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I Give Up - part 28 FINAL (A Baekhyun Series)

“The pictures are out.”

Those four words held so much power. You felt a definite tremor inside your chest as you watched Baekhyun’s face closely. He had looked up into your eyes when he said it and his hand gripped his phone. It jumped around as he waited for something to load, staring down at the small screen with his eyes darting around and his bottom lip held tightly between his teeth.

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Love Inversion Theory II


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A/N: I hope you all like! Next one will be more eventful :) this chapter consists mostly of Peter realizing things on his own

“So, are you going to talk to me or am I going to be victim to your ‘method acting’ all day?” You suddenly asked.

“Of course not,” he said around a thoughtful chew of breakfast food. His voice wavered and he was just barely able to catch the American accent in time. “You can tell me what’s up, you know,” you say comfortingly. Your hand moved up his thigh in a loving way rather than a sexy way. “Just nervous,” Peter managed to say after swallowing his food. “I’d be more surprised if you weren’t,” you laughed, smoothing out a napkin on the table. “After all, this movie-it’s just still a giant ‘wow, what?’ in my brain. I guess for you it’s like that times a billion.”

Peter nodded slowly. “Yes, of course.” What the hell is she talking about? 

You stood up a few moments later. “I have a present for you,” you randomly declared. “But it might take around fifteen minutes to get a hold of. Will you be alright here while I step out for a bit?”

The clothes which you bore didn’t fall under typical [Y/n] standards. These were more revealing. The top dipped down your neckline and showed more cleavage than you usually did. You looked gorgeous-of course, because when do you not?-but different. 

“No, yeah, yeah, of course,” Peter assured you, raising his arms over his head. Every move he made was an attempted relaxed and natural looking one. You gave him a double glance before shrugging. “Okay,” you smiled. “I will be back as soon as possible so don’t freak out. Oh! And your mom texted me. One, she’s a bit too pleased to see any pictures of us out together and a bit not too pleased with the ‘Tomdaya’ rumors. She makes a lot of marriage comments about us…”

You looked at him for a lingering couple of seconds, almost as if you were waiting for him to say something.

“Oh. I’ll-I’ll tell her right away to stop that. You know my moooooum.” He inwardly cringed at the slip up.

You tilted your head back in surprise. “What?”

“My mum. Gotta love ‘er,” Peter chuckled, pointing his fingers at you like guns. You popped your lips. “Okay. Well like I said I’ll just be out for a little bit…be careful.”

“You too,” he called after your retreating figure. 

Click. The door shut and Peter stared at it for a minute to ensure you wouldn’t come back. When he deemed it safe, he stood up abruptly. “What the hell?! Where’s the suit, where is my suit?!” He clamored over open suitcases and random assortments of furniture and flung a closet door open. Empty. 

Well, empty except for a gray hoodie. Peter pulled that on without really thinking about it then began to pace. 

[Y/n]. Tom. British? Someone’s mom. Waffles. 

Those were the only words that flew around his brain. He had to calm down, and soon. There wasn’t time to panic!

You telling him his mother texted threw him off guard since his parents had been dead for over half his life. He hardly remembered what it was like to have a mom. There had only ever been May and up until a few years ago, Ben. 

There was a laptop positioned neatly on the nightstand. Peter sighed in deep relief before opening it. 

The prompt for a password appeared on the screen and on impulse, he typed in the first dessert he shared with you. It opened. How convenient, he thought bitterly. Okay, Apple, time to not fail me with your pitiful excuse for a default browser.

(Safari was for losers. He firmly believe that, being an avid Google user and all.)

“Okay…uhm. Peter Parker,” Peter said his search out loud. You said something about the name, but not in the way he would have liked. You said it almost as if Peter wasn’t an actual person. 


‘Peter Parker (Earth-616), Marvel Database-Fandom Powered. Peter Benjamin Parker was born in Queens to Richard and Mary Par-’

He leaned away from the screen, half expecting it to blow up in his face. It wouldn’t surprise him. 

He scrolled down. 

There was a youtube link to some video titled ‘Peter Parker vs Flash basketball scene.’ Uhm. Yeah. Okay. 

Watching the video was a total waste of two minutes. Sort of. The school was, unnervingly, called Midtown. But its layout was definitely not his Midtown high. 

And that ‘Parker’ kid-not Peter. What the hell was up with that Flash person? Is this some elaborate joke? 

If so, Peter wasn’t understanding the punchline. If someone were to go to such lengths, why would they have someone who looked nothing like Flash Thompson be ‘Flash.’

The ‘up next’ logo was flashing to yet another video titled ‘Peter Parker vs. Flash.’ 

“These guys look nothing like me-!” Peter suddenly exclaimed mid way through the video. Some red headed girl was asking someone named Harry to help ‘Peter’ and Peter-the actual, real one-was not amused. 

“That guy looks nothing like Flash!” And Flash and I have never even fought like that. What is this, some cheesy high school movie? Maybe the names are a coincidence. He angrily paused the video, not wishing to hear it or watch it anymore. There was a few more movie clips-some media footage of Captain America and Tony Stark (that wasn’t new) but there was a thumbnail that caught Peter’s attention. 

It was a picture of him, sitting in his old room at the old complex and May used to live in. 

The video’s title read “Tony Stark Recruits Peter Parker | “Responsibility” Civil War Scene Full HD | Tom Holland.”

Okay, what the fuck. 

Tom-isn’t that what you were insisting Peter’s name was ever since he woke up? Tom Holland.

He warily watched the video. It all consisted of that one day Tony Stark decided to waltz in and recruit him. 

Only this video, it wasn’t from the point of view of Peter or Tony. It was a third person view, as if the camera person was filming it like a movie. Peter somehow thought he would remember another person recording from all different angles. 

With a knot in his stomach, he read through the comments:

Usernames like  “Parker Peter” or “Spider-Dork” just existed, and they all commented on this one video. 

“Tom Holland,” one comment read, “is the best Spider-Man!”

Another read: “Tom is the best” 

“Peter is such a daddy”

“Tom is so hot ugh”

“Tom Holland…the love of my life, more like”

“Tobey Maguire did better”

“Am I the only one who misses Andrew Garfield?” followed by a long string of replies:




“Wow what about Bucky no one ever gives him any love”


Peter stared at the comments with his mouth dropped open. The suggested videos to the side were all of “Captain America: Civil War” or “Spider-Man: Homecoming OFFICIAL trailer.”

It made him nauseous, so that with shaking hands, he opened up a new tab and typed in the name “Tom Holland.”

“Oh, no,” he groaned when new articles popped up. “What the fu-is that MICHELLE?! Am I dating Michelle?!” Indeed, there were articles headlined with things like ‘Tom Holland and Zendaya are dating!’  He scrolled away from that, not enjoying to feeling that one headline called Tom Holland a ‘cheater’ and accusing him of ‘dumping famed young adult author and girlfriend of three years, [Y/n] [L/n] for Spidey co-star, Zendaya.’ Another was labeled ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming opens for the first time tonight! We’re all excited-find out why!’

Peter finally found a wiki page and reluctantly clicked. The profile photo was of him, but not a photo he remembered taking.

He swallowed a thick lump in his throat and read aloud to himself “Thomas Stanley Holland, born the first of June in 1996, is an English actor and dancer. Holland is known for playing Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe-”

Oh fuck. 


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Vid One-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcGHKrh8J8I

Vid Two-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWCi9Bxu1pk

Vid Three-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DESwBLlniCg

Tom Holland Wiki-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Holland_(actor)

***any usernames/comments shown in the fic are not real-any similarities are pure coincidence. I own nothing and no one, except for this fic idea***

I’ve Got You (part 2)

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Canon AU, Future Smut (??)

Description: You work for SM as it’s public relations specialist, and Jongdae is one client that you have to deal with far too often. Sometimes though, he isn’t all that bad.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10,Part 11, Part 12, Part 13,Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19

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PLL 7x19 Review

Hello welcome back to what could be my last review, I don’t know if I will do one after next week, it all depends on if I watch live or not. OR if you guys really want me to do one last one while I cry my eyes out I can. Enough about that here are my thoughts and theories on 7x19, as always they aren’t in any order and may be confusing, but you guys have managed to watch 7 years of confusing so it should be easy to decode me.

 *Just realized this post is over 1500 words long so its under the cut.

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Restaurant Dates Are the Worst! (Seb Stan x Reader) - Part 2

Word count: 4,4k


Read part 1 HERE

“Miss! Miss!” Someone called from behind you, making you start and turn on your heels. “Are you okay?” The student sitting on one of the chairs in your office asked you.

You had drifted off, again. And at work of all places! It was already awkward enough when it happened yesterday morning at the local coffee shop, resulting in the barista practically shouting your name before you woke up from your trance-like state, but in front of a student! That was unacceptable and your professionalism took a blow.

“Sorry, I’m fine, just thinking,” you told your sick student. “You can go home, I’ll let the school office know.”

Your sick student seemed to regain some colors just by hearing this, and you shook your head, a smile on your lips as he walked out. He was probably heading home to play xbox all day long and eat pizza, but you were never one to tell a student to suck it up and go back to class, unless they were clearly faking. A girl once tried to skip PE by faking a nosebleed – with actual fake blood, that nasty stuff you could buy everywhere on Halloween.

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AN: It’s been a while, huh? You all know that school has got me on the ropes (Stucky reference, anyone?) But, I’m here now! And I am so happy to write again! *Gif is not mine, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Reader X Steve

Prompt: Could you do a one shot of the reader and Steve and she has powers where she can read everything about a person and when she reads Steve and the have a very fluffy talk leading to kissing and then…..Dirty Stuff LOL it doesn’t have to end like that I just thought it would be cute

Warnings: Implied sex, no actual smut

((Not sure exactly how ‘fluffy’ this will be, seeing as my mood at the moment (or the past two weeks, rather) is anything but fluffy. Maybe?))


“It’s Personal”

You were painfully aware of the fact that you weren't a part of the group yet, you were still a stranger.

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Destructive Lies - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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A/N: I completely threw off my sleeping schedule to get this out for you guys. It’s 12:17 AM where I am. You’re welcome. a/n: part 2 - it is currently 12:36 and i want to cry. good night.

Prompts (1 , 2 pls specify which list): “Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay I’ll never leave you again.” “I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.” and “There was never a choice.”

Warnings: Angst, takeout Chinese food, Christmas, Poptarts, and words, a lot of words (not any language tho)

Words: 2365

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1D AU Meme; You wake up and you're his girlfriend

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I’ve just been busy. Don’t expect me to be too active, I’m starting school again and it’s gonna take me awhile to adjust and get started on a good sleeping schedule again ha x

Harry: You stretched out as soon as you awoke, letting out a long groan of satisfaction. You blinked your eyes, wondering why you didn’t hear the commotion of your parents outside your door. You thought it was just because you were the first to wake, and that was fine to you because this morning seemed perfect. You rolled over on your side, snuggling into your comfy bed when you heard footsteps. You thought nothing of it, probably just your father or mother waking up. You heard the door creak open. “Mom?” You mumbled sleepily, lifting your head off the pillow. “No, babe,” You heard an unfamiliar chuckle and a warm hand caress your face, “It’s just me.” “What the fuck?!” You jumped away from the contact immediately, getting ready to scream. “What’s wrong? Bad dream? It’s just me…” The voice tried to assure you and you stared up at the person in awe. It was Harry Styles. “Harry?” You managed to stutter. “Yes,” He grinned, crawling into bed with you. You watched him confused as he snuggled up close to you and pressed his lips to yours. “What?” You questioned this whole thing, “Am I dreaming?” Harry laughed, shaking his head, “No. This is real life. Now go back to sleep.”

Louis: You had drifted asleep during the late afternoon and awoke at night, around nine. You were a bit surprised you managed to wake up so late, but just grabbed your phone and started to scroll tumblr. You passed a One Direction picture and you beamed. You couldn’t help but admire how well Louis looked, just like always. “Oh, Louis,” You squealed with delight, slightly fangirling. Suddenly, you felt something squirm beside you and an arm wrap around you. “Yes, love?” A sleepy voice whispered in your ear. You nearly screamed, dropping your phone, “WHO THE HEL ARE YOU?!” The person seemed shocked by your outburst, their arm slipping away from you, “Are you alright? It’s just me…” You turned around, ready to punch whoever it was in the face when you were met with the face of none other than Louis Tomlinson. “LOUIS?! WHY ARE YOU IN MY BED?! I mean… Not that I’m complaining but…” Louis seemed puzzled, “Well, we always sleep together… Didn’t think tonight was any different. Are you mad at me or something? Do I have to sleep on the couch?” You found yourself shaking your head no, not being able to speak anymore. “Then, why are you so frightened?” Louis started to laugh, his hand going to grip your hips and pull your closer. “I-I… I don’t know?” “You’re so weird sometimes, I swear. But I still love you,” He chuckled, kissing your forehead before laying his head down to close his eyes.

Niall: Your eyes fluttered open, realizing you were on the couch instead of your comfortable bed. You sat up, yawning and looking around. Nobody was around, and you noticed your house looked a tad bit… Different. “Weird…” You muttered, turning to the TV that seemed to be 5x bigger. “Holy shit!” You gasped in awe at the beautiful wide screen television set on the wall. “This is amazing,” You gushed as you turned it on and admired the clean HD screen and the perfect speakers. “Princess?” You heard someone ask, and you twisted around, confused because nobody called you that. “Uh… Who’s there?” You called out, getting nervous. Were you kidnapped? “Y/N.. Oh you’re awake…” A man walked into the room with a broad smile and blue eyes gleaming. You realized immediately who it was. “You’re Niall Horan…” You pointed out dumbly. “Yeah… And you’re Y/N Y/L/N,” Niall laughed, sitting down next to you. “Why… What?” You started asking to no one in particular. “What?” Niall asked, puzzled by your sudden weird behavior, “Are you alright?” “Fine…” You said slowly, turning back to the TV. You decided not to question it anymore, and you happily complied when Niall pulled you into his arms to cuddle.

Liam: “Babe, wake up…” You felt yourself getting shaken from your sleep and you swatted them awake, “Mom, go away it’s Saturday.” “Mom?” The voice questioned, sounding amused. You realized the voice was much deeper. “Dad?” “No… Try again,” The man laughed. “OH MY GOD A RAPIST!” You screamed, rolling away from the hand and the voice, only to fall onto the floor. “Hon, I’m the last thing from a rapist…” The man walked over to the other side of the bed, kneeling down to help you. You stared up at him in shock. “Liam?”
“Correct!” He praised with a grin. You stood up, not tearing your eyes away from him. “What? Is something wrong? Do I have something on my face?” Liam asked, reaching to touch his nose. “Liam… Is in my house… OH MY GOD,” You started to scream. Liam wrinkled his nose, hand dropping to his side, “Well, duh. We live together. We have been in a relationship for almost a two years now…” “What? Really? Oh my gosh, so I could like kiss you whenever I wanted!” Liam stared at you, his lips curling into an amused smirk, “Uh, yeah?” You grinned goofily, leaning in to kiss him quickly on the lips before fangirling. “You’re so strange…” Liam laughed, grasping your hand and tugging you out of the room. “I made breakfast.”

Zayn: You rolled over, only to hit something next to you. “What the hell? Daniel, I told you I don’t care if you have a bad dream I don’t want you in my bed!” You immediately accused, thinking it was your pesky brother. “Hmm?” The person mumbled, waking slightly. “D-Daniel?” You suddenly grew more quiet.. Scared even, for this man was much too big to be your brother. “Who’s that?” The man’s accent rang out in the quiet room, blinking up at you. “Uh… Who are you..” You started to scoot away ever so slightly. “Zayn?” The man sounded just as confused as you. “Mom?!” You started to yell. “Your moms not here, silly,” Zayn said, reaching out to bring you closer. You got scared, almost pulling away but you melted into his arms. “Why is Zayn in my bed?” You mumbled out loud. “First off… It’s my bed. And second of all, I’m your boyfriend I think it’s okay if we sleep in the same bed,” Zayn said matter of factly. “Wait… Woah woah what?” You tried to ask more questions but it wasn’t long until you heard his soft snores in your ear.

What You Can’t Finish Pt. 2

Requested by several people: Can you do a part 2 to What You Can’t Finish?

What You Can’t Finish Pt. 2

When you got back to Alexandria with the rest of the group, you were itching to be assigned a room. You’d been living in a tent on a cot since you arrived at the Hilltop, and it would feel good to sleep in a house and a bed again. “Maggie will find you a house assignment,” Rick said as the others unloaded the RV, “Dinner’s in a few hours, everyone.”

Maggie showed you around a bit, introducing you to people as you went along, before she found her list of available rooms in the town. “We don’t really have a whole house available, but we can ask Carol if she’d mind sharing.”

You follow her over to a house where a woman with short grey hair was smoking on the porch. “Hi, Carol.” Maggie said.

“Who’s your friend?” Carol asked.

“This is Y/N.” Maggie said, putting a hand on your shoulder. “She’s an old friend of Daryl’s that we ran into and brought back with us.”

“Nice to meet you.” She smiled, but didn’t make a move to get up.

“Do you mind if Y/N shares this house with you? We’re all out of empties, and I was wondering if you’d be OK with doubling up?” Maggie smiled as she asked for the favor.

“I don’t want to impose,” You start.

“Nonsense.” Carol stood and walked down the steps to shake your hand. “Would you mind helping me with dinner? Rick says we’re having dinner together as a group to get to know you, and I could use some help making all that food.”

“No problem.” You thank her and follow her inside to put your things down and start on dinner.


“OK, OK,” A woman named Michonne said to calm everyone back down again. The group was crowded into Carol’s and your living room, stuffed full of fettuccine alfredo and giggling over glasses of scotch. “What I want to know,” She said once the room had quieted, “Is how you two even became friends in the first place.” She pointed at you and Daryl, perched next to each other on the sofa, as she spoke.

“Well,” You start to laugh, “I can promise you, you’ve never heard a weirder start to a friendship. Minus apocalypse situations, I can guarantee you, this is the strangest.” You set your glass down and lean forward a bit, getting into story-teller mode. Daryl draped his arm around the back of the sofa where you were sitting and watched as you started in on the story. “I think we were like, 6 years-old, and my family had just moved in down the hill from his. So, our moms decided that we needed friends or something, and arranged a play date. You know how moms do. They arrange something where they pretend it’s for the kids, but really it’s for them.” This earned a few smiles, but you weren’t to the best part yet. “My mom was really excited to talk to another adult after dealing with me all day every day, so she suggested that Daryl and I go play outside.”

“Whatcha wanna do?” Daryl asked, looking around the empty backyard and standing as far from you as possible. “And I ain’t playin no dumb house or anythin like that.” He huffed.

You spot a soccer ball across the yard. “Wanna kick that around?”

He shrugged. “Guess so.”

You ran over to the ball and gave it a swift quick in the direction of your new neighbor. “Do you play soccer?”

“Nah.” He kicked it back.

“I can tell.” You jogged over to the ball that had gone several feet from you and kicked it back.

“Soccer’s dumb.” He mumbled, but made no move to stop playing.

You kick the ball back and forth in silence for a while. Daryl didn’t have to move hardly at all from his spot on the grass, whereas you were running all about trying to chase down the stray kicks. “Try to hit it straight on. Like this,” You demonstrate as you kick the ball back to him. “You’re hitting it with the top of your foot too much. And kick it just a bit harder.”

“Shut up.” He said quietly. “I can do it.”

“Then do it.” You say, and then instantly regret it.

Daryl kicked the ball hard and connected with it straight on, just like you said. The black and white ball suddenly became a grey blur as it slammed hard into your nose and mouth. “Oh no.” You heard Daryl say as the ball dropped to your feet and you put your hand slowly to your face.

There was a little bit of blood dripping from your nose and one of your front baby teeth was lying on the lawn next to the forgotten soccer ball. You burst into tears. Sobbing full volume, you sank into the grass and sat there and wailed. Daryl, horrified and embarrassed and worried about getting yelled at, plopped down on the grass next to you and began to sob at the top of his lungs, too. You both sat there, he covered in dirt and you covered in blood, crying loud enough to wake the dead.

Daryl’s older brother came home just then, and the sixteen year-old stood motionless in the backyard, baked out of his mind and wondering if he was seeing any of this right. “What the fuck?” He said before flinging open the back patio door. “Ma! There’s two little girls crying in the backyard!”

“So, I’m sobbing, Daryl is sobbing, and Merle is just standing there doing absolutely nothing about it.” The group is roaring with laughter now. “Merle goes and gets our moms, who come out in a flurry of ‘shh, it’ll be alright’s and trying desperately to get us to calm down. Finally, I stop crying, and this causes Daryl to calm down too, and his mom is just like, ‘what the hell happened?’. And Daryl sniffs and whispers, ‘I accidentally kicked her in the face with the soccer ball’. And suddenly, they’re laughing at us!”

You pause again to let them get their own laughter out. “So, Ma Dixon takes—“

“Ma Dixon?” Maggie asks.

“Yeah.” You nod. “I always called her that. Either that, or just ‘Ma’. She was like a second mom to me.” You smile, and continue with your narrative. “Anyway, Ma Dixon takes us all inside and sets me up on the counter next to the kitchen sink where my mom can wipe the blood off of my face. I’m not even in pain anymore, so I’m just chatting away, telling my mom all about my day playing soccer with my new friend Daryl. Finally, when it’s time to leave, Ma and Daryl go to wave us goodbye as we drive off, and before I get in the car, Daryl awkwardly walks up to me, says ‘sorry I kicked you in the face’, gives me that really fast, really awkward hug that little boys always give little girls, and walks back to his mom.” You beam and pat Daryl’s leg, who is working his jaw next to you to keep from smiling. “And we’ve been friends ever since that.”

“That is most definitely a weird beginning to a friendship.” Eugene said from across the room.

“C’mon, what else can you tell us about Daryl?” Carol prodded.

“Why the hell am I so interestin all of a sudden?” Daryl snapped, but everyone knew he was joking.

“Because we finally have someone that will tell us about you.” Carl pointed out. “We know your name is Daryl and your brother’s name was Merle, but other than that, you won’t tell us anything about yourself.”

Daryl snorted, but looked at you to continue. “Well, I could tell you lots of stuff. We told each other everything growing up.” You patted his knee again and smiled up at him. “But, some secrets I’ll take to my grave. As I expect he’ll do for me.” Daryl grunted in response.

“OK, but give us another story. Something funny, but also maybe something we can tease him about.” Glenn piped up now. Everyone was getting more into the conversation as the scotch loosened them up.

You laugh out loud, remembering the perfect story. “Checkers.”

Daryl flipped around to face you on the couch. “Doncha dare.” He narrowed his eyes at you. “That was close to 30 years ago, and you need to let it go.”

“Oh, now I gotta know.” Rick said.

You smirk and blow Daryl a kiss playfully. “Sorry, Dixon. The public demands the checkers story, and I must obey.”

He frowned, but mumbled, “Go ahead.”

“So,” You start, “This is how I learned that, not only is Daryl not very patient, but he can sure pout something fierce.” You can practically hear Daryl rolling his eyes next to you. “We were, what? Fourteen? Fifteen?”

“Fifteen.” Daryl said.

“Right. Fifteen. I had come over to his house after school, just like every other day, and shortly after we got there, it began pouring rain. Huge thunderstorm, flood advisory, the whole shebang. So, Ma offered to make us both dinner, and said I could stay until the storm blew over.”

“I just need to call my mom and let her know I’m safe.” You stand up from where you and Daryl were flipping through a magazine on the floor of the living room. Daryl was trying to show you a crossbow that he wanted to buy and learn to hunt with.

“The phone’s in the kitchen, dear.” Ma said as she went upstairs to take her make-up off before starting dinner.

“This one’s a Horton Scout HD 125.” Daryl said, picking up the magazine and following you into the kitchen. He leaned up against the counter next to the wall phone and tried to show you the picture as you dialed the phone. Thunder shook the patio door next to you. “Merle promised he’d teach me. I almost got enough money for it, too.”

“Daryl, leave her alone for a minute, will ya?” Ma was back in the kitchen again. “She’s trying to make a phone call.”

“Sorry.” Daryl mumbled, but rather than going back to the living room, he hopped up to sit on the counter and watched you listen to the ringing on the phone.

“Mom?” You say when she picked up. “Yeah, I’m safe. I’m at Daryl’s—“

“HI MOM!” Daryl shouted into the phone.

“Daryl says hi, in case you missed it.” You listen a second, then turn to Daryl and say, “Mom says hi, and not to yell into phones.” He rolled his eyes, and you go back to speaking to your mom. “So, yeah. I’m going to wait the storm out here. Ma’s making French toast!” French toast was your favorite. You listen again. “Yeah, I’ll call you before I leave here. OK, bye.” You hang up the phone.

“So, this one is a Stryker, and it’s one of the best bows there is, and this one is—“

“You’re unusually full of energy today.” You comment, going back into the living room. “Am I going to get a moment of peace?”

A playful glint sparked in Daryl’s eyes as he said, “You’ll get some peace alright. After I take you out.”

“Don’t start fights you can’t finish, Dixon.” You say, punching him in the chest and taking off running towards the front entryway.

The Dixon house had a looping layout, so one could essentially run from room to room endlessly without ever having to turn around. And this is what you planned to do. You both tore through the front entryway, the den, the dining room, and finally the kitchen. As you thundered past Ma, she yelled out, “You are too old to be running through the house like this!”

“She started it!” Daryl yelled back, slipping a bit on the tile in the kitchen, but not stopping at all.

You run back through the living room, into the front entryway, and finally up the stairs in the direction of the bedrooms. “Will you two shut up?” Merle yelled from inside his room.

“Stuff it, Merle!” You yell as you run past, sliding into Daryl’s room at the end of the hall like a baseball player sliding into home. You snap the door shut behind you, sit against it, and hear Daryl thud into it behind you.

“You can’t hide in there forever.” He said through the wood.

“You’re right. The smell is already starting to drive me out!” You giggled. Suddenly, the door was being pushed open slowly and steadily by a fifteen year-old who was much stronger than he looked. You stood up quickly, causing the door to fly inward and Daryl to stumble in. He didn’t miss a beat, though, picking you up and slinging you over his shoulder. “Put me down.” You choked out through your giggles, pounding on his back lightly with your fists as he spun you in circles. “Truce!”

Daryl laughed victoriously, dumping you face-first onto his bed where you landed with a bounce. “Don’t start things you can’t finish.” He said. You look up to say something back, but instead of a snarky comment, you get a pair dirty boxer shorts slingshotted into your face.

You shriek a bit and scramble out the bed. “What is wrong with you?” You demand.

“Dinner’s ready!” Ma called up the stairs before you could get an answer.

“Race you to the table!” Daryl said, pushing you back onto the bed and taking off down the stairs.


“God, I’m so bored.” Daryl complained for the third time on the couch next to you. The storm was still raging an hour after dinner, and it had knocked out the cable.

“You two could play a game?” Ma suggested, not looking up from her knitting.

“That sounds fun. What games do you have?” You ask, putting your book down.

“Just checkers.” Ma pointed to the small bookshelf in the corner of the living room. “It’s on top of the bookcase.”

“C’mon, Daryl, let’s play checkers.” You go and get the game, spilling the contents out onto the coffee table in front of the couch and starting to set it up. “Do you want to be red or black?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Good, cause I’m red.”

You start playing checkers, and for the first few moves, it’s almost fun. But as you take more and more of Daryl’s game pieces, and he takes less of yours, you could tell he was getting irritated. You were contemplating a move for a while before Daryl yelled, “Just move a damn piece!”

“I’m working on it.” You consider the game board again, before moving one piece and taking three of his.

“Fuck this game,” Daryl said, flipping the game board over as he settled back on the couch to pout.

Game pieces scattered about the coffee table, and Ma finally looked up from her knitting. “Watch your language, Daryl Timothy Dixon.”

“Timothy.” You giggle. “Can I call you Tim?” Daryl glared at you. “Oh,” You laugh condescendingly, “Don’t pout now.” You wiggle a finger in his rib cage and he falls sideways in an awkward attempt to get away from the tickling AND still pout at the same time. “I like you better when you smile.” You say, falling back on the couch to lay your head on his stomach, both of you just staring at the ceiling. “But if you’re gonna be a little bitch about it, I guess I can play that game, too.”

It was silent for a few moments, before Daryl whispered, “I ain’t a bitch.”

“And we’ve never tried to play a board game again.” You conclude, watching the smirks on your new family’s face twist into smiles.

“Sounds like you’re a sore loser, Daryl.” Abraham said, knocking back the rest of his scotch.

“I ain’t a sore loser.” Daryl pointed out. “I just think checkers is stupid.”

“OK. Whatever you say.” Glenn teased.

Suddenly, you were yawning. “This has been a lot of fun. Thank you guys so much for making me feel welcome.” Everyone nodded and murmured things like ‘yeah, no problem’ and ‘our pleasure’. “I should go to bed, though. I’m exhausted.” You stand and stretch. “Goodnight, everyone.” You wave goodbye before placing a light, quick kiss on Daryl’s cheek and climbing the stairs to your new room.

So, this is a super long imagine, but I had a lot of fun writing it. I hope you guys enjoy reading it! If you have any requests, just send me an ask!

Part one: http://poetanddidntknowit34.tumblr.com/post/141464464070/what-you-cant-finish

*no spoilers*
Hey! So don’t know if I sent this to the right place but my names Yareth I’m 16 and I went to the May 28 Chicago show with a vip ticket. The day started of really nerve racking I was so nervous. Around 2:50 we left and headed for the theatre, this was a little worrying because there was traffic and the drive from my house was around an hour 10 min and vip check in was at 4:15. Everything turned out okay though because we made it on time with 5 min to spare! (We as in my friend Maria and myself) Security ran a metal detector over us and I was a little worried when he started pulling at my bag but then I realized that he did that to everyone who carried a bag with them. Before I could go through the door I had to go through one more person and this one was the one that checked ur ticket to see if u were actually vip. Ngl this was the scariest part of my day because even though my ticket had all the right information, I was worried that it wouldn’t be vip. She let my through and then my friend and I had that moment of realization that it was actually going to happen. Once through the door, we walked along a small hallway and another worker was standing there and she was the one that gave us the vip wristband, sadly it had to be cut off immediately after I met them so I don’t have it anymore. We walked along a little farther and another worker stood there and she directed us to go down the stairs. Once we were at the bottom of the stairs, ANOTHER worker told us to go to the left. Once we turned to the left, we saw that we were in the meetup room. There was a couple water bottles and candy but I forgot to take any of that. I had found the girl that was going to sit next to me through tumblr, Emily, and we became such good friends:) so in the room I looked for her and once we saw each other she directed me over to the seats she saved for Maria and I. We walked and I hugged her and it was just so nice to meet her<3
One of the women, idk what she did but she had an accent and she told us that dnp would be there in 5 min, at 4:45. The time came and everyone was getting their phones ready to record…and they didn’t come, as expected. It was 4:50, nothing. It was around 4:55 that people lost their anxiousness because they still weren’t there. I was p calm too by now that I decided to record a small video of the room but 3 seconds into my video, someone goes “hi it’s me!”
It was Dan.
They walked in through the side of the room which was not expected at all, we all thought they would come in from the white door that was in front of us but that was wrong.
Emily had arrived much earlier so she saves us seats which were in the front row. The meetup room was kind of like bleachers, there were 4-5 rows and I was all the way in the bottom front so I had the best view. Dan and Phil walked over to the front of the room where the wallpaper thing we had to stand in front of for out pictures were and they took selfies with all of us. For me in that moment, I didn’t say anything or scream I was in utter amazement and shock because it was so nice to see them again.
I met them at the Naperville book signing in November
And being that close to them again was just so unbelievable, they were HD and I could see all the little fold in their clothing and it just reminded me of that day in November when I saw Phil for the first time and completely fell in love with him. It was just really nice. Maria and Emily were screaming and freaking out and soon, the meetup started. They took us in in rows and the first people that got to meet them were the people that didn’t have seats. We didn’t know where’d they starts with, the bottom or the top? They started with the bottom.
We got in line and I began getting nervous, I took off my backpack and held it in my hand along with the crowns and book for my brother I was planning on getting signed. I didn’t want anything blocking me from hugging them properly. Emily and her dad went and it was only Maria and I. Then Maria left and it was only me. I had two phones on me because my sister gave me hers and I placed my own in my pocket to record the audio and placed my sisters in the other pocket for the pictures, she has a 6s so better quality hahah. I pressed play and drake the security guard motioned me over.
Dan said, Dan: Hi! How are u?
- and he held out his arms while I quickly dropped everything to the floor. I hugged him and he was the softest thing ever. Ppl say that Dan gives awkward hugs but he really doesn’t. I think it depends on how comfortable u are with it, for me, I went for it, I wrapped my arms completely around him and pressed the side of my face into his stomach, I’m 4'11 btw so that’s why my face was in his general stomach area. We let go and I walked over to Phil.
Phil: Hi! Nice to see you!
-Phil’s hug was amazing, his was the one I mainly remember just because I had always wanted a Phil hug no offense to Dan but I just always wanted a Phil hug, the grip wasn’t to easy for him Because of the height difference and for the fact that dug my myself into him but that’s alright.
Dan: Would you like us to sign anything?
Me: oh yea *then I got my brother’s minecraft book off the floor* could u guys sign this? It’s for my little brother cause he couldn’t come
Both: awww
Dan: awesome
Phil: tell him I said hello
-the sweetie omg-
Me: *nods*
Me: also I’m not sure if you can do this too but could u sign the side of my shoe?
Dan: oh yea sure of course
Phil: yea
- okay so this was an uncomfortable position to get into and I needed to keep my balance because I asked for the side of my shoe not the white top part like ppl usually do, I was wearing converse btw, so I lifted my leg kind of donkey style and Phil took hold of my shoe, then Dan took hold of my ankle-
Dan: okay yea u just-u just-u stand on one leg precariously and we’ll sign that for u
-okay here’s a bit of embarrassment because all of a sudden, I lost my balance. They weren’t done yet and I was going to fall, I didn’t think too much of it and was like “oh, Dan’s here” and I kind of dropped my hand onto his shoulder. I had a pretty good grip on him and his shoulder is v firm. I could also see him jump a little at the sudden contact and he squished his shoulder up a bit and didn’t realize this till yesterday but I think it was because I placed my hands a bit too close to his neck-
Phil: there we go
Dan: would u like a photo as well?
Me: oh yea
-I then ran back to the little pile I left on the floor and got the crowns-
Dan: oh amazing
Phil: amazing
Me: could u wear these?
Dan: yes course we can
Both: *put on crowns*
Dan: should we take it on ur phone?
Me: oh my gosh sorry!
-I had forgotten that I needed a phone for the picture smh-
Dan: okay I’ll take it cause I have the worlds longest arms -_-
Phil: okay
Dan: there we go
Phil: let’s do it!
-we took the photos and I find it really weird that I smiled the way I did because I never smile with my mouth opened but I guess I was just really happy:) also I love how far they both crouched down because of my height gosh I love them-
Dan: awesome! *laughs* thank u so much for coming!
-his giggle is precious, so cute-
Phil: thank u
Me: thank u!
Dan: no worries!
Me: *about to leave* wait, can I have another hug?
Dan: yes of course! Enjoy the show! Thank u
-this also surprised me, I was actually ready to leave, I had picked up all my my stuff when I realized that I wanted another hug so I went to go hug Dan but I placed my stuff oddly that I ended up hugging him with my bag and the crowns in between us, though the thing that surprised me was that even though I could only hug him with one hand, Dan wrapped both his arms completely around me and actually pulled me into him which I was not expecting at all, it was so nice and warm then I went and hugged Phil and I angled my stuff better this time and pressed my self into his side with my face curled into him and he was so soft and cuddly and his stomach, no offense, was so squishy, he was just so squishy and his shirt was so soft and he’s just so precious-
Phil: Bye!
Me: *about to leave*
Dan: don’t forget ur notebook
Me: oh right.. *leaves*
-yea I almost forgot something smh-
The time span of that was 50 seconds
I then left to go find Maria and Emily and Emily left to go get merch and a lot of people had the same idea but I didn’t want to leave so I kept Maria with me, there was one row left and I looked around the room and wondered why there was only around 20 people there. Soon the meetup was over and there was only 13 people in the room by that point so DnP said goodbye to just us which was really nice and then we walked out. We got early access to merch and we were then taken outside to where we had to wait till 6:30 to enter the theatre again. That’s when I realized why there weren’t many people in the room, because once u left the room, u weren’t allowed back in.
We waited for a bit and were soon let back into the theater and we got to our seats, which were so good, we were in the second row and we sang along to the pre show playlist and then the show happened and we cried and everything was good. The show was amazing I loved all of it.
Overall my day was amazing and Dan and Phil are amazing and I just want to thank them for making that possible
Sorry this turned out so long omg I hadn’t described my experience before this, but thanks for reading!

Okay I absolutely love this! I love how detailed this is, it’s actually super helpful with showing everyone how the meet and greet will go. We’re asuper glad you had such a great time!!

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Where the Line Blurs: Files Uncovered


I can feel Steve’s eyes penetrating into my back as I walk away from him. “Y/N.” Steve says as he reaches out and grabs my arm.

I stop walking and turn arching an eyebrow as I look from the hand that grips my arm back up to Steve’s face. “Rogers…” I groaned out, there was no way in hell I was getting out of this. Steve was not going to let me walk, or take a cab back.

His face hardens contradicting the sweet tone he used when he said my name. “You are not going to walk back.” He says with authority and a hard face.

I stare at him for a while in silence. His face softens as he stares at me.

“It’s a long way from your place.” He says as he releases my arm. “Let me give you a ride.” He says with sincerity.

Damn the man. “I hate you.” I mumble as I smile slightly and shake my head at him. How the hell am I supposed to deal with this? I was already having problems being attracted to him. By him being chivalrous to me I was only going to have more problems.

He puts his hands up in mock surrender. “I get it you have had enough of me.” He says looking down at me with a small smile. “But I would feel better if you let me take you home.” He says.

I laugh a little as we walk towards the only hanger on the airstrip. “No, I don’t think you do-“ But as I look around I realized there was no other car. The only thing on this side of the building was boxes and tarp that looked to be covering something large. “Wait how are you proposing that we are getting back?” I asked changing the subject completely.

He smirks at me as he walks towards the large tarp on the side of the hanger.

Dear god do not let it be what I think it is. Shit. I gulp, if it was what I think it is I was totally screwed. “What is that look for?” I ask as he pulls the tarp off. I groaned. “I would rather walk.” I joked but honestly I would have because riding on the motorcycle would have put me in way closer proximity than I wanted to be right now. I was already having problems with being attracted to him this was only going to make them worse.

He laughs as he puts his shield in front of the bike. “It’s not so bad.” He turns around and is smirking at me. “Unless you are afraid, but I did not think you were afraid of anything.”

I bit my lip I was not afraid of motorcycle I was afraid of Steve Rogers. Men like him and women like me just do not mix well together, we are toxic. “Well, I am just full of surprises. Apparently you are too.” I gestured towards him and the bike. For some reason I was more attracted to him now than I was before. How the hell had is this guy single?

Steve looks at me weird. “I’ve always driven a motorcycle.” Steve shakes his head as he climbs onto the bike. “I’m a pretty decent driver there ma’am nothing to be afraid of.” He says/

Believe me sweetheart there is plenty for me to be afraid of. I laughed. “I would like to believe you Rogers but with our luck I am not going to challenge you on that.”

He laughs as headlights head towards us. “Suit yourself Y/N.”

I swallow and try to push down the emotions beating at me as I start to move towards him. “I’m holding you to your word Captain, I die on here I am coming back to kick your ass.” I say as I move to straddle the bike. I lick my lips as I hoist my left leg over to the other side of the bike.

“Yes, ma’am.” He says as he starts the engine. “You are going to want to hang on.”

I laughed and leaned my head up against his back. “If I did not know any better Rogers I would say you were enjoying this.” I inhaled his scent I was going to be tossing and turning all night now.

I feel him laughing as his shoulders shake. “Now why would you say that?”

I wrapped my arms around his torso. “Just a hunch.” I say huskier than I wanted. I was going to need an ice cold shower when I got back to my place. “Take me home there Cap.” I say as he takes off.

We ride in silence, nothing but the hum of the engine. Underneath my palms I can feel Steve’s abs. I try to focus on the scenery but I am too caught up with imagining how his toned six pack would feel underneath my hands, skin to skin. I wonder- my thoughts are cut short at Steve cutting off the engine.

I quickly untangle myself from Steve and hop off the bike faster than a normal person would deem necessary. I step further away from the bike to put distance between us. We were slowly becoming friends I didn’t need my hormones to ruin it. I knew that if he touched me I was going to do something that may ruin any potential friendship.

“Thanks for the ride Rogers.” I say making sure to keep my tone light and step further away from Steve.

“Are you free tomorrow?” He says as he stares at me.

I feel all the color wash out of my face. Bad idea. Was he aski-

Steve laughs. “It is not a date Y/N.” He says “Besides, I am pretty sure I am the one who I would have to be terrified if it was.”

I nod. “I think so.” I say not addressing the other portion or my previous thoughts. Off limits, he is off limits.

“Good, how about we meet up to talk about Bucky?” He questions. “Sam may have new leads for us.” He says smiling.

The man was to god damn nice. Whoever he ended up with was going to be one lucky lady. “Sounds good.” I say nodding at him in response.

“Good, why don’t you come to the Tower tomorrow around noon?” He says.

“Th-“ My phone begins to ring and I retrieve it out of the left side pocket of my backpack and saw the picture of a bird on the screen. “Hold that thought Rogers.” I said as I hit answer. “Hello?” I said.

“I just got some news that you are going to want to hear Y/N.” The female voice said on the other side of the phone.

“How bad?” I questioned knowing that if she was calling me it must be really bad.

“I do not know, but if it is as bad I think it is you are in some deep shit my friend.” She says.

“Lovely.” I groan out. “W-“

“I am waiting for you across the street. Get rid of motorcycle boy.” She says with finality in her tone.

“Five minutes got it.” I say as I hang up the phone and before placing it back where I had retrieved it. Damn. Thing never worked out. “Fine tomorrow noon.” I say as I cross my arms on my chest. I sigh as I realize how clipped my voiced sounded. “Sorry, I just got some bad news. I will see you tomorrow Steve.” I say as I wave and give him a tight smile.

“You okay?” He asks as he goes to start the bike.

“I’ll be fine don’t worry about me Steve.” I say as I move towards the door to my place. I wave one last time as I enter the building and watch as Steve disappears down the street. I wait and exit the building as a black SUV pulls up on the opposite side of the street. I walk in front of the car and I climb into the passenger side door and shut the door before speaking.

“So you got the hots for Captain Ame-“

I turned and glared at my friend. “If you finish that sentence Morse I will kick your ass.” I hissed out not needing anymore acknowledgement of my problem.

She laughs. “Good to see you to Wildcat.”

I groaned. “I hate that name.” It was part of everything I had been trying to escape from.

“I’m pretty sure that’s why no one gets to pick out their own nicknames.” She says as she pulls the car away and begins to drive.

I laughed. “That’s true.” I said before taking a deep breath. “So what was so urgent that you had to meet up with me?”

“You are not going to like it.” She says as she nods to the iPad sitting in between us on the center counsel.

“I figured as much.” I say with all traces of laughter gone. I picked up the iPad and unlocked it.

I watch as she presses a button on the center counsel to make sure any and all listening or recording devices are shut down before we speak.

“File number one two six three four eight seven eight is the one that you want.” She says as makes a right turn.

I opened up the file that she told me to and saw it was some information about my years as a mercenary. It was surveillance of me. I swallowed as I swiped across the screen to see the next page. My heart stopped as I kept swiping. It was pictures of me dating back to right after S.H.I.E.L.D fell has I swiped again and saw pictures of me just about everywhere,

“I download everything they had while I could without calling attention to myself.” She says as she turns again.

“Who had all of this?” I questioned as I set the iPad down. I felt like I was going to be sick. I had tried so hard to out run all of this and yet here it was again.

“Coulson and the Avengers, I originally thought that Hydra hds been slowly leaking the information to them in hopes that they can plant seeds of doubt about your loyalty.” She says as she makes a left turn. “Turns out it is them keeping tabs on you.” She states.

I let out a hollow laugh. “I do not think that it can get that much worse, but is there more I need to know?”

“Something big is about to go down. Hydra has a huge plan and from all the intelligence I have been hearing chatter over you are about to be in the middle of it along with the Winter Soldier.” She says and I can since her fear for me. “This means they are going to continue to watch you. You really need to be watching out for yourself better.”

I scrub a hand over my face. “I had a hunch about that.”

“Coulson does not know I know. I thought you at least deserved a heads up.” She says giving me a tight smile.

I nod as I glance out the window to see we are turning back onto my street. “That’s why he put the offer on the table.” I say as I slam my head back against my head rest.

“I’m sorry Y/N.” She says as she pulls to a stop.

I shrug. “Thanks for the heads up Bobbi.” I say as I climb out of the car. I turn to look at her. “Do us both a favor and delete that and don’t keep looking. I would rather them just go after me then you.” I say as I slam the door shut. I quickly jog across the street and head back into my building.

If Coulson knew that mean Steve knew. Idiot, I scolded at myself. Steve was trying to keep his eye on you. All fantasies of Steve and I dissipated as reality sunk in. I was being played. I walked up the stairs I was going to need to start training again like a mercenary.

I needed to be prepared at all times when they came. I needed to get back onto my A game or I was going to get myself killed over sentiment. Sentiment was not something I could afford until the real traitor is revealed.

I set my bag down as I walk in. I was going to have to train harder than I have been.

anonymous asked:

Hiya I was just wondering if you could do #1 in nalu? Thank you!

1: “Come over here and make me.”

Send me a number and I’ll write a drabble! (Say which post though, I have two number posts!)

It’s pretty long, and mostly filled with play fighting just cause I live for this stuff :x

Also, this isn’t necessarily a sequel, yet it could be read as a continuation to my last ask, in case you’re interested. :)

“Lucy I swear, if you don’t give me that camera-”

I cut him off by laughing, staring at the photo he so desperately wanted deleted. It was just him, wearing some very inappropriate clothing from the last mission, but along with the threat that it’ll be sent to Gray for blackmailing, had him more serious than any fight I’ve seen him in.

“Oh whattya gonna do?” I sang, holding it up, “Fight me?”

I knew Natsu saw me as nearly the opposite of what he saw Gray as, and even though we could sometimes messed around, him picking me up was about the worst he’d ever do to me.

He stared at me then, his tone deep, “Lucy give it to me, right now.”

I scoffed at him, smirking, and threw him a challenging look I knew he couldn’t refuse.

Come over here and make me.

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The Alpaca Whisperer - prologue

The Alpaca Whisperer
an epic story of love, courage, and poultry

Hartbig AU by iloveyouinchinese & isilagdur

special human beta: haveyouseenmyplot

Grace Helbig, as fictional teenage Grace & fictional adult Grace
Hannah Hart, as fictional teenage Hannah & fictional adult Hannah
Uncle Xerxes, as Grace’s Uncle
Aunt Carol, as Grace’s Aunt
Cindy, as Alpaca


“So times were pleasant for the people there
until finally one, a fiend out of hell,
began to work his evil in the world.



Summer 2003

“These are alpacas. Look at them.”

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A box of chocolates (part 4)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


“Y/n,whats this about?” Luke asks with a look of concern

“Y/ex/n, sh-she’s watching m-me a-again…” I say while looking down at my feet in disbelief as he takes the paper from my hands

“Is this the first letter she’s left at your door?” Luke asks as he lifts up my chin so I can meet his gaze.

I shake my head no and feel my eyes start to water up. Luke places his thumb on both sides of my cheeks and slowly lowers them to my waist, he pulls me close as I wrap my arms around his neck. I bury my face in the nape of his neck and he squeezed close to his chest.

“ Y/n, I’ll stay here tonight. I won’t be able to sleep not knowing if you’ll be ok.” Luke says while taking a step back, but still holding my waist

I nod and we both walk in, shutting the door and locking it when we’re both fully inside my apartment.

“I’ll throw away the things.” I say quietly while taking the box of chocolates and the paper from his hands and throwing it in the trash in my kitchen

Luke takes off his shoes and places them near the front door along with his coat.

“I’ll grab one of my pajama shirts for you to wear, since they’re extra large.” I tell Luke as I go to my bedroom and grab him one of the shirts.

Luke follows me to my bedroom as I hand his the shirt for him to put on. 

“I’ll get dressed in the bathroom.” Luke says, giving me a comforting smile.

i return his smile as he leaves so I can get ready for bed. Luke goes to the bathroom and I put on my pajamas, my sleep attire being an over sized red hot chili peppers t-shirt and spandex shorts. When I hear a knock at the door, I open it to see Luke in the shirt and his boxers.

“Good to see that the shirt fits.” I say with a small smile towards Luke.

“Ya, I guess thats a pretty good coincidence.” Luke replies with a grin

“Well, do you wanna watch some movies?” I ask



I wake up from the sun shining through the curtains.

“Shit..” I mumble while shielding my eyes with my forearm.

“You’re awake!” 

I look over to see Luke in my kitchen, cooking what seems to be pancakes and bacon.

“Good mornin’.” I say, sitting up and covering my mouth as I let out a little yawn.

“Good morning to you too.” Luke says with a little laugh

“Why am I on the couch?” 

“We fell asleep in the middle of the avengers, and just at the part when iron man, Thor and captain america were fighting!”

“Man, missed out on one of the best parts.” I say oozing sarcasm and laughing a bit.

“How’d ya sleep?” Luke asks as he comes over with two plates full of food.

“Great! You?”

“Better than ever.. But I wanna talk to you about something..”

“Oh, ok?”

“So I made a phone call this morning and about a month ago, I made a plan to expand my company.”

“Thats great Luke!”

“But theres a catch..”

I nod for him to carry on.

“I’m moving to New Zealand..”

I feel as if I’ve just been hit by a semi truck, I take in a deep breath and close my eyes so I can keep my emotions intact. 


“So this morning I called my supervisor and my assistant to do a little fix up with the flight and…Well, Y/n..I’m wondering if you would move to New Zealand with me?”

I look at the blond man in complete shock.

“Its alright if you don’t! I-I just k-know that you have the whole ex girlfriend problem and I have to move, but I really wanna stay with you, but I can’t an-” I interrupt Luke by grabbing him by the back of his neck and placing my lips on his.

Luke was first a bit shocked, but he eased into the kiss pretty quickly. He wraps his arms around me, one on my back pulling me to his chest and the other in my hair. 

“Yes..” I say once I pull away from his lips, both of us catching our breath


“Fuck ya.. Now help me get packed.” I say getting up from the couch with a grin on my face.

“Or we could carry on with our previous actions.” Luke says with a smirk as I look at him from the hallway

“Or you could not help me pack and go to New Zealand by yourself.. So get your ass in here shitbag!” I say with a smirk of my own and a laugh as I walk into my bedroom, Luke close behind.


“Alright, swim suit?” I ask Luke as he looks at the folded clothes spread out on my bed.




“Tank tops?”





“Check.. You might as well pack up your apartment. You’ll be gone for a long ass time.” Luke says taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

“ I guess you’re right. Can you help me get my other suitcase down? I hope that my luggage isn’t too much.” I say rubbing the back of my neck

“I doubt your two suitcases will be any trouble y/n, I own one of the most well known companies in the US. So I have plenty of money to give.” Luke says with a smirk and his hands wrapping around my waist while he’s still sitting.’Holy crap are his arms long!’

“Don’t think because you’re rich I’ll be using your money all the time. I prefer to earn what I get and not live off of some one else.” I say to Luke in a serious tone so he knows that I actually mean it.

“See this, this is what I like about you! (A/N ANOTHER 5SOS PUN FOR THE WIN!) You’re independent, and you don’t like using people and you are so-so just..I can’t even describe it!” Luke says with a laugh as I roll my eyes and give him a little grin.

“Ya ya, I know. I’m pretty amazing.” I say with a laugh as I walk out of his grasp and go into the hall closet for my second suitcase.


“I can’t believe we’re actually going to New Zealand..” I say as I lean back in the V.I.P. seat Luke bought for us on our plane trip.

“Have you ever been outside of the US before?” Luke asks as he turns a bit in his seat to face me.

“Once, I went to south africa for a vacation with my family.. but New Zealand.. I’ve only seen pictures and its so beautiful! I can’t believe we’ll get the chance to see it in person!” 

“ Ya its pretty there, but I’ve seen things much more beautiful than New Zealand..” Luke says with a smug look on his face

“Let me guess… Am I supposed to says ‘What’s more beautiful than new zealand?!’ and you’re going to reply with ‘You.’?” I say with a small smirk

“Yup.” He says with a proud grin

“You’re so cheesy Mr. Hemmings.” 

“How else would I be such a ladies man?”

“Oh honey, you haven’t even gotten me to sleep with you yet. How am I supposed to believe you’re a “ladies man”.”

“Well you’re a bit hard to get, but I don’t mind. I don’t even care if I sleep with you or not, I just want to be near you and that would be enough to make me the happiest guy in the world.”

I can’t help the blush tat spreads across my cheeks.

“As I said before..You are so cheesy Mr. Hemmings.” I say while I roll on my side to face the window and see us taking off.

I feel someone grab hold of my hand and look over to see Luke, eyes closed and taking deep breaths.


“Y-ya?” he says looking over to me, his nervous demeanor clearly showing

“Do you have some type of fear of flying?”

“um.. Y-ya..” he says looking down at his lap in a defeated way

“Hey, its ok. You can’t be the strong business man all the time, everyone has there weak points. So just hold my hand and take deep breaths.” I say softly to him while holding the side of his face so looks me in the eyes.

I start to take deep breaths in through my nose and out through my mouth so Luke can copy my actions. I feel the plane lift off the ground and we are now in the air, Luke squeezes my hand tightly and I start to brush my thumb gently across his cheek in a soothing way.

“Don’t worry, you have nothing to worry about. I’m here for you.” I whisper to him as I place a soft kiss on his lips and pull away from him, still holding his hand with our fingers entwined.

A bit later in the flight we get some drinks and a meal, since the flight is so long we lift up the arm rest that sits between us and fall asleep. Luke’s head lays on my shoulder as I hold onto him as the big spoon, the soft snores coming from him making me smile. I keep an arm around him as I turn a bit to look out the little window, seeing a mixture of pastel like colors blending into the sunset. I take in a deep breath and close my eyes, sleep taking over my consciousness.

I feel a dip in the plane. my belt pulling tightly against me so I don’t fly out of my seat. I wake up and look over to see Luke gripping the edges of the seat while looking down at his lap.


He looks up at me with wide eyes.

“Its ok.” I whisper to him while grabbing his hand in mine,rubbing soft circles on it with my thumb

He takes in a deep breath and loosens up a bit in his seat, calming down and leaning back in his seat.


“Wow..” I say as we step into Luke’s penthouse

“It’s not too much, right?” Luke asked in a nervous tone

“Its amazing.”

The floor was a fine dark wood, with a white fur carpet in the lodging area where an L shaped black leather couch sits with a glass coffee table and a huge curved hd tv on the wall with a cable box, an xbox, and a play station connected to it but you can’t see the wires. The walls aren’t even walls, they’re just windows that shows the view of the mountains and hills, and it was better than anything you could have imagined.

I’m knocked out of my thoughts when a sudden knock is at the door. Luke walks over and opens it to reveal a tan tattooed man with dark brown hair and matching eyes.

“Hello, my names Calum. Is it fine if I come inside?” The tan boy asks

“Sure, come in.” Luke says, gesturing his arm out for him to enter the penthouse.

I give Calum a little smile and sit down on the leather couch with both him and Luke doing the same.

“So, you may be wondering why I’m here..Well Mr. Hemmings, when you vacated this penthouse there was a package involved for a tour of new zealand.” Calum says with a smile.

“Oh, ya!  I remember that.” Luke says with a small grin

“We’re going on a tour?” I ask

“Yes, I’m your guide and tomorrow I’ll be showing you around here. I’ll show you the sights and the activities that you can do!” Calum says with a bit of enthusiasm.

“Thats great! So we’ll get to go around new zealand?” I say with a smile

“Yup, so I’ll be seeing you guys tomorrow! I’ll leave you two to get unpacked and I’ll be here at 10:00 am.. It was great to meet you Mr. Hemmings and…” Calum says sticking out his hand to greet me.

“Y/n.” I say, taking hold of his hand and expecting to have a proper hand shake, but instead Calum lifts my hand up to his lips and places a soft kiss on my knuckles.

“Lovely name for a beautiful lady.” He says as he lets go of my hand and says his goodbyes to Luke and leaves the penthouse.

I turn over to see Luke looking as if he could kill someone.

“Luke, are you ok?”

“Ya, lets just unpack. I’m very tired and we got a busy day tomorrow.” Her says placing a quick kiss to my cheek and grabbing out bags…


“And if you look over to your right, you can see a gap between the hills that show a beautiful view of the river!” Calum says.

We are about finished with our tour and now we are on a boat in a clear blue lake that is surrounded by hills and is connected to a river. During the whole tour though, Calum has been very flirtatious with me, so Luke has been quite jealous…What am I saying, hes been keepings any physical contact with me since Calum made the first move. 

“Hey y/n! Why don’t you come up here and help me out with wheel!” Calum says with a grin.

“Sure!” I answer back, walking over to Calum so he can  show me how to steer the wheel.

“Alright, just grab on and I’ll lead you.” He says as he steps back and lets me grab the wheel.

Calum steps behind me and guides my hands with his, his chest slightly pressed against my back.

“You’re doing a great job!” He says as we start to turn and pull into the docks.

“That was fun!” I say stepping away from the wheel and going back over to Luke, who is practically looking enraged with jealousy.

“You did a great job y/n! You should be a sailor.” Calum says as he lets us off the boat.

“Maybe I should.” I say with a laugh.

As I look over to see Luke, he isn’t even glancing in my direction.

“Luke, what did you think of the tour?” I ask with a smile

He looks me dead in the eye and doesn’t say a word, he just grabs my hand tightly and starts walking to the jeep we drove out here with.

Through out the car ride, Luke hasn’t said a word. He just drives the jeep up the hill and when we get to the penthouse he gets out and walks straight to the door. I follow close behind, a bit amused by how he is acting.

“Luke?” I say once I get into the house.

I don’t here a thing and start to walk to the bedroom that Luke and I share.

“Luke?” I say stepping into the room closing the door behind me.

I look around, but then I’m suddenly pushed up against the door by a blond giant.

“What the fuck was that out there?” Luke says pinning my wrists to my sides, his tall frame towering over me.

“What do you mean Lukey?” I ask in an innocent tone with a smirk

“You think you can just go around and mess with anybody, huh kitten?” 

“I don’t know what I did wrong?” I say, still faking innocence.

“Lets get one thing right kitten. You. Are. Mine.” Luke states through his clenched teeth, picking mr up and tossing me on the bed.


I am so sorry this was a bit late! XXXXX

Part 5

The McReedus Story - The Red Strokes Ch 5

**The brilliant author would like to remain anonymous FOR NOW!

**I am sure that some feedback will encourage her to reveal her humble secret identity

Norman set the berries and cream down on the coffee table, chose a fat juicy one, dipped it in cream, then sat down next to Melissa. He was just about to take a bite when she stopped him, “uh uh uh, ladies first.”

“Oh right, of course,” he replied, passing her the strawberry. Instead of taking it in her hand Mel leaned forward and took a bite.

“Mmm, so good,” she groaned, closing her eyes and licking her lips. Norman watched her chew, his hand frozen in mid air, ready for her to take another bite. When she took the second bite berry juice started to run down his fingers and into the palm of his hand. There was only one bite left and he reached to pop it in her mouth after she swallowed, so he could wipe the juice and cream off. But before he could pull his hand away Mel caught his wrist. Her tongue darted out and found a droplet of juice making its way down the centre of his palm. She licked the path it had followed straight up his middle finger. When she got to the tip she took it in her mouth and sucked off the stickiness.

Moving to the index finger she took the whole thing in her mouth and then sucked as she pulled away. Norman shuddered and like any man would his mind went straight to how that mouth would feel wrapped around his penis instead. Of course his dick responded eagerly, causing Norman to shift awkwardly.

Mel licked a dab of cream off his thumb, closing her eyes as her tongue flicked over his skin. Norman could feel her warm breath on his hand and he pushed his thumb into her mouth, encouraging her to suck on it. She did, quite expertly and he knew if he was ever lucky enough to get a blow job from Melissa some day, it was going to be epic.

She released his thumb with a pop and bit her bottom lip; a twinkle in her blue eyes. “Your turn,” Mel said, reaching for a berry and adding a generous amount of cream.

Melissa held it out to him and Norman opened his mouth wide, taking in the entire thing with one bite. He could feel a bit of cream on the corner of his mouth but before he had a chance to lick it Mel touched his chin. “You have some cream, right…” She leaned closer and licked it off. “…there,” she said. “And…” She moved in again and licked his bottom lip. Norman grabbed the back of her neck before she could escape and drew her close. Their lips met, sticky, sweet and wet.

Norman released her neck when he was confident she wasn’t going to pull away and wrapped an arm around her waist drawing Melissa into his lap. She had a hand on each side of his face and even though Norman had initiated the kiss, she was controlling it.

That was one thing he had always admired about Mel, her ability to take control in any situation, and kissing was no different. Norman wondered what it would be like to be dominated by her in bed. His thoughts were interrupted by a vibration in his pocket. Melissa felt it too and pulled away. “You going to answer that?” she asked.

“I was kinda busy,” he grumbled, but since the moment was over, he reached in his pocket and answered the phone.

“Hello?” Mel shifted on his lap and he almost groaned into the phone. “Yeah, I have a friend over for dinner. Maybe some other time. Yep, night,” he muttered and hung up. Norman tossed the phone onto the coffee table and glared at it, as if it was the phones fault for ringing. “I’m seriously considering changing my number,” he sighed.

Melissa looked at him and laughed as she slid off his knee. “Got involved with one with stalkerish tendencies, did ya?”

Norman nodded “Oh my God, she calls almost every night.”

Melissa laughed again as she picked up a berry and took a bite on her own. He watched as she wandered over to the window to look out at the night. Norman grabbed a remote and dimmed the lights more, to make it easier for her to look out.

He stood up and walked over to join her, wrapping his arms around her from behind and resting his chin on her shoulder. When she leaned back against him his dick decided it might still have a chance of getting lucky and came to attention again. At this point Mel had to know she was turning him on, so he made no effort to disguise his growing hard on.

Norman looked outside, the moon was full and bright but it was Mel’s reflection on the inside of the glass that caught his attention. He had always seen her beauty, it was undeniable that the woman was gorgeous inside and out. But she was also sexy, incredibly sexy, and he hadn’t quite allowed himself to see that, even with all the flirting they had done over the years.

But there was also something else he was feeling. It had taken him a long time to figure out just what it was, but looking at her, holding her in his arms, he finally realized it. Mel was the only woman that had been in his home that truly made all the loneliness go away, completely. There were so many times in his life that Norman had felt lonely, even when he wasn’t alone. But with Melissa it was different. She was there and he felt her complete and utter presence. And it made him happy.

He thought for a moment about their current situation. Norman was quite sure that he could get her to bed if he tried. But he wanted her to make the decision, not him. He was quite comfortable kissing her, touching her, and even with some riskier foreplay. But if they were gonna fuck, it was going to be her decision. He
respected her way too much for it to be any other way.

Norman knew he had a reputation as a ladies man, and he couldn’t deny it was far from the truth but he truly respected Melissa and cherished the friendship they had. He didn’t know what adding sex into the equation would do to them but the idea was pretty much all he had been thinking about for hours.

The way Mel responded to his touch and even initiated some of her own showed him she was definitely thinking about it too. But thinking and doing were two very different things, particularly more so for women.

Norman was done thinking though. He lifted his chin off her shoulder and touched his lips to her neck. Mel responded, for a moment, then slinked out of his embrace and walked back towards the couch. She didn’t escape in a way that was saying ‘no’ but it was more like ‘I’m not going to make this easy for you’ and Norman smiled, he was definitely up to the challenge.

Before he could resume stalking his prey his phone started to buzz again. “You have got to be fucking kidding me,” he sighed. “I’m ignoring it this time.”

Mel peeked at the phone, “actually I think you’ll want to answer this one.” She picked it up and handed it to him. Norman looked at the phone and smiled.

“Hey bud,” he said answering. “What’s up? Why you calling so late?” Norman’s smile widened at the answer. “Yeah, I miss you too. But it’s only a few more days now, ok? Say hi to your mom for me. Yep, love you.”

Melissa was smiling too by the time he hung up with his son. She was sitting on the couch with her legs tucked under her, holding her champagne glass. Her smile lit up her face. It always reached her eyes and he knew it was genuine. There was never anything fake about Mel. Suddenly he needed to capture the moment. “Don’t move,” he said, running from the room to grab his camera. It wasn’t a cell phone photo kind of moment, he wanted the real deal.

“What are you doing?” she laughed when he returned with his camera.

“I want to photograph you. Is that ok?” he added with some uncertainty.

“I guess, but…” she blushed. “I feel silly.”

He had already started snapping by that point and captured her beautiful flushed-cheek smile for eternity. Melissa was a photographer as well, so she understood that sometimes the need to capture a moment just completely takes over.

After several minutes she finally spoke, “don’t you have enough?”

“I just need one more,” he replied. Norman walked over to her and touched her chin then leaned in and kissed her softly. When he pulled back he quickly snapped one last picture.

When Norman flipped to the view screen he grinned. The last photo was perfect. Her eyes had just flew open after the kiss and her lips were slightly parted. Her face was flushed again, but with desire this time, not embarrassment. He returned his camera to his room, looking forward to viewing all the photos later.

“So you wanna watch a movie or something?” he asked.

“You can’t sit still through a movie,” Mel teased him.

“Depends on the movie. We could watch the Walking Dead Hardcore Parody?” he suggested as a joke.

Melissa looked at him and looked away with a cute grin, “I’ve seen it.”

Norman laughed, not overly surprised. He flicked on the tv and handed her the remote to scroll through his movie collection.

“Hmm, this one sounds interesting… Last Man Standing,” she said, pressing play.

“Oh, you might not… It’s not…” he muttered, trying to stop her. “It’s not what you think…” His voice trailed off as a triple X logo appeared on the screen above an HD symbol.

“It’s porn?” she asked with a giggle. “Well, good to know its in high definition.” Melissa made no move to turn it off, she simply settled in and focused on the big screen.

Oh fuck, what have I got myself into, Norman thought. He had no idea how he was going to sit beside her and watch a porno without fucking her after, or during. Pretty soon he found that he would much rather watch her watch the movie than actually watch the porn itself. The looks on her face were so sexy, they turned him on way more than the content would have. The movie she had selected wasn’t very long, maybe 20 minutes tops. But restraining himself from jumping her made it seem like it was hours.

He finally couldn’t take it anymore, he had to touch her. Norman started by lifting her skirt and putting a hand on her bare knee. When she didn’t pull away or stop him, he worked it a bit higher to her thigh.

Mel turned from the TV and looked at him. His heart was hammering in his chest. Norman wanted to move his hand even higher, slip a finger inside her panties, knowing he would find her wet. He moved his hand just a bit higher and she shifted in a way that said it was okay. Without hesitation he found the edge of her panties with his finger. She was soaked and the material was already wet from her desire. He sucked in a breath and his dick throbbed in response. She arched her hips and gasped as he slipped a finger inside her.

He knew he could make her come. She was so wet and turned on, it wouldn’t take long. But Norman didn’t want to take that from her, if she wasn’t ready. He needed to know she was ready emotionally, not just physically. He moved a finger to her nub and rubbed gently. “Is this what you want?” he whispered. Her body responded eagerly and he rubbed her again. “Tell me you want this.”

When Mel still didn’t answer he pulled his hand away. Her eyes opened in confusion. “I’ll wait, until you’re ready,” he said. Melissa understood exactly what he meant. She looked sad and thankful all at the same time. “I can drive you home tonight,” he said brightly, changing the subject and offering a distraction. “Only had that one glass of champagne with dinner.”


Melissa was deep in thought the entire car ride home. Why hadn’t she just told him she wanted it? She had, and she had wanted him. All of him. But now they were in his car and he was driving her home.

She truly did appreciate the fact that he was willing to restrain himself for her. Norman could have easily pursued her a bit harder and she wouldn’t have stopped him. But he didn’t. He wanted it to be her decision. He was giving her the power.

When they pulled up to her building she opened the door and stepped out of the car. Melissa took a deep breath and fished something out of her purse.

She leaned back into the car and tossed Norman her spare key. “Go park and meet me upstairs. 418.” It wasn’t a request. It was a demand. And she knew he would be there.