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Things I'm happy they changed for the Harry Potter movies/added

I always see posts about what we wish was in the movies/they didn’t change, and there are SO MANY THINGS THAT FIT THAT LIST. But honestly the movies did a great job and stayed pretty true to the books. SO, here’s a post to point out the great things the movies did! Please add on and let’s celebrate the movies that brought these amazing books to life!

  • Adding the word Potter to… “Scared Potter?” “You wish.”
  • Showing us what Neville forgot was to wear his robes
  • Bellatrix torturing Hermione by carving the word mudblood into her arm
  • Barty Crouch Jr. licking his lips (good job David)
  • Amos Diggory’s reaction to his son dying
  • “Look at it this way: every great wizard in history has started out as nothing more than we are now – students. If they can do it, why not us?” 
  • In the OotP when they’re in the Hog’s Head a goat walks by… Aberforth owns the Hog’s Head/is the barman
  • Slughorn’s story about Lily and the fish
  • Voldemort hugging Draco
  • Showing Lupin and Tonks reaching for each other and just not touching. It killed me, but I loved it.
  • Continually having Seamus blow up things through out the movies
  • “I’ve always wanted to use that spell!”
  • Showing them just being kids and having fun! PoA scene where the boys eat the candy and make the animal noises

Extra Headcanon/AU notes (for the curious): Inko isn’t aggressive nor is she all that intimidating, she just moms everyone. And that within itself has the makings of a terrifying individual.

She is also extremely determined when she wants to be? Bakugou thought she was just a typical, weak schoolgirl when they met as kids, but Inko was determined to make her stop smoking/getting into so many fights. It was downright terrifying what she could do when she had set her mind on something.

They didn’t really become friends until a couple years after they met, though. Bakugou doesn’t really have a good relationship with her parents, and after one particularly hostile spat, Inko just kinda… showed up at her door. She didn’t ask any questions, just knew, and they ditched school for four days to go up to Hokkaido and be happy.

Bakugou’s fearful respect of her is based on years of Inko somehow knowing everything and multiple cases of her calling/texting/msg-ing Bakugou just as she lights a cigarette or glares at some thugs, despite being nowhere in the vicinity. She is 99% certain that Inko has some sort of secondary psychic sense quirk that keeps her attuned to the people she cares about.

(Also, Bakugou really loves her son, but? She also REALLY wants to kick his ass, because Inko took such good care of her when they were younger and she feels entirely responsible for how her son acts towards Izuku. She probably sees Katsuki’s behavior as a reflection of her own and regrets/wishes she was a parent more like Inko, or something.)

Harry Styles Vocal Health on SNL

Hello!  So first and foremost I wan to put out there how much I love Harry and his voice.  Dear god it’s SO COOL and unique.  I love how when he’s in good vocal health he has all these different textures to it- the gruffness of his chest voice, the purity of his falsetto, the power of his belt.  When the studio version of SOTT came out I couldn’t sing his praises enough.  His voice sounded SO HEALTHY.  He was making such good choices!!!  Everything was relaxed and well supported.  He let the song build naturally.  He MUST have gotten some solid vocal training over his break because that isn’t something that can just happen over night.  I was very impressed and very proud.  I was also a bit nervous to see if these changes would hold when he started performing live….and…..it looks like I had good reason to be nervous.  

Here’s the thing. There are a few reasons I’m so hard on Harry in particular when it comes to poor technique. First, compared to the other guys, his technique is the only one that’s actually physically DAMAGING.  Could the other guys benefit from proper training?  Sure.  Of course.  Every singer can.  Even those who have been singing for years still should train on a regular basis.  But the other boys’ bad habits are just that- bad habits.  They aren’t going to do long term damage, not the way Harry’s are.    The second reason is BECAUSE I know he can do (AND HAS DONE!!!!!) so much better!!   I know he’s CAPABLE of so much more and so yeah, I’m hard on him because of that. And finally, I know exactly what he’s doing physically and exactly what’s going through his mind because I have the same exact bad habits and I can see him using the same exact thought process as to why he slips into these again.

Harry is the Ultimate Performer. He wants nothing more than to put on a good show for everyone, even if that means sacrificing his own vocal health.  Now, that’s isn’t a HUGE problem…until it KEEPS happening.  Which is what happened with OTRA.  And possibly might be happening now, although that remains to be seen.  One performance of one song slips into an entire show of this slips into two shows of this slips into the entire tour and wham, you’ve got nodes.  I think the biggest problem with Harry’s performance last night is he doesn’t trust the material or HIMSELF to sell it the way it is.  He feels he needs to overcompensate and big Big and Bold right from the start and that song is not built to be sung that way.  He started at a level that he couldn’t sustain throughout the entire thing and had nowhere to go.  That’s when he ran into trouble.  

As soon as he opened his mouth, I knew it wasn’t going to go well.  Don’t get me wrong, he sounds fantastic in the beginning…but like I said, there was nothing for him to build upon because he already started it at too high a height. His voice sounded raspy to me too, raspier than usual.  That can be caused by a few things- he could have been dehydrated (you can’t sing right if you don’t pee white!), he could have been tired (we know he’s a morning person and that show is pretty late for him), he could have strained his voice at the concert the night before, he could have over rehearsed, he could have smoked a bit.  I don’t know what the cause was, but he didn’t start off the evening in the best vocal health, especially for a song that’s very difficult to sing.  I also think he KNEW that so again, he tried to overcompensate for that by pushing.  

There is so much tension throughout his whole body, particular his shoulders on up.  I’m sure a lot of that is due to nerves.  I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again: the SNL stage is one of the hardest venues for artists to play.  There’s something particularly rough about it.  He’s also always had problems tensing up his face when he sings, but it what was particularly striking to me was that he did it during the falsetto parts.  That should have been EASY for him to sing.  That’s something light and relaxed.  Almost a break from the tension of the rest of the song…and yet he looks like he was in pain.  Which makes me wonder if he WAS in pain.  it’s hard to tell, but it almost seems like the second time he does it he pushes it more to a mix than a pure falsetto. 

It’s notable to me how relaxed the second syllable of  “bullets” around 2:44-2:48 is compared to the rest.  THAT is what the whole thing should have sounded like.  it’s relaxed and he’s got a great vibratto on it that comes straight from the diaphragm there- compare that to how tight “bullets” are the second time he sings it in that phrase at 2:58ish-3:04.  Why did you change what you were doing, sir??? In fact, to me it seemed like he KNEW it sounded good the first time and did his cute li’l dance and then came back to it feeling like “yeah I got this…” and then tightened right back up again.  because he didn’t trust himself.  

Thennnnnn the bridge happens.  And this is what i mean by he had nowhere to go.  THIS should have been his first belt it out moment.  but he pushed too hard too quickly and his voice just…wasn’t there.  It was tired.  The first scoop up to the first “we” was off key because of it and I think he knew it which made it even worse and MORE tense to the point where he just didn’t have the vocal agility to flip into his fasletto again for “learn”.  And then we’ve got the “it’s just what we know” which was just a poor choice.  I have a feeling he nailed that MULTIPLE times in rehearsals and mannnnn if he was in good vocal health how killer would that have sounded!??!!?  But instead, we got what’s called harmonic distortion which is SUPER VERY YIKESY AND A BIG SIGN OF HOLYSHITYOU’REDOINGDAMAGE (i sincerely hope he has an appointment with an ENT this week and gets scoped to check that out).   This was another instance of him trying to put on a great show and overcompensate for what he probably felt was lackluster vocals (which for the record WERE NOT THAT BAD.  I’m picking it apart because…well, it’s what I do.  and i don’t think I would have had too much of a problem if it weren’t for the super damaging choices he ended up making).  

From there he’s thinking “Oh shit that was bad…I REALLY fucked up…better step up my game and make the end better!” and once again tries to overcompensate and push a voice that’s already been pushed to the brink.  there just wasn’t more in there for it to give.  He couldn’t sustain it.  He had already given everything that there was go to give.  

When it comes to ESNY, it was a much better performance.  I think it’s partially due to the fact that it’s an easier song to sing and partially due to the fact that he was playing guitar so he wasn’t as much in his head (Side note: CAN YOU BELIEVE HE FINALLY BLESSED US WITH HIS GUITAR SKILLS?????).  His belty part towards the end wasn’t as good as it could have been, but I think that’s just due to the fact that his voice was kinda shot and that’s the best it was going to be.  It wasn’t TERRIBLE and obviously it could have been better, but I am curious to hear the studio version to see if there’s more belting that he just wasn’t comfortable with last night.  I could have done without the facial affectations because it just adds more tension and tension is bad, kiddos  But I think it’s a stylistic choice and I’m trying to pick my battles here.  Additionally, as we’ve seen in gif form his li’l neck vein was popping out so yeah he was tensing up pretty good there…but again, it wasn’t as terrible as it could have been since the song itself isn’t as taxing vocally.  

All in all, the performances were great, especially if you’re not as picky as I am. I know this was his first time singing live in well over a year and SNL is high stress and it’s his first time out there ALONE.  I’m curious to see what happens on Graham Norton and if he improves his technique. I’m also really curious to see how he’ll be on tour as well. I do wonder if he’ll lower the key of SOTT so it’s not as taxing.  No one would really notice and it would make things a little easier on him. It’s just frustrating because I know he has it in him to do it well.  We’ve HEARD him do it well.  But he just doesn’t trust himself enough to do that and that kind of breaks my heart a little.  Thankfully, he’s young and has time to learn.  He can still break these habits and make new, healthier ones and learn to trust himself more.



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With the CS wedding coming up, I think it’s a good time to talk about the divorce. Because the truth is there’s no version of reality in which this particular marriage doesn’t fall apart. OUAT might be off the air before we see it, but that doesn’t alter the fact that it’s inevitable. Want to know why I’m so sure? Good! Because I made a list…

1. They have literally nothing in common. I mean, I guess they both had shitty childhoods, but by that logic Emma ought to be marrying Archie. Or, you know, Regina.

2. I mean seriously, what do Emma and Hook even talk about? There’s a reason whenever we see them on their own they’re making out. Because they must spend the rest of the time in slightly awkward silence.

3. Emma’s a modern woman - she’s kind of forgotten it at the moment, but she’ll remember soon. And Hook is very much not a modern man. He asked her father for permission to marry her BEFORE HE EVEN SPOKE TO HER ABOUT IT. I know how I’d react if my partner ever had the nerve to do that to me.

4. They’re unbelievably bad at figuring out what the other one is really feeling. That’s why they’re so good at keeping terrible secrets from each other.

5. Speaking of which: they keep terrible secrets from each other. Pretty much all the time.

6. Hook has no real friends of his own, no job of his own, no life of his own outside Emma. That’s *incredibly* unhealthy for a relationship.

7. Emma is her worst self when she’s with him: selfish, self-absorbed and frequently miserable. ‘Marry a man who brings out the worst in you’ is a phrase that literally no one has ever said ever.

8. Emma doesn’t love Hook for who he is - she just likes the image of the dashing, handsome pirate who lets her play-act her perfect heterosexual marriage. She’s not going to deal well with him aging, or with the day-to-day revelation of his flaws that marriage brings. We saw that in the Wishworld, where all she could feel for old, drunken Hook was a contemptuous sort of amusement.

9. Actually I’m not sure Emma even really knows who Hook is. Every time he tries to talk to her about his past, she shuts him down. There must be a part of her that senses she couldn’t deal with - or love - the man he truly is.

10. Emma’s a lesbian. It’s something she’s obviously struggling to acknowledge, but then again she’s still younger than I was when I realised I’m gay, so she’s got plenty of time.

11. Also, she’s desperately in love with Regina. And you can only ignore the elephant in the room for so long, especially when you and the elephant are co-parenting a son.

Imagine - Justin thinks you're cheating on him with Zach

@flower—–crowns request: “hi!! i was wondering you could write a Justin Foley imagine where y/n and him are dating and they get into a huge fight about y/n and zach being to close of friends? you can chose the ending!! Thank you!!”

 “You’re always with him (y/n)!” Justin yells at you. You two are standing in your bedroom having a pretty heated argument. Justin came over this weekend and it was suppose to be a nice relaxing day of cuddling and kisses with him, but things started escalating pretty quickly after he brought up the subject of you and Zach. Apparently the two of you spend too much time together, according to Justin. “Yeah Justin we do spend a lot of time together, but he’s my friend and he’s your friend too! Why can’t you trust me?!” You yell back. You’re sick of this stupid argument. You and Zach are nothing more then good friends. Justin should know that and he should accept the fact that it’s not going to change. “Well how can I trust you when you’re practically all over him every single goddamn day!?!” Justin hollers at you. You’re mouth falls open in astonishment. Had Justin really just said that? To his own girlfriend none of the less? Have you not proven yourself faithful to him? You’ve never once done anything to make him think otherwise. What an asshole. You won’t put up with him if he keeps treating you like some slut that would cheat on him with his best friend. “You know what Justin, screw you! You’re a real ass when you went to be” you say seething with anger. “Fuck you” he grumbles back at you. You look at him in shock and tears start forming in your eyes, “well if that’s really what you think of me, that I’m all over Zach, then I guess you can just leave” you say softly. Justin looks up at you, your change in demeanour peaking his interest. His eyes soften when he sees a tear fall down your cheek, “(y/n)…” He sighs, “Baby… I’m sorry… Please don’t cry. I was being stupid. I’m just jealous and I can’t loose you… I love you too much…” He mumbles the last part looking at his feet. “Justin…” You say shocked. You walk up to him, grab his face and give him a passionate and meaningful kiss. He immediately kisses you back and raps his arms around you waist. After a minute you break the kiss, “I love you too Justin, you never have to worry about loosing me.” You say with a smile, “Now why don’t we lie down and cuddle for the rest of the day?” You suggest. “Yeah I’d like that” Justin says with a grin".

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13 Reasons Why (Tape 7)

Characters: sister!reader, Dean, Sam, Jody, Claire, Alex, John, Mary, Charlie(mentioned)

Warnings: swearing, mention of death, blood, arguing, angst

Word count: 8997

Summary: someone who Dean never expected to be on the tapes comes up which leads to him losing more faith in the people around him

Series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

He didn’t give Sam much choice. When they woke up the next day, Dean demanded that they would leave Jody’s house. The only thing was, Sam didn’t seem to be so against the idea. Jody wasn’t too happy about the news, but it wasn’t like she could stop them from leaving. As they packed their bags up, Jody came in and asked them if they were sure that they wanted to leave now. She said they would always have a home with her, but Dean needed to go back and listen to tape 7. Waiting around was almost as hard as it was when he actually had to listen to them.

Just as they were about to leave their room with their packed up bags, Dean stopped Sam. “Hey, uh, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what is it?” Sam questioned.

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If you haven’t realised, I’m obsessed over Iwaoi and in particular, Iwaizumi Hajime. It’s no wonder I procrastinate about them in my math class and in the process came up with way too many headcanons. So this post in particular is about Iwaoi as parents and a married couple on a whole. Be prepared for just the two of them being the best and possibly most embarrassing dads, this may be long but I really had to share it with you other Iwaoi hoes.


  • Iwa will probably be the type of dad that will be so fucking afraid of hurting his baby and will say most likely stuff like “But i don’t want to hurt him/her.” Because you know MOTHERFUCKING MUSCLES. But of course, in reality he is too horribly gentle for someone who has a rather aggressive way of expressing his concern.
  • He will just be in constant awe, always marveling at the baby because he made that little fucker and in his heart he is just screaming “I made this beautiful thing, he’s/she’s a little version of me. I’ll protect him/her with my life.” He’ll wake up every five minutes to check on the kid at night, and when the kid even when the kid gets older and starts having nightmares he’ll let them sleep together with him no matter what the age. [Either that he goes into their room to “protect” them from the monsters and chase it away.]
  • He definitely is the one who takes time away from work to take care of the children if they are ever sick because he is just the BEST FUCKING DAD. He’ll make them some weird stew he learned online and probably pamper them with their favourite movies, shows.
  • Also when he tries to be firm or the least bit strict, he can never scold the kid because he’s probably afraid the kid will cry. In some cases where he does make his kid/kids cry, he’ll definitely apologise.
  • Iwa is the one who cooks for the kids, no one can convince me otherwise. He’ll make pancakes, scrambled eggs, weirdly coloured but extremely good cupcakes and even milkshakes of sorts. Though he used to be athlete himself, he is a huge softie and will treat his children to ice-cream if they do well in a test etc. He says stuff like “That’s my baby girl.” Or “That’s my boy.”. Never forgetting to give them presents as well. [I swear Iwaizumi is the type to give in to the child when they want something because FUCK ME UP THIS MAN IS A ANGEL AND A BLESSING and will 11/10 be the greatest dad.]
  • Do not tell me Iwa doesn’t tie his daughter’s hair or tells his son that it’s okay to cry. He’s never believed in gender roles so teaches the kids it’s okay for a them to like stuff that others deem only acceptable in one specific gender. His daughter ends up liking volleyball and aliens like Oikawa, and their son probably likes bug-catching and makeup.
  • ALSO, he showers them with raspberries to their tummies, does all sort of weird crafts with them to surprise Papa Oikawa when he comes home. MOST IMPORTANTLY, mini headcanon that their kids makes him flower crowns and he wears them and plays dress up with them and just roleplays with them and just fucking becomes the best dad. And when he puts the kid to bed even though he might be tired as fuck from work or just taking care of them, he will still read them bed time stories and give them goodnight kisses and help them check the closet for monsters.
  • If he and Oikawa ever get in a fight, he somehow always apologises to them. And when they ask if he is okay, he tells them yes but the children are mature enough to know he’s not. He would sleep out on the couch or in one of their rooms. Thankfully, their fights don’t last very long and they would know their parents have made up if they find weird pink stuff on Papa Iwa’s neck or if they start kissing again. [They find out later from their good ol’ uncles Makki and Mattsun that those were called hickies.]
  • They have makeup sex. [Don’t fight me on this, I will fight you instead. I know this was supposed to be fluff and family friendly. But two things, this is Iwaoi we’re talking about here, and really? What more do you expect from a girl who procrastinates  about her OTP dying or fucking 24/7.]
  • Oikawa on the other hand is a little more strict. I don’t why, but maybe it’s to contrast with his husband’s big softie side.
  •  He buys their clothes. Don’t even question this. From snazzy bejewelled jumpers with sequins to the most ludicrous of fashion choices, you name it. Oddly, his kids like it, but maybe not so much when they get older. Iwaizumi on the other hand is just like, “Do you want our kid to get bullied.” Or, “If they grow up with your horrible fashion choices I’m divorcing you.” [ He doesn’t mean it of course.
  • Oikawa is the subject of the kids, and his husband’s pranks. Once, [Maybe not.] they definitely replaced his shampoo with dish-soap, poured flour into his hairdryer, drew dicks on his face when he was asleep, and maybe added salt instead of sugar to his coffee. Iwa is sure to record all this somehow and send them to Makki and Mattsun who also has kids of their own. He gets back at Iwa for all of that in bed ;)
  • Iwa dries the kids off after Dada Oikawa gives them a bubble bath, after that, he helps them pick out their sleeping clothes.
  • Oikawa organises all the family vacations, holidays, outings. He makes sure to bring them to places he knows they would have most fun at.
  • He is the embarrassing dad, what do you expect. Don’t tell me this tall little shit didn’t crash his kid’s birthday party with a photo album of all their awkward or embarrassing moments. Also, he says no liquor but when one of them asked, “What’s the best way to look good?” And though they expected some sort of weird beauty regimen, he deadpanned and said, “Chug down alcohol like you life depends on it so you get so drunk you forgot you look bad.” Iwaizumi headbutted him after that and told them clearly not to listen to his advice at all.
  • Both Iwa and Oikawa call their kids cute and sweet stuff like, “Baby girl”, “Little princess”, “Honey”, “Buddy”, “Bud” or really weird and funny ones like “Nugget”, “Badger”, “Toddler-who-ate-my-milkbread”, “Proof of Aliens’ existence”. And maybe once, Oikawa may have accidentally called their kid little motherfucker when Iwa wasn’t at home [In an endearing way.] and the kid just kept repeating it until Papa Iwa does come home and dropkicks the brunette’s ass.
  • Oikawa has a rule of no coming into his and Iwa’s room after 8 unless it’s urgent because he has a lot of pent up energy and needs to burn it somehow. [*cough*]
  • So even though Iwa can be mentally drained after work, he will wait for Oikawa to come home. [Or the other way around] And when they do, the respective other will thank them in their own way. Iwa is a cuddle person while Oikawa tries to get some GOOD-ASS fucking. Iwa always makes a measly attempt to stop him and says it will disturb their kids but they always end up fucking anyway so this is why they have to be extremely quiet and nothing, I mean nothing, turns Oikawa more on than Iwaizumi struggling to keep in his moans, and because he can’t fucking keep in his moans he very seductively bites onto his shirt while Oikawa fucks him good. Too fucking good.
  • One night they were a little loud and one of their kids heard and were like, “Papa, were you and Dada playing wrestling last night?” And while Oikawa is trying his best to convince them it’s the aliens whom have decided to visited but instead got into a fight, Iwaizumi is just like “fuck” and turns too fucking red their kids think he’s sick.
  • Also they did bareback once and as expected, Iwa had to go to the washroom too many times. This left their kids very confused and they started concluding that he was pregnant with another sibling. [They did not understand the difference between mothers and fathers yet.]
  • The kids sleep in their room on Fridays and they lay there on their really big bed and watch movies, have tickle fights, eat popcorn, tell them stories, roleplay [Not in a kinky way I swear.] Or even normal and fluffy family cuddling. The two kids sleep in the middle and the two dads each on one end, they usually take out extra blankets because Oikawa always hogs the blanket.
  • Iwa always wakes up the first to make breakfast for them, with not only exceptionally good execution, but lots of love as well :D
Highlights from All the Bright Places
  • Finch: .. it's only when I'm awake that I think about dying.
  • Finch: Worthless. Stupid. These are the words I grew up hearing. They're the words I try to outrun, because if I let them in, they might stay there and grow and fill me up and in, until the only thing left of me is worthless stupid worthless stupid worthless stupid freak.
  • Finch: This time will be different. This time, I will stay awake.
  • Finch: "My own brain is to me the most unaccountable of machinery-- always buzzing, humming, soaring roaring diving,, and then buried in the mud. And why? What's this passion for?"
  • Violet: "If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger."
  • Violet: Like everything else that doesn't last, today is gone now, but it was a pretty good day.
  • Finch: You have to live your life like you'll never be sorry. It's easier to do the right thing from the start so there's nothing to apologize for.
  • Finch: I know life well enough to know you can't count on things staying around or standing still, no matter how much you want them to.
  • Finch: The problem with people is they forget that most of the time it's the small things that count. Everyone's so busy waiting in the Waiting Place. If we stopped to remember that there's such a thing as a Purina Tower and a view like this, we'd all be happier.
  • Finch: What if life could be this way? Only the happy parts, none of the terrible, not even the mildly unpleasant. What if we could just cut out the bad and keep the good?
  • Finch: (referring to "impending, weightless doom") I like the idea of something that can give you those feelings all the time. I want something like that, and then I look at Violet and think: There she is.
  • Finch: I walk through the black Indiana night, under a ceiling of stars, and think about the phrase "elegance and euphoria," and how it describes exactly what i feel with Violet.
  • Finch: I pull her in and kiss her the way I've always wanted to kiss her, a lot more R-rated than PG-13.
  • Finch: Ultraviolet Remarkey-able, I think I love you.
  • Finch: The future is uncertain, but that can be a good thing.
  • Finch (while strangling Roamer): You put me here. You did this. It's your fault, your fault, your fault.
  • Finch: If a song's meant to stay around, you carry it with you in your bones.
  • Finch (quoting Cesare Pavese): "We do not remember days, we remember moments."
  • Finch: Decca, sometimes there's beauty in the tough words-- it's all in how you read them.
  • Violet: People like Theodore Finch don't die. He's just wandering.
  • Violet: May your eye go to the Sun, To the wind your soul .... You are all the colors in one, at full brightness.
  • Violet: What a terrible feeling to love someone and not be able to help them.
  • Violet: I didn't know that my life forever changing would be because you loved me and then left, and in such a final way.
  • Violet: Just because they're dead, they don't have to be. And neither do we.
  • Finch: You make me love you, And that could be the greatest thing my heart was ever fit to do ....
  • : Theodore Finch-- I was alive. I burned brightly. And then I died, but not really. Because someone like me cannot, will not, die like everyone else. I linger like the legends of the Blue Hole. I will always be here, in the offerings and people I left behind.
  • Jennifer Niven: ... it is important to talk about what happened.
  • Theodore Finch: You are all the colors in one, at full brightness.
“Flat out” - h.s. Part 3

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Before Harry came back to London, you had always enjoyed that your flat was kind of a drama free zone. You never invited anyone over, except for Felicity who came over on weekends to study, and you always had a sense of clear calm and peace to have your work zone and just enjoy yourself.

But when Harry came back for longer than just a couple weeks, things did become different. You didn’t mind though considering it was technically his apartment, and it was just his space as much as it was yours. But you knew that the only reason the flat had been so quiet was because you had been the only one in it. And now that Harry was back, you both found a way to express yourselves through some louder words every once in a while.

With the arrest of diTorino and his buddies, you really didn’t feel unsafe in any way. But that didn’t seem to matter to Harry as he drove you in silence back to the flat you shared. He was quiet, a brooding angry quiet that you didn’t want to mess with, and you decided not to allow it to bother you in any way as you dropped your keys and shoes at the front door and made your way inside.

You’d seen Harry angry on multiple accounts. There had been the whole cupcake fiasco at Liam’s birthday two years ago, and then that paparazzi that had almost knocked you over during your time in Canada. And though it was scary at times, you never took it that seriously because you knew he was nothing more than a softy on the inside.

So you didn’t take it into thought as Harry slammed the door behind you while you walked over to the kitchen.

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Hey! Your blog is so great! I love to read it very much. Can I request: MC's new boss is sexualy harassing her. She can't leave her job, because it's very important to her, but don't know what to do and is afraid to ask help of RFA + V + Saeran?

Hope you like it! ^^


RFA + V and Saeran react to MC being sexualy harassed by her boss


  • You came back from work feeling like shit, even if he was tired himself, he always knew when something was off with you.
  • “How was work, babe?” “Meh, just normal… I’m going to sleep now, ok?” hmmm, not even a smile? Yes, something was definitely wrong
  • He would let you take your time,  so he went to shower, ate something and only then he went to the bedroom
  • Only to find you sobbing from crying, he ran to you. “Babe, what’s wrong?” “Zen, you’re so right… all men are wolves, all men… are…” “Hey, hey… why are you saying that now, MC?”
  • You told him about the new boss, the way he trapped you at your desk when nobody was looking… the way he looked at you, you never felt so ashamed of your own body like you were then… “You’re right, Zen, you’re right! I’m too nice to men, right? I’m the problem, they think I’m sending theses… signs and…”
  • “MC, what are you saying? This isn’t your fault at all! Don’t this to yourself… I… I don’t really think you’re too nice to everybody, you’re just… you, and if people take it on the wrong way, they’re the problem. Your boss is a fucking problem! So where do I find him to fix this problem?”
  • “Oh… oh no, Zen, please. Let’s calm down, I… he’s my superior and I don’t want to lose my job, I like my job, Zen!” “MC, I’m sorry, but I won’t let this happen. What if he does again? With you or with some of your colleagues?” he was right, today was you, who could it be tomorrow? “Okay… what do you suggest?” “I have something in mind, but you’ll have to be brave for this!”
  • Your boyfriend, having women like the biggest part of his fanbase, announced a campain on his Tripter account, asking his fans to write on a paper all the abusive and objectifying things they heard from bosses or male co-workers and post a photo, the hashtag made a huge success and he posted on his own account a photo  of you holding your own paper with what you heard.
  • His fans, being the stalkers they are, soon find out where you worked, they gave bad reviews to the company all over social media and threat boycotting the company, they would take the bad reviews once the guy was fired. And that was exactly what happened.
  • You had no idea his fans could be so supportive to you, and you made sure to thank all of them through a video he also posted. “Zen is an awesome person who wants to make all the women in his life acknowledge their own strength.  Thank you all so much!”


  • He was aware of this new boss being a douch, you would always trash talk the guy when you’d come home.
  • But it was mainly things related to work. But then he heard this: “And you should hear what he talked about my skirt, Yoosung! Really…” “What did he say about your skirt, MC?”
  • “Hum? Oh, something like ‘you keep coming dressed like that and I won’t take responsibility on what I’m going to do with you, foxy’ ugh… such a douch, right?”
  • Douch wasn’t really the word he was thinking, and your bluntness about that was… pretty concerning. “MC, we had a seminar at college about sexual harassment last month, you do realize that what he did to you is a crime, right?”
  • You sighed deeply. “Yes, I’m aware of it. But what can I do? He’s my boss! You know what happens with girls that make a report? They lose their job, some bosses are bad enough to make sure they never find a job on similar companies… it’s fucked up as it is, there’s nothing I can do except trying to be away, and I swear I’m trying, okay? Don’t worry!”
  • But he did worry. How could he not? You wouldn’t be able to keep the guy away forever and… oh, he didn’t even dare to imagine that, just thinking about it made his blood boil.
  • Hell hath no fury like a Yoosung protecting MC! He had to make sure you wouldn’t suffer any retaliation, so he send anonymous reports to the HR’s company telling he knew there was a potential rapist working there, and if they didn’t something about it, he would go to the press.
  • When they apparently didn’t take it seriously, he sent what he knew to some shitty tabloid, who actually accused the guy directly of being a rapist. It didn’t have any credibility, but having the company’s name associated to such a low publication like that… there is such a thing like bad publicity, indeed!
  • The guy was fired after all, Yoosung never told you that he was the responsible for it, and you never told him you knew he did that. It wasn’t really necessary keep talking about this when you’re too busy being happy.


  • She’s a woman too, she knows how to recognize the signs of a girl uncomfortable over something like this
  • The shame after being cat called on the street, the concerning about wearing some clothes thinking how they can be used as an excuse if something happens to you, the embarrassment, the guilty… even if it’s not your fault?
  • Jumin Han had a lot of problems about boundaries when she used to work for him, but he was always respectful and intimidating enough not to let anybody even try something with her, who knew one day she would feel bad that you hadn’t the same luck as her?
  • But you have someone even better! An amazing girlfriend who happens to be a black belt in judo and can teach you some personal defense techniques!
  • And if it wasn’t enough, maybe you should consider changing jobs? “But, Jaehee… what if I’m not good at anything else? At least I’m kinda successful there, I don’t know if I’m good enough to… start all over again…”
  • “And do you think I was 100% sure about leaving C & R and starting my own business? Of course I wasn’t, MC! But I had to take the risk…”
  • “I don’t know if I’m brave as you are, Jaehee…” “Well, a very wise woman told me once that it’s not about money, you have to pursue happiness.” “She sounds kinda naïve…” she giggled “You said that, MC!” “Oh, right… yeah, I’m pretty naïve, maybe that’s why this guy keeps coming to me…”
  • “Stop right there! It’s nothing about you, MC! This man is a jerk! And the way I see it, you are unhappy there, so get out! You’re smart, you’re talented, you will find something that suits you pretty soon.”
  • And a few weeks later, you were starting as a barista at her cafe. And you didn’t have a boss, you had a partner, how cool is that?
  • But you couldn’t stop worrying about other girls that worked there, so you made a formal complaint, endorsed by other women who worked there, most of them secretaries Jaehee kept contact with, she knew this could be useful eventually.


  • You didn’t tell him, you were scared because you knew what kind of things he could do.
  • He would, idk, buy the company and make you president of it and the guy your secretary. Yes, this was exactly what he would do! And it would be so weird and senseless…
  • But you couldn’t control the gossip on his own company, he overheard some employees talking about that guy who used to work at C & R and got promoted at the company you were working.
  • He remembered the guy, he had to come to press telling C &R wouldn’t condone with women being disrespected and the guy was withdrawn for undetermined time, Jumin didn’t even know he quit during this time and was  already working somewhere.
  • He didn’t think nothing like this would ever happen to you, but he was curious and casually asked about it. “W-why do you ask?” your voice broke as soon as you opened your mouth.
  • “Nothing in particular… I was just curious, do you know him?” “Yeah, we’re at the same department.” “He is your co-worker, then?” “More like my boss…” Hmmm…
  • “MC, is there something I should know?” “N-no?” “MC…” how did he do that? He was collected and calm, his voice was monotone, he wasn’t doing anything rather than saying your name, yet you felt like he could see right through you…
  • “Jumin, I… I don’t want to talk about it…” you didn’t need to “As you wish, MC.”
  • The next day, you went to work and just saw the guy’s room empty. “Have you heard? He got fired and left the country. They say they found some things about him on his previous job at C & R…” one of your colleagues said, you definitely didn’t want to know what those things were.
  • Jumin made the HR department strict their criteria on hiring, he could never let a guy like this enter at his company again and treat the female employees like that. Oh, he did the same with the new company he bought, the one you worked (but no, he didn’t made you the president, much to your relief)


  • You’ve been acting weird ever since you came back from work, you were quiet and he could swear he heard you crying in the shower, this was bad…
  • What could it be that bad that you wouldn’t even talk to him? He needed to know, he needed to help you!
  • He knew violating your privacy once more was wrong, but seeing you like this was breaking his heart, so he hacked your phone.
  • And what he found made him almost punch one of his precious computers, those gross texts from that guy along with a dick pic… that was awful!
  • And when he remembered this guy was the one you’ve been talking about, that weird dude who just got promoted. Saeyoung lost it!
  • “Don’t be mad at me, please, but I hacked into your phone and I saw the texts. Why didn’t you tell me?” “I… was afraid and ashamed, how would you react if I told you my boss sent me a photo of his dick?” “I would be pissed at him, not at you!” he hugged you and comforted you “I’ll make him pay!”
  • “No, Saeyoung, NO! I don’t want to lose my job!” “Hey, he won’t know it was you, don’t worry… we have to do something, MC, today it’s just a dick pic, tomorrow he can be much more direct, you know what I mean?” both of you were sick just to think about this…
  • So Saeyoung just sent the conversation to a person in a higher position than the guy, along with a threat: “If you don’t do something about this, I swear I’ll let everybody know about those contracts” and he sent a copy of what else he found.
  • Next day, the guy was fired, and you got his job. Saeyoung swore he had nothing to do with that and he had proof! He showed you the emails your superiors exchanged talking about how you should have been the one promoted at the first place.


  • He knew something was off. You were acting as gloomy and distant a… well, himself.
  • He couldn’t ask you, he was afraid he might be invading your personal space or something like this.
  • But this was torturing him, you were coming from work sadder and sadder everyday.
  • So ironically, he invaded your personal space and followed you to work.
  • Only to find your boss touching your hair, his eyes rovering through your body, and what’s more agonizing: your uncomfortable expression.
  • He didn’t even think, he just caught himself over the guy punching him. “Saeran, stop it! Please!” you cried.
  • “Don’t you see she does not like it? Or you actually enjoy she’s not liking it, you fucking creep!?”
  • “Saeran…” your voice took him aback, he promised he would never let you see this side of him again, but just remembering your uncomfortable face made him see red… he tried to calm down.
  • “I’ll tell you what, asshole. If you don’t quit right now, I’ll make sure to erase this company from internet. I want to see what kind of business survives these days if they can’t be found on Google. Don’t think I won’t wreck this just like I did o your gross face!”
  • “Saeran, don’t do that…” “You are smart and competent enough to find another job wherever you please, MC. But I won’t let this guy stay in the same place with you, so It’s his choice…”
  • “Fuck this! You’re not even that hot, and your boyfriend is a freak! I’m out of this!” “Wise choice, and you’re half right on there, buddy. She is that hot, she is the hottest, actually, and yes, I’m a freak! A freak who will fucking whoop your ass if you don’t get the fuck out of here right now!” the dude went away, letting a trail of blood from his face.
  • “I’m sorry if I scared you now, it’s just… I can’t stay still letting someone treat you like this. I hope you don’t lose your job because of me…” “I’ll be fine as long as I have you” and you hugged him, he was so relieved you could not see him blushing right now.


  • He overheard a conversation between you and probably one of your co-workers.
  • “Yes, he tried to make a move on me again! Yeah, I keep telling him I have a boyfriend, but he doesn’t care, he said he’s the boss and I got to do what he says! I… I don’t know, but I’m pretty scared right now…”
  • He’s so mad, but in front of you he just smiles bluntly. So you two keep at that, both of you know something is really wrong, and just keep smiling trying not to worry each other.
  • But he won’t stay still knowing something bad can happen to you anytime. However, he’s really smooth.
  • So when he stopped by your work to bring you lunch, everybody liked him, even your boss, who invited him to a drink at his office.
  • “You’re the only man in your department, I suppose…” “Yeah, but it’s not as great as it looks, most of these girls are ugly, and the only decent one is pretty dumb, but hey, these are the best type, right?”
  • “I wouldn’t know, I can’t really see.” “Oh, sorry, dude. But yeah, there’s a girl here who’s very hot, but she plays hard to get, you know? It’s only a matter of time, wait and see.”
  • “I already told you I can’t really see.” His voice was low. “But there’s something here you don’t really need eyes to see. That very hot girl is not into you and she has a boyfriend, and you are a sexist jerk who’ll step away from her and from any other girl who works here if you know what’s best for you.”
  • “Or what?” V moved fast, placing his cane against the guy’s balls “Or else I’ll destroy these, since they are the only thing that you can count on to feel superior. Don’t test me.” And he got out of the office, letting the guy squirm in pain.
  • You never knew what made the guy finally back away, but deep inside you knew it had something to do with that day. He never denied or confirmed either.
Not to Discourse™ but like, I'm so against the idea of “buying and selling spirit companions”

First of all a lot of the people buying them are saying things like “I don’t know anything about spirits or spirit work but I want one so I’ll buy one” which… If someone knows nothing about spirits and spirit work do you really think it’s a good idea for them to try and own a spirit??? Like do you really think that’s safe???

Second of all I’ve seen these spirits sold in the context of being bound to or in something (like bound inside of a jar for example) and then the bound object is what’s sold. Why would that be a happy spirit? Being bound to something like that? So these people are not spirit workers, and know nothing about spirits, and now they’re buying a spirit who’s potentially pissed the hell off for being caught bound and sold. Oh yeah. Such a great idea. 

Third of all, placebo can hit hard y'all and these “spirit companions” are the perfect scam for the seller. People are on here paying real money for something they have no definitive way of verifying. If someone buys something that says “There’s a spirit attached to it” and they suddenly “feel a presence” it’s probably because they want to feel one, are trying to feel one, and have convinced them self they do feel one. How many times have you psyched your self out when you heard a bump in the night? Suddenly everything is a bump or noise. So of course they can make someone pay real money just to hype up their imagination, and all it costs to them is what ever rock they found outside to tell you it’s a bound object. 

Which brings me to my last point. You can get a spirit companion for free by learning how to work with spirits!!! Plant and crystal spirits are great for beginners, and when you take the time to learn how to use this type of craft for your self, then you can also learn how to protect your self should you encounter a spirit who isn’t so friendly.

Before I get to far into this and the morals of buying and selling spirits (since they’re sentient beings) and whether or not it’s against their will or what have you, I’ll end this little rant here. 

I hope that some of my points maybe got through to someone or helped them see a different perspective. :x Sorry this turned into a long post 

Reaction to You Getting a Text About Another Guy. . .

Anonymous said: How would bts react to you getting a text from a friend asking what you thought of another guy, and he sees it and you’re dating bys? Sorry if that’s confusing Eonni, I love your blog!! Best around!

Reaction to You Getting a Text About Another Guy…

A/N sorry it has taken so long, the SHINee reaction is being made, but it’s a little longer, so it’s taking some time. so please wait a little longer. thank you for the support!

Key: Y/F/N = Your Friend’s Name

Kai Eonni ~


You were in the shower when your phone chimed with a text message. Namjoon isn’t the kind of boyfriend to invade your personal stuff there was enough trust between you two, as you would let him play games on your phone while not in the room, however at that moment he was playing a game on your phone and you just so happened to get a text from your friend who asked you what you thought about the boy she had brought along on your most recent outing. 

From: Y/F/N

Message: [so? what’d you think about him?? cute huh? he was eyeing you the whole time, i practically felt like a third wheel lol]

At this, Namjoon would just be confused. He would try to reason, practically making excuses for you, but they would all seem a rather far reach, and so he would come to the conclusion that you were looking for another man, either to cheat on him with or to replace him with, he wasn’t sure. Instead of being furious, he was more upset and incredibly hurt. He wouldn’t bring it up to you for a while and would want to see your response to your friend himself and then act from there. He’d wait a couple of days, seeming a little off towards you, but not suspicious enough for you to ask questions. Then Namjoon would ask to play the game on your phone again, but really would look through your messages to your friend. When Namjoon see’s that you defend the relationship you have with him (i’mma make you good girls and not crappy cheaters, aight? - you’re welcome), he’d feel an incredible amount of pride about both you and the relationship you two have. He wouldn’t tell you he saw, but he’d suddenly – after seeming distant for those couple of days – seem cuddly and more affectionate towards you, causing you to question him, but like I said, he wouldn’t tell you because he’d feel bad for doubting you and it would injure his pride. damn boys and their pride.


Your phone would be sitting on the kitchen table, Jin in the kitchen cooking a nice dinner for you both while you were somewhere else in the house doing god-knows-what. Out of nowhere a message would pop up on your screen and Jin would call out to you, telling you your phone received a message. Again, this would be a trusting relationship between you two, no secrets or lies told between you two. So when you call back to Jin asking him to read it for you, you wouldn’t expect your friend to make it sound like you had been cheating on Jin.

From: Y/F/N

Message: [omg! he was so cute! you’re so lucky he was so interested in you Y/N! Did he make your night more enjoyable?? tell me everything! ASAP]

“Wow, sounds like you had a good night last night.” Would be all that Jin says as you rush into the kitchen to quickly clear up any misleading thoughts that must be occurring in your boyfriends head at the moment. He wouldn’t want to believe that you were cheating, he had tremendous faith in you, but this message brought up some doubt, after all, he was gone so often that he honestly wouldn’t blame you if you found another man to care for you when he couldn’t. Though after you clear everything up and call your friend to explain to Jin what she meant all doubts were erased as if they weren’t even there in the first place. And he would apologize – even though he really has nothing to apologize for – just because he’s Jin.


I feel like the only way Yoongi would hear about this would be if you told him/complained to him about your friend. He would understand the rules of boundaries, and therefore wouldn’t touch your phone and in return he would expect the same from you. So you would sitting on the couch texting your friend when she send that one misleading text. You would groan at your friends rashness, she knows you have a boyfriend, so why would she send such a risky text? “What?” Yoongi would ask in response to your groan as he texts away on his own phone next to you. You would silently show him the text;

From: Y/F/N

Message: [you two look really good together. what do you think of him? would you like to meet ONE ON ONE…. if you catch my drift *wink wink nudge nudge* lol]

Yoongi would simply raise an eyebrow at you after reading the text. “Nothing happened, she knows I have a boyfriend… She’s just such a spazz sometimes it’s hard to keep up.” You would mumble as you return to texting her. “Well maybe try to find friends who don’t try to hook you up with other guys when they know you’re already dating.” Though he wouldn’t admit it, there is some jealousy bubbling inside of him, and you would easily be able to tell from the way he speaks and suddenly seems pouty. He knows you wouldn’t cheat, but he still doesn’t like the thought of you meeting random guys through your friend, he’d ask you to be more cautious and if you can, decline hanging out with these guys your friend is bringing around you.


This would be something that he just happens across, like hacking your photo album with ridiculous selfies of himself when your friend sends in the text. When he sees the text he would try to shrug it off. When he gives your phone back he would still seems the same smiley Hoseok you’re used to, saying with a smile, “You got a text Jagi.” When you see the text, you’d know that this had bothered him, as it would have bothered you if you had seen it on his phone.

From: Y/F/N

Message: [god i envy you Y/N… he’s so cute and so obviously interested in you! you guys looked good together too! do you think you’ll meet up with him alone next time??]

“Hoseok, this doesn’t mean anything. Y/F/N just likes to make things a big deal when they really aren’t.” You would explain everything about that night, how your friend is looking fora new guy and brought him along. Quickly Hoseok would be reassured, as he didn’t like to think negatively about your relationship when he’s so happy with you and knows what a kind and considerate person you are – those traits being something that caused him to fall for you in the first place.


He would be another that would play games on your phone or hack your phone to take funny selfies in your photo album for you to find later. So when your friend sends in a text about the guy you met with her, his whole aura would change from light and cheery to dark and jealous. He’d be aggressively defensive of his pride, and so because of this he would snap at you, throwing accusations and snarky remarks. When you read the text that your friend had sent you, you’d quickly connect the dots as to why he’s like this.

From: Y/F/N

Massage: [last night was so fun, thanks for coming out with me, though i do have to say, when you started ignoring me for him, i felt somewhat like a third wheel, so, you’re gunna need to make that up to me somehow lol]

Once you clear up all confusion, Jimin would apologize profusely for jumping to accusations. He’d want affection so he knows you’re not mad at him while aslo reassuring his heart that you’re still his and aren’t leaving him for another man. Something that Jimin worries about often due to him always being gone. This would also make him more affectionate in general to make up for always being gone.


He’d always be over your shoulder, whether you’re texting another person or taking selfies or playing games. So he’d see the text pop up on the top of your phone and would immediately ask who that friend is and what she’s referring to, as it was a very suggestive message.

From: Y/F/N

Message: [lol he’s asking about you now. what would you like me to say? that you’ll meet up with him LATER.ALONE.]

You sigh and go into the whole story about how she’s just playing with you when she brought her cousin. Taehyung wouldn’t think much of it, he trusts you, and you also didn’t seem worried when he say the text, so he would rationalize that that means you have nothing to hide from him. He’d probably actually find it funny and would prank text your friend back just for laughs. Prank texting your friends and his team members would now become the next big hobby between you two, much to your friends and the rest of BTS’ expense and annoyance.


He’d occasionally look at your phone or look over your shoulder when you text your friends just because he’s still young and insecure about leaving you alone for long periods of time, thinking you’ll find another man who can always be there for you. This would be a common argument between you two as well. So when he see’s the text from your friend when he’s looking through your phone he’d shut down. You’d notice this and would ask him what’s wrong, in response he’d tell you to look at your most recent text.

From: Y/F/N

Message: [you should try going out one-on-one with him from last night. i think he’d really take a liking to you ;)]

After you explain, he’d feel really embarrassed about thinking such things before talking to you and also showing you how insecure he is, he only ever wants to show you his ‘manly’ side. He wouldn’t want affection afterwards, he’d just want to forget about what happened and what he thought you were doing behind his back and move on. Though he would learn from this and try to talk to you first whenever he feels insecure, though he’s still young and will sometimes slip up.

i’ve watched homecoming and my feelings are real and overwhelming so have some awkward dad! tony and precious! peter

Why am I here?”

It isn’t that Peter is ungrateful, not one bit. Stark’s couches are way more comfortable than the ones he’s got at home, Stark’s desks are equipped with all kinds of features that no 15 year old would ever require to do simple homework, Stark’s windows are long and only slightly tinted and give way to an amazing view; basically, Stark’s everything is somehow just better.

But this, what they’re doing, isn’t making a whole lot of sense.

Tony doesn’t look up from the tablet in his hand, simply makes a confused sound. “What do you mean why?”

Peter shakes his head, looking around incredulously before settling his eyes on Tony. “I mean, there’s no work, no mission, no Avengers protocol that’s been activated, but you sir, went out of your way to invite me over. And I’m not sure I understand why.”

Tony does look up at this, eyes narrowed accusingly.

“I didn’t go out of my way, wha-“

You called me,” Peter interrupts. “You called me, on my cell, right after class. You called me, told me to come, and even sent Happy to make sure I got here.” Happy was anything but, well, happy, to constantly play the role of chaperone/driver for a 15 year old. Peter could understand that, no hard feelings.

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Benevolence 7

7/20 The moment so many of you having been waiting for….

Word Count: 5,579

I was walking down one of the streets in Seoul. It was pitch black outside and everything was at a dead silence. No cars on the road, no one was walking around handing out those little business cards. Usually in America I would have been scared and ran the whole way home. However, in Seoul I’ve noticed there wasn’t ever a reason to be scared at least not for me. Obviously ever country has it’s rapist, murderers and robbers but the chances of seeing one while walking the streets on a weeknight was unlikely.

The high heels of the shoes I was wearing scraped across the cracks of the street. I was currently on my way home, I was at school and decided to stay late since that was were all the sewing supplies were at. I lost track of time and now I have to rush home to my boyfriend before he freaks out. I felt a vibration on the pocket of my shirt. Dipping my fingers into the fabric, I pulled out my phone. Speak of the devil, he was calling right now.

“Are you okay? It’s really late Y/N, where are you?”, Baekhyun panicked into the phone.

“I’m fine I’m almost there just a few blocks away.”, I sighed stepping over a small gate to cross to the other side of town.

“Good, what street are you on?”, He asked letting out a breathe of relief. “Let’s stay on the phone till you get here.”

Letting out a another sigh I looked up to see which street I was on, “Wongdang-daero” I didn’t bother reading the numbers since he would know where I was at. “Fine we might as well Mr. Overprotective.”

“Hush I’m protective over you for a reason.”, He snapped playfully “How did designing go today.”

“Like it does any other day, I’m booked with plenty of work to do.”, I gave a light chuckle a sound of a car lightly hitting my ears. The sound of it got louder and louder until it was a mere 60 feet away from me.

The only problem was the car was coming right at me.

It was dark outside so I couldn’t see anyone in the car only the front of the lights my breathing started going at faster pace. I didn’t say anything to Baekhyun since there would be no point he couldn’t do anything. The car wasn’t stopping it was coming closer and closer to me. So, I did the only think I  could do in this situation, run. Turning around I started running as fast as my feet would let me. The phone was no longer pressed to my ear as my feet were running across the concrete. Who the fuck was this, why all of a sudden does someone try to run me off of the sidewalk.

“I love you too.”, I heard a light whisper on the phone it didn’t sound like Baekhyun’s voice which is why I had made the mistake I did. Lifting the phone to my ear I listened to see if anything else was said.

“I’ll see you later.”, That was Baekhyun’s voice did he not notice I stopped talking on the phone.

“What the hell are you doing?”, I panted on the phone causing my running to come to a slow pace. Unfortunately I shouldn’t have done that within a few seconds the car came to an impact with my body. 

The next thing I remember was being on the ground blood covering my hand and my cracked cell phone. I couldn’t move I was unsure of whether or not I had broken any bones since I had never broken one before in my life.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y,N what the hell just happened? Answer me damn it!”, I heard Baekhyun scream on the phone. I heard the car  door shut and footsteps began to inch closer towards me. Turning my heads towards the person who had hit me with the car, I couldn’t make out a face. I had already blacked out.

“I’m done.”

“Baby don’t start this again you aren’t going anywhere you always end up staying.”, He snapped grabbing my arm.

“NO, not this time I’m done you just made me realize how little you care about anything I want. My designing career you use that as a toy to keep me around, I wasn’t even told about this  ‘relationship’ until she had already moved in. Then you just told all of the other members that I’m basically your second option when Taeyeon isn’t around. Do you see what you’re doing, plotting all of this shit out without my consent?”

“You can’t just stop like this, we’ve been through too much together.”, He growled roughly snatching me into his chest. His breathing was at an unbelievable pace but still, I couldn’t let him sway me. At his point there honestly wasn’t a fuck for me to give.

“You, haven’t been through shit I however, have looked like a dumb ass for way too long now Baekhyun. You can’t just continue to mistreat me and expect me to still love you.”  At the last sentence his face went from angry to sad and confused. His grip on my arm loosen letting me step back a few inches.

“You don’t love me anymore?”, His voice was weak, like a child who had gotten caught for drawing on the walls while being scolded.

“What do you think the answer to that is?”, In all honesty I didn’t know the answer myself. Of course your love for someone can always fade overtime if you’re not receiving love from them but, could you completely stop loving them? If you sit down now and think about any good memories you had with them the sides of your lips wouldn’t tug up just a little?

“Oh my god.”, He whispered sobbing a little due to the fact that I was shorter than him a few of his tears fell down on my cheek. “Y/N, I’m so sorry please let’s take a vacation just you and I to patch things up. Don’t ruin our relationship ov-”, I cut up off before he could finish his sentence.. me I was the one to ruin this relationship? This relationship was doomed from the moment it had began. His intentions were made clear to me a long time ago. 

“Don’t fucking try to blame this on me.”, I hissed shoving at his chest. “You brought Taeyeon here, you got back together with her and you have been mistreating me.”

“I know I haven’t been acting the best lately but, it’s because-” he spoke before I cut him off once again. At this point I honestly think Baekhyun has mental issues or something is just fucked up in his dumb ass mind.

“You haven’t been the best lately? Are you fucking kidding me? You wanna know what you said to a couple weeks ago when I asked if you wanted to go to the fashion event with me? You told me you’d rather suck a dick then sit at that event with me. You are so insensitive, the best part is when Taeyeon happen to bring it up you were delighted to go. Once again causing us to all three end up somewhere when you know damn well I don’t like that bitch.”

“Why do you act like that towards her, she’s been nothing but nice towards you.”, He spoke in frustration.

“Of course she has because fucking with my relationship is really being nice sorry Taeyeon, let me get down on my knees for you.”, I laughed sarcastically. “Why do you even want me to stay with you? You’ve used me enough you clearly love Taeyeon more than you’ve ever loved me.”

“That’s not true Y/N, and damn well know it. I’ve always taken good care of you. How did you get that job at Paradise Kiss, because of me. How did you started making your own designs as SM’s top fashion designer, because of me.”, He snapped running out of air in his lungs. “I’ve always made sure you were happy and had the things you wanted.”

Did this son of a bitch really just try and take credit for my hard work?

“First off all, that ‘job’ you got me at SM was to run around doing whatever the fuck the actual designers told me to do. I didn’t get bumped up to top designer until I started sneaking some of my designs into some of your music videos.  That job at Paradise Kiss was given to me when he brought it up you just introduced the two of us.”, I snarled towards him. I couldn’t believe he just tried to take away from my hard work.

“What about the promise you made to your mother.”, He whispered as I was getting ready to turn around. He really tried to pull all the cards out of the deck, using my mother against me.

Turning back around to face him, I watched as more tears continued to roll down his cheeks. He looked so pitiful, was this how used to look like whenever I cried and begged him to make Taeyeon leave? Where had my self respect gone? I couldn’t stop them giggles began to fall from my mouth as I watched a confused look form on his face.

“Excuse me, sorry for that.”, I apologized trying to stop the laughter from coming out of my mouth. Once I was about to stop the giggles I spoke.

“At first, I was so mad at myself for this, I honestly would’ve stayed with you for the rest of my life because of the promise I made to my mother. Hell, it was the only reason I was staying with you.”, I chuckled looking to the ground before back into his eyes.

“But, I realized my mother wouldn’t have wanted me to be going through what she went through just to keep my promise. Although, I’m still mad at myself I won’t punish myself for it any longer. It’s funny because, if I would’ve just continued telling you to fuck off I wouldn’t have gone through any of this.”, I spoke to him. 

It was true, I was truly sorry for breaking my promise to my mother. To anyone else it wouldn’t have been a big deal it’s just the fact that she died knowing I hated her. Yet, she was always proud of the fact that I was still stronger than her, that I still wanted her to continue to get better. That was the only thing she had ever really asked of me, and I wanted it to be my dying gift to her. It’s too late now, I’ve shattered the promise I made to her now however, now that I’ve been punished for it I’m tired. I’m tired of loving him, I’m tired of being held down and mistreated. But, most of all I’m tired of feeling so disgusted with myself.

“So that’s it then?”, He asked quietly wiping the remaining tears leaving his face. “It’s over because of this small petty thing. It’s over because I told them the truth.”

“No, it’s over because it needed to be, our relationship should’ve been over the moment Taeyeon came back into the picture. I was just to stupid to bring myself to break away.”, I said before turning around walking away. 

As I was going towards the stairs I heard his footsteps behind me. I didn’t bother turning around because he didn’t say anything. He was just heading in the same direction as me but, it was still awkward. I didn’t want to feel like this the entire trip. I’m surprised he didn’t hit me with the “Let’s stay friends” bullshit.  

Hitting the corner as I made my way downstairs I heard loud screams. Were the rest of the members arguing with Taeyeon? My thoughts were answered when I heard Kai’s voice shout back at her.

“This is and always will be your fault. Do you even feel bad for what happened?”, His words snarled at her.

Rushing past me Baekhyun dashed towards the kitchen, my nosy ass wanted to know why Kai was so upset so, I followed along. As I was walking behind him I realized that Baekhyun was so wrapped up in Taeyeon. Even after what just happened he couldn’t wait to brush past me to get towards her. I know I shouldn’t feel like this since I broke up with him but, it still hurts me.

“If you weren’t such a fucking dick maybe she’d still be with you?”, I heard Taeyeon’s voice speak as we rushed into the kitchen. When I walked fully into the room there stood Taeyeon with tears rushing down her eyes and kai with his jaw clenched and fists balled up. 

I had seen this look on a man one too many times it was obvious what was about it happen, at least to anyone who saw someone being abused.

Kai was getting ready to hit Taeyeon.

I couldn’t help the gasp that escaped my mouth. Kai out of all people was not one I had expected to want to raise his hand at a woman. As much as I felt Taeyeon deserved to get the shit slapped out of her she didn’t deserve to be abused when she can’t defend herself. Has he done this before?

All eyes in the room shifted towards me, Kai’s look soften a bit when we made eye contact. I didn’t know how to react because I, didn’t know what was going on. Was Kai really getting ready to hit Taeyeon or was he just angry? Looking him up and down once more, I couldn’t deny it. He was getting ready to hit her.

“Kai, don’t you dare do that.”, I whispered harshly towards him, a guilty look flashed on his face before it was quickly covered up with a confused one. 

“Calm down Y/N, we’re just having an argument.”, He mumbled releasing his fists. He was lying, it was so obvious. His hands were trembling and his eyes darted across the room way too quickly. His chest was even still rising with anger.

“Kai you can’t be like that. Not you of all people.”, I muttered shaking my head at him as Taeyeon’s eyes looked over at me trying to understand the situation. Turning my eyes towards Baekhyun, who was already looking at me he came to understand the situation. His eyes full of rage, shifted towards Kai who was still as confused as ever.

“Get the fuck away from her.”, Baekhyun snapped through gritted teeth while charging towards Kai. I’ve never seen Baekhyun this angry before it was worse than when his bipolar ass flipped out on me in that restaurant.  I know I shouldn’t say things like that because at this point Baekhyun could really have a mental condition that I’m not aware of.

“Shut the fuck up Baekhyun.”, Kai spat towards him. “It’s not like she can’t take responsibility for her actions.”

“Stop with your rivalry with her Kai. You’re my band mate and she’s the woman I love.”, Baekhyun spoke aggressively towards him. I mean damn that didn’t hurt me at all.

“I thought that was Y/N, I guess you’d rather be with trash then treat her like a respected woman.”

“What are you doing to Taeyeon now huh?”

“You can’t treat a hoe like a woman.”

Baekhyun’s fist connected with Kai’s jaw causing his had to turn to the side. He didn’t even stumble back before giving Baekhyun a punch.

“Stop Baekhyun.”, Taeyeon tried to butt-in as I gave her the side eye. I wasn’t going to do anything to stop it, this was a battle between two grown men. Who just so happened to be arguing about women. I was honestly surprised with Baekhyun’s strength.

After a few more seconds the fight died down. Both men had each other in a head lock, Baekhyun strained his neck to whisper something in Kai’s ear. Taeyeon and I couldn’t hear what was said but, Kai visibly tensed up as they let each other go. Baekhyun rushed towards Taeyeon asking if she was okay, my gaze shifted towards Kai who watched the two with disgust.

“She loved you, you loved her. You talked about her all the damn time and I was happy for you because you weren’t crying all the time about Taeyeon anymore. I can’t believe you’d just run back to that bitch the moment she asked for you.”, Kai spat at him before walking out the backdoor that lead back to the top of the boat.

I stood there for a minute not knowing what to do, Taeyeon and Baekhyun were still in the room watching me.

“Y/N, we didn’t mea-”, Taeyeon started before I was already walking out the door. I had enough it was hard being in the same room as them. I couldn’t bring myself to speak because there was nothing left to say. Taeyeon couldn’t say anything that would change it because it was already done. I went out the same door Kai did to go after him.

Kai was outside looking at the sea mumbling curses to himself. His hands were balled into fists before he released them burying his face into his palms. I didn’t think I could see him get so mad at a person. As much as I’m angry and both Taeyeon and Baekhyun what could they have done to anger Kai this much? 

 “Kai, what the hell was that?”, I asked trying to be cautious not knowing what might set him off. His head lifted up looking towards me with an irritated look on his face.

“Just… She’s…”, He couldn’t get the sentence out because when our eyes met he looked so guilty. “Look I know what it might’ve looked like and yes we were in a pretty heated argument but still, Y/N I would never lay my hands on a woman.”

I nodded my head showing my understanding. I needed to hear him out because this was so unlike Kai and I only assumed because of the similar signs that I’ve seen previously. I didn’t realize how different the two situations were though. The man that my mom was dating was seriously messed up, he was a narcissist the smallest of things set him off. He put two dents in my mom’s car because she corrected him over a small lie. I couldn’t compare Kai to him.

“What could’ve she said to make you so mad then? Was it something personal?”, I asked keeping voice at a calm steady level.

“Y/N, I can’t tell you why but, Taeyeon is not innocent she’s not nice and sweet either but still, she could never make angry to the point where’d I want to hit her. I was balling my fists because I was waiting on Baekhyun to enter the room. I just didn’t expect you to be with him, are you two still together?”, He asked after explaining what happened.

I scrunched my nose up completely forgetting Baekhyun and I were ever together. There wasn’t enough time to pay attention to it or I just didn’t want to.

“No, I was heading back to the room while he went to the kitchen when I heard Taeyeon yelling, then I remembered you said you’d be waiting in there.”, I spoke sitting down leaning against my arms.

“Do you regret what you did?”, He asked curiously. I’m not stupid he’s trying to change the subject so he doesn’t have to talk about Taeyeon whatever she did must’ve been terrible because the rage was clear in his eyes whenever he spoke of her.

“No, I don’t even think the reality of the situation has hit me. I am mad at myself though.”, I chuckled staring at the sea the best I could from where I was sitting.

“Why? You did nothing wrong.”, Kai suddenly got defensive about the whole situation. “She’s the slut and he’s the dickhead who likes to cheat on his girlfriend.” 

The sides of my lips tugged up, I wonder what his reaction would be if I told him the whole story. He’d probably go back in to start another fight with Baekhyun, but I won’t. The whole thing was over now adding fuel to the fire would be pointless. Do I want Baekhyun to be happy, hell no. I’m just not the type to forgive and forget because, every time I see you after that I’ll get irritated.

“I’m mad for not leaving him sooner, and I kind of just ruined the entire trip. I feel like a failed because I allowed myself to be-”, I cut myself off not wanting to finish and If I said anything else I would’ve told him everything.

“You didn’t ruin anything that bitch did, don’t you ever think about yourself badly. You are not a failure because of someone else’s fuck ups. I’m just pissed he’d treat you like that after how they broke up.”

“How’d they break up?”, I asked, I knew it wasn’t on a good but it clearly wasn’t bad enough for them to get back together.

“Let’s not get into that.”, He blurted out lacing his fingers with mine. “Please let’s just have a good time the rest of the trip.”

“You know I’m going to ask about it later.”, I pointed out talking about the avoided subjects.

“I know”

I didn’t know how I felt, I was lost. How was I supposed to feel after leaving him it’s not like he was really gone anyway. He’s probably having sex with Taeyeon, I knew either way the break up wouldn’t hurt him. I just couldn’t be unhappy anymore. I’m thankful for what Kai said early but still, I was angry with myself. Not because I failed with Baekhyun but because I had failed my mom.

“I’m going back to the room, are you coming?”, I asked him causing our hands to break away from each other.

“No I’ll be down soon, goodnight.”

“Why’d you say goodnight?”, I asked him

“Because, you always fall asleep whenever you go lay down.”, He chuckled.

“Who said I was going to lay down?”, I shot back causing him to full blown laugh.

“Goodnight, Y/N.”

“Goodnight Kai.”

“Y/N?”, Yixing spoke to me as we unfolded the blankets to get underneath the blankets. Looking up to meet his gaze Yixing’s eyes were filled with concern. “Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it, Honey?”

Climbing the small set of stairs to get into the large bed, I lie down on the side closet the the other nightstand turning towards him.

“No, I’m fine it’s just crazy how fast everything has changed. I feel bad now because I’ve sort of ruined the trip for everyone.”, I chuckled while he got comfortable scooting closer next to me.

“No you didn’t Taeyeon did, none of us liked her but, Baekhyun insisted she’d come.”, He explained trying to ease the situation. “I just really wished Baekhyun would’ve treated you better.”

“Some things just aren’t meant to be I guess.”, I said trying to lighten the mood when in the truth it wasn’t because we weren’t meant to be it was because we kept fucking up. I don’t believe in that fate bullshit you choose whether or not you want someone in your life.

“Where’s kai?”

“He’s still outside, he’ll be back down here soon.”, I assured him.

“What are you going to do once we get back to Seoul?”, He asked me. In truth I didn’t know, I wasn’t going to stay at his place but, I don’t have the cash to just drop on key money plus rent and most likely gas, water and electric.

“I guess I’ll have to figure something out.”, I muttered closing my eyes wanting to sleep things off. I wasn’t in the right mind set to be thinking about things like this right now.

“No, we’ll figure it out I won’t let you struggle Y/N.”, He whispered as I fell asleep. I know it isn’t right to just ignore my problems but it was better this way, I wanted to focus on something else, anything else. Yixing and Kai seemed to be helping me do that just for now, I think I need them.

“You look sexy.”, Kai grinned biting his lip before his hand connected with my ass.

“Let’s not get your dick ripped off Kai because you want to be a pervert.”, I said with a sharp tone before climbing over the railing to sit on the front of the boat. It was a couple of days after the break up and it was awkward as hell. There was a clear divide on this damn boat. You had the two nobody liked or fucked with at the moment, Baekhyun and Taeyeon. Then you had the rest of the exo members who were in an awkward position from choosing sides. Then you have Yixing, Kai and I who just don’t want to be bothered at all. 

Right now the three of us were standing on deck getting ready to do what I thought was fishing however, Kai had something different in mind.

“Let’s have a threesome.”

Yixing’s head shot up in disgust, while I furrowed my eyebrows. Why is this man so perverted? I didn’t want to ask what happened with Krystal since apparently they were broken up before I had even met Kai.

“No I’m not into that kind of thing.”, Yixing scrunched his nose up. He told me once that he believed everyone out there had a person they could spend the rest of their lives with. 

That was one of things I’d admired the most about him, his loyalty. Let’s be honest here we’re all selfish when it comes to our romantic partners. Even if you aren’t being possessive by saying “You’re mine, you belong to me.” we still expect their romantic attention to only be on us. If your boyfriend gets caught kissing another girl you’d be pissed. If they had sex with another girl that’s a break up. Then if you’re married that’s a whole damn divorce because you expect them to only pay attention to you. What if it was different, would it be okay to cheat on your partner as long as you came back to them? 

“I’ll pass no offense.”, I giggled helping Yixing pull out the chairs. I’ve had enough threesomes with Taeyeon and Baekhyun. Could you even call it that when the focus was always on the two of them.

 Even being in that so called poly relationship I realized those aren’t perfect either. You still want attention and affection, watching one of your partners constantly make love and spend time with the other, while only kissing you and telling you they love you every once in awhile isn’t enough. You want more because we’re selfish in the end our jealously gets to us and… that’s okay.

“Why would that be an offense, I’m a grower not a shower.”, He insisted and I did want to think about the size of Kai’s penis.

“Okay let’s change the subject I do not want to think about the size of your penis Kai.”, I muttered staying closer to the edge of the boat looking over the poles and down at the sea.

“I’m being serious Yixing is decent when soft but I’m telling you, get me hard and I’m huge.”

“Kai that’s enough.”, Yixing muttered disgusted with the current conversation about the size of his penis. I mean I’ve only ever since Baekhyun’s dick and you can’t go of the size of porn stars so, I had no room to judge.

“Remember that stupid scene from the Titanic where Rose was supposedly flying.”, I chuckled remembering the scene since I had one of my feet lifted on the poles looking down at the water.

“Hey, that wasn’t stupid it was romantic.”, Yixing pouted while Kai walked over to where I was standing. He lifted his feet onto the poles hovering over me.

“Come on I’ll show you.”, Kai smirked rubbing on my shoulder. Sighing I lifted my other foot fully on the poles, this just seemed so awkward to me.

“I don’t see the point of this.”, I mumbled Titanic was my favorite movie when I was younger but once I re-watched it as a teenager that bitch, knew she had enough room for him.

“That’s because Kai isn’t doing it properly.”, Yixing chuckled before lifting his feet onto the poles wrapping his arms around Kai’s waist lightly.

“I’m flying.”, Kai shouted right into my ear throwing himself into a fit of giggles.

“I still don’t see the point of this.”, I groaned turning my head towards the two men. Yixing just chuckled while an evil smirk appeared on Kai’s face. His grip around my waist loosened on one arm and tightened on the other.

“This will make it more interesting.”, He chuckled raising his arm lifting my chin towards him causing our lips to meet. I didn’t tense up yet, I still didn’t kiss him back. Still there was no reason for me to push him away. His lips pressed deeper into mine while his nails dug into my chin. After a few moments he pulled away with a large grin plastered on is face. Looking behind him Yixing stood with his cheeks flustered with a hint of irritation in his eyes.

“Don’t just kiss her Kai damn you’re way to comfortable with her.”, He scolded letting go of Kai’s waist gently grabbing my arm helping me back on the boat.

“It was just a kiss.”, Kai chuckled jumping back on board winking at me before laying back across the beach chair he sat in previously. 

“I’m surprised you didn’t try and stick your tongue down her throat.”, Yixing huffed swiping his thumb across my lips to remove any scent of Kai.

“Hey, don’t wipe off my love.”, He shouted playfully slightly lifting himself off of the chair. Yixing wrapped a thin silk like piece of fabric around my waist tying a slight knot before adjusting it.

“What are you doing?”, I asked curiously it’s not like I was wearing a cheeky bathing suit. I was actually wearing a one piece since I still wasn’t sure how accepted bathing suits were in Korea. It didn’t bother me honestly because, I never liked wearing bikinis it just felt like I was walking around in bra and panties.  Still, it didn’t really matter since it’s a new era and things are slowly changing in Korea.

“Oh, don’t think anything of it, I thought the color went well with your swimsuit.”, He smiled a small blush rising on his cheeks before itching the back of my neck.

“He’s marking his territory.”, Kai interrupted the small moment with his comment. “It’s so obvious he might as well piss on you.”, He giggled when an offended gasp came out of Yixing’s mouth. I knew he wasn’t trying to which is why I didn’t get pissed.

If I’m being honest with myself I don’t know how I ended up following my mother’s footsteps. I was well aware of the fact that children who saw their parents being abused could go down the same path so, I desperately tried to make sure that never happened. 

Ever since I was 14 I had this strong desperation of being in control of myself. If someone told me what to do or how to live, even if it benefited me I got so upset. Once my mother was joking and said “You’re mine, I own you.” and it pissed me off. We got into a huge argument about it whether or not she was my mother or guardian I’m in control of myself.  We all are, if you choose to let someone control you then that’s on you but, when someone tries to force control it irks me.

“No, it’s not like that at all.”, Yixing said firmly snapping me out of my thoughts his eyes searching mine for any doubt. I giggled and pinched one of his cheeks smiling in Kai’s direction.

“I know you would never do anything like that.”, I chuckled before fully turning towards Kai who held a smug look on his face. “But you would, wouldn’t you? Now I have to be careful around you because of that little kiss.”, I spoke as Kai got up from the chair once again strolling towards Yixing and I. Once he was a few feet away he draped his arm around my shoulders.

“Come on, it was a joke don’t take away my fun.”, He said with a pout  on his face.

“Don’t get too close.”, Yixing warned standing closer behind Kai and I. I knew what was coming next, Kai is a piece of shit who liked pissing people off.

“Leave us alone aren’t we a thing now Y/N?”, Kai asked me with a playful glint in his eyes causing me to roll mine. 

“Stop being a pervert, Kai.”, I groaned pushing his arm off of me getting ready to snap on him however, his lips connected with mine once again. It was any different from the first kiss Kai was just being an ass.

Except this time when I pulled away Taeyeon and Baekhyun stood there

and he was pissed.

pretty tough, yeah? || george weasley

request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is the slytherin keeper in George’s year and they’ve been friendly but when dracos taunting him n Harry after the quidditch match (lion and the serpent chapter in OOTP) she tries to get Draco to stop but it doesn’t happen. Omg I’m imagining George beating up Malfoy n having that busted lip afterwards fckin hot 😩👌🏻 n afterwards george confronts her about it… romance ensues… and making out or something lol THANKS!! Ik this was mad specific lmao my b

a/n: lmao so it’s more like she confronts him about it but that’s all that’s different

warnings: none

word count: 739

tags: @ourboulevardofthedead

   Another week, another Quidditch game. You were dressed in your green and silver Quidditch robes, trying to block out Malfoy’s voice while stretching. He was telling the story of how he came up with the lyrics for “Weasley Is Our King” and how the whole of Slytherin was going to sing it.

   You were a keeper and thankfully didn’t have to deal with hearing Malfoy’s insults to Potter on the field.

   Finally, the time for the game to begin arrived, and the game started off nicely, well, for your team at least. Ron had let in four goals, putting you at 40 points. Gryffindor scored one, leaving it to 40-10.

   The Slytherin team was still screaming their song, and the seekers were still looking for the Snitch. Harry made a jolting move, and Crabbe, one of your beaters, must have noticed, as he sent the Bludger heading towards him, to eventually hit him.

   Gryffindor had won, though, and this wasn’t taken lightly by Malfoy. Without hesitation, he started saying every taunting insult he could think of: making fun of Ron, the Weasleys, Potter. You couldn’t stand Malfoy already, and this was getting on your nerves.

   “-I suppose when you’ve been dragged up by Muggles even the Weasley’s hovel smells okay-”

   “Malfoy, stop.”

   “-or perhaps it reminds you of what your mother’s house smelled like-”

    “MALFOY-” you started to yell, but he stopped talking. Not because of you, but because Harry and George were beginning to punch him ceaselessly.

   Madam Hooch noticed this fight and stopped it immediately. You groaned and put your face in your hands. Harry and George were sent to McGonagall’s office, and you couldn’t bear to think of what would happen to them.

    You didn’t even bother to get out of your Quidditch robes and made your way to McGonagall’s office to see if they were still in there, arriving just in time as they were heading out. Their faces looked heartbroken, and you couldn’t help but feel bad.

   You called out George’s name and caught his attention. Their sad faces turned bitter in mere seconds at the sight of your Slytherin crest and colors. Harry turned his back to you immediately after seeing you, but George just lingered there.

   Harry went along on his path to the common room, leaving you and George alone. “George-” you started, only to be interrupted. You feared he would say something along the lines of “Why didn’t you stop him?” or “I can’t believe you,” but instead he said, “I know you’re not like them.”

   You couldn’t believe it. You got so much hate from people in other houses because they thought you were just like Pansy or Malfoy, and George, out of all people, actually understood. “What?” you asked. “You’re not like them, all those Slytherins. I saw you try and stop Malfoy, and I get that it was too late to do anything,” he explained.

   You were silent for a good ten seconds. “So-so you don’t hate me?” you asked. “Why would I hate you, if anything I fancy you,” he said with a grin, but immediately changed his facial expression to look as if he regretted saying that. “You…like me?” you asked, feeling your face get hot. “I-I mean it’s nothing, really, I get it if you like people in your own house and stuff,” he said, getting a red tint on his cheeks.

   You laughed. “Me? Like people in my own house? Are you mental?” you crossed your arms. “I guess I am. I mean, I’m mad for you,” he winked. You both chuckled.

   You scanned his face. The effects of the fight were obvious; his lip was swollen and bruised, and so were his knuckles. “Lookin’ at my lip, yeah? Makes me look pretty tough,” he smirked. “Yeah, yeah,” you responded.

   He leaned in and met his lips with yours. You thoughtlessly put your arms around his neck, only to realize how sweaty he was. You could even smell the sweat, his and yours, but you were more focused on the kiss than anything.

   The kiss is intense and passionate, your grip on his shoulders and his on your waist. George pulled away to take a breath, but also to allow himself to say, “So I guess you like me back?” winking. “I guess,” you teased.


Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of cheating, cruel remarks, angst, smoking

Word Count: 847 

Summary: You meet Sebastian outside a bar after some pretty terrible news 

You met him outside the bar, in the area around the corner designated for the smokers. 

You’d gone out there to clear your head a little from the compressing noise inside, having just found out the hard way that your boyfriend of three years had been cheating on you for at least the last year and a half. Your friends had tried to console you, offering to get you so drunk you wouldn’t have been able to remember what his face looked like, but you’d declined. You told them you just needed a minute and slipped outside for a smoke, no longer able to keep the tears at bay.

Now you were leaning back against the brick wall, one of your hands covering your mouth to muffle the sounds of your sobbing while the other held an already forgotten about cigarette.
“Excuse me?” The voice made you jump, your eyes widening as you wiped some of your tears off your cheek. “Would I be able to borrow a lighter?”

You nodded your head, handing it over without a word. You could tell by the expression on his face that he probably didn’t need the lighter, having come over just because he’d seen you crying. You appreciated the fact he hadn’t asked what was wrong, instead choosing to lean up against the wall next to you, lighting up his own smoke.
“I don’t normally look like this,” You blurted out once the silence had gotten too much for you. The man cocked one of his eyebrows, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips as he sucked in a drag. “You know, a real hot mess. Well I mean apparently I never look as good as I think I do and I’m nothing more than average but what I mean is I don’t normally have mascara running down my face.”

You’re not entirely sure why you just repeated all your ex’s harsh words at this man, someone you’d never met before in your life, but there was something good about getting it off your chest. They’d been tugging painfully at your heart strings ever since you’d walked into the bar and saw another woman’s lips attached to his. She was beautiful, but you weren’t surprised by that, your ex had always had a want for the finer things in life and why should his mistress be anything less. 

You’d been suspecting it for a while now but having it flaunted right in your face hurt more than you would have ever admitted; having him mock your insecurities and using them as excuses as to why he had cheated in the first place left you feeling practically worthless.

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The Makeup Challenge | COLE SPROUSE X READER

Description / Request: After not posting a video for a while on her Youtube channel, the reader decides to film a challenge with her newfound friend Cole Sprouse. Her very, attractive, famous, friend.

Word Count: 1593

“Yo hoes,” I greeted winking at the camera a few feet in front of me. “It’s been a while. What’s up?” I paused for moment pretending someone was answering back. “Nice. Anyways I’m here today with a very special guest and you’ll never guess who it is.”

I looked over at the other side of the room which was out of camera shot. “That’s your cue,” I said monotonously shaking Cole out of his reverie. He ran and jumped onto my bed which is what we decided to sit on for my video.

Cole grabbed my face and pressed our cheeks together flashing a heart stopping smile at the camera. “Hi everyone. I’m Dylan Sprouse and you’re watching Disney Channel.”

I pushed him away and giggled. “No but seriously, I’m here with Cole Mitchell Sprouse. Not Dylan as you can probably tell by the hair. And today we’re going to be doing to makeup challenge!”

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Last Hope of Dead Hearts (aka Unsanctioned Fraternization)

This fic revolves around Evfra and Maria Ryder. This chapter is SFW. This fic contains spoilers. This fic clocks in at 9,452 words. Enjoy.

Thank you to my beta readers:

@gdi-bucky @kiibster @knjyasu @malvinnia

And extra thanks to @knjyasu. She’s the one I’ve been bouncing ideas off of. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have even thought about writing this. I probably wouldn’t have jumped on the Evfra train at all.

Chapter 1

    Aya. Sovereign land of the angara. This place is beautiful,Ryder thought to herself as she leaned her arms against the railing of one of the balconies and looked outward. The view was stunning, and the setting sun was casting shadows that seemed to give everything a stunningly ethereal depth.

    This is what home should’ve looked like, she thought, the idea threatening to cast a melancholy blanket over her enjoyment of the view and turn it bitter. She dipped her head down and rubbed her hands over her face. She’d been at this Pathfinder thing for months now. She’d managed to do some amazing things. Some things that some might think were impossible. Starting a terraforming engine on a planet so that it could again become livable? That was about as impossible as it got.

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danrdarrenc  asked:

aaron's so surprised when robert suggests they go on a proper date in front of people that he almost weeps with joy??? idk i think he might have kind of expected them to still be a little bit a secret in those first few weeks even though rob said he wanted them do it properly this time??? but then they end up on an actual date and aaron's overwhelmed that it's real??? 😭

Robert arrives like a whirlwind, to the scrapyard, wearing that deep navy coloured suit that make Aaron’s heart skip a beat (however cliche that might be), a pink tie neatly knotted at his throat.

There was something so delicious about his boyfriend in a suit, Robert oozing confidence in that same old way that Aaron had always found incredibly sexy, expect that Robert was his now, he could leer and stare all he wanted, and not have to worry about anyone noticing, finding out about the affair.

“Hiya,” Robert greeted, sliding into his desk chair. They were still figuring out their boundaries with PDA, wondering what and where was okay, and it was fine, really, that they hadn’t quite figured it out yet.

Aaron sometimes wondered how he’d react if Robert just kissed him at work, as if their relationship was the most natural thing in the world, because however right it felt, they couldn’t shake off their past, the places they’d started, that easily.

They would, one day - just, not three weeks into their very new, and very tentative relationship. They were acting like they were thirteen, all over again, doing nothing more than trading soft kisses, and sharing a bed to do nothing more than sleep - but Aaron needed slow, and whether or not Robert would admit it, he needed slow too.

This was the first time in Robert’s life he was out, after all (and maybe proud, Aaron wasn’t so sure, sometimes.)

“Hiya,” Aaron replied, giving him a sincere smile. “Good day?”

Robert nodded, leaning back in his chair. “You know me, love the sound of my own voice,” he grinned. “What are you up to tonight?”

“Nothing much, why?”

“Dunno,” Robert shrugged, fiddling with some paperwork on his desk. “I fancied doing summat with you.”

“We can just hang out at mine, then, mum and Charity are working tonight - hen party, I think.”

Robert gave him a funny look. “You what?”

“I….” Aaron trailed off, embarrassed. “I figured you’d want to stay at mine.”

“Do you think I don’t want to be seen with you, or something?” Robert asked, leaning forward in his chair, brow furrowed.

Aaron swallowed, suddenly uncomfortable. “I forgot,” he admitted, voice barely more than a whisper. “I forgot that you were seeing me, now - and not Chrissie.”

Robert looked at him, eyes wide, and sad, as though he knew the full extent of all the hurt he’d caused, as if he could look right into Aaron’s mind and see the uncertainty, see how unsure Aaron was of everything.

He stood up, crossing the portacabin in a few short steps, tugging Aaron up out of his chair. “I’m your boyfriend,” he said firmly, hands on Aaron’s waist. His eyes were sincere, the same way they’d been that night they’d kissed in the backroom, when they’d promised to give this, them, a real go. “I want to take you on dates, and show you off.”

Aaron ducked his head, cheeks bright red. “Yeah, alright,” he shook his head, wriggling out of Robert’s grip. He wasn’t so sure of how to deal with this, Robert being a boyfriend.

“I’m serious, Aaron,” Robert said, tugging at his sleeve. “I’m serious about you.”

Aaron hated the tears that welled up in his eyes as he looked at Robert, saw the genuine sincerity in his eyes. “I know,” he managed to say, biting into the skin of his lower lip.

“Let me prove it to you,” Robert said, cupping the back of Aaron’s neck, pulling him in for a soft, chaste kiss. “Let me take you out on a date - tonight.”

“Okay,” Aaron squeezed his eyes shut, letting himself revel in the feeling of Robert, of being wrapped up in his arms, Robert’s lips against his cheek. “Yeah, okay.”

Robert had come to his door, dressed in a deep maroon coloured shirt, leather jacket on, and a bright grin on his face. Aaron had laughed, at the knock on the door and the old school picking someone up for a date thing, but he’d gone along with it (until Robert had tried to open the car door for him, and then he’d threatened to batter him.)

It hadn’t really sunk in that they were on a date, like a real, proper date until they were sitting in a restaurant in Hotten, Robert glowing under the dim lights of the restaurant, menu in hand.

It wasn’t anything fancy.

It was a new burger place, one Aaron had been to before with Adam, and a few of his old mates from when he used to be a more regular customer at Bar West, but somehow, it felt infinitely more special, sitting in a booth with Robert across from him, Robert’s foot hooked around his ankle, as though it was the most normal thing in the world to do.

“I can’t decide,” Robert admitted, looking up from the menu, a look of pure concentration on his face. “You’ve been here before, right?”

Aaron nodded, finding it hard to find words, finding it hard to believe they were really dong this. “Everything is good,” he said, not having given the menu a single glance since they’d sat down.

“You alright?”

He knew.

Of course he did. Robert was developing this uncanny ability to read Aaron’s emotions, know there was something off without Aaron having to say a word.

“I wanted this for so long,” Aaron admitted, messing with the packets of ketchup and vinegar on the table, the shiny paper slipping between his fingers as he counted a beat, and then five more, before he continued. “I don’t know how to deal with it all now it’s real.”

Robert put a hand over his, the gesture the kind of public affection that Aaron had craved for so long. “I don’t know, either,” he admitted, a shy smile appearing on his face. “But we’ll figure it out.”

Aaron loved him.

He’d loved Robert for so long, he’d forgotten how it felt to not love him - but in that moment, sitting in a pokey restaurant in Hotten, Aaron wasn’t sure he’d ever loved him more.

Funny, how one date became the promise of something so much more - a forever after, if you’d forgive the cliche.

(Aaron was using a lot of cliche phrases, lately - but maybe thats what real love did to a person.)