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One Direction and contracts

P.s. I know this is a contract specifically for Britain’s Got Talent, but I don’t see the X Factor being much different. I also know that this video was made in 2017, and I don’t know how old the contract is so things could have been different, but I wanted to share for just the basics of how awful these contracts are and maybe make people realize why things behind the scenes seem so awful.

(NOTE: This is the contract that people HAVE TO SIGN before they get to audition in front of the judges)

This whole video is very informative and they do a great job of breaking it down for non-lawyers to understand but I am going to point out key moments of this video that are important in the 1D background.

Key Times: 

3:49-5:36 If you make it through to the semi-finals, you may at some point be required to sign a deal with either SYCO, or Sony Music.

7:18 If you make it to the semi-finals, they ban you from releasing ANY content without their written consent. (THIS INCLUDES SOCIAL MEDIA)

10:24 They can exploit your image however they want.

12:50 They can extend this license however, whatever and whenever they want. (!!!!!!)

14:34 You cannot talk to anyone in regards to SYCO, the company, or the program

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Can you give links proving that fat shaming is wrong and harmful?

And our #fatphobia tag for more insights and resources.

- mod BP

If you’re a person who needs that extra motivation to start doing your work, or to work just a tad bit harder, this might be the post for you! I’ve made a special list with beautiful movies with mixed genres that will surely give you that motivation you need to get where you want to. I hope you’ll have fun watching them!

1. Legally Blonde (2001)

A classic. Most of you have probably already watched this, but for those who haven’t, you won’t regret it! The movie tells the story of Elle Woods, who after being dumped by her boyfriend for not being “serious enough” decides to follow him to law school - to Harvard Law School! There she discovers she’s much more than her looks, and that she doesn’t really need a boyfriend to be the best version of herself.

Even though I consider the film very inspirational, it is also very light and funny, so you won’t even notice the time passing by as you watch it. Really worth watching it if you’ve recently been through the end of a relationship. Watch this, get your head up, and get back to work!

2. Monsters University (2013)

This one might be originally made for children, but who doesn’t love Pixar movies? Monsters University is the prequel to Monsters, Inc., which let us know how the loved characters Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan became best friends, and their experience at Monsters University. There, we follow Mike as he follows his dream of becoming a professional Scarer, despite of what everyone thinks of him.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys animation, it will be very fun to watch and, at the same time, make you think about what you’re doing. Will you really care about other people’s opinions about you or work hard for what you want to become?

3. The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

This highly emotional biographical movie, based on Chris Gardner’s struggles while being homeless, will certainly tell you a lesson about not giving up on what you believe in, and work hard. Like mentioned, we follow Chris Gardner as he tries in whatever way he can to build a better future for him and his son, while having no place to live and a position as a intern that pays no money. 

I admit I teared up several times while watching this one, but it gave me a totally different mindset. If I’m a person who has everything to follow my dreams and work hard, why am I not doing it? 

4. The Great Debaters (2007)

This movie shows us the story of how a black debate team, led by professor Melvin B. Tolson managed to become the first black debate team to go against Harvard’s own debate champions in the national championship. It’s based on a real article written about the Wiley College debate, which makes everything even greater! 

My opinion is that everyone should watch this movie, and understand the wonders you can do if you believe that all the things you want to achieve are possible if you work hard enough!

5. The Internship (2013)

This is the story of two old-school salesmen Billy and Nick that, after being downsized because of the digital age, decide to work for Google. Then, during the internship, they must work together with a group of young college kids to complete a series of tasks to finally be officially employed.

Other than the fact it’s a hilarious movie (well, at least that’s my personal opinion), I find this movie highly motivational because we see the two main characters managing to contribute to their group with what they can even though they know nothing about technology. They still manage to do well, so I think it has a really amazing message!

6. Good Will Hunting (1997)

This is movie is about Will Hunting, who has a really high IQ, but works as a janitor at MIT. Professor Gerald Lambeau finds out about Will when he manages to solve a very difficult graduate-level math problem, but he doesn’t only help Will with his academic life, but also with psychological problems he faces as he thinks about his relationships and his future. 

This movie is really redirected at thinking about your academic life, but also about what could be holding us back - sometimes we might need the help of others to overcome our problems, and see the better way out. 

7. The Social Network (2010)

Here we find out the roots of Facebook and the story behind it - who was Mark Zuckenberg and how he managed to create such a huge network? This is his story, and how exactly he managed to go from a college student to a multi-millionaire. Even though being rich isn’t and shouldn’t be everyone’s ultimate goal, this movie might be the right thing to really inspire you to turn the ideas in your head into concrete things. 

As of now these are my favorite movies I go to when I really need that extra motivation. I really think it’s a great idea to try and watch them before your exam season, before the start of a new term, or at any time of the year really! 

Good luck on your exams and happy studying! x

Stuff that goes through a Ravenclaw's brain

• “It doesn’t make sense, if the chicken came first, how? But if the egg came first, HOW?”

• *someone tries to talk to Ravenclaw* “Shit shit SHIT HOW DO HUMANS COMMUNICATE I HAVEN’T TALKED TO ONE IN 3 DAYS”

• “Why do people say things like “simple as pie” when the actual baking of a pie can be quiet complicated…“

• "Okay, so if I stay up until 2 am, wake up at 6:00 I get 4 hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation can often lead to drunk-like behaviors and I have that test tomorrow… okay I’ll stay up until 12:00 and get 6 hours of sleep. I can watch 2 episodes of Parks and Rec, read 5 chapters, and study for half and hour and be asleep in time.”

• “omg these people are literally making me dumber.”

• “Nah, I don’t want to go out tonight, I still have like 200 pages left of this book.”

• “Wow, they’re super cute. Okay. Calm down. Don’t overthink this, don’t overthink this, don’t O- DAMN IT IM OVERTHINKING.”

• “My future self is looking back on me right now, and has at least 100 things they wish they could tell me…”

tbh I love the fandom but…I wonder if I’d be happier with my reading experience without it? I read so much and so quickly, that I rarely nitpick books at all. I leave that for my academic reading. And while I enjoy engaging in discussions about these books, I do not like constantly feeling as if I am at war with myself over WHY i like these books. Because, honestly, reading is like…my primary means of escape and keeping myself together emotionally, and so if I enjoy a book for a few hours and like the characters/plot and if I feel…satisfied with it, then like 5 stars on goodreads, 10/10 will recommend. But tumblr, and this fandom, make me feel as if I have to meditate on every single fucking thing in a book that doesn’t work correctly. And…I just…do not actually give a shit?? I mean take acowar for example…SJM just threw myths in there randomly and yeah, it’s shoddy world building but…I just….don’t fucking care? I mean when I’m reading, I will literally see something I don’t like or get and I’ll just turn the page and keep going and my mind will focus on all the things I enjoy instead. But tumblr keeps me from doing that completely, and I was so so soooo disappointed after acowar to come on here and see people blasting holes in it. Not because I thought their criticism was completely wrong or unwarranted, but because people saw problems that I didn’t see and that I was honestly happy with not seeing? 

And it bothers me that while I so easily shrug things off, like okay so SJM failed a bit with the magic systems, whatever, shrug and move on, it’s so clear that the fandom cannot do that?? And it makes me think that something is wrong with me, that I’m some type of idiot because I just don’t care about these problems and that they really do not negatively affect my reading at all. So I feel like I’m the outlier here, or the one person who is frankly just…happy with whatever book Sarah writes because I enjoyed it and that’s all I was looking for. 

I really doubt I’ll be able to stay active once I go back to school. Reading has to be an escape for me, in order to stay sane, and especially with the emotionally demanding material I will be researching. idk…I’m just…not feeling the way tumblr affects my reading experience atm. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Make Taehyung Your BTS Bias

If you dont already know Kim Taehyung then, honestly what are you even doing? The kid is everything you never thought you needed and more! Luckily if you didnt know or you already did know who this beaTAEful boy is you are on the good side of tumblr because I am here to give you 5 reasons why you should make Kim Taehyung your new BTS bias!


The kids super charming, and not only that he has a strange way to make you want to stare at him until your eyes give out.

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If you really are new to BTS and all of its greatness and perks you wouldnt know that this boy is a master with his tongue technology. Like not even a joke does he know what he’s doing to us with that thing anymore?

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unlike the saracasm I used with Rapmon, Taehyung really is a amazing dancer. Other than the times he is just trying to make my heart explode at a million miles per hour.

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dont get me wrong, of course he is a hot and super flustering sex machine but he is still Kim Taehyung of BTS and is the dorkiest and cutest guys in the group

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that smile…that damned smile.

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okay guys I hope I was of use to helping you find your new BTS bias because right now I’m contridicted in every way possible on my decision.

Hullo!  there! back again with another spread inspired by recent events.  I just found out what kind of sarseed I was and honesstly whenever you’re looking for yourself it’s always nice to look back on the things that drew you as a child. Everything starts making more and more sense that way. For those still searching, this is a neat little handy spread.

Starseed Identity Spread

1) What is the primary elemental/spiritual or physical attribute of the world I originated from?

2) What are  their core beliefs?

3) What are their goals as a world in regards to the universal mission and state of being?

4)What is unique about my world?

5) Why did I decide to incarnate on earth?

6) What do i seek to achieve in this incarnation?

7) What lesson am I learning in this life that carried on from my last life?

8) What behaviors should I avoid in this life that could hinder my goal?

9) What behaviors should I adapt to aid my development in this life?

10) What message does my star family have for me today?


Keep salt crystals around to keep te area cleansed. Selenite, lapis lazuli and /or shamaic dream crystal. Any high vibrating stones would really aid in this reading. Keeping chimes and other musical instruments near by helps raise vibrations and clear quartz to amplify everything.   

I hope this gives some answers! Keep notice to repetative elements , imageries and traits

10 things that i love about you:

1. you listen to my words more often than i do, you teach me to be careful by not what i say, but how i say it

2. we can be doing nothing, but you’d swear this is everything, in this very moment, this is where you want to be and you know what? it’s such a silly and cliché thing, but it’s hella cute

3. i can make no sense at all, but you’ll swear that it’s the funniest thing. you see, a sense of humor like yours– the world needs your kind of lightness. like pressed roses saved forever, you make a garden of who i am feel safe again

4. if my heart is an origami, then you have turned me into a thousand paper cranes made from the sweetest love poems, i love you stamped with your lipstick into each one

5. you don’t know about happiness most days, but when you do, i swear i’d keep that smile safe anyway that i can, there are many ways as to why i love you, this is just one of them. because life isn’t always about being happy, it’s about properly dealing with your sadness too. you taught me that.

6. we are a million miles away, but you make the stars feel closer

7. we don’t talk every single day, but when we do, it’s like we resumed from where we left off, an eternal pause in your favorite movie, we’ll return to a state of carefree and i need that after a long day

8. your way of loving someone is constantly being there, your friends love you in the same way that i do. you’re there for everyone and it worries me, because if you’re there for everyone, who’s there for you when nightfalls? when your heart breaks and the tears fall, who puts it back together, who dries them from your face? you love people, you genuinely love people. and i admire that rare quality.

9. a promise is a promise is a promise is a promise. and loving you is just another shooting star waiting to grant wishes.

10. you say that my scars are a map for future lovers, a chipped heart is just a cave and their kisses are torches that light where i cannot see. so just in case if i’m ever lost because i have damaged them or them to me, i’ll always find my way back to you.
—  listening to unfold by alina baraz & galimatias

EDIT: Read from R to L!!! (rough translation) 
[Please take trans or scan out with credit]

Pg 1-2
Say… yuuki…
Will we never be able to get together..?
Do you want to try by connecting them together..? (holding hands?)

Pg 3-4
Things like this makes me think of that person (kaname)
..me too…
But that is not a problem

Pg 5-6
I will love the yuuki that have the existence of that person inside (tbh I’m pretty confused by this but yeah somewhere along these lines)
I cannot give you my reply…
I can’t hold onto..
Something like this..

Your gentle hands
This hand that have saved me countless times
I become happy whenever I see this smile

Pg 7
I am happy/fine with you…

One thing in the Growing Up video that always confused me is that the Sides do not know when Thomas usually goes to bed. They’re a part of him! How would they not know about this? Also when Thomas mentions he usually stays up mouch later, like 5 am, Patton slighty nods, making it seem like he does know about it. If so, why only him? Wouldn’t it make more sense if Logan knew about Thomas’s daily schedule?
And now that I think about it, in the Fitting In endcard Virgil is the only one who’s aware of the fact that Thomas actually spend a lot of money on Harry Potter merch but the others seem to be oblivious of this. WHY? I need answers! O_O

prompt list!

hey, guys! so, I made this prompt list and it’d be really cool if you sent me some requests from it!

1. “I can’t do this anymore”

2. “Please get out.”

3. “Will you stay with me?”

4. “I’m just a girl/boy standing in front of a boy/girl, asking him/her to love her/him.”

5. “Make me.”

6. “I’m sorry.”

7. “You don’t have a say in this. Not anymore.”

8. “You’re beautiful.”

9. “You’re perfect.”

10. “I’ve loved you since the moment I first saw you.”

11. “I can’t stand you!”

12. “I don’t want you around me right now.”

13. “Don’t touch me.”

14. “Why are you always horny? I have things I have to do too.”

15. “That’s the stupidest idea I have ever heard.”

16. “Dance with me?”

17. “I don’t dance.”

18. “I hate weddings.”

19. “You are impossible to love.”

20. “I am not going to throw everything away for someone I’m not even sure loves me!”

21. “Don’t even try that.”

22. “That doesn’t work on me.”

23. “Please just go to bed.”

24. “I have needs too.”

25. “It’s not all about you!”

26. “You broke my heart.”

27. “There’s no undoing what you did.”

28. “I’m pregnant.”

29. “I can’t have kids.”

30. “You don’t deserve this.”

31. “I didn’t mean it.”

32. “They mean nothing to me.”

33. “It meant nothing!”

34. “I promise.”

35. “Can we get a dog?”

36. “Can we get a cat?”

37. “Don’t ever speak to me again.”

38. “Will you marry me?”

39. “But it’s storming.”

40. “Forever and always.”

41. “You look beautiful.”

42. “I can’t believe I’m saying this but, you were right.”

43. “That’s a lie and you know it.”

44. “Can you just tell me the truth for once?”

45. “Hey, that’s my kid in there, too!”

46. “You have no right to say that!”

47. “I can’t believe you.”

48. “Let’s get married.”

49. “Let’s move in together.”

50. “It’ll be fun.”

51. “I think I fell in love with you.”

52. “I didn’t mean to!”</:p>

53. “Sorry can’t fix this.”

54. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

55. “You’re my best friend.”

56. “Is that all I’ll ever be to you?”

57. “I don’t want to be just another meaningless fuck.”

58. “I still love you.”

59. “I never stopped loving you.”

60. “I will literally beg on my hands and knees if I have to.”

61. “Look what you’ve done.”

62. “Look around, this is your damage.”

63. “Are you gonna help me clean up?”

64. “This is your fault.”

65. “Will you teach me how to do that?”

66. “I don’t love you anymore.”

67. “Not now. Not ever.”

68. “Why don’t you love me?”

69. “You’re all I have.”

70. “You took everything from me.”

71. “You took advantage of me.”

72. “You used my love as a weapon.”

73. “That’s not fair.”

74. “What does that even mean?”

75. “Can I go with you?”

76. “Don’t be scared.”

77. “I’ve got you now.”

78. “Your daddy’s home!”

79. “Your mommy’s home!”

80. “Are going to leave us?”

81. “I can’t raise this kid all by myself.”

82. “I can’t have a baby right now!”

83. “It’ll ruin everything.”

84. “That’s bullshit.”

85. “This is my future too!”

86. “What about my dreams?”

87. “Am I not important enough?”

88. “What about us?”

89. “What happened to us?”

90. “What did you do?”

91. “That doesn’t matter.”

92. “I can’t live without you.”

93. “I’m leaving.”

94. “Don’t try to stop me.”

95. “Please, don’t leave me.”

96. “You have really soft skin.”

97. “I love your freckles.”

98. “Can I count your freckles?”

99. “You have a really nice laugh.”

100. “You have beautiful eyes.”

101. “I’m so glad to call you my husband.”

102. “I’m so glad to call you my wife.”

103. “I’m all yours.”

104. “Whenever you need me, I’m there.”

105. “I love you. I’m in love with you.”

106. “I can’t help it.”

107. “I need you to pretend to be engaged to me.”

108. “I can’t let you go. Not again.”

109. “Oh boy, here we go again.”

110. “I’m so madly in love with you at this point in time and I hope I feel this way forever.”

111. “Could you not stand so close to me?”

112. “That’s not an option.”

113. “My water just broke.”

114. “That pain will never go away.”

115. “I’m so glad I get to call you mine.”

116. “I forgive you.”

117. “Because I’m in love with you!”

118. “Will you hold me?”

Summer before my senior year of high school I decided I really wanted to be a champion. I wanted to win, I wanted to be that athlete that always got articles in the newspapers and medals at every meet. That summer I trained the hardest I ever have in my whole life. Every morning I would wake up at 6:00 am to run 8 miles, or do a workout. On the weekends I would do a long run, my longest being 15 miles. I was totaling at least 50 miles each week and each day I would train by myself. Quietly hoping to come in that fall and be great. The first race of my cross country season I ran a 5k in a PR of 20:45. After that things went downhill. I got plantar fasciitis and struggled to simply walk around school. When I would run, my body was constantly fatigued and my foot would be in so much pain. I consistently ran around a 22-23 minute in all my 5ks and was placing no where even close to the top girls. I felt like my entire world was falling down around me. I gave up so much for this, I made so many sacrifices in every aspect of my life, especial socially, and it just wasn’t paying off. As indoor track started the plantar fasciitis went away but the fatigue in my body worsened. I hoped to break my PR of 12:02 in the 3200, but that season I struggled to break 13 minutes, only doing so a couple times. As I went into indoor track, I decided to see a doctor. Something wasn’t right. Sure enough I was anemic due to an iron deficiency. I started taking iron pills and my times got faster and faster and I got stronger and stronger. The picture shown above is me after I won my first race ever. That’s all I ever wanted… all of the passion, dedication, hard work, the early mornings of my pushing myself to run 6 mile repeats on the track alone, the nights of saying no to hanging out with my friends so I could get my sleep, finally it all paid off. It’s silly, I won the 1600 at a small meet with only a few teams running a 5:48 (pretty bad I know) but the whole feeling of winning was something I had always wanted. I couldn’t help but break down into tears after finishing. I am now in my freshman year of college and ran a 5k this season in 18:45. I go to a D2 school and came in hoping I would be top 7, but I am the 3rd place runner on my team right now. I have become a stronger and faster runner. I am proud of myself for continuing to dream even when it was hard. Things seemed hopeless, but you should never ever give up. It may take some time, sometimes years, for your hard work to pay off, but it will. This, right here, is why I run. I want the feeling of winning again and I am so determined to do it. I have 4 years in college to make it happen, and I know I can.

An edit to this: I ended my cross country season as an all american, placing 35th at d2 nationals. So far this indoor track season I have ran a 9:58 3k, 5:08 mile, and 17:28 5k. It’s amazing what can happen if you just believe!

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requested?: yes!

summary: okay, maybe falling in love with a fuck buddy isn’t a good idea, but michael does it anyway.

word count: 2,001

warnings: smut. really BAD smut. this is my first time doing it so it just feels awkward to me i dont know uhhhh

There’s something about the way his skin encompasses yours as you both lose yourself in your rendezvous. When he’s kissing down your neck and his hands are gripping at your waist and you’re certain you’re going to get bruises, you’re still so lost in him and it’s clear that he’s driving you crazy.

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20 facts!

I was tagged by my lovely friend Annie and I don’t often do fact things when I’m tagged in them but I thought it might lift my mood a little bit. Sorry if this is boring!
1. I pretty much have the most boring name in the universe and honestly the only plus about it is that nobody ever spells it wrong.
2. I really want to live in the mountains when I’m older because its so peaceful there.
3. My perfect life would be living in a cottage in the mountains with a few cats and maybe a bunny, writing poetry and YA novels and maybe working in a low-key job part-time so I have enough money to buy food. 
4. Apparently I am good at baking cookies but I’m not really sure why my cookies taste different to other people’s because literally all I do is follow the recipe on the back of the choc chip packet.
5. I have Epilepsy.
6. I get obsessed with collecting little things like socks and badges. I’m not really sure why, they just make me happy.
7. I really like daydreaming and could seriously sit somewhere daydreaming for 8 hours straight if I wasn’t interrupted.
8. I have 3 typewriters, an Olivetti Lettera 32, an Olivetti Lettera 42 and a 1923 Remington Portable which is honestly my pride and joy.
9. I would love to get a job restoring/servicing typewriters.
10. I’m really bad at making friends and working out if someone actually wants to be friends/considers me their friend so If you want to be my friend you pretty much have to tell me directly or I’ll just assume you hate me.
11. I haven’t been to a hairdresser since I was about 10 or 11 (my mum cuts my hair now) because the last time I went I asked for a trim and they cut like 30 cm off.
12. I really hate shopping and after I’ve been out shopping I usually go home and cry for 47 million years.
13. Even though I hate shopping I absolutely love giving people presents and the whole process of deciding what to get them and wrapping it and choosing a card just makes me so so happy. 
14. I’m not really fond of ‘lifestyle’ bloggers or instagrammers because it just seems like such a waste of time to me? It seems so unrealistic and time consuming and cringey. I support people doing it if they enjoy it, of course, but I’m not really a fan. 
15. I hatehatehate it when people touch me. Like if you even accidentally touch me I will probably burst into tears. I don’t like hugs unless they’re from my mum.
16. I don’t understand romantic relationships at all like they just baffle me and I just don’t get them?????
17. When I was a kid I would eat jam off a spoon so my parents had to store the jam in that locked section of the fridge that (i think?) is supposed to be for alcohol.
18. I have the worst memory and I am constantly forgetting things like passwords and losing important documents.
19. I currently have 6 unopened bars of Pana Chocolate in my room because who the hell doesn’t?!?!?!
20. When I was little I got a giant piece of Lego stuck in my mouth. 
I tag @ninja-bunny1652 @lifeandloveandfandom @allthesinkingships @ipoetried @andrewraynepoetry @scripted-ink and anyone else who wants to do it! Consider yourself tagged!

Struggles of being a young writer:

1: “I bet you can’t even write a good paragraph.”

2: When you have a creative writing assignment with a low paragraph limit (5 paragraphs)

3: Being told only to write in first person because third person is “too advanced for your age.”

4: “This is pretty good for your age!”

5: Being given an assignment with a ton of limitations ( Five paragraphs, No more than three characters, each character much speak at least three times which doesn’t make sensed you have three characters since that would end with nine paragraphs, certain elements that are essential to writing is not allowed)

6: “Why can’t you do something progressive like study or play a sport?”

Age doesn’t have anything to do with skill. It takes time to learn these things, to build up to the level of writing I have now. It took me four years to be able to write where I am now. I write for my own well being. If I say that I write stories and when you hear that I am young, do not turn away from me because that is the one thing that makes me both devastated and furious, being underestimated.

Sure, my first language may not have been English but that doesn’t make me any less fluent. I may make punctuation errors but look at drafts that published authors make. They do too.

I am tired of people saying that I can’t write because I’m too young.

I’ve stopped writing for a year because of this.

It may not be a long time for a lot of people but it killed me.

Not having an outlet threw me into childhood depression. It made me act violently, causing me to loose friends. It made me deny myself and hate myself because I was too weak.

Sorry for the rant but I’m so done with being told that because I’m young I can’t and shouldn’t write.

Ordinary #11

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Word count: 1191

Warnings: Angst, violence, use of drugs, nothing too serious yet

Author’s note: Omg I do not know why I am doing this to myself but that is probably the only way to satisfy all of you since I got the request three time with different people :D Please tell me if you liked it my lovely anons ♥

Also @twitchysmiles @lovingkittyobject @deltablue202 hope this is to your satisfaction as well! Thanks for showing interest ♥

I would like to make this a longer thing if you want to so go ahead and request ;)

P.S.: I am not so content with the headline so I may change it… now I stop bothering you. Happy reading :D

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Request: For the Drabble game can I request taehyung (bts) with the mafia with numbers 6&16??? love yew

Bts Yoongi Mafia au with 6 & 16 pls?✨🌙             

Can I request a drabble with EXO’s Chanyeol, mafia #6 and #16?? Anyway, I love your blog!!😍😍             

6: “Look at me when I’m fucking talking to you”

16: “Looks like I’m going to have to punish you, babydoll”

What if a handsome gang leader, a smart assassin and an admirable drug dealer were head over heels for one girl. A girl which was called “ordinary” so often that no one would ever believe their intentions could be real. But they were and the girl we just talked about, is you. 

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Taemin (shinee)




You’re sleeping on top of Taemin on the couch when he starts playing with your stomach while you sleep then he finds out he got a little big something from you…


Being a chubby girl; mentions of femdom; male masturbation; anal masturbation(Taemin); you not eating in a while and Taemin making you

A/N: Why do I suck so much at titles


You haven’t eaten in while…like all day…and Taemin didn’t really like this. One of his favorite things about you was how you weren’t like you other girls. Skinny, long hair, blue eyes, blah blah. He liked you cause you were thicker than other girls and loved to actually have something to hold all the time.

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Blue Beetle Headcanon: Sometimes Khaji Da Asks Jaime Really Weird Shit

As a superhero sometimes Jaime keeps really weird hours. Sometimes so weird that Khaji Da is all that is keeping him awake in school or with whatever he’s doing.

Thing is sometimes it’s Khaji Da’s fault that he’s keeping such weird hours in the first place. Jaime can always tell when Khaji Da is thinking really hard about something (Khaji Da does this thing where he fires off electrical pulses which makes it feel like he’s drumming his ‘legs’ against Jaime’s back around his spine), so he can usually tell when Khaji Da is going to ask him about something.

Sometimes Khaji Da’s questions are random as hell, or downright weird– especially if he’s been awake too long. Such as:

* “What is the purpose of blogging?”

* “What does the term ‘shit post’ mean? This does not make sense.”

* “I am confused about why there seems to be disapproval for polyamory. Is that not the sort of relationship we are in with the Bart Allen?”

* “Why do people share things they find embarrassing for public consumption online?”

* “What is the purpose behind having 50 sports channels?”

* “What is a ‘ship war’? I thought I understood this term, but I think I do not based off of what I have found.”

* “I have done the math and considered all probabilities. I would like to ask the Bart Allen how it is physically possible for him to eat 5 pounds of food per day. Probable volume dimensions of his stomach indicate this should be an impossibility.”

* “Query: is it possible that some branch of dinosaurs may be currently alive, and what is the estimated probability that if encountered they would try to consume us?”

* “I have been studying weapons-designs online. I have compiled a list. How many of these would you deem acceptable?”

* “If dragons were real would it actually be accurate to state that they are giant scaly fire-breathing cats with wings?”

* “After careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that having back-up organs is a viable way to ensure against lethal damage. Would this be acceptable?”

* “Why does cheese not obey the laws of permeability?”

* “Is ‘supercalifragilisticexpialodocious’ an actual word, and if so what is its use?”

(Sometimes Jaime is so much at a loss for how to answer that he just has to switch out control with Khaji Da so Khaji Da can ask Bart instead. Bart might not know the answers to a lot of Khaji Da’s random questions, but he can usually derail Khaji Da if he has to, or convince the scarab to finally go to sleep.)

Quick centering exercise

1. List five things you are grateful for right this second. Maybe it’s ‘my good health’ or ‘my warm bed’ or ‘my fun workmates’ or ‘my new jacket’. 

2. List four things you’d like to achieve today. Maybe it’s just ‘take a shower’ or ‘go for a walk’, or maybe it’s ‘follow up a resume’ or ‘talk to my friend about my issue with them’. 

3. List three things that you’re worrying about right now, and in a few words why you’re worrying about each. Be completely honest with yourself. 

4. List two people who genuinely lift you up and make you feel supported, hopeful and happy. 

5. Write this down - “I am a person with all of the colours within me. I’m capable of many different lives, and I get to decide which one I live.” 

6. List two things you do that you’d like to do less in life. Maybe it’s ‘do less late night shifts’, or ‘ stop hanging out with that person who brings me down’ or ‘argue less with my sibling’. 

7. List three things you do that bring you genuine self-esteem. Maybe it’s ‘working out’, ‘playing a computer game’ or ‘finishing a book’ or ‘making a good coffee’.

8. List four things would like to improve upon. Maybe you’d like to be more organised, maybe you’d like to get up at the same time each morning, maybe you’d like to listen more and talk less. 

9. List five things you genuinely love about yourself. Maybe you’d do anything for your mother, maybe you are really good at helping a friend in a crisis, maybe you’re a very loyal employee, maybe you love your handwriting, maybe you like the scar on your leg. 

10. Lastly, write this down - “I am powerful. I am strong. I am full of all things - love, sadness, light, anger, fever. I deserve happiness and only I can create it.” 

wistfulstudys: an intro

I’ve been seeing a lot of these intros for new(ish) studyblrs, and after a lot of back and forth, I figured that I should make one. But, I’ve decided to tackle mine in a different way. I’ll be answering 5 questions:

1. WHO?

Who are you?

So, hello! I go by Winnie, though the Pooh is an acceptable option. I am thirteen years old and entering 8th grade (year 9) in the fall.

  • I live in the US, New Jersey to be more specific (anyone else?)
  • I’m an African American, both of my parents are from Nigeria, I was actually born there, not in the US (yes, I’m a full-blooded Nigerian, but I was raised here)
  • I’m the second oldest of five kids
  • I’m a proud Pisces
  • I used to enjoy drawing, recently that passion has died, though I’m trying to kick it back into gear again
  • I only speak English, though I would love to learn Yoruba, Igbo, and I’m taking Spanish 1 this school year
  • I’m quite the introvert, but I love a good conversation where I can bounce ideas off friends or just talk about random stuff
  • My favorite color is yellow, a soft pastel yellow. Purple is a close second
  • I would die for Spongebob, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Peppa Pig, The Amazing World of Gumball, and The Loud House
  • I like to read stories/comics (fanfic or novels), watch YouTube videos, and play games (nothing serious though, like BTD5 or Epic Battle Fantasy on my laptop, Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town on my DS lite, yes I still have mine, or Fairune on my phone)

I’m just a young girl striving for academic excellence. 

2. WHAT?

What is this?

This is an intro post for my studyblr, not sure how you missed that, where I plan to post lots of study-related content.

This will include:

  • notes for classes I’m taking
  • calligraphy practice
  • occasional DIYs
  • bujo spreads
  • books I’m reading (+annotations)
  • advice posts
  • reflective/goal posts
  • hauls
  • reviews of products I bought
  • pictures of things I saw that look nice/aesthetically pleasing
  • and more!

I hope you can find my posts enjoyable! :D

What classes will you be taking this year?

I will be taking:

  • Honors English 8
  • Honors Algebra 1
  • Honors Science 8
  • Honors Social Studies 8 (US History)
  • Spanish 1

And I plan to join Academy (Debate Club) this year.


Where is all of this happening?

All the photos and text posts will be on my tumblr (of course) if you want to check it out. I take photos from inside/outside my house or wherever I ended going for the day. If we go somewhere exciting, maybe for vacation or a field trip, I will be sure to notify you guys.

4. WHEN?

When will you post?

I would love to post everyday, but unfortunately seeing as I am very young, I burn out incredibly quickly. So, I try to post at least every other day. I might occasionally do back to back posts if I’m being really productive. When school resumes, the posts might space out for a while as I try to get back into the swing of things. (Sorry in advance!)  

5. WHY?

Why did you make this studyblr?

Most of these intro posts say they’ve been stalking the studyblr community for years, but I actually only heard of it like late June-early July. But, despite it being very new to me I fell in love with the studyblr community really fast. I made a blog as a sort of promise. For each year of middle school I have had a goal.

For 6th grade I wanted to establish myself, get used to middle school and learn how everything works.

For 7th grade, I wanted to build connections, focusing on improving relationships with my friends and learning more about them.

I decided halfway through 7th grade that 8th grade would be the year of self improvement. When it came to school, I was a good student, but I mostly bullshitted my way through it. That’s not a good way to go about handling school, and I cannot carry those bad habits to high school if I don’t want to have a breakdown every few weeks. I know this studyblr won’t make me the perfect student, not even close. But, I believe it will help me to get better. I don’t want to lie to you guys, so if I want to maintain a good studyblr image, I actually need to apply these in my life. This blog is a promise to myself that I will do better, and I will try harder.

The studyblr community is one of the most positive I’ve seen and you guys motivate me to be better. I’m hoping with this blog I can do the same for one of you.

Dang, now I’m all emotional ;u;

Studyblrs that have inspired me to start this journey: