why do i look like i'm twelve

The Law of Gravitation (the Band AU) - Chapter 1 

Bill Potts has had her life turned upside down - in the space of a year, she’s ended up as one fourth of the biggest band of the century, and become a global lesbian icon. 

Which, let there be no misunderstandings, is pretty awesome.

What she didn’t need was to fall for some mysterious girl who keeps turning up in the front row of their concerts, a girl with a star in her eye.

And if the gay panic weren’t enough, Theodore (or, the Doctor, as his older fans call him) and Missy are sitting on some secret that only River Song seems to know anything about, a secret that could bring up a dangerous part of their past with their ex-bandmate Harold Saxon - and a horrific reporter called Kovarian seems determined to unearth it, at any cost.

Bill will never forget the first time she sees her.

She’s in the middle of her favourite riff in one of their top singles when her eyes fall to a girl in the front row, a girl staring up at her. A girl with a star in her eye.

Bill smiles through the words she’s singing, keeping eye contact with the girl and trying not to think about how she nearly missed several notes the moment they met eyes.

There’s no shortage of pretty girls at their concerts - Bill can’t afford to get distracted by them all, and to her credit, she’s gotten a lot better at it over the last six months. Her first few shows had been vaguely disastrous, much to Theo and Nardole’s exasperation, and Missy’s great amusement.

Bill forces herself to look away from the girl with the star in her eye, and focus on her damn job. She catches Missy regarding her with a large smirk, though, and flushes a bit at having been caught out.

Still, Bill can’t resist sending the girl one last grin as they finish the last song of their set for the night and head offstage.

“Good job, Pottsie, you’ve finally learned to gay multitask,” Missy says to Bill as she loops their arms together. “Proud of you.”

“Thanks,” Bill says, with a little laugh.

“You didn’t even miss a note.”

“I know!”

“You know what?” Nardole asks, appearing beside them.

“Don’t you worry your little bald head about it, egg boy,” Missy tells him, smirking, patting the head in question, “you just keep being the bizarrely talented drum master that you are.”

“Nothing bizarre about it, babe,” he says, grinning before heading off towards his dressing room. Missy snorts.

Bill watches him go. “Seriously, where did Theo find him?”

“Through River,” Missy says, tilting her head to the side. “It’s difficult to explain, and I’m not completely sure I understand it myself. Still, he’s wicked on the drums, and that’s all that matters, really. Besides, as much as I hate to admit it, he somehow rounds out our odd little group.”

“Speaking of Song, is she gonna be around?” Bill asks, trying not to look too hopeful. It’s not like they don’t all know about her stupid little crush on Theo’s (secret) wife, but that doesn’t mean she has to be obvious about it.

“Why would I know?” Missy asks, rolling her eyes. “When does anyone know? That woman just turns up, it’s nothing to do with me.”

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DAY6 as anime characters

Jae: the “I’m in a rock band” sweet awkward boy

Sungjin: the dad

Junhyeok: the one who did nothing wrong and deserved better

Young-K: the easily excitable puppy who only thinks about food

Wonpil: the you shouldn’t bee this cute you are an adult one

Dowoon: the cinnamon roll who everybody thinks of as their kid

  • The Doctor: Clara, what’s that
  • Clara: it’s a Bengal cat! look how adorable-
  • The Doctor: fascinating… part wild, part domestic… it’s almost like it’s-
  • Clara: don’t you dare! omg why do I have to listen to that again??
  • The Doctor: *whispers* I give you permission to own a cat in the TARDIS
  • Clara:
  • Clara: okay but you’re not gonna get away with it so easily the next time
  • The Doctor: A HYBRID
  • Clara: here we go

The comments my dad made after walking into my room and seeing my tatinof poster;

“Do they ever shave?”

(After I told him their ages) “No fucking way is one of them nearly thirty, they’re twelve and fifteen”

“Why don’t you listen to their podcast?”

“He (Dan) definitely looks older”

“Why have you got two gay guys on your wall”

“Are these the two you spend your life watching rather than studying”

“Kirsten there’s no way in hell they’re over the age of twenty”

“They look like they should be presenting a pre-school show”

“How much have their faces been airbrushed on this picture if they’re not twelve and fifteen”

I can’t stop laughing