a very favorite.

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Soo why do you hate skinny people? :)

i can’t believe you made me read this with my own two eyes

hate skinny people???? are you serious??? because i don’t want people drawing hunk from voltron thin??????

do you. did you think, did you reflect on this before you hit send. did you. honestly.

do you know how many cool fat characters we get in media? NOT A LOT. you know how many thin characters there are in media? A FUCKTRILLION. literally every other main character in voltron is thin, there’s no reason you gotta make hunk thin too

hunk is fat and hot and amazing, get ur hands off of him

and next time THINK BEFORE YOU HIT SEND, jesus FUCK

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Have you ever thought of drawing galra Keith?

Not really? I don’t exactly see the appeal of it, but, I mean, sure? Here, one (1) furry Keith for you anon 👍

i’m sorry for all the blood i left on your lips / for loving you into ruin.

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one of the things i don't like in revelations is that hoshido and nohr characters have one buddy support and two romantic ones, if they had a second buddy support, what matchup would it be? (for both generations)

Actually, really good question. Some of these I just did over what would be cute or interesting, maybe less over what would actually happen. With the royals, of course the obvious answer is the other royal(eg. Ryoma can support Xander but not Leo), but I strove away from that.

I hope you don’t mind, but I didn’t do the child units or the Corrin only supports.

Ryoma and Odin - “You are a lot like my uncle”

Hinoka and Selena - Selena could project her mother on Hinoka and in turn learn more that she does not need to be perfect

Takumi and Arthur - “Bow practices for justice and-wait, don’t hold it that way-ARTHUR YOU JUST SHOT YOURSELF/MYSELF”

Sakura and Beruka - Quiet tea ceremony

Saizo and Xander - See how similar your liege is compared to your enemy

Kagero and Camilla - So are Hoshidans all so stuck up or is it just you and your liege?

Azama and Benny - Azama can try to find Nirvana in the middle of the forest. With bears.

Setsuna and Nyx - Can Nyx please cast some luck spell on Setsuna?

Hinata and Keaton - “GO FETCH” “I’m not an idiot, you didn’t throw the sword-” “GO FETCH NOW” “STICK—-” come on guys this could be hilarious

Oboro and Charlotte - Let these two shadow face warriors fight and eventually find friendship

Hana and Peri - “You know what would be a good activity to do with your liege?” “What?” “GOING ON A MURDER HUNT-” “bye”

Subaki and Laslow - “So since when were men allowed to be pegasus knights?” “What the hell is a pegasus knight? I’m a sky knight.”

Hayato and Leo - Teaching each other Hoshidan and Nohrian magic

Kaden and Niles - Would Niles be sneaky enough to keep stealing Kaden’s potentially shed fur and sell it?

Orochi and Elise - “Princess, let me tell you about your future- YOU MUST NOT TRUST YOUR BROTHER IN ANOTHER WORLD”

Rinkah and Effie - Surprised friends over their strength Yes, I am a girl like you

And just for fun, here are two extra s-supports for the royals that are not the other royals.

Ryoma - Charlotte, Beruka
Hinoka - Niles, Laslow
Takumi - Nyx, Selena
Sakura - Arthur, Odin

Xander - Kagero, Hana
Camilla - Kaden, Subaki
Leo - Oboro, Setsuna
Elise - Hayato, Hinata

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