why do i keep rewatching the ending

At what point did Saitama just start eating lunch on the edge of super tall buildings? When he became essentially invincible and there was no risk to it? Before that point when he just felt like it? To get a better overview of the place nearby to keep a lookout for monsters? I can’t help but wonder why he started doing this since it seems to be a regular thing for him???

……….Why does Genos have no issues with doing the same???????? \

I need to talk about Yuuri's "last time on the ice"

(or so he thought)

I believe this is so important since it’s the part all of us had been looking forward to the most.
(or at least before we realised gala was going to be a thing.)

Victor has been known for making every programme feel like a new beginning, but what Yuuri is going to do here is the opposite, this programme was meant to be his ending.

(Their faces before entering the rink, you can already sense a lot of feels coming up.)

There were so many different emotions in this part, from sad sobs after realising that everything was coming to an end, to happy tears after realising that the goal has been achieved.

I have always loved this programme, but this time it got even better.

We all knew that this one was going to be perfect, that all his jumps would be flawless, but the feelings it gave, oh my God.

(Definitely longer than that 3-page English essay I did last week at school, I’m putting this under the cut.)

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Hi im a little n00b over here and I don't understand the theory of jin being dead?? Could you explain?


Also, I’m not saying that this is 100% a correct theory. I can see some flaws, and I can also see some supporting for other theories, such as a rumoured ‘Peter Pan’ theory and ‘Alternate Universe’ theory that I really wanna get around to reading because maybe it won’t hurt me as much as this theory does 

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Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

I think it was on the director’s commentary that it was said that it was Heimdall who said to take the Aether to the Collector?  I haven’t finished that yet, but I know I read somewhere along the way that this was Heimdall’s choice, not Loki’s or Sif’s or Volstagg’s.

I love this stinger and yet I have such intense frustration over it.  We know Asgardians can get to Knowhere, whether via the Bifrost or by spaceship, it could be either.  I assume Bifrost, especially since it was Heimdall who sent them there.

Interesting because ahhhh connecting Asgard to the greater Cosmic Marvel stuff!  I want it sooooo baaaad.  I want to see them interact with the Kree (we can leave the Skrulls out of it, though) and the Nova Corps and all those!

Frustrating because I KNOW MARVEL WILL NEVER DO MUCH OF IT, despite that they had a huge, huge success with Guardians of the Galaxy (biggest August opening ever, I heard!), they either won’t take that risk with the Thor franchise or they will still doggedly continue to try to keep Thor connected to Earth because it’s easier/because they think that’s what will win them more viewers.

And it’s doubly frustrating to me because there’s not much fic that’s connected the two, as far as I’m aware, there’s not a lot of Asgardians in the greater cosmos, even after GotG came out.  You don’t know how badly I want more connection between these two, where the movies are a perfect place to streamline things and show Asgard as a major power that still works within these places, too!

How I see it… the “Nine Realms” are the ones that are the greatest of Yggdrasil’s branches, but that the Bifrost can go other places in between, just that the connection isn’t the strongest.  So, they can go to Knowhere or the Kree homeworld or Xandar, just that those places aren’t really under their stewardship.  I think these are part of the “nine trillion souls” that Heimdall sees, as well.


Like, why wouldn’t Asgard give the Aether to the Nova Corps, like Peter and the Guardians did with the Power Stone at the end of GotG?  Why the Collector?  I know it’s because it was easier for TDW at the time, but I want theories!  Did they think hiding it somewhere less obvious would keep it out of Thanos’ hands?  They do know about Thanos yet?  Have the Asgardians dealt with Celestials before?  Have they dealt with the Collector before?  How did Heimdall know of him?  The Collector seemed to have an idea that Asgard existed at the very least, had he interacted with Asgardians before?


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I watched Akira and all of Neon Genesis Evangelion way back when I was in high school, but I ended up not liking either. Do you think I should give them a rewatch because I was young then, or just wrote it off as just not for me?

Well, I have no idea who you are, so I can’t really give you any insight to your personal tastes, but I will say that it’s important to try to understand why something is considered good, even if you don’t personally enjoy it. Clearly, you’re keeping an open mind, but the whole basis of critical thinking is not so much declaring something good or bad, but identifying why it’s good or bad.

Akira is, objectively, an incredible work of art. The level of detail and commitment to fully realizing the world it takes place in is a rarity in cinema, let alone in a feature-length animated film for adults. It is literally more colorful than most other cartoons, because the animators needed a larger palette to capture the nighttime sequences.

Evangelion is fascinating because it subverts the anime trope of a group of teenagers being tasked with saving the world, presenting the whole concept as an entirely shitty situation, and then heaping on existential philosophy and Judeo-Christian mythology; meanwhile, the director was burning through his budget and having a nervous breakdown at the same time. The series is about the end of the world, and it’s production was falling apart as the series progressed; that’s about as close as you can get to a cartoon doing its own stunts.

Both of these things have tons of problems as neatly packaged pieces of entertainment. Essentially, they don’t make a lot of sense at face value, and the primary point of a show or movie is that it’s supposed to be a story that tells itself to you, and if it’s not clear in doing so, it’s failed on some level. That said, the most neatly packaged self-explanatory cut-and-dried piece of mass media won’t spark nearly as much discussion as a weird, fucked-up confusing work of art.

Media is like food; you can wolf it down quickly and thoughtlessly as means of sustenance, or you can savor every bite, while taking into consideration the ingredients, the process used to prepare it, and the paying attention to the flavor and consistency.

How I accidentally stumbled into the xenaverse.

Twas the year 2013 in the month of November. I remember it clearly because, well, it was so recent. I was looking for light entertainment and what did I get? a new verse, the xenaverse. nine months down the line and I’m still here and no idea how to get out again. apparently the exit is hidden by an invisibility cloak or some other such trickery of the gods.

I was in the mood for something that would not tax my attention span, just light, easy. scrolling and trawling the webs looking for inspiration. xena warrior princess. hm. i could recall watching a few episodes when it first aired. did not grab me then (i blame hercules which it was shown with then, i still cannot watch that, sorry).

Wasn’t it popular in lesbian circles? wasn’t there supposed to be some subtext? and there was a famous kiss right at the end? och, i bet it is another one of those where it was all just projection and wishful thinking but not delivering. what the hell, I’ll give it a go and I went in head first with the lowest expectations imaginable. I mean there is just one ambiguous kiss right at the end, right? little did I know.

So there I hopped on the ride. oooh, kicking ass, this is fun and plenty of it. wait what, did xena just kiss gabrielle?! but this is only season 2?! what is going on? ooh, musical episodes? cool. did they really just say that? hang on. hey, that is hilarious. they didn’t just, did they? wow, and what a brilliant story, that was clever. um, what just happened? really? how meta was that?! they are cycling through every possible genre and trope. but hang on, so they did it before everyone else? cool…the rest is a blur.

And so it went on and on. six seasons. my amazement transformed to speechlessness. how did I not know? why did nobody tell me? and then I was finished and what a finish it was and I did the only thing I could after an end like that. take me back to the start. I have never rewatched a series unless at least five years had passed. not once. not ever. until now.

And now I keep watching, I get withdrawal if I don’t. and all the time I notice another detail, another double entendre, another clever reference, another hommage well done and to top it all off the most epic love story and that between two women who are the main characters.

I mean it’s been nine months now. I should be bored with it. really, I should…but I actually found the tv series that has it all! whatever I like, it is there. my personal holy grail of television. what do you mean, I am exaggerating? but, but, but…ugh. yes, I am flailing, I know. maybe some rehab? bardlovers anonymous anyone?