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A set of Strategy Stages will be released tomorrow (November 24th); why, you ask ??  Because the Werewolf set will be released right beside the Lawyer event !!  Tribal Werewolves though ??  I like it, it’s a nice combination and a nice-looking set of designs.

So which design is your favorite ??  Is it a good theme, do you guys like it ??  What are your expectations over this set and the Lawyer set’s possible attacks ??  Could this be an AntiAir set, that would be appreciated.png


  • KEEEEEEVVVVVVIIIIIIIIINNNNNNN!!!!! KEVIN he’s an apocalyptic little NERD
  • I KNEW I SAW DHJ’S NAME IN THE CREDITS please release me from the mol storyline please you’ve been doing so good
  • oh my god TWINS? ketch has a TWIN???? WHAT IS THIS SOAP OPERA NONSENSE BL
  • DAMMIT cas you shoulda brought the husband
  • cas just got called cowboy so that’s good at least
  • Evil Colonel Sanders
  • did ketch just try to do a bad magic trick out of the bar
  • why
  • no


we had a good run while it lasted

The Superhero and His Best Friend

The origin story of Batcoon was different than the other superheroes of the world. He didn’t fall into a vat of toxic waste, wasn’t born on another planet, and he wasn’t given powers one day by an alien or a sorceress. In fact, Batcoon didn’t have any powers at all; he was an inventor, making all of his tools and accessories himself. He was also professionally trained in mixed martial arts, jujitsu, and boxing, which made his enemies cower in fear when he faced them. All apart from one, that is, but that’s getting too far ahead in our story.

By the time he was age eleven, he had been kicked out of every school that his father had sent him to. He wasn’t a bad child, but he was easy to anger. Most of the time however, his misbehavior was to gain attention of his father, who spent the majority of his own time either in his lab, or in the bed of whatever stranger he had met that week. His father was the only person he had left, his mother dying when he was only five, and he would rather be home with him than at a stuck up private school where he was looked down on for his quiet but sometimes churlish disposition.

His father, fed up with how his son was acting, sat the young boy in his lab one day and gave him a motherboard. With firm instructions to dismantle and then reassemble the item, he had inadvertently given him the one thing that the boy had been craving.

He was home schooled then, spending time on his lessons in the morning with the teacher his father had hired, and then heading down to the lab in the basement of their manor to create whatever his mind thought up. By the time he was fifteen, he had graduated high school, and had won a prolific science competition with a robot that had the likeness of a maid.

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So I think I’ve learned why I can’t tag certain people? On my phone, in the activity section, it shows that some people are apparently…Blocked?

As in, their icons are blurred out and I cannot access their blogs from my phone?

But?? They both follow me?? And they actively reblog from me and I actively reblog from them?? I am so confused?? I just want to tag these people when I draw their shit!!


I am… concerned? With Kakyo and his super helpful comment about them not running away any time soon?



DO WE NOT??????


Also, since when was that an issue?

Also also, you let this happen? You watched from the side of a pool? Why do you get a say in whether they run away or not?


I can’t believe I’m sympathising more with Satsuki than Kakyo.

I can’t believe that’s where we are now.

But on the plus side Lava Lamp looks like he’s Seeing Some Things He Did Not Expect

OMG you guys thank you for 400 followers!✨I only had this account for like… I dunno, five months (?) and I honestly thought it would flop. I don’t even know why you people follow me, I’m like so bad at posting stuff 😂

Also I’d like to tag @house-of-galathynius and thank her because she was my first fwend on this site and for being suuuuch an amazing person. ✨💕💕 aaaaand she listens to Fall Out Boy ahh (actually she’s my *only* friend here and the only person I’ve talked to for quite a long time but don’t judGe omg I’m a shy person) (welll I wasn’t until anxiety decided to pay me a visit, the little shit)

(sidenote: As I’m typing this, there’s some weird ice-cream truck music outside the house and I’m getting creeped out because it is not going away ahhhh) (wait nvm it’s gone now) (I’m)(using)(so)(much)(parentheses)

Hey. Hey psssst. You know what?


I really, really love all of my mutuals and the only reason why I’m not hugging them tightly right now is because of distance and travelling issues, because boy, do they deserve all the hugs and love and I really hope they are all doing great and know that I’m rooting for them.


Love you guys! =D

Imagine Stiles and the Nogitsune living like twins

“So what’s the plan for today, brother?” the homicidal fox spirit asked.

“Oh God, please don’t call me that,” Stiles insisted.

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“School. It’s where teenagers are most of the week.”

“Sounds exciting.”

“Try to stay out of trouble, okay?”

“No promises.”

“Why do I get the feeling that you’re going to be the death of me? Again.”

What alias would our charming little devil live under? Nogitsune is more like a title than a name since we tend to put a “The” in front of it. Reblog or reply with your name ideas.

Van & Game Night

-van doesnt rlly know the kids, sometimes she sees them hanging w mike while shes at the wheelers but otherwise there isnt much interaction

-one night van and nancy are hanging out in nancys room when van hears shouting in the basement and is like “wtf is going on”

-“my brother and his friends are having like a game night or something idk?? i think steves here too”

-van LOVES board games so shes like nance can we please go down there

-shes a huge jock but gets super competitive when playing board games

-so they go down and everyone is shouting bc max just won monopoly and dustin thinks she cheated

-“do you guys mind if we join in on the next game??”

-all the kids are a lil wary bc they love their game night and they dont want an outsider to be weird or something

-and mike is like why does nancy want to play games????

-but van is immediatley so into it and so cool and all the kids are like shes The Best we need her here all the time

-when the night is over all the kids r going home max comes up to her like “youre so cool please come to the next dnd night bc theres too many boys and they get annoying sometimes”

-and ofc shes like hell yeah i dont know a lot abt dnd but sounds awesome???

-and so steve & van show up to their next dnd session together

-nancy is like van??? you didnt tell me you were coming over???

-“yea steve and i are playing dnd w the kids”

-she brought them a ton of snacks & stuff she is so excited!!!

-and steve like doesnt really have a clue whats going on

-but vanessa is very prepared she wrote out a giant ass backstory

-she plays a half orc rouge and she is SO invested

-at the end of the night she goes up to will and is like “i dont want to like intrude on your group or anything but could i dm a campaign for you guys sometime??? i have a lot of ideas”

-and mikes like how the fuck did nancy get such a cool gf

-and max comes up again and is like oh my god youre awesome!! and van gives her a ride home bc they live kinda close to eachother and they talk about the campaign the whole time

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Why do u try and brag and flaunt and eating disorder like ur so happy to have one? Fucked up dude

Definitely not happy about it. Not trying to flaunt it (btw if you’re a thinspo blog, then you are garbage for even saying this to me). I like to tell my followers pretty much everything that happens to me, because I’m an open book and an honest person. I shared my diagnosis with you guys, and that doesn’t mean I’m happy about it.

I don’t know about you, but if you’ve felt like a suicidal piece of shit your whole life, and always felt like a freak because you couldn’t understand what was wrong with you, and then a professional actually diagnoses you with something that makes sense, wouldn’t you feel a sense of relief? Wouldn’t you be happy to know that you’re not a freak, and that there’s actually something physically and mentally wrong?

I definitely felt that way when I was diagnosed with depression before the summer, and it definitely gives me some kind of relief to hear someone say that my feelings about food and my body are not normal. I don’t at all believe I have an eating disorder, but it’s relieving to know that my thoughts are not normal.

Also if you’re watching my snap stories and you’re referring to why I’m always smiling when I’m bingeing, it’s because I smile like a madman when I’m really upset or panicking. I was smiling like the damn cat in Alice in Wonderland today when I was talking to the therapist about that time I tried to kill myself, so like, don’t take it personally, damn.


I hate when people gives the credit for Eva finding friends to Jonas because he told her after the cabin that “she should make friends and anyone would be lucky bla bla ”

Eva was already trying to make friends before this, she sent the fb request to Noora before this and she went to the party by herself. Jonas was just stating the obvious and something that Eva already knew and was already trying to do. So don’t give the credit to him.

And also i actually disliked that line when he said to her “you’re smart, funny etc” because he doesn’t act like that. He was always treating her like she was dumb so its just empty words. And then i see people gifing this scene like “ awwn Jonas was such a good boyfriend and cared for eva” .

And 😂😂😂 please, Eva was naive and in love with Jonas so that’s why she easily fall for that. But the people watching has no excuses, like you are seeing this guy being an terrible boyfriend , the cabin episode just happened, but then he says some sweet nothings and you’re “awwn”

Bitch, please

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so idk if i can come to you guys for this bc it's not specifically about autism, but i came across a blog post by a savant that said "[A savant skill] just a skill that you're so naturally good at that you pick it up way more quickly than anybody else, and get way better at it than anybody else--it's like your brain is specialized for it." that sounds like a regualr talent to me... do you know where i can learn about what it means to be a savant and why are those savant skills, not talents?

The difference between “savant skills” and talents is whether or not the person with the skill is disabled, particularly developmentally and/or intellectually disabled. The idea of savant skills is steeped in ableism. The following is taken from Wikipedia:

TW: Ableism

Savant syndrome is a condition in which a person demonstrates one or more profound and prodigious capacities or abilities far in excess of what would be considered normal, yet often also has significant deficits in other areas of brain processing. People with savant syndrome may have neurodevelopmental disorders, notably autism spectrum disorders (in which case they are often referred to as autistic savants), or brain injuries. The most dramatic examples of savant syndrome occur in individuals who score very low on IQ tests, while demonstrating exceptional skills or brilliance in specific areas, such as rapid calculation (hypercalculia), art, memory, or musical ability. Although termed a syndrome, it is not recognized as a mental disorder nor as part of a mental disorder in medical manuals such as the ICD-10 or the DSM-5.

Basically, when a disabled person who is expected to be lesser has a talent in something, it’s called a savant skill. This designation is often a way to demean the talents of disabled people by treating them as flukes in people who have been deemed worthless. It’s ableism wrapped in ableism topped with ableism. 


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Bet kenny would be that guy who would be too stubborn to go to the doctors and would keep insisting its just a 24 hr thing as he pukes in the toilet. Kota hates seeing his soft curlz boi in pain and slips nyquil in his soup and drags a woozy kenny to the hospital

LOL I don’t think that Kota would have to drug Kenny to get him to do something. Just ask real real nice. 

I absolutely agree that kenny would be like that, though. he gives me the vibe of a dude who refuses to go to the doctor until he actually dies

12 am

Part two to Midnight

Summary: Before you adopted a cat, before you fell in love, before you got to know Corbyn he was just the some guy who you not so accidentally punched in the middle of the night.

W.C: 928

Triggers: None?

Pairing: Corb x Reader

A.N: I spent like 2 hours straight writing this and it’s now 3am. I’m probably going to take this down and re-do it later but for now it’s up!

Pick up line: Your eyes are like the sunrise, beautiful and hard to turn away from.

You weren’t supposed to be doing it, but the way the cold night air blew in your face as you opened the window, encouraged you even more to sneak out.

The time on your alarm clock was glowing in the dark as you went to check your door one last time to make sure it was locked. You were only going to be out for a couple minutes, okay maybe hours, but you were going only going to the park near by your house where you would be completely safe. Well, your safety wasn’t guaranteed, but it was almost 12 am which basically meant it was morning and who isn’t safe in the morning? That was at least what you were trying to convince yourself as half of your body slipped out the window.

You looked down and tried to guess how hard you would fall, there were a couple bushes underneath you so it couldn’t be that bad right? Wrong, you were so damn wrong.

You landed in the prickly bushes with the sound of an ‘oof’ and stayed there for a second, taking in the pain that spread through your body. That was until you spotted a spider, forgetting about the pain and shooting up and wiping yourself down.

It was almost pitch dark out when you looked around, only the street lights providing enough light for you to see the park at the end of the street.

If it were any other situation you would’ve found a way to get back inside, because of the creepy dark street reminded you of every scary movie ever. But, it wasn’t any other situation, so instead you took your phone out of your back pocket and clutched it tight, ready to call anyone in case someone approached you.

As you arrived at the park you headed towards the fountain that had been turned off and sat down looking around. You had gone to the park when you were younger and when you grew up you found yourself coming back to the same place to clear your mind.

You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath in then let it out opening your eyes and staring at the night sky. “You come to this park often?” You said. Then your eyebrows furrowed in confusion….. That wasn’t your voice, and that’s when your reflexes kicked in.

You dropped your phone, turning around and swiftly punching the stranger in the stomach. The punch wasn’t that hard but it still had them falling to the ground and clutching their stomach.

You ran away from the park, sprinting down your street towards your house. Oh shit, your phone. You checked all your pockets frantically before realizing that your left it at the park.

You tried to decide whether it was a good idea to go back for your phone, with no knowledge of whether the stranger was still there or not. You weren’t going to let them scare you, you were able to defend yourself earlier so why couldn’t you now? So you walked back down that same street, your palms sweating and heart racing. You got this.. Definitely.

And there he was, still sitting at the fountain. You took in his figure as he stared down at his phone. He was wearing a black hoodie and jeans, and some blonde hair poking out of his hood.

As you were about to walk up to him he looked up and you stopped. “I-uh.” You stumbled on your words completely nervous at what he might do.

“Hey. I’m sorry for scaring you like that, it wasn’t my intention. “He apologized slowly walking up to you until he was about a foot away. “You dropped your phone, I was going to try and return it later since it’s like 12 am.” He gave you a shy smile before reaching into his hoodie to rub his neck.

“I’m sorry I punched you.” From what it seemed, he didn’t seem dangerous and he did apologize. He then laughed before responding. “I can’t blame you, I did ask you if you come to a park late at night often.”

You both laughed. “Corbyn Besson, pleasure to meet you.” Corbyn reached his hand out for you to shake and you stared at him before raising an eyebrow. “You sure it’s a good idea to tell a stranger your first and last name?”

Corbyn smiled and gave you a confident nod. “An absolutely amazing idea, thank you very much.” He stuffed his hands in his pockets. “Well Corbyn Besson, it’s nice to meet you.”

You walked towards the fountain slowly and Corbyn joined you in the same pace. “And what shall I address you by Miss..?” “Y/N L/N.” The two of you started talking for hours, not even realizing how quick time how gone until the Sun started to slowly rise.

“Crap.” You stared at the soon to be bright sky, trying to force the Sun to go back down for at least another hour. “How long has it been?”

Corbyn checked his phone and you nervously bit your lip. “It’s 4 am. If I don’t get back my friends are going to kill me.” Your eyes scanned his phone as he scrolled down through the notifications of all the texts he had gotten.

“I have to go too.”The two of you sat on the dried up fountain for another minute, staring into eachother’s eyes before slowly leaning in.

And you kissed as the Sun rose up, ignoring the flood of light and focusing on Corbyn instead.

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"Lapis: M-more? God just… Okay, what does she like and want the most? I-I’d be happy to help her!" Well some of the things she finds rather alluring about your are your abs and breasts, she also has a thing for you in high heels. But let's see...spanking, praise kink, biting and marking, petplay, bondage, y'know stuff like that. She's a sinner that one. ~Reese

Lapis: She… S-she does? All those things she likes… I wonder why she likes them… A-and what else she likes. Can anyone get like… A-and information from her? L-like say as a pet or something… I don’t know you guys have more information than I do probably.


While rummaging through a box he found in the attic, England uncovers some old photos, along with old memories.

(These took so long to make, I hope you guys like them! I was trying to put subtle stuff in the photos to try and tell a story, I’ve never done it before so it was good practice! I might end up writing something for this if I decide to stop being lazy.)

if jk rowling wanted me to like snape she should’ve given him a better redemption arc than “i wanted to bang your mom”