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Jungkook Scenario: If It’s You.

Request: hello! Can I request a scenario for either jungkook, namjoon, or hoseok where he’s basically a bad boy trouble maker who everyone is scared of but secretly has a crush on a shy artist girl in his class? Like he fell for her cause she helped him a long time ago with something when no one else would and he’s just so so in love with her but super scared of scaring her off hehe. Thanks ^^

Genre: Fluff.

Jungkook stared at you throughout the class, the professor was talking about the impossibility of energy to work a certain way, some physic rule he had heard hundreds times before but still wasn’t capable of remembering quite right.  His eyes focused on you, a few rows ahead of him just by the window, you were doodling on the corners of your notebook, something Jungkook had noticed you did when you were bored. Doodles, he thought with a sigh, it was most likely an intricate design of spiral flowers that would call the eye of whoever saw it. You were really good at drawing, Jungkook knew it very well, he thought he was quite good but not nearly as you and thus he admired that, he liked the movement of your hands applying just enough pressure, the delicate shape of your wrists, he liked the way you seemed to be in your own world, and the little smile you made at end of a completed corner.

Class ended with the professor not finishing the lecture, but no one cared and people started standing up fast, Jungkook was still focused on you and how you were getting your things together to leave, until he felt someone smash an elbow on his cheek.
He groaned and didn’t care to listen the guy blabbering about it being an accident, his reaction was instantaneous as Jungkook jumped to his feet knocking the chair out of the way to grab the guy by the collar.

-What the fuck was that?- he was burning with rage, his cheek didn’t even hurt but the fact that he had been hit got him seeing lights. -You want me to beat your ass right here?-

-Jungkook man- he recognized the voice of his best friend, more like his only friend. Jimin was approaching with hands up trying to get between him and the other guy. -He said it was an accident, while standing up-

Jungkook looked at Jimin just for a second before throwing the guy to floor with another groan. -Get the fuck out-

He was breathing harshly, if it wasn’t for Jimin he would have beaten that guy up in spot, it was crazy how he reacted, even to himself, it was hard to understand how his rage worked. Jungkook saw the fallen chair and then getting back to reality his eyes went to your spot by the window once again to discover you were still there watching everything, watching him, and in your eyes Jungkook only saw disapproval, fear.

 How could he ever approach you when you surely thought he was a psycho?

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answering asks!

HHUUHhhGHhuuuu theres a lot here. hefty

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anonymous asked:

consider: in the wings au, tony is a fallen angel (can i sign off as 🌹?)

Of course, I’ll call you Rose (because I’m to lazy for emojis haha) :)

I did think up some background story for Tony when I was drawing the image but that was mostly about the jumping off the cliff thing and his hesitation/situation at that moment as well as like how he came to have one prosthetic wing to begin with.

Not the general backstory or why there is wings at all. Like do everyone have them or only Tony? Is it like a “soul-manifistation” or are they angels? Idk, I just really didn’t think that far! haha I just wanted to draw him with wings and then I thought “well what if he only had one wing? and the other was mechanic?” and then I drew this haha

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I need some advice... have you ever compared your life to someone knowing that they are more happy and more talented etc and it makes you jealous of them like you envy them

Of course I do. Everyone feels that way sometimes. I especially feel that way about art and stuff because there are a lot of really talented people out there !!!!! I see some awesome art and think “OH MAN WHY CAN’T I DRAW LIKE THAT ???”

So I feel u.

thegoodlion  asked:

I’ve watched your art evolve over the past five years or so. I’ve read most of your comics and seen your talent improve slowly and suddenly. I love it. Your art is the kind I look forward to the most on a daily basis. I know sometimes you have art block or life gets in the way so you end up putting your drawings aside for a bit, but I’m still here; I anxiously await for your next page, new character, your creations! Your art is a window to your mind and what a beautiful mind it is. Thank you!!!

Oh wow this made me tear up, thank you so much, i can’t express how much this means to me, and how much i appreciate this support and kind encouragement ; A ; Beautiful People like you Thegoodlion are why I always try and do my best and share my stories. <3


FANDOM FANDOM FANDOM! Now’s time for Boku no Hero Academia. an exciting, funny and really inspiring anime I watched over the past few months, and I got REALLY into it! If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it! ♥

The show’s basically about superheroes. Specifically, high school students training to become heros! So here’s my BNHAsona, Michiru!  Do you want to know why she doesn’t look like me at all?  Well, that’s because of her Quirk! (superpower): Her hair is made of black ink and her nails are like refillable liners/brushes, which she can use to paint over thin air! Anything she draws with those will come to life. It’s living art, or to be more exact… Living Ink!!! 

I drew her both in Anime and Manga version, because I really like those UA files from the manga, but of course I wanted to see her in full color, with a Hero costume and all! (eventhough she actually belongs to the Department of General Education of the U.A.)

A and once I finished her, I felt like she pretty much looked like Iida Tenya… the black hair, the glasses…. I can even imagine her in a constant “School President” role, just like him. Maybe she’s her cousin or something! x’D

Speedpaint of the anime version can be found at my YT channel!


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…


I want a Saeran Route so I can protect him!

Finally! I wasted more time than expected doing this trash. Now I need to sleep. I mean, I literally fell asleep over it several times. And the funniest part is that I don’t even like how it came out. At this point I don’t even know why I made it. I realized, awfuly late, that it wasn’t worth it to illustrate such a tiny HC in such a long thing. Three drawings could have been enough. Also, I’m sorry if you’re disappointed (and if you’re not, be sure I’m disappointed on myself) bc I’m sure you were expecting something better, but I said it was the trash I always do but bigger. Sorry for the bad quality, the bad english and the messy coloring. Oh, and forgive my horrible handwritting.

Some people seemed to like that HC I had about Scrooge’s reaction to the news about the triplets so I decided to illustrate it. I’m actually 99.9% sure Scrooge wouldn’t react like this. He would be all like “oh, so you had children. That means other three beaks to feed”. And very deep inside himself he would be happy and proud but he wouldn’t want anyone to know. But that’s why this is just fan trash, shhh. Anyways, I did it and it’s awful, so here it is.

Yeah. This doesn’t even have a context. It’s just… let’s call it a practice. Y'know, maybe Scrooge didn’t even meet HD&L because, you know, The Spear of Selene and I better shut up beacuse this can turn into angst. Anyways, I did it with love but I ruined it and I’m missing the sketch vertion. P.S. I know, poor Ludwig. I don’t want to be mean to him, he’s my other fave. Scrooge, stop being a miser and let him hold his nephews.

we’ve always taken shelter in our unhelpable pride


God I’m finally done with this comic I don’t care if it looks like shit just. Just take it.

I started working on this comic in September but due to personal health problems and inktober I wasn’t able to finish it until now. Like with all my comics, I don’t like the final results but goddamn it I spent a long ass time working on this comic and you’re gonna look at it! Or not. I can’t force you to do anything. At the very least I’d appreciate if you look at the line art. That shit took the longest time.

Most of comics I think up of are just scenarios I think are interesting or a particular image I wanted to draw and I conjured up a comic around it to provide some sort of context. For this one, I was inspired by the paneling in Houseki no Kuni manga and I wanted to draw something like it, so if you’re wondering why the paneling looks different than my average comic than that’s why.

This comic is entirely hypothetical, with Fi being around for the past events of Breath of the Wild. If Zelda is so tsundere for Link for being the chosen hero, I think Zelda would fear Fi because she thinks she is disappointing Fi by being such a failure.

The love in this comic isn’t intenderd to be romantic love (although you can view it that way if you want to it’s not like I can stop you), but more like the kind you feel when you want to die but hearing some kind words is enough to save you. Yeah.


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house


Super rough comic I did for class. How depressing is it that when I get assigned something ‘autobiographical’, dysphoria is the first thing to come to mind. Anyway, here’s me getting upset over something as innocuous as seeing a flat, bare chest.


did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

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Thank you for remembering Kinoshita and Narita in your karasuno art!!!

thank you for noticing them!!! 


“Also, I will not tolerate cusses in this household, Nico.”