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Not sure why the sudden messages about making a separate blog for coworker/manager complaints. I like it this way. A lot of customer service jobs have shitty bosses and/ or shitty coworkers. It's nice to vent about both sides (customer and coworker) here. Just my two cents on it :3

Yeah no matter how many people ask us to do it it’s not happening. We have our hands full enough keeping this blog running plus it didn’t work in the past so why would it work now. -Abby

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Hi there!! I love your blog a lot. I'm really shy to come off anon so I'll ask here - if you're doing imagines, could I have one where 2Ds significant other wakes up in the hospital after an accident and she has a hard time remembering who he is? Thank you again and please keep sharing your talents with us ❤️

Hello there! Thanks so much, gah when people say nice things I just melt.❤️ ❤️ ❤️

No need to be shy! But it’s okay to remain on anon! Most of my requests are from anons :) 

and THIS PROMPT. MY HEART. GAH STAB ME IN THE CHEST WHY DONT YA. Writing this broke me. Like it isn’t that sad I’m just sensitive af xD I hope you’re happy with yourself .

Angst and fluff ahead! 

“There she is… jus layin there. She hasn’t woke up for days isn’ there anythin else you lot can do but just uselessly wait ?!” exclaims a frustrated blue haired, black eyed man to an attending doctor, a group of residents and interns doing their morning rounds.

2D has been a mess for the past week, he doesn’t know how to handle himself, he’s had temper tantrums and breakdowns and he’s been unable to sleep just in case she has another seizure or wakes up.

The love of his life used to be so energetic and loveable. She’d always be there for him in the midst of his debilitating migraines and anxiety attacks. She’d always reassure him, she took care of him. She’d keep him sane. And now he’s sitting by her side after a bastard hit and runner hit her car, pushing her into a bed of ice which flipped the car. She head hit the wheel very hard, splitting it open, and when the car flipped the seat belt bruised her chest and she had stopped breathing until paramedics resuscitated her.

“I’m sorry sir, the only thing we can do now is wait for her to wake up. She hit her head pretty hard, however the swelling in her brain has reduced by almo-”

“Yeh, 80 percent you’ve told me already. Sod off, will ya?” He irritably glares at the doctors, waving them all off.

The band sits in the corner of the room, worried for their friends, looking at  the blue haired mess with his back to them, leaning forward into his chair, hunched over and grabbing his hair with his hands.”

“Heya D, why don’t we head home. You’ve been here for 5 days… You need some sleep, a shower and a change of clothes.” Russel insists for the third time today.

“Go if you’d like.” 2D mutters with his back still towards them.

“C’mon Dents, you don’t want the lass to wake up from yer stench do ya?” Murdoc jokes, placing a hand on 2D’s shoulder which is shrugged off and he quickly turns around to look the band in their faces before he snaps at them

“Why don’t you all just leave if you don’t want to be here!” 2D explodes.

“Hey, that’s not what we’re saying… what you’re putting yourself through isn’t healthy…” Noodle pitches in.

Before the ticked off 2D can snap at the guitarist, a grumble sounds, coming from the hospital bed behind him. Frantically, he turns around and rushes to the bed, grabbing her hand and squeezing it tight. Noodle runs to find a doctor.

“Wha was that, love?” he asks on the verge of tears.

“They’re right-” She says with a raspy, strained voice. “From what that guy said, you’ve been here for a while…” She looks at Russel and smiles at him, clearing her throat.

“That guy? You mean, you don’t know who he is?” Stu says, worried.

Oh yeah, um, what happened? And who are you guys? Thanks for staying by my side bu-”

The doctors rush and one takes out his flashlight, without a word he flashes it in her eyes, demanding her to look certain directions. Another doctor starts messing with her legs, asking if she can feel the pen he runs up and down her feet. The band is all but shoved to the side while the doctors hover around her asking questions before she snaps.

I’ll answer all these questions AFTER you tell me what happened! PLEASE.

2D comes forward telling her about the accident, he’s crying as he does so, wiping away tears and clutching her hand to his chest, kissing it softly.

“I’m your boyfriend, 2D. This is Noodle, Russel, and Murdoc. They’re your friends and my band mates.”

“My…boyfriend?” She looks up at him. “2…Dee?”

The doctor begins to ask her some questions about her past and she seems to remember the schools she went to, the names of her parents and other memories from her childhood.

It seems like she has a case of amnesia. Now, this could have been caused by either the accident or it could be drug induced. If she suffers from amnesia due to the anesthesia from the surgery she may regain her memory in at least a couple of days, at most: a couple of weeks. If it’s from the accident there is no telling if she’ll regain her memory or how long it will take.” With that the doctors filed out of the room, and the band members left with a goodbye from Noodle: “We’ll leave you two alone…Call us if you need anything!”

“Yeh, call her if ya need anything!” Murdoc chimes. He pats 2D on the back and kissed his bruised, hospitalized friend on the forehead before leaving. Russel does the same, and Noodle offers help once again before actually leaving


“I’m sorry that I don’t remember you… “ She looks at her hand in his, the one he pulled to his chest. She looks as if she’s about to cry.

2D wipes away his own tears and starts to encourage her “No! No, love don’t be sorry! It’s not your fault… I’m just crying because I was so worried. I’m so happy you’re okay. I don’t know how I would live without ya, love. You really scared me. I bet you’ll regain your memory in no time at all.”

She looks down, in shock that someone, even her own boyfriend would care about her this much. The mess of a man in front of her was crying for her and barely left her side this whole time and she wasn’t sure how to feel. Guilty? Happy? Loved? Unworthy?

“What if… I never regain my memories?” She takes her hand back and covers her face, beginning to cry.

“Don’t cry, love, please don’t cry. If you don’t then you don’t! Then we’ll create more memories together. You and the band, we can create more. We love you no matter what. I love you no matter what.”

He leans his head on her shoulder which lays on the hospital bed. She moves a hand to rest on his head, running her fingers through his hair.

“So, what do you do in this band?”

2D looks up to see her forced smile. Somewhat happy that she’s trying to be positive, heartbroken that she feels the need to hide her true feelings from him. The lump in his throat starts to form again. Before tears threaten to spill over he clears his throat and responds: “I’m the singer.”

“Did I like your band?”  Her eyes brightened up and she shifted, moving away from him to lean on the opposite side of the bed, patting the vacant spot. He climbed into the bed, taking the covers and pulling them up to their waists.

“You were a fan when we met you…We met at a meet and greet, you and the band I mean. And all you asked us for was a hug.” He chuckled. “Your friend mentioned something to Russel about how much our music meant to you two, how hard you’ve had it since you were unemployed at the time and how you scraped up the last of your money just to be able to see us live. When Murdoc heard that he offered you a job with us as our sound tech. You spazzed in front of everyone when Murdoc asked if you wanted the job. It was quite adorable.” She looks at 2D in wonder as he tells her the story of how they met.

“W-what was my favorite song?” She asks shyly.

“Ah you loved Melancholy Hill. You know, you used to ask me to sing for you all the time? You’d love when I sang you to sleep.” 2D remembers, smiling a big toothless smile at her reaction to his revelation.

“Sing for me?” She asks him with big curious eyes. “Please?”

2D takes a shaky breath and wraps an arm around her. She doesn’t know how to react to his intimate move, so she just stood still. As he sang, he began to sway, rocking her slightly. She became more comfortable as the song progressed.

“Up on Melancholy Hill there’s a plastic tree
Are you here with me?
Just looking out on the day of another dream
Where you can’t get what you want but you can get me
So let’s set out to sea
Cause you are my medicine when you’re close to me
When you’re close to me…”

She leans her head on 2D’s  chest as he sings, her head rising and falling with his breath. She wraps an arm around him and begins to hug him tight as he sings. She closes her eyes as tears start to spill over.

“So call in the submarines ‘round the world we’ll go
Does anybody know
If we’re looking out on the day of another dream?
If you can’t get what you want then come with me
Up on Melancholy Hill
Sits the manatee
Just looking out for the day
When you’re close to me
When you’re close to me
When you’re close to me”

She looks up with teary eyes and butterflies which makes her stomach do tiny flips. She hasn’t known this odd looking blue haired, black eyed man for long since she woke up without her memory, but she knows she loves him, she feels that she can trust him with everything. She knows that she had to have been crazy about him because this just feels right. Hugging him, being with him feels so natural. “Thank you, Stu.” she whispers. 

“Wha- didja jus call me, love?” He says with a big smile. “I never told you my name was Stuart.” He says as he pulls her closer, hugging her tight with one arm as his other hand is entwined with hers. 

I have an idea after SKAM end. Why don’t Even keep his chanel on YouTube and every week he dose a short film with the rest of the cast?
And also Hei Briskeby, why don’t they keep doing videos after SKAM ends?
That would be perfect! I mean let’s imagine that..
Evak with boys squad and the balloon squad together and having fun…
Evak with Sana and sana is very happy.
I mean it won’t be skam that we used to always seen. But it’s better then nothing right?


“why do you know so much about feminism”

because I’m a woman who woke up one day and was like “damn the world really hates women, what’s up with that” and then I stopped mindlessly accepting all the stereotypes and pseudo-science used to keep women down and excuse men for being shit and started listening to women and checking facts and expanding on my knowledge and that’s basically what feminism is.

“ok well everyone’s opinion is valid so…”


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Now, as you know I'm a stickler for pukey Mori, I don't supose you could do a little something where he doesn't come in to school? Honey gets really worried and head to his house after school only the find Mori curled up in bed with his arms around his stomach and an empty bowl on the floor, refusing to be sick. He keeps apologising for worrying Honey, for being too week to go into school, but Honey keeps telling him it's okay and then he needs to be sick or he'll just keep feeling worse.

here you go! thanks for the prompt @thehallowedangel!

Honey wasn’t a worrier.

Worrying was a waste of energy, in his opinion. Energy that could be put to better use planning things like strawberry shortcake eating contests or pranking the twins.

But when Mori didn’t show up for their first class together - on a Monday - he couldn’t help feeling a little concerned. He was also confused. Two very unpleasant, unfamiliar emotions coiling into a little anxious ball in the pit of his stomach.

It wasn’t like his cousin to abandon him. And it certainly wasn’t like Mori to neglect to inform Honey of his whereabouts. Or, at least he didn’t think it was. His cousin was always just…there. Honey had never been forced to wonder before.

He hadn’t realized how accustomed he’d grown to having Mori’s constant, infallible presence by his side. And now he wasn’t answering any of Honey’s texts. He wasn’t even answering his phone calls.

When the bell rang signaling the beginning of his second class, Honey decided that nothing was more important than making sure Mori was all right. Besides, he really hated Physics.

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why don't you try explaining it to us instead of insulting us?

bc you never get it. we explain and we explain but it always comes back to this question “why dont u explain it to us?” until when? how long do we have to keep explaining it for u to understand? we finish explainin it to one person and then all of a sudden there’s another racist who can’t educate themselves
… it’s a never ending cycle and i’m tired

Theory about ‘flashback’

OK, so when i was in the shower (don’t judge) I got this crazy theory about the possible 1x12 flashback (God help us!!).

So at the end of 1x11 Magnus says “I don’t know what to do with these, you keep them for me” gives him the smirk (where is our deleted scene writers??) and walks away. that was it right? but in 2x12 when Alec goes to the loft (bless that scene, Man!! the feels) Magnus says “Hello Alec didn’t think you’d come” when I watched the episode the first time, it got me thinking Why wouldn’t he come?? but just swept it off as inconsistency (God season 1 was a nightmare) After Alec asks about the Warlock who can wake Jocelyn (RIP), Magnus again says “ After Izzy’s trial, we didn’t finish our conversation, about your wedding” Again it got me thinking “what conversation??? u were the one who gave him his bow & quiver and walked away. what am i missing” (Bad Writing????) 
But what if there was actually a conversation that we missed (was deprived of actually)???? What if there was an almost kiss that was interrupted by a call or something???

Another reason that had me thinking of this possibility is what Magnus says in the field to Jace & Clary, “I came to escape my relationship drama, not to get a front seat to yours”. Now he has been in 17k relationships (a calculation i am still trying to solve) he will definitely know the difference between unrequited and relationship. Once Again I swept it off as bad writing and inconsistency, BUT What if it wasn’t either???

I badly wanted to see what happened when Alec stayed over in 1x06, Anywas I am Personally NOT OK with them trying to mess with 1X12..(Once of the best things to happen to season 01) the ENTIRE PERSPECTIVE of the Episode will CHANGE if they do so.. GOD!!!!

C’mon show-runners & writers Fix what is already Broken (looking at u 2x07) instead of Sabotaging what was good… (That wedding kiss.. Oh God!! one of the most beautiful things i have EVER laid eyes upon)

**ONCE AGAIN THIS IS JUST MY PERSONAL OPINION.. AND NOTHING ELSE** I had to put it out there, it was eating me alive…

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I'm an undergraduate and I thought I knew one non-depressed math student. But it turns out he just switched to chemical engineering. I don't know why we keep doing math when it makes us so sad but I can't make myself stop.

get a hobby

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Hey IR fucktard keep crying your crack ship will never be canon and your shitty art can't do anything to change it jajaja why not come onto the winning side? We can be friends and you could draw for us

Ah yes finally I’ve been noticed. But me? Be friends with you and your sad lot? I’ll pass. Why would I wanna be friends with someone who harasses people over a fictional couple and shits on my drawings. You should be happy that you’ve got a canon couple but I guess it’s not enough. And I’m not gonna be friends with you or draw after you insulted me and try to coax me into joining “the winning side” or whatever tf that is. 

You guys are the worst fandom I’ve ever had to run into and I do feel bad for the some good shippers who stay out of the drama but you guys like to make an ass out of yourselves 

Especially Isa and Soda gurl who stalked me before and the asks about me saying I like to send myself fake asks so fuck off cause I don’t have to cater anything to you guys and I do not want anything to do with you guys and your toxic victim blaming selves who like to throw retard around like it’s nothing and tell people to kill themselves for not liking your ship

me: *have very important finals coming up, trying to study* “Ok, now that im FINALLY over mark’s video, i can absolutely, fully concentrate-

Jack: Anti wasn’t referring to Dark in the Pax intro, he was referring to Jack


Bubble Tea!

(Please don’t repost my work)

Why do people always say the heart makes you love someone? Its the brain. The brain makes you fall in love. Its the brain that makes you love the scent of someone, the way they laugh, and the way they smile. The brain is the source of all our foolish decisions. The heart simply keeps us alive long enough to fight the pain. Some of us never get over it.
—  @coracuster

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I like Mary. I think she's awesome. I don't see why she has to be evil.

Oh, boy, okay.

Listen you can like Mary all you want – I loved her too before the fucked up her entire story arc – but her entire arc was building up to be a villain, and a badass one that was going to go down with a fight. 

I’m REALLY not trying to be pedantic here, Nonny, but asks like this force me to pull out receipts, all of which I’m sure you’re not going to read, because who likes to be proved wrong, but I digress. I always end up sounding more harsh than I am when all I want to do is educate you on my perspective and what the narrative is teaching us.

THAT’S Why she’s a villain. When a character kills the title character of a show, they are coded as the bad guy unless they do a redemption arc that actually is a redemption.

Mary had NO redemption arc AT ALL. Even in S4, Mary is STILL manipulating and emotionally abusing Sherlock and John against each other with her fucking creepy-assed DVDs and her belittling of John in T6T. She still runs off to go do her little assassin things and still lied and manipulated everyone. And I know the argument is going to come up, but Mary’s gunshot was NOT a redemption. A redemption arc has the ex-villain doing a good deed and being genuinely sorry for their past actions. Not ONCE Mary has ever apologized for any of the shit she put everyone through. All of it was a plan, especially if she had creepy DVDs made FAIRLY RECENTLY (you can tell because of the hair style) to send out to people. Also:


That and Mary’s entire death scene was RIDICULOUS and completely contradicted EVERY rule that was established in this universe only 2 episodes prior on how characters die.

Nonny, Mary’s character arc is one I have been passionate about for many years, even before I was a Johnlocker, because her character was fascinating to me, and helped me understand the psychology and make sense of events that were happening in my life at the time. Right up until TAB, Mary was being coded as the next Moriarty. For some reason or another, Mofftiss decided to turn her into an “assassin with an heart of gold” and failed spectacularly.

If Mary truly was good, she WOULD HAVE TOLD JOHN FROM THE BEGINNING WHO SHE WAS, OR AT LEAST TOLD SHERLOCK SHE NEEDED HELP. HLV would have not played out as it did. Instead deciding that killing Sherlock was her only option so that she could continue to manipulate John, since she knew he was most malleable when he was grieving Sherlock.

You can read Mary’s character however you want, I could care less… well okay apparently I do because of this reply… But please, seriously consider that what became of her character really made no goddamned sense to the narrative arc the built for her and quite frankly really lazy writing. Just because she is a woman, doesn’t mean that she is nice and sweet and not abusive. Excusing her of her brand of emotional abuse and manipulation is really sexist.

People thought my mother was a nice person, too.

Camren 2017: They’re So Obvi

Okay. First let me apologize for the delay in getting this theory out to you guys. The last few days have been crazy busy. Secondly…grab a bowl of popcorn and warm cup of tea…this is going to get interesting. I’m sure the skeptics will try to refute any and all evidence I am going to provide in this post. So, “screw you in advance. don’t like it? don’t agree? ignore it. please don’t insult me or my fellow munchkins”. Now that all the preliminary stuff is out of the way…

Camren is alive in 2017. I believe that Lauren and Camila are not only on good terms but also seeing each other on the low again. Crazy right? Hard to believe, I know but the evidence I’ve gathered has me convinced. I’ll start with the release of Camila’s CITC and IHQ video and single. Camila released her debut single CITC on May 19th…two days before on the 17th I came across this photo…

I’m not sure if she followed the Camren account on the 17th or if she followed them along time ago, but I think it was recent. It showed up in my recent suggested likes and posted the same day I found it.
Then on the 19th, the day CITC was released, a photo of Lauren was posted to a stylist IG wearing a wig with bangs…

Not a big deal for most. But my delusional triggered camren mind sees the wig with bangs as a nod to Camila and the release of her single and her new hairdo. I get it. I’m reaching super far with that one right? Well when was the last time we saw Lauren with bangs in a photo? (where she wasn’t a toddler) And the photo happens to post the day Camila’s first single debuts? Coincidence? If you’ve been in this fandom long enough you know that word doesn’t exist.  On May 16th before the picture of Mani following the Manip Squad surfaced and before the Lauren wig pic posted another screenshot surfaced. 

…on the 16th Camila posted some snippets from her music video and supposedly Lauren liked the video. Speculation says that Mila deleted the third video clip because Lauren “accidentally” liked the video. 😏 we know how Lauren likes to accidentally like things…funny how her likes are only accidental when it comes to Mila. Camila is well into her press tour for both her new singles and on the 19th of May after the successful debut of CITC, Mila did an interview with Power 106 FM…

https://youtu.be/4M95O9N_lyw  (link to interview)

in the interview she clarifies the interviewer that her album is NOT about boys…now I know that can be interpreted many ways. But if you’re singing about experiences and relationships and you say the album isn’t about boys (I’m sure she will discuss some 5H things but not for the entire album) then who is the album about Mila? Sorry to inform your representatives…but I think your gay is showing. 

Okay, still hanging in there with me? Excellent. Let’s keep going. On May 21st, Camila made her solo performance debut performing IHQ and CITC at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards…she killed both performances. 😩🙌 Anyway…some of her red carpet photos surfaced and there are some inexplicable scratches on her arms that kind of look like they could have come from a dog or cat.  And who recently got a puppy named Leo? Lauren, that’s who. And who also has a dog named Leo? Camila, that’s who. Lauren was definitely around when Camila got Leo so I’m sure she knew what naming her dog Leo would do to this “delusional” fandom of ours. Don’t believe me about the scratches? Check out the photo.

Now some poor overly dramatic souls speculated that Mila was self harming…😒 smh. Sometimes this fandom is just too much. They are clearly scratch marks from a small animal. Also, since we’re the talking about the BBMAs, MGK and Halsey were there looking very close and cuddly and “coupley”. And I think its very funny that they are both VERY CLOSE to both halves of Camren. I mean come on…do you really think they don’t have the tea? MGK refers to Mila as his sister and Halsey is a die hard Lauren supporter and fan. The pair (halsey and lauren) have gotten super close recently after their collaborative project of Strangers. Which is a bop and I fall in love with it more and more every time I hear it. I feel like with MGK and Halsey being as close to Camila and Lauren as they are if the two (camren) weren’t getting along wouldn’t that cause issues with MGK and Halsey too? Ever hated someone your best friend or significant other like? It will definitely cause tensions to rise. I just want MGK and Halsey to spill all the tea about their double dates with Camren LLS…since Lauren spilled the tea all over Halsey’s carpet its only fair she return the favor…😂😏.

Then on the 27th of May like clock work….Ty$ and Lucy came through to distract us. Ty$ liked a provocative pic of Lauren’s… You guys know the one😏. And Lauren went like crazy on his page too. I wasn’t surprised or derailed by the interaction seeing as how all signs have been pointing to camren since a couple days before the release of Mila’s debut single. Then…supposedly Lucy did an IG live where she was asked to stick out her tongue if Camren was real…or something like that. And she did. 😮 Now I did not witness her doing it. But I have a screenshot of the request and Lucy responding with her tongue out 😜

…but again. I can’t confirm if it happened exactly like that because I did not see the video myself.  

With all that being said. I can say that I am thoroughly convinced Camren is alive and well in 2017. I’m sure I missed a ton of stuff as my personal life has been kind of hectic over the last month or so. But May has rewarded us for sure with Camren indirects/proof. Let me hear your thoughts? Do you agree? Why? Do you disagree? Keep it respectful but tell me why. Did I miss something? Help me fill in the blanks. I hope this theory wasn’t disappointing or too far fetched. I’m just relaying my thoughts on the current Camren situation. Don’t be distracted by Mila’s hetero narrative or Lauren’s PR BS RS…lol. Nothing can Kill Camren. Its the cockroach of Relationships. Their connection will exist long after the nuclear holocaust and Zombie apocalypse. 😂😂 IT’S CAMREN YO!!!