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The Evil Princess (Part One) - Regina Mills Imagine

A/N: This is an imagine that me and a friend came up with a while ago and it’s really long so I cut it into two parts. I really hope you enjoy it. btw, I am really bad at summaries so bear with me :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Once Upon A Time 

Summary:  You are the daughter of Regina Mills, however, she doesn’t know you exist because of Cora’s selfish ideals and misuse of magic. You find out that every time you use your magic, your body gets weaker. Cora tells you that the only way to get through it is to keep Regina dark. So you set off on a quest to find your mom, hoping she could help you find another solution.

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The smell of alcohol and cigarettes rooted itself deeply into her jacket making her nose burn as she walked down the street to the apartment where she lived. She held the crystal that hung around her neck tightly to stop it from clanking against the zipper of her leather jacket as she picked up the pace. The look of determination in her eyes created an uneasiness around her and caused the other people walking near to fall back to avoid her gaze.

When she reached the apartment complex, she ran up the stairs, skipping a step every now and then, and stopped in front of the door that led to the tiny home she dreaded coming to everyday.

She fumbled for the keys in her pocket, her irregular breaths visible in the cold air. Her fingers were numb from the cold and her nose felt frozen. Her hand started trembling again making her drop the keys on the ugly, worn-out welcome mat. (Y/N) willed her hand to stop, using the little bit of magic she could muster up, but nothing happened. She suddenly felt lightheaded, but she somehow managed to grab the right key and enter the apartment before she passed out and freezed to death on the porch.

She was greeted by a foul smell coming from the kitchen where the woman she called ‘mom’ seemed to be cooking. Usually (Y/N) did all the cooking and cleaning but lately she’d been distracted by the absence of her grandmother. Her real grandmother.

(Y/N) had no idea who her real mother was, and the idea of her never crossed her mind until five years ago when she turned fifteen. An older woman named Cora showed up at her school claiming to be her grandmother. She was dressed in an almost black robe-like dress that seemed very medieval. And of course, (Y/N) didn’t believe her, her adoptive mother’s mother had died almost a decade ago. Besides, how could she? This strange lady was dressed up like she just came from a renaissance festival. But it wasn’t until she discovered her magic, however, that the idea of Cora being her grandmother didn’t seem so far-fetched.

It took a while, but eventually (Y/N) gave in and allowed Cora to explain herself. Over the next two years Cora taught (Y/N) how to control her magic and how to wield it. She taught her how to create potions and how to cast spells and curses. She even taught her how to charm objects to do certain things.

Everything was going great, until Cora decided (Y/N) was ready for the truth. Cora explained to (Y/N) why her mother never looked for her. Hell, she didn’t even know (Y/N) existed.

It was because Cora decided that her daughter would be better off without (Y/N). Cora had a plan for Regina.

Regina. That was her mother’s name. After Cora said her name, (Y/N) couldnt stop imagining what she looked like. How she would react when she discovered she had a daughter. Hopefully happy as hell.

Daniel was her father’s name. (Y/N) never had a father, and she never would. Cora explained that she had killed Daniel to make sure Regina would become queen.

“Whoa. And she was OK with that.” (Y/N) was a little afraid of Cora now, but she could see a tinge of regret in her eyes.

“Oh, no. She hated me, but I did what was right for her, she would have never been happy with that stable boy.” Cora was fuming at the thought of Daniel and Regina together.

“Well, they might’ve. I mean, you never gave them a chance to find out they were gonna have me,” (Y/N) whispered, afraid she might upset Cora.

Cora glared at (Y/N), but her face changed to a sympathetic one when she realized what good did come out of their relationship: (Y/N). She ruined (Y/N)’s life by making her grow up with an alcoholic woman who was supposed to raise her. She was so sure she had chosen the right woman, but oh, how wrong she was.

Cora could see the small scar near (Y/N)’s eye where her mother had hit her for the first time, and the one on her lip where (Y/N) was hit for asking about her biological mother. A pang of regret caused Cora to shift uncomfortably in her seat.

“How am I seventeen?” (Y/N) questioned, startling Cora out of her thoughts. “You’ve heard of magic right?” Cora mocked (Y/N).

(Y/N) rolled her eyes, “Yeah, but how? How did she not know she was pregnant? How am I here?”

“It’s quite simple really. I cast a spell to remove you from her womb.” (Y/N) cringed at the image created in her head by Cora’s words.

“I put you in an egg I created specially for you and kept you in my home.” Cora was proud of herself, but (Y/N) paled at the thought of it. “You were almost ready to be born, but I knew you would somehow find your way back to Regina, even if I gave you away. You would ruin the plans I had for her to be queen, because you were hers and that stable boy’s. She would feel like she was with him again, and I could not allow it. So I froze you in time,” Cora spat.

(Y/N) was confused now. “Froze me? And it wasn’t until seventeen years ago, you decided to un-freeze me? Why?”

Cora groaned and explained that she had went to a seer to ensure that Regina would continue her path as the Evil Queen, but instead saw her on a path of good along side the Savior. She told (Y/N) that she was probably the only one that convince her to stay on the dark side of magic.

“Uh… no.” (Y/N) was disgusted that Cora could ask such a sadistic thing of her. “I’m proud of her. I’m proud that she’ll eventually find the good in her. Go, mom!”

Cora chuckled, shaking her head at how naive her granddaughter was to the consequences of magic. “You see dear, you need her heart to be dark, of course not completely as the love she’ll have for you will keep some of it light. You were born of dark magic, and only dark magic can keep you alive now that you’ve mastered yours.” Cora’s expression hardened.

“But I feel fine. I’m fine, I don’t need dark magic,” (Y/N) squeaked. She didn’t want to be of dark magic. She wanted to do good. She knew what dark acts could do to a person and the others around them.

“You feel fine because I’m here,” Cora’s lips crept up in a small smile, “You don’t need to be dark, you only need someone to provide you with dark energy.” Cora continued explaining how if she didn’t convince Regina and (Y/N) continued trying to do good, then (Y/N)’s magic would destroy her body and eventually kill her. Cora then gave her a cloudy crystal, one that she told (Y/N) would lead her to her mother when she was ready. She never intended to use it, so she hung it around her neck, for safe-keeping, watching it as it grew clearer over time.

And now here she was, twenty years old and her body failing her. (Y/N) tried so hard not to use magic, but the temptation sometimes got the best of her.

Cora had promised her she’d return to keep her health from declining, but its been about three years, if not more, since her departure. (Y/N) knew her grandmother wanted so desperately to keep Regina queen, but she never thought she’d go this far as to risk (Y/N)’s death.

She scurried to her room and packed a backpack full of some essentials, clothes, her phone, and money. She was glad she was finally leaving this hell hole and woman who made it hell.

She grabbed the keys to her mother’s car and ran out of the apartment before her mother could react. (Y/N) quickly turned on the car, slammed on the accelerator and sped off to god knows where.

“OK, mom, your my last my hope,” (Y/N) said to no one. She sighed, a shooting pain going through her spine. She swerved out of her lane, but quickly regained control of the car, her heart ready to explode out of her chest. “Oh, please let this be worth it.”