why do i luv you

♡ Commish for the always wonderful and lovely summer flower child that is Indy

troloyunu  asked:

Uhh u know what??? Every now and then I look at ur icon and become so proud bc like???? My angel is so talented???? Those colors???? That smile???? ThAT DRAWING???? I LOVE IT SO MUCH???????? yeah

Gosh kdkdkkd This made me happy??? Love why you’re suddenly doing this, I CANT x0x I luv you :’> 💕

anonymous asked:

Binch I think lexas the type to tease tf out of Clarke

yeah on occasions but mostly i think thats clarkes job fam like imagine clarke sucking lexas clit and stopping for a second to look up at lexa with her dishevelled hair, parted lips - panting. just admiring the view and loving how good she gets to make lexa, the commander of the 12 clans, feel.