why do i live in australia and have no money

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4, 6, 14, 23?

4. Do you like your name and why: I’ve always been pretty neutral about my name, but I honestly love it now. It sounds soft and pretty and somehow kinda strong at the same time and idk I just really like it.

6. Describe your personality in 3 words or less: A boisterous bi

14. If you can live anywhere in the world where would it be and why: I highkey always wanted to live in Canada or Australia. Canada because it’s canada and canada is amazing and wonderful even tho they have bagged milk (the scratch n sniff monopoly colored money make up for it) and australia because it’s a beautiful continent with hella cool indigenous animals and I like the people there lmao

23. Describe your dream date: ??? Uhmmm, idk?? Like I’m not picky at all and there’s so much that I want to try that I can’t really pick a dream date. Anything to do with animals would be amazing like going to aquariums and animal preserves and sea life centers. Or anything to do with space and astronomy, like going to a planetarium or stargazing. Or museums and botanical gardens. I’m literally just naming things I wanna do and see but yeah. I guess a dream date for me would be like experiencing/learning something new together.

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I'll never get to meet Mark Hamill either, but I usually think that a lot with celebs since I live in Australia and they never come here, and if they do it's like once on the other side of the country (and I never have the money to get to them. Will I ever get to SWC? nope)


Yeah, my big thing is money issues, too. Will I ever have the cash to make it to whatever State SWC is in and pay for the event AND get an autograph or photo op? Probably not.