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I’m going to go to bed in a while, but before I do, here’s a little PSA.

If you seriously dislike Osomatsu-san more than like it; if you seriously dislike the show’s brand of humor and think it’s too much for you; if you seriously dislike the characters so much and think only a few to none of them are remotely likeable; if you seriously think the character design is bad; if you seriously think that Studio Pierrot is ripping you off and that there’s truly nothing about it that makes it worthwhile…

I have a suggestion for you:

Please, please, please, for the love of all that is good in this world…




Seriously, if you dislike the show that much, feel free to drop it and find another anime more suited to your tastes. There are a lot of shows out there with more wholesome characters, a more wholesome sense of humor, etc. You really don’t have to stick around to bash every single aspect of the show, its characters, its humor, etc. We can do without it.

(And no, I’m not saying the show is above criticism, but there is a difference between constructive critique and full-blown nitpicky hate and I know you know full well what I’m talking about.)

If you really truly feel like this, do yourself (and the rest of the fandom) a favor and leave. Find a show that better jives with you, or make your own original stories suited for your tastes. You (and the rest of us in the Matsu fandom) will be much, much happier for it.


It’s no secret that I like Lady Knights like, a lot. I put together a little randomizer as a sort of exercise. Then I thought, why not share it?

So here’s the thing. Five categories of traits. Pick three and run with it! Bonus challenge: do all five categories. And of course you’re free to add to the categories if what you want isn’t in there. Have fun with it! Don’t forget to tag #Lady Knights so I can see the cool stuff you come up with!

Here’s my starter to kick things off: Fists, Top Heavy, Nervous, Indian, Shark/Piscine.

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Hi I’m thebestthingisphil this is my Follow forever! I just reached 500 followers and im happy for each one of them (unless your a pornblog than I feel eh about you)!! So anyway I made this blog about a year ago only to shitpost really but I started getting followers and people started talking to me, it was a really bad time in my life too, so just having one person to talk to made all the difference. I really do love each and everyone of you even if I didn’t tag you. Also special thanks to Ryan @killerchaos15 for helping me with the header(You should follow them they’re like my best friend). I don’t have time to put it alphabetical because I’m doing all of this on my phone so don’t stress out ^~^ My Favorite blogs: @onlycatsshouldexist @onlycatsshouldexist @ourgossipyghoul @alpacalapsegirl @imjustarticulate @top-koalaty @cringe-attacks @immaghast @kissyphan @lurkinghowell @purplestreak8 @cesari0 (why do I always think your name is cereal?) @soulsivan @lawsofbiology @jorzuela @intensefandoms @stormydaylester @firstgay @amazinglyphanisnotonfire @amazingphanxx @phantastic-times @prplepixie @phan-demigod @timidhowell @grey-blogs @greenteagraceffa @serenehowell @castiel-fuckin-winchester @planethowell @raffit123 @toomanyshipsxx @herpaflurpderp @navintaoe @cyxical @just-a-random-fandom-24 @theghostoftumbrl @letthemusictakeyouaway @irrevocablys @beyondyouandme @i-craft-ladders @i-meant-it-ironically @poisonkilljoy96 @mattismatter @amaliemago @notaflowerr @papercranesinflames @nightskydaniel @nikkiecola @slimyorange @gayllamasonrainbows @gazingatstarlights (my first follower) @cinnamon-roll-phan @myweepingqueen (you helped me through a lot) @pocketcow (both RWBY fans) @iamnotgoingoutside @iam-poedameron @read-between-the-covers @my-lungs-will-phil @twenty-one-broken-people @fetus-twink-howell @starryhowell @your-imaginary-soulmate @bigenderfrank @twogaysinapod @skyyisprobablylying @koshie-kosen @classydanosaur @whiskersandcraftsmakemeokay @whatiftardis @superyoutubetrash @awkwardchemicals @phantrash771 @little-awkward-heart @blurrytown @limited-edition-trash @treetrex-socks @wonderlandcanvas @tbpphan @an-amazing-piece-of-cake (you might not know it but that one time we talked you kept me alive) @universallycycleangel @tob-iio @youarelovedrememberthat @5secondsofcalpal @unicornsbedabomb1927 @pandachibi13 @phansfrivan @youtubelanguage @pencilanime (I think you deleted all your posts but I really liked talking to you) @phan-tastic-youtube-addict @phandom-dreams @phaan @phan–tastique @sleepinglester @sleepybarakat @trashcanniballecter @brerediddy @superultramegagay @imhalfasleeprn @heya789 @cats-books-netflix @goddess-of-neptune @shes-healing @yesyoutubeisruiningmylife @ultra-phantrash @classicalphilip and last but not least @lili-nightshade (I love talking with you)

Finding Home - Chapter 4 (Sam Drake x Reader)

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Thank you for everyone, who liked, reblogged and/or commented on this story! <3

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 5

After Sam said that he will help you, you smiled at him, then turned around, put the manual on the dining table and went to one of your boxes. 

“Okay, I’m just gonna feed the dogs first.”

You fished out Rocco’s old bowl which was too small for him now and put it next to his new one. You poured dry dog food in both of them. Rocco and Bonny jumped up from their bed and went to the bowls, while you made your way to the fridge. You grabbed the milk and poured some on Bonny’s food, to make it mellow and easier for her to chew.

Sam watched Bonny as she was eating happily, with a smile on his face.

“Thank you. It was yesterday when she last ate.”

You gave him a worried look.

“And when was the last time you ate?”

Sam’s smile disappeared from his face and he looked down at his feet. You gave yourself and imaginary facepalm, for not offering him anything to eat when he first stepped his foot into your apartment. You were the worst host ever. You went back to the fridge and put the milk back into it, then looked the fridge over.

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Tonight in inadvisable late-night confessions:

The biggest reason I get so goddamn annoyed at fan theories (or at least at people getting too invested in same) is the lack of understanding that most of them display about how the creative process actually works. Not everything is fraught with significance; not everything is part of a grand and glorious plan. It’s definitely not always some sort of conspiracy where everything is invested with endless meaning that can be decoded if someone smart enough connects all the dots – and even if it is, a lot of the dots are not in the reader’s view unless the author fucking well decides to expand the scope. At the micro level, sometimes the curtains are blue just because blue is pretty. Characters can get particular names not because they’re Deeply Meaningful, but because names are fucking hard and that one may have been the first vaguely interesting one the author found when looking at the liner notes of the nearest CD that happened to be at hand. Meanwhile, sometimes, there is a grand plan, but executing it isn’t quite working, everything’s annoying, and now and then you just kinda gotta throw a curveball in there to keep yourself entertained or divert from a problem that you don’t know how to solve, in the hope that it’ll help you wander to a different solution later. And sometimes you throw random shit in just because it’s funny. That thing that’s sending the fandom into a full-scale tizzy just might have happened on an odd day in a fit of pique. Shit happens.

Basically, nothing’s perfect. Everything’s a process. Stories can grow and change and do unexpected swerves, and sometimes there are little detours that don’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things but were just satisfying to write, and other times there is deep significance to a choice that’s part of something the author very much wants to convey, and that can make off-base theorizing about it kind of maddening. It actually is possible to push a theory or an interpretation so far past having any perspective on the matter that you’re just plain wrong, and the occasional note to self that screaming DEATH OF THE AUTHOR!! at any suggestion you’re off the rails might also mean you’re missing out on something that really would be valuable to understand.

Either way, whether it’s a little bit of creative chaos at play or something that deserves a deep dive sans navel-gazing, perspective helps, as does the willingness to adjust course now and then and the regular application of a few grains of salt.

(that applies to this post, too, because I’m tired, irritated, and possibly not saying this as clearly as I wish I were. That said: I will probably put blue curtains into everything I write out of pure goddamn spite at this point. At least now you actually do know why.)

Can't read.

I don’t know how many customers a day that tells me when a price is suppose to be but doesn’t turn out that way. Like can you not read the sign and make sure they are the same before you go off and start bitching. Now, I know there are some retail stores that pull tags right away when the date is expired and sometimes forgets, but… that does not give a customer right to put a random merchandise there when it’s not even the same thing and expect it to be the same price.

Merchandise: Medium roaster oven
Price: 17.99

Customer: looks at a rack full of aluminum pans for 3.99

This is 3.99 why isn’t it 3.99?!?!?

Me: because it’s not an aluminum pan. Sometimes customers just leave it there and don’t put back where they got it from. Well, I want it to be 3.99. Sorry, can’t do that they aren’t even the same sku number.

Customer: call the manager

Me: okay, tells the situation.

Manager: tell them no, because it’s not even the same merchandise and was not even in the right department.

Me: management said no. Because they are not the same thing.

Customer: fuck you. Bye

Me: …….. okay……. bye


….. same thing except for……

Customer: fuck you. Bye…

Me: ….. sometimes I wish I could knock some sense into you with this roaster oven….

Okay… bye…

The end.

If we only we could speak our mind.. the bitching and complaining would stop.

But.. we can’t do that. Because we would get fired.

ravioli-delicious  asked:

Hi! I don't know if you still take 'one-character' requests because your description says your ask box is closed. In case you do, can you something with Takao, perhaps? Love ya. Keep it up, Gabby!

The description always says that my askbox is closed… I’m too lazy to change it every time I open it. Thank you so much for your support! 

Anonymous said: hello!~ i hope i made it in time, if not just ignore this.. but i’d like to request takao please thanks!

Anonymous said: *crosses fingers and hopes you’ll write for this guy* One order of Kazunari-kun, please?

One Takao coming right up! Oh, and also:

I am rendered speechless.

With one last swipe of dark cherry on your bottom lip, you look at yourself in the mirror. Takao watches attentively on your side, his cheeks almost pressed to yours as he pays close attention to your colored lips. The way they pucker up and shine sends a thrill in his blood, an acceleration in his heartbeat. You don’t know what made him ask to watch you put liquid lipstick on (knowing him, it’s probably just curiosity), but you didn’t mind the audience.

At first, your boyfriend looked very intrigued at the shape the lipstick took form—rather than the conventional, well, stick, it looked more like a mascara. When you started applying it, however, Takao couldn’t help but feel rather aroused. He did a great job in somehow controlling the blood from rushing to his groin, but the sensuality in his eyes remained unmasked. 

“And that’s how you wear liquid lipstick,” you say, closing the cap to the make-up and storing it back into the make-up pouch. “Was it educational?”

“Yeah,” he answers dumbly. It’s not as if he’s never seen you wearing lipstick—perhaps there’s something more enticing, watching you wear it in front of him? You don’t miss the way he’s looking at you, something deeper swirling in light grey eyes. 

It’s not as if you mind, anyways.

“Good to hear,” you reply smugly, a sly smile growing on your face. Takao’s eyes are glued to your lips, unable to look away at how delicious it looks. Taking advantage of his somewhat entranced state, you lean in slowly, staring at him with half-lidded eyes as he gazes upon your lips. When he manages to tear his eyes away, he looks at you, and a teasing smirk slowly surfaces.

You are the one to first land your lips on his. Takao quickly reciprocates by cupping your face with his hand, the other snaking down your lower back to press you closer against him. Your palms lay flat against his chest, feeling the vibration of his hum against your hands. When you pull away for air, you notice the red shade transferred lightly on his lips and chuckle.


“You look cute with that color on.”

“Are you being serious right now?” He asks, a smile on his face.

“Why would I lie to you?” You teasingly answer, a finger drawing circular patterns on his solid chest. Takao lets out a hearty laugh.

“Then put more of it on me,” he replies before crashing his lips onto yours in a passionate kiss. 

Send me one character name and I’ll do what I want with it (not writing for the ones that are requested already)

anonymous asked:

oh thank God you tag 'marinette dupain cheng' and not 'marinette cheng' or 'marinette dupain'

Oh yes, for sure! Her full name is “Marinette Dupain-Cheng” and I feel like just tagging one or the other would erase an important part of her. Biracial kids already don’t get much rep in media. And I know tumblr’s tag system gets messed up when you put hyphens in tags and supposedly that’s why some people don’t do it but like… just miss out the hyphen then?

meeting me in person would include:

“wow, she’s taller than i thought.”
“wow, she has a lot more hair than i thought.”
“why is she so loud”
“i didn’t know people had this many facial expressions”
“what is she doing with her hands- is that asl what the hell????”
“this is the most overgrown seven year old i have ever seen oh my god”
“why does she t a l k so MUCH and so FAST like STOP-”
“how does every conversation loop back to??? snakes??? we were talking about coffee, tails, fOCUS-”
“why is she wearing a ring on her left ring finger when she’s literally like two years old and unmarried”
“her socks don’t match i literally???”
“she cusses SO MUCH”
“she’s wearing three jackets and sweaters and is still shivering. weak ass arizonians.”

anyway. on the note of my hair, @cotton-corduroy literally didn’t recognize me once when I put it in a ponytail, to give you,, an idea,,,,, ,

i wanna do this as a tag meme but I don’t wanna tag people to do it because I don’t wanna make anyone uncomfortable but if you wanna spew random facts about yourself tag me so I can see and then we can talk about it because? I can’t be the only person who says fuck a lot and doesn’t have damn time to match socks, smh
so please!! tell about yourself!! asks or submissions or your own post!! tag me im nosy!! tell me about yourselves let’s be friends!!!!

anonymous asked:

hello here to say people need to stop putting their killing stalking posts in the 19 days tag askdjdjsjsjss

some people will put random tags of other mangas/manhuas/manhwas to get more notes on the post they made I guess… 

tbh, its irks me when people make a post in a tag but the post has nothing to do whatsoever with that said tag; for example if that post was ks AND 19 days it would be fine but if its literally only about ks then ???? why tag other comics?? idk maybe i’m just super picky with organization / just wish people would use the tags correctly but its not like we can control what happens. doesn’t make it any less annoying tho..

This is a large image, please view in hi-res!

A club I’m in had us listen to a random song then put down the colors you felt fit the song. I didn’t need to go this far, but hey. Why not?

The song I got was Comes in Waves by Psychologist, and I got a very melancholic vibe from it. As such, I chose more blues, greys, and blacks.

Please do not repost, remove my signature, or remove my comment!

OOC: So like the lady at Gamestop™ gave me two more Arceus codes than I could use. So I thought it would be cute if I did a little giveaway. For those who are either too lazy reach their local Gamestop and don’t want to pay for the codes online this giveaway is for you!

I didn’t want to do it like a regular giveaway where you need to reblog and follow, instead I wanted to make it a little more fun but before I go into that…

The Code

-For you to use this code you obviously are going to need a copy of ORAS or X&Y


- The code is also only redeemable up until November 30, 2016.

The Contest

The way to enter is to draw a quick little drawing like this: 

post it and tag it #GOD4GOD

get it cause like Yato’s a God and so is Arceus omg guys im so witty!!!

The drawing really shouldn’t take any time at all and you don’t need to really put any effort into it but it should be Noragami related in some way. The art can be expressed in any way you would like traditional, digital, a sculpture, music, interpretive dance, seriously anything. You could draw a stick figure with a scarf and I’ll accept it. The winners won’t be chosen based on artistic ability and will instead be picked at random (why is why you shouldn’t put too much work into it).Anyway, I thought it would be a nice way to have a bunch of silly Noragami sketches flood the fandom, since nobody really looses when everyone gets art! If you for any reason want to post a sketch but live in an area where the code wont work  or just simply don’t have the game say so in your tags and you’ll be skipped. Please also have your asks or chat enabled so if you do win I’ll be able to contact you.

Remember to have fun guys!

Anti: sorry I don’t make the rules :)
Okay what rules, you got an official rule book on how to ship do and don’t? Fiction doesn’t have rules nor limits. Yes there are topics and themes that some don’t like or agree with. But why do you think people put warnings and tags for it. But yeah I always found the rule thing silly cause that just equals to “ I made the rules my word is law signed from random stranger on the internet” But hey please prove me wrong with some ACTUAL SOURCES of these “rules”

Random headcanon (Batman deals with too much edition)

During one of his many asskicking’s from Batman, Joker decided to troll him by making the most sexual sounds as possible until Bruce had to angrily tell him to shut the fuck up which just resulted in hysterical laughter rather than him actually shutting up.

Panlix (brotp) - Texts

This is quick and has no plot it’s for Yazzyyyyyyyy my mindtwin. it’s just random Panlix texts that take place whenever you want them to. No koala tea here.

Hints of Darling Pan and Tinklix. What is a plot ?? 

[text from F to P] hey. where are u

[text from P to F] home why  

[text from F to P] i gotta tell u something  

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thebasketballidiots' THANK YOU Giveaways!

I just want to say that you guys has been a great support to me. I open my activity page everyday to read all of your comments and tags. I remember my regular visitors and I really enjoy every messages that I got. I’ve been thinking of a giveaway for a long time since I reached the 200 mark followers. Now I got 600 followers and I just can’t believe myself. Thank you everyone for your support ;__;

These are the mini figure that came with a little chain that you could put on your bags, cellphones or just hanging anywhere you like. The capsule vendor was being an ass and give me SAME CHARACTERS THREE TIMES that’s why I decided to put up some for give away.

  • Himuro Tatsuya
  • Murasakibara Atsushi
  • Fukui Kousuke

Rules are simple!

  1. You have to be one of my followers! I want to give this to my followers so yes you have to follow me. (I am not tagging this so the only way you see this is by following my blog :3)
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  3. I will random 3 people for the price. 1st get Himuro, 2nd get Murasakibara, 3rd get Fukui
  4. This will be open until 21 August 2014 at 22 pm (GMT +7 which is my timezone, sorry guys)

Thank you everyone for the follow I really appreciate you all :)