why do i look like i'm twelve

Things Noel Fielding has inspired me to do: Decide “fuck it” and spend a good portion of my time in the senior bathrooms backcombing my hair and re-applying lipgloss, because if I’m going to be a stressed mess preparing for death, I may as well try get my dream look going while I can and live up the last two months of high school when it’s still vaguely acceptable 

DAY6 as anime characters

Jae: the “I’m in a rock band” sweet awkward boy

Sungjin: the dad

Junhyeok: the one who did nothing wrong and deserved better

Young-K: the easily excitable puppy who only thinks about food

Wonpil: the you shouldn’t bee this cute you are an adult one

Dowoon: the cinnamon roll who everybody thinks of as their kid

  • The Doctor: Clara, what’s that
  • Clara: it’s a Bengal cat! look how adorable-
  • The Doctor: fascinating… part wild, part domestic… it’s almost like it’s-
  • Clara: don’t you dare! omg why do I have to listen to that again??
  • The Doctor: *whispers* I give you permission to own a cat in the TARDIS
  • Clara:
  • Clara: okay but you’re not gonna get away with it so easily the next time
  • The Doctor: A HYBRID
  • Clara: here we go