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I just wanted to take a second to address a few complaints I’ve gotten on my sigil work.

Firstly, I do not have any special magic that other people do not. Literally anyone can make their own sigils. So why do I charge 25 dollars for mine? Because they are artwork, they are designs. They take time and skill to create. I have been working exclusively as an artist for the past seven years, and I simply don’t have time to do free work. I have experience, I have an education, and I know the value of my own time. If you don’t care to pay for one of my sigils, there are oodles of artists here on Tumblr who charge less and who take free requests, or you could make your own!

That being said, I do on occasion take requests when I have time and I like the idea, but I feel no obligation to do free work for anyone, nor will I ever. No amount of guilting or shaming will ever change that.

Secondly, yes. My sigils are complex. No, they are not easy to recreate.

That’s my personal style. The effort and time I put into each sigil is part of how I charge them and build up their potency. I enjoy creating complex sigils. If you want something that’s more easy to recreate, there are plenty of sigil artists right here on Tumblr who do that sort of thing. 

Finding Home - Chapter 24 (Sam Drake x Reader)

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Yeah, two chapters in one day… I just wrote this in one sitting, so sorry if it’s crap!

You watched as the guy stood up and patted all of his pockets, but he couldn’t find his purse. He looked like he was at the verge of a panic attack and you felt bad for him.

‘Poor thing, he must have lost it somewhere.’ - you thought and looked around, thinking.

Sam tried to hide his grin as he approached the table too.

“Is there a problem, sweetheart?” - he asked, as he looked at you.

“He can’t find his purse.”

Sam put on a surprised face.

“Oh, how unfortunate!” - then he turned to the younger man. - “Well, I’m sure we can find a solution, I call the boss and…”

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Why is the Staff of One the only magical weapon in the MU with it's very specific restriction? (Also why is Nico the only magic user, who isn't a god/goddess, to not pay physically for her magic, as Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch do?)

Well…isn’t the answer to the second the answer to the first?

Nico pays in blood every time she calls the staff (or at least that used to be the way) and so that’s one way in which she pays physically and it’s also how/why the weapon has a restriction. But I think there are plenty of weapons that have restrictions/limitations/etc. - off the top of my head, Illyana’s Soulsword, the Gem of Cyttorak, and the Supersoul Stone all have/can have a price for wielding them.

As for Nico paying physically…beyond the blood needed to call her staff, I don’t think it’s accurate to say there’s no price and it likely depends on the story you’re reading, admittedly these things aren’t always consistent. Comics are comics! ;)

One thing that really insults my mind.

Why in the hell would they book to eliminate Becky Lynch immediate at the beginning?! It’s way beyond me. Do they really have it in for The Irish Lass Kicker? Unfortunately, Becky Lynch is the victim of worst booking. I do not blame fans for shitting all over the product on social media.

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Marv, whizz and Charlotte: what kinda tattoos you got? Mendel: what kinda tattoo you want?

Marvin: I have a little star tattoo on my ankle that Charlotte insisted on doing when I went with her to get hers. She got all of us to draw little stars and then got them tattooed on her arm, so this was kind of her way of, I dunno, paying me back for it?

Whizzer: I also got Charlotte to give me a little star tattoo on my wrist because that’s precious and I wanted to be a part of that. I also have a smley face tattoo on my ass (long story) and a white chess piece on my ribcage. Take one good guess why. :)

Charlotte: Marv’s already told you about the whole star thing I did. They’re all on my left bicep and I love them very much. I think my favorite one might be Jason’s little Star of David. It’s so cute, and of course he  would. I want to get another one with my dad, like a little cup of tea or something, but I’m going to have to wait a little for that. 

Mendel: I want “GCEA” tattooed on my ankle. Now, I know what you’re asking: “Why the f–” but let me tell you. That’s the tuning order for a regular ukulele, and I always forget the order. I always play with my legs crossed, too, so I want a nice-looking yet practical tattoo. 

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Hey Steph! So, this has been discussed before, but something that’s still bothering me about S4 is John’s blog. I know there’s theories out there, but tinhat aside, do you have any idea why it’s no longer being updated? It’s like a fourth wall break, but why now, y’know? I loved how they brought a part of Sherlock into the real world for fans, but now I wonder what’s the point of even keeping a fake blog for years, then suddenly abandoning it? Do you know when that notice even went up? Thanks!

Hi Nonny!

Honestly? I DON’T have a non-tinhat reason for them abandoning the blog other than they didn’t want to pay Joe to write it. The notice on the blog went up just shortly before S4 aired, which made a lot of us suspicious from the get go, and then as soon as S4 aired, it only made it even more obvious something was off, in my opinion. They went from fourth wall breaking with the blog to fourth wall breaking in the series. A lot of Blog Theorists believe that the reason the blog was “stopped” was because we’re now seeing it on screen in S4.

It’s a shame, really, because the blogs were fantastic, and Joe really captures John’s character in the blog posts.

Honestly guys, you forgot that at this point in time the species would have been likely closed down if I hadn’t been willing to continue running it. But, yes, most of the money obtained via myo purchases and item purchases does go towards helping to pay some of my bills. But that’s most all it does. A lot is paid in points, most of which go back into the community in various means, are given to the artists or in most cases are used to keep the group a Super Group status which is it until Jun 2021 now.

But why does it matter what I do with the money? It honestly doesn’t affect any of you in any real way what I chose to do with it – the individuals that pay receive what they pay for. And considering all the time spent in the adopts, events, batches, and everything else that needs tweaking, adjusting, and handled daily – I don’t feel that’s it’s unfair to want to pay my bills with the money earned from what’s taking up most of my time. But you can think whatever of me, you can say greedy or whatever, and I know you will – but honestly, if you’d never been a species owner, running something as involved as viscets have been and are, then you haven’t really any idea of how much work it truly takes to upkeep nor how much time it takes.

If I’m honest, if I had known all of what this position had entailed when I was first offered, I may have reconsidered it. Owning a species is draining, dealing with all the rule breaks, blatant disrespect to others as well as myself, constant explanations of what the species is and the rules for it that are clearly outlined – on top of orchestrating the events, adopts, nursery, hatchery and anything else we do – it’s all exhausting. I’m sorry you guys don’t see it as the work it is but it’s a huge undertaking. 


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i talk to myself as well! i do it mostly when im alone and no one is paying attention or can hear me, but i do it as well when im in public. if i get nervous or sad or something i'll just imagine one of my favorite band members is there with me. that's why i like reading fanfic in public i guess, so i can imagine it's happening and not to pay attention to real life for a bit. it's nice to have a break and go into my own world sometimes.

omg I do that too!!! like once I was really lonely and bored when we went shopping for a washing machine at Lowe’s so I imagined Shane Dawson was with me and making sex jokes the entire time or this one time I got super lonely and sad at this little get together for my afterschool club and so I imagined Josh Dun being there with me and making little jokes and shizz…. it’s really comforting and I think that’s why I like fanfiction so much, it makes you feel not so alone

Trump's FCC Is About to Destroy Net Neutrality, and a Democratic Commissioner Is Calling Foul
A commissioner tells Slate that the FCC needs to hold public hearings.

This is something that is very important to pay attention to, and if you are an American I implore you to do everything that you can! Contact your representatives, research your ISPs, and keep a vigilant eye on this! The FCC is likely to make this ruling close to Thanksgiving in an attempt to squeak it by without anyone noticing.

Net neutrality is the reason why you can visit any website confidently. It’s why you don’t have to pay a premium to be able to access YouTube. It’s why you don’t have the internet bundled into different packages like TV is.

If they remove net neutrality protections, then there is no benefit to the consumer. Put simply, your ISP could choose to charge you more in order to visit specific sites, and not every town in the United States has the option to switch to a new ISP because some ISPs hold a monopoly in some areas.

This is what the internet looks like without net neutrality:

Notes to the girl whose house I live in

by reddit user JJX2525

It took me a week to find where you keep your wifi password. A whole week! I was really worried you’d thrown it away, but lo and behold, there it was in the cutlery drawer of all places. Everything about the way you organize things confuses me. I guess because you live on your own now you just put things any old place. I know there was someone else before, I heard you talking about him on the phone. Johnny, I think? Jimmy? Anyway, I know because you said it was tough being alone. But you’re not alone, of course. You have me!

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Why BTS’s decision to publicize their support is important.

I have seen various fandoms downplay BTS’s newest campaign with UNICEF as nothing but image building and media play. 

I teared up when I saw the campaign that BTS has launched with UNICEF. As a person working for a similarly situated organization where I manage artists who use their influence to spread the advocacy, I want to tell you about how much this means in the work of helping children.

Organizations that work for advocacies have very little to no budget to gather funds and push forward the advocacy for more people to pay attention. The End Violence Against Children campaign is a unified effort across a number of inernational organizations, including the one I work for, pushing for children’s rights across all nations.

Violence Against Children come in different forms, from child abuse, to slavery, prostitution, discrimination, and bullying, all these are very serious issues that deserve attention and yet are being fought behind the scenes. Why? Media pays attention only when big issues occur, for persistent issues such as these, how often do you hear them in the news?

But right now many people are talking about it on social media. Why? Because BTS are making people pay attention. We call for the help of people with a wide range of influence for this reason.


He has always known of the massive influence they can have on making people care about these matters. And he said this today, “During a past interview, I’ve thought that one of the many things I want to surely try doing is a charitable or a good campaign or project and I’m very honored that I am able to fulfill that. Also as big as our influence has become, I thought we should be a better influence so I am very very thankful that we can show many people a good through this great opportunity.”

This goes beyond media play and image building. This is not about kpop, not about fandoms, not about fanwars. This message is for the children of the world. Those who need our help. And I hope we focus on this message.

I’ll never forget the devasted expression in my English Language teacher’s face when I was 13 and asked her if she could help me get rid of my accent. She was a glorious, intelligent and tender woman and the first person to openly talk to me about how important it is to value our own culture over hegemomic european and north american influences, and how important it was to cultivate my identity as latina and to be proud of my accent, not ashamed

since y’all love talking about big three privilege, here’s a look at their current status

sm - 

exo: given underproduced music for comeback album and repackage, relying solely on fan support to stay at the top because sm refuses to give them proper promotions

red velvet: having their unique sound butchered and losing fans to other 3rd gen girl groups because sm is hellbent on giving them cuter music so they can compete with the popular new groups (see: russian roulette and rookie)

f(x): where? all i see is amber’s vlogs

shinee: haven’t come back in over a year, somewhat due to onew’s scandal but at least taemin’s out here reminding people that michael jackson is alive and well, keeping shinee’s name alive so they don’t fade into obscurity 

snsd: nobody knows who’s still in the group, had one of the worst promotion cycles ever for their TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY. 

super junior: coming back but sm is doing 0 promo

nct: what even is their concept anymore? why is the seoul unit promoting in japan?? why are so many people still in the basement?

yg - 

blackpink: getting a reality show and apparently that’s supposed to make us feel better that they only have 5 songs???? why does yg hate women?

ikon: where?

winner: tbh i don’t pay attention to winner but i’m pretty sure yg’s fucking up somehow since i hardly ever hear anything about them

big bang: forever kings but after top’s scandal, we don’t know if they’ll ever come back as five again

jyp - 

day6: has grown in popularity this year but jyp still won’t give them the same chances and promotion as they give their idol groups

twice: overworked and need time off, no song between tt and likey ever happened why did jyp taint their discography like that

got7: had a comeback but didn’t go to weekly idol or after school club?? how can you have a got7 comeback and not put them on asc??? that’s their birthplace?? why did jyp have them drop a mini album and then forget about them two days later? why are they doing japanese promotions already? they just came back yesterday damn

yes. so much privilege. 

i mean i came to tumblr immediately after watching the liveshow fully sure someone would’ve easily cracked dnp’s big announcement already but everyone’s also clueless and now i’m stressed

  • People: I can't believe Damien's not a Slytherin!
  • Me: What? Have you ever met a LESS ambitious person? He could do literally anything he wanted to the world. He could start or end wars. He could restructure the government. He could end hunger and poverty. He could appoint himself king of everything. And what does he do? He skips lines and makes people tell him their secrets!

There was a local group of thieves who knew how to get into the casino my party needed entrance to, so the lawful neutral cleric was trying to infiltrate their gang.

Cleric: Yeah I’m a thief. I steal loads of stuff.

GM ( as Thief): Yeah? Like what?

Cleric: (pulls a backpack out of her bag of holding) I stole this backpack from the general store.

GM/Thief: And how do I know you didn’t buy it? Roll persuasion.

Cleric: Why would I pay for a backpack when I have a bag of holding?

GM: …okay the thief believes you without rolling.

(The cleric didn’t steal the backpack, she just never threw anything away).

dating tom holland...pt. 3
  • if i’m being honest, he’d probably smell amazing 24/7
  • not even his cologne just like his scent, there’s just something so comforting about him too
  • the day before he had to leave for press or filming he’d cling onto you like a koala
    • “I’m not letting go until I absolutely have to,” he’d whine as you tried to push him off
    • “tom I have to pee,”
    • “no you don’t that’s false,”
  • reluctantly letting go of you so you could go pee
  • hearing your name through the door
    • [Y/N]!!!”
    • “come baaaack”
    • “….I can hear you pee” followed by loud giggling as you flush the toilet and quickly was your hands
  • he promises to call, text, and facetime you as often as possible when he’s away
  • and obviously he sticks to his promises cause he’s that guy™
    • “I miss yoooouuuu”
    • “harrison doesn’t cuddle like you”
    • “I miss your cooking” 
  • reuniting with each other is both your favourite things
  • you’d be waiting at the airport, trying to be as lowkey as possible since there was already a swarm of paparazzi’s
  • him noticing you as soon as he stepped through those doors
  • running and jumping into his arms as he threw down all his belongings
    • multiple kisses all over your face
    • whispering “i’m gonna make up for all our lost time when we get home”
  • and he so does
  • not being able to keep his hands off you the second you step through the door
    • “what gotten into you, tom?” you ask as he nips at your neck and collarbones
    • he freezes before shyly looking up at you, “I-I had a dream…about you…” he trails off
  • you nearly moan at the thought of him having dirty dreams about you
  • sloppy makeup sex 
    • both your actions would be so rushed, just wanting to be connected with each other
    • “fuck, I missed you so much babygirl,” 
    • him trying to make you come at the same time as him
  • as happy as he is to see you, he’s also exhausted and starving so you tell him to take a nap as you make something for dinner
    • “but I wanna nap with my girl,” he’d try to coax 
    • “after dinner,” you bargained as he let out a huff but agreed
  •  waking him up with head scratches 
    • whining when you stop and throw the blankets off him
    • not at all fazed by his naked body
    • him being surprised at you being unfazed because ????? 
  • him always trying to get you naked
    • “let eat dinner…..naked,”
    • “let’s play strip monopoly!” “not a chance tom,” “strip uno?”
  • “tom no”
  • “TOM YES”
  • he can be such a child, hiding all your left shoes or the toothpaste because it’s only a minor inconvenience 
  • whenever you’re at home with him and his family he becomes so much more british
    • “tom I can’t understand what you’re saying anymore”
    • “WHADYA MEAN M8″
  • him getting genuinely jealous when you pay more attention to tessa than him
    • “I’m spider-man though!!!!” he’d whine as you rolled around with tessa
    • having enough of your shit and picking you up, throwing you over his shoulder and bringing you to him room
  • when tom is sick its so much worse because he’s so much more clingy but you also don’t wanna get sick
    • “just a kiss on the nose, please darling” he’d beg as you sighed, finally giving him
    • tilting his head up so you end up meeting his lips instead
    • “if you get me sick i’m gonna kill you, holland”
  • you sitting on his lap because he loves having his arms wrapped around your body
  • if you were in public he’d always be checking behind your back for paparazzi’s because it was date night 
  • baking together becomes a tradition with you guys
    • him smearing icing down your nose before licking it
    • “you taste amazing, sweetheart,” him winking before you choke on a breath  
  • you lying in his lap in bed on nights you can’t sleep
  • so he begins playing with your hair and softly singing to because he knows that’s what puts you out like a light
  • waking you up with slopping kisses all over your face
  • you’re not a morning person so you don’t appreciate being woken up and put your pillow on your face
  • so he ends up eating you out and you can’t even get angry cause it was one of the best orgasms ever
    • “still hate me for waking you up?” he asks cheekily as you roll your eyes playfully
    • that day ends up full of sex, cuddles, and food
  • working out with him but he just ends up getting distracted by all your movements 
  • which leads to post workout sex
    • “your ass looks amazing in those pants, but it looks even better without them, darling,”
  • he secretly loves being domestic with you
  • like he loves doing laundry or cleaning the apartment and even going grocery shopping because he’s imagining your future
    • “you ever think about us? in the future?” he’d ask one day and he immediately regrets it thinking you’ll start freaking out
    • “all the time, bubs,” you say with a smile and he thinks his heart is gonna leap out of his chest
  • his parents and brothers already call you an old married couple
  • both of you agreeing that you’ve still got a long ways ahead of you before you wanna get married or start a family 
  • but you both want to 
  • you’re both each others rocks, always there no matter what time it is
  • sweet little kisses throughout the day 
    • like on the nose
    • or the forehead
    • of the top of your head
  • if you’re wearings rings he’s 100 percent going to play with them when he’s holding your hand 
  • he makes sure to bring you back a souvenir from each place he visits, even if it’s a magnet you love it so much 
  • sharing headphones while waiting for the plane to start boarding 
  • playing ‘guess the song’
    • “i lose every time though,” he’d whine but you just stuck your tongue out
    • purposely playing songs he doesn’t know just to see him pout
    • “you’re just too cute,” “i’m not cute, i’m hot,” “okay, tommy, whatever you say,”
  • him getting tipsy on the plane 
    • “let’s join the mile high club,” while giggling
    • “tom i’m trying to watch a movie,”
    • “and i’m trying to get laid,”
  • he’s actually such a child sometimes and you have to threaten him with no more sex until he finally calms down
  • if he has a random question he will ask you as if you have the answer
    • “how long are giraffes necks????”
    • “how do dolphins sleep with one eye open??”
  • poking your cheeks whenever you’re ignoring him 
    • “pay attention to meeeee,”
  • lying in between his legs on his chest because he insists on having you as close to him as possible

A/N: i died and came back then died again i h8 myself

make fic commissions A Thing 20K17

I really really want to see fanfic commissions become more of A Thing .  It’s absolutely something I’d pay for, and something that should most certainly be as common as fanart commissions. 

I can see it being mutually beneficial in more ways then one.

 The commissioner gets to read the idea that they really want to see happen . How many times have you come up with a something and been like, man I wish someone would write this??

 The writer gets paid for their work, but it could also help them creatively if ever they were in a rut. Plus they have a guaranteed audience. even if it’s just one person, sometimes that’s all you need to get going. 

 So any writers out there who might be reading this: consider it. you are good enough. 


Hey but forreal I wanna talk about Nora Valkyrie for a second and why she’s my favorite character in the show.

Originally posted by dingo-sniper

We have to take into account each hunter/huntress’s backgrounds for this to work, and once we do, you’ll notice a pattern. Naturally, paying for the training and a basic custom weapon + ammunition it takes to become a hunter/huntress in training takes no small amount of money, which would most likely be coming from their parents.

Pyrrha comes from a background of fame and fortune and presumably a normal family, so it is no surprise as to how she is able to afford Beacon and her custom weaponry and ammunition.
Jaune comes from a long line of warriors; his family name no doubt has a lot of prestige and power behind it.
Blake’s parents seemed to be the only family with a mansion in all of Menagerie, and are deferred to by the White Fang. Not to mention, Blake joined the White Fang at an early age and got extra training and experience beyond her peers.
Weiss comes from the Schnee family, owner of the Schnee Dust Company, one of the richest families in all of Remnant.
Ruby and Yang, though not super rich, are descended from three of the most infamous hunters and huntresses in the world, and would naturally get certain privileges other children would not, such as training and elementary combat schooling.
Even Ren, who was an orphan for most of his life, was still raised by a seemingly upper-middle class family with a warrior father. Even after his parents’ deaths, their savings would transfer to him anyways.
All of Nora’s classmates have come from backgrounds that gave them some monetary (or otherwise) advantage. Becoming a hunter/huntress can be safely assumed to be a vocation reserved for the upper-middle/upper classes of society.

But Nora, from birth, has had next to nothing to her name. No family, no money, no food; just her and the streets. As a child, she likely slept in the forest and under houses, and had to beg and steal just to make it to the next day. She’s dealt with bullies and law enforcement, starvation and sickness, without anyone’s help. Of all of her classmates, she has had to fight the hardest to get where she is today, and somehow remains positive about it regardless. This is exemplified in her fighting style: swinging around a giant hammer at lightning speed. She hits fast, hits first, and hits hard. This isn’t finesse or style, like Pyrrha or Weiss. She learned that from fighting to survive from day one.

Originally posted by jaunearcinadress

Without the funds necessary to acquire a custom weapon such as Magnhild with ammunition that would be more expensive than most such as grenades, she most likely had to become one of the top students in her class with very little experience, and probably without even adequate clothing or previous education. Other classmates could have bought their way up with better gear and better training, but Nora Valkyrie earned it all through sheer hard work.

But she hasn’t let her past define her or even touch her in any way. She remains positive and infectiously bright through the worst of times, and loves and cares for her friends with a vengeance because she hasn’t had any before and isn’t willing to let go any time soon. And as a result, she has one of the hardiest auras of the show. This, combined with her extreme and extensive training, has granted her intricate knowledge of the inertia of her body and Magnhild during combat, a technical skill generally unnecessary unless you’re Ruby Rose or Blake Belladonna, that likely requires a lot of quick mental calculations. She has a strong, inherent, and deadly understanding of physics that allows her to navigate the battlefield and apply tactical pressure as adeptly as any of her classmates with smaller and more agile weapons.

Originally posted by yangsmash

So I really hate when fanfiction and fanart portrays Nora as exclusively this airheaded comic relief character who’s an adorable badass-but-for-no-reason. Obviously she does have a reason, and though she does often serve as a comic relief character, it’s still in tune with her nature and runs deeper than just a plot device: she doesn’t want her friends to feel down because she’s lived within true sorrow and loneliness, and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Yes she can be silly and distracted at times, but in no way does it detract from her brilliance. And I especially hate when they portray Nora as ‘Ren’s girl’, and define her entirely through her relationship with him. Of course she has a natural inclination to be with him, but not once is she ever considered lesser to or dependent on Ren. She’s a much rounder character than people allow her to be, and is entirely her own person.

so yeah tldr nora’s fuckin dope come fight me bitch