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okay no offense but gansey was literally the first person to ever show adam uncomplicated, unabridged, true affection. gansey was the first person to recognize just how much adam longed for love, the first person to recognize that adam was too proud to ever ask for it. gansey was the first person to not only recognize the potential and abilities of adam, but tried to make adam recognize it himself as well. gansey was the first person to care that adam was unsafe, to care that adam was unhappy, to care about adam. from the moment they met, it felt real to both of them in a completely new way. gansey was adam’ best friend from nearly the moment they met, and has not ever stopped being it since. their relationship is one of simplicity, respect, honesty, obvious mutual admiration, and it is so evident that, on whatever level u chose to recognize it, they love each other !!!!!! that’s love, bicth !!!!! that’s it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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lovehacks got SO funny the second it stopped taking itself seriously

  • namjoon: baby
  • namjoon: what that mouth do
  • jin: acrostic poems

i was too afraid to finish it so uh

here’s a messy doodle of witch!michael i guess

The thing is, if you need to lie, intentionally mislead, and misrepresent what someone said in order to vilify them, maybe your hate and actions are not as justified as you think. If you are knowingly liking or reblogging a false narrative, you are just as guilty as the person posting it. And really, we know what kind of people are willing to manipulate others in order pass along their “truth”.

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Pro No Evens 4 - YOLMT

Pro No Evens Productions - You Only Live Multiple Times

Instead of actually thinking about the horrible future that is in store for this fic, how about just mashing Against All Odds with Royal Expectations Again? @royalflushstories and @trulymightypotato, I am sincerely sorry for bothering you again.

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Okay, well this is a first! I haven’t been tagged before by someone! Keeps me on my toes lol

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Name: Laura

Nickname: Laura-Dora the explorer (I frickin’ kid you not)

Zodiac sign: Leo

Height: 5′4 (I’m short, I know lol)

Age: 17 (But I shall be 18 in nine days!)

Orientation: Bisexual

Ethnicity: Caucasian 

Favorite Fruit: Either Strawberries, or Honey Dew

Favorite Season: Autumn (I love the changing colors, and I get to wear hoodies!)

Favorite Book series: Percy Jackson & The Olympians and Heroes of Olympus

Favorite Flower: I’d say probably Lilacs   

Favorite Scent: Weird question, but maybe Vanilla

Coffee, tea, or coco: Depends on the mood I’m in, but mostly tea

Cat or Dog person: Dogs

Average hours of sleep: 6-7

Favorite fictional characters: Most of Marvel, Most of Sherlock Holmes, All of PJO and HOO, The four ninja turtles, The Ponds, and the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctor

Dream Trip: No real destination just wants to travel the world

Blog(s): This one I created for writing purposes and @wholocked-for-the-tardis which is my main blog that I repost things I like. I don’t include my own things.

Number of Followers: 298, and considering I made this blog last month, this makes me extremely happy!

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