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It’s no secret that I like Lady Knights like, a lot. I put together a little randomizer as a sort of exercise. Then I thought, why not share it?

So here’s the thing. Five categories of traits. Pick three and run with it! Bonus challenge: do all five categories. And of course you’re free to add to the categories if what you want isn’t in there. Have fun with it! Don’t forget to tag #Lady Knights so I can see the cool stuff you come up with!

Here’s my starter to kick things off: Fists, Top Heavy, Nervous, Indian, Shark/Piscine.

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Hi I’m thebestthingisphil this is my Follow forever! I just reached 500 followers and im happy for each one of them (unless your a pornblog than I feel eh about you)!! So anyway I made this blog about a year ago only to shitpost really but I started getting followers and people started talking to me, it was a really bad time in my life too, so just having one person to talk to made all the difference. I really do love each and everyone of you even if I didn’t tag you. Also special thanks to Ryan @killerchaos15 for helping me with the header(You should follow them they’re like my best friend). I don’t have time to put it alphabetical because I’m doing all of this on my phone so don’t stress out ^~^ My Favorite blogs: @onlycatsshouldexist @onlycatsshouldexist @ourgossipyghoul @alpacalapsegirl @imjustarticulate @top-koalaty @cringe-attacks @immaghast @kissyphan @lurkinghowell @purplestreak8 @cesari0 (why do I always think your name is cereal?) @soulsivan @lawsofbiology @jorzuela @intensefandoms @stormydaylester @firstgay @amazinglyphanisnotonfire @amazingphanxx @phantastic-times @prplepixie @phan-demigod @timidhowell @grey-blogs @greenteagraceffa @serenehowell @castiel-fuckin-winchester @planethowell @raffit123 @toomanyshipsxx @herpaflurpderp @navintaoe @cyxical @just-a-random-fandom-24 @theghostoftumbrl @letthemusictakeyouaway @irrevocablys @beyondyouandme @i-craft-ladders @i-meant-it-ironically @poisonkilljoy96 @mattismatter @amaliemago @notaflowerr @papercranesinflames @nightskydaniel @nikkiecola @slimyorange @gayllamasonrainbows @gazingatstarlights (my first follower) @cinnamon-roll-phan @myweepingqueen (you helped me through a lot) @pocketcow (both RWBY fans) @iamnotgoingoutside @iam-poedameron @read-between-the-covers @my-lungs-will-phil @twenty-one-broken-people @fetus-twink-howell @starryhowell @your-imaginary-soulmate @bigenderfrank @twogaysinapod @skyyisprobablylying @koshie-kosen @classydanosaur @whiskersandcraftsmakemeokay @whatiftardis @superyoutubetrash @awkwardchemicals @phantrash771 @little-awkward-heart @blurrytown @limited-edition-trash @treetrex-socks @wonderlandcanvas @tbpphan @an-amazing-piece-of-cake (you might not know it but that one time we talked you kept me alive) @universallycycleangel @tob-iio @youarelovedrememberthat @5secondsofcalpal @unicornsbedabomb1927 @pandachibi13 @phansfrivan @youtubelanguage @pencilanime (I think you deleted all your posts but I really liked talking to you) @phan-tastic-youtube-addict @phandom-dreams @phaan @phan–tastique @sleepinglester @sleepybarakat @trashcanniballecter @brerediddy @superultramegagay @imhalfasleeprn @heya789 @cats-books-netflix @goddess-of-neptune @shes-healing @yesyoutubeisruiningmylife @ultra-phantrash @classicalphilip and last but not least @lili-nightshade (I love talking with you)

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Playlist snooping: set your entire music library to shuffle and then report the first 10 tracks that pop up! Then tag 10 additional victims.
Let it begin … (Yes I have almost 3000 songs and they are really random…Like only one of these is a favorite. Can you guess which one?)

Trailer Music #3 - Michael Gordon (DOOM OST)

Beautiful Lie - 30 Seconds to Mars

Tron Legacy (End Titles) - Daft Punk (Tron OST)

Come Back Down - Apocalyptica

Mein Teil - Rammstein

Bat Attack - Van Helsing OST

Shadowmaker - Apocalyptica

Post Bat Attack - Van Helsing OST

Bremen Mask - Zelda Reorchestrated (Majora’s Mask)

A Moment in Time - Bob Culberston

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Can't read.

I don’t know how many customers a day that tells me when a price is suppose to be but doesn’t turn out that way. Like can you not read the sign and make sure they are the same before you go off and start bitching. Now, I know there are some retail stores that pull tags right away when the date is expired and sometimes forgets, but… that does not give a customer right to put a random merchandise there when it’s not even the same thing and expect it to be the same price.

Merchandise: Medium roaster oven
Price: 17.99

Customer: looks at a rack full of aluminum pans for 3.99

This is 3.99 why isn’t it 3.99?!?!?

Me: because it’s not an aluminum pan. Sometimes customers just leave it there and don’t put back where they got it from. Well, I want it to be 3.99. Sorry, can’t do that they aren’t even the same sku number.

Customer: call the manager

Me: okay, tells the situation.

Manager: tell them no, because it’s not even the same merchandise and was not even in the right department.

Me: management said no. Because they are not the same thing.

Customer: fuck you. Bye

Me: …….. okay……. bye


….. same thing except for……

Customer: fuck you. Bye…

Me: ….. sometimes I wish I could knock some sense into you with this roaster oven….

Okay… bye…

The end.

If we only we could speak our mind.. the bitching and complaining would stop.

But.. we can’t do that. Because we would get fired.

I can’t put this under a read more bc I’m on mobile so sorry about that!!! 😬

I became hypersexual as a kid and used to obsessively masturbate til the point of being in pain and almost always had thoughts/fantasies that had very very disturbing consent issues (involving me being victimized but tbh I can’t remember when these “fantasies” started…whether I was a kid or a teen) and even now but esp as a kid my body just reacted in ways that made me uncomfortable when I read about abuse and that’s super super scary and I don’t know why I’m even posting about this but please tell me stuff like this can be caused by emotional/physical abuse and that somehow fucked with the way my brain works

Brian extended two fingers and tapped the second, “Number two.  Clockblocker.  Let it be known, I fucking hate people who mess with time.”

I’m torn between “fuck no” and “fuck yes”. I’mma go with both, I think.

Now which time power does this person have?

“He stops time, if I remember right?” I inquired, as much to stay in the conversation as to get the clarification.

…of course it would be that. Clockblocker. Blocks the clock. Duh, why didn’t I think of it.

“More specific than that,” Brian said, “He can stop time for whatever he touches.  The person or object he touches is basically put on ‘pause’ for anywhere from thirty seconds to ten minutes.

Freeze tag!

So does he choose the duration, is it random, or does it depend on factors relating to the target? Do frozen objects respond to forces like being pushed or falling due to gravity?

Only good thing is that he doesn’t control or know how long it’s going to last.

Okay, that’s handy. For both the Undersiders and Wildbow.

But if he gets his hands on you, you’re out of action.  He’ll either stand next to you and wait until you start moving, then touch you again, or he’ll just tie you up in chains and handcuffs so that when his power wears off, you’re already in custody.”

Yo, quit the camping!

“Long story short, he touches you, you’re boned,” Alec said.

With a name like that you might expect him to be the one that keeps people from being boned…

“The upside is that whoever he touches is also untouchable.  Can’t be hurt, can’t be moved.  Period.

Or in terms I used above, can’t be affected by outer forces. I like that Brian actually answered my questions here immediately. :)

I’m guessing this applies to gravity too.

He uses that defensively, and he can do stuff like throw paper or cloth in the air and freeze it in time, making an unbreakable shield.

Yeah. That’s pretty clever, really!

You don’t want to run into something that’s frozen.  A car that drove into the side of a piece of paper that Clockblocker had touched would be cut in two before it budged the paper.”

“Noted,” I said.

So that’s what happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object. Although a car isn’t exactly unstoppable.

I was tagged by @islareeveswriting @cheshirepuddin @inkedangelhaz and @ridinholo to do this music one, so thank you

Instructions: You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping.

  1. Wolves - One Direction
  2. Style - Ebony Day (cover)
  3. Mistaken Identity - Delta Goodrem
  4. I Want to Write You A Song - One Direction
  5. Two Pieces - Demi Lovato
  6. Steal My Girl - One Direction
  7. In My Own Time - Delta Goodrem
  8. Driving Home For Christmas - Chris Rea
  9. Safe to Believe - Delta Goodrem
  10. Christmas Lights - Coldplay


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meeting me in person would include:

“wow, she’s taller than i thought.”
“wow, she has a lot more hair than i thought.”
“why is she so loud”
“i didn’t know people had this many facial expressions”
“what is she doing with her hands- is that asl what the hell????”
“this is the most overgrown seven year old i have ever seen oh my god”
“why does she t a l k so MUCH and so FAST like STOP-”
“how does every conversation loop back to??? snakes??? we were talking about coffee, tails, fOCUS-”
“why is she wearing a ring on her left ring finger when she’s literally like two years old and unmarried”
“her socks don’t match i literally???”
“she cusses SO MUCH”
“she’s wearing three jackets and sweaters and is still shivering. weak ass arizonians.”

anyway. on the note of my hair, @cotton-corduroy literally didn’t recognize me once when I put it in a ponytail, to give you,, an idea,,,,, ,

i wanna do this as a tag meme but I don’t wanna tag people to do it because I don’t wanna make anyone uncomfortable but if you wanna spew random facts about yourself tag me so I can see and then we can talk about it because? I can’t be the only person who says fuck a lot and doesn’t have damn time to match socks, smh
so please!! tell about yourself!! asks or submissions or your own post!! tag me im nosy!! tell me about yourselves let’s be friends!!!!

masternoj  asked:

👍 From what I've seen of Ethan, I love the rough-and-tumble memelord persona he puts on. The sudden possessiveness over Ame in that one chain post was the best thing, tho.

Send 👍 if you like my character portrayal; please say why.

// lmfao that was just him being competitive. ame is definitely his type, but he’s already taken, and that kiss was a spur of the moment, “excuse you i can do it better” type of thing. he sorely regrets it and the fact that he was leading on that he’d have anything more than a vague interest in ame, cuz he sees it as betraying Karen. he will definitely never speak of it again. :P

and pfft, i’m glad you like his lil persona. he’s honestly much more serious than he lets on, and i wish I could help people see that, but its really hard when the little shit refuses to let anyone see him be serious. rip.

alphabet tag

rules: copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put yours, then tag other 10 people to do it + the person who tagged you 

so i was tagged by @stylishphil (thank youuu ^^)

a- age: 16

b- biggest fear: heights, suffocating (idk why) and failure

c- current time: 2:32pm

d- drink you had to drink: water 

e- everyday starts with: a cup of tea

f- favorite song: I’m not going to lie and say Rise of Bangtan - BTS

g- ghosts, are they real?: maybe but I haven’t met any

h- hometown: a random town in France, nothing special

i- in love with: the stars and the sky, I’ve always been 

j- jealous of: soulmates

k- killed someone?: no ? does anyone answers yes here ?

l- last time you cried: last night

m- middle name: lizzie because of a tv show thanks dad

n- number of siblings: one charming little brother (this is highly ironic)

o- one wish: to live a fulfilled life one day

p- person you last called/texted: a friend from school

q- questions you’re always asked: “are you sure you haven’t skipped a class ?” (okay I know I’m not as tall as you giants but really ?)

r- reasons to smile: friends, internet, music, the sky, dan and phil’s happiness and I can go on :)

s- song last sang: zenbonsakura (don’t judge me ‘kay)

t- time you woke up:  6:50 AM school on saturday shouldn’t exist

u- underwear color: white

v- vacation destination: random places in France or Belgium

w- worst habits: trying too hard to be friendly and not daring to say what I have on my mind to avoid conflicts

x- x-rays you’ve had: teeth and chest I think

y- your favorite food: I can’t choose between crepes and makis I’m a weird person

z- zodiac sign: gemini

I tag : @lolzr - @phillybeans - @fuckinlester - @naijahra - @draista - @tttae - @helmione ! Of course feel free to ignore it and do it if you feel like !

Random note to the Anti-[insert character name here] people that I see floating around on Tumblr from time to time...

Why do you even bother putting the asterisk (*) in a character’s name when you use that same character’s full name in the tag, anyway? I mean, I get the reason behind why you put the star in the names in the first place, so that people that do like the character can’t see it, but it completely defeats the purpose when you tag it with the full name, because we see it anyway (Even when you put “Anti” before it.) I mean, you could at least do the same thing in the tag.

I was tagged to do this by @kate-and-her-studies ages ago but I haven’t logged into this account in a while (oops) so I’m only just getting round to doing it now. Thanks kate!

(you don’t have to judge me for my terrible taste in music I do that myself enough lol)

Rules: put your playlist on shuffle and say the first 10 songs that come up, then tag 10 people to do it!


  1. Zero Gravity - Miss Fame
  2. Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez
  3. Say No to This - Hamilton
  4. Any Dream will do - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
  5. Careful my Toe - Into the Woods
  6. Bubblegum Bitch - Marina and the Diamonds
  7. Still Sane - Lorde
  8. Mushnik and Son - Little Shop of Horrors
  9. Never be Mine - Kate Bush
  10. Heels Over Head - Boys like Girls

I don’t know who to tag so I tag everyone (I know that that’s the cop out answer but oh well its late and I should really go to bed anyway)

i was tagged by @silvercorvidking to put my music on shuffle and list the first ten songs! thanks dude!!

Like a Stone by Audioslave

Killer by The Ready Set

My Heart Will Go On by Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox

Tsumetaiheya, hitori by angela

How Lucky You Are (Mayzie’s Reprise) from the Seussical

Fancy by Iggy Azalea

Still Can’t Play the Trombone by Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer

Why Not Wii U? by Random Encounters

Haru Haru by BIGBANG

Inside Out by Andrew Austin

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Name 5:

Random thoughts from today:
-Why do right-leaning persons in any country hate poor people, LGBTQ, immigrants, and other peoples’ opinions?
-Why don’t more people with a platform that contains a high-audience-impact speak out against child sex trafficking?
-I wish my anxiety didn’t stop me from going to school productions my nieces and nephews partake in throughout the school year.
-Building friendships with people in real life is actually easier than I thought it would be.
-If I put as much energy into my writing as I do talking about my writing, I’d have a published novel or three by now.

Objects in the room:
-A Cat
-Vault-boy funko-pop
-Reylo snuggling on a shelf
-Second cat
-Third cat sleeping on a shelf

Favorite characters:
-Sansa Stark
-Belle French
-Erin Regan
-Cameron Mitchell
-Tyrion Lannister

Tumblr friends:
- @wildhoneyfitri
- @justdreaming88
- @the-resplendent-furiosa
- @cumbermistress
- @kylosky

Fic ideas for your OTP
- Hitman!Sansa falling in love with her target Tyrion.
- Sansa and Tyrion reborn as peasants who fall in love after remembering their past selves.
- Modern AU crossover with Sansa/Tyrion, Rey/Kylo, and a bunch of other OTPs.  It’s much angsty. 
- Sansa and Tyrion as in-love high school students who are together despite their families’ hatred for one another.
- Sansa was abducted as a newborn by her crazed Aunt Lysa, years later she meets Tyrion who helps her escape her captor.

Good flavors:
- Steak
- Milk
- Coffee
- Watermelon
- Chocolate eclairs

Bad flavors:
-Frozen blueberries
-Hoki fish

Things that made you smile this Friday:
-Noticing the major improvement in my dad since even yesterday!!
-Huggles from my nephews and niece when they visited today.
-My cats and dog
-Jack Posobeic’s voice.
-Hugs from my mum!!!!!!

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Anti: sorry I don’t make the rules :)
Okay what rules, you got an official rule book on how to ship do and don’t? Fiction doesn’t have rules nor limits. Yes there are topics and themes that some don’t like or agree with. But why do you think people put warnings and tags for it. But yeah I always found the rule thing silly cause that just equals to “ I made the rules my word is law signed from random stranger on the internet” But hey please prove me wrong with some ACTUAL SOURCES of these “rules”

OOC: So like the lady at Gamestop™ gave me two more Arceus codes than I could use. So I thought it would be cute if I did a little giveaway. For those who are either too lazy reach their local Gamestop and don’t want to pay for the codes online this giveaway is for you!

I didn’t want to do it like a regular giveaway where you need to reblog and follow, instead I wanted to make it a little more fun but before I go into that…

The Code

-For you to use this code you obviously are going to need a copy of ORAS or X&Y


- The code is also only redeemable up until November 30, 2016.

The Contest

The way to enter is to draw a quick little drawing like this: 

post it and tag it #GOD4GOD

get it cause like Yato’s a God and so is Arceus omg guys im so witty!!!

The drawing really shouldn’t take any time at all and you don’t need to really put any effort into it but it should be Noragami related in some way. The art can be expressed in any way you would like traditional, digital, a sculpture, music, interpretive dance, seriously anything. You could draw a stick figure with a scarf and I’ll accept it. The winners won’t be chosen based on artistic ability and will instead be picked at random (why is why you shouldn’t put too much work into it).Anyway, I thought it would be a nice way to have a bunch of silly Noragami sketches flood the fandom, since nobody really looses when everyone gets art! If you for any reason want to post a sketch but live in an area where the code wont work  or just simply don’t have the game say so in your tags and you’ll be skipped. Please also have your asks or chat enabled so if you do win I’ll be able to contact you.

Remember to have fun guys!