why do i love them so much

Shea comforting Nina in Untucked and telling her to never get defeated bc it wouldn’t do Nina nor all the little black girls that they’re representing justice is why I love her so fucking much. Bitch both, I love both of them sfm! God bless these talented ass, black queens supporting one another.

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This is an appreciation post ! Here are the rules : ☁ tag at least 3 small not-so-famous simblrs and tell us why you think they're underrated ☁ tag at least 3 of your most active followers and tell us why you love them ☁ tag at least 3 blogs you're not mutual with but would like to ☁ Pass it on to at least 3 of your tumblr friends !

Got it, lets do this! 


@sarrasims - I love Sara’s Olsen legacy, it doesn’t get enough attention in my opinion, she’s also a really kind and lovely person! 

@theartofqueenie - You can tell just by looking at anything Queenie posts how much time and effort she’s put into it, she never uploads anything less that perfect, she’s great!

@momobunniisims - I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Momo is the light of this community and doesn’t get as much love as she deserves, her screenshots and editing skills are outstanding! 


@literallywhothe - Ale is so supportive, she’s always in my notifications giving me love I don’t deserve and I truly appreciate her.

@momobunniisims - Momo. Likes. Everything. She is my biggest fan and I love her for it, I always get so happy when I get a Momo love spam. 

@koffeecake - The same as Ale and Momo, Maddy is my other biggest fan, she’s brilliant. 


@wildlyminiaturesandwich, @penny-plumbob & @lumialoversims are actually the only three blogs I follow that I aren’t mutuals with which works out well, I love them all, they got some talentttttt. ♥

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heyo! i really love your gemsonas, and i have a question. how did you create outfits for them? do you go towards practical use then style, or the other way around? thanks and have a nice day!!

Actually I try to incorporate what their gem symbolizes + which diamond they would rule under into how I design their clothing!

For  my aqua, since aquamarines symbolize courage, fluidity of the mind and soul, and water, and he served directly under bd while in homeworld, I tried to make his homeworld outfit something flowy and open (hence why so much of his bare skin shows but his outfit still includes a cape/shoulder drape), but complex enough to show he was of higher status than say a jasper or a ruby (who have fairly simple outfits), as well as falling under the bd court aesthetic (eyes covered, long swooshy hair, bare feet, poofy/flowy clothing). And for current aqua since he no longer serves under bd and is more dauntless his outfit focuses more on practicality (vs class and creativity) while still having that water-like/swimsuit look.

Same applies for moonstone, I looked up the stone symbolism and picked her diamond (and social class) and used that to design her outfit. Moonstone is for fertility and hope so I not only filed her as a gem incubation caretaker but also tried to make her outfit elegant and very motherly in a hera aesthetic sort of way (making her more curved like rose and garnet, the soft color tones, sheer skirt for the goddess look, etc) as well as adding bd court aesthetics (barefoot, flowy clothing, eye(s) covered by hair). 


Caius is insecure in himself and his place in his coven, and Aro knows that, but out of the blue and after literally three-thousand years of being a coven that rules by Aro/Caius/Marcus/Sulpicia/Athenodora and only ever them, Aro just casually invites Carlisle, a vampire with no power or significant talent what so ever and just?? invites him to become this high-ranking coven member, that surpasses the role of a ‘guard’ entirely, and essentially places him on equal levels with the rest of the leaders. 

And then there’s Caius, who’s been fretting over something like this since day one, Caius who has no talent and powers that would otherwise give him a secure position in a coven that puts supernatural abilities over everything else, and the very same Caius that was probably absolutely convinced he was being replaced by Carlisle, and given all the circumstances why would he have reason to believe otherwise?

i started this blog in high school. i thought it was a cool hobby and something to keep me out of trouble. and it did. and it helped me with a lot of stuff actually. and right now, thats exactly what i need it to do, considering i have no one else.

it is extremely hard to give something up. something or someone you love so much and just to give it all away. its terrifying. and that might be something i have to do. i have been with my boyfriend for 8 years. eight. years. thats more than a third of my life. and i am completely in love with him. our relationship is terrible. horrifying actually. but there are just so many things i still love about him. its hard being away from someone you love for so long and watching them drift away and become this whole new person. 

quick pause. i recently watched 13 reasons why. and i feel like a lot of people do not like it. tbh, i don’t think I’ve ever related to something more in my life. okay not the rape or witnessing rape or anything like that. but a lot of what she went through, i did in high school too. and it sucked. and i almost killed myself in high school because of how bad it was. but i didn’t because my best friend stopped me and made sure i got better.

before i go on, no i am not going to kill myself or hurt myself in any way, like i said, i just need somewhere to let it all out.

well. here i am again. miserable. upset. all around not okay. all i need is someone to talk to and i honestly just feel like i have no one. you can’t just tell someone it gets better.  please..tell me how. because I’ve waited and waited and it seems to only be getting worse. just everything is getting worse. you get to a point where you are like.. what is the point? there is no guarantee that it is going to get better so why keep trying?

my boyfriend does not try in our relationship. he puts minimal effort, if any effort at all. in december, he didn’t speak to me for two weeks because he didn’t know what he wanted. after begging him to come back to me, he did. first week back at school, he told me he liked another girl. then pretended like nothing happened. at the end of january, i realized my depression was getting bad again. and that i should really see someone (like i have in the past) i made appointments, and things kept coming up. my boyfriend eventually saw how broken i was. and did his best to try to make it better. and he did a little. now its a few months later. and he wants to break up. I’m about to lose the other half of me. and its horrible. I’ve never felt so broken. it didn’t happen yet but i know its coming. and i need to just let it happen. i cannot force him to stay here or kill myself trying to make him happy anymore. and I’m sad. and depressed. i was depressed before this, but this is making it 20xs worse. and i just don’t want to hurt anymore.

i am posting this publicly, for myself. so when i am okay, and happy again. i can see what i felt. i can see how hurt i was, and how far i came. if me and him break up, and i see how broken he made me and how it was for the best. if we make it through this, i can read this and see how we can make it through anything. 

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Serious argument between the two. Perhaps, it even got to the point where one considered ending the relationship but they eventually talked it out and maybe it got emotional and they decided they loved each other too much to ever let the other one go

1. As soon as Tony said the words, he hated himself. How could he say something so cruel to the one person he loved most? They were arguing over something small and pointless - neither of them knowing when the fight got so escalated. Ten fucking words ruined his life, “Why do I even waste my time with you, Clay?!”

2. Clay felt his eyes fill with tears but forced himself not to cry, even as Tony was already apologizing and reaching out weakly. Clay just shook his head and backed away towards his bike. “Don’t worry, I’ll remember to stay out of your fucking way from now on.” Tony slammed his toolbox in anger as Clay rode away.

3. Clay almost crashed several times on his way home, his sight blurry from the tears in his eyes. He felt his phone vibrating in his pocket and almost threw it in anger, not wanting to deal with Tony or anyone. He went straight to his room, thankful that his parents were on vacation so they couldn’t harass him with questions.

4. For the next week, Clay avoided Tony at all costs. He ignored his calls and texts and made sure he was never alone in the hallways - going to the length of staying around Courtney or Sherri. He even woke up extra early to ride his bike, knowing that Tony would come over to try and give him a ride to school. (which he did)

5. By Friday, Tony couldn’t stand it anymore. He didn’t know if they were still together, that one thought scaring him more than anything. He didn’t like the silence, the cold shoulder, and he was determined to fix his mistake. Tony waited for Clay to leave the school before blocking the path towards the bikes, his heart crushing more since Clay wouldn’t even look at him as he begged for them to talk things out.

6. Clay wanted nothing more than to push him aside and just go home. But once he noticed how sullen and desperate Tony looked, he reluctantly agreed. They sat in the mustang and Tony apologized. He said that he never meant the words and how this past week without him has been hell. Tony explained that seeing Clay look so broken hurt him in ways he couldn’t even describe, and after a long and emotional heart-to-heart, they made up and promised to never let their relationship get that bad again.

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W: a song with an amazing music video

  • W: a song with an amazing music video

Omgg yes, I was hoping someone would ask this one! Ok this one will be longer so I’m putting most of it under the cut ;D 

On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz 

Firsly I just love love animation in music videos. A feast to the ears AND eyes. What more do you need? So Gorillaz music videos are one of my favs. 

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Hello! Am I the only one who want Fitzsimmons to just quit shield at the end of that terrible season?? So they can live at last! heal! have their own lab so they can truly help people! get married! start a family! I'm so fucking tired of that non sense artificial angst-drama fest... this is not why I watch AoS... Love you CB <3<3

Hey Nonnie, you’re certainly not the only one! 
When I think about them post framework, which I try not to do too much, there’s Fitz, waking up every morning and wondering for a moment which reality he’s in, and whether he’s a soulless monster or a softie who’s always being played by someone he looks up to. And then there’s Jemma and the part of her that’s still scared to meet dull, dead eyes when she catches his gaze. Those memories can’t be unwritten. Especially now that Mace is dead. There is no way they’re in any shape to go straight back to work. It’s probably going to take a very long time for Fitz to even want to.
This job has taken everything from them many times over and it’s time they get out. May and Coulson are probably lifers, with a set of skills they can only use to their full extent in an organization like Shield, but Fitzsimmons can make a difference anywhere.
I hope they get the chance to do it.

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So I never really understood why some people dislike Starco a lot, like a whole lot. I feel like they're mad over that Star and Marco being the cliche best friend heterosexual turned lovers kind of couple. They bitch so much it's ridiculous, like if y'all don't enjoy what Daron plans to do then watch Steven Universe and don't be THAT person that has to ruin the fun for everyone.

Yeah I don’t really understand how people don’t like Star and Marco (even as friends) like whattttt how can you not they’re the cutest best friends ever idek lol but in my opinion couples who start out as best friends are my favorite so I think that’s why I love them so much

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Leia is they type of sister that whenever she hears anyone tease, makes fun of or disrespects Luke in anyway, she sends them a 232 page PDF file on Why Luke Is the Best and gives them a test on it the very next morning. If they fail they get The Look of Shame. If she can't proctor the test then she has Wedge or Han do it. Sometimes it's all three.

It’s either this or just literally kicking their ass, depending on what mood she’s in.

(I love this. So. Much)

      ᴠᴇʀsᴇ ;; ᴀ ᴛʜᴏᴜsᴀɴᴅ ʟɪɢʜᴛʙᴜʟʙs  &  ᴄᴏᴛᴛᴏɴ ᴄᴀɴᴅʏ ᴍᴇʟᴛs ᴜᴘᴏɴ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴛᴏɴɢᴜᴇ  ( fair carnival au. )

there is strength needed to build a fairytale  ;  while kids might believe the wonderful lands they see before them might rise out of the ground without any effort, adults should know better. the strength of powerful men and the determination of women is needed to bring life to the wonderous place one might call a  FAIR CARNIVAL. short nights and the open road as ones only true friend   (  one does not have much when all of his possessions can fit in a trailer but it takes a certain kind of human to be able to survive in such a world.   )    

            “   W
hen I was a kid and the carnival would come to the shopping centre, I’d go down and talk to all the people running the rides. I like that whole lifestyle, moving from town to town in a nomadic existence.    ”                  Randy Quaid 

leaving nothing but his sisters and his mother behind gaston joined a family who owned multiple fair rides at the age of 18  ;  the uncontrollable desire to see the world and to find a place where he belonged  (   something far away from where the harsh words of his father could reach him.  )  while he can’t often be found on the grounds during opening hours gaston can always be found around the current fair, either fixing a broken lightbulb or doing some other adjustment around the booth   (   a small candy selling store, ran by the same woman he started working for all those years ago.  )   

               MAJOR WIP

Where does love go when it goes?
Explain it to me… because I don’t understand. How can I be the same person I’ve always been – the same person you fell in love with… but suddenly there’s no love there anymore?
If I didn’t do anything wrong, if there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with me then why did you stop loving me? There’s never an answer for it… there’s no explanation… no reasoning… just ‘everything’ one day and ‘nothing’ the next. Don’t you know that’s what hurts so much…. to be someone’s everything and suddenly mean nothing to them… To feel like you have everything one moment; love, happiness, purpose… and then have nothing left in what feels like the blink of an eye.
Where did your love go?
If something exists it can’t just disappear – so where did it go? Where can I find it?
…And how can I get it back?

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  • alec: did you sit in a pile of sugar?
  • magnus: ? ? ?
  • alec: 'cause you have a pretty sweet ass.
  • magnus: :) :) :)