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AOS 4x20 Through a Child’s Eyes

Okay for better or worse here we go!

·         MOMMY!!!! I’m NOT READY!

·         10 Day Ago

o   10 days


o   PIPER!!!!

·         Zephyr

o   Does someone die?

o   Oh no they are out of gas.

o   Yeah talk to Talbot.

o   No killing anyone I like

o   NO don’t turn off the cloaking….no bad idea BAD IDEA

o   I said that’s a bad idea

·         Playground

o   Oh no is Ward dead

o   Not now Burrows, you can have her and get Fitz back


o   Jemma is sad

o   Yeah hug him lots and lots

o   Bad AIDA bad


o   NO!

o   NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o   You have to save FITZ!

o   Yeah Jemma’s not down with that mom

o   Aww Hope.

o   NO!

o   You tell him Hope.

o   Nice guilt trip, I love this kid!  She gets to come back too!

o   Mom this is wonderful

o   Yeah Mack you have to say yes.

o   OH Daisy, don’t lie to him

o   MAY! COULSON! TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o   Smooth Coulson

o   Soap!  I love the soap mommy

o   I love May

·         Darth Fitz


o   Dadcliffe!

o   This is all your fault Radcliffe

o   Did he say he would stand in front of a train for Fitz?

o   Radcliffe has lost it

o   Oh no!

o   Crap

o   Don’t be the Darkhold don’t be the darkhold

o   NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o   I hate that book!

o   Don’t do it!

o   CRAP!  Pick a side Radcliffe

·         May/Jemma

o   Awwww


o   Mama May stop, be nice to your ducklings its been a crummy 10 Days for her


o   INSEPARABLE! LIKE HE AND JEMMA were!  AIDA!  AIDA you horrible person!   She took Jemma from him and put herself and his horrible father in her place.  

§  The Ranting went on for a bit

·         Papa Fitz

o   That’s our GIRL!

o   Get him JEMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

·         Daisy/Trip

o   Trip!

o   Yeah Jemma told him everything

o   Nope I wish

o   Nope Jemma is with Fitz

o   Nope May is kinda with Coulson

o   Ooops you lost Jemma really

·         Papa Fitz

o   Kill him! (not sure about this with my kid but going with it)

o   You are NOT a good Father

o   Trying to appeal to his father side

o   This isn’t going to end well is it mommy

o   Ew icky picure

o   Oh no why is he doing this


o   NO


o   MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o   I’m not sad about that one.

·         Philinda

o   Can you two just kiss already

o   Yeah mom and dad weren’t watching her

o   No he’s not helping

o   No everything IS NOT FINE, it hasn’t been fine for a long time

·         Papa Fitz

o   Oh Fitz

o   Yes she does love you, HE didn’t HE used you AIDA is using you

o   He tried to kill her

o   MOMMY!!!!

o   I just want our Fitz back!  Why can’t we have Fitz back!

·         Zephyr

o   Poor Yoyo

o   He needs you yes he does

o   I love Piper

o   Oh no please don’t be the Superior


o   You think!

o   Yeah called it

·         Quin Jet

o   She needs a hug

o   Give her a hug


·         Madame Hydra

o   BOOO HISSS!!!!!

o   Darn right Simmons

o   No Jemma needs to see Fitz

·         Darth Zephyr

o   Yeah he ain’t going to listen

o   Good Job Fitz

o   Stinking AIDA again

·         Scary Place

o   NOOO

o   He can’t leave


o   Wait is Ward alive?  Where on earth has he been?

o   Yes you would look nice in the suit or alive


o   This is going to be bad

o   Mack isn’t down with this


o   Yeah Jemma’s on it

o   Oh this isn’t going over well with Mack

o   Stupid AIDA!

o   Its called farewell cruel world, they are supposed to get out of here this episode. They need to go home!  

o   Someone get a bottle of water and poor on it

·         Madame Hydra

o   Ugh

o   Oh she’s scared of Jemma be scared of Jemma

o   No don’t proceed

o   Oh no!

o   NO!

o   Ew put a robe on!


·         Scary Place

o   Science not magic

o   Family fight

o   Oh poor Mack

o   Plan B…more like D or E


o   Quake it!

o   AHHHHHHH!!!!

o   There goes the red shirts

o   YEAH DAISY!!!!!


o   MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YES!!!!!

o   GET OUT!


o   JUMP!

o   Yeah Coulson!






o   KISS


o   COULSON!!! IS OUT!!!!!!

o   What is happening?

o   COULSON!!!!!

o   YES!!!!




o   MAY

o   MAY

o   HUGS

o   HUGS!!!! PHILINDA HUGS!!! BEAUTIFUL PHILIDA HUGS!!!  Its been forever and they are back together!  FINALLY!!!!!

o   Get her guys

o   Get her

o   Now

o   Yeah go Coulson

o   Get her!

o   NOOOOOOO!!!!! Kill her fast Coulson she’s growing a body!

o   Poor Mack


o   Just Drag him in Jemma!


o   She is in the fetal position now

o   Good Job Radcliffe!





o   GO!

o   OH Radcliffe you saved him

o   Good Job Dadcliffe


o   AHHH NO!

o   Mommy….what is he doing

o   Oh no

o   Mommy why are you crying

o   Mommy he’s going to stay isn’t he

o   Come on Daisy get him out

o   Just push him in

o   NO


·         Zephyr

o   Oh Yoyo

·         Lair

o   Fitz poor Fitz

o   Someone hold him

o   Wait

o   What’s going on


o   NOT HER!







o   MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o   What did she do

o   Where did she take him

o   What is going on

o   How did she do that


·         Hope

o   Oh Trip is a good new uncle

o   Mack…..

·         Don’t end there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

·         What just happened

·         How did she learn how to do that

·         What just happened

·         Where did she take him

·         What just happened

·         Was it the darkhold, I hate the darkhold

·         What just happened

·         Is she in human

·         What just happened

·         How is she teleporting

·         What just happened

·         Why did she take Fitz

·         What just happened

·         Jemma’s going to be so sad…and mad

·         What just happened!

·         Is tumblr okay?

Thinking of You & Me :3

* So Here’s part 3 of this story! I really hope you all enjoy this chapter! I loved writing it!! Enjoy!

P.s. This one is a little longer than chapter two.*


           Val sat with Sharna on the bench outside of Peta and Maks LA home until amber came out looking for Val. Amber spotted them through the back door take a quick notice at how they were sitting before she opened the door walking outside.

           They hadn’t noticed her presence yet so she quietly walked over to them until she was standing a few feet away from them. “Val?”

          Val head whipped around to find his girlfriend standing a few feet away from him and Sharna staring at them. “Hey, I’m sorry I left. I just need to make sure Sharna was okay.” Amber nodded walking closer to them “She looks fine to me.”

           Val nodded back watching as amber crossed her arms giving Sharna the death stare as if she did something wrong.

          Val kept his arm around Sharna though not moving. “Yea she is okay now. We were just coming back in to eat.”

           Amber watched closely as Sharna moved away from Val standing up on to her feet watching as Val did the same.

          He walked over to amber gently wrapping his arm around her shoulder. “I’ll see you inside Shar?”

         Sharna nodded back quickly “Yes of course.” She said in almost a whisper as she watched Val walk away from her with amber in his arms.

        Sharna sat back down on the bench for a moment taking a few deep breaths, all she needed to do was make it through today and her feelings would go away right? Well she hoped they would disappear into thin air even though she knew that was impossible especially with someone like Val.

          Sharna heard the door close, this time she noticed that it was Trevor walking towards her.

        “Hey are you alright? I haven’t seen you for a least forty five minutes. Do you want to leave?” He asked as he sat down next to his girlfriend wrapping his arm tightly around her shoulder bringing her into his side.

           Sharna smiled laying her head on to  his chest “I’ll be okay I promise. Thank you for worrying about me though.”

       Trevor smiled placing a kiss on the top of her head “Of course I care, your my girlfriend. So I’m always worrying.”

           Sharna giggled a little bit leaning closer to Trevor, “Thank you, for being here today.” Trevor smiled down at Sharna “There’s no where else I’d rather be.”

          They sat for another moment or two before Trevor spoke up, “How about we go eat?” He questioned looking down at Sharna watching as a smile appeared on her face.

        “That sounds beyond amazing.” Sharna giggled standing up with Trevor as they walked back towards the back door.

       Trevor opened the door letting Sharna walk through first, she waited for him to stand in behind her before wrapping her arms around his waist.

         “You’re the sweetest.” Sharna said curling into the strong arms of her boyfriend as they walked into the living room laughing together as he whispered into Sharna’s ear.

        “I think you’re mistaking me with you.” He said tapping his nose making her giggle, which grabbed everyone’s attention.

         Val watched them laughing together as they got their food before sitting down next to one another on the couch opposite of the one her and amber were sitting on.

        Jealously flew through Val’s body as he watched them together.

           He shouldn’t be feeling this way, his girlfriend was sitting next to him. This was Sharna he was thinking about, his sister, he shouldn’t have these kind of feelings. Plus shouldn’t he be thrilled that she found someone like Trevor. He was everything Sharna wanted in a man, she was beyond happy with him.

            So why am I jealous? He thought as he took another bite of the pizza. Before his thoughts drifted off to years ago when Sharna and Paul had broken up.

Val walked up on to Sharna’s front porch knocking on the door with a pizza in one hand and some ice cream. She texted him about an hour ago saying that she really needed him and to also bring pizza and ice cream even though it was almost eleven thirty at night.

A moment later Sharna opened the door with makeup running down her face “Thank God your here!” She said throwing her arms around Val’s neck, almost making him drop the pizza and ice cream.

“What’s wrong baby?” Val asked watching as Sharna unlatched her tight grip on him back up pulling the pizza box from him. “Lets sit down on the couch, I’ll grab spoons for the ice cream.”

         Val nodded following his best friend over to the couch watching as she sat down the pizza he brought over on to the coffee table. Sharna then disappeared into the kitchen before coming back out with the two spoons in her right hand.

          She quickly made her way back to Val who was waiting for her on the couch, she sat down next to him feeling his hand come underneath her chin pushing her to look at him. “Are you going to tell me what happened." 

          "Paul and I broke up.” She whispered before tears started to falls again, Val sighed brushing away the fallen tears. “I’m so sorry my Love.” Sharna almost laughed as she reached to grab a piece of pizza handing a slice to Val as well.

           “It isn’t you’re fault V. You’re my best friend who brought over pizza and ice cream. You literally saved the day. Believe you me you’re making the world a better place every pizza and ice cream party we have.” Sharna said laughing as she took a bite of pizza.

         Val also laughed watching as smiled at him goodness he was falling hard for her and he didn’t think he’d be able to stop himself from falling anymore.

         “Do you mind if I put on a rom com?” Sharna asked Val as he picked up another piece of pizza. “Whatever you feel like. Tonight’s all about trying to make you smile.” He said pressing a kiss into the side of her forehead. 

         “Yay!” She said as she pulled up her Netflix account finding her favorite rom com which just happened to be “The Wedding Planner"  this was her absolute favorite movie.

         Her and Val have probably watched this movie together at least five times already, but he would watch it a thousand times if she asked him.

       She started to play the movie before she decided it was time for ice cream, she grabbed the cookie dough blizzard she asked Val to bring. She took the lid off before sticking her spoon in to the ice cream taking a large bite.

       "Mmmhhh”, she said closing her eyes as if it was the best thing she had ever eaten. Val laughed watching as a content smile appeared on her face.

          “Is it good?” He asked laughing as she shot a smile in his direction. “It’s amazing babe. Thank you so much. Here have a bite."  She said handing him the other spoon watching as he took a bite of the ice cream smiling as he ate it.

           "Mmhh, it is quite delicious.” Sharna laughed at his response, “I told you."   She said giggling before sticking her spoon back into the cookie dough ice cream.

          It was now almost to the end of the movie and Sharna was laying was her head in Val’s lap as he ran his hand in her hair. It was so relaxing her so much that she may or may not have dozed off of few times in the movie.

                "Val why do we suck at relationships?” She asked opening her eyes looking directly into his eyes.

       Val almost laughed at her question, “I don’t know baby. We just love to hard I guess."  Sharna nodded cuddling closer to Val and his warm body.

         "Why can’t I find a man that like him. Someone who would cancel their own wedding because they knew it wasn’t right. Someone who would chase after me if I left. Someone to love me that much."Sharna said watching Matthew McConaughey  character chased after Jennifer Lopez’s character.

           "You’ll find someone one day that does everything you could ever imagine wanting , but they will be better than you ever pictured. They be your best friend and love you even on your worst day. They’ll cheer for you on your best day and love you ever second of everyday.” Val said leaning down pressing a kiss to Sharna’s forehead.

           Sharna smiled listening to everything Val had said to her as the end of the movie and the credits started to play. “You know V, you’ll find that person one day too. She’ll love you every second of every day. I just know it.”

         Val nodded smiling down at Sharna “You’re right. How about right know I take you to the bathroom to clean up your tear stained face. Then I tuck you into bed.”

       Sharna smiled siting up letting val get up, he stood up quickly before picking Sharna up in his arms carrying her to the bathroom upstairs where she kept her makeup wipes.

        A moment later Val had Sharna sat up onto her sink gently wiping her face clean of her mascara tears.

       He eventually got all of the makeup off before he grabbed her moisturizer putting some into his hands before her gently rubbed her face with the moisturizer.

       Sharna smiled watching Val “Why are you doing this?” Val almost didn’t know what to say as she stared up into his eyes.

       He looked down into her eyes “Because I love you too much to leave you a mess. Because your my best friend and I would do anything for you. Even if it means I have to bail you at of jail, hopefully that’s never happens.”

       Sharna laughed before leaning forward into Val’s chest “Thank you V for everything. Your my best friend and I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

         Val smiled pressing another kiss to her forehead before he picked her back up carrying her into her bedroom. He got her all settled and tucked in, before he was going to leave.

        “I’m going to go now baby, but I’m just a phone or a text away.” He said leaning down placing a kiss to her temple, “Wait V please don’t go.” Sharna said almost in fear that if Val walked away she was going to loose her best friend.

         “Okay I won’t go, but I’m going to go downstairs make sure the doors are locked and all of the mess is cleaned and the lights are off. Give me ten minutes.” Sharna nodded “Okay, but come back.”

            “I will I promise.” He said before quickly leaving her bedroom heading downstairs.

           Val quickly picked up the pizza box the had some slices left so he put it in the refrigerator. He then threw away the ice cream the was empty, before checking the doors making sure they were both locked.

           He quickly shut off the lights and the tv before jogging back up the stairs where his best friend was waiting for him.

         Val walked into Sharna’s bedroom quietly making sure she wasn’t already asleep “You’re back.” “Of course I wasn’t going anywhere."  Sharna smiled watching as Val kicked off his sweatpants and t shirt before crawling into bed with her.

         Sharna immediately snuggled into his chest pressing a gentle kiss to his chest "Goodnight V, I love you.” “I love you too Shar, Goodnight.” He said before closing his eyes gently falling asleep with his arms wrapped tightly around Sharna as she fell asleep.

          “Hey babe, they’re going to sing happy birthday. Let’s go.” Amber said pulling Val out of his thoughts. “Yes lets go.” He said standing up grabbing ambers left hand as he looked around noticing that they were the only ones left in the living room.

          They quickly walked into the kitchen where everyone else was waiting for them so they could sing happy birthday to baby Shai.

                *Yay! Chapter three is officially finished!! I really hope that you all enjoyed this one! Because I think this is personally my favorite chapter so far. So please tell me what you all thought because once again I love to read all of your comments! They mean so much! Thank you all for your love and support! You all are the best! - Tori*

Daisy doesn't really hate Ward I truly believe

This week Daisy said she was glad Ward was dead, last season she wanted to kill him. Well she could have but didn’t and her face said it all. She’s royally pissed at him yes!! She hates what he did and most of all she hates that she really doesn’t hate him. She hates that she still has strong feelings for him. She lit up when he was around, she truly connected with him. when he was at the triscellion she panicked, she never is this way with Lincoln. She watched him sadly when he was imprisoned. Her face when she’s sees him says it all. You can pretend to hate someone forever but deep down she’s just hurt because she does understand him now. It’s like the song says. “I hate everything about you, why do I love you.” I could go on and on and point out every instance but Skyeward is endgame. Plain and simple

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Blue takes Gansey to thrift stores and craft shops to "help" pick out stuff on the cheap for outfits.

Hello, anon, I hope you are having a good day/night.
okay, listen, this would be a disaster. (also, these headcanons might be a disaster this is my first time doing something like this so forgive me)
• look, okay, Gansey is more than a little ignorant and he’d probably say some stupid shit like “I didn’t think thrift stores were real things. Like…. all of this is used???? all of it???? nothing is new?” And blue would be like why the fuck do I love you I can’t even look at your face right now
• blue would be picking out the most bizarre stuff and saying how she’s going to alter it and Gansey is smiling and nodding but he’s lowkey confused about everything she says so he just watches her eyes light up and her lips move and her cheeks color with excitement and his heart does little flips at seeing her so happy
• “wait, hold on Jane… you’re going to put that shirt…. in a blender?”
• Gansey would so want to impress blue so he’d be like…. “hey, this shirt is cute” and blue would be like “the fuck, Gansey? That’s literally a dress for a baby”
• “oh….. well it looked like it’d fit you…”
• *initiate Blue’s internal and eternal screaming*
• I feel like Gansey would end up by the used books while Blue is trying shit on in the dressing room and he’d find some bizarre cook book and then blue comes out and he’s like “Jane, did you know you could do this with food? Look at this! Jane. This is so weird!” And then he buys the book because he’s gansey
• she’d show him a lot of the stuff she tries on and everytime she comes out of the dressing room Gansey is like “what a glorious creature. look at my beautiful girlfriend. she’s so majestic. like adam. i wonder how adam is doing. maybe i should call him”
• they find a murder squash t-shirt and blue buys it (while Gansey moans in agony about it) because it’ll make Ronan laugh and also in memory of Noah r.i.p, my love
• kissing
• everytime Gansey would get a far away look on his face blue just stands on the very tips of her toes and kisses him on the nose and he just blinks and smiles at her like a dork and goes back to watching her look for clothes
• “uh, blue… I don’t think that’s a dress…. I think that’s a parachute…. maybe a table cloth???”
• “shut up Gansey it can be whatever I want it to be”
• imagine blue finding this ridiculous tie-dyed polo shirt and she just starts laughing her ass off and next thing Gansey knows blue is curled up on the floor laughing so hard she’s sobbing and people are glancing over at her like “wtf??? Is this child okay????” and then blue buys the polo shirt for Gansey and she’s like “if you can wear bright ass aquamarine shirts then you can wear this tie-dyed monstrosity”
• okay okay okay but what if Gansey was looking through the jewelry while Blue is in the fitting room and he finds this really pretty locket and so he buys it and later puts a picture of him and blue in it and then gives it to her for graduation I think that’d be so cute
• blue would find something she really loves and she’d go running through the store shrieking and waving whatever she found in the air and Gansey would watch her running at him and just laugh at how much he loves her
• when they leave the store blue has soooo much shit and Gansey offers to carry it and she’s just like “fuck off, I can carry it fine.” And then she starts dropping things and everytime she goes to pick something up she drops something else but she still refuses to let Gansey carry any of the bags so Gansey has this “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you” moment and he picks her up with all if the bags still in her arms and she’s screaming at him and he’s laughing and eventually the get to the pig and he gets the passenger side door open and they both collapse in a clumsy heap in the car with Gansey still laughing and blue still yelling and there’s clothes all over the seats and anyone standing in the parking lot is watching them like “what the actual shit am i watching?” But, hey, it’s super cute okay.
• and then as soon as they get back to Fox Way blue runs directly to the phone/sewing/cat room and starts making new outfits and Gansey adoringly watches her sew for a little while and listens to her softly hum some unidentifiable tune before he falls asleep on the couch
• when he wakes up it’s pretty late and blue is asleep in her chair with her head on the table next to her sewing machine and Gansey quietly moves her into her room where he tucks her into her bed, kisses her on the forehead, turns out the lights, and whispers “I love you, blue” before he leaves for the night

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Why do Golly fans want their own Holly? What's so great about dating a nerd? She won't have time for you and she will be absorbed by her work and talk only about it. We saw it in RB. Why does it seem like fans want that?

Hi Anon,

I’m actually surprised anyone has come to me to ask me a Golly related question but hey ho, I shall answer as best I can.

Are you not a Holly fan? I’m sensing your not a fan of our beautiful nerd. Anyway, Why do Golly fans want a Holly of their own? Well, I don’t think all of them do, for example I myself prefer Gail but I do love Holly and here’s why..

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#6- You Like Him, but He Likes Someone Else pt. 2

Part 1


Two weeks. It had been two weeks since you last talked to Harry. He tried calling you, but you just screened his calls, since you didn’t want to talk to him, you weren’t sure if you could actually talk to him without blowing up, blowing up on him and telling him everything that was on your heart and mind. So you just ignored him.

He had no idea why, he didn’t know why you stopped talking to him out of the blue, he thought it was so random, and he was so confused.

One day he was at the store just picking up a few items when he ran into your friend y/f/n. He wasn’t sure if it was her at first, but as he got closer he realized it was her, and he called her name out to get her attention, “Hey! Y/f/n! Wait up!” he called after her as she was walking towards the door.

He dropped his basket and caught up to her, she turned around and when she realized who it was she gave him confused look, like ‘why are you talking to me’ type of look. When he finally caught up to her she asked “What do you want?” in the coldest tone he’s ever heard from her.

“What’s wrong? Did I do something? Why is no one talking to me? What’s wrong with y/n, she hasn’t been answering my calls or texts!” He asked in a really worried tone, he was sincerely confused as to why you and your close friends had stopped talking to him.

“You really have no idea? None what’s so ever?” She asked in a sarcastic tone while she placed a hand on her hip.

“No, I don’t, one day her and I are just hanging out, and ever since then she doesn’t reply to my texts, or calls, or anything, I’ve even emailed her, but nothing. What happened?” He asked in a more worried tone now.

“Think about it. When was the last time the two of you hung out? You’re right the two of you were just hanging out, but you asked her to leave! You asked your best friend to leave so you could have some girl over!” she was half shouting, trying to keep her cool. “You don’t even realize that the girl is in love with you, she does anything and everything you ask her to do, and what do you do? You ask her to leave, your claimed best friend, so you can have a fun time with some random girl. I guess that’s fine, but I don’t see why you just expect to have y/n just standing by your side so you can hook up with random girls and she can watch you hook up with all these different girls.” She was a lot calmer, but the anger in her voice has not left.

He was surprised from what everything that was coming out of her mouth, he had to take a minute to process everything. “She loves me?” were the only things he was hung up on. “She never said anything though, how was I supposed to know?” He was just asking out-loud, not really expecting y/f/n to answer.

“She was going to.” She answered anyways. “But then you kicked her out. So at least now you know.” And with that, she left the store leaving Harry standing there feeling like a fool.


Niall was home and you had not visited him once since the day he arrived. You felt horrible, but you don’t think you could face him. You don’t think you could face seeing Niall and Steph together. Then only thing you could do was drive around and drown your thoughts in loud music.

One day you made it to your spot. Your spot that you can go to, that there are no distractions, nothing but grass, a tree, and pond. No one really went there since it was quite a drive outside the city. Whenever you went there you always left your phone in the car so there could be no distractions. You were just relaxing underneath the tree listening to the music was making blowing against the reeds in the water, when you heard people coming your way.

You turn behind and you see it’s a couple. You couldn’t really tell who it was, so you kind of just blew it off, and went back to zoning out. That is until they got closer, and louder, and you heard one of them call out your name “Y/n!”

You look up and you see Niall coming towards you with Steph hanging off his arm. “Hey stranger! Haven’t seen you in what seems like forever. I thought you would be at my house like every day since we haven’t seen each other in who knows how long.” He said smiling at you.

Even though you heard what he was saying, you were furious. He knew what this spot meant to you, He knew that this was your spot, just like the park downtown was his, and he had the nerve to bring his girlfriend to it. And finally all your thoughts were becoming too much, tears started welling up in your eyes, and you exploded “How could you!?” you screamed at him, and both Niall and Steph were surprised.

“What do you mean?” He asked super confused.

“How could you bring her to my spot!? You know that this is the only place I can go to when I just need to be by myself! How could you!?” You repeated your original question.

“I’m sorry y/n, I didn’t really think about it, I didn’t know you were here. Niall said trying to explain himself.

“That’s bullshit Niall, and you know it! You have to drive to get here, and there is only one place to park! What? Did you just completely forget what my car looked like? I doubt it, since it is the only pink beetle in this god damn city!” You were screaming in his face at this point.

“Okay! I knew you were here! But I miss my best friend, I haven’t seen you, you haven’t answered my calls or texts, or anything so when I saw your car here of course I had to stop by and see you!” Niall was shouting just like you, he was angry at you at this point. And you saw Steph looking as awkward as she felt.

“I don’t want to talk to you Niall! You’re my best friend, yes! You will always be my best friend, but right now I just need my space.” You said crying at this point.

“Why? We have had almost a full year of space, that’s not enough space?” he asked confused, in a calmer tone, more caring tone.

“Not when I like you, and you bring someone home!” you screamed, looking at him, and looking at Steph, and that is when you realized what you said. Niall didn’t say anything, and as soon as you heard his no response, you started running to your car. You ran away.

His no response answered all your questions on how he felt about you, and it just broke your heart.


It was almost show time, and you were doing Louis’ hair, and the two of you were just joking around, he was trying to flirt with you, but you just laughed. You were just laughing the whole time, especially since Louis and Niall are in the same dressing room, the two boys, and you and the other girl doing Niall’s hair were just having a blast. That is, you were having fun, until Liam walked in, like nothing happened. He tried to play around with you, but you were just not having it.

You would try to blow his comments off, only really talking to Niall, Louis, and the other girl in the room. Then, like you were saved by the bell, the stage crew needed to boys since they were about to go on. As Liam was leaving the room, he asked you “Hey, want to pick up some sushi for tonight after the show?”

“Um, no. I think I’m going to head to bed early, so I’m going to eat while you guys are preforming.” You said so nonchalant. You were relieved that he couldn’t argue, since he had to be on the stage any second now. So you just looked at each other, and for the first time in your entire relationship, there was awkward tension between the two of you. He did not know what he did wrong, and you did not want to tell him. Then finally, after it felt like forever, the stage manager was yelling after Liam to get out there.

As soon as the show started you had already gotten all your things packed up, and you were ready to go. You were on your way out the backstage door, when you caught a glimpse of the stage, you saw Liam out there, and it just broke your heart, knowing that he was not yours, he was talking to a beautiful woman, and you thought that there was a chance for the two of you.

You were walking down the street, you knew you had to be back to the show in like an hour, so you decided that you should just get some take-out. Take-out for one though. It felt weird only ordering for one person, since you usually ordered for two, of not extras since you were both very hungry after a show. You made your way back to the show, and you made your way to the bus, you hadn’t realized how long you took, the boys were already in their bus, and everyone was just loading up.

You decided to hang outside for a little with Harry and Niall, you three were just talking, and teasing each other, nothing to serious, when finally Niall asked “So, what was up with giving Liam the silent treatment before the show tonight?”

You blushed, hoping he didn’t notice that “it was nothing, just felt weird, so I didn’t want to talk.” You responded, hoping he would leave it alone, but of course, he didn’t.

As he started asking you more questions, Liam was walking up behind the bus, before he heard his name brought up, he was listening to your conversations with Harry and Niall. “That is some crap y/n, you were just fine before Liam walked in, and you were joking around and laughing with us like your normal self, before he walked in. So what’s up?” Niall asked, and Liam was waiting for an answer from you.

“I don’t know guys.” You said contemplating whether or not you wanted to say anything. “It’s just- no, it’s nothing.” You said trying to shake them off.

“No… no you can’t just do that.” Said Harry laughing. “You have to tell us now since it is something.” Both he and Niall crossed their arms looking at you. Liam was approaching closer and closer, so he could hear you better, but that you could still not see him.

“I don’t know guys, I thought him and I were doing really great-“you were cut off as Niall chimed in.

“You guys were- no you guys are great. Well up until today.” Niall said.

You just looked at him, waiting to finish. “Are you done?” you asked sarcastically, he smiled and motioned as if he was locking his lips. “I thought we were doing great, and I don’t know, I think somewhere along all the hang-outs, eating together, and the moments we would have in the dressing room, I started to get feeling for him.” You paused, you had their full attention, even Liam’s. “But today we went out, and he ran into this woman he had been talking to, and apparently they’re a thing, and I just felt stupid, to think that there was an actual chance between us.” You finished.

“Oh jeez y/n, I’m sorry to hear. Want me to beat him up?” Niall asked trying to make you smile, and it worked.

“No,” you said laughing “you don’t have to beat him up.” You said hugging both him and Harry, “I think I’m just going to watch a sad movie, eat my food, and get over it. Just like a big girl would.” You said making both of them laugh. That’s when they called for everyone to get on their buses, that when you said goodnight to Niall and Harry, and that is when Liam ran to his bus so the boys wouldn’t see that he was just eavesdropping.


You hadn’t been around that often after the party. No one knew why, not even Liam. Whenever he would ask you to hang out with him and the boys you would say no, or that you just weren’t feeling up to it.

Louis was just confused, why you were never around anymore, it was like you were part of the band by then, and then all of a sudden with no notice, and you leave. He tried texting, but you would never reply, he tried calling a couple times, but you just let it ring.

He finally asked Liam what was up, and Liam had no answer for him, because he couldn’t really get an answer out of you either.

Finally Liam was having a party at his house, and he pulled the ‘if you’re really my friend, you’ll be there’ line, so you had to go. But you asked him if you could bring a friend, and of course being the good friend that he is, he said of course.

You showed to the party with your friend Ryan, Liam knew Ryan from school, so when he saw him they caught up, and they were just talking, Liam finally asked “So, you and y/n, eh?” with a little smirk.

Ryan just laughed “ha, no dude, we are just friends, we decided it was just best for both us to stay just friends after one drunken night that did not end well for us.” He said laughing. “Nothing bad happened!” he said after he saw Liam’s concerned looked, “we just realized we aren’t attracted to each other in that way, so now we just use each other to help make people jealous.”

“Who is she trying to make jealous tonight?” Liam asked really confused.

“I don’t know man, some guy named ‘Lewis’? ‘Louis’? I don’t know how to pronounce it.” And just like that, you reappeared.

“What are you guys talking about?” you asked.

“Y/n, can I talk to you?” asked Liam

“Yeah, sure” you said not thinking much about it.

“Why are you trying to make Louis jealous?” he asked you, not trying to beat around the bush.

“Because I like him.” You said, not beating around the bush either.

“So you brought a guy here, to try to make him jealous?” he asked, “is that how you think you can get a guy y/n?” Liam asked.

“Well no, but last night I hung out with you guys at that party, he had some girl hanging off him, and that is why I left. I hated that feeling, so I thought I would make him feel the same.” You said crossing your arms.

“Y/n, you know Louis asked about you. Yeah, he asked why you haven’t been around, and how it feels weird that you’re not around.” Liam said. “Y/n, you need to tell him how you feel, none of this trying to make him jealous non-sense, okay?”

“Fine” you sighed, “I guess you’re right.”

Before you found Ryan, you saw Louis was talking to someone, and just like that you realized it was Ryan, and since Ryan does not know how to keep his mouth shut, he told Louis why he was actually there, to help you make some guy jealous, and as soon as you saw Louis he made eye-contact with you, and you felt mortified, you didn’t know what to do, if you should run, or stay and talk to him? So you decided to duck into the restroom and hope he hadn’t seen where you went.

Part 3

Hope you guys enjoy part 2, I think part 3 is needed, since it would’ve been too long to continue.

Anyways let me know what you guys want next, after this short little 3 part story lol.

“I will always support you.”

Request from anon: Can u do one where sam comes to ur track meet. I’m just going to let you know, I don’t know TOO much about track and field but I’ll try my best from my knowledge! Hopefully it’s right and good enough! Sorry if information is wrong or doesn’t sound right, please correct me if wrong and it bothers you! 

Sammy’s POV

“Yo Sam, where you going? I thought we were ballin up?” The boys approach me, tossing the basketball to me. “Would love to stay and whoop all of you, but I am going to go surprise Y/N at her track meet today. First of the season, thought I should be there for her. Anyone care to join me?” they all accept it and tag along with me. I was driving when I started thinking, “Hey, do you know how to cheer for track and field?” I ask them. “No clue man.” J says. We arrive at the meet and we walk towards the stands as we saw all the track athletes from two schools, sitting around, getting ready, talking, walking around, warming up. 

We started getting closer to the stands when Y/N’s friend points at me. She turns and smiles big. She excitingly runs to me, and hugs me, “What are you guys doing here?” She hugs the other guys. “It’s the first meet of the season, wouldn’t want to miss it for the world, especially for your senior year. I will always support you!” I handed her flowers, as she smells them. “Y/N, TIME TO WARM UP!” One of the coaches yells out to her. “I gotta go!” She kisses my cheek, runs to her bag, puts the flowers down, and runs down onto the track. We walked to the top of the stands and sat down, looking at everything going on. One event going on, discus throwing also going on, warm ups for another event happening, people just walking around and talking, “What in the world is even happening?! There’s so much going on!!” I yell in frustration, trying to focus on one thing, but switching my eyes back and forth. 

“I don’t even know where to look!” Nate says, pointing from the throwing event to the relay, to Y/N warming up. “Bro, I’ve never felt so confused in my life!” J felt overwhelmed and just squished his face together with his hands. “How do we even cheer for these events?” G asked. “Are we even allowed to yell and cheer? I feel like they need complete silence to focus..” J yells. “Why are different events happening at the same time?” Nate asked. “Who are half of these kids!?” Swazz says, looking around the place. 

“There’s Y/N! She’s at the line! Look!” I point so they can focus their attention on her. “Shit, are we allowed to yell?” I asked confused. A guy from the side of us, “Yeah you can yell. It’s track and field. They can barely hear you down there anyways.” “Thanks. What event is this?” “200s” “Thanks man.” The gunshot was fired, and we start screaming our lungs out for Y/N. She was so focused, she finished first. “Holy shit she’s fast!” We said simultaneously, shocked. She runs up the stands after, sitting next to me, drinking her water. “Holy shit you’re fast.” “I’ve been told,” She chuckles. 

“I got a question,” Nate leans his face towards her, “Why are there so many things going on at once?” “Track and field meets are fucking long, an all day thing. If we didn’t do everything all at once, like the throwing and the events, we would be here even longer. We need to have things happen at the same time. Are you guys staying the whole time?” “What time does it end?” “Not till like maybe 6ish?” I look at my watch, “IT’S FUCKING 2… BARELY.” “Yup!” “Shit babe, I love you and all but that’s too long for me to be out in this sun.” 

She just smiles and laughs at me, “I know it’s okay. That’s why I don’t invite you guys! Cause it gets boring during my breaks.” “What other events are you in?” “Just did the 200s. I still have the 400 hurdles, and 4x1. But if they need me, the 4x4.” “Why those last two sound like you about to order from In-n-Out. Yeah can I get a 4 by 1 no tomatoes and a 4 by 4 with animal fries please. Thank you.” J jokes, making us, and some people around us, laugh. “Okay, how long till those events?” “400 hurdles are about to happen soon. But the 4x1 is the 3rd to last event. And if I do the 4x4, that’s usually the last event…. But that’s if they need me, but I wasn’t told that they would need me.” 

As the day went on, we watched Y/N do her 400 hurdles, then she had a long break. She introduced us to some of her coaches, her friends, and she taught us a lot about track and field. It was an interesting day learning something new. It came down to her last event, 4x1 and her and her crew came in 2nd. We cheered as loud as we could, to let her know we was with her. She was packing up, and we were ready to leave when one of the coaches approach her, “Hey, Y/N, is there a chance you could do the 4x4?” She just talks to the coach, finally agreeing to do it. She comes up to us to say she has one more event, “Fuck, we got to go Y/N, we’re sorry. We have to finish these tracks soon.” Her smile kind of fades when I tell her that, but it goes big again, “No it’s okay. You guys were here the whole time. You guys have other things to do. It’s fine. I’ll see you guys tomorrow?” We all nod and we say our goodbyes. 

“Damn dude, it’s like we broke her heart when we said we had to bounce.” Nate said. “It was hard seeing her a little sad…” We were walking back to my car when I stopped, and they turn around, “What’s up man? Did you forget something?” Swazz asks. “Yeah, to support my girlfriend, our best friend, in something she loves to do and is really good at. What are we doing ditching her like that? Yeah we were here the whole day but she still has one more event to do. She’s always with us from start to finish each concert, meet and greet and event. So why can’t we do the same?” I tell the guys. We run back to the bleaches as fast as we could. Before we hit the seats we sat at, we heard the gunshot. 

Once we got to the top, we saw the first runner hand off the baton to the second. Then the second finally goes around handing it off to the 3rd. We see Y/N go to the line as the 4th and last runner. The 3rd runner was running a little behind the 1st person, as she handed it off to Y/N, and she speeds her way, trying to catch up to the other runner. Everyone starts cheering her name, yelling for her to keep going, as the guys and I start to join in. “GO Y/N! RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!” We keep yelling. As they come around the track, they were head and head, and in the last 200 m, Y/N picks up her pace and speeds right to the finish line, getting 1st place for her and her team. She bends over, grasping for air, as everyone in the stands cheers for her in excitement. The coaches congratulates her, so do her teammates. The boys and I yell her name, cheering for her up from the stands, and she looks up at us, shocked to see us but smiles so genuine. 

After talking to her coaches, she runs up the stands, “I thought you guys left!” She hugs me and I kiss her head. “You are always there to support us from start to finish each event. And we wanted to do the same for you.” She hugs the guys, heartfelt at my words. She looks at me last, “I will always support you and everything you do, my love. From start to finish.” I kiss her forehead. “Come on, dinners on me.” “OH YEAH, DINNER ON SAM!” The boys cheer as they grab her stuff and start walking to the car, as we laugh. 


#there was a time when emma could barely stand to have him within her personal space #playing with her hair #breathing words across her mouth #a time when she was afraid to get too close to this man that just had something #something that felt like home #something that could make her smile when all she’d been doing was frowning #and that time my friends is gone #she doesn’t fear him any longer because he’s everything she wants #it’s why she can get a little closer now #taste his devotion in the quiet, mindless moments #i think all emma fears now is just how much killian jones can and does love her

anonymous asked:

Honestly,Zoe's really full of herself

i’ve held my tongue long enough, so expect a rant :) honestly it frustrates me more than anything when people say this and anything else about the way zoe “acts.” we see 10 minutes of her fucking day you can’t label a person based on 10 minutes out of the 1,440 minutes of a day. i hate when people say “she’s changed,” like obviously she’s changed she’s been doing this for 6 years! you can’t tell me you haven’t changed in 6 years! change is good, and personally i feel like she has handled her quickly rising fame very elegantly. i imagine if you told 2012 Zoe where she would be now she would have laughed right in your face. youtube EXPLODED and so did her fame (i mean she gained almost 3 million subscribers in a span of a year, that’s crazy).

she may not consider herself a “celebrity” but she gets articles written about her, she’s been on tv countless times, she’s won awards for her channel, and everything she does gets put under a microscope. she is watched by over 5 million people and that’s not including the media. i completely understand why she gets overwhelmed sometimes, because in her eyes she’s still doing what she loves and she just considers herself a normal person.

like i said i think she’s handled everything that’s happened to her these last few years beautifully. sure she breaks down and has bad days, but so does everyone else. i’d like to see how you’d handle her kind of fame and attention. you can’t tell me it wouldn’t change you and the way that you act towards certain things. people criticize her for everything she says and does and it drives me crazy because why do you watch her videos if you don’t like her? do you enjoy being hateful and rude towards people that are just doing what they enjoy?!

if i didn’t like someone the last thing i would do would be to come to a blog, that obviously likes the person a lot, and bash them right in their face. what are you trying to achieve here? are you wanting me to agree with you because i have no plans to do that. i don’t think zoe is “full of herself” i think she’s confident and happy and there’s nothing wrong with having a good self-esteem.

i’m in no way telling you what to do or what to believe. if you don’t like zoe, or anyone else for that matter, then that’s you’re choice, but don’t bring other people down with your negativity. if you don’t like someone’s videos then don’t watch them, AND DEFINITELY DON’T COMMENT HATE. it’s rude, and honestly, no one gives a fuck. ¯\_( ツ)_/¯


rickgrrrrimes  asked:

What are your thoughts on the campfire scene? What do you think Bellamy was thinking/feeling when he looked over at Clarke? Just would really love to know your opinion. :)

I decided to sleep on this question to give myself ample time to answer it and here’s what I think…Wait…let me take my shipper goggles off. Okay now I’m ready to answer…

First and foremost I think that Bellamy was mostly glad that Clarke is alive. He’s spent the last however many days assuming she was dead but hoping for the best. Now he can finally breathe that sigh of relief that she’s alive. But in my opinion, I think that many things were going on in Bellamy’s mind in that scene. I saw the tweet from The 100 Writers that said Bellamy was thinking that Clarke has changed and I totally agree with that. I think that he was watching her, similar in the way that he watched her after she euthanized Atom, and saw that once again this is not the same girl that came down from the Ark. 

To Bellamy, at first, Clarke was this girl…this princess…and it took her making that first hard decision to make him see that she wasn’t at all what he thought she was. The campfire was similar to that scene. He was thinking about her dropping the drop ship door, and probably wondered to himself if he could have made a decision that hard. Sure, he said it had to be done, but somewhere in his head he’s thinking could he really have made that tough decision? 

I think another thing going through his mind was safety. Whether he will admit it or not, Octavia and Clarke are the two most important women in his life and hell or high water he’s going to do everything in his power to protect them. He’s coming to realize, and I believe that’s why he was watching them both sleep, that he needs them equally but just in different ways. He needs Octavia because that is his family, his only family and he loves her more than anyone else in the world. 

But he’s also starting to see that he truly needs Clarke and it all comes back to those hard decisions. Clarke accepts what she has to do and she tries not to beat herself up over it. Bellamy does. Bellamy was so hard on himself for sending Finn and Murphy off together with guns and it takes Clarke reassuring him to make him see that making those decisions is part of the job. Bellamy is slowly coming to terms with the fact that he needs Clarke just as much as he needs Octavia.

(*Puts shipper goggles back on* And naturally that need will evolve to love. *Takes shipper goggles off*)

I also think that the conversation they had in that scene was a long time coming. I’m sure it’s something that has kept Bellamy up at night, watching her drop that door on himself and the others, and I think that was probably going through his mind at the time as well. He probably didn’t want to bring it up because saying it out loud would bring up more painful things that needed to be talked about.

You can tell exactly what was going on inside of Bellamy’s head by that conversation. All of the things that they talked about are exactly the ones he’s been thinking about. His thoughts on Clarke dropping the drop ship door, Finn and his downward spiral, what is happening with their friends at Mount Weather. Bellamy is thinking about all of this, all the time, and a big part of him blames himself. He blames himself for Finn & Murphy (and I think we all know that will probably come into play in the next episode when he deals with Finn’s massacre), he blames himself that he didn’t look hard enough to find the other barrels of guns and ammunition and that plays into their friends being in Mount Weather.

Basically, I think that Bellamy is just relieved that Clarke is alive and well. And I don’t think it’s entirely because of her personally, I think it’s selfish in the way that now he has someone to help him through all of the shit that they are going through. Clarke is his partner, his co-leader. He needs her to help him make the hard decisions and he needs her to be his moral compass when things start to go wrong. Clarke grounds Bellamy in a way that no one else can and I think we can safely say that he simply missed her.

I truly believe that this is going to become a thing for them, late night conversations where they are brutally honest and trusting with each other. I think that Bellamy and Clarke are the only ones that know what the other one is feeling. No one else knows what they go through on a daily basis.

So, I think that yeah, Bellamy was watching Clarke because she has changed. But I also think he was watching her because he can finally let out that breath he’s been holding for days because she’s alive and she’s safe. He can finally tell her everything that’s been rolling around in his brain that he couldn’t tell anyone else because they just wouldn’t understand. Bellamy carries the weight of the world on his shoulders but when Clarke is around it doesn’t seem so heavy.

So hopefully this long meta answers your questions. I shall now put my shipper goggles back on and say that he was watching her because he’s got heart eyes in the worst way. (:

  • Honestly watching Hope Solo yesterday had to be the most captivating part of the game. She did not have to do much but when she did it was honestly amazing and you can see why she's the best goalie right now. Everything she does is so calculated but she still has fun with it as well. My heart melted a little when Kelley stuck her arm out towards Hope and she smiled back and did the same. She loves her backline and makes sure they know she appreciates them. I am happy I got to see her up close like that
I Watched Scandal, LOVED the Ending, Then Got Pissed Off On Twitter

Warning: High Levels of Spoilers and Pissed Off Ranting

I just watched the latest episode Scandal, “No More Blood”, and I swear I fell in love with Olivia’s ending monologue. But when I went on twitter, I was hit by a barrage of people saying that Olivia’s rejection was “typical of a woman,”. “A man goes to war for you, and you reject him? Leave it to a woman to turn ANYTHING into an argument.”

You have got to be fucking kidding me…

 Why the hell is everyone saying “typical woman logic”? Liv had to sacrifice EVERYTHING, including her love, for Fitz to be president. Gladiators, let’s do a recap. 

1) Olivia helped rig a whole ELECTION for Fitz. This is the same woman with morals so goddamned high that she’d go back on her own clients if she finds out they were in the wrong. So we can all imagine how much it killed her to betray the trust of her country, but she still did it because she knew that Fitz needed to be president.

2) Olivia has long since acknowledged that Fitz is the love of her life. She knows good and well that he loves her with all her heart, but she still calls herself his “mistress”. She knows that he hates it, that she’s “more than that”, but she’s not calling herself that because she’s fishing for compliments. She says it because she knows it’s true. Fitz has been married throughout their whole relationship, WITH two kids, and Liv has been committing adultery with him. She’s busted her ass to prove to everyone that she has long earned, deserves, and DEMANDS respect. Yet, she allows herself to have the demeaning status as a “mistress” and not as a wife to the man she loves. Why? Because she’s in love with the President, and his career would be down the damn drain if their relationship ever came to light.

3) Mellie is Fitz’s wife, and Olivia knows that. She had to live with the fact that after every heated encounter they have, after every love confession, he wasn’t gonna sleep next to her at the end of the day. He was gonna sleep next to his wife, which she is not. And she accepted this, partly because of his constant reassurance to her that his relationship with Mellie had long become “just business”. But as soon as he found out that Mellie slept with Andrew, Fitz threw a fucking fit. He immediately punched Andrew, and yelled at Mellie for doing such a thing. And Olivia witnessed it all. She saw him go into a complete rage because Mellie did the same damn thing that she and Fitz have been doing for years. And after that, Olivia shut Mellie’s relationship with Andrew down because Fitz asked her to do it. Because he couldn’t live with knowing his wife was sleeping with someone else, despite that Mellie has known about he and Liv from the beginning. But Fitz is the President, and he needs Mellie to not sleep with anyone but him so that he can do his God damned job. 

Those are just a few examples off the top of my head of how much Liv has sacrificed for Fitz. But it doesn’t stop at just what Olivia’s sacrificed. I especially loved Cyrus’s monologue in this episode. Calling Fitz out on his “love is blind” bullshyt. Cyrus has damn near built Fitz from the damn ground up, and has gone through losing his husband in the process. Mellie was fucking raped by Fitz’s father, and stayed quiet for years because she knew the info would kill him. She also silently watched him cheat on her, and lost her only son. Everyone has sacrificed everything and then some all to make, and keep Fitz as President. And for years, Olivia saw him as being the definition of a great President. Olivia has done everything she can for Fitz not just because she loves him, but because to her, he needs to be in office. And there has even been times where she has put their love second for the sake of his presidency. She would absolutely love to run away with him to Vermont, but he needs to be the great leader she knows he can be to his country. To her, that trumps everything else, and she expected him to understand that.

But soon as shyt hits the fan, he went to fucking war.

Fitz did not think twice about sending thousands of innocent people to their death in a war that he knows is meaningless. He was damn near ready to meet the demands of any country that would have bought Olivia in the auction, no matter what sort of jeopardy America would have been put in. He completely abused his power as president, the power that Olivia clawed, scratched, and bled to get for him. In my opinion, Fitz is exactly what Olivia’s father described him to be when they confronted each other in Season 3, episode 10, “A Door Marked Exit” . A whiny, selfish, spoiled brat that can’t handle a damn thing compared to what he, Olivia, and everyone else has been through for his sake. But this is about what Olivia sees him as, the strong, firm, and ideal man to be President of the United States and do great things for his country. Yet, the man who was supposed to do everything for the good of America, is the same man she watched completely exploit his position of President, all in her name.  

And people think that she’s wrong for rejecting him?!

How would you feel if you did everything, lie, cheat, and kill, for someone to have something, only for them to prove that they would throw it away at a moments notice? Or if thousands of innocent people were killed, all so that you could be with your lover? That’s was what was going through Olivia’s mind when Fitz walked through her door expecting to get “Welcome home, I’m so glad you’re okay,” sex. So what was she supposed to do? Fly into his arms? No. She did exactly what she should have done, call him out on his stupidity, since he apparently can’t listen to anyone’s reason but hers. And she sure as shyt wasn’t about to “reward” him for being so damn reckless.  

Yes, I know that Scandal is “just a show”. But the main reason I’m writing this is not just because I like to immerse myself into a great plot, but because people saw a man get straight up rejected, and immediately started calling the woman a “heartless bitch”. And this wasn’t just men, this was from women as well. The thought that people think that if a someone fights for you, that it’s fine to completely disregard the consequences of their actions frightens me. Scandal is so damn good because the character’s actions and thoughts are real in their set circumstances. It’s what actual people would do in the given situations and personalities. Which is why my heart soared when I watched Kerry Washington act her fucking ass off and deliver that ending monologue. She was showing people that healthy love isn’t supposed to cloud your vision so much that you “drop your pants” because someone “fought” for you. The show does not promote the cheesy, romantic comedy logic where a person is do any and everything in order to get their partner, and said partner should completely disregard the consequences. To put it bluntly…

 Olivia doesn’t have “typical woman logic”, she just uses her God Damned Brain cause this isn’t a fucking fairy tale. Say what the hell you want about her, she is still the main reason I watch Scandal every Thursday, and I hope the millions of women that watch the show still look at her character in awe. 

Preference #54 All Of Me (John Legend)

Harry: You’re my end and my beginning, even when I lose, I’m winning.

“HA I win again!” You laughed, pulling in all of the chips that sat on the table into your arms.

“How in the hell..?” Harry said scratching his head.

“Beginners luck, maybe?” You said shrugging your shoulders.

“No way is this your first time playing poker.” He said playing with his hair.

“I swear Harold, I’ve never played before.” You explained.

Harry looked from you to the small mountain of poker chips that were piled up in front of you. It was roughly $5,000 dollars and you were pretty proud that you were able to collect that much your first game. He looked back at you and smiled.

“What?” You asked, suddenly becoming extremely self conscious about yourself.

“I still win” He said still smiling.

You looked down at the pile of chips and raised an eyebrow at him. I think that it was pretty clear who was the winner tonight.

“Why’s that?” You asked.

“Because at the end of the day, I get to take you home.” He said with a small chuckled.

“Oh god, that’s so cheesy, Harold. Let’s go get something to eat. My treat.” You said motioning at your chips.

Liam: What’s going on in that beautiful mind? (His P.O.V.)

I loved watching her while she was cleaning. She would put headphones on, and begin to sing along with it. Most of the time she would clean in a baggy sweatshirt and a pair of my boxers. She was always so full of life in everything that she did. How does she do it? I loved that she was always so happy go lucky, because it reminded me that I should be too. She looked up at me, pulling down her beats and smiled.

“Why are you smiling at me like that?” She laughed, pulling blankets into the bed.

“Like what?” Not fully realizing that I had been staring at her with a wide smile across my face.

“Like this..” She said mimicking my smile, and tugging on her ears.

“Are you saying that I smile like a monkey?” I asked laughing.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” She laughed laying down on the newly made up bed.

“What goes on up there?” I asked her, pointing at my head.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

I walked towards her an plopped down in bed next to her, “What do you think about? How are always so happy?”.

“I just have nothing to upset about. I have an amazing boyfriend, an amazing house and amazing friends and family. My life is just…”

“…amazing?” I said finishing her sentence.

“Yeah.” She said kissing me and pulling me onto her.

Niall: Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections.

You looked into the mirror for about the millionth time that day. You pulled at your thighs and scratched at your stomach. Hating every second that you stood there.

“Ugh…” you groaned.

You hate the way that you look. Everything. Your hair, your skin, your nose. It all made you angry. You reached or a baggy sweatshirt, and your favorite pair of yoga pants. Those are what made you feel comfortable. It was like nobody was looking at you, because you didn’t stand out. you faded into the background and you liked it that way.

Niall, your boyfriend for nearly a year and a half, walked into to find you getting, throwing on your wallflower camouflage. He ran his eyes up and down your body and smirked at you.

“Hey princess, whatcha doing?” He asked, coming over to you.

 ”Hiding.” You say shyly.

“Ahaha What do you mean hiding? You’re not doing a very good job, love.” He said wrapping his arms around you and chuckling into your neck.

You just looked down at your feet, feeling like it was a big joke. Niall soon caught on, and kissed you cheek.

“Princess, what’s wrong?” He asked.

“I just don’t like my body..” You explained.

“What?! Didn’t you see the way I looked at you when I came in here?” Niall said shocked.

“I don’t know why you did, there isn’t anything special about my body.” You sighed.

“Princess…” He said turning you around, forcing you to look at him, “You’re gorgeous, and I love everything about you. You’re body’s rockin’!”

Louis: What would I do without your smart mouth?

“Hey, Love?” Louis asked.

“Yeah?” You said.

“What are these?” He said lifting up an old pile of year books.

“Those are year books, babe.” You said sarcastically.

“You’re such a smart arse.” He laughed.

“But that’s why you love me.” You told him matter-of-factly.

“Oh now that’s debatable at this point.” He laughed.

He picked the oldest year book of the bunch and opened it up.

“Let’s just have a little looksie.” He said.

You sat down next to him, and leaned over to look at your past. It was filled with old number’s from friends, and boyfriends. There were notes from teachers, saying how much the looked forward to seeing you ‘mature’ later on in high school. You laughed at some of the inside jokes that you and your friends had made over the years. You showed him all of your old friends, and even your ex’s.

“Well, I am definitely a step up from these knobs.” He laughed.

“If that helps you sleep at night babe.” You laughed nudging his shoulder with your own.

 ”Oh, it does….Hello? Who’s this sexy lady?” He said pointing to your old freshman photo.

“Oh for fucks sake Tomlinson..” You groan.

He smirked at you pointing at your geeky braces and hairdo.

“You’re lookin’ sexy there, love.” He said pecking your cheek.

“Oh sure. Whatever, you’re just trying to get laid. ” You told him snatching your year book from him.

You ran your fingers along the edges of the torn and dusted book. It was so old and was filled with so many memories. You set it down on the table and leaned back.

“So what? You don’t believe me?” Louis asked turning his full attention from the year books and on to you.

“I don’t know. We’re always joking about, so sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.” You explained.

“Well to be clear love, whenever I am talking about how you look. I am never joking about.” He said with a completely straight face.

Zayn: I can’t stop singing, it’s ringing in my head for you.

Zayn was doodling and humming one of his solos from ‘Story of My Life’. He looked so cute, sitting on the floor watching cartoons, with a drawing pad in his lap.

"Zayn..?” You whispered.

He snapped out of his trance and looked up to you. He had one of his squinty eyed smiles. He always looked so cute when he did stuff like that.

“What is it?” He asked still smiling.

“What are you drawing?” You asked trying to peer down at his drawings.

He pulled his pad away from you, trying to hide it, “It’s a surprise.”.

“For me?” You asked.

“Yup!” He said proudly.

“Sick! Hurry up and finish it.” You told him.

“Alright, alright. I will.” He laughed

You watched him as he finish your drawing. He tore out the sheet of paper that was in his pad and brought it over to you. He smiled as you sat there and laughed. It was a drawing of you and Zayn sitting in the middle of the room. You were sitting on a stool, and he was standing in front of you will a microphone in his hand. A speak bubble was coming from his mouth that said, “…You’re hand fits in mine, like it’s made just for me.” and he was handing you a rose.

“This is perfect Z, thank you!” You told him leaning in for a kiss.

He kissed your lips, pacing one of his hand on the back of your neck before saying, “Well it wasn’t hard, all I ever have to do is look at you, when I want to make something incredible.”


guys I was coming home today and I had the worst headcanon ever because I thought about what can happen next season and then I just wanted to cry in the middle of the bus.

I imagined Regina being with Robin for a while but then she notices he’s never going to be her happy ending and she ends things with him and then she goes to talk to Emma because this is what they do now. And then she explains to Emma why she let Robin go and she says “I don’t know what he is to me exactly, but what I do know is what he isn’t. And he isn’t my happy ending, Emma. Do you know when you settle for things, when you want something so bad, something you thought you would never have, and you settle for things you realize are not what you really want, because you think the real thing, it’s never going to happen, so you settle for hope, that maybe this is what happy feels like, maybe your happy ending will be this someday. Do you know what I’m talking about?” And Regina is looking at her with hope, because she’s realizing what Emma is for her. And then Emma is looking at her with so much understanding, like she knows exactly what she’s talking about, because this is what she’s doing it with Hook. So she just says a “Yeah” and she’s looking at Regina with so much emotion in her eyes, and Regina is looking at her so damn hopeful and they share that look we all already know, that lasts seconds ans seconds. But then Emma panics because this is real, what she’s realizing, it’s real and it’s terrifying, so she runs. She says to Regina she has to do some thing and she runs. And Regina watches her go with a terrified look of herself, because she knows her happy ending is with Emma and Henry now, she just knows, but Emma still didn’t, and everything is angst and pain and I just want to cry now because my dream is Regina realizing first that she loves Emma and Emma being afraid and not accepting right away

Into Dust

Based on this post by @cosimas-niehaus and carmillatexts’s tags on said post


Into Dust

The necklace hangs from Laura’s neck,the stone a glowing red eye, staring at Carmilla. It takes her half a second to realize what it is, to recognize that she is not imagining it, that this is real, and when she does-

“Where did you get that?” she asks, hardly caring about the answer. “Get it off!” She reaches for it, her fingers spark and burn and she watches Laura’s face go blank, watches her slide sideways over the desk. She is still for a moment, a single, endless moment, and then she rises, something inside of her rises, takes over, possesses her, and turns Laura’s body to face Carmilla.

“Hello sweetheart.” The voice is devoid of life, ice cold. Is is everything that Laura is not. “I thought it was time we had a little talk.”

“Mother,” Carmilla says. The past echoes through her, calling her, remembering the last time she saw that necklace, the last time someone wore it- she pushes the memories aside but every moment in the room with it, every time she sees it in the corner of her eye they are all brought to light. It’s happening, happening again, again, again, the word pounds against her, spreading ice through every part of her body, along every nerve. “What do you want, Mother?” Disgust leaks through in each word, disgust at everything her mother stands for, everything her mother does.

She takes a moment to respond, and Carmilla watches her pace across the room, each step smooth, fluid, predatory, so unlike the natural movement of the body she’s inhabiting.

“You didn’t come when I sent for you. I can’t imagine poor William was at all unclear,” her mother says, looking over her shoulder at Carmilla. “He doesn’t have the brains for,” her lip twists up, “delicacy.” She looks like Laura, she is Laura in body at least, but so completely different. Eyes that once shone with life now glint with malice.

“If you’re going to kill me, why don’t you just come yourself?” Carmilla asks. Sometimes she thinks it might be easier, it might be worth it, sometimes she thinks that’s why she challenges her mother. She can’t tell if the words are bravery.

“Kill you?” her mother asks, eyebrows raised. It is unnatural, it is absolutely unlike Laura and Carmilla forces herself to look past the body, let her eyes slip out of focus so she doesn’t have to see it, doesn’t have to see anything. “Darling, you mustn’t move too quickly. Let’s just talk.” Her mother crosses to the computer, pulls out the flashdrive. “Without your little friends listening in.” Carmilla watches as her mother uses Laura’s hand to crush JP into pieces, drop him to the floor like dirt to be stepped on.

“You didn’t have to do that,” she says, softly. A quiet defiance.

“Yes I did,” her mother says, shaking Laura’s hand to rid it of JP’s remnants. “Threats to the sacrifice cannot be tolerated. One day you’ll understand.”

The ice engulfs Carmilla’s heart. Those same words, an utterly different time. An utterly different body. The same twisted reality, the same complete wrongness of it. A different beautiful girl turned into something inhuman, something she was never meant to be. Inside of Carmilla, a feeling breaks, reforms.

“Do you think I’m ever going to understand?” she asks. “Why you fed the only girl I’ve ever loved to an abomination?” She pretends she doesn’t love Laura. She hopes her mother will buy it. Her mind whispers that’s why mother chose this body. Admission hurts worse than denial though, and she does what she can to shut herself down, stave off the pain if only for another second.

“Darling, you’re a practical girl,” her mother says, stepping towards her. “You’ll see that everything I do, I do for the best. That silly little creature could never have loved you.”

Carmilla averts her eyes, look at the floor. The words are pulled from the past to the present, from another voice, in another body, the same necklace. A face dances across her mind. Carmilla watches her mother move another girl like a puppet. Elle. This is not random. Her mother knows she loves Laura. The fact rips through Carmilla like a knife.

“You, my glittering girl, are a diamond.” Fingers run along her forehead, pull her hair aside. Carmilla cannot remember how many times she dreamed of those fingers, of that body, of holding that hand. Her mother has turned Laura into a game piece, moves her around like a pawn. Carmilla resists the urge to flinch.

“All I’m hearing are excuses,” she says, “for why you let a supernatural suckfest turn you into its kitchen staff.” She cannot have anything left to lose and she has nothing to fight with but her voice, not against this.

“You think you’ll be the one to change all that?” her mother asks. She leans Laura’s body backward, looks at Carmilla, standing motionless. “Darling, I don’t think you’re going to get the chance.”

“What?” Carmilla looks up at her. As though in slow motion, she sees the stake appear in her mother’s hand, the one Laura kept by her bedside ever since Will tried to kill her, the one intended as protection. She reflexively brings her hands up like she can stop it, looks down at the stake being driven through her body, like she is butter and it is a warm knife.

“Say goodbye,” her mother says.

Carmilla’s body crumbles. Her mother smiles at Carmilla’s shock, at her pain, at her disbelief. It is not Laura’s smile, it is not Laura, and Carmilla looks through her body, through her mother’s dominating presence, to somewhere inside where Laura has been crammed, shoved away so her body could be stolen, abused. She wishes she could let Laura know, wishes she had told her instead of hiding, had let herself be loved one last time. She thinks she finds Laura, thinks Laura is looking out at her. There is barely enough time for a breath, to begin the words, “I lov-” and she scatters into dust across the floor.


“And I have no idea where Carmilla went, or when she’s going to get back,” Laura says into her camera. “She left me this note, but it’s not very informative.” She picks up the paper, turns it over in her fingers. Gone to get blade is all it reads, and she sighs. “I’m starting to get worried, especially with all of what’s going on and her mother….” Laura tries to think of a way to properly express how she’s feeling. “I have no idea what to do about any of this.”

She sighs as her computer dings at her. “And apparently my video cache is full from a giant raw file from Wednesday.” She furrows her brow. “But that should just be….” she clicks on it, and the screen flickers into life.

Her face goes from concerned to horrified as she watches herself – her own body – rise like a puppet on strings from her desk.

“Hello sweetheart,” the girl on the screen says. “I thought it was time we had a little talk.”

Carmilla says, “Mother,” like this has happened before, like resignation, like she knows this trick. Like she is trying to close herself up.

Laura looses track of the words, she can only see herself, what was herself, what is and is not her. Her skin crawls, her eyes track the Dean walking around in her appropriated body, moving her arms and her legs and making her mouth form words that aren’t hers. Laura doesn’t recognize it, her voice is different, her mannerisms, but it is her, it is where she grew up. Then she turns and there is a stake and Carmilla –

Laura gasps, feels everything inside of her drain out and her body becomes again in an instant not her own. She wants to take it off, discard it, wants to be anywhere but here in these bones, in these muscles, anywhere but trapped where she is.

“What is it?” Perry asks, but Laura can’t move, can’t do anything but stare at the screen where she watched Carmilla –

She can’t move, can’t breathe, she can’t think the words that Carmilla is gone is gone is gone is turned to dust behind her. Her hands raise to lie flat on her desk and she shifts her eyes to them, agents of destruction.

“Sweetie?” Perry says, crossing the room to put a hand on Laura’s shoulder. Laura pulls away involuntarily. She doesn’t want to touch this body, nobody else should either. It has been taken from her, even now, even when the Dean is gone, it is not hers.

“Carmi…” Laura begins, but her voice hitches, traps itself. She watches her body write a note, give the screen a snarling grin, then remove the necklace and collapse. She gestures at the screen. “Carmill….” she tries again.

Perry reaches over her, runs the video back, watches the clip play. This time Laura hears the words Carmilla began to say.


Laura spends a week in the shower, trying to scrub the past out from under her skin, trying to remove something that left indelible traces on her insides. She gets used to it. It takes her a month, two months, six months, to feel comfortable when she is moving her body, when she is opening her mouth. She reclaims herself slowly, but some days are good and some days are bad and some days are so hard she cannot even get out of bed, she just lays with her eyes closed and pretends that she does not exist.

The stake, picked up so carelessly from the floor, is buried under her bed. She can’t keep it, it is too much, it is too many memories all at once. She can’t get rid of it. She lives every day in Carmilla’s grave, she sees her in every dust mote, in every crack in the wooden floor. Moving out is torture and relief. The room is sacred. The room is unholy. It was blessed by Carmilla’s presence and cursed in her death. It is all Laura feels she has left of Carmilla when she was alive. Laura puts the stake in a box and leaves the box in her father’s attic. Discarding it feels like forgetting, and she cannot ever pretend to forget.

Laura does not look at her hands the same way for years. Every time she touches something she feels the stake beneath her fingers, she imagines it once again being driven through Carmilla’s heart. She tries not to touch beautiful things, tries not to brush against people. She feels tainted, she feels marked, she feels diseased.

She reads somewhere that it takes seven years for every cell in a human body to be replaced. Seven years afterwards, she still feels like something has been left in her brain, a darkness in a space from which she has been exiled. The date is burned into her memory like a brand, and on the seventh anniversary she shoves her way into the darkness and she comes away knowing what Carmilla’s mother knew.

There is not a day Laura does not regret putting on that necklace. There is not a day she doesn’t think to herself if only if only if only she had not made that one stupid decision, she had not attributed to Carmilla’s love something that was an act of evil. If only if only if only if only.

Finally she lets herself be touched. She is hesitant to touch, she feels the destruction beneath every movement, but she learns everything again, relearns what it is like to be with someone she loves. Her hands stop feeling like wrecking balls and become sliding glass doors. A way in, a way out. When she needs them to be, a barrier.

One night she stands under the stars, looks up at the night sky Carmilla loved. Sometimes she imagines Carmilla has become a star, watches her from above. She hears those words again. I lov- and she whispers into the void, “I love you too.”

anonymous asked:

I'm actually happy Margaret is back

That’s good, she can come back.


She can not try and get back with Mordo and here’s why:

-She knew what she was doing when she started trying for a relationship with him. She was trying to go to her dream college the entire time she was dating around, including when she realized she had feelings for him.

-She pursued him just like he pursued her, she was the one who kissed him first(excluding when he chickened out) . She could have kept him in the friend zone the entire time, she made the choice to give him hope they could be together.

-she destroyed any chance they had of ever getting together or even having a friendship.

- she could have at least said “look i wanna focus on my education, why don’t we remain friends and if we still want to try this again when I come back let’s”

-she had no contact with mordo just left him hanging completely, from watching the eps it doesn’t seem like she talks to eileen and if she does she should know mordo moved on and hes happy.

-you can’t just date assholes, Break the guy who loved you and always did anything/everything for you after leading him on then expect him to fall all over you again. And if you do, you’re so stuck up you can barely function.

So if she comes back and they all end up friends great! But she destroyed any chances of this relationship existing when she left and ruining his relationship with CJ because he’s that selfish is cruel.

fire and ice

TITLE: Fire and Ice

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT:   Chapter 11

AUTHOR:  Rainefyre

ORIGINAL IMAGINE:  http://imagine-loki.tumblr.com/post/99182374348/imagine-loki-meeting-a-woman-during-his-attack-of



          It had been four months since Tara had tried to take her own life and three months since she had left New York for her “vacation”.  She had called and spoken with Tony weekly, but had otherwise vanished.

          “So how is Tara,” Loki asked Tony casually one morning.  He tried not to do it often, so as not to appear too interested.

          “Missing her, are you?” Tony asked with a smirk.

          “Not in the slightest, Stark.  I’m just working on pretending to care about Midgardian niceties.  I do go public next week, after all.”

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