why do i look like i'm twelve

SM never lets EXO do anything fun anymore.
  • SM: That's it. Three scandals, you're out. You're all grounded. EXO-K - it's all work and no play for you. EXO-M - you're not leaving the dorms to go anywhere until your comeback. You're definitely not going to China. You hear that, Kim Minseok?
  • Xiumin: Mhm. Sure.
  • SM: Minseok - who are you texting?
  • Xiumin: Definitely not Luhan.
  • SM: The way you said that makes me think it's absolutely Luhan.
  • Xiumin: Nope.
  • SM: See, this is why I have trust issues. For all I know, Kyungsoo could be texting Kris right now.
  • Kyungsoo: I am.
  • SM: WHAT
  • Kyungsoo: I'm texting him artistic photographs I took of marbles trapped in various places, looking terrified.
  • SM: I don't even... that doesn't.. what?
  • Kyungsoo: Aren't you proud of me?
  • SM: I don't even understand why you're doing that.
  • Kyungsoo: I especially like this one. The composition is slightly off-center, and the shadow over the ball eludes to a looming sense of failure that comes with being a marble that abandoned it's friends and rolled off to China where maybe it has lots of acting opportunities but does it have eleven loyal brothers or a large-eyed drawing teacher that makes up for his lack of height with superior skill and
  • SM: Suho, calm Kyungsoo down I think he's going to hyperventilate.
  • Xiumin: Also, Suho, Luhan says hi.
  • Suho: HI LUHAN!
  • SM: XIUMIN!!
  • Xiumin: What? I'm not texting Luhan. The amount I'm not texting Luhan is 100%.
  • SM: Xiumin, you need to - wait... where are Tao and Sehun?!
  • Suho: Oh, don't get worked up. They're not on a date or anything. They're just helping Kai move in with SHINee.
  • SM: Oh, in that case... WAIT WHAT
DAY6 as anime characters

Jae: the “I’m in a rock band” sweet awkward boy

Sungjin: the dad

Junhyeok: the one who did nothing wrong and deserved better

Young-K: the easily excitable puppy who only thinks about food

Wonpil: the you shouldn’t bee this cute you are an adult one

Dowoon: the cinnamon roll who everybody thinks of as their kid

  • The Doctor: Clara, what’s that
  • Clara: it’s a Bengal cat! look how adorable-
  • The Doctor: fascinating… part wild, part domestic… it’s almost like it’s-
  • Clara: don’t you dare! omg why do I have to listen to that again??
  • The Doctor: *whispers* I give you permission to own a cat in the TARDIS
  • Clara:
  • Clara: okay but you’re not gonna get away with it so easily the next time
  • The Doctor: A HYBRID
  • Clara: here we go

why does zayn look so good this tour??? like the other boys could be doing frickin cirque du soleil and i would still scroll past until i saw what zayn looked like. zayn could stop performing entirely and just walk across the stage once in the whole show and my blog would still consist of twelve six-second videos of him crossing the stage, thirteen gifsets, and seven hq stills of him, and maybe one blurry photo of the rest of the boys actually performing.

The comments my dad made after walking into my room and seeing my tatinof poster;

“Do they ever shave?”

(After I told him their ages) “No fucking way is one of them nearly thirty, they’re twelve and fifteen”

“Why don’t you listen to their podcast?”

“He (Dan) definitely looks older”

“Why have you got two gay guys on your wall”

“Are these the two you spend your life watching rather than studying”

“Kirsten there’s no way in hell they’re over the age of twenty”

“They look like they should be presenting a pre-school show”

“How much have their faces been airbrushed on this picture if they’re not twelve and fifteen”

I can’t stop laughing

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry I don't have twitter, what did Persia do. Why do people hate her so much?? I'm always hearing about someone don't like her. Then again alot of people bandwagon are you mad because what she did was wrong or just to join this klaroline war?

Persia favorited a tweet that basically said that the girl at the PaleyFest panel (who looked like she was about twelve) was harassing Joseph Morgan. Here is a screenshot. Personally I had no opinion of Persia White until now, but I have a problem with any 42 year old who thinks it’s appropriate to essentially endorse the public shaming and humiliation of a child who clearly idolizes her boyfriend and has taken the brunt of the anti-KC anger over the past few days. Not only is that an extremely unprofessional thing for a professional actress to do, it’s something that could potentially damage her boyfriend’s public image. And what does she gain by doing this exactly, aside from taking a jab at someone who is very supportive of someone she loves? There’s pretty much no up side and a lot of down side, and even though I completely acknowledge she’s probably taken a lot of flack from KCers I think it was petty and cruel to redirect any of that tension towards a kid who had nothing to do with it. 

And no, I’m not doing this to just jump on the bandwagon and join the “Klaroline war” (to be quite honest I don’t even really know what that is). I will fully come out and say that I’m probably taking this more personally than I should, but I just find it profoundly disturbing and I can’t help but relate to this girl who probably can’t understand why people are having such a negative reaction. And just by looking at her I can tell that she’s around the same age that I was when I first became a real fangirl. Around the time I was 11 or 12 I started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it literally changed my life. It’s one of the major reasons I decided to get my degree in film, it inspired so much creativity in me, and it’s still a major influence on my viewing habits and expectations when it comes to TV and film. And when I was younger I loved Buffy and Angel’s relationship soooo much that I felt like I could die. I would have cut off my left arm for the opportunity to see a BtVS panel like that, and being able to talk to one of the actors I idolized so much, even for a brief moment like that, would have quite literally been the thrill of my life (although I wouldn’t have been brave enough to do it that age as would a lot of other girls her age, so she deserves to be commended on her bravery alone). And I’m telling you right now, if I had gotten the reaction that she got I would have been crushed. If I had gotten the reaction that JM gave to her I would have wished for my death right there on the spot, and if I had gotten the kind of reaction she’s gotten from PW and so many other factions of the TVD and TO fandom I would have cried myself to sleep every night and probably stopped liking BtVS as much as I did. Which would have literally changed the course of my life. 

Now obviously I can’t assume that this girl would feel the same way that I would have felt having something like this happen, but I know she sure as hell can’t feel good about it. I doubt she has the maturity to even fully grasp why this is happening, and that’s really why I find PW’s behavior to be so inappropriate. She is mature enough to take the high road (although I don’t know what she’s taking the high road against, this girl was incredibly polite and respectful), but she didn’t. And if I, an adult woman, am losing her fangirly feelings over TO because I’m merely witnessing this fuckery, I can only imagine what it would be like to actually be subjected to it as a teenage girl.