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What to do when you really don’t want to study.

I think we’ve all been there - the class is important and you know you need to study but when you sit down you end up feeling grOSS AND YOU don’t want to. So here are some tips to overcoming that:

 Take a deep breath and reevaluate why you need to study. Try to stay positive.

  • When I’m not motivated I keep saying things like “what if I just don’t do it?” And then - surprise! - I end up not studying and suffer/regret it later. When coming up with reasons to study, try to keep it positive. Don’t say things like “if I don’t study I’ll fail the class.” Instead, say things like “if I study, I have a better chance at doing well on the exam. Future-me will be so proud of current-me.”
  • If you truly cannot find a single reason to study, set your studying aside for later and do another productive activity or take a long break.

Drill it into your mind that you really don’t need motivation to do well.

  • Even if you find the reason to study, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are very motivated. Sometimes we feel like no motivation = unable to study. This isn’t true.
  • Make a deal with yourself. Try studying for ten minutes. And actually try to study. If by the end of ten minutes you feel like you can continue studying, great! Keep going! If not, then you can take a break and do something else.

Choose a study scheduling method that works for you.

  • Some people feel great studying for hours on end once they get in "the zone.” Others feel the need to take quick breaks every half hour. Studying and scheduling methods are different for everybody! Play around with scheduling to find out what works for you.
  • In high-stress times, work (studying, assignments, etc.) can feel pretty overwhelming. To organize all the stuff you have to do, write it down! This takes some of the stress of remembering tasks off from your brain, so that your brain can focus on the more crucial things.
    • If you’re making a to-do list, keep the general list short. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed by too many tasks. (You can keep sub-lists on separate paper/sticky notes to break down each task.)
    • If you’re making a time-table, keep your schedule loose. Give yourself buffer time to complete each task, just in case you overestimated your efficiency.
    • It’s totally okay to overestimate efficiency! - ifyou do, you learn more about yourself and how you study best.

Small (pomodoro) breaks

  • Pomodoro technique in a nutshell: 25 minute blocks of working with 5 minute breaks in between. Feel free to change the length of the blocks according to your preferences! During your breaks, you can
    • Get more water
    • Get snacks
    • Make tea/coffee
    • Stretch
    • Do a tiny bit of yoga
    • Walk around the room/building
    • Stretch
    • Five-minute meditation
    • Head massage
  • Try to avoid looking at a screen. When you look at a screen, you stimulate your brain and it won’t get its rest. Also, the internet might suck you in and your break could last longer than intended. (cough tumblr)

Long breaks

  • Sometimes I really really really really reALLY don’t want to study. Or do anything. And I feel kind of gross and am on the verge of a mental breakdown. If you feel this way, stop.
  • Take a hella deep breath. And another one. One more. Aaaaand one more just for good measure.
  • Get away from your desk. I associate desk with studying, so getting away from it helps me relax. Lie down on a bed, or move to a different room if you can. If you can get near a window, try looking into the distance to relax your brain and eyes.
  • Breathe for a couple of minutes, then evaluate how you feel. Again, try to stay positive. Instead of “I feel shitty and I don’t want to do anything,” try “I feel tired right now and resting can help me feel better.”
  • Based on this evaluation, estimate the amount of time you need to rest. If you have a lot of studying to do, try to keep it under an hour. Set a timer for the amount of time you have decided on. (remember to include buffer time!) Getting back to work on time can make you feel more productive, which conduct better productivity!
  • During a long break, do an activity that makes you feel good and takes your mind off studying. You can
    • Take a long walk. If you live near a park or a trail, try strolling around in it.
    • Eat healthy food. Junky comfort food can make you feel groggy, especially foods that are fried. Instead, try eating some fruits or nuts.
    • Take a shower/bath
    • Talk with a friend
    • Make some art
    • Enjoy a long coffee break. (avoid caffeine if you feel anxious/panicky, though)
    • Play with a pet
    • Take a power nap
    • Longer meditation/yoga
  • Again, try to avoid looking at screens. Also, avoid thinking about studying. Let yourself have the luxury of NOT THINKING ABOUT STUDYING for a while, so you can return to it with a fresh mind.

Mental health days

  • Sometimes everything is just too much and you might feel the need to stop everything for a day. If so, take a mental health day!
  • Think of mental health days as physical health days. If your body isn’t feeling well, you are allowed to stay in bed and sleep/not do anything for a day. Similarly, if your mind isn’t feeling well, you are also allowed to stay in bed and sleep/not do anything for a day.
  • Let your parents and teachers know that you don’t feel well and can’t go to school. From my experience, most teachers are pretty understanding and will let you have the day off. (You might have some work to make up later, though.)
  • Do not study on mental health days. Don’t even think about studying on mental health days. Instead, just focus on getting better. You can
    • Sleep in
    • Clean your room
    • Take a super long bath, complete with bath bombs and candles
    • Watch a good movie
    • Read a good book
    • Sing your favorite songs really loudly
    • Literally anything that (IS HEALTHY and) makes you feel good about yourself.

Study groups can keep you going, even when you kind of don’t want to

  • Setting up a time (like a date!) can keep you on track
  • Study with someone you trust to keep you accountable. Don’t study with someone you know you’re going to gossip or watch cat videos with.
  • If you really feel the need to cancel a study date, it’s ok! Just like canceling any kind of date, it’s 100% okay to back out if you feel uncomfortable.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and happy studying!

Anonymous asked: could you write an imagine where rami is accidental friends with benefits with the reader bc they keep sleeping with each other but the reader always tells him off afterwards bc she lives in england and thinks she’s too fucked up for such a pure cinnamon roll and isn’t sure she can give rami what he might want in the near future (family and certainty and shit) eventually rami confronts her, they (SMUT) end up in bed together and idk u can make up an ending? SORRY ITS SO LONG AND DETAILED OMG

A/N: This ended up being way longer than I intended but I liked the concept so here you go! Smut warning around ¾ of the way through as well as slight angst. 

‘We can’t keep doing this.’ You panted, trying to catch your breath as Rami slowly rolled off of you.

‘Why?’ He sounded exasperated as he turned his head to look at you. You kept your eyes fixed on the ceiling.

‘I’m going home like, next week.’ You rolled out of bed, trying to ignore his eyes on you as you wrapped a towel around yourself.

‘What’s that got to do with anything?’ He was propped up on his elbows now, the slight glow of sweat on his torso causing you to avert your eyes.

‘Well I’ll be gone then, won’t I?’ Rami didn’t say anything to that and you could feel the silence filling up the room like smog. You needed to escape before it escalated any further.

‘I need to shower.’ You mumbled and left the room.

You felt sick as you ran your hands through the suds in your wet hair. The look on Rami’s face broke your heart when you told him you were going. But you’d only come to the US to see the sights, not wind up in bed with a major celebrity.

You’re fucking amazing.

Admittedly, he had been inside you when he’d said that but it still made you palpitate a little when you recalled the words. You knew that you had fallen for him. Hard. But it could never work – long distance never did.  

You dried off still deep in thought and exited the bathroom. Rami was pulling his shirt back on, his expression stony as you watched him from the other side of the room.

‘You’re never going to let me in are you?’

The sudden question from him startled you.

‘What do you mean?’

Rami merely shook his head, his eyes on the floor as he pulled his shoes on.

‘See you later Y/N.’ He was out the door of your apartment before you knew it, the hood of his jacket pulled up over his head on the off chance he might be spotted.

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i just made sims for glannithro and sportarobbie and let me tell you its been a wild ride

• the first day (im talking sim days here so like 5 mins) glanni and ithro started fucking

• they. didnt. stop. it was so weird. like it ended, theyd sleep for five seconds, then they were at it again

• like three days in they got in a huge fight (idk why) and now no matter what i do they wont make up they just permanently fucking hate each other now 

• ithro wants to be friends but he also keeps beating the shit out of glanni. omg glanni. he will not stop flirting with ithro god damnit im getting second hand embarrassment from this train wreck. 

basically, now anytime i let them interact at all glanni flirts with ithro, ithro rejects him, they both get embarrassed, they both get mad, they fight and ithro wins 

while trying to sort out that fuck show sport n robbie went on a date and held hands it was cute

• i sent ithro to the gym so glanni could take a nap but glanni followed? like dude im trying to help you fuck off

• ithro didnt notice him so glanni started flirting with geoffrey landgrab. in front of nancy landgrab

• nancy beat the shit out of glanni. he declared her an enemy and she stormed away

• glanni then started flirting with the personal trainer. i sent them on a date because glanni deserves to be happy

• halfway through the date the dude decided he was too good for glanni and wont flirt anymore

• at some point the landgrabs showed up again

• glanni started flirting with geoffrey again. nancy got mad but glanni told her to go away and surprisingly that worked

• glanni and geoffrey went on a date. i sent them home to avoid nancy

• they talked outside for two seconds then decided to fuck. in ithros bed

so now ithro is trying to go in his room but he cant cause the doors locked, robbies napping on the couch, sports doing push ups, and glanni and geoffrey landgrab are fucking in ithros bed, five minutes into the date 

Lyric Prompts #2
  • I’m searching for something that I can’t reach. 
  • Why aren’t you here tonight?
  • Each morning I get up I die a little. 
  • Every word gets you a step closer to hell.
  • Deception and perfection are wonderful traits.
  • Throw me in the deep end, watch me drown. 
  • I keep asking how I don’t know better by now. 
  • You can do anything you set your mind to.
  • I miss your early morning company.
  • Lay us down. We’re in love.
  • They’re killing brains in all my friends. 
  • I think it’s time that I took a break.
  • Don’t act like loving me is such a bad thing.
  • I know your lungs need filling.
  • She knows how to rock and roll.
  • Cold hearts brew colder songs.
  • No one is as lucky as us.
  • I’ve seen seasons come and go.
  • You’re my experimental game.
  • Am I too old to be this stoned?
  • You lived for me, I said I’d die for you. 

anonymous asked:

So, I am having a bit of trouble for writing one of my characters. She is a character who starts off as a kinda of antagonist to one of the main characters because he did something that hurt her in the past. What she does not know is the reason why he did it, which is not an evil reason. She ends up learning said reason and that her actions in the past had ended up hurting him greatly which ends up causing the plot. She does learn later and has regrets. My problem is keeping her sympathetic.

I did just answer an ask that was similar to this one, and I think much of what I said is valid here as well. This point in particular: A character can be disliked by other characters and still be liked by readers.

Whatever this backstory is between these two characters, you should do your best to drop hints of it throughout the story. Even apart from keeping your character sympathetic, it’s just good plot development. Readers will appreciate the big reveal more if they’ve been given reason to suspect something off earlier on in the novel.

How you reveal this backstory is up to you, but you have a couple of options. It’s not abnormal for writers to include a scene with their antagonist every now and then, as they’re scheming, or observing the protagonist from a distance, or even ordering their minions around. Because you’ve already established this character as an antagonist, readers have already formed an impression of her as the enemy. When a reader runs into the first scene featuring the antagonist as the point of view character, their instinct will be to fight every impulse to sympathize with her. Your job? Confuse the hell out of them. 

You know that her intentions were ill-advised, meaning she’s not an evil person. What are her good qualities? If you’re not sure, do some analyzing of her past and the actions she’s taken and come up with some. Then, find ways to show readers these good qualities. This also might be a good place to establish that her pursuit of the protagonist is a revenge plot. A vague revenge plot immediately piques a reader’s interest. It makes them want to keep reading, and it plants a seed of doubt as they wonder what the protagonist did that was so horrible. It has them doubting both the protagonist’s goodness and the antagonist’s maliciousness. Things become grayer, and instantly more interesting. 

Another choice you have, if the idea of writing scenes with the antagonist doesn’t really work for you, is to have the antagonist make cryptic comments during her encounters with the protagonist. She can attempt to divide him from his allies by alluding to his bad deeds. Things like, “You can’t trust this guy. He’s a liar,” or “Has he told you about the time that he ______?” or “He knows the right things to say, but it’s all fake.” 

Comments like these show that he’s hurt her, though he may have no idea what she’s referring to if he doesn’t know who she is. And any question he might have regarding said event might be met with more offense that he doesn’t remember. This not only creates doubt in your readers, but it may also create doubt in the other characters that are working with your protagonist. They’ll ask questions, and he may be forced to disclose what he’s done. Depending on what it is, he may lose allies for making difficult choices that hurt someone. 

You also might consider making her a protagonist as well. Legend by Marie Lu does this dual protagonist thing quite well, as she starts the novel with two protagonists at odds with each other due to a huge misunderstanding. This creates some awesome dramatic irony, where the readers know the truth and the characters don’t. Readers end up rooting for the characters to learn the truth so they can become allies. 

Regardless which route you choose, be sure you’re foreshadowing this reveal throughout the story. If you foreshadow that there’s some complex tragedy or event that occurred between the two, readers may just hold off judgement until they learn the details. 

Good luck!


Business Casual - Part 8 (Final)

Hey everyone! Here’s part eight, the final chapter of this saga. I have another multi chapter I’m going to start putting out maybe next week. That one is actually the longest fic I’ve ever written so yay!! But anyway, I hope you like this last part! You guys have been great and I’ve loved ALL your comments! Really truly you guys’s responses are why I keep posting. 

This last part has a good deal of sap so just gear up for it :D Thanks for reading!

Part 8:

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appreciate calum hood 2k15
  • Me: *forces family to watch gig from how did we end up here*
  • Dad: *used to be in a band & played drums and bass*
  • Dad: you know, that's not easy to do. He's good.
  • Me: who? the one playing bass?
  • Dad: yeah.
  • Sister: why?
  • Dad: it's hard to sing and play the bass at the same time bc the bass has to be in sync with the drums since they keep the rhythm. But the tune of the song lies in the guitars. So he's basically trying to play a rhythm but sing to a different tune. With the guitar, it's easier bc they are singing along to what they're playing on their instruments.
  • Me: ......
  • Me: *combusts bc my dad appreciates calum's talent more than half the 5sos fandom*
In trouble (Scott Mccall Imagines)

Request: is there anyway i could get a cute scott imagine where youre a winchester and your dating scott only your brothers dont know so when they find out they flip their shit??? (ps i love you… i mean your blog… no i dont)

 A/n: aww thank you! I love you too x

 Sometimes it’s great to keep a secret from your brothers. Afterall they don’t need to know everything that’s going on in my life. They can get way overprotective and when they do, everyone ends up running away or dead.

 That’s why i can’t tell my brothers anything. If Sam and Dean Winchester finds out their little sister is dating someone, they’re going to make the guy run away.  Dean and Sam are the most sweetest brother ever but when it comes to boys, they’re literally like the devil.

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anonymous asked:

do all of your drabbles end up on ao3, or should I be keeping up with your fic tag if I don't want to miss any?

Moooost of them do eventually, in Miscellany at least, but some of them are like… little things that I plan to make into part of a Much Larger Thing, god-knows-when, so I don’t want to archive the snippet, so it just ends up as a weird Behind The Scenes over here in my fanfic tag.

Uh so I guess if you want to make sure you see every single thing as soon as possible you are stuck trying to follow my fanfic tag :V But if you don’t care for the sum total of my blog, I think you can just add /rss to any URL to get something you can plug into Feedly? Then you get Just The Stuff.

#13 - Fight


!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT MESSAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!




!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT MESSAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trigger warning: None

Paring: Dan and y/n

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Requested By: Anonymous

your ‘growing up’ one hit me right iN THE FEELZ. can you do one where y/n and dan have a massive fight and it’s really dramatic with fluff at the end? idk i just like that stuff thxs ?￰゚メヨ

-I was going to do one a bit like this so thank you. As I have been a bit inactive I am giving you a lot this weekend. Sorry it’s short. Alos hope you have a wonderful day! xx

“ARRGH, why can’t you help me out here?” You shouted, groaning in annoyance.

“I didn’t do anything!” He shot back.

“For fuck’s sake, you keep on throwing your crap behind furniture for me too pick up! You know I found a bill behind there yesterday, if I had found it weeks later we could have been kicked out!”

Dan used to be helpful, always asking if you wanted help cooking the dinner or tidying up. At first you replied with a 'no don’t worry about it’ since when you two decided to move in together you both went to Dan’s flat. But right now you would have been eternally grateful if he had at least woken you up for work this morning.

“Look I’m sorry! Okay?” He sighed.

“Yeah but even after we’ve made up you still don’t help out.”

“Fine! I apologized and you still wont forgive me.”

“Hey! Don’t act like I’m the one in the wrong. You should actually grow up and start acting like an adult for once.”

“Oh, so I’m the one not acting like an adult. Your the one who just went ape-shit over the fact that I make a mess.”

“You know, most boyfriends would help them out so they didn’t have to do everything on their own. And they would be protective when they need to be. You just sit on your arse all day on the internet not giving two shits about is I’m okay!” Your voice had no become uneven and a couple tears were rolling down your face.

“So your saying I’m fat now? Huh?” Before anything could happen he pushed you up against the wall, pinning your arms tightly to the white painted plaster. Dan realized what he had been doing ad let you go, letting your small body fall to the ground like weightless leaf. You sat uncomfortably down on the floor, rubbing your sore wrists. Keeping your toward the floor, too scared to look up at him. You tears had become more frequent after that out-break and so did Dan’s. He put his hands over his eyes trying to stop himself from crying. “Oh my god, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I love you so much.” He tried comforting you, but you turned your back on him. “How about we talk about this is the morning? I’ll take the sofa.” Even though he was upset with himself he was very considerate. Dan cried all though the night, not thinking about anything else other than the scared look in your eye as someone you love hurt you physically. It was only several weeks later you forgave him after spending 2 weeks with your family, you realized he was just sensitive and upset and that you love him more than life itself.

  • Qrow: Winter, marry me.
  • Winter: What the fuck of course not.
  • Qrow: Why not?
  • Winter: I could list about a hundred reasons that have to do with your personality, but seriously I have a serious position in the military. I can't have the scandal of ending up with *gestures at Qrow* that.
  • Qrow: Alas, though we are fated by destiny, our houses keep us apart.
  • Winter: Qrow-
  • Qrow: Oh, I can practically here your laments as you look longingly off the balcony,
  • Winter: QROW-
  • Qrow: 'Qrowmeo, Qrowmeo, wherefore art thou, Qrowmeo?'
  • Winter: ARE YOU DONE?
  • Qrow: Yeah I really just wanted to make that joke you can continue being a bitch and what not.
God’s Hand at Work

Ruth : Day 4

Text: Ruth 2:4-17, Deuteronomy 28:8-9, Psalm 36:7-9

I’m grinning as I sit in the coffee shop typing this. Thankfully, there’s no one at the table facing mine.

I can’t help it. This story is why I can’t get enough of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because do you know who is declared royalty in the eyes of God? A poor, Moabite widow gleaning barley. I can’t even stand it, I love this story so much.

Let me back up and explain. Here we have our dear Ruth, busting her tail in the barley fields in an honest effort to keep herself and her mother-in-law alive. She “happened” into the field of Boaz. And he “happened” to take notice of her. And (spoiler alert) all these little happenings will end up with Ruth and Boaz at the marriage altar one day, a beautiful ending to an abrupt and terrible life twist.

The thing is, none of this was happenstance. The hand of a gracious God led Naomi back to Bethlehem and led Ruth to go with her. The hand of a gracious God led Ruth to Boaz’s fields that first day and turned Boaz’s heart toward the hard-working widow from a foreign land. What appeared as coincidence was God’s hand continually at work.

In the same upside-down way of the gospel, Ruth’s simple and consistent acts of faithfulness have Kingdom-size ramifications.

Ruth was not some long-time, super-religious believer who earned herself a spot in God’s capital-S Story (and even in the lineage of Christ!). She was just a young woman doing hard things because she believed it was what she was called to do. We don’t hear this in her words, but we see it in her actions. Her faithfulness is not bright and shiny; her work is not award-winning or perfectly planned. She was simply following God’s lead, taking the next right step.

Like Ruth, we cannot see the whole of our story, let alone His Story. We aren’t meant to. But we can follow God’s lead, knowing that our yeses to Him make a Kingdom-size difference, even when no one sees.

Are you sitting in a quiet apartment this morning, wondering if your next steps matter? Are you driving to an office where you’ll work tirelessly without thanks or appreciation, just like yesterday? Are you settling in for another day at home, serving little hearts in a million unnoticed ways?

Hear these words from Boaz to Ruth as my prayer over you today:

“May the Lord reward you for what you have done, and may you receive a full reward from the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings you have come for refuge.”
- Ruth 2:12

And as you do the work set before you, know this: Your small and steady acts of faithfulness are being used in big and beautiful ways in the kingdom of God.  

-Amanda Bible Williams, She Reads Truth

Time Travel AUs
  • “You’re from the future and apparently I fucked up so bad that there’s a darker future and you’re here to make sure I don’t do that. also you’re a jerk but kinda cute??”
  • “I went back in time on accident but holy shit i always wanted to hang out in this decade also how do you know time travel exists?”
  • “You keep dying so I keep reversing time to save your life but you’re getting annoying since you say the same things over and over again. I’m really questioning why you were so interested in that squished tangerine on the store floor.”
  • “I’m from the early 1900s and I somehow invented a time machine and I accidentally ended up here help me get back please. wait you’re my great-grandchild?”
  • “You’re an expert time traveler and take people on tours through time but I’m scared of doing anything because holy shit have you read that short story A Sound Of Thunder? Mitt Romney could be elected if I accidentally step on a cockroach.”
  • “I’m a time traveler who has a bunch of friends from different time periods and I wanted one from the 2010s but you’re a history teacher and you think it’s interesting I know a lot of first-hand history. I don’t have the heart to tell you the truth because no one thought I was smart in my life.”
  • “I wanted to make a parallel universe where you fell in love with me because you’re a celebrity and I’ve had a huge crush on you since I was 25 but wait you were that quiet kid in the 8th grade who was too eager about Shakespeare?”
  • “Your time machine fell on my car and I’m going to be late for my job interview so you better let me use it to get there on time.”

t0rtilla-haha  asked:

I'm sorry to disturb you again, but would you perhaps accept someone sending you baked goods out of appreciation for how hard you work at the asylum? Have any of the patients ever gifted you something?

“Many carry them as small mementos from loved ones. I end up confiscating them and try to give it back, but some don’t like the thought of patients touching their things. He’ll sometimes claim that he was going to give it to me anyway.

‘To smell more like a lady’ is what he often says. The nerve.

I do keep every little thing they all give me in a small box though. It’s locked away in a cabinet on the side of my desk. I guess, to serve a small reminder of why I’m here in the first place.”

Just a Question....

Why do celebrities get so much hate from their fans when it comes to dating? Honestly, who cares? I love to say I’m an optimistic person, but it’s an extremely small chance that your favorite celebrity will date/marry you, let alone meet you. So, why do people get so up in arms about who they date? Even if it’s a rumour, some fans will go crazy; handing out death threats left and right, and then they have the audacity to get an attitude the moment the said celebrity wants to keep their relationships private. I’ll never understand that. You demand these celebrities stay single to entertain your fantasies, yet you can go out with, and date whom ever you want? Mhm🐸☕️… ~But. Let’s entertain your fantasy here.~ Say you do end up dating your celebrity crush, do you think the same hate you were giving to their ex will suddenly go away because you’re dating them now? NOPE! It’s still gonna be there. It’s an endless cycle of unnecessary hate. So why not end it now? If you’re a true fan, why would you want to take away someone that makes them feel joy, that makes them feel safe and warm. Why would you want to take away that special person that makes them feel butterflies in their stomachs every time they see them. Why would you do that? I, personally wouldn’t want my favorite celebrity mad at me because of the way I harassed them for falling in love. Because that’s exactly what you’re doing. You. Are. Harassing. Them. So, can we all just agree to be decent human beings, or is that just too much for you to handle?

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14- A Whisper in the Ear

The Way You Said “I Love You.”

It was sort of ironic, really. Will was such a health addict, always making sure Nico didn’t do anything that would end up getting him sick, yet here they were, with Will sick in bed and Nico trying to get his fever down.

“Why are you such a baby when you get sick?” Nico chided playfully. He pushed his hair back and placed a damp cloth on his head.

“I’m not,” he whined halfheartedly. He sighed against the touch curled into the covers. “You know what would make me feel better?” he whispered.

“What?” Nico asked, a smile beginning to tug at his lips.

Will smiled, keeping his eyes closed. “Seeing the sunrise,” he said softly. One of his hands came out from under his covers and grabbed Nico’s. For the first time, Will’s were hot. Normally, like a doctor’s they were the one part of his body that were freezing cold.

As he held on to Nico, his breaths slowed until he was fast asleep. Nico pried his hand away and took the bowl of half eaten soup and medicines downstairs to his mother. “How is he feeling?” she asked.

“He’s asleep now. He wants to see the sunrise.” She gave Nico a strange look. “Can I take him?”

“Strange young men,” she muttered before turning away. Nico took it as a yes.

When he got home, he set his alarm for four in the morning. The sun usually rose between five and six, and he wanted to drive out to the meadow where Will would be able to see the sun without buildings and wires obstructing his view. He grabbed several blankets and some extra coats and threw them in the back of his truck. When he laid down to sleep, he could barely close his eyes.

At four in the morning, Nico drove back to Will’s despite the cold air and grabbed two of the spare jackets. He found the extra key under the mat and entered the house. When he woke Will up, he was groggy and confused. “What are you doing here? What time is it?”

“Just come with me. Here, put these on.” Nico helped him into the thick jackets and helped him down the stairs. He got him into the truck and drove out to the meadow. It was about five in the morning, and the sky was still dark, so he fixed the blankets and helped Will clamber onto the back of his truck where they sat.

“What are we waiting for?” Will asked, his nose stuffed and his voice nasally.

“You’ll see,” Nico promised. He wrapped his arms around him and they waited in the cold February wind. They were covered with another thick blanket, and under it, Nico found Will’s hand and intertwined their fingers.

A few moments later, the sun began to rise. The sky slowly began to clear and the gentle golden glow of the sun bathe everything around them, causing the trees and grass to sparkle. The crisp morning air smelled of dew and flowers.

Will gasped and Nico glanced over at him. His nose was red. The apples of his cheeks were bright red from the cold. His eyes were lidded, but their blue irises glittered as the sun reflected off of them. His sandy hair blew gently in the wind, turning silver when it caught the sun’s thin rays. His lips were pale and chapped, but the smile that they were beautifully curled into made up for the lack of color. His freckles seemed to multiply in the morning light.

As Will marveled at the beauty of nature and the sunrise, Nico cold only marvel at him. At his utter perfection despite his illness, at the way a small thing like a sunrise could make him so happy, at the fact that he was his and he had been for the last three months. Slowly, he leaned against him, resting his head on Will’s shoulder.

“Thank you so much, Nico,” he whispered.

He lifted his head slightly to look at him and the wonder on his face. “Anything for you,” he whispered back. “I love you.”

Will exhaled sharply and turned his face to look at him. He smiled wider and laughed softly. “Suddenly I feel much better,” he chuckled. Nico kissed his cheek and shut his eyes. “I love you too,” he murmured.

707 : run away MC. You’ll be in danger if you are near me….Just go, i don’t want to see you hurt

MC : *walks out*


Me : ……. a-……. *considers to end it all with a bad end*…. unknown is your offer still up? Cuz i cant keep this going till the 11th day!

nervousfalcon  asked:

ay how's your dating sim project going? no rush mate, just curious :>



I was doing a bunch of art but I got over ambitious with the whole thing and the environment is intractable and can change with different events, so I needed to draw updated versions of each “shot”. I also had to do character images as well but I wasn’t as focused on those yet, mostly getting backgrounds down

Here’s the “coding” reason on why I ended up stalling it for so long sobs. It ended up getting pretty complex and I had to keep track of a lot of things. I’d need to remember lots of flag triggers so I didn’t end up with something weird going on, like if you used an item but the option for it somewhere else is still there even though it’s gone.


i don’t understand why people are hating so much on jin because of that comment he said to jimin. yes, i know jimin had a hard time on maintaining his diet but do you guys have to go that far? leaving hate comment on jin, turning your backs to him. 

did you guys even checked what he said? he did said ‘i wanna say you look like a pig’, but did you guys realize he also said ‘but i don’t want you to get hurt’, so why are you guys acting like jin is the bad guy here? even jimin told jin that he’s wasn’t angry about it. and what would jimin feel if he sees armys commenting about jin? do you think he will be happy? i don’t think so.

guys, bts aren’t the type to keep and hide everything up. they’ll end up telling everything to everyone. we all have seen their interviews, we know how they are really close to each other, we know how good their communication with each other and we know how much they love each other so please, don’t bring down bts name just like that. every army represent them so please don’t disappoint them.