why do i make things at 5 am


EDIT: Read from R to L!!! (rough translation) 
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Pg 1-2
Say… yuuki…
Will we never be able to get together..?
Do you want to try by connecting them together..? (holding hands?)

Pg 3-4
Things like this makes me think of that person (kaname)
..me too…
But that is not a problem

Pg 5-6
I will love the yuuki that have the existence of that person inside (tbh I’m pretty confused by this but yeah somewhere along these lines)
I cannot give you my reply…
I can’t hold onto..
Something like this..

Your gentle hands
This hand that have saved me countless times
I become happy whenever I see this smile

Pg 7
I am happy/fine with you…

10 Random Things That Annoy Me

1. People that smack while they chew their food.

2. People that walk really slow in my way; I’m a fast walker.

3. When men objectify women/When women objectify men.

4. (I’m a vegetarian) When people ask me “If you don’t eat meat, then what do eat?”

5. (I’m shy) When people ask me “Why don’t you talk?”

6. When people ask me “What do you wanna be when you grow up?”

7. People who treat me like I am stupid.

8. Men who just want me for sex/to show off to his friends.

9. When my parents/teachers tell me “You need to try harder in school” and I am doing the best of my ability.

10. Having anxiety and no one caring about how terrified you are.

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Quick centering exercise

1. List five things you are grateful for right this second. Maybe it’s ‘my good health’ or ‘my warm bed’ or ‘my fun workmates’ or ‘my new jacket’. 

2. List four things you’d like to achieve today. Maybe it’s just ‘take a shower’ or ‘go for a walk’, or maybe it’s ‘follow up a resume’ or ‘talk to my friend about my issue with them’. 

3. List three things that you’re worrying about right now, and in a few words why you’re worrying about each. Be completely honest with yourself. 

4. List two people who genuinely lift you up and make you feel supported, hopeful and happy. 

5. Write this down - “I am a person with all of the colours within me. I’m capable of many different lives, and I get to decide which one I live.” 

6. List two things you do that you’d like to do less in life. Maybe it’s ‘do less late night shifts’, or ‘ stop hanging out with that person who brings me down’ or ‘argue less with my sibling’. 

7. List three things you do that bring you genuine self-esteem. Maybe it’s ‘working out’, ‘playing a computer game’ or ‘finishing a book’ or ‘making a good coffee’.

8. List four things would like to improve upon. Maybe you’d like to be more organised, maybe you’d like to get up at the same time each morning, maybe you’d like to listen more and talk less. 

9. List five things you genuinely love about yourself. Maybe you’d do anything for your mother, maybe you are really good at helping a friend in a crisis, maybe you’re a very loyal employee, maybe you love your handwriting, maybe you like the scar on your leg. 

10. Lastly, write this down - “I am powerful. I am strong. I am full of all things - love, sadness, light, anger, fever. I deserve happiness and only I can create it.” 

Finals Study Routine

Finals start in January for me and this week was the last week of classes. So as of Monday, I start studying for the 5 finals I have. I don’t plan everything into the smallest detail, but I do have a routine for studying for finals. Exams in January have their ups and their downs. I like that the time we get to study falls right before the finals period in contrast to the 2nd semester where you must study in the Easter Holliday because there’s no time to study before the finals period. The biggest downside of the first semester is that the study time we get includes Christmas and New Year. But hey, if you plan everything well there’s no reason why you can’t celebrate those two nights. So, here’s my study routine for finals

 5:45 AM is when my alarm goes off. I head straight into the bathroom, brush my teeth, shower, do my thing.

 6:00 AM is when I head downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee/tea and breakfast (usually yoghurt with some fruit)

 6:45 AM is when get out what I’ve studied the day before

 7:00 AM is when I get started with revising what I’ve studied the day before.

 7:50 AM is when I get out what I’m studying that day

 8:00 AM is when start learning new stuff

 From hereon I use the Pomodoro technique, I use an app called Focus Timer (I use the paid one, but there should be a free one as well!). My Pomodoro setup:

 ·      1 pom = 40 minutes

·      Short break (after 1 pom) = 8 minutes

·      Long break (after 4 poms) = 15 minutes

I plan in snack, lunch and dinner breaks whenever I need them a.k.a. when I’m hungry a.k.a. all the freakin’ time (pro-tip: keep some snacks at your desk, so you don’t always have to get up for food)

 Also, somewhere in between studying I plan a workout (usually 20-30 mins) about 3 to 4 times a week. It’s never at a fixed time because that just doesn’t work for me, sometimes I like to do it early in the morning and sometimes I feel like doing it in the afternoon. Just do it whenever you like that day.

 9:00 PM is when I shut down and get ready for bed

 9:15 – 9:20 PM is when I’m in bed ready to sleep

So yeah, this is my finals study routine thingy, hope this gives you an idea as to how I plan my day during finals.

5 Things To Do Before 2017.

2017 is days away, and I know that not everyone is inspired or motivated to start a new year that’s why I am here with a list of things you can do before 2017 to get motivated for a fresh start! There are so many things you could be doing before the new yer but I’ve chose the top 5, to make it easier! If you have any other ideas to add into the list, feel free to let me know!

1. Make Lists

This is a lot more useful than you think, trust me. In the course of one day I’ve created dozens of lists, from bucket list and resolutions to habit/hobby trackers. Just try, it’s motivating. 

2. Bullet journals

Bullet journals are mostly used to keep our school/college work organized, but you could also use it for self developmental reasons. If you have no idea what’s a bullet journal and how to start you, I highly recommend to check out @studyign (she also has a Youtube channel which is VERY useful!)

3. Reorganize…everything.

From your room, to the apps on your phone, reorganizing things give you the feeling of refreshment which is just what you need to start a new year. I recommend watching all the “whats on my phone” videos, and maybe go to Pinterest for some room decor ideas. You can also reorganize you’re wardrobe and make up products. If there’s something you’ve been willing to change, now is the right time.

4. Visit the city center.

If you guys have no holidays spirit whatsoever, I suggest you go to the city center with your friends and have some fun. All the decorations, lights and people around just MUST fest that Grinch out of you!

5. Challenge yourself.

Now that a new year is coming, you have a chance to change something in your life. You can challenge yourself to the things you’ve been wanting to do forever but didn’t have the guts to. You can test yourself and see how much you’re capable of. You can give yourself new opportunities and do things you’ve failed to do before, again. It’s a new year, a fresh start, so go ahead!


I hope you guys find this helpful! Good luck in the new year and remember that if you really wanna achieve something, you can!  ♡

Rise’s EMERGENCY Commission list: 

So Im gonna be blunt, im living with my parents and i am having a hard time finding a job so why not make some quick buck doing what i love, possibly save up for rent and bills kind of thing. so im opening commissions to try to have some money on the side for the time being.

Details below

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Whole 30: Day 24

Lunch: apple and almond butter

Dinner: Salad with chicken and pineapple.

Snacky Things: about a quarter of a cup of almonds and a Kind fruit bar.

Exercise: Walkies! 2.5km


One week left! Just one week! I can do this! I can do this! Almost there…

WHY AM I SO DEHYDRATED??? Seriously… I make a conscious effort to take in water. I even sort of kind of measure it and I fall somewhere between 1.5 and 2 liters a day. This is insane. I’d be more worried, but my mom (who started the program about a week before I did) struggled with the same issue. The only thing I can think of that might be causing it is the weather. It’s been back and forth between highs in the 70s and highs in the 40s. This is making everyone swap back and forth between heat and AC, and that’s making the air very dry. So it could just be coincidence. But still… if you’re planning on doing this diet, be prepared to have to pay attention to your water intake, especially if you’ve usually relied on sugary drinks to stay hydrated.

Is JonTron racist? Ask yourself.

Please do these 3 things for me, and yourself.

1. Listen, really listen. Ask yourself “Am I really giving both sides of this debate an equal and fair argument? If not, why?”

2. Question yourself, always question yourself. “Is JonTron a racist? Why do I think that?”

3. Question those around you. Don’t take everything as fact. It literally takes max 5 hours to listen to the debate twice and actually form an opinion. Ask yourself: “Have I done enough proper research to truly spread this information as fact?” If not you shouldn’t morally do so, also what makes you think others have done the research?

Do these 3 steps with EVERY piece of news you hear about someone, even someone you hate, or disagree with. If you truly hate them, your best course of action is to disprove them civilly. That’s how you win a debate.

Here’s an example of what not to do by Hasan Piker:


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Nicknames: Beth, figface, pipkin, quinly

Zodiac: Taurus

Height: 5′4″

Last thing i googled: ‘How to make a tumblr blog private’ for a thing i’m doing with @cats-tea-and-poetry because tumblr settings are bloody hard to navigate at times

Song stuck in my head: Calling All Skeletons - Alkaline Trio

Last movie i watched: Remember Me

What am i wearing right now: Black jeans, white shirt

What do i post: Mainly Harry Potter and RP stuff

Why did i choose my url: Quinly was originally picked because I needed a username for a website many years ago and I was in my Harley Quinn loving stage of my life. Then the reveries part came from the song Plans & Reveries by Black Gold and because well, I daydream a lot, so it made sense.

Religious or spiritual: Spiritual I guess

Fave color: Light blue and dark red

Avg hours of sleep: Seven

Lucky number: I don’t really have one

Favorite character: Remus Lupin

How many blankets i sleep with: Two

Dream job: Writer/novelist

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Sign: Virgo

Height: 5′6

Last Thing Googled: wut is Scooby Doo’s last name?

Last TV Show watched: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

What I post about: Gee I wonder.

When did I make this blog: August 2k16

Do I have other blogs: Yup.

Do I get asks regularly: It.. could…be…more…often… ;;;;;;)

Why did I choose this url: Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I wonder.

Gender: Male

Pokemon Team: Mystic, I’m not a loser. 

Average Hours of Sleep: 8. 

Favourite Characters (Ohhhoho a British spelling): America, Near, Rodya Raskolnikov, Link, Bee,Jason Todd (All robins?), Trunks and Goten, Jonathan Harker, Generator Rex…

 Dream Job: Writer. (The president….?)

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ELI5: Why do we recognize that mirrors are "silver" when they appear to be the exact same color as what they are reflecting?

Not all mirrors are perfectly reflective, and things can be done to a mirror to make it less reflective (like fogging, smudging, etc).

If you look at something like the side of a butter knife, you can see that it has a color, despite also reflecting the world around it. If you polish the side of that knife enough, eventually you’d get a usable mirror.

Common household mirrors are a thin layout of silver on the back of a pane of glass, so their color when less than perfectly reflective is the same as the color of unpolished silver.

As had been pointed out, modern mirrors use aluminum, since it is almost as good but a lot cheaper. Still, the language evolved in a time when aluminum was less common.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

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🌟Sign: virgo

🎈Height: 5′4

✨Last thing i googled: when the next episode of shark tank is going to air

🎶Favorite music artist: this changes day to day, I’d say lorde right now

📺 last tv show: modern family

👗What am i wearing right now: pink sweatshirt
and black yoga pants

🌸when did i make my blog: this one I made in december but I’ve had tumblr since 2011

🐻Do i have any other blog: not anymore

❤Why did i choose my url: bc I’m in love with certain overwatch dads :)

🍙pokemon team: vulpix is the only one I need

🍕Favorite colors: red, sea green, gray

💤 average hrs of sleep: I try to get at least 7

🐶Favorite character: right now that’s a tie
between jack morrison and gabriel reyes

🐨Dream job: writer

i tag: @gabrielsthighz @gabrielreyesofsunshine @rustyfatgirl @sombralabomba @mrs—nicole @mctiddiezo @keepcalm-reapon @outtamylawn @xansin

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Just ENFJ Things Pt 3

1. Externally screaming but internally being calm as shit. Confuses many people. 

2. “Wait, but why?”

3. That ulcer-inducing feeling when you realize you weren’t invited.

4. “Am I being needy? Do I come off as desperate and uncool?”

5. Cutting off someone in traffic and *making sure* you don’t look in the rearview mirror to see angry driver’s face. If you don’t see the person, you don’t feel bad.

I just finished watching the entire game play(5+ hours haha) of Arkham Knight and just wow.. now thats a game!

But this is what I don’t understand..
If DC can make such an awesome kick ass video game with strong plot and great story line, why do the movies all lack in those areas?

They clearly have the potential :/

@danicandanica here on the blog asked me this the other day. Here are some things that run through my head:

1. Where am I?
2. What’s happening?
3. How does it feel? How do I feel? Like, really feel?
4. How is the pain helping me grow?
5. What’s in my memories that may make this place make sense?
6. What do I want for myself?
7. Am I thinking big enough? Why not?
8. What’s going on in my soul/spirit/mind?
9. How are my actions speaking to who I am trying to become? Am I behaving like the daughter of circumstances or the child of great vision?
10. How do I need to change while I am in this place in life?

Those are a few of my questions to myself as I write in my journal. What about you?

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🌟Sign: Aries (I usually look at both aries and pisces thought because I’m right on the border)

🎈Height: 5′5″

✨Last thing i googled: Psilomelane (Mineralogy lab was a bitch this week, we had to identify minerals in hand samples and my group gave up and was googling pictures to help us figure them out)

🎶Favorite music artist: twenty one pilots

📺 last tv show: Noragami

👗What am i wearing right now: Under Armor tank top and some sweat pant capri things (it’s a laundry day outfit)

🌸when did i make my blog: May of 2016

🐻Do i have any other blogs: My personal one that I never go one anymore

❤Why did i choose my url: For the pun

🎀gender: Female

🍙pokemon team: None, I didn’t get that far into Pokemon Go

🍕Favorite colors: Most shades of blue and maroon

💤 average hrs of sleep: 5-6 usually

🐶Favorite character: Gonna go for the obvious Ed Elric here

🐨Dream job: Anything that lets me look at rocks and do field work for the rest of my life

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🌟Sign: virgo
🎈Height: 5′10
✨Last thing i googled: where the fucking skill trainers are in mm8
🎶Favorite music artist: i dont rly have one all time fav but it’s been a pretty marina and the diamonds week so far
📺 last tv show: vikings
👗What am i wearing right now: black rolling stones tshirt with black leggings and green socks
🌸when did i make my blog: this blog jan 2014 but i’ve been here since ~2010/2011
🐻Do i have any other blog: yeah a few
❤Why did i choose my url: bc genji ♥ pretty sure i have genjishiimada saved too in a desperate attempt to snag a genji url so if u wanna trade ;););)
🍙pokemon team: piplup, aipom, floette, breloom, mimikyu and audino
🍕Favorite colors: mmm….probs green and yellow.
💤 average hrs of sleep: l o l my sleep pattern is a mess
🐶Favorite character: princess peach
🐨Dream job: don’t really have one. i guess if it’s anything i can enjoy then i’d be happy

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🌟Sign: Aries

🎈Height: 5′6

✨Last thing i googled: random name generators

🎶Favorite music artist: That Handsome Devil

📺 last tv show: That I watched? Kitchen Nightmares

👗What am i wearing right now: long pajama shirt and underwear

🌸when did i make my blog: Sometime in summer 2010. I don’t remember the specific month.

🐻Do i have any other blog: Yeah I’ve got two side blogs for specific fandoms and photography blog I kinda abandoned.

❤Why did i choose my url: Gabriel Reyes smile melts my icey heart

🍙pokemon team: In which game? If we’re going with latest gen I had a Decidueye, a Salazzle, a Mudsdale, an Alolan Persian, and a midnight form Lycanroc with the very last slot being interchangeable for what I needed in Moon. Sun team was all over the place.

🍕Favorite colors: lime green, most greens really, purples and blues 

💤 average hrs of sleep: anywhere from 4 to 8 occasionally I go down for 12 and those are nightmare days.

🐶Favorite character: Character? I got a list boi, there isn’t just one. I got Gabriel Reyes, Jesse McCree, Sombra, Zenyatta, Handsome Jack, Nisha Kadam, Timothy Lawrence, Krieg, Nick, Nanu, Guzma, and if I hadn’t just come home I’m sure I could think of more

🐨Dream job: No job. just sleep

Why INTJ's are Great

As requested by @i–n–t–j on anon who thinks nobody can tell it’s her

1. Fix ur problems bc hiss don’t cry it’s okay to make the fix :)
2. They make u do things when ur like “nah no things that I want to do” they’re like “do a thing it’s good”
3. “There’s gonna be a world war in ten years I just know it” well there you go now we can be prepared for death so why worry what would we do without the INTJs
4. Sometimes they are nice to me because I am quiet
5. Funny sarcasm that is often rude so I hit u