why do i love these kinds of images the most

A story that may have relevance for others, or then again, maybe not:

When I was in college, about ten or so years ago, I was a history major. I wanted to learn to dance, so I joined a swing dance club on campus. To my surprise, this club had about twice as many men as women (in high school, the last time I’d tried dancing, the ratio had gone the other way–lots of girls, and boys only that you could drag by their ears).

But apparently, there had been some kind of word spread specifically to the STEM guys that dance was a way that they could meet girls.

So anyway. I joined the swing dance club, and met a few guys. And at one point, when socializing with the guys outside of dance class, one of them asked me what my research was on. (I had already established that I was an honors history student doing a thesis, just as he had established that he was an honors… I’m not sure if he was CS or Math, but it was one of those.)

So I gave him the thumbnail sketch of my research. Now, to be clear, an honors senior thesis, while nothing like what a graduate student would do, was still fairly in-depth. I had to translate primary sources from the original late-Classical Latin. (My professor said, basically, that while there were plenty of translations of my source material, that I’d only be able to comfortably trust them if I had at least made a stab at a translation of my own. And he was right.) And there was so much secondary material, often contradictory, that I had been carefully sorting through.

But I was able to sift it into a three-sentence summary of my senior thesis work, you know, as one does.

So I gave him that summary, and then asked–since he was also an undergraduate senior doing an honors thesis–what his research was on.

“Oh,” he said, “you wouldn’t understand it.”

Reader, I went home in a frothing rage. Because I had thought we were playing one game–a game of ‘let’s talk about what we’re passionate about!’– and he had been playing another game, which was, one-upsmanship. I had done my best to give a basically understandable brief of my research–and he had used that against me. As if my research, my painstaking translation, my digging through archives and ILLs of esoteric works, my reading of ten thousand articles in Speculum (yes, the pre-eminent medievalist journal in North America is called Speculum, I’m sorry, it’s hilarious/sad but also true), and then my effort to sum it up for him, was nothing. Because his research into some kind of algorithm or other was just too complex for my tiny brain to conceive of. Because I just couldn’t possibly understand his work.

Now, the important note here is that the person I went home to was my senior year roommate. She was a graduate student–normally undergrads and graduate students couldn’t be roommates, but we’d been friends for years, and the tenured faculty-in-residence used his powers for good and permitted us to be roommates that year. Anyway. My senior year roommate was basically… in retrospect I think possibly an avatar of Athena. She was six feet tall, blonde, attractive in a muscular athletic way, a rock climber and racquetball player, sweet but sharp, extremely socially awkward, exceptionally kind even when it cost her to be kind, and an incredibly brilliant computer science major who spent most of her time working on extremely complicated mathematical algorithms. (Yes, I was a little in love with her, why do you ask? But she was as straight as a length of rope, and is now happily married, and so am I, so it worked out.)

(Still, yes, she is my mental image of Athena, to this day.)

Anyway, I came home in a frothing rage to my roommate, the Athena avatar. And I said, “He made me feel like such an idiot, that I could sum up my research to him but his research was just too smart for stupid little me.”

And she shut her book, and smiled at me, with her dark eyes and her high cheekbones and her bright hair, and said, “If he can’t explain his research to you, then he’s not nearly as smart as he thinks he is.”

Now I hesitated, because I’d be in college long enough to have sort of bought into the ridiculous idea that if you couldn’t dazzle them with your brilliance, you should baffle them with your bullshit. But she said, “Look, I’ve been doing work on computer science algorithms that have significantly complicated mathematical underpinnings. What do I do?”

And I said, “Genetic algorithms–that is, self-optimizing algorithms–for prioritization, specifically for scheduling.”

“Right,” she said. “You couldn’t code them because you’re not a computer scientist or a mathematician. But you can understand what I do. If someone can’t explain it like that, it isn’t a problem with you as a person. It’s a problem with them. They either don’t understand it as well as they think they do–or they want to make you feel inferior. And neither is a positive thing.”

So. There.

If you are looking into something and have a question, and someone treats you like an idiot for not understanding right away… here is what I have to say: maybe it isn’t you who is the idiot.

Y’all can’t hold a torch to @xxtorchxx

Favorite thing about creating?

The challenge. I love the challenge of manips and seeing the end result.

What part of creating do you hate most?

When my eyes bleed. As an artist working on something for a couple hours, the image can get lost in you, or look good to you but weird to others. That’s why I started reaching out to a couple people to lend me their eyes. (Luce, Al, Sus and Octo depending on who’s available - always Luce tho cause she will kick my ass)

What inspires you to create something?

Emotion. Every image invokes some kind of feeling. I usually see potential for something while looking at screen shots and run with it.

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jessicafuckingjones  asked:

Sarah HOW DO YOU BRAINSTORM PLOTS my mind is a mess of half-baked ideas that wouldn't work

Plots, I can’t help you with so much. Plotting isn’t my forte. But I can maybe help you get half-baked ideas to a fully baked souffle, and the way you do that is by fucking up a lot of souffles to be honest, but I’m here to offer my advise on how you gain quite a lot by fucking up those souffles for a while

SO: margotkim’s patented Idea Development Help Guide That Might Be Useful?™


This is literally the only method I have for coming up with ideas solid enough that I can plot the out: I have one image I want to work towards, and then I work out all the things that I have to figure out for it to happen.


  • and I mean really don’t worry about logic or reason or even if anyone else will think it’s cool, that’s just gonna get in the way at this point. This is working on the image of the kind of strange stories you tell yourself as you wait to fall asleep. 
  • So I have this image I’ve been thinking about of a magic fight that takes place in an old looking gothic church with no ceiling, shattered stain glass, ivy growing up. The columns that lead up to where the ceiling should be lead up into nothing but pure white, outside the windows are pure white, it is clear this place is outside the world we know. Up around the place where the ceiling should be, there’s a winged black shadow. Underneath there’s a man in hospital scrubs in a wheelchair with a shotgun. 
  • Or I have this other idea that I’ve been thinking about, where two characters face each other in a room, and all I know about them is that they are on the same side, they knew each other, but one of them is younger and a wunderkund who messed something up tremendously, and the other is older and their teacher and she has to figure out how to punish this other character who is simultaneous a good person and someone who did something very very wrong. 
    • This image is bookmarked with a line of dialogue from the Walking Dead video game where your character says, “You’re not a bad man, but what the fuck are we supposed to do now.” I bring this up because fiction often inspires other fiction in strange and indirect ways, and you should always pay attention to your influences to use them as scaffolds for your own ideas, which can often mean being inspired to veer off deliberately in the opposite direction. Never underestimate how inspiring it can be to have a model to work against. 

So that is some free association in two different ways there, but it’s super vivid to me. I know what these scenes looks like, and I understand and find interesting the emotions involved. I just don’t why they are happening. 

and actually hold on a sec.


  • I’m sure you have an image where you’re like “badass badass badass” or “SO EMOTIONAL OH GOSH” or “these two characters are culminating their love, also who are they”, but you might think that that isn’t the basis for a story. And listen. You gotta put yourself in the place where you trust your brain enough to follow the random bullshit it spits out. 
  • I used to draw this line in my head between “respectable story ideas” and “random terrible daydreams that make me very happy but no one else will understand”, and that was a bad call because the ideas that make you passionate and make you want to think about them all night are the ideas you should nurture
  • and look
  • the majority of these images start with things like: 
  • because the images that reach past your idea of what a good story is supposed to be to squeeze your heart are the images that drive you to create
  • the ideas that give you utter joy but you think are untranslatable to other people are the ideas that are worth the time to translate
    • writing is a long act of trying to get a reader to see something you are creating out of nothing. 
    • it’s an act of conjuring
    • it’s a pain in the ass 
    • regardless of whether it’s an academic paper or a twelve novel epic fantasy series
    • so it might as well be a pain in the ass you’re passionate about. 

for me, the best ideas are also embarrassing. if you don’t feel a little awkward about explaining it to someone, it isn’t intimate enough to you to be a story that no one but you could tell. 

okay? moving on.


  • church fight scene image
    • for me, the man is the clear entry point into this image, which has almost too many elements to work out. the man is human
      • when working with genre work, a rule of thumb I find helpful: the genre elements should support the character and themes you want your characters to explore
      • if working with people is easier for you than working with genre elements (and genre btw can be romance, magic, mystery, anything, we’ll use genre as a shorthand for “the elements that determine where in the library a book gets shelved”), then build your characters and then build genre elements off that
      • if working with genre elements is easier for you, reverse engineer a character that thematically suits your genre elements that you want to work with
      • realistically you’ll develop both elements together, each organically pushing the other in new directions
      • but it’s easier to start somewhere
      • so let’s start with the man 
    • who is the man
      • why is he in the wheelchair?
        • is he in a wheelchair because of something within the story you are telling or as something that happened seperate of the story you are telling
        • and as a corollary to think about: what about this man did he start this story with and what did he gain/lose over the course of this story
      • where did he get a shotgun?
      • if the man is in scrubs, does that mean he was in a hospital before?
        • was he a patient? doctor? nurse? tech? criminal? 
      • is he equipped in anyway to handle this problem?
      • is he going to be played by oscar isaac?
        • spoiler warning: yes. he is going to be played by oscar isaac
      • what does the man feel at this moment? 
      • what has the man done to get here?
      • how does the man’s external situation reflect his internal? 
        • what can the scuttling shadow thing reflect? why does it matter that he’s in a strange unworldly church? why is he handling this situation with a gun?
        • we sometimes talk about THEMES as this thing that just exists for english majors to write essays about, but THEMES are tremendously useful to writers as well. they ask you “what is this story about?” in a way that helps you construct a world that allows you to explore your answer
        • for example: this story will be about loneliness. the main character will suffer from loneliness. the antagonist will exacerbate their loneliness. the side characters will provide different views on loneliness. the solution to the problem will in some way address loneliness. 
          • which could be something like: a man who isolates himself because he doesn’t want to risk emotional connection with people suffers tremendously from loneliness which only causes him to isolate himself more as he feels less and less capable of approaching people. the monster is something that snatches people from the world without a trace. by the end, the man might very well be the last person on earth, in a place that’s the last place on earth, and now utter isolated, he has to fight the monster alone. 
          • this is a super loose construction, but it’s a beginning 
    • then reach outside the image
      • first, reach outside the image altogether, back into the world of your own head and ask questions like: what kind of plots do I find interesting? what kind of works does this image remind me of? what connections am I making that I don’t unerstand yet why I’m making them? 
        • most useful question for me, because I’m a character girl girst and foremost: what kind of characters do I always love? I’ve got like five stock characters I love in every situation, which one works the most interestingly here? The Reserved Good Man Who Is Punished For Doing The Right Thing? The Badass Character Who Is Secretly A Dork But Also Secretly Has A Super Dark Past? The Normal Person Who Does Their Best Amidst Forces Far More Powerful Than Them? 
          • I plug in different characters I like and see how the image changes
          • I see which one makes me immediately want to know more
    • second, reach outside the immediate image you have to explore what’s on either side of it
      • what happened one minute before this image? and one minute before that? and one minute before that?
        • what happened ten years before that? 
        • how do you link those two times?
      • if the man wins, what’s the next hour look like? 
        • what about if the monster wins?
        • what does it mean in this story to win? 
      • what characters that matter aren’t in this picture?
        • did someone give the man a shotgun?
        • did someone unleash the monster? 
        • is the man fighting for someone besides himself? 
        • who does the monster love, if the monster loves?
    • and literally keep going
      • just ask question after question after question after question after question, because one question will suggest the next, and each answer will create new questions, and the questions that you think to ask will be as informative as the answers you come up with
        • for example for this story, towards the end I started asking questions about the monster winning, who does the monster love, who unleashed the monster, and the wording made me realize that I’m interested in a monster that’s sympathetic
        • but my image is dependent on a horrific monster
        • the combination of horrific and sympathetic, combined with the desolate beauty of the church, is pointing me towards a specific theme and mood that will help me define my story 
  • two people at a table scene (I’ll do this one quicker, I promise) 
    • for human drama, I think instantly on two character types I both love, and how can I put them against each other
    • or what’s a dynamic that I’ve always wanted to see done a different way
      • in this case, I immediately think “the young viewpoint character of any action/genre show who is good at stuff without trying, and their rival/mentor who works really hard at stuff and puts effort in but doesn’t have the same natural talent” 
      • and this is a case of reaching outside the image to the box of things I know I like, because often times making a story is bringing together:
        • new inspiration, and 
        • old loves
    • and then when I think of the trope that interests me that works in this moment, I think of where I have seen that trope, and the ways I have wanted it to play out differently
    • then I think about the setting that would bring this trope out best
      • and this decision is influenced heavily by the things I like
      • the things I like are spies and bureaucracy (babe, I fucking LOVE stories about bureaucracy, which is weird, I know, but is also the thing that Me, Myself, and I bring to this story that most other people won’t)
      • and so this story is now about a younger rising star spy who disobeyed orders on a mission because she thought she knew the right thing to do better than anyone else, and the older more trained and experienced spy who has to deal with her
        • an important element of my story from the beginning is that both women are good people but the younger one has done something Wrong, and to avoid false drama, it has to be something genuinely bad 
        • so her breaking orders on a mission resulted in friendly fire where the younger one accidentally shot and killed her ally
        • and for the sake of drama, let’s say the person she shot and killed was the older woman’s good friend
          • and there’s the beginning of a plot

IT’S SO LONG, I hope this is helpful to you, and here’s the cliffnotes:

  • release yourself from your own judgment and explore the images, tropes, and ideas that make you truly excited
  • and make sure that you are really, really excited about the idea
  • because that excitement is what’s going to power the aggressive interrogation of your own idea that lets you create a truly thought-out, living world 
  • and once you have asked yourself all these questions about your image, you’ll find that your questioning leads you to the themes you find powerful and the actions you find exciting, and this will help you coalesce all these questions and answers into a plot that combines and drives themes, actions, genre, and character  
CS fan video rec

Only two weeks without OUAT, but I miss them so much … I have a kind of obsession with CS fan videos, I need my daily dose to be able to survive the hiatus. Maybe the reason why I like these videos is because I am unable to do that, I have no patience. Finding the most appropriate images, choosing the best song, adapting the images to the music and lirycs …

So I’ve decided to share some of my favorite videos for different reasons. Creators deserve appreciation for their great job.

  • I’m totally in love with this video. It is a perfectly well-edited vídeo, the choice of the song, the background voices, the images. Everything. it’s amazing. @ellegirlie77  recommended it to me and I could not be more grateful for that. 4:21 min of perfection.

Hook & Emma || Help (I can feel the darkness coming…)

  •  I love all the videos edited by @xxmitikasanaxx. This is the latest, but all her other videos are also wonderful. Beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Just watch it and enjoy.

Hook & Emma || “The man i want you to remember.” [5x11] 

  • This is one of my favorite videos of the winter finale. I love the song choice, I can not stop listening to it. The editing is perfect. By @gss42x

Silhouettes | Emma & Hook

  • This video was published after the end of the fourth season, but seems so right for what we have experienced this season. Goosebumps. Another perfect edition.

[OUAT] - Darkness is a funny thing - Emma/Killian

your love is my drug | hook&emma

fionnagamer  asked:

Hi! I have one question, I'm new so if you answer this before maybe I didn't notice... Why your Frisk's draws have a pink ribbon in her right hand? Sorry if I bother you... Ah, and I love how do you draw, :) <3 PD: I have a very bad English... Sorry

No worries at all! Your English is great. I can understand it perfectly. Also thanks very much for the kind compliment. :)

Most my images are based on my first neutral playthrough where I picked up the ribbon and toy knife and equipped them as soon as I got them. Then.. forgot that equips were a thing. So I went through the whole game having a rougher time until I could not for the life of me beat Asgore. My brother then pointed out that I could equip literally anything and it would be better.

That’s why Frisk always has the faded ribbon.


**I’ve been feeling a bit (a lot) self conscious about my body here lately and who better to help with that then the precious angel who is Luke?**

You heard a knock on the door.

“He cannot be here this early!” You said outloud to yourself.

You had just gotten out of the shower, hair a wet mess, no makeup, and just a robe wrapped around you.

“Who is it?” You hollered.

“Your boyfriend!” You heard him say.


“Just a sec!” You shouted at the door.

“Baby hurry up its freezing out here!”


You reluctantly opened up the door but seeing his beautiful wide smile made everything okay.

“Just get out of the shower?” He asked as he hugged you tight.

“Haha maybe…you’re early” you said giggling.

“I know I’m sorry, rehearsals got out a bit early and I decided to come on. I missed you” he said and kissed your lips.

“Awww so sweet. I missed you too” You said smiling back at him and scrunching up your nose.

“Are you hungry?” You asked him.

“Surprisingly not really” he said and shrugged.

“Hmmm” you said with your arms wrapped around him. “Are you tired?”

“Exhausted” he said holding you tight.

“Awww poor baby. I know you, you are hungry so why don’t you go upstairs and pick us out a movie and I’ll pop us some popcorn?” You said giving him a gentle peck on the cheek.

“Okay” he said smiling and kissed your lips.

You heard him head upstairs and you went into the kitchen to pop the popcorn, completely forgetting that you weren’t the least bit dolled up like normal.

The microwave dinged and you took the popcorn out, slightly burning your hand at the steam.

“Ouch!” You said out loud and sucked on the spot.

You grabbed the popcorn and a big bowl and headed upstairs to join him.

He was such a sight to see. Bright blue eyes, golden hair slightly quiffed, black skinny jeans, and a slipknot tank. Perfection.

You climbed into bed with him and snuggled up under the covers.

“Tada!” You said as you poured the popcorn into the bowl.

“Magnificent!” He said giving you goofy face.

You two giggled and began eating your popcorn.

You turned to face him.

“Open wide!” You said and positioned yourself to where you could throw a piece in his mouth.

He opened his mouth as wide as it would go and you threw it completely missing.

“Aww my turn!” He said and you opened your mouth wide.

He hit your eye and you grabbed it laughing hysterically.

“Oh no! I’m so sorry!” He said laughing and reaching to hold you.

“I’m fine!” You said giggling. “My turn again if I can see where I’m aiming now.”

He gave a pout and you winked at him.

“Open up big boy” you said concentrating hard.

You aimed and shot one right in his mouth.

“YES! VICTORY!” You said clapping and doing a little dance.

“GET IN!” He said laughing and high fived you, grabbing your hand and kissing you causing you both to fall down, him on top.

“You’re crazy wildcat” you said smiling at him.

He just smiled and shook his head looking you in the eyes.

You looked into his and ran your fingers through his hair. You couldn’t help but to kiss him again.

It was different this time, the playfulness had ended, his kiss felt hungry, wanted, needed.

His hands started to roam your body. You two had made out before, but he had never seen you naked.

His hands started to roam down to the belt on your robe, undoing it and causing it to come open revealing nothing but your bare chest and cheeky panties.

You quickly shot upright and closed it quickly completely frazzled.

He looked so confused.

“Uh..im sorry…I didn’t know…I thought you wanted me to…” he said embarrassed, eyes wide.

“No, no I’m sorry. I just. I really like you and I don’t want you to see this.” You said quickly.

“See what?” He asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Me. All of me. It’s not what you’d expect. Not what you’re used to.” You said feeling like you could burst into tears at any moment.

“What I’m used to?” He asked curiously.

You sat back down on the bed with him.

“Yes Luke. I’m not like those girls. I don’t have rock hard abs or even abs for that matter. My ass isn’t tight and my hips aren’t tiny. My thighs are big and I’m not beautiful like them.”

“What are you talking about?” He asked looking hurt.

“Please Luke, don’t play dumb. You are used to absolutely beautiful girls. I’m so average, I don’t fit the bill, I don’t look like someone that you would chose.”

“How the hell do you know who I’ve been with and what I like? And for the record I think that you are absolutely beautiful. I think that you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. You have curves, I love your curves. I really love them. You’re right though, you’re not like the other girls I’ve been with.” He said.

“I know…they are skinny and …” You started to say.

“No. It has nothing to do with that. They are not kind and down to earth like you. They don’t make me laugh or smile like you. They don’t make my day better just by them being in the room or sending me a message. They don’t care about people the way that you do. You don’t get it. I’m not with you for your body and appearance, although I think that you’re perfect. I’m with you for you. Why are you with me?”

“What?” You asked confused.

“You heard me. Why are you with me? Is it because of my image, my name?” He asked condescending and got up off of the bed.

“No! It’s because you are sweet and gentle and kind. You’re funny and you make me laugh and smile. I trust you, I love being with you. You’re down to earth and caring and you’re just real. You’re the coolest, most dorky, goofy person that I know and I adore you. You have eyes that make me melt and your smile can make all of the bad days go away.” You said honestly.

“So my body and my name and none of that bullshit matters to you?” He asked again.

“No. You do. What’s inside of your heart.” You said staring him in the eyes and walking towards him, stopping right in front.

He started to undo your robe slowly.

“Exactly baby. I used to be self conscious too, I thought that I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t fit enough, but somehow I gained confidence. I had to fake it til I made it and every now and again I still feel like I look gross or I’m not good enough. I’ve felt like I’m not good enough for you. The way you care for people, you’re just so…good. You’re one of a kind and honestly I probably don’t deserve you, but that’s not gonna stop me. Please never think that you’re not good enough for me, that you’re not all that I want. Because you are. I want every bit of you. I want to show you that. Will you let me?” He asked with pleading in his eyes.

You shook your head yes.

He shook his head yes too and your robe dropped to the ground.

“Beautiful” He said and kissed your lips holding you tight, making all of your insecurities go away.

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Do you have a favorite talking heads song?

“This must be the place"I had two songs I wanted to skate too in fully flared but they got shut down… I think it was, "your love is on fire” and “I know you girlfriend” both talking heads. Those might not be the titles of the songs but those we my picks before kind diamond.. I hate that song now! Public image was the song I wanted the most and ty shut it down … It would of been really good I don’t know why. They were trying to make me the hesh kid at the time also i wanted to skate to face to face daft punk alive version but that got shut down too. I think ty made an edit of it somewhere.