why do i know more about his guitarist then him now


Interviewer: What do you think of Jimmy Page?
John Bonham: I get on well with Jimmy. He’s very good. He’s quite shy in some ways, too. When I first met him he was very shy. But after 12 months at it, we’re all getting to know one another. That’s why the music has improved a lot, I think. Everybody knows each other well. Now there are little things we do which we understand about each other. Like, Jimmy might do a certain thing on his guitar, and I’m now able to phrase with him. But in the early days I didn’t know what was going to come next. But I still don’t know Jimmy all that well. Perhaps it takes more than a year to actually sort of know someone deeply. But as far as liking goes, I like Jimmy a lot. To me, he’s a great guitarist in so many fields. He’s not just a group guitarist who plugs in and plays electric guitar. He’s got interests in so many kinds of music. So many guitarists won’t play anything but 12-bar blues, and they think that’s it. And they have an attitude of when they hear a rock record of saying, “Oh that’s a load of rubbish.” —John Bonham being interviewed by Ritchie Yorke for the magazine New Musical Express on April 18, 1970.