why do i love tragic ships

“Why do you ship the things you ship? It’s all kind of random.” Okay, but, is it though? I ship the sad, tragic, needs love desperately boy who is a monumental fuckup 95% of the time with the brilliant, smart, a little rough around the edges girl who is the source of light in the world for their partner. Give me badass women who force their partners to step up to the plate to be worthy of them. Give me brilliant, well-developed women who don’t need love but have room in their lives for it. Give me independent, run-this-world women. And give me co-dependent-holy-shit-she’s-amazing-please-love-me men.

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10 Reasons why you need to watch Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

1) The characterization is done superbly such that there’s no clear-cut black and white, good and evil, just like in reality - and the best part is that you know what drives each character’s motivations and why they think the way they do.

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2) Wang So and Hae Soo form one of the most beautiful love lines ever - instead of needing each other just for the sake of it, Wang So truly depends on Hae Soo to find love and acceptance, while Hae Soo relies on Wang So for protection as she navigates an unknown world.

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3) Wang Wook and Hae Soo’s love story is so tragic! I really wish this ship could have sailed but it sunk like the Titanic and I was sad. I want to hate Wang Wook but I can’t, and there’s something in his personality that really draws me to him.

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4) So. Many. Hot. Actors. Plus they’re not just handsome, they’re really great at acting too!

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5) Taeyeon, who is, like, my favourite OST Queen of all time, sang the OST for the drama!! Plus her OST is kind of like Wang Wook and Hae Soo’s theme song and it hits me in the feels in all the right places.

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6) If you’ve watched the original Chinese version (bubujingxin) or read the novel, you would know how amazing this adaptation is because they managed to mould the storyline to fit Korean history, while at the same time preserving several key scenes/motifs/symbols from the original.

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7) Even the sub-characters are developed so well that you feel something for them when they die.

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8) Baek Ah and Woo Hee~ If my Wook-Soo ship can’t sail, at least let this cute couple get together. I’m really excited to see where this relationship will go.

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9) It’s rare for a historical Korean drama to go so far back into Korean history. The only one I can think of is Great Queen Seondeok and maybe Hwarang when it comes out later in the year (plus it features Taehyung from BTS! Much excites!). So this series is “new” in it’s own way and I guess that’s why some customs (like marriage between half-siblings) is weird to the viewers.

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10) Jisoo-Joohyuk bromance everywhere.

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FUCK i'm imagining Coran sneaking into the Alfor memory whatever place now. I'm imagining how much it hurt when Allura was forced to destroy the memories. I AM IMAGINING WHEN THEY FIRST WOKE UP AND CORAN COULDNT GRIEVE BECAUSE THE PRINCESS IS MORE IMPORTANT. SHE IS WHAT ALFOR LOVED MORE THAN ANYTHING FUCK


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Aomine or kagami & Mikorei or shinoyama

The first choice is easy; Definitely Aomine over Kagami.

But why must you burn me with these two tragic ships hmm? Why? Why do you hate me?

I am. Going to have to choose. Fuck. Shinoyama. Simply because. Mikorei.. it was forbidden love. It had to end that way. Mikoto accepted it and. Fuck I just. Keep thinking about Reisi going back after it happened and breaking down. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME

Shinoyama tho. They… never had the chance. You know? Fucking Shino KNEW he knew. And Yamagi will be left forever with the guilt and the “what ifs” and I just. They could have been so happy together and it just ended so so… my heart is breaking.

Yet another translation (German Script) ~ You got to love german Haurchefant

Haurchefant (GER): Wie ich deine Rückkehr ersehnt habe. Jede Stunde wartete ich darauf, deine prachtvolle Gestalt unversehrt zu erblicken.

Haurchefant (EN): How I’ve longed for you to return. I was waiting every hour for a chance to see your marvellous figure unharmed. *

Haurchefant (GER): Du weißt, dass mein heißes Herdfeuer immer für dich brennen wird. Je kälter die Nacht, desto enger muss man zusammenrücken, nicht wahr?

Haurchefant (EN): You know that my hot herdth will always burn for you. The colder the night, the closer one has to move together, isn’t that true?

[* This sentence is a pain in the …
I’m sure you get the gist of it, however, I’m not satisfied with how it turned out though.
Well, he only wants to stress how much he has missed the ‘gorgeous’ body of the Warrior of Light and how glad he is that nothing has harmed us.
Although us leaving him must have hurt more than any fight we’ve experienced.]

Unfortunately, I only have one screenshot (first sentence) to accompany my translation which I’m going to post later on.
Back then, I wasn’t able to make decent screenshots and that’s why I have only one screenshot of this awesome scene.

I mean, he’s clearly hitting on you… He doesn’t even hide his attraction towards you.

Ah, I just love the fact that the german translators didn’t change his flirty personality.

What is Castiel’s mission?

I really don’t want to get too optimistic but I feel like the narration has been asking that question for years. What is Cas’ driving motivation beyond his tragic, unyielding desire to do good for humanity above his brothers and sisters? Ben Edlund answered that question years ago, with the episode that got at least half of us to ship destiel and it was Dean. “I’m doing this for you. I’m doing this because of you.” As lovely as all that was, it appeared that Gamble never intended to then answer what that really means since she was going to kill Castiel off.

So, why have a character ask Cas this question? If you watch the show, you know what Castiel’s mission is. It’s Dean. The narrative has made that clear, over and over this season. Cas is sick and dying and has a potential love interest hanging about and all he wants to do is run to Dean. Shit going on with Heaven. Not this season dudes, too busy trying to solve Dean’s MoC problem. So to make the narrative actual text, might mean something. It might mean that Carver will actually answer what it means that Dean is Cas’ mission.

okay i have to say this

i think a lot of people don’t understand how important it is for a couple to NOT get together immediately when it’s established that they both have feelings for each other and want to be together.

i get that a lot of your hearts are broken and crying,mine too of course,this is all tragic and heartbreaking but it’s so epic, steroline is becoming one of the most important ships in television ever..i don’t know why some people still can’t see that.

stefan literally said what they have can be BETTER than anything else he had,better than “true love” do you understand the importance of that???

we’re always worried and thinking “what if they’re not endgame?” “what if they don’t continue with steroline” “what if stefan doesn’t have feelings for her and they become friends again” “what if he’s with her out of pity” and in the past couple of episodes the writers turned down all of our fears IN THE BEST possible way,they made all of haters’ arguments look the stupidest arguments ever and some of you are still worried…i just don’t get it

it’s gonna be sad and we’re gonna get sad and emotional scenes,especially as a hardcore caroline stan my heart is broken i’m hurting for my baby i really am but this is gonna be so good for her character AND for her relationship with stefan…

if you wanted them to get together and just be happy i’m sorry but you should think about it again…stefan and elena had this,they were happy and cute and romantic and their love was going to last forever and they were together since the begining and look how they ended up…do you really want this for steroline as well?

the more they get to become an official couple the b e t t e r

if they got together now,then what?they’d be happy for a couple episodes and then it’d get boring,repetitive or the show should have to end and they’d get a happy ending but the show is not ending…so they can’t be together just yet..

but the message is clear,steroline is the deal,the writers wouldn’t put all this hard work into it,they wouldn’t kill e v e r y  argument the haters ever had , they wouldn’t make stefan say those things , they wouldn’t make them go through all of this if they didn’t want them to have a happy ending at some point..

this is just how it works in television and you know it

so,for your own good,don’t be bitter or scared,  enjoy this  ,

enjoy this beautiful love story that we’re getting,believe me it’s worth all the pain.

guys Hiro found love again :’) and they didn’t just love each other but Anne accepted Nathan as her own and they raised him together and she accepted Hiro’s ability and their son’s destiny and loves them so much that she’s staying true to this ‘destiny’ with doing everything she can to protect Nathan since Hiro probably sacrificed himself for them. I JUST


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