why do i love making these so much im sorry

I’m so thankful that Spider-Man Homecoming showed us that you can have so much fun if you’ve been given superpowers and that it’s not fighting the bad guys all the time. 

It gave us a Peter Parker who’s enjoying himself being a superhero, having the time of his life going around in his suit. Because that’s what it is all about; when you’re a kid and you have these abilities, you’re gonna love it. 

The kid literally enjoys showing he can do a backflip to random street sellers, creates one-rope (web) bridge just so he can walk on it just for fun. Like sure, he tries to impress but who wouldn’t when you’re Spider-Man? It brings smiles to these people and it makes Peter smile when people appreciate him that’s why he loves being Spider-Man.

The people who receive his thoughtful notes on their stolen things are probably endeared with him. He likes helping people with simple everyday things and he sure as heck gonna have fun doing it. And I’ve never smiled so wide in the cinema when I watched that sequence.

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What are tak's favorite things to do with his quirk and does he do something to his hair that it whooshes like that, or is it natural? (I love him so much already, such a good cinnamon roll boy)

he likes to bounce around on the ground, it helps with his mobility skills too which is why he opts to go barefoot all the time

and his hair is natural,  though it is a bit thicker and chunkier than normal (almost as thick as playdough lol)

Body Positivity;Ten

Request: hello hello! can i request my boy ten for the body positive series?

A/N: this series is rather short, im so sorry and i hope you don’t mind!

  • im glad many of you are liking this series!
  • and that it helped y'all in any way possible
  • hehe so im back with one again yay
  • without further a do,
  • let’s start

  • okay but ten’s such a positive and happy person

  • he wouldn’t understand why you were feeling insecure at first
  • because in his eyes your near to perfect
  • even your flaws are beautiful to him and he loves you for who you are
  • but he’d realise how much it’s affecting you so he tries his best to make you feel better and be more confident
  • he’s always so sweet
  • he’d compliment you everyday
  • and he loves smiling at every single word you say
  • and his smile is the warmest and prettiest you feel a little bit more confident when you speak
  • would draw and sketch little drawings of you in this small black little notebook he carries around with him
  • and below every drawing he’d write down reasons why he loves you
  • so whenever you feel insecure he gives you the book to read
  • and it never fails to make you happy because he’s so sweet?
  • “your smile can make me feel better every second, smile more babe”
  • “y/n’s unique and i love you for that”
  • “i’m happy to have you by my side and i can never ask for more”
  • “decided to draw your eyes today because i get lost in them so often. they’re too beautiful”
  • shows his love through actions
  • and would hug you whenever he senses that you’re feeling upset,
  • and remind you again how wonderful you are as a person
  • is willing to be your listening ear when needed
  • or even when all you need is a word of comfort,
  • he’s there for you
  • he always has his hands on your body
  • and sometimes, would give small little pecks at the areas you’re most insecure about
  • or just caressing them to show you that he isn’t affected by them at all
  • doesn’t judge you at all but in fact, is willing yo do anything that’d help you feel more comfortable and happy
  • which was why the two of you went to the supermarket once in your pyjamas
  • not caring about other people’s words and opinions because you both are happy together
  • and because of that, it helped you gain a little more confidence
  • when he sees you comparing or looking at other people,
  • he stops you and hugs you
  • and he assures you that you’re fine the way you are
  • and that he’d always be there to assure and remind you that
  • “i’ve seen you at your worst but still think you’re the best”
  • “nothing should bring you down”
  • “im here to tell you i love you and every single part of your body”
  • “so you should love yourself too”
  • he often brags and talks about you to others
  • and he says things so sincerely it makes you feel better because you know he truly loves you
  • “even after dating her for a year, she still catches me by surprise every day. wow she’s so beautiful”
  • “i don’t know how is it possible for someone to be this great i just love her so much”
  • you need encouraging and sweet words? ten can give it to you
  • affection? ten would be more than willing to shower you with kisses on your body
  • as long as he sees that you have more confidence in yourself,
  • he’d be happy and contented
  • he takes on the responsibility of keeping you happy
  • and never once found and will never find it a burden
  • because he genuinely loves you with all his heart

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what is your opinion on mineta?

A pretty neutral one? I don’t like him, but I don’t actively dislike him either since his type of character is just something I’m assuming Jump editors outright ask for considering they’re in every single shounen ever - mostly I just forget he exists tbh, which is rude but he’s really rude too so that’s fine lol he has his moments and I’m very lowkey hoping he’ll be developed and grow out of the walking trope he is (it’s just wishful thinking, probably)(I appreciate that Horikoshi writes his behaviour as something as disgusting as it is, tho, kudos to you Horikoshi) but as things stand right now I mostly roll my eyes at him and forget he’s a thing the moment he walks off screen haha

Anon said: I. LOVE. SHINSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO DO I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anon said: What did you think of the little todoiideku moments in the last chapter? :)

I CRIED literally, actual tears, I’m not making it up I love all three of them so much - Iida’s the most precious boy ever and Todoroki is wise and beautiful and them all offering food to Izuku to make him feel better was PURE 

but also waddup with Izuku suddenly saying he shouldn’t cry, he’s been crying since the beginning of the manga? It’s okay Izuku let it out

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*YoonMin Scenarios*

To Park Jimin
My Angel

First of all i want you to know that i loved you with every part of my heart and my whole soul.
The things that makes me do what i do… I don’t regret anything because they brought me to you.
I’m so sorry babe, but i have to leave you…
Please forget about me and live your life as happy as now.
I know how much you love dogs so…
Go to our your bedroom.
His name is Holly.
He’s so full of joy and so caring, i know you gonna be friends very easily…
I don’t want you to cry, so i adopted him for you, to be your light at the end of the tunnel.
When the police calls you to tell you that they found my body, you have to promise me that you gonna tell them that you didn’t know me.
They might believe you and leave you alone.
Remember to eat all your meals, stay healthy. Do it for me Angel.
I wish i could met you again in my next life.
Fuck babe, i know how this hurts, because it hurts me to leaving you too, but I’ll do it for the best, for you…
My life was so much better with you in it.
I will always love you

Eternally yours

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Hi!! I'm kind of new to the fandom and I'm having trouble really getting to know the members personalities. If it's not too much, could you write a little blurb about each of there personalities? If you don't want to do all the members (because dear god there's so many, rest in pieces Taeyong for having 10,000 kids), then could you do just the NCT 127 members? Thank you and I love you so much❤❤❤❤❤

aw welcome to the nctzen fandom!! hehe i hope this helps though ahh, if you want to know more go watch their nct life seasons, it’s help a lot or message me!! xoxo


- awkward bun since debut but he’s much comfortable now!!
- quietly looks over and takes care of the younger members
- he’s not good with expressing himself and through words (same bro) so he tries to make up for that by always joking around and teasing the other members
- his random outbursts are weird but cute
- dances randomly in public one moment
- and making owl impersonations
- gets aggressive when playing games
- won’t hesitate to do the things the others call him to do
- voice of an angel
- ravenclaw (stated in nct life)


- really really quiet
- awkward man 2.0
- but still jokes around with the members too!
- especially johnny & yuta
- more of a listener than a talker
- man from busan who forgot his busan accent
- similar to taeil he isnt that good at expressing himself
- which is why he probably loves dancing so much (damn his moves are always ON POINT)
- i miss him sm please bring him back i can only say this much about him im sorry dnndnd


- every member’s no.1 supporter
- very encouraging and loves to compliment them but when gets complimented he becomes extremely shy
- jokes around a lot to make the others laugh
- actual sweetheart who’d make your heart throb
- on stage he’s all manly and tough
- but off stage he’s actually really soft and sweet
- takes care of the members too
- one of the talkers in nct
- man who can speak many languages
- english, chinese, korean & spanish (there’s more but i forgot ksms)
- moodmaker of the group!


- mom material
- nags a lot at them and takes care of them like they’re his real children
- gets really soft towards them too
- dont get fooled by his rapping deep voice because when he talks to them his voice gets all high and cute
- another one who looks so intimidating on stage but off stage is a literal ball of softness
- cherishes the members a lot
- claims to be doyoung’s enemy when in fact they’re like best friends
- acts like a 5 year old
- randomly breaks into dances, jumps around excitedly and making weird faces
- thinks a lot but doesnt show it because he doesn’t want the members to worry about him
- Hufflepuff (stated in nct life)


- king of being extra
- really proud of himself and would take any chance to compliment himself possible
- which we’re not denying tho
- winwin’s biggest fan and supporter
- loves to roast the other members
- but also take care of them too
- gets jealous easily
- really straightforward and honest
- he says anything that’s on his mind
- but can be a sweetheart too
- kissing the camera 24/7 to melt out hearts
- and giving that smile wow
- sexy dance is his forte
- Slytherin (stated in nct life)


- looks out for the other members
- really polite
- laughs at everything they say
- an angel
- vocals that could sing you to sleep
- i feel like he’s actually very competitive if he needs to be? (nct life in seoul)
- man i need more videos of him dkdkd sm wyd


- 24/7 done with the older members
- but acts like the mom towards dreamies
- mark’s his ultimate bias (high five bunny)
- nags and complains A LOT
- whining is his thing ↑
- but it’s cute so-
- very intelligent and quick to react
- really really good speaker
- another one of the talkers in nct
- loves the group with all his heart
- supportive of every member too
- tries his best to get nct’s name out there as much as he can
- Slytherin (stated in nct life)


- actually clueless and unsure of what the members are talking about most of the time
- really funny
- makes weird faces too
- laughs at everything they say or do
- even though he doesnt show it he cares about the rest a lot!
- really polite and is an angel too
- king of predebut photos and videos
- one of the moodmakers too
- best friends with johnny
- super smol
- gets shy easily


- smile and laughter could kill you
- really supportive of the members too
- takes care of them especially dreamies
- also a really good speaker
- he knows what to say and not
- listens to the other members well
- confident in what he does but still gets shy when complimented
- another one who can make your heart throb at anything he does
- cherishes friendship a lot
- and is apparently mark’s soulmate (and winwin’s too hmm make up your mind jae)


- the actual baby of the group
- doesnt even need to put in effort to look cute
- does the cutest things
- clueless too
- but can be a savage if he feels like it
- quiet but can be talkative if he needs to be
- especially when he’s nervous or scared
- does aegyo just to get food
- seems awkward but it’d take him some time to fully open up
- and when he does he can get really affectionate and talkative
- gives an awkward shy laugh whenever he doesn’t know what to say
- all the members of 127 treats him like the maknae
- chinaline’s older brother
- gryffindor (stated in nct life)


- golden boy with endless talents
- gets nervous and shy really really easily
- stutters on his words and repeats them
- hesitates for a while when you ask him to do things but still does it perfectly how??
- is bad at receiving compliments (same bby same)
- king of reaction who laughs at everything
- weird kid
- when his wild side appears it’s hard to control and deal with
- spills out random english words
- and probably jumps around like crazy
- seems to always have energy
- always spreading positive vibes
- really easy to get along with but because he’s shy it may take him time to open up


- always smiling
- an angel
- but towards jisung and chenle he can get aggressive
- because he probably had enough of those two
- looks up to the older members
- gets shy easily too but doesnt make it obvious
- a good speaker too
- moomin’s biggest fan
- smol
- loves teasing the other members too especially mark


- really calm and quiet
- boring (according to jisung)
- doesn’t need effort to look good
- more of a listener too
- in charge of giving reactions too
- isnt that good with his words too but he tries his best
- really polite and nice
- supportive of all the members
- loves roasting jisung & haechan
- jaemin’s best friend but in mfal it was renjun hmm
- sunshine who gives off positive vibes too


- is always teasing the other members
- but it’s his way of showing his love to them
- mark’s best friend
- moodmaker of the group
- always trying his best
- competitive
- loves it when people compliments him but lowkey acts shy
- actually really soft
- wants the members’ attention and can get really clingy
- whiny too
- endless jokes and weird antics just to make the members laugh
- sunshine


- meme material 101
- w i l d
- loves teasing the other members and making them laugh too
- haechan’s sidekick
- but when he smiles it’s a different story because wow an angel??
- another moodmaker too
- can be loud
- and can also be really chill
- very easy to get along with and is extremely friendly
- tries his best to show off his talents
- i miss him sm please give updates thank you


- iconic dolpin laughter
- extremely wild and loud
- seems to be happy 24/7
- laughs at everything too
- jisung’s number one hypeman
- takes every moment to compliment himself too
- can be a savage too
- loves teasing mark
- looks up to the older members
- open minded and easy to communicate with
- fun to be with too
- gets shy but always laughs it off


- clueless and gets flustered and scared of/at the littlest things
- still shy when he talks but it’s better now
- good with his words
- especially making fun if the older members
- yaja time’s his favourite time
- chenle’s best friend
- looks up to the other members too
- quiet too but when asked to do things he would do it
- pure child
- grows very quickly
- is pretty laidback and relaxed most of the time

oh my this is so long im sorry

Im really sorry for this bad quality😂but My phone camera is just so******!!

BUT I really wanted to make this because why not😂😂😂
Color!Sans belongs to: @superyoumna


I really love your drawings your works and everything you do! And of course you as a Person! So keep up the good work😄😊💕you give me much inspiration!


This is a touchy topic to cover but I feel like its important. Depression isnt something you can get over, its an emotion that just engulfs you with horrible feelings. Its not just being sad, its not taking care of yourself and looking at the world around you in a negative way. It doesnt go away either. I’ve been depressed my entire life and there was no way, shape or form have I seen it disappear. Ive always had to hide it or at least forget about it. But this has lead to more problems like my anxiety and panic. This is the main reason why I made this blog. To go to a place where i can talk to lovely people and look at things that make me happy. Thats why I love talking to all of you and helping with your problems. But i also have a problem with messaging back and im so sorry. I have this mood a lot where i just dont want to talk and just listen to music and think. Dont think im ignoring you please. I do also have a lot of messages i cant get to and im so sorry. I love you all so so much. Have a wonderful sunday night 💜💙🐱

Imma have a short rant about Peter okay

So let’s me just start by saying how the FUCK do you function when you know Peter Parker is walking in the same halls as you everyday? How the fuck do you function when Peter fucking Parker is sitting in the desk in front of you? LIKE HOW DOES PETER NOT HAVE A GIRL CRUSHING ON HIM HIGKEY?!? MJ that’s a different story but why isn’t there a girl at Midtown that likes Peter and kinda makes it obvious? I’m just so confused. It’s PETER PARKER! Literally the most genuine and down to earth guy. And let’s not forget that his entire being is actually gorgeous! And that he is super smart and he’s just so nerdy but it’s so cute and it makes you want to hug him and protect him. HE ALSO CARES ABOUT HIS FRIENDS AND FAMILY HES SUCH A CARING PERSON HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON SOMEONE LIKE THAt?!? Deadass if I was going to school with Peter I would probably be so hopelessly in love with him and make it obvious but not to obvious yah know. And I would just dream of the day when I would have the honor and privilege to call Peter Parker mine. I would love him so much you don’t even know. I would always make sure he’s okay and that he’s not hurt and I would kiss him all the time and hug him and just make him feel so loved. I would watch endless nerdy movies and listen to him talk about his Stark internship and about how great it is. And then cuddle him and give him forehead kisses bc obviously I’m da man in the relationship even tho he’s Spider-Man lmao. I LOVE PETER PARKER AND EVEN THO I CANT ACTUALLY BE WITH HIM BC HES A FICTIONAL CHARACTER and I’m , well me, I FEEL LIKE HE DESERVES SOMEONE WHO WOULD DO THE THINGS I SAID I WOULD DO FUCKIJG SHIT MAN IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK?!? This probably doesn’t make sense and it’s very messy but can you hear my cry? I don’t know where this was going but I’m stopping it before I start crying about how much I love peter and how much he deserves love…. damn. I’m so sorry about this lmao im a mESs :) (btw LOOK AT MY HOE HES SO BEAUTIFUL )

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Hey my anxious dudeo. To give you something to do to get your mind off of the thing that's making you anxious- What is your favorite moments in One Piece and why? Just list them all

AHHH this helps so much this might be a long list and im sorry. this is gonna be in no particular order

1. zoro sacrificing himself to kuma for luffy!!!! need i say more
2. SABO’S RETURN. holy HECK i wish yall couldve seen my exact reaction. i was so happy that luffy still had a brother out there
3. every second of skypiea. the humor in that arc really made me realize why i love one piece so much and the arc itself was a lot of fun and well-developed. also the characters introduced in skypiea were awesome
4. zoro vs kaku. i love zoro and i love kaku and ASURA HAPPENED SO 
5. the fuckign part in thriller bark where luffy just. shoves the zombie back into the ground like “sorry i dont make the rules”
6. ace’s official appearance in alabasta was the funniest shit ive ever seen
7. THIS MOMENT GETS ME EVERY SINGLE TIME. this is on every list ive ever made about one piece moments. it’s after marineford where luffy is beating himself up and calling himself weak for not being able to save ace and jinbei just SHOVES HIM against a rock and goes “DONT THINK ABOUT THE THINGS YOU’VE LOST. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU STILL HAVE?!” and luffy tearfully remembers his crew :’)
8. zoro vs the chimney…it’s just so zoro
9. “I WANT TO LIVE” need i say more
10. the introduction of the thousand sunny bc it was just so happy 
11. luffy, zoro, sanji, and chopper vs the franky family. that was epic as shit
12. every single moment with buggy. every single one. 
14. the iconic booger moment from the baratie. luffy thought he had zoro FOOLED but little did he know 
15. luffy decking the shit out of the celestial dragon

those are all the ones that i remember off the top of my head and i KNOW i left some out but here u go! thanks for the ask :))

im so!!! tired!! of seeing this tug of war happening with adrien!! with like 60 girls!!! i love adrien as much as the next person but im so tired of boring white het males attracting like 600 girls while the POC side characters are pushed aside for no damn reason except to make the main character jealous when we all know theyre end game anyway

little shownu things

• always let’s you have the last slice of pizza/cookie/food you share
• (that’s how you know he loves you)
• smiles and dips his head when you catch him staring at you
• fascinated by you
• so always gets caught
• tucks his shirt into his trousers (doesn’t understand why you hate it??)
but I like this look?
you look like a 42 year old father of three
is that a bad thing?
• forever confused
• randomly breaks into song and/or dance
• freezes when he realises what he’s doing
• carries on bc you find it adorable
• he really is adorable
• lowkey loves you calling him adorable
• Dad Jokes™
shownu please… enough
• blushes when you hold his hand/brush against him/do anything that involves touching him in any way!!
• so you naturally touch him as much as possible
• either tries to get away from you
• or the vein in his temple starts pulsing…
• which means trouble (good or bad)
• kisses are his weakness
• starts off slowly but suddenly he’s trailing kisses down your neck and has to physically rip himself away from you
• asks if it’s ok to carry on
yes it’s more than oka-
• carries on 
• loves watching you sleep
• probably bc it’s the only time he can look at you for so long without looking away
• always the big spoon
• afraid of crushing you in your sleep
I’m pretty sure that won’t happen
but what if it does??
• shy giant
• really into wildlife documentaries for some reason??
• loves being complimented (never admits it)
• subconsciously reaches for you whenever you’re near
• places his hand on your thigh under tables
• always gently squeezes your waist when holding you
• doesn’t understand the concept of lazy sundays
what should we do?
why don’t we work out together? it’ll be fun!

is that a yes?
• loves tickling you!!
• (secretly loves it bc he gets to touch you without getting shy)
• cooks for you whenever you come home late
• even if it’s always ramen
• loves hearing about your day
• tells you about his
• even if it takes a while for him to start
•  loves you so so much
•  just the thought of you makes him smile

Unsent Message - Minhyun Au

- Admin Xion <3

genre: angst

a lot of swearing, seeks desperate attention for love

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can you do a minhyun angst like angst all through out without happy ending i love full angsts it’s ok if you can’t :)

strike through = erased messages

minhyuns pov

today 8:19pm

you: hi 

you: heya

you: hello ! (:




you: fuck.

[the next day]

today 3:00am

you: you srsly drive me crazy

you: y/n you mean so fucking much to me okay?

you: fuckfuckfuckfuck

you: i fucking hate myself

you: yes i’m sorry i never told you i’m bisexual.

you: and i’m sorry i kissed sungwoon at that party

you: everythings so blurry,

you: i just miss you.

you: i’m sorry

you: i’m so fucking sorry.

[the next day again lol]

today 4:03pm

you: i still love you

you: everything is so cold without you

you: i was drunk

you: why do i keep fucking up?

you: i just-

you: i just wanna kiss you again

you: and make sure you’re okay

you: im so sorry

you: im so sorry

you: im so sorry

you: im so sorry

you: im so 

you: fucking

you: sorry

hAH sorry if you wanted it to be like point form a detailed and shit but i mainly write angst stories in a short story format or text format so i did this instead. I hope you liked it tho <3 sorry if u didnt </3

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i’m bored so im doing blog rates lmao. i guess it can also be our celebration for 3K because that happened! thankyou so much for that im so happy that you all find me interesting enough to follow.

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i am not doing this to offend anyone so plz dont take offence 

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OK IVE BEEN WANTING TO ASK THIS FOR A WHILE BUT LIKE.... how do u pronounce ur username i talk about how much i love ur art in streams and i feel like im making myself look like an idiot to the people of the internet

why does anyone talk about me wtf

okay uhm. anyways. i really don’t mind how it’s pronounced, but my username is a very broken vietnamese translation of 3(ba) and 1(một), which are pronounced as “bah” and “mo’oht” respectively. hope that helps

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im a newer artist on tumblr, and im wondering how did you get your art to the rest of this website? im having a hard time with it, and i want to know your method (but you dont have to reply to this part either! im just a thirsty little thing). i love your art so much btw ?? you cannot believe ?? ahh

tbh getting into mainstream fandoms helped me a lot lol but i suggest engaging actively in whichever community you choose to partake in? keep putting content out there and make your name known to other ppl. (also i have this thing where i post stuff at a specific time frame during the day. cant remember why i started doing it lol but yah i do that haha)

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Im a new follower of yours and I have been looking at you blog, its amazing💘. P.S do you like video games too? And if NCT had superpowers which powers would they have and why? And have a good day🙆

before i write this, im sorry if it’s not what you want or what you expect, im sorry because i don’t know much about this and i promise i’ll do better next time!!! so enjoy this💚

 What if NCT had Superpowers 


as you can see, Taeil is so quiet, loves to do aegyo, make the other members comfortable with him, playing around w/ maknae line, and he act like he’s 5 yo cute i love him asfdfjfjhdhfckitimdie. And the other members feels warm around him, they already told us abt that, when the members sad or feeling down, they’ll come to Taeil and hug him, omg i want it too. i think that Taeil will have Healing Aura because he’s so warm💖💖💖


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this daddy, Johnny will be the one that give you dad jokes, he had many idea and a very nice guy. he’s very patient and the one that always cheer up his friends and tell them his dad jokes but it’ll make you feel better tho. Johnny have this positive energy that he doesn’t want the other around him feel sad or uncomfortable around him, he’s very hardworking too that’s why i think he’ll have Love Manipulation because he’s lovable so please yall better love Johnny more💚💚


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as for Taeyong, he’s the Leader that his team can trust and he’s charismatic, he can lead his team well and always there for his team, maybe he always nagging but that’s for their best too. the way i see it, Taeyong is very loyal for his team and have many charm. i think he’ll have Supernatural Charisma idk abt this but the title fit him tho sorry if i’m wrong.


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i fall for that FCKING KILLING HEALING smile!!! Yuta smile can knock all of yall haters!!! he’s always brightened the mood and savage too lol. pssttt… Yuta is snakeu fyi, he’ll smile a lot to his opponents/targets and then BOOM you’ll get attacked by that smile HA!!!! i’ll give him Magic Attackbecause of that smile😚😚


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the way i see Doyoung, he’s quick witted and always know the situation, he’s also know when to speak or what’d he tell to others, he has a great sense, he always keep the mood and very loyal too for his team. he looks like he know the other feelings and always stand there with them oh sweet bby boy💖 i’ll give him Emotion Detection pls love Doyoung more he deserve it and he’s always being sweet to his members💕💞


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this boiii!!! i love the way he talk, smile, dance. he has a spirit that can save us, he’s charming and always smile he’s da real Thai prince his dance can make you weak, he’s absolutely nice and polite, i’ll give him Spiritual Healing cz he’s amazing actually.

so SM, if u see this, u better give NCT U comeback but not now my money already flY n don’t u dare bring Mark he’s tired alr


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I RLLY LOVE HIM  i love his smile and his dimples cute to the max. he’s like a prince in fairy-tale his voice so gentle omg i really love Jaehyun and who doesnt love him?! i’m very weak for him ACTUALLY all of us get drown in his dimples sht. i’ll give him World Healing i give him that bcz he’s bad for my health and i love him💜💜


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i love this boi, he’s pure and innocent soul, the more you see him the more you’ll fall for him, he’s so cute i love his smile it’s pure im soft.i’ll give him Angelic - Alien Physiology actually i know this from NCT LIFE in SEOUL when Kun told Doyoung n Jaehyun WinWin is weird tho, i give him Angelic - Alien Physiology not bcz i hate him, but it’s cute too, the way he talk in Korean was adorable…. pssttt he’s not fully innocent and we know that hihihi😁😁 


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Mark is the capable one that captivate my heart, i feel bad for him debut in 3 units but glad for him too, he’s in nct u, nct 127, nct dream, hs rapper, snowball project, station w/ xiumin too right? and he already finish his final exams a few days ago, pls GOD bless him he must be very tired but he believe he can do it all. he might sayin he’s not tired but who’d believe that he’s still teenager and hardworking, same with Haechan, he and Mark very hardworking so lets appreciate them more guys💜💜💜 i’ll give him Belief Empowerment Mark is so cute, i love his accent, this Canadian boi was adorable 💜, he has that Leadership aura and mature enough too!!


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this little angel💞 i love his teeth, he’s HIGHKEY moomin lovers omg im so soft😖😫 he’s nice buddy that always there for chenle, the way he translate to chenle was so cute im done already. his drawing was greatttttt actually, his smileeeee!!!! i’ll give him Angel Soul who’s not agree w/ me? fite me rn!!!!! he’s very Angelic i can’t even imagine if i had a friend like him i must be very clingy around him to protect me tho😭😭


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i really love Jeno like he’s an innocent boi that i must protect him i love Jeno his eye smiling got me like BADUMMM his visual was unbelievable he’s so pure i love his laugh, he’s mature enough for his age, i’ll give him Enhanced Beauty i give him that bcz LOOK AT THAT DAMN VISUAL CANT YALL SEE LEE JENO? ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOWER IN THIS WORLD HE’S SO HANDSOME WHY HE’S UNDERRATED WHY HE’S NOT REALLY POPULAR?!!!!! PLS LOVE HIM ALOT💛


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he is my world tbh, i live for him, he’s my sunshine that’s why i’m always happy in the morning, his smile was adorable, he’s so cute, his sweetness makes me suffer😭 i can’t stand that smile, his voice was my lullaby,i have this special soft spot for him, i’ll embrace him and protect him, i’d like to hear his laugh everyday, even if i had a bad day i’ll make sure it was beautiful cz he’s with me, i really want to protect his soul, his childish side soften me, i really love this boi, he always makes me flutter omg i can’t sthappppppppp i’ll give him Enhanced Cuteness his cuteness can attack your soul be careful with this lil snakeu🐍 he’s savage af and you’ll fall deeper with his savageness😈


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Nana is such a sweet boy, he’s nice and don’t deserve to get hurt by anyone, his smile was so bright and he’s really good looking, i miss him:( i wish SM give him more lines in the next comeback, i miss his dance:( i’ll give him Remote Healing bcz even if Nana not with us rn, he’s always heal us with that smile💖💖


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he’s known for his dolphin laugh, he’s also singer since little, he’s bright and cute tho. chenle looks like a president for sure, more possibility from his pre-debut pic lol he’s so cute, i admire his voice, his laugh, i love him!!!💕 i’ll give him Hypnotic Voice cz of that damn high pitch voice can kill our soul!!!!!💕💕💕


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he’s such a amazing boi💙 he started training at such a young age, he must be the dancing king in the future!! he’s precious and cutie cinnamon😚😚 he’s very talented and for this lil boi stan, yall must be proud bcz he’s still very young and adorable and little savage too HA!!!! i love Jisung so much💜💜 i’ll give him Child Prodigy i give him that bcz he’s skillfully and he’s wonderful💖💖💖


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a/n: sorry if i’m late,sorry if my english was bad bcs english not my 1st language:(


Tonight’s reactions

I read all of your guys’ reactions already & know what’s going to happen, but I’m actually so hyped for everything that’s about to go down that I’m going to post all my reactions to it anyway. Ahhhhh!!! I! Am! So! Stressed!

-en vogue has me wanting a girl band show next year
-3rd wheel’s name is still making me laugh
-devin didn’t dab & I’m shook??
-they better release everyone’s photos from that shoot
-rita. pls.
-petition for them to let drew have curly hair in his next performance
-they’re all such mommas boys and I love it
-their! look!
-wow I just love watching the meet & greet I didn’t go to
-I can’t watch this one without feeling awkward about the brady/devin drama
-shhhh devin please.. you’re making it worse
-honestly sergio did so good, I don’t get it
-lol @ the boys probably voting too
-why? does? nick? have? to? be? such? a? drama? queen? all? the? time?
-also I’m so ready for solos!!!!