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I love your blog so much! Could you do some Silas and Corrin head cannons please?

Why, thank you, but I’ve never done headcanons before. I like this ship though so I guess I can try as an exception?

  • Unless their respective duties prevent them to, they spend every evening talking at Kamui’s tea table, with Silas telling him all the memories of their time spent together before the “picnic incident”. While Kamui definitely enjoys these discussions, deep down it saddens him to realize just how much he forgot about his best friend (especially since Silas probably remembers small details like what kind of tea he likes and his favorite colors). Of course Silas, being Silas, doesn’t mind and tries his best to bring the prince’s memories back. Even if that doesn’t work, they have a whole list of stuff to do together once the war is over, so Kamui can make new memories with him.
  • When he realized Silas’s strength increases greatly whenever Kamui is injured in battle (Vow of Friendship), Leo skillfully suggested his brother could get wounded on purpose just so the enemies would end up obliterated in record time by the knight. The answer was no.
  • (Birthright route) When Silas betrayed King Garon to join the Hoshidan army, Kamui and his siblings made sure to help the knight’s family out of Nohr to avoid any… violent reprisal. Thanks to this, no one died but their home was burnt to the ground. To say the least, Silas’s family was not very happy about his decision… He has no regret though.
  • When the whole army is on the march and it’s pouring down, Kamui will turn into a dragon and put one of his wing above Silas’s head to shelter him… The first time he did that though, Silas’s horse freaked out, kicked and reared up before unseating the poor guy and running away. Silas fell and almost broke his arm. Healers came running. Ryouma and Xander thought they were under attack. Kamui was mortified.
  • Now, if Kamui’s exhausted and they have no time to rest, Silas will let him ride his horse just behind him so he doesn’t have to walk. The horse still very much remembers this red-eyed dude turned into a giant motherfreaking dragon one day and is not very happy about it.

“Do you hate him?”

That was the question she got the most.

“Yes. Maybe,” she replied. She paused, she thought about it for a second. “Not really, no. Not at all.”

“You have the right to hate him, you know?”

Her expression was calm, almost peaceful. Like the loud noise of the ocean after a huge storm. She said: “oh, I know that very well. Maybe if I could it would make it easier on me, but I don’t, I can’t.”

He asked full of curiosity then, “why?”

“You see, when someone makes you so happy, to the point where you see yourself with that person for the rest of your life and no one else, how is it fair to hate him? How can you do that? He brought so much joy to my life, so much more than I could ever expect, and…” She just stopped talking.

He waited for her to continue but she didn’t, so he asked. “And what?”

“I’ve never been one to be ungrateful. You see, you can hurt me, destroy me, leave me, cut me out of your life, but the good things will always stay with me. The good times, what we’ve been through together, that is part of the package that we call life. It’s not fair to just throw that away and try to forget. It’s not about him, it’s about me.”

He understood. He just watched her quietly moving from the couch to the window, she was just staring at the sky.

“You love with everything you have inside you, I see what it means now: it doesn’t leave space for hate, and especially not for him,” he concluded. “You really did love him.”

She kept looking at the sky outside the window in a sunny day on that late summer. After what seemed like hours, she softly said: “I did. I really did.”

I do, she thought.
I really do.

She hoped that wherever he was and whatever he was doing in his life, in that exact moment, that thought reached him and his heart ached for what it seemed no apparent reason to him. She hoped he knew, somehow, somewhere.

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #56
Les Amis as thoughts I had when I found this fandom

Combeferre: Wow, people write fics about this book!

Courfeyrac: Hahaha! Enjolras would never do that, let alone with Grantaire!

Bossuet: Why is everybody so obsessed with first names?

Enjolras: Incredible, everybody seems to love Marius! Doesn’t anyone find him as frustrating as I do?

Bahorel: Why is everybody talking about Vikings?

Feuilly: I’ll never be able to spell Blad Blagen Blagden correctly.

Jehan: What do they all have against the word “book”?

Joly: So much angst can’t be good for your health.

Grantaire: I don’t know how I ended up here, but I know I won’t leave even if it means my death.

Dating Killer Croc and meeting the Squad would include:

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Requested by Anon. 

Request: Could you by chance do a Dating Croc Would Include + Meeting the Squad, like you did your Harley one? (which was absolutely lovely btw)

Warning: Smut?

A/N: Seriously, I needed a lot of time to write this, but here it is! TAA DAA!


  • People looking at you, trying to figure out why you would date him. 
    • You giving zero fucks because your boyfriend is awesome. 
  • You both going swimming. 
  • Him showing you the sewer system. 
    • You being impressed (and disgusted). 
  • Killer Croc threatening people when they are being unpolite to you.
    • Or flirting with you. 
  • Him accepting every part of you.
    • Every single part. 
  • Him never trying to eat you. 
  • Holding hands.
  • Waylon smacking your ass. 
  • Talking. Lots of talking about stupid, banal things until you both fall asleep. 
  • Cuddling. 
    • Cuddling with Waylon is strange but not unpleasant. 
  • You being the one who says I love you first.
    • Him telling you how much he loves you too. 
  • Him carrying you around.
  • You stealing his hoodies and burrying yourself in them.
  • Going for a walk during rainy, foggy or stormy days. 
  • Being naughty with him. 
      • Whirlpool, pool, everything where water is.
    • His teeth are super dangerous but that makes everything even more exciting. 
    • He can be both, rough and gentle.
    • He can also be dominating and submissive. 

Meeting the Squad: 

Harley Quinn: 

  • Her being overly nice to you. 
  • Her questioning you about how you met Waylon and all the fluff.
  • You choking on your drink when she asks you how you have sex and how it works.

El Diablo:

  • Him being lovely company and nice to chat with. 
  • Chato immediately accepting you into the group because he trusts his family.
  • Him showing you cool fire tricks because you didn’t believe him when he said he can do things with fire.

Captain Boomerang: 

  • Him being confused why you would date Waylon. 
  • Digger being a dick and asking you to ditch Waylon for a little more fun. 
    • Waylon almost eating Digger for that comment. 
  • Him asking how you have sex with Waylon. 

Rick Flag: 

  • Rick being polite and him shaking your hand, telling you you’re welcomed in the squad.
  • Him being the strict dad of the squad. 
  • Rick introducing you to June.


  • Her being suspicious, and watching you like a hawk. 
  • You being very nice too her. 
  • Small talk. 
  • You admiring her fighting skills and telling her this. 
    • Katana being happy to tell you about her skills.
    • You bonding with here. 


  • Him raising an eyebrow when you tell them Waylon is your boyfriend.
  • Him shrugging it off, murmuring how everyone should do whatever they want to do. 
    • Him totally wanting to know how ‘it’ works between you two, but he keeps silent.
  • You recognize him as the other dad or the funnier uncle of the squad. 

I love this balcony conversation. Now they are talking everything out properly and they are thinking about things together. Usagi really knows how to talk to Misaki. I think that’s one of the main reasons why Misaki loves Usagi and loves being with him and staying with him. Because with Usagi, he can think less of being a good boy, he can forget about the habit of being scared of troubling others. To Misaki their house is really a home where he can move however he wanted, do whatever he wants, cook and organize things to his heart’s content. Being with Usagi is a place where Misaki can be himself, as loud as he truly is, as hesitant and scared as he is, as nagging and troublesome as he is, as childish and selfish, and as caring and loving to Usagi. But reality is never easy and his mixed feelings, fears and doubts are just normal. He loves his brother the only family he has left as much as he also loves Usagi and the life they already built in all those years. As reality is slowly sinking in on him he has every right to be afraid of the consequences and outcomes. But as long as they don’t give up on each other, hold each other’s hand and face this inevitable future together then everything will be fine.

I love China and Skulduggery

First we get “lessens, but never entirely goes away, does it, Skulduggery?” and the fucker staying quiet. Then we get China actually hugging and thanking Valkyrie for going to save him. China more than likely being the only person okay with her doing this

I think about the two of them alot. I think about what would’ve happened when they met all those years ago. She fell in love with him, he would’ve fallen in love with her and China would’ve used that to her advantage, right? Something would’ve happened between them? Maybe that’s why she got so jealous of his wife, because she took Skulduggery away from her

“When it comes to China, you rarely know what you’re doing”
That’s what Ghastly said. But what made him say that? Does Ghastly know about things they possibly did? We don’t know, but I sure do like to think about it. Plus, the only time China has ever been vulnerable is when someone threatened to jeopardise her realtionship with Skulduggery.

Everything we’ve gotten about China and Skulduggery has been… subtle. You don’t really notice it unless you look. The way she teases him, the way he stays silent. Is he ashamed of the way he let him get to her? Does he not want to be in love again? So many questions and so very few answers. But even after everything China did to him, he still cares about her. He still insisted on getting help when she was dying. “I can’t just stand here and watch you die”

But what happned after all that? China pretty much confessed that she loved him. Sure, his head was probably filled with other things with Valkyrie being gone and all but did he ever talk to China about it? Maybe he remembers how things used to be between them but knows they can’t have that anymore. He still cares about her though, he still loves her and she still loves him. There has to be a history there keeps them together after all these years. We don’t know but goddamn I want to know

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Do you think that before Flynn stole the mothership he tracked Lucy down at all? I'm sure he would have been curious about the mysterious professor who wrote his journal-from-the-future. So I can picture him finding her at her university and attending one of her lectures or something. What are your thoughts?

Oh, my god, Anon. My thoughts are I have had these EXACT THOUGHTS!

He DEFINITELY looked her up before the series starts! No doubt. None. Erase all doubt from your mind. We don’t know the degree of it. Maybe Flynn searched online for information about her. Maybe he read one of her books (a history book– not the sad, handwritten one). Maybe, yes, he even sat in the back of at least one lecture. We don’t know how far he went researching her (he’s an intelligence gathering special agent and this could actually be quite in depth– he has her tax returns), but we do know that Flynn looked Lucy up in the present day before setting his plan in motion.

And it all sounds like an interesting little possibility and fan theory, one more connection Flynn and Lucy have before even meeting face to face, but the logical part of our brain is still like, “Proof?”

How about the fact that, in the Pilot, he knew what she looked like? Yeah. Once you realize Flynn picked her out of a frantic crowd at night in front of an explosion, it hits you: “How did he know her face?” Lucy can write her entire life story in that journal. Flynn can know her mind as well as she knows herself. But unless Lucy included a photograph, he would not know her to see her. He’d pass her on the street. Conclusion: either through research or because he staked her out (attended one of her classes), Flynn was familiar with what Lucy looked like prior to meeting her in 1937.

Now, you can argue the above. You could say that one brief, mid-episode snippet is the real first time Flynn sees her. The part when he’s watching the three be arrested after he called in that tip on them.

BUT! he is very, very far away. And he’s not even the one looking through the binoculars when it happens. 

He certainly can’t make out her face. And would he really approach her later with his biggest identifier being that she had on a brown coat? Why would he WANT to leave it up to chance? Why would he risk not knowing what Lucy looks like before going into the past where he knows he’s going to run into her? I really don’t think he would.

Also (just mentioning) Flynn’s guy that Wyatt kills in the hangar knew who Lucy was, and I’m not sure what to make of it. Flynn did brief his men about her though. We know that. Because after realizing who she was (whether because Flynn passed around a picture of her or because he said she’d be the woman following them), the man said, “Flynn wants to talk to you.” So Flynn made certain his men knew who Lucy was and that, if found, she should be brought to him, presumably unharmed.

I really think it makes sense that Flynn looked her up beforehand. It makes more sense than him not doing it. Checking up on Lucy just fits Flynn’s character. Not only for curiosity’s sake, but because Flynn won’t be caught unaware again. After Rittenhouse and his family, Flynn researches, he double-checks. The man has become obsessively prepared. It’s like a compulsion he now has. He needs that sense of control so much he doesn’t even delegate unless he has to. He trusts no one. He does everything himself. He’s paranoid something will go wrong. So many episodes, he has to check the journal before allowing himself to act. Even in 1.12, he pulled it out and studied the drawing before approaching Emma’s cabin. He looks before he leaps, and you can’t tell me that doesn’t include investigating Lucy before thrusting them into the situation where they meet. He would want to know her first, familiarize himself a little better.

So yes, he looked her up before stealing the Mothership. Fight me.

i think that the reason that renaissance art appeals so much to me is because of how much of it is inspired by god. here is this golden age of beauty and art and in the middle of it all is catholicism. and this isn’t to say that the catholic church doesn’t have some Serious Issues, but what it says mostly to me is that the crucifixion achieved exactly what god set out to do

jesus didn’t die on the cross because it was easy, or because he knew he would be coming back, jesus died on the cross because the death of the son of god needed to be something extraordinary that humanity would still be singing about thousands of years later. humans are fickle and forgetful creatures, so the ultimate act of salvation had to be brought to our level, to something we could understand. there was no way god could do this without becoming personally involved.

here is your saviour, in a form you can see and understand, so that you will never forget my love for you

it’s easy to become removed from such a vast and nebulous concept like god, but jesus needed to identify himself with humanity, and what better way to do that than through suffering? when jesus cries out to god asking why he has been forsaken, he is not asking as god’s son, he’s asking as a voice for humanity.

so to see an era like the renaissance take up all that is holy and good and turn it into something so visually beautiful and breathtaking is so important to me. the ultimate act of god’s love for humanity is immortalised in art that reaches everyone, regardless of whether they believe or not. 

Kaisoo Analysis | Kaisoo Origins

I was inspired to do this post after I researched for something online. I was honestly curious about how people started shipping Kaisoo, since I never saw a specific moment that made people ship them together. Because, everything has a start, right? So, giving this thought a shot, I started to research…

And I found this on fykaisoo (apparently, someone had the same doubt as me!):

I put the link of the answer above, but if you’re lazy to click at it or you don’t know what predebut they talked about, I’ll put them here because I’m a masochist and I love Kaisoo too much to let it go.  

I really don’t know why people started shipping Kaisoo romantically after these pictures came out… sarcastic laugh

This picture only confirms what Jongin said on EXO Second Box DVD about him and Kyungsoo going to take a coffee and hang out together.

Full gifset here.

The iconic Kaisoo pose again (Kyungsoo with his cheek close to Jongin’s). 

 No comment needed on this one, honestly.

Fykaisoo’s post has another pictures/gifs that show some moments of them in MAMA Era.

Some moments of Kaisoo being clingy with each other. Not only Jongin being clingy with Kyungsoo, but the other way around, as well. What is super important, if you consider Kyungsoo’s personality as someone who doesn’t like people touching him.

This moment is very important to me because it was after Jongin suffered an injury. You can see Kyungsoo carrying him and his face looks so determined… I don’t know how to explain this, I just think that’s very deep.

This is another moment I appreciate tenderly. Some members of EXO-K are talking to the camera, but Jongin and Kyungsoo are missing. It’s almost imperceptible, but, if you look closely, you can see Kyungsoo having his throat massaged by Jongin. When Kyungsoo spots the camera, he reacts with surprise and tries to hide. Not very successful, I would say.

Everything I just saw made me take some conclusions that I wanted to share here that maybe will sound obvious for a lot of people:

  1. Kaisoo was always reaaaaally close, since predebut days no shit, Sherlock;
  2. They didn’t have a start point, like one moment in front of the cameras, in a showcase or concert. They just had this awesome relationship since the beginning and, when people realised this, some of them started to ship them together;
  3. Right after their debut, Kyungsoo and Jongin still touched each other a lot in public places, but not because they were forced to (I think). For me, it was a habit, that they kept doing it lightly for a time;
  4. They were always there with each other, taking care of each other and making sure that the other was alright. I put some other moments I found online to illustrate this:

Kyungsoo opening the water bottle and giving it to Jongin instead of drinking it first. 

I didn’t find the video of this moment, but it’s basically Jongin with a hot pack on his hand. Sehun wanted it because it was pretty cold. Jongin wanted to share his hot pack with Kyungsoo instead, but he refused. He was feeling cold as well, but he preferred to see Jongin with the hot pack instead of taking it from him! 

I just stay mad when some people say that Kaisoo is planned by SM or they fake their friendship or whatever. I mean, those people don’t know them at all! I know and agree that some fans exaggerate a lot about some of their moments, but it’s a normal thing to do. A lot of shippers of other couples do the same thing and, believe me, it’s normal. But say that everything Kaisoo does is fake? 

Their interactions changed a lot through the years, it’s a fact. But that’s why Do Kyungsoo and Kim Jongin matured as human beings and they’re a lot busier than they used to be. It doesn’t mean that they don’t like each other anymore or that they’re not together anymore (as friends, or lovers, whatever you decide to call them).

I swear that I tried to imagine just for fun they going to take a coffee and take selcas there because SM obliged them to and this idea is one of the most ridiculous things I ever thought in my life.

Kaisoo has this huge quantity of shippers because the sincere way they build their relationship every day, with every interaction. Shipping them as brothers, best friends or even lovers don’t change the fact that they really appreciate each other’s company and are really fond of each other.

And honestly, knowing this in my heart, even if they don’t date, makes me really proud to be a Kaisoo shipper.


Credits here. If even a Baekhyun’s friend admitted that Jongin and Kyungsoo were close, who am I to say otherwise, right? Or maybe he was paid for SM to say that, because Kaisoo makes part of “SM’s fake couples”! That’s something we’ll never know.

okay so!!! so i said i was gonna make a proper post so okay here’s what happened w me coming out and stuff yesterday. it got long so under a readmore. u really don’t have to read it but yeah ! 

tldr ; my friends and roommates are great and i love them and i love being a boy.

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number 72 with Spencer Reid please

72.  “I hope I’m never stuck with you on a deserted island.”

“That’s just simply what they would do,” Spencer told you.  

You were discussing strange topics, as you normally would.  You two could always keep a mature debate going on literally anything, and that was one thing you loved about him.  He was full of so much knowledge that it didn’t even bother you when he proved you wrong on things, it just meant that you were learning so much more.

“Explain,” you said, not understanding why cannibals used torture tactics.  You had no idea how your conversation got to this point, but here you were, talking about people eating people.

“Well, cannibals typically thrive on torture.  They get off on the idea of their victims suffering.”

“But Hannibal Lector just killed his victims.  He didn’t torture them,” you pointed out.  You sat down at the round table in the conference room.  Not everyone had shown up for the briefing yet, so you had time to finish this topic of conversation.

“Silence of the Lambs is factually inaccurate when it came to the killings, but it was accurate, however, when it showed that Lector preferred to eat his victims starting at the torso.  It would be the most reasonable place to start the torture as it is the meatiest part of the human body,” he said.  

Emily, JJ, and Morgan walked in as he was explaining this to you.

“Other places that really amp up the level of torture is the fingers and feet,” he said, pressing his lips together in a matter-of-fact fashion.

I hope I’m never stuck with you on a deserted island,” you said, your eyes still wide from the graphic image that played in your head.

“Join the club,” Morgan muttered, gaining a confused look from Spencer.  

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Is Sasusaku a forced couple? It was all one-sided love from Sakura from ch.1-699, while Sasuke just saw her as a teammate, yes I believe he considered as one of his important but it didn't mean he fell in love with her so easily quickly. You'll say there was a time gap after the war until the foreheadpoke but it's still too rushed. Besides, can I ask why Sakura blushed when he poked her? She didn't know about the meaning of the foreheadpoke. And why "thank you" is such a big deal to SS fans?

  • SS isn’t a forced couple when you consider what Sakura (and Naruto) were actually trying to do for Sasuke. They were trying to save him from his hatred; getting Sasuke to reciprocate Sakura’s feelings was never an objective, regardless of how much the antis try to circulate this lie.
  • If you’re talking from a strictly romantic standpoint, then yes it was one-sided love from Sakura until 699, but the same can be said for NaruHina and SaiIno as well. This isn’t unique to SS.
  • Yes, there was a time skip, which means their relationship was not rushed. It only felt quick due to you not seeing the events which transpired during that period (at least if we’re referring strictly to the manga; the novels expand greatly on said period).
  • Sakura blushed after Sasuke poked her because she was finally able to look him directly in the eyes as he thanked her, and she could see the genuine sincerity behind his words. All the times Sasuke demonstrated that Sakura was important to him in the manga (apart from her initial confession), Sakura was either absent or knocked out. Now she was present and saw his expression, and knew that she did have a place in his heart, after asking that of him during her 2nd confession:
  • Sasuke thanking her is a big deal because she’s literally the only person in the manga who he’s sincerely expressed his gratitude to. It’s therefore something that is unique to their relationship.

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I feel so alone. I don't understand why I feel bad every time I make the first move in asking how my friends are doing, yet none of them are doing that to me. I know we're all busy but... At least I want to hear from them that they remember me or think of me. This season hurts. Sometimes I just want to shut everything and everyone down.

Hi friend,

I read your message and honestly the first thing that popped into my head was this person needs to read Uninvited. I’m so serious. If you can get your hands on a copy, I think it’s just what you need. That, and time with God. 

I’m sorry you feel so alone and I’m sorry that you’re hurting. Please know that you are never alone though and that God loves you so very much. Lean into Him, friend. Talk to Him about this and read and study His Word. 

Know that your friends probably don’t even realize they’re doing this (or rather, not doing this). Perhaps you could talk to them about it? Tell them how you feel as well. Otherwise it’s not really fair to them because they aren’t aware that in not asking how you’re doing, they’re upsetting you. 

Sending prayers your way. Know that you can message me anytime. Honestly.

All my love,


That time Spirit really just need to shut the fuck up. Long post ahead.

I will never get over it. This has bothered me since I read the ending. Because seriously, fuck this noise. Spirit please be quiet.

Spirit, c’mon. Don’t. Please. 

You know what Medusa was like. You tried to punch her in the face. 

D-don’t do this.

Just be quiet, please.

No Spirit shut up please. 

Look I understand why Spirit is saying this, I do. 

He wants to show Maka that no matter how much she says she hate him, he’ll always always be there for her. (Unlike her mother. WHo doesn’t ever bother to show up

But Spirit loves Maka. 

Medusa doesn’t love Crona. She never loved Crona, except maybe as an inventor loves a bomb. 

Thanks for giving Crona advice that doesn’t fucking apply to them Spirit. 

You know what would have been better?

ANYONE ELSE TALKING TO CRONA ABOUT THIS. (Except Maka, who also has no idea what Crona’s going through. Look it’s true. She worships her mother and her father adores her completely. She also give Crona terrible advice about mothers and families.)

Tsubaki: Tsubaki loved her brother, but she also understood when he crossed the line. Tsubaki could understand that you need to cut people who are hurting you out of your life even if they’re your family. 

Soul: Soul left his home expressly to cut some bonds from his family. Where’s his opinion?

 Black*Star: Black*Star’s birth family was extremely toxic situation of black mailers and assassins. He could have been a lot like Crona if the DWMA hadn’t taken him. He could probably explain that your birth doesn’t define who you are. 

Even Kid has his ‘You are no my father’s son’ moment with Asura. What about him cutting off ties?  

Kim cut ties with the witches and Ox made it clear he accepted her. 

Liz and Patti seemed to have escaped their abusive mother and express 0 interest in ever reconnecting. 

Stein understand Medusa’s manipulation, Marie could explain that it takes more than giving birth to be a mother, basically anyone other than the Albarns could explain this better to Crona. 

(Thanks btw Maka for the ‘Of course silly, she’s my mother’ :) Maka, please. You’re killing me.)  

Why has the ‘Your birth doesn’t define you’ until we hit Crona and then it’s ‘We’ll not you. You’re irredeemable and have to sacrifice yourself on the moon to be of use. Sorry.’ 

This has such an impact that Crona says

I do take after my mother’

Medusa is irredeemable by her own hand. She burns every bridge and shows no interest in ever being a better person. She’s manipulative and controlling. She wants chaos for chaos sake. Her entire character revolves around literally driving a child to insanity. And she’s never punished for it either. Her last slap to Crona, by having them kill her, is too good of an end for her.   

Crona honestly wants to do good, but is constantly told that they belong to Medusa and will never be good and they’ve decided that they need to punish themselves on the moon to cleanse themselves of sin. Yeah they fucked up, but it was all things Medusa instructed them to do. 

Crona is nothing like Medusa.   

Spirit telling the child that they’ve lost their bonds to Medusa, their abuser, the woman who did everything in her power to break them, is cruel. 

Spirit, please, stfu. 

random thoughts about chandler and monica

  • whenever they wrap presents chandler likes to stick a bow on top of monica’s head and say something stupidly cheesy like “you’re the greatest gift of all”
  • they fall asleep in front of the tv together with his arms wrapped around her and her head buried into his chest
  • a lot
  • and the rest of the friends walk in and ross makes a comment about how he’s so thankful that they’re sleeping on the couch instead of doing something else
  • chandler secretly took some cooking classes to impress monica so one day monica comes home to him making the most extravagant dinner ever and it’s delicious and now they cook together all the time :-)
  • chandler has taught monica the art of fort making so every once and while they make one and laugh and talk until 4 am until they curl up together in a mess of blankets and smiles on their faces
  • when chandler would leave for tulsa monica would wear his shirts all the time. she never thought she would miss him this much.
  • chandler loves it when they go out for ice cream because he gets to keep kissing monica and he claims that he’s only doing it to get the dripping desert off of her lips
  • for their third anniversary chandler threw together an impromptu trip to paris where they ate cheese and sampled wine and chandler realized that soulmates do exist and no matter what phoebe says, monica is his
  • monica likes to leave chandler notes around the house for him to read (and sometimes he misses one and one of their friend’s finds it, leaving monica flushed red as rachel makes a comment about how she’s never seen someone so in love)
  • literally all i’m getting at here is that they are the most sickeningly sweet couple there is
  • (and it sometimes grosses out their friends)
Lost, Part 2.


It was enough that Neymar randomly made an appearance at my place but now to have Aaron pop up while he was here, it was all too much. There was so much I had wanted to say but with Aaron present, I would have to keep mum and it seemed he planned on doing the talking for me anyway.

He walked closer to Neymar and I and where we stood, possessively grabbing for my hand and pulling me behind him protecting me from Ney’s gaze. Aaron was well aware of what Neymar was to me when we dated and how he had thrown it all away. It was somewhat of the reason I had fallen for Aaron; He was able to make me forget about my heartbreak and show me what true love was supposed to be and feel like. He vowed to never put me through the same catastrophe and I well believed his words.

“I don’t know why you’re here but I’m sure it’s to get Y/N to feel sorry for you so how about you leave before you make it any worse for yourself?” Neymar tried to peer around Aaron’s figure but he simply moved in the same direction, continuing to block me from view.

Aaron was a pretty tolerant guy but one thing he wouldn’t tolerate was Neymar trying to step into our happy home and crush it within his selfish grasp. “This is between me and Y/N. Stay the fuck out of it,” Neymar spat.

I grabbed onto Aaron’s arm from behind, trying to get him from reacting with anger. “You don’t give a fuck about her so quit the bullshit, Neymar. You finally realized what you had too late after you screwed it all up. She’s through with you and I think its best you leave now before I do something I’ll regret.”

A bitter laugh rang out from Neymar’s throat. “What the hell are you gonna do? Fight me? You wouldn’t. Not with her here and you know that so quit the tough shit.” I was just hoping to myself to not have this escalate any further. I knew how Ney could get when he was upset and stubborn in his ways and it wasn’t something I wanted to deal with.

I could feel Aaron’s arm that was once tense relax in my grip. “You know what? You can talk to her because in a week, she’ll be off to London with me and you’ll never see her again so enjoy this last and final talk.” He shrugged out of my arm and turned to me, glaring at Neymar while his lips met mine for a brief kiss. We finally parted and he headed off into another room, leaving me alone with Neymar again.

The hurt look on his face was apparent. He seemed stunned and it was probably from the news of me moving. He confirmed that with his next statement. “You’re leaving?” His voice cracked as he spoke weakly.

I bit the inside of my cheek, crossed my arms over my chest and nodded slightly. It wasn’t the easiest decision to make but it was one I had made a month ago now. I didn’t want to be in a long distance relationship with Aaron anymore and the thought of joining him in a new location was enticing so with much convincing, I agreed.

“You’re leaving us behind?” he questioned in disbelief. “Your entire family is here and you’re leaving that for some guy? Seriously, Y/N? You’ve always made stupid decisions but this goes beyond that.” I felt like I was getting reprimanded and it immediately put me in defense mode.

“Like the stupid decision I made to stay with you even through all of your bullshit? Huh? How about that?” Neymar grew quiet realizing he had made a mistake with his words but I continued. “Or how about me always putting you before my own needs? Do you remember that? Was I stupid then? Don’t worry about what I’m doing with my life, Neymar. Focus on yours because you’re no longer in mine. I’m happy where I am. With Aaron. And if you can’t be happy for me then oh well. I’m going to London whether you or whoever else likes it or not. Deal with it.”

It was the most I had spoken since his arrival and I could feel a weight lifted off of my chest. There was a point in time where I dreamed to have Neymar beg and plead on his knees for me to come back and that he would do right. But it was simply that: a dream. In reality, I knew things would be just the same if we got back together. I would just be endorsing his behavior as okay all over again.

He stood there still and unsure of what to say so I spoke up for him. “Thanks for coming by. I hope you have a great life from now on. I’ll always want the best for you and I hope eventually you realize how to treat a woman but it won’t be me.”

His eyes burned into mine, trying to get my words to waver but I stood firm in my stance. He looked down briefly to the floor before returning the gaze. “Goodbye, Y/N.” He took a few steps forward and placed a quick peck to my cheek before heading off and out of the door.

Aaron’s POV

I hadn’t appreciated Neymar’s random pop up to Y/N’s place but I was relieved to finally watch her walk into the room and know that he had made his exit, hopefully for good. I was sure she was exhausted from the conversation and the trip down memory lane so I didn’t bother to bring it up again, simply letting her lay by my side and watch television while I ran my fingers comfortably through her hair with her head laying on my chest. Not once had I been worried about her choosing him over me as I knew all that he had done to her which I made sure not to do. I never planned on breaking her heart like he made the mistake of doing.

We laid like that for a while until the phone in her pocket buzzed repeatedly. She raised from her position on top of me and grabbed for the phone, staring at the name for a moment before finally answering the call.

I didn’t want her to think I was listening in to the conversation so I focused on the television screen instead. After a few more minutes, Y/N hurriedly hung up the phone, jumped up from the bed, and rushed to her shoes laid on the floor

She seemed like she was in a rush. “What’s up? Something wrong?”

“That was Rafaella. Something’s happened.”

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You’re wrong. This is who I’ve always been and I let you and Octavia and Kane …

Bellamy Blake

That line is really interesting to me. Why is no-one talking about this?

This mentality and defense that this person is who he’s always been and that he let others change him well it all goes back to Season 1 doesn’t it. (I would  like to take the time to say that though he uses this as a defense it does not justify actions) 

This right here is how Bellamy see’s himself. When he looks in the mirror. When he thinks of the person that he is and the decisions that he makes. When he’s trying to fight his demons away.  

And want to know something really funny and tragic? He NEVER stopped seeing himself like this. 

Regardless of how much Octavia loved him. Regardless of Kane’s growing approval, respect, and admiration. Regardless of the fact that Clarke needed(’s) him. But I do think he allowed himself for a little while to believe that maybe these people were right. Maybe there was something good (Like Kane) and kind (Like Clarke) and brave (Like Octavia) inside him all along. 

But then Mt. Weather part 2 happens.   

And here it is. The beginning of reverting to the belief that he’s a monster. That what these people call him hero, leader that it’s all a god damn sham, a charade. Because how did anyone expect a monster to save lives when they can only take? How did they expect a monster to heal when it can only destroy? 

Honestly I think Bellamy Blake hates himself more then any of you ever could.  And that’s heart breaking to me. 

What do you want for Christmas?” He asked

“I want a real friendship”

“Real friendship?,” he looked at me with his beautiful eyes,“But you have me!”

“No,” I paused,“I want a friend that won’t hurt me. I don’t believe in Santa, but God how I wished for him to send me a magical potion that would order my heart to stop beating so fast whenever you walk in the room with the big, white smile of yours. I want a drug that would allow me to listen to your talks about her, and would stop the fire inside of me from turning into tears. I want a friend that would not be as clueless as you are. Because you can’t see how much I love you.”

I want a spell that gives me the courage to say that to you.

—  Dear Santa, why didn’t you give me that? #11

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But work boy is more realistic and I can't tell you how much I ship you two! Love hearing your cute stories with him

aww asdhgdlkfj this is so cute!! :”) I don’t think he likes me though (and most times I don’t know how I feel about him) ;;; but oh well, what can you do!!

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Almost two years ago I started liking a boy. It was just a crush at first and we never talked to eachother. One night he walked me home from a party and asked for my number. We started hanging out and got along reeealy well. We never kissed though, but he did give me a kiss on my cheek once. He just seemed into it yk. Then we stopped talking. That was 6months ago. I was so fucking sad at first. I thought I got over it but when something bad happens I start thinking about him..WHYY

You fell in love, and boys are hard to get, I really don’t understand how their minds work sometimes. 

I think you should try not to care so much. Yeah, I know it’s easier to say than to do, but try. Boys can be really stupid to us, and most of the time they don’t even know why they act like this. Maybe this boy  you’re talking about, needs to grow up.

In the other hand, If you don’t know why he did it, and you think knowing would help you to understand things better, go ahead and talk to him. You deserve an explanation, because he was important to you for some time. 

I’m sure you’ll be ok, things happen for a reason, and maybe you deserve a better guy. Someone that cares and is on your side. And this person exists, you just have to keep going and be strong. Hang out with your friends, meet new people, get a hobby.

You can do this! xx