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How to Write When You Don't Have Time

I might be losing my mind a little bit, but I swear someone asked me how to write when they don’t have time, but now I can’t locate the question in my inboxes or messages, but I thought I’d address it just in case someone actually did ask me this question.

First off, let me start by saying, I may not be the best person to answer this. I’m not married, don’t have kids, and I work in the writing industry. So if anyone reading this has their own expertise to add to this post, please leave a comment for others.

Before getting too far into this topic, I want to acknowledge that some people may be dealing with a lot of life challenges at the moment, with serious health problems, being a caretaker for a loved one, serious financial problems, and unforeseen life crises, and may be legitimately unable to work on their writing because they ran out of today’s time yesterday and their physical and mental stamina ran out before they got out of bed this morning. If you find yourself in such a category, don’t fret. Life happens. It won’t be this crazy forever.

But for the average person who has at least half a grip on their crazy busy life but can’t quite squeeze writing into said life, here are some ideas that might help.

1. Get more out of your schedule by living with more intention.

Some of us human beings struggle to live intentionally. We pull out our phones to check on something, and before we know it, we’ve lost an hour to the social media black hole. Or we sat down to take a break and suddenly Netflix is asking us if we are still watching Stranger Things.

I know what some of you are thinking: Isn’t this post supposed to be about people who are too busy to write? Not about people who are just sitting around?

My point is, whether or not you actually spend hours unexpectedly watching Netflix, there are probably parts of your day you are living without intention, which usually means time is slipping through your fingers.

Not everyone wants to live every hour intentionally. Many cultures and lifestyles around the world don’t; they just go with the flow and do whatever, like the beach lifestyle.

What I am saying is that if you are a busy person who doesn’t have time to write, and you want to have time to write, this might be what you want to look at. Do you have behaviors and parts of the day where you are unintentionally losing time? Do you have the tendency to procrastinate things you don’t want to do, for example?

Intentional living doesn’t mean you never get breaks. It means that when you take a break, you take breaks you intended to take. It doesn’t mean that you never have free time. It means that when you have free time, it’s something you intended. Intentional living means making every hour count, and getting rid of moments where time doesn’t. It means when you are doing something, you are doing something, not kind of doing it. If I’m cleaning my room, but sort of just leisurely cleaning it, I’m probably losing time. But if I decide to draw upon more intention, and clean my room more intentionally, I’ll make an effort to do it in a more efficient manner and get done quicker.

So look at your lifestyle and see if you can free up more time by living more intentionally. And notice that I didn’t say you had to live at max capacity intention. I said more intention.

2. Don’t work harder. Work smarter.

There is a business show I love to watch called The Profit. In it, successful business man Marcus Lemonis goes into failing businesses and helps build them back up. One of the things Marcus says is that it’s better to work smarter than it is to work harder.

And when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Here is a simple example. Let’s say I’m working really hard at doing the dishes. I’m working as hard as I can, but my methods are random. I hand-wash and put the dishes away one by one. I’m putting a lot of time and effort into getting this kitchen clean. But you know what’s better than working harder at that method? Working smarter.

Instead of hand-washing everything, I put them in the dishwasher. Instead of putting items away one by one as I wash them, I put them into piles and take the whole stack of plates to the cupboard at once.

Working smarter is about looking for ways to work more efficiently. It’s about finding ways to get more done in the time you have, and finding easier but still effective methods.

Pretty much everyone is doing something that could be done more efficiently. When you work smarter you can free up more time. Or, when you write smarter, you can get more done in the amount of time you have.

3. Stop using mental energy focusing on the fact you don’t have enough time.

My dad is a really busy person. One thing he said to me several months ago has stuck in my mind. He said, it’s amazing how much more you can get done when you stop thinking about how you can’t get it done.

This is probably going to sound weird, but the way we think is also a usage of time–our mental time. The mental time we spend thinking about how we feel sorry for ourselves is mental time we could be putting to use in a different way. You might could even say we can try to think with more intention or to think smarter. Instead of thinking about how I don’t have time to do something, I could be spending the “mental time” and “mental stamina,” thinking about how I can do that thing more efficiently.

Feeling sorry for ourselves about not having time often leads to sluggish demeanors and attitudes, and only makes it that much more difficult to be productive. It’s like we’ve dropped a boulder in our own path that we now have to push out of the way before we can continue.

The older I get, the more I realize, how we think about things is everything.

Unfortunately, though, when you make statements like that, you get a whole bunch of people going out and trying to micro-manage all their thoughts and feelings, and they actually end up just suppressing said thoughts and feelings.

It’s not about suppressing–it’s not about telling yourself you aren’t allowed to think or feel that way, that breeds resentment toward self and unrealistic expectations. Instead, if you have a problem with the way you think, you acknowledge it and move on. Or, depending on how serious it is, you acknowledge it, work through it, and then move on. It takes time–maybe months or years–but eventually it won’t be a tendency to think that way anymore. I am a strong believer that in most circumstances, we can eventually change how we think.

Anyway, my point is, stop using your “mental time” on thoughts that aren’t helpful to you. You don’t need them anymore. It’s not helpful to focus on how little time you have. What is helpful is focusing on how to best manage the time or task you have been given. What is helpful is spending your mental stamina on how you’ll build your better life, realistically.

4. Stop procrastinating and implement the 20-minute rule.

Learn to start doing something you don’t want to do, when you should do it. Don’t watch an episode first. Don’t play Candy Crush first. Sit down and start working. Remember, it’s okay if you really, really, really don’t want to do something. You are allowed to feel that way. But what matters is that you do it despite it.

My brother and I have a method for when we don’t feel like working on something. It’s what I think of as the 20-minute rule. Now, I don’t know psychologically why this works, but it works for both of us almost every single time. And I’ve seen it work for many others.

When you don’t want to work on something, you sit down and work on it anyway, telling yourself you only need to do it for 20 minutes. Now, you need to actually do the work intentionally–actually put in effort, not just sit there–and I don’t know why, but almost always, by 20 minutes in, you realize it’s not that bad. It’s like my dad always says, “Nothing is as bad as you think it’s going to be.” After 20 minutes, it’s easier to work longer, and I just keep working anyway.

You can try this with anything you don’t want to do, in order to get it done quicker so you can free up writing time. But you can also do this with writing, when you finally have freed up a few minutes to write and don’t feel like writing. Just give yourself 20 minutes. I bet 9/10 times you’ll want to keep writing after the 20 minutes.

5. Use the percolation approach to writing.

There are discovery writers, people who like to just sit down and start writing and “discover” the story as they go; and there are outliners, people who like to outline the story before they start writing. But there is also another writing approach that’s very common that we don’t talk about much, which is the percolation approach.

Percolation is when you get ideas for a story, and you let them sit in your mind for a while until you are ready to write them. If you don’t have a lot of time to write, or time to set aside to consistently write, the percolation method is a good one for you. You probably have ideas of what kind of stories you want to write. Let them sit in your mind. Let your subconscious take a stab at them. Think about them when falling asleep at night, or in the morning before you get out of bed.

When you feel ready to write the scene and have a few minutes, you’re all ready to go.

I think most writers use a little bit of all three methods. The tricky part about percolation is you might hit an area that doesn’t eventually come together on its own, so you do need to sit down and work it out. But, heck, you can even use the percolation method scene-by-scene. When one scene is ready to write, you write it. Then you let more ideas percolate, and then you write that scene. You don’t have to write chronologically either. Write the scenes you want, and before you know it, you might have half the book in your head done.

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the raindrop prelude

pianist au

pairing: yoongi | reader
genre: angst and fluff
word count: 14.859
warnings: implied smut, mentions of alcohol
author’s note: this is a revamped version of a story I wrote ages ago, which some of you might have read already (was simply titled raindrop back in the day). the plot remains the same, only the writing was heavily tweaked, almost entirely rewritten. If you did not read it before, I sincerely hope you enjoy!

Since music is a very important part of this story, I suggest playing the songs on this playlist whenever they’re mentioned. :)

You feel exhilarated.

You would never be able to describe such feeling properly, and you are sure other musicians would agree. Being up there, hands surfing above the keys while the music floats seamlessly, turns your body weightless and takes your mind away from it, faraway from the dullness of reality. It drifts and glides away smoothly, silently, towards a remote place where you can finally shine.

Your senses are still heightened and your heart is still pumping vigorously as you leave the stage, fingers starting to tremble. They feel numb and sore after torturing them for almost ten minutes, and the pleasing sound of applauses still rings in your ears as you trudge in the direction of the bathroom.

You did it. Be proud. The cutting words are deafening in your head, mixing with the echo of the melody your hands conjured up only a few minutes ago. That voice, both sharp and unrecognizable, faintly resembles that of your best friend, your colleagues and your teachers, but you are unable to believe them. You just can’t.

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BTS reaction: they’re insecure

They have a crush on you (gender neutral reader), but think they are not enough for you


Originally posted by fawnave

everyone knows seokjin is confident, so you would definitely notice something was off when he seemed to be insecure around you. when he realized he had feelings for you, he would probably even avoid you to some extent, being confused by his own feelings and why he kept comparing himself to your beauty. however, he wouldn’t tell anyone, so you’d have to confront him about it. you’d ask him to talk to you privately, then carefully approach the subject

“seokjin, is something wrong? i’ve noticed you act a bit distant around me”

at first he’d probably tell you it was nothing important, not admitting something was bothering, but neither denying it

“please tell me. i just want to help, did i do something wrong?”

jin wouldn’t be able to let you blame yourself for his behavior at all, so he’d end up telling you

“ehh i just keep comparing myself to your overshadowing beauty and don’t see myself worthy”

you knew jin by heart and immediately caught on to the true meaning behind his words

“seokjin, don’t. in my eyes you’re the most overshadowingly beautiful person in the universe”


Originally posted by taesscripts

it’s not a secret yoongi is bad at expressing his feelings, so he’d end up bottling it all up inside his head. he’d be pretty good at hiding how insecure he feels around you, so you wouldn’t really even notice.

i feel like yoongi would end up writing about his feelings in his lyrics for his next mixtape, of course not exposing who it was about. when you’d hear the lyrics, you’d get worried. you would be sitting with him in his studio, helping him with another song, when you’d cautiously bring the lyrics up in conversation

“yoongi… about those lyrics… are they real? may i ask who they’re about?”

when yoongi would look down and avoid eye contact with you, you’d get even more worried

“they’re about you” he would mumble under his breath, still avoiding eye contact. but you’d heard him loud and clear. you’d get shocked and speechless, totally not expecting this sudden confession. going through the lyrics inside your head, everything would make sense. once you fully registered everything, you’d crash your lips to his, showing him the feeling was mutual.

“please don’t feel insecure. i like you back just as much, if not more”


Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon

this boy wouldn’t exactly hide the fact that he liked you. every now and then he would be giving you small compliments, whether it was complimenting your outfit, your hair or a personality trait he found extremely attractive. you’d blush at every comment, but notice he’d look down at his feet after giving them. it wasn’t that he was feeling shy, there was something else there, something painful and it broke your heart everytime he did it

“you look very cute in that outfit, (y/n)” *looks down at his feet*

“namjoon..? are you okay? :/”

he’d get strartled when he didn’t hear the usual thank you leaving your mouth and look up at you, only to find you staring at him worriedly

“no. no i’m not. for a while i’ve really liked this amazing person but they would never like someone like me back” *looks back down*

you’d walk up to him, tilting his head up by his chin to look at you in the eyes

“kim namjoon. i feel this person you’re talking about absolutely adores someone like you”


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

since hoseok is completely smitten by you, he’d be clingy, always ready to help and be there for you in a heartbeat, with a bright smile on his face. the members and everyone else around you would all probably know about his crush on you, since he wasn’t good at hiding the excitement whenever someone even mentioned your name. however, whenever someone else would compliment you, or flirt with you, he’d get insecure and shut down. he’d become silent and whenever you asked him about it, he’d brush it off with an excuse like him being tired after a hard day at practice.

eventually he’d get fed up feeling so insecure, but being afraid of total rejection, he would leave a long text for you in the middle of the night, when he knew you’d be asleep. he’d explaing everything in great detail, how he thought you were so beautiful inside and out, then tell about him feeling insecure

.. the reason i’m texting this to you is because i already know you don’t like me back like that, so i thought i’d save you from the trouble. i just can’t take feeling so negative about myself i needed to let it all out

by the morning when you’d found his text, you’d instantly call him, not bothering to text back

hello?” he’d answer with a tired voice

“hoseok, good news! i do like you back and i’m gonna make you realize just how incredible i think you are”


Originally posted by chimcheroo

jimin would act so shy around you. he would always admire you from a distance, being jealous of how easily the rest of the members came along with you. however, you noticed his shy behavior, and would always be asking his opinion on things whenever he was being quiet. he’d blush, his eyes becoming wide whenever his name left your lips. it’s easy to say he’d be a stuttering mess, making him think you saw him as a complete fool.

you’d be having a movie night with the maknae line. everyone would be cuddled up in blankets, eating popcorn, talking and joking around all throughout the movie. everyone else but jimin. you’d be talking about some stupid decision the main protagonist made in the movie, taehyung and jungkook laughing along with you. then you’d once again notice how jimin was being quiet so you asked for his opinion

this time, jimin didn’t even look at you in the eyes, but mumble a short reply under his breath. you’d get visibly upset, thinking you did something to set him off. the other two maknaes would notice this, and swiftly make up some excuse to leave the room. once the two of you’d be left alone, you’d speak up

“jimin? whatever i did i’m sorry”

his head would shoot up, panic in his eyes

“no, no, no you didn’t do anything i just- *sigh* i just really like you and i guess i feel a little unworthy” he’d look down like a puppy, the words just slipping out of his mouth. you’d smile, feeling relieved he didn’t hate you, until you scooted closer and kissed his cheek

“you should have told me sooner. the feeling is mutual”


Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

taehyung would be a mix of namjoon and hoseok with his own little twist. he’d be giving you cute little compliments at literally everything you did, a genuine look of amazement on his face everytime. and as his admiration for you would grow, the more he would start to think he wasn’t good enough. he would compare himself to the other members, being convinced you must’ve liked one of them. you’d start to notice small things about him, that reminded you a lot of another member. but you also noticed those things weren’t the kim taehyung you knew.

“oh, taehyung you’re cooking again?”

“oh hey (y/n)! i just suddenly got this inspiration to cook something. you like when someone cooks for you, right?” he would try to pretend like he knew exactly what he was doing, when obviously he was struggling

“isn’t jin responsible for cooking?”

“jin? oh well i thought i’d let him rest for once heh heh. i can cook!!!!”

“..taehyung? you don’t need to pretend you like cooking, you know?”

his jaw would drop, not expecting you to see through his lie so easily

“ahh i just really like you and you always look so happy when jin hyung cooks for you”

you’d smile, walking over to him and grabbing his hands in yours

“you make me happier, taehyung. just by you being yourself”


Originally posted by heliogabalusroses

(my notes literally said “put some meme ass gif here”)

this boy would definitely be shy around you. i feel like he would be so confused over his own feelings, not understanding how and why you were making him feel like he wasn’t worthy of your time and the sweet smiles you’d send him whenever your eyes would meet. he wouldn’t ever realize that whenever another member was in any kind of skinship with you, he’d be glaring at them, wondering what was wrong with him for he couldn’t be as close with you.

he would think the smiles and the glances you were giving him were only in your kind nature. he’d think you were acting that way just because you were kind and didn’t want to completely ignore his presence. but oh, how wrong he was.

jimin was always telling you jungkook was shy, especially around people he found attractive. you took confidence in his words and mustered up the courage to ask jungkook to talk privately with you. to say he was shocked and nervous by what you asked was an understatement

“jimin told me you’re quite shy at first and i understand that. but it’s been a while and we still haven’t talked to each other as comfortably as i wish we could”

once again this punk would be completely oblivious to what you were implying, only thinking you were being kind and considerate

“oh, y-yeah. hyung is right, i’m sorry i haven’t been very social around you.”

“it’s fine jungkook. i just think you’re complitely missing my point here” you’d smile shyly, shuffling with your feet, a blush on your cheeks. realization would hit him like a train

“o-OH YOu liKE mE??? I l- liKE yoU TOO a loT ACTUALLy”

AN: I recently hit 100 followers on this blog so thank you everyone so much <3 it makes me so happy that some people actually enjoy what I post! I remember when I started this blog I was so scared to post anything because I thought no one would like what I write, but now I’m so glad I overcame my fears :,) Thank you <3

Also this is my first reaction post and I have been considering starting to take requests so would anyone be up for that? Let me know :)

Multiverse Lovers - Part Four - Thomas

Title: The Happenings of The Maze

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Pairing: Thomas/Reader

Word Count: 9,590

Warnings: 18+, NSFW,  Dirty Talking, Shameless Flirting, Maze Wall Sex, Bondage (I GUESS???), Shower Sex, Masturbation Wars, Piggy Back Rides, Mentions of Running, Mean Hoes

Notes: Surprise? In the midst of me getting ready to leaving work, I was going through my millions of messages, and @thelittlestkitsune was sweet enough to offer to proofread for me. @savage-stilinski offered as well and I feel bad because the message was buried under 4 other people. BUT YES. HERE YOU GO. Tell me yo thoughts!

PS I am the biggest putz in the world and forgot to mention that @minhosmeanhoe is the reason you guys got the masturbation wars. She is the one that gave me the suggestion and god, I love when Camile gives me ideas like this. They are so brilliant. Thank her for that lil tidbit yo.

Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

The soft breeze that rolled over your body sent shivers down your spine, hugging the blanket closer around your body. The sound of feet shuffling around you filled your ears, their quiet whispers stirring you from your sleep. The sunlight shone brightly, a few rays directed straight into your closed orbs. You snuggled further into whatever vessel you were on, hoping the noise surrounding you would dissipate, leaving you to resume your much-needed rest.

A loud rumbling began to vibrate the ground around you, your body jolting up in shock at the sudden disturbance. Your head whipped around, your body unsteady in the thin fabric you had been thrust into during your sleep. In your attempt to steady your swaying body, you toppled from what you assumed was a hammock, the material spinning in circles and depositing you safely into a pile of mud.

You heard a round of laughs fill the air around you, lifting your head slowly from the ground to see what was going on. A handful of eyes watched you from afar, their eyes flashing at you dangerously. Have you never seen a girl fall out of bed before? Fucking perverts. You wiped some of the mud from your face, grimacing at the amount that coated your hands. Glancing around, you found yourself in a large, green pasture, buildings hidden in the distance. The source of the rumbling were the large walls that encircled the pasture sliding open, a gap appearing in the gray, weathered stone.

The maze…?

“Rise and shine, sleeping beauty!” a sassy voice cut through the morning air, startling you. Your arms gave way in your shock, face splattering into the same pile of mud as before. The person broke into a fit of laughter, noisily slapping at their knee at your agony. “That’s a good sign of how today is going to go, eh?”

“Be quiet, Minho,” a calm, British voice cut off the sassy one. “She’s already late for breakfast and shucks knows she’s going to need it with her training today.”

Your head perked up, standing from your kneeling position to turn and face the two boys at the foot of your hammock. Minho and Newt stood before you, the keeper of the runners snickering at your dismay and the second in command crossing his arms, sending you a gentle smile.

Yup. I’m in the maze. And I guess I’m the greenie… Whoop dee freaking doo.

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A Lesson [m]

Genre : Smut

Summary : By all accounts, asking your childhood friend of many years, Baekhyun, to teach you how to give a …. is odd, however in the grand scheme of things, it’s better than learning with a stranger. - a rewrite of ‘teach me’ -

“Baek?” at the sound of your voice he peered up from his phone.

Unbeknownst to him, his ears were about to hear the words that would’ve had him falling onto the floor if it wasn’t for the fact that he was sat down on his bed.


“Teach me how to give a blow job”

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anonymous asked:

why do people keep saying shes doing everything for fans when she showed up for release week for three days and then peaced out to go hang with her boyfriend? she cares more about her private life than her career

….everything she did for her release week she did for the fans. she visited all the fans in line for SNL, visited the pop up shop, did a fan event with AT&T and sirius…her whole release week she did for the fans. as far as her caring about her private life, i don’t even know how to respond to that. taylors in a wonderful relationship that she’s happy in and if she wants to form her schedule around taking care of herself and fostering her relationship who’s to say thats a bad thing? and who’s to say that its our place to police that? this is getting so ridiculous 

Stanley’s Choice (Part 2)

A/N: This is my first ever imagine/fic series, so please don’t hate me if it’s really bad! Also, the Losers are aged up to about 16 years old. 

Pairing: Stan Uris x Reader (Romantic, kinda) + Richie Tozier x Reader (Platonic/Romantic-ish)

Warnings: not that i know of???

Summary: After staying friends for 3 years, the Losers’ Club all go to the Homecoming dance together. However, when you arrive, you’re surprised to find someone else with the boy you had been in love with since you were 13.

His hand wrapped around yours as he handed you that tape. How could he just pretend that everything was okay? That what he did - was doing - didn’t break your heart? That you could just pick up where you left - 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. You wanted to look at him, but you couldn’t. The fear of him seeing you cry overcame you, and you just couldn’t. Without saying a word to him, you pulled your hand away shakily, and walked into your house. 

That night, you left your blinds open, hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of him in his room, reading, bird watching, things you used to do together through the windows. Maybe you could say what you wanted to then; pour your heart out. But all you saw was the faint glow of his lamp through those dark curtains you hated so much. 

“Y/N! Careful, you almost completely knocked me over!” Patricia said, waking you up from your thoughts. She was headed towards the table, probably going to ask Stan to slow dance with her. To your song. 

“Oh, shit, sorry, I just got a little distracted,” you murmured. Pretty much everyone was on the dance floor except Eddie and Stan. Beverly and Bill were in each other’s arms, Ben and Kay swayed awkwardly to the song, and even  Mike found someone to dance with. You looked for Richie, the one person you thought could save you from this situation, but you found him already sitting next to Eddie, deep into a conversation about something stupid, you were sure. 

Patricia followed your gaze. “You and Richie aren’t going to slow dance together? After all those songs, this is the one you aren’t going to dance to?” 

“Well, yeah,” you chuckled awkwardly. “We’re just friends. Really close friends.” 

“Oh.. Well, I’m trying to bring Stan over so we could dance. If only I could get to him! These people keep getting in the way,” she responded. Strangely, when she said it, you weren’t offended. You were certain if anyone else did, it would feel like a personal attack to you, but Patricia wasn’t that type of person. Maybe that’s why Stan asked her instead of you. “I told him to just meet me when a slow song comes along, since he didn’t want to dance to all those other songs, but you know Stan.” 

Not knowing how to respond, you just nodded. You both pushed through the tons of people standing between you and the table, and when you finally made it, the song ended. At least there was that. They weren’t going to be dancing to your song. 

“Damn it!” Patricia said in frustration. “You should’ve just met me on the dance floor.” 

“Next song, Patty,” Stan replied quietly. “I promise I’ll go for the next one.” 

The next slow song came eventually, and you looked on as Patricia whipped Stan away to the dance floor. You were watching them intently, but unconsciously, until Richie nudged you. “You need something to wipe that nasty ass drool off your chin?” 

“Shit, do you think they noticed?” you said nervously. 

He shook his head. Then made a face that almost looked like he was thinking. “Actually.. I don’t think Patricia noticed. Stan probably did. He notices every fucking thing about you. It’s annoying.” 

“Stop fucking around with me, Rich. I don’t like that shit.” He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but you cut him off. “No. We’re done talking about this.” 

Surprisingly, Richie didn’t argue. Throughout the rest of the dance, you and Richie just sat at your table in silence. 

When it was time to leave, you and Mike were deciding who to give rides to because you had all planned on going to your place, since your parents were gone for the weekend. 

“My car has 8 seats, so I can take 8 people,” you said. You could have technically taken everyone to your house, but Ben told you that he wanted to bring Kay along so the Losers could get to know her. 

“Well, who do you think is riding with you?” Mike asked.

While you and Mike were talking it over, you felt someone tapping your shoulder. When you turned around, you found yourself staring at Stan. “Y/N… I know I didn’t ask you guys ahead of time, but is it okay if Patty comes along too? She says her parents aren’t home and she’s too-” 

“Yeah. Sure. It’s fine,” you said, before turning back around. “Okay, so Bev, Bill, and Richie are riding with me then? Ben, Kay, Eddie, Patty, and Stan can ride with Mike.”

“Y/N, I don’t have enough seats. I only have room for four people in my car,” Mike said. You would have asked Eddie to ride with you, but you felt bad at the fact that Mike would be stuck in the car with couples. While you were trying to come up with what to do, you heard Patricia speak up.

“We’ll ride with you.” 

And so they did. The car ride to your house was filled with awkward tension. You shot Beverly the occasional nervous glance, had short, almost telepathic conversations, before focusing on driving again. When you got to your place, you parked in the driveway, but left just enough space for Mike, who arrived about a minute later. Richie knew where you kept your keys, so naturally, he was the first one in your house, and everyone followed after, leaving you and Beverly outside. 

“I know you like him, but how is this so awkward all of a sudden? I mean, it wasn’t like this yesterday, or last week, or anytime before that. Why is it so bad tonight?” she asked. 

The next morning, you decided you were going to finally tell him what was on your mind right before . You walked over to his house, you knocked, but as soon as he opened the door, you found yourself frozen. It’s as if the words drove you to this deserted island, then left you there stranded. 

“Y/N, hey-”

“Bill says he wants to hang out at the quarry today, do you wanna bike together?” you asked casually. On the way to the quarry, you talked to Stan about anything and everything - except for what you really wanted to talk about. You thought, when HE brings it up, that’s when I’ll say what I need to say, but each time he made an attempt to do so, you would shoot it down. Quickly. That’s how most of your interactions went after that day. The other times he would try to bring it up you would just ignore it. Eventually, he just stopped bringing it up, and you two just acted like nothing ever happened. 

Why were you such a coward? 


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Hey you’re great and I love your blog but is there any way you could tag your polyamory I’m sorry I know it’s a kind of offensive trigger to have but it is one for me and I want to keep enjoying all the 99.9% of your blog that exists without it <3

sure thing; it’ll be good for us anyways because then people can look for all our posts to do with polyamory? also tbh after homestuck and how we all acted as 14 year olds i can understand why polyamory might bring up some bad memories AMIRITE THE FORMER HOMESTUCK FANBASE

-nct dream react to their s/o asking to cuddle

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mark - minhyung

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He might be a little surprised and have a hard time finding words. He’d be speechless but later still accept to cuddle you. “(Y/N) if it’s okay I’ll give you some hugs”


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He’d love to cuddle you! I don’t even think he’d hesitate or try to stop himself. “I’m always happy when I get the chance to cuddle you (Y/N)”


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The charming boy he is, he would be really sweet and take your request. “Of course we can cuddle (Y/N), you don’t even have to ask” He’d be such a boyfriend.

haechan - donghyuck

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He’d keep on asking you why you’d want to cuddle. “(Y/N) are you in a bad mood or something? Do I need to cheer you up?” But he’d kindly wrap his arms around you to have a hug.


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This cutie would be so ready to have you in his arms. He totally adores to cuddle with you. “You know I’m right here (Y/N), give me a hug!”


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He would also be ready to give you many warm hugs. It’s like you don’t even have to wait for it. “So you want to cuddle (Y/N)? Well you know I’m here for you!”


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A shy baby! You’d have to repeat your request a few times. “(Y/N) can’t we do it later? I don’t think I’m really prepared yet” He wouldn’t really dare to cuddle you right away.

TWD 8x05 - The Big Scary U | Sentence Starters

I no longer fear death.
What I fear is a fruitless death.
These cakes are made from scratch by yours truly.
You don’t need to explain yourself over and over again.
I don’t like killing people any more than you do.
If you kill the right people at the right time, everything falls in place.
If you kill one, you could be saving hundreds more.
Tell me where to go and what to do and I’ll make it happen.
I think you’re a thin-dicked politician, threading the needle with your thin dick.
People are a resource.
People are the foundation of what we are building here!
Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?!
Are you confused about who we are?
Are you confused about who’s in charge?
We kill the right people in the wrongest way possible and we make them all watch!
Your friend (…) is an asshole.
There had to be some reason why I did what I did.
I don’t have shit to confess.
We have to assume (…) is dead.
They have snipers all around the building.
Someone in here made everything out there happen.
The right kind of rat can kill plenty of people.
We keep what’s ours and we don’t give up a damn thing!
We’re going to find that subhuman coward who did this to us and we’re going to kill him!
Let’s make today the best today it can be.
You can use your weaknesses to drive your strengths.
I’m going to make you my new special project.
You killed my people when they were sleeping?
I haven’t killed anyone who didn’t need it.
There are people in there who aren’t fighters!
There’s a plan and everyone’s sticking to it.
A lot of our people are dead, (…).
We make it inside, we live.
I can just kill you, but that’s not what I want.
I’ve killed before but that’s not my greatest sin.
What you did, that’s some horrible, cowardly, spineless shit.
Anyone else want a bullet? Anyone?!

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Iiaat to be extremely angry in the morning?? As soon as I wake up whenever people try to talk to me I feel like I can't answer. And if they keep pushing I end up screaming at them cuz they're just too loud?? My parents are really confused with me so itd be nice to know lolol

!!!! Same! Like, so hard. 

Growing up, I would do so badly during the mornings that my family made it a policy not to talk to me until I had talked to them. 

As I’ve learned about autism and myself, I’ve tried to figure out why I would get so angry at people for talking to me in the mornings. I think I’ve figure out a couple things: 

  • I wake up semiverbal most of the time and the pressure to verbalize when it’s so difficult for me is incredibly frustrating. 
  • When I wake up, my sensory sensitivities are more intense than normal so sounds are louder and lights are brighter and everything hurts and it sucks. So when people try to talk to me in the midst of this it is painful and makes me angry
  • Basically, I start my mornings right on the edge of meltdown/shutdown and one of those will follow unless I am able to care for myself and take my time adjusting to the world. 

I hope this helps you! 


Hive City’s District Shelter Project: CAN TOWN.


                   [ BANGS POTS AND PANS TOGETHER ]




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She made him do the KDS interview because she had had enough after an absolutely ridiculous holiday season. Sam was mad about it because he wanted to keep everyone under the "spell," and he didn't want to talk about his private life (I personally believe he had also just broken up with Abbie). She tried to bring him out of his anger with lame jokes that didn't work. I'm sorry- Caitriona lost me that day. Actually, both lead actors lost me that day.

This is your perspective and opinion, though. It’s not necessarily what happened or the reasoning behind the decision to do the denial interview. Furthermore, if Cait was the one who planned to do this interview all along, why did they do a live video interview the day before where they were sitting shoulder to shoulder and leg to leg while they flirted and giggled and made jokes about Sam’s “big heartedness” which they both brought back to his shrimp?

Their behavior in that interview the next day was the opposite of everything they were the day before. Sam was clearly upset. Caitriona stuttered as she tried to find words. KDS looked misty eyed. Fans said Sam came out of the room so upset that he couldn’t even meet with fans, something he always fights to do.

A couple months later, Sam was out on the road stuttering himself about “if we were together, we wouldn’t say” and liking a tweet about getting excited for the shipper tweets that pop up when he shows up on twitter. He liked a Valentine’s Day picture of macaroons with him and Caitriona tagged. Again: all puzzle pieces. Maybe my narrative is wrong, but maybe yours is. The point is that they have done enough to keep things sufficiently muddy that EITHER explanation can be accepted as truth. None of these instances can be taken as stand alone moments. Everything is linked.

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dont roosters and peacocks get feisty and dominant when reaching sexual maturity or nearing mating season? I keep picturing rad and raymond intensely staring at each other, silently, with their feathers all ruffled, challenging the others dominance

why ya gotta play into my weaknesses like this right off the bat Anon,,? x,3c

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I don't know why it keeps bugging me, but here I am... despite John's speech to Sherlock in TLD, do you think at one point he'd be salty over the fact Sherlock and Molly ended up in a loving relationship? I just feel like a part of him would always hold Sherlock accountable for Mary's death even though she clearly chose to sacrifice herself. You can answer in a message if you feel this is too controversial to post. I just wondered about your thoughts on it.

Hm, that’s definitely an interesting question. And honestly, I’m not scared of the controversy so Imma go ahead and post lol. 

I firmly believe that IF Sherlock and Molly ended up in an actual relationship, John wouldn’t be salty about it. He’d be shocked at first, no doubt. I don’t care if he did witness the ILY scene, I still think that he’d be all wide eyed and brows raised if they were legit dating. Because even if he believes Sherlock loves Molly, I think he’d doubt Sherlock would do the whole girlfriend thing for real. But anyway! That wasn’t really your question. Beyond surprise, I think his feelings on their relationship would be positive. And I would like to also believe that he wouldn’t still hold Sherlock accountable for Mary’s death, feeling like “I hate that you took my wife from me and now you get to be happy.” I honestly believe John meant what he said at the end of TLD. It was hard to say and it was an emotional moment for him, but I think he meant it. I have a best friend who’s like a sister to me and who I’ve been close to for longer than I’ve known my husband. But if my husband took a bullet for her and died, leaving me and my son…I’m not gonna lie, I’d have a tough time looking at my bestie without seeing that over and over. I’d know in my head that she didn’t do it, but my emotions in connection with her would be compromised to some degree because she would represent something precious that I’d lost, no matter how precious she also is to me in a different way. John might continue to be “basically pissed off,” as he’s expressed in the past when enduring a tough situation, but I truly believe that it’s based on the situation itself and not on his blaming Sherlock for it. 

And I still actually like to HC (which I posted once before) that maybe seeing a wonderful love between Sherlock and Molly would eventually give John the courage and motivation to find love again for himself one day. John did help Sherlock grow emotionally, so I think if Sherlock did the same for him it would be a lovely full circle. ❤️ 

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Sten the CW SG official account tweeted birthday greetings to Jeremy. (Since their mentions are up in 🔥 why not.) So what do you think? Will they finally solve the mystery of Katie’s birthday for us???

hahahahhaah no way, she probably threatened them and had them all sign non-disclosure agreements and then conducted some sort of irish witchcraft to ensure secrecy. i mean, thats what i assume she does to everyone in her life to keep the mystery…. ;) 

RANT:Hate towards fictional characters...

With all the “character hate” and “problematic fave” shit that keeps popping up in the SU-fandom again and again, and with several characters, It got me thinking…

How? How and why do people get so angry? And I mean specifically people who state that they seriously “hate” a character. They’re pissed, they can’t stand them etc.

Cause you know what? That kind of thing almost never happens to me. The only reasons I might come close to “hating” a character is if they’re flat/boring, have an ugly design or have an annoying voice or something. I barely ever get pissed about things of what a character says or does. Mostly because they’re fictional and I view them as pieces that move the plot of a story along. If a story is well written, pretty much everything a character says or does, happens so that the plot can move on or so that the character can grow. Even if the actions of a character are unpleasant, if it’s good writing, I can appreciate it all, because I know it all happens for a reason: to tell an interesting, eventful and an emotionally challenging story. Sure I can feel bad like “aww that’s nasty” or “ugh that’s not nice” and “oh no” to something but I can simultaneously respect realistic and interesting conflicts and speculate what will happen next.

Some people don’t accept any bad features or weaknesses in any characters, meaning that no matter if the character is written to be a “good guy” or a villain, they will always judge them if they fuck up or act “mean”, While others seem to think that only villains can do bad stuff and they can love the villain characters because “that’s what they’re supposed to do!” but if the supposed good guy fucks up some way, they loose respect for them.

And I’ve never been able to understand this.

Sure there are stories out there with good guys who do no wrong and always know how to act and villains who are evil for the sake of being evil. But guess what? That’s boring and it doesn’t challenge the viewer.

A well written character is multidimensional. They have layers, they can learn and grow, they can change their views, they can be affected by things and experiences that they go through both negatively and positively, they can make mistakes! And that’s what makes them interesting, realistic and often even relatable! I love characters who are written like this! I don’t care if they’re a “good guy” or a villain. In real life, no one is 100% pure. No matter if the character is an alien or a talking animal or what have you, these stories are created by humans. And it’s in every human’s nature to sometimes act selfish, greedy, impulsive, inconsiderate or what ever flaw there is. No one is perfect. And that gets channeled into characters in fiction. And I find that beautiful.

So it goes over my head how some people can HATE a fictional character and sometimes even so much that they start to act spiteful towards others who like the character they hate(even though many people recognise the flaws in the characters they like). WHY? I could understand this kind of anger if it were a real existing person who did real bad things. Then the anger would be more justified because bad things really would’ve happened and sometimes people need to be called out for their bullshit. But when talking about a fictional character, it’s nothing more than a piece of a story.

Don’t loose your temper over a piece of a story. And if you don’t like that story then at least allow others to enjoy it!

(note: I do believe that it’s totally okay to react negatively to characters, to acknowledge bad things about characters and not agree on/support a character’s behaviour etc. You don’t have to like everything. But again, I still don’t see that to be a valid enough reason for hate)

All I Ever Need~ Bobby Fish Imagine

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Smut Ahead 

You gaze up at him, thinking it was just another night where he would be gentle. But he thought the other way around. Bobby had your arms over your head, keeping them there.

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And since we all came from a woman
Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman
I wonder why we take from our women
Why we rape our women, do we hate our women?
I think it’s time to kill for our women
Time to heal our women, be real to our women
And if we don’t we’ll have a race of babies
That will hate the ladies, that make the babies
And since a man can’t make one
He has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one
So will the real men get up
I know you’re fed up ladies, but keep your head up
—  Tupac Shakur