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"So why are you looking for my mom, again?" unimpressed teenager... [danceofthechimera, kinradite, human au]

@danceofthechimera “ Let’s just say I’m an old friend, she left with someone 4 years ago and I came to see if she’s doing alright.” He said crossing his arms, the mark of The Outsider showing on his left hand.

Yours [Suga]

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“Yoongi!” I shouted at the sight of the dirty dishes in the sink. They were overflowing and he hadn’t washed them like he promised two days ago.

“What?” He groaned as he stirred in his sleep. 

“Why are the dishes like that?” I walked in his room unimpressed at the man I was dating.

“You aren’t going to do it, why are you complaining? Why are you here anyways?”

“Because you don’t like waking up!” I held up a bag full of food, “I also made your favorite so… make sure you eat it,” my voice transitioned to a softer tone. I set down the bag on his table before walking back into the kitchen.

“I will. You know that,” he opened his eyes and sat up. His black bed hair was wild, but I liked the look.

“Where are you going?” He looked at my outfit. I was just dressed in jeans and a sweater with my brown bag.

“School, where else?” I scoffed as I rolled my eyes, “And I have to take the train.”

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Solangelo ficlet

Hey, did you guys know it’s lizthefangirl‘s birthday today? Happy birthday Liz!

Pre-Wedding Jitters, A solangelo ficlet

“Will, I can’t do this! I’m going to screw it up somehow, I know it!” Nico’s voice jumped up an octave, and he would have been embarrassed if he wasn’t so damn nervous.

Will gave him an unimpressed look as he sat on the bed in the middle of the ‘dressing room’

Nico ignored him in favor of pacing around the room.

“What were they thinking? I mean, how could this even seem like a good idea? I can’t do this! Why am I even in the wedding! Why not get Jason or Leo to do it? I’m the son of Hades for crying out loud!”



“So you’re the son of Hades, big deal. Your sister’s getting married. You’re expected to be at her wedding. Besides, Jason is Best Man, and Leo, really?”

“You’ve got a point” said Nico cracking a weak smile. Will counted it as win. “It’s just that it’s one thing to be at her wedding. It’s a completely different thing to be in her wedding.”

Ah. So that was it. Will sighed and patted a space on the bed next to him.

“Sit down, you’ll tire yourself out pacing like that. Doctor’s orders.”

Nico sat.

“Listen to me Nico. Frank trusts you. Hazel trusts you. Literally everyone who’s going to be in that room trusts you.” He put an arm around the other man “All you have to do is walk Hazel down the aisle. You’re not going to screw it up. You can’t screw it up”

“But what if-”

Will groaned and leaned in to give him a quick kiss

“You won’t okay. Now go check on Hazel, I bet she’s freaking out even more than you right now.”

Nico blushed, but smiled “Hazel? Freak out? Nah.”

Will grinned and gave him a light shove “Go on then!”

It was a much more composed Nico who walked his sister down the aisle, steadily and without a single misstep. Will caught his eye before he sat and flashed him a thumbs up. Nico grinned.

dont ask me why but i just imagined bokuto bringing condoms to school and then when theyre changing after practice and akaashi’s waiting for him he deliberately drops them on the floor and goes like ‘oops hahaa what are THOSE doing here i don’t need them IN SCHOOL as opposed to OTHER PLACES’ and akaashi is just so unimpressed bc he knows bokuto is a virgin who is trying so hard to impress him by trying to look like a total stud and it’s just adorable if anything

Best Friends

Right, so these are some longer ones - hopefully they’re alright in this format. Also, I tried writing them in third person (not sure why, just kind of happened). Anyway, yeah, hope you enjoy :)

Derek Hale
‘Do I have to come?’ Derek whined, looking up at his mother with wide eyes that normally got him anything.
      Today, however, was not the case. She merely looked over at him from the table where she was feeding Cora. There was an unimpressed expression on her face, her eyes narrowing dangerously.
      Derek huffed, folding his arms across his chest as he glared over at a grinning Laura. ‘Why doesn’t she have to come?’ he asked, throwing an arm in his sister’s direction.
      ‘Because, little bro,’ she said, moving to ruffle the three year old’s hair, ‘I’ve got training with Peter.’
      Derek ducked away from her, swatting her hand as he did so. ‘Can’t I train too?’ he asked, moving quickly to his mother’s side. He stuck his bottom lip out slightly this time, hoping to gain more of a reaction from her as he tugged lightly at her skirt. 

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Kalissa’s phone buzzed in her hand, the feeling of the vibration almost causing her to drop the device out of the sudden shock. Her eyes skimmed over the screen as she continued her sentence.

“So I never realized how boring that college could actually be. It’s like stress and a half, and I am personally going absolutely insane trying to keep up with—–”She paused, “Tell me again why I’m still facebook friends with this asshat?”

She sounded completely unimpressed, so her ex-douchebag had decided he wanted to invite her to another party. Well considering how the last party he’d invited her to had ended, she couldn’t bring herself to say yes. At least, not without a date. And to be honest, the destresser was something that she could probably use to an extreme at this point. 

“Do you wanna go to a party? We could go, dick around, behave ourselves.” Look at her, being the sponsor for sobriety and cleanliness. Shocker there. Probably something people would’ve never imagined in a million years. “Or maybe instead of a party we can just go out and dick around. Because I am literally not looking forward to another stay home and chill night.”

“We could go be a good little couple for the press.”She let out a laugh, reaching out to give a gentle poke to her ‘boyfriend’. “Whatdya say, Nate?”

Magneto as one of the Horsemen
  • Hubby: Did you see who they've got as the Four Horsemen?
  • Me: *Looks at him in disbelief.* I've been liveblogging this shit for 8 hours.
  • Hubby: So...what do you think?
  • Me: Angel, that's cool. He was one in the comics right? And Storm would kick ass. I don't know a lot about Psylocke but I'm NOT happy about Magneto.
  • Hubby: Why? I think it makes sense.
  • Me: *crickets*
  • Me: They should have had him working with Charles and the X-Men against Apocalypse! Only with the TWO of them TOGETHER can they hope to defeat the greatest threat the world has ever known!!!
  • Hubby: What, no! I want my villains working together.
  • Me: I'm sorry but we need to stop having this conversation right now.