why do i have to do these things

i actually had a dream about klance last night .-. 

like in the dream, keith and lance were talking while lying next to eachother on a bed. and keith was like “we’re only 19 but can we promise to marry eachother a few years from now?” lance got super emotional and he started kissing keith’s face and keith was laughing. and it was just super cute and idk how i dreamed of that, but it was beautiful 

Two to tango

She’s dancing.

Something deep and soulful plays low, an undercurrent to the slow roll of her hips, the husky pitch of her laughter. Hermione stares, standing in the doorway, unable to take her eyes off her.

She’s stunning.

A Quidditch jersey, much too big, and thigh high stockings. Her feet don’t make a sound in movement, a pair of very short shorts on display briefly when she runs her hands up her body.  Her eyes are piercing when they flick in her direction, her smirk as practiced and sharp as the ends of her hair. Like she already knows she’s won.

Black hair. Black eyes.

Inviting eyes.

That’s not so practiced.

“Just going to stand there, Granger?” she murmurs, showing Hermione her back and dipping to the floor, standing in a slow, sensual glide that has Hermione’s breath backing up in her lungs. The invite is still there when she flicks a look back over her shoulder - stronger now, her smirk more natural.  

Like she knows what she does to her.

“It takes two to tango, you know.”

“You’re not tangoing,” Hermione points out. Her voice is rough and Pansy’s smirk widens. Her hair arcs out around her when she spins on her toes, slides over and holds out her hand.

“So tango with me.”


With her heart slamming far too hard, Hermione bites her bottom lip and steps into the room, her hand in Pansy’s. That delighted husky chuckle sings its own tune, the fit of their bodies its own song.

“Took you long enough.”

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But like, why would they act that part at all? They talked about it way too much when in reality they didn't even have to film or talk about the beds... It's like there's always a part of them trying to act "straight" or "just friends". And in that sleepy phil scene they were obviously in the double bed togethere weren't they? Why do they do these things?? You can give a long ass rant because I truly don't understand their actions sometimes

so. my theory for all these buddy buddy best friend no homo moments is that they started the trend around 2011 and just didn’t stop it. i’m sure at the beginning of their relationship (romantic or not) dan was fine having his image attached to phil. in fact, it seemed like they were very much in a romantic/sexual relationship just by looking at their old tweets and shiz. and that was probably because dan didn’t really think he would get as popular as he did. 

fast forward two years and suddenly they are both quite popular and dan does not want to lean on phil for support content-wise. so instead of referring to phil as just ‘phil’ it was more ‘my flatmate’ or ‘my friend’ or ‘someone’ or even ‘my friends’ when dan tried to act like he wasn’t just doing things alone with phil. and then there was that whole rant about being separate people. dan and phil probably didn’t want to be tied together as closely as they used to be (like the first two pinofs were quite close and not that similar to other ‘manly’ friendships). so to counteract that they would be more ‘no homo’ and stuff (mostly on dan’s side). 

and then we get to the past few years and how close they’ve become again as people on camera and as a brand. but the ‘no homo’ stuff still happened (mostly last year there is barely anything this year) because it was just a common thing to do. the constant presence of ‘phan’ in their internet personas probably weighs a lot so it probably is just more comfortable to ward of shippers by adding in bits like that no matter how out of place the bits might seem. place the tour bus tour next to the sick scene and they seem polar opposites. and while this used to happen, it has been occurring less and less, so much so that people don’t even notice the gay parts anymore because dan and phil don’t blatantly point it out by negating the gay parts.

a lot of dan and phil’s image is the idea of ‘phan’ whether they like it or not and it seems like they thought it threatened their actual real life relationship, be it romantic or platonic or otherwise. and that’s understandable but it’s embarrassing to watch the ‘we are only best friends’ bits in older videos because all of them just seem so forced.

they did these things for their image as best friends but now that tatinof and all that stuff is over, it’s sort of closing that ‘best friends only’ chapter in their lives. who knows if the ‘just friends’ moments will continue for much longer

i am mortified honestly like do you know where i’d be without good superhero comics, iron man in my particular case? dead, probably, like legitimately and unironically dead and holy SHIT how dare these sick fucks take superhero icons away from the people they were fucking created to comfort how on actual fucking earth dare you take the work of jewish creators and twist it into THE VERY FUCKING THING THEIR WORK WAS REACTING AGAINST literally how dare anyone ever do that

i do not care how mcfucken Cool you think you are as a writer i do not care about your creative ambition i do not care how many millions you have as a company or how big your brand is THE SUPERHERO GENRE IS BIGGER THAN ALL OF YOU ASSHATS AND IT MEANS SOMETHING GREATER THAN YOUR MYOPIC PROFIT-SEEKING BULLSHIT holy fucking SHIT do you know why superheroes got big? hohoho i’ll tell you why you fuckers because they spoke to demographics who NEEDED SUPERHEROES now i simply CANNOT FUCKING WAIT for marvel comics to crash burn and choke on its own ashes when they realize that using superheroes to fucking further bigoted agendas will, in fact, MURDER THE ENTIRE IDEOLOGICAL AND!!!! AND!!!! ***COMMERCIAL*** FOUNDATION OF THIS COMPANY LMAO YOU IDIOTS WHO DO YOU THINK YOUR AUDIENCE FUCKING IS HOLY SHIT IM PISSED

You’re Not The Baby Anymore (Batmom OneShot)

CHARACTERS: Batmom x Damian (ft. Batfamily)
SUMMARY: A big announcement has the youngest of the Wayne family in a sour mood and the family want to know why.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I have fallen in love with so many Batmom fics on here that I decided to do one of my own. Hope you guys enjoy and let me know if you do!

Something was sour about the air in the Wayne Manor and it was making everyone feel a bit of blegh. The sourness seems to be gravitating around the youngest of the Wayne family. Poor Damian is grumbling every chance he gets. Whenever the others see him, he has a sour look on his face or he’s mumbling to himself. That sort of thing was keep everyone on edge.

“Ask him.”

“No you ask him.”

“Damnit Dick, you’re his favorite.”

“No, no, no, mom is his favorite.”

“Fine you’re his second favorite.”

“Shut up Jason! You ask him if you really want.”

“Hell no! I value my life. Make the spare ask him.”

“Screw you Jason!” Tim growled, “I value my life more than you.”

“I’m serious, Dick. Go ask him.”

“And I’m serious, idiot. I’m not going to.”

“We all want to know what’s going on with the demon spawn.”

“See even the spare agrees!”

“I’m not agreeing with you, idiot. Everyone else is on edge because the demon spawn is acting the way he’s acting.”

Dick and the two were arguing when you found them. They were looking into the room of your youngest son and you laughed. You shook your head as you walked up to them.

“What are you boys doing?” you asked.

The boys jumped turning to you quickly. They all had a surprised look on their faces, but it was only Dick who had the blush on his face. You did notice that the others looked gloomier than usual around the manor and it had you worried. Did something happen during patrol that you didn’t know of or did someone not tell you something and they were all feeling bad about it?

You wanted to know what was bothering your family and it seems that the youngest of the lot was making the air in the manor gloomier than usual.

“Well you see, Ma,” Jason laughed scratching the back of his neck, “Demon spaw—I mean Damian has been acting strange since last night.”

“Since last night you say?” you asked with a smile.

“Yeah,” Dick responded, “He came home after patrol mumbling to himself and his permanent frown is lower than usual.”

“So we’ve been trying to have Dick ask him what’s wrong,” Tim said.

“But I told you two idiots that he doesn’t like me at the moment,” Dick looked at you, “So what do you say, Mom? Can you ask him what’s wrong or fix it so we can all go back to our normal lives?”

You laughed and shook your head before patting your oldest son’s cheek. “Okay fine, but after I fix this, you three leave your brother alone.”

“Yes Ma’am!” the three said.

You walked into your youngest son’s room and see him on his bed with his sketchbook and a look of concentration in his eyes. You knew that this only happened whenever there was something on his mind that was bothering him.

“Hey Dami,” you smiled at him and noticed that he stopped sketching before putting his book down and sitting straight on his bed.

You sat down next to him and looked up to see that the rest of the family joined the three nosy boys. You smiled when you notice the smile on your husband’s face before turning back to your youngest baby.

“Is something wrong? Everyone seems to be gloomier than normal today,” you asked.

Damian sighed putting his hands on his lap before looking up at you with those puppy dog eyes that make you weak. “You’re pregnant.”

A collection of gasps and surprised shouts were heard from the door and you laughed.

“Yes I am,” you look at your son, “How did you know?”

“I’ve noticed the changes for awhile, but I only believed it last night when you and father were talking over the comms. I don’t know if you forgot to cut me off, but it seems I was the only one who was on the comms when you told father.”

“That’s not fair!”

“Oh my god! We’re going to have a baby!”

“Ha! I know why the demon spawn is the way he is now!”

You laughed at everyone’s outburst and saw the blush on your youngest son’s face. “Oh Dami, are you upset that we’re having a baby?”

Damian didn’t answer. He just looked down at his hands. You smiled knowing what was bothering your baby boy. You pulled him into a huge and kissed the top of his head. Damian sighed and wrapped his arms around you.

You pull away to make him look at you.

“You’re not the baby anymore,” you smiled at him, “But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be my baby anymore. You’ll just have to share that title.”

Damian did his usual tick and you laughed. “I’m still going to be the favorite right?”

“Hell no! I’m Ma’s favorite!”

“You’re kidding right?! Clearly I am mom’s favorite.”

“Screw you, Grayson! I am mom’s favorite!”

The argument for who was your favorite continued until you and your youngest son walked up to your family standing at the door. Bruce pulls you to him and kissed you softly which stopped the argument to ignite the usual groans and gag sounds that came from your kids whenever you and Bruce displayed affection around them.

This was your family. Your big and boisterous family.

And you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

17.04.22 Zoom In!! Saturday - ARASHI Interview [English highlights]

MC: Do members drink together?
S: We drink in room. Hotel room during our concert tour. We frequently at Leader Ohno Satoshi’s room.
MC: Why Ohno-san’s room?
N: Because he doesn’t come to ours. We have no other option but to go to his room.

About things ARASHI can’t stop doing

S: My nature is to pack my schedule. From the moment I am back home, until I calm down, the flow is determined. For instance, I wash my hands, and then I heat water for bath, I push the pit. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to heat the water. In the meantime I do the laundry, it takes around 20 minutes, the bath water is about to be ready. During the time drying the clothes, I don’t know, for instance I’ll go out and buy something and come back, I want to construct an order of flow. I hate time being wasted.
N: Then, at home, in case it couldn’t be done, what would you do? You sit on sofa and was 10 minutes late…
M: Will you get up in the middle of bath? (All laugh)
N: For that reason? (Laugh)
MC: Are you tired about this?
S: Su~per tired.

A: Pretty much every day, when I finish my work and go back home, I drink beer.
M: You want to stop this?
A: Do I want to stop this…
S: You can’t stop this, right?
A: I can’t stop this. Then, for me, when I open the beer (Nino looked at Masaki-san with a mysterious smile), I go for bath. Generally speaking, I can’t stop drinking here.
S: Beer.
A: Right. Then I don’t know the timing to go to bath. After that, at that time, I always think about what ate [snack/dish served with alcoholic drink] to have. There are days I go back home with bento, there are also days that I make dishes myself.
MC: What dish do you make?
A: I cut yam and fry them.
N: During the time you want to go to bath?
A: Right.
N: You don’t intend to go, do you? (All laugh)

M: I become aware of the difference between good at tidying up and bad at tidying up recently, I am really bad at tidying up things. I don’t throw away things. When I go to buy clothes, the shops give bags for the clothes right? That, when someone comes, and I want to give them things, it’ll be good to have bags for the things, right? For this reason, there are about three corrugated cardboard boxes of bags in my home.

N: Well, my muscle strength (Sho-san gave a mysterious look trying to hold laughter) fell.
MC: Now how old are you?
N: Now I’m 33 years old. Recently I went to health checkup, and the index just came out. There was index for muscle. The average is 50 to 150. Beyond that will be good, while mine is 32.
S: Eh~! It’s miracle that you can still stand! In the concert last year, he danced a great lot.
N: I thought “Ah, I danced!” so I had quite some confidence on myself.
A: This year.
N: Right, this year I thought my index would be good. Two years ago my index was 41.
S: That was also below 50. (All laugh)

O: When I brush the inner teeth, I want to throw up.
S: Don’t say that. (Giggle)
MC: Which teeth?
O: The teeth on the bottom, the inner ones.
S: Is it so since the past?
O: Since about 10 years ago.
S: A long experience.
O: (To members) What about you?
(All laugh)
S: No no, even you come with a tone “You all do too, right?”.
N: Why are you only so proactive in this question?

O: So I thought that it’s special. It suddenly happened 10 years ago.
MC: Did anything happen that time?
O: No, I don’t know. I passed 25 years old then, so I bit thought that I was getting old (four members smiled). When I did this…
S: Isn’t it enough? Topic of throwing up. (Giggle)

* Just highlights, not verbatim.

in denial but practically married

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Admin: Sadie 

Words: 10,656 (holy moly that’s the most I’ve ever written)

Description: If he’s a photographer who gets hired constantly by the magazine company you work at, and you two are best friends, who’s to say there isn’t any hidden feelings?

Author’s Notes: How rude can Kyungsoo be? Wrecking my bias list with his stupid acting and beautiful vocals and his sarcastic tone and sass and fuck why does he have to do this to me. like seriously. i find myself so often watching random videos of things he did back in 2012 at 3 am so seriously why. hes not even my bias. 

“Okay guys let’s do that one more time, but this time, with more flowers!”

The producer’s voice rings loud and clear throughout the studio. Immediately, you jump into action, running to the models quickly and checking over their dresses quickly. The person in charge of the props takes the large box of petals and roses and heaves it up the ladder so he can throw the red petals over the model. 

The model’s dress is still immaculate, but a piece of her hair had escaped from the gracefully messy braid that was strewn across her shoulder. You immediately go to pin it back and then scramble off the set before the producer’s voice is heard again. 

“All right people that’s perfect!” he shouts. The photographers start flashing away, and you go to stand behind one of them to look over their shoulder to see the pictures. The pictures, of course, are gorgeous, turning out absolutely flawless. The angles are perfect, the models are stunning, and the photographer’s ass looks great in those jeans. 


It was 100% percent normal for you to accidentally catch yourself staring at his ass. You mean, like it’s a nice ass, so you’re gonna appreciate it. Too bad that ass is attached to one of your closest friend’s body. 

That friend is Do Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo is a photographer. As a matter of fact, he’s a hell of a photographer. Back in high school he was a photography protege. Like seriously. In the middle of algebra class, if he was inspired enough, he would take out his camera and just start photographing random things, like the worksheets, his pencils, and occasionally that cute guy he saw across the room named Kai or Jongin or whatever. 

You didn’t go to high school with him, so how did you know all this about him? Well, he had told you over numerous nights of watching old movies, discussing new ideas to promote at both of your jobs, and just ordering take out so you two could talk about life and other random things. It had become kind of your thing. After you both got off work, which was typically at similar times, because your jobs depended on each other, it would be off to this small but really good cafe (no really–their chocolate chip muffins were literally made by an angel, not to mention their jujube bingsoo) near your buildings. There you two would chat and occasionally make fun of your crazy executives. 

It was a nice thing to do, especially after a day of shooting. Those photo shoots got intense sometimes. You worked for a magazine company, in the fashion department. Your job was to make sure the designer dresses and various other clothing styles were in perfect condition. Typically, you would be the one to formulate the outfits before submitting them to your superiors for approval. You would also analyze the outfits once they were used and write a column or a page describing the designer’s feelings towards that piece or what goes into rocking that piece. It wasn’t a hard job, and it paid well. It’s also where you met Kyungsoo when you first started three years ago. 

A water being tossed in your direction brings you out of your reverie. Sadly, you come out of your reverie a little too late and the bottle hits you in the face. 

“Shit! Sorry (Y/N). Wasn’t aiming at your face if you were wondering.”

You scowl and lean down to pick up the bottle. “Work on your aim there, penguin-man.”

Kyungsoo laughs and opens his own bottle of water to take a swig. Apparently, while you were off reminiscing, the producer called break. You graciously take a sip of your water before moving closer to Kyungsoo to punch him in the arm. 

“You seem spaced out today,” he says, grinning as he rubs his arm. “What have you been thinking about?”

You shrug. I was thinking about your lovely ass, buddy. “Taxes, work, how much water I drink a day, adult stuff.”

He lets out a chuckle, before setting his water down on a nearby table and looking over his camera, checking to see if the pictures were turning out as planned. Of course, you knew the pictures were flawless, as you had already checked them out previously, but a good photographer always double checks.

You come up behind him and rest your chin on his shoulder to look at his camera. He’s warm, as usual, and smells like coffee and peppermint, something you’ve grown quite fond of. He acknowledges you with a small smile on his heart shaped lips. 

“Oooo, I like that one,” you say, pointing to one as he scrolls through the pictures. He looks at you over his shoulder. 

“Didn’t you already look at them all?” he asks. 

“Yes, but these are the raw ones,” you say, stepping back and grinning. “These are the ones that you took on your own camera. It’s not the same as looking at them with a bunch of people.”

He gives you a strange look. “But they’re literally the same exact pictures.”

“Not to me.”

“Why in the world are you so fucking weird?”

“Maybe because I’m hanging out with you all the time. Weird people tend to flock together, you know?”

That gets him. He doubles over, laughing. You grin triumphantly. You’ve always found pride in making Kyungsoo laugh like that. Totally not because his laugh was one of the most gorgeous sounds you’ve ever heard. Totally not. 

After regaining his posture, with the smile still present on his face, he opens his mouth to say something (probably something really snarky) but the producer beats him to it. 

“Break time’s over! Let’s wrap this shoot up quickly!”


Just as the producer wanted, the crew wrapped up the shooting not long after that break. You followed the models into the dressing room to help them properly and carefully take off the delicately designed dresses. You’re extra careful about that bit of lace near the buttons. 

As the models all make their way from the dressing room, bowing respectively, you zip up the last dress into it’s protective bag and take a deep breath. That shoot was a lot more mild than you expected, and for that you’re glad. Usually the shoots leave you drained from being around so many people and in need of recharging. Kyungsoo typically deals with the same curse of introverted-ness as you, so you two often try to recharge together, which completely goes against the idea of an introvert. 

Regardless of your introverted self, you find yourself craving more of Kyungsoo’s time, and wanting to be with him more often than naught. You’ve told some of your other friends this, and all they’ve said is stuff like, “You’re blind. Metaphorically and physically,” or “Why is it that when you need to recharge, you only want to hang out with–ohh…never mind,” or “He must be special to you or something. Introverts tend to group together I think.”

You groan in frustration. You really don’t know why you like Kyungsoo more than others. In truth, he just kind of snuck up on you. You both had been huddled in a corner at a company dinner, and with both of your bosses chatting together, talking about deals and such, you two had awkwardly scrolled through your phones until you saw a picture of Natsu on his phone and you couldn’t help but ask him about it. From that grew anime hangouts and then just casual hangouts. Over the three years you knew him, he became the closest person to you. Up until Kyungsoo, you’d never really had any super close friends, like ones that you know you couldn’t ever get tired around, no matter how much you loved them. 

A knock at the door makes you jump and realize that you were staring at yourself in the mirror for the past thirty seconds. 

“(Y/N)? You in here? Doesn’t matter I’m still coming in because I know you’re in here.”

The door knob turns and Kyungsoo’s face peeks around the corner of the opened door. A heart-shaped grin forms over his lips. “You ready to go? You took even longer than usual to pack up.”

You shake your head to get rid of the remnants of your thoughts. “I’m ready. How much longer did you have to wait? Five minutes? Thirty seconds?”

“You were like half an hour later than usual,” he says, coming fully into the room with his hands in his pockets. “I had to wait in the cold, freezing night for like ten minutes!”

“Kyungsoo, it’s five in the evening. The sun is still out. That, and the fact that it’s like 70 degrees outside.”

“I know that. Now, let’s go. I need my evening coffee.”

You quickly grab your satchel and double check to see if everything is in there before nodding and Kyungsoo and leaving the dressing room. 


The cafe that you typically go to is quiet, which is strange, as people are typically just getting out of work at that time. But today, the cafe is practically empty, save for some college students huddled in a corner. You both order the same thing you’ve been ordering for the past six months and find your seat on the second floor of the cafe to wait. 

The seat that you two always sit at is always on the second floor, secluded from most people. It’s right next to the window, so you can scope out people and guess what they’re thinking in those moments. It’s become quite a routine for you. You could even call it therapeutic, in a way. It gets you out of your apartment after work and helps you stay involved in the world. Honestly, without Kyungsoo, you’d probably be back in your apartment, endlessly scrolling through Tumblr looking for decent fanfictions to read. 

It hits you as you sit down in your seat. Kyungsoo has taken up about 96% of your life and you’re left wondering how that happened. How did this awkward, introverted photographer with a secret love of anime and kittens who comes off as really rude at first glance manage to sneak his way into your life? How did such a person who likes plants and taking pictures of things he deems “elegant” become so close to you? Somehow, he manages to sneak his way into most of your thoughts. He manages to get you ready for the day. He manages to make sure that you eat healthy food and a nice home cooked meal once in a while. He has just taken up so much of your thoughts and you just wish it would all–

“(Y/N)? You still there?”

A hand waves across your face and you jump. You nod, still reevaluating everything that happened in your life up until this point in your mind. 

“You seem really spaced out today,” he says, a look of confusion spreading across his face. “There’s got to be something you’ve been overthinking about lately. Come on. Spill it, or I’m eating all the jujube bingsoo.”

You shrug. “If you don’t let me have some of that bingsoo, I swear I will never talk to you again, Kyungsoo.”

He grins. “Then tell me what’s got you all distracted lately.”

“Nothing!” you say, a bit more defensively this time. “Nothing is distracting me at all!”

Kyungsoo hums. “Oh I’ll definitely believe you. Totally. And I can stand that Chanyeol guy who works with you.”

“Chanyeol is a nice guy!”

“He’s too nice.”

You groan in frustration and open your mouth to say something, but the buzzer signifying your drinks and food are ready buzzes before you can say anything. 

“I’m gonna go and get the drinks,” you say, snatching up the buzzer from beneath Kyungsoo’s hand. “And you are not eating all of the bingsoo, I assure you that.”

You walk off to walk down the stairs and sigh. He knows you too well. He knows when your mind is wandering. The only problem is, he doesn’t know what it’s wandering to. Lately, it’s been wandering to Kyungsoo. You really have no idea why. It’s truly getting annoying. All your mind has been saying is, “Will Kyungsoo be there?” “I wonder what Kyungsoo is up to now.” “Has Kyungsoo eaten today?” and other various thoughts concerning Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo. That’s all it’s been. You’ve known this guy for three years, and yet just now he’s been in every thought you’ve had. 

You shake your head to rid yourself of thoughts of Kyungsoo as you pick up your bingsoo and tea. You assure yourself that it’s only because he’s been your friend for so long, that’s why he’s always in your mind. Yeah. He’s been your friend for a long time. That’s why. No other reason. Absolutely no other reason. 

You make your way back to your table, where Kyungsoo is staring out the window. The evening sun shining in through the window makes him absolutely glow, accentuating his cheekbones and the graceful curves of his lips. It’s truly stunning how he can be so beautiful. It’s also a bit weird because that beautiful man is you best friend. It’s totally normal to admire your best friend, right? You did admire his ass earlier during the shoot, but now that you think back on it, was because your eyes were fixated on a point and he just so happened to move into that exact spot, and you were just too lazy move your eyes. Simple as that. 

You make sure to keep the bingsoo close to you as you sit down, glaring suspiciously at your friend. He smirks at you and you growl. “Don’t fucking take my bingsoo from me.”

Kyungsoo holds his hands up in surrender. “Fine, fine. Just please tell me what’s been going through your mind.”

“Chanyeol!” You can’t stop the name from escaping your lips. He was the first person to come to mind that wasn’t Kyungsoo, so he was better than nothing. 


“Chanyeol…he’s the one that I’ve been thinking about,” you say, taking a sip of you tea, only to find out that it’s scalding hot.

“That over sized man-child is what you’ve been thinking about?” Kyungsoo crosses his arms across his chest. “Chanyeol? Really? Why of all people him?”

You cough. “Well…he’s very nice to me…and he’s interested in getting to know me…plus he’s really tall and acts kinda like a puppy?”

Kyungsoo looks at you suspiciously. “You don’t sound very sure about that.”

“No, I guess I don’t,” you say, taking a bite of the bingsoo. The sweet taste of the red beans combined with the shaved ice and a piece of jujube explodes on your tongue and you almost moan at how good it tastes. 

He sighs in defeat. “I should probably stop while I’m ahead. I’ve gotten what I can out of you.”

You grin. “If only you could read my mind.”


It’s 3 AM and you’re struggling to sleep. No matter what you do, you can’t stop evaluating everything about Kyungsoo and your relationship. This had never happened before. Evaluating your relationship with him means you’re evaluating your feelings for him. That’s scary. Feelings are scary. Especially if they’re anything but platonic for your best friend, who you most certainly do not want to scare away. 

You toss around in your bed, trying to get comfortable. Nothing really works. Sometimes, if you can’t sleep, you reach around to try to find Kyungsoo, but this wasn’t one of the nights that he stays over. Most of the time, you find yourself staying over at Kyungsoo’s or sometimes you find him staying over at yours. It’s quite comforting, in a way. He’s very warm and quite comfy, like a nice pillow. 

You sigh. Kyungsoo is just someone that’s so special to you that you don’t ever want to let go. He helps you out of your shell. He spends hours of his life with you. He cooks for you. He helps clean your apartment with you. He often sleeps over with you. He argues with you if you are ever tempted to adopt a dog even though your apartment building doesn’t allow pets. He makes sure you get home on time. He makes sure you’re awake and caffeinated for the day. He listens to you if you need someone to talk to. He appreciates your talents and encourages them. 

This isn’t fair. Why are you the one who has to reevaluate an entire relationship at 3 AM? Why can’t Kyungsoo be the one who’s up all night thinking about everything you did with him? Why does it have to be you?

Kyungsoo is just so…so…different from anyone you’ve ever met. Your friends say that you two are practically married at this point. Whenever they say that, you two always laugh it off, but something in your heart feels strange whenever they mention it. Maybe they’re right. Maybe you two are almost like a married couple. 

You groan in frustration. Kyungsoo is an amazing person. He’s a gentleman, kind and respectful. He knows when to be professional and he knows when to be silly. He seems so rude and cut off from the world at first, but then you get to know him, and he’s this giant fluff ball with penguin boxers and a lot of sass. He’s so particular. So very very particular. With his minimalist art he has lined up on his walls, those cat slippers he got for you because he knows how much you like cats, and his amazing chef skills, he’s almost too good to be true. 

Besides being a sweetheart and kind to literally everyone he meets, he’s also physically stunning. Absolutely stunning. With his heart shaped lips and well defined arms, he’s stunning. You’ve seen the way your co-workers have eyed him and remember the way that made you feel. It made you feel all yucky and annoyed all of a sudden. They would take one glance at him and just start giggling. It was even worse at restaurants. If the waitress or waiter was interested, they would flirt with him, and that happened quite often. It wasn’t like you’d get jealous or anything. It’s not like you love him. Right?


You’re totally, head-over-heals in love with your best friend. You slap your hand across your face and groan again, but this time louder. It’s not like you can help it. This is the first time you’ve come to terms with your feelings for him and you don’t like it. Not one bit. 


The next morning scares you and you don’t want to get out of bed. Getting out of bed means having to see Kyungsoo. And having to see Kyungsoo means that you’ll have to face the reality of your newly discovered feelings. That doesn’t sound very appealing to you. So instead of facing your feelings head on, you decide to run from them. 

You end up calling in sick that day. Which is technically not a lie, as your stomach feels queasy and your head is kind of pounding. That and you hadn’t taken a sick day for the past five months, so might as well now. Thankfully there aren’t any big shoots to do today, as the big one was yesterday. Today would have just consisted of going through the photos and deciding which ones would work best in the magazine. Being the person who contacts designers and formulates the outfits you weren’t really needed anyway. Besides, you wouldn’t have to face Kyungsoo today anyway. 

Kyungsoo ends up texting you, asking if you’re alive, if you’ve eaten, whether or not you’ve taken any medicine, or drank anything today. Honestly, you don’t know how he knew you called in sick. He doesn’t even work at your building. Maybe he was there as the executives were choosing the photos. You’ll never really know. 

 You’re sick? why didn’t you tell me?

I dunno. I don’t even feel that bad. I guess I just kinda wanted a break or something.

did you eat anything today?

yea…some crackers and half a carrot

that’s not enough. 

i’m not even that hungry

regardless, I’m gonna bring you some soup

Dude you have your own job. Stay being responsible and do your job, you little shit

here I am, being an amazing best friend, bringing you soup when you’re sick and still under-appreciated. how rude of you. 

you’re at WORK now, penguin man. you don’t need to bring me soup. 

I’m bringing you soup. Did you drink anything today?

yes, mom, i drank some juice and water. 

why are you still sassy when you’re sick


still. let me in when i get to your apartment. 

You throw your phone down onto your bed in frustration. All you really want to do is avoid Kyungsoo at all costs. And he’s not letting you even try to avoid him. Telling him that you just recently realized your feelings for him will absolutely ruin your friendship with him. You’re about 100% sure he doesn’t feel the same way about you. How could he anyway? The thought of him ever having feelings for you makes you laugh. Why would he like you? He’s so intricate and you’re just…well you’re just you. 

You decide to get up and wait in the living room for him. You plop yourself down onto your couch with your laptop and decide to watch an episode of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. The beautiful Ahn Min Hyuk should help distract you from Kyungsoo and his adorable pout and cute lips and kind smile and good heart and fuck where were you going with this thought. 

Halfway through a particularly good episode, a knock sounds from your door. You sigh. There’s absolutely no way to avoid this, is there? Another knock sounds at your door, confirming that there is not one single way to avoid this. At all. 

You sluggishly make your way to the door and open it, to reveal Kyungsoo, with multiple grocery bags full of ingredients. 

“I wasn’t sure what type of soup you wanted, so I got lots of things.”

Damn him. Damn him and his thoughtfulness. 

“How is your boss okay with this?” you ask, opening the door wider for him to maneuver in with all those bags. 

He sets the bags down on your kitchen counter and begins unpacking the food. “He knows how close we are. He also thinks we’re secretly married.”

You pray hard that your face isn’t red.

“Damn, your face is really red. Just how sick are you?”

Fuck fuck fuck fuck. “I said already, I’m not really sick at all. You don’t need to make me any soup.”

He still doesn’t stop unloading the groceries. “I’m still making you soup. Besides, it was about time to restock your fridge.”

You sigh in defeat and sit on the counter next to the stove. “You don’t need to. I don’t need you to baby me.”

Kyungsoo smirks and a comfortable silence falls between you both. It’s moments like these where you’re going to struggle trying to keep these feelings to yourself. It’s not like you can help it. He’s just such…such boyfriend material, you know? Especially when he’s wearing that jean jacket and those ripped black jeans. And most specially when he’s preparing the vegetables for the soup. 

“So, you’ve been thinking about Chanyeol lately, huh?” Kyungsoo breaks the silence. He looks over at you expectantly. There’s something in his eyes that scares you. 

“I guess so,” you sigh. “He’s very tall and easy to notice. That and he works with you, so I get to see him a lot.”

“He asked about you today, you know.” He starts to slice the carrots. “As I was leaving, he asked if you were okay and if I would say hi to you for him.”

This surprises you. “Really? He did? That’s so sweet of him.” Thinking about all these boyfriend vibes you’re getting from Kyungsoo is making you wonder how long these feelings have been repressed for. Especially as you notice how this is exactly how you two usually act. Maybe you can date Chanyeol as a way to get your mind off of Kyungsoo. But then again, wouldn’t that technically be using Chanyeol? Maybe if you explained your situation to Chanyeol he would understand your predicament. 

A glare is shot your way. “I don’t like him,” he says, turning back to his carrots. 

“Why? He’s a nice guy and he brings me coffee every once and a while.”

“He does what now?”

“Brings me coffee,” you say. Why the hell is Kyungsoo getting all riled up? “Is there anything wrong with that?”

“No,” he says. “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. I just don’t really see him as someone you could be with.”

That catches you off guard. “Someone I could be with? Kyungsoo, he’s adorable and sweet plus he’s tall and got cute ears. I can see myself with him.” You say that to Kyungsoo, but somehow, it feels more like you’re saying it to yourself. Chanyeol is a great guy in all, but he’s not Kyungsoo. 

“Well, who am I to stop you then?” he replies shortly. “Date him if you want to. I’m not going to stop you.”

“Dummy,” you say, hopping off of the counter and going to steal a piece of carrot. “I don’t even know if he likes me or not.”

 “He told me he thinks you’re cute,” Kyungsoo says as he cuts a second piece of celery into small slices. 

Really? That was unexpected. Still, you hope that Chanyeol will be understanding of your problem when you tell him. Why of all people do you have to struggle with these stupid feelings for your best friend? Why?

“Then tomorrow I’ll get his number,” you declare, grinning. “If he thinks I’m cute then there’s a mutual attraction somewhere.”

“Yeah, I guess there is,” he says as he throws a pinch of salt into the soup pot.


The next day starts almost exactly the same way the previous one had. You don’t want to face Kyungsoo again and the world at all. But you know if you could face him for a few hours yesterday, then today shouldn’t be so bad. How people with unrequited love survive, you’ll never know. You guess you’ll find out. 

You drag yourself from your bed to get ready. Your apartment seems colder than usual now that you’re not in your warm bed, bundled in your sheets. Typically you’d keep the apartment a bit colder than a typical indoor temperature. It’s easier to put on clothing if you’re cold than to take off clothing if your hot. You dig through your closet to find something presentable and strip out of your pajamas to change. 

You make a quick breakfast of eggs and toast before grabbing your phone and wallet and leaving your apartment to take the bus to your work building. The ride isn’t very long, thankfully, and once you arrive, you rush into the building. You aren’t late at all, as a matter of fact you’re quite early, but just the thought of the possibility of running into Kyungsoo scares you. 

You successfully avoid seeing Kyungsoo on your way in, but the person standing at your desk confuses you. He’s facing away from you, but judging by the tall and lanky body, it’s probably Chanyeol. 

“Morning!” you cheerily quip as you make your way around your desk to set your things down. The tall man smiles back at you, and holds a cup of coffee out to you. His face is slightly dusted pink. 

“I-Kyungsoo told me tha-that you’re interested in getting to know me better,” he says, as you take the coffee from him and smile. 

“He did?” you say as you blow on the coffee to try to cool it down. “Well, he wouldn’t be wrong, per say…but I wanted to talk to you about something.”

His eyebrows raise. “You do? How about over coffee this evening then? After work? I mean, after all, we’re still reviewing the photos today so I usually get off at the same time as you.”

You nod in confirmation. “That’d be nice, sure.”

You know that the after work coffee runs are usually exclusively you and Kyungsoo, but today, you just still want to run from your feelings once again. Yesterday, Kyungsoo literally forced you to interact with him, being the giant sweetheart that he is, just so he could take care of you. Gah, why is he so sweet? 

Chanyeol leaves your desk after people begin coming into the well decorated office space the fashion team was assigned to and gives you a wave over his shoulder. Thankfully, you only have to write the rough draft of a column describing the dress and how it was worn. The writing part was never the easiest part of your job, but you still liked the way the words just flowed onto the document at sometimes. It made you feel better about your writing skills. 

According to the subscribers of the magazine, they quite liked and appreciated your input and facts about the outfits. Which was surprising to you, as you had never really thought that your facts and tips were all that special. But apparently they were. It always boosts your self esteem whenever you read a good review, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like you actually accomplished something good in your life. 

The day went by fast. Kyungsoo had texted you occasionally, sending sneaky pictures of Chanyeol and saying stupid things like

wow look at that hunk ammi right?

why him tho

just why

hey look there he goes

visiting his princess maybe?

stfu penguin 

btw im meeting with him after work, so today’s evening coffee run will have to be postponed one day

oh come on 


yes, really

you’re ditching me for him? That’s not fair

buddy how is it not fair? 

ugh it doesn’t matter anymore. you better not bring him to our cafe tho

that’s OUR cafe

not his and urs


Soo, we don’t own that cafe it’s not technically ours

stop being so salty

i gtg finish this column. focus on ur pictures k buddy?

fine finish ur thingy

have fun

Why does he have to be like that? You really still don’t know after three years of friendship. 

“So, Chanyeol eh?”

You jump in your seat and turn around to see Jiwoo standing behind you. “What? No. No, not at all.”

She smirks. “But he totally gave you that coffee this morning. I saw him. And what’s that about you meeting up for coffee with him after work? I thought that was what you and Kyungsoo did though. You’re not cheating on him right?”

Your face turns bright red. “We aren’t dating!” you say defensively. 

Jiwoo lets out a laugh. “Oh, right sorry. I forgot you’re married.”

“We are not married!” You cross your arms over your chest. 

“Oh hush, you two are practically married at this point. I’m surprised you two haven’t moved in together yet.”

“That’s because we aren’t married!”

Another smirk forms over Jiwoo’s face. “Are you sure about that? You’re both obviously in love with each other. Like seriously. You make it so obvious. I walked past the meeting room and Kyungsoo was totally staring daggers at Chanyeol. He looked like he was really close to socking him in the mouth or something.”

“Kyungsoo always looks like that when Chanyeol’s around,” you say. “He hates him.”

Jiwoo hums. “Have you ever wondered why he hates him so much?”

“Maybe because he’s so much taller than him, and Kyungsoo has an inferiority complex?”

“Yeah, let’s just go with that until you two come to terms with your feelings.”

“I have come to terms,” you mumble under your breath. “And I don’t like it.”

Jiwoo hears you. She lets out a squeal and kneels down next to your chair. “Wait really?” She whispers. “Are you serious? Fucking finally, I thought I was gonna scream just watching you two not dating for real.”

You groan in frustration. “Don’t tell anyone, please, Jiwoo. I don’t want to love him, if I tell him how I really feel, I think he’ll get scared and awkward and then slowly get more distant from me and then I’ll be left single for the rest of my life, with five cats, but then again, having five cats doesn’t seem too–”

“(Y/N).” Jiwoo interrupts your ranting. “Just stop overthinking it. He probably feels the same way as you.”

You scoff. “Oh really? Sure, yeah totally. Kyungsoo totally is in love with me just as much as I love him. Totally.”

Jiwoo rolls her eyes. “Ha ha, love the sarcasm. But seriously, the way he looks at you, it’s like you’re the night sky or some shit like that. Or maybe it’s like he’s looking at his camera or something. It’s adorable.”

You eye her. “I don’t think Kyungsoo loves his camera in a romantic way, Jiwoo.”

She shrugs as she stands up. “I dunno, honey. He loves that camera more than anything in the world. Except maybe you.”

With that she skips off giggling to herself, leaving you bright red in the face and a scowl. 

The day ends up going much quicker after that. You finish up the column and submit it for assessment, relieved that you got it done with time to spare. You decide to work on researching and trying to find contacts for new designers looking to put their names out there. 

You don’t even realize that it’s the end of the day until Chanyeol shows up in front of your desk, waiting for you expectantly. 

“You ready?” He asks. You nod and swing your backpack across your shoulder. Smiling at you, you both leave the building, giving a wave to your executives. 

Your phone buzzes, multiple times. Turns out Jiwoo was spying on Kyungsoo for you. Wonderful.

Kyungsoo’s sulking

like really he’s sulking and pouting like a baby


he’s such trash for you

how is this possible. 

I think he’s scrolling through his photos of you

holy shit man

he’s trash

i s2g

you are married

face the facts man

I am with CHANYEOL u asshole leave me alone

You guys are married

have fun on ur attempt to make kyungie jealous

which is totally working btw

You can’t help but giggle as you slip your phone into your pocket. Chanyeol looks at you, a soft grin on his face. “Kyungsoo?”

Your head whips around to look at him. “No! It was Jiwoo, gosh, man.”

Chanyeol lets out a laugh. “Wow, quick to deny that, are we?”

You can feel your face getting a little warm. “Well, I don’t want to help feed the idea that Kyungsoo and I are secretly married, now do I?”

He laughs again. You arrive at a different cafe than the usual cafe you go to with Kyungsoo. It would feel a bit strange to bring someone that wasn’t Kyungsoo to that cafe. 

You both order, getting a chocolate muffin to split, an iced mocha for you, and a white chocolate mocha for Chanyeol. Once your drinks were ready, you found a seat near the window and sat down. 

Chanyeol takes a sip of his drink and immediately retracts from it, yelping. “Hot! Holy fuck, that’s hot.”

You laugh. “This is why I got an iced coffee, especially in this 70 degree weather we’re having.”

He sticks his burnt tongue out at you and blows on his coffee. “So, what did you want to talk to me about.”

You bite your lip. “Well, you see, I am in a bit of a predicament.”

He raises an eyebrow at you. “How so?”


“Mm hmm,” Chanyeol says, taking a sip of his coffee, but this time slower. “And how does that make you feel?”

You groan. “You have no idea what I just said, do you?”

He grins and shakes his head. “No clue. Mind slowing down a bit?”

You take a deep breath. “Okay, so I…I realized that I love Kyungsoo.”

Chanyeol’s grin just grows. “Finally. I had no idea how long I was going to have to wait for you two to discover your feelings for each other.”

This confuses you. “Wait, you’re not upset at all?”

“Why would I be upset about that?” He asks, taking a piece of the muffin and putting it in his mouth. 

“Well, I mean, um, Kyungsoo may have said that you said that you thought that I was cute…and I mean I thought that maybe you liked me…”

Chanyeol laughs again. “I only wanted to ever be your friend! Besides, if I ever even tried to make a move on you, Kyungsoo would kill me. I mean, if I tried to even talk to you while he’s in the same room, I’d probably die. He loves you a lot, but I can tell he’s in denial. He talk about you all the time, that’s why I wanted to get to know you.”

You take a sip of your coffee and shake your head. “It’s just really hard for me to believe people when they say that Kyungsoo loves me. I can’t believe anyone who says Kyungsoo loves me. It doesn’t seem possible at all.”

“Honey, Kyungsoo is in love with you.”

“Why does everyone keep saying that?”

“Because it’s true, buddy.” Chanyeol sips his coffee. “If you hear more than one person say that, it’s probably true.”

You scoff. “Yeah, sure. It’s probably just a giant prank or something. How many people are in on this, dude?”

“Look, I’ll tell you what,” he says. “Let’s date.”

This catches you off guard. “Let’s what now?”

He sits back in his seat “Date. Let’s go on a few dates, but make it really obvious that we’re seeing each other.”


“Kyungsoo is going to hate me so much after this-”

“He already hates you a lot.”

“But if it gets him to realize his damn feelings for you then so be it. It’s getting really annoying hearing him talk about how ‘(Y/N) did this yesterday’ and ‘(Y/N) tripped over a dog today.’ No offense.”

“None taken.”

He leans forward again, elbows on his knees. “So? Will you do it?”

You contemplate this. Maybe seeing Chanyeol would be a good way to get over Kyungsoo. Although Chanyeol just wants to “date” you for the sake of making Kyungsoo jealous (which you highly doubt will actually happen). This could help though. It’s better than telling Kyungsoo how you feel and risking losing your best friend.

You sigh. “Might as well.”

Chanyeol grins. “Let’s do this thing.”


Chanyeol’s plan is put into action the next day. You had exchanged numbers the previous day, and discussed the details over the night. The next day, you are to eat lunch with Chanyeol, possibly inviting Kyungsoo along if he so happened to be around (which he was most likely going to be). Chanyeol will be blatantly flirting and you’re pretty sure you’ll have to play along. You know this is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done. Really, trying to possibly make Kyungsoo jealous? You? It was like trying to make a penguin jealous of a cat’s milk or something, it didn’t make sense nor did you think that would ever happen. 

Regardless, when lunch comes around the next day, you wave a brief goodbye to Jiwoo and the rest of the team and leave to find Chanyeol. You still don’t think it’s going to make any effect on Kyungsoo at all. It just seems so ridiculous to you.

You meet Chanyeol outside of your building. He’s wearing an oversized sweatshirt, skinny jeans, and a sly smile on his face. You approach him cautiously. 

“What’s with the face?” you ask, worried that he did something stupid. Again. 

He scratches the back of his neck. “I invited Kyungsoo along with us.”


He shrugs. “We were going to invite him along if he was around anyway. I thought I should just do it.”

“And he said he would go to lunch with you?”

“I told him you were going and he immediately changed his mind. He literally growled at me. It was scary.”

You laugh and shake your head. “He’s weird.”

“Who’s weird?”

You swivel around to see Kyungsoo walking up to the both of you, a hard look on his face. Almost by instinct, your heart starts pounding and the butterflies in your tummy start running a marathon. 

“No one,” Chanyeol replies, grinning as he swings an arm across your shoulder casually. Kyungsoo scoffs. 

“Whatever,” he says, a sullen look taking over his face. “Let’s just eat. Where are we going?”

“I was going to let (Y/N) here pick out the place,” Chanyeol says, grinning down at you. You look up at him with wide eyes. 

“Me?” You ask, totally caught off guard. Chanyeol cheerily nods at you, and you glance over at Kyungsoo. He’s fiddling with the camera hanging from his neck and staring across the street at something. “Oh, well, how does Thai sound?”

Chanyeol grins. “Sure, love, whatever you feel like.”

“I thought you hated Thai?” Kyungsoo shoots at Chanyeol, his eyes staring daggers at him. 

“Well, I do,” he begins. “But if my lovely (Y/N) here wants it, then I’m perfectly fine with that.”

Your face turns bright red. 

Your (Y/N)?” Kyungsoo grumbles. “I didn’t realize that she belonged to anybody.”

Can these two please stop? Like really. It’s embarrassing. And kind of terrifying at the same time. Seriously, Kyungsoo looks like he’s been watching too much “How to Get Away With Murder,” and thinks that he can actually get away with it. 

Chanyeol only holds his hands up in surrender. “You’re right, you’re right. She’s not a possession. She’s an angel,” he says, and pinches your cheek. You push his hands away and shrink into yourself. 

“Stop that,” you mumble. “It’s embarrassing.”

“Yeah, you heard her,” Kyungsoo says scowling and adjusting his backpack. “Stop it.”

Chanyeol merely grabs your hand and turns you around. “Lead the way to the Thai, my angel.”

An annoyed grunt is heard from behind you and the butterflies only seem to fly faster.

The Thai place that you chose is absolutely amazing, one of your favourites, and you decide to get take out so you could just bring it back to your buildings. Thankfully, the restaurant isn’t too far from the building so you don’t have to walk far with the warm food. You also don’t have to wait very long to eat the wonderful smelling food. Your stomach grumbles as you walk alongside Kyungsoo, while Chanyeol runs ahead to pet some dogs.

“So…you and Chanyeol, huh?” Kyungsoo asks, almost hesitantly. 

“Hmm? Oh, yeah, him and me,” you say awkwardly. “He’s precious.”

“Precious, huh?” He murmurs. “You know how much I can’t stand him. I still don’t understand why you’re with him.”

“Well, I’m not technically with him,” you say. “We’re not an official couple. We just recently started hanging out more.”

“Still,” he mutters. “Ah, it doesn’t matter anyway. You see who you want to see. Just as long as they make you happy.”

On the inside, your heart feels heavy, but on the outside, you smile graciously at him. “Thanks, buddy. I think I will.”

Chanyeol comes leaping back to you and squeals as he takes your hand. “Holy shit those dogs were the cutest things I have ever seen in my life. They were so fluffy and soft and hyper and oh my god I love them.”

You giggle and hold his hand tighter. That does not go unnoticed by Kyungsoo and he looks away. “You’re adorable,” you say. 

Chanyeol grins down at you. “Awe, thanks love. You’re cute too.”

Another annoyed groan sounds from Kyungsoo. 


About a week has passed since the awkward lunch with Kyungsoo. It’s Friday now, you and Chanyeol have met up at least ten times, each time consisting of Chanyeol insisting that his plan is working and Kyungsoo is totally jealous. 

“He literally refused to be in the same group as me when we went to a shoot!” He insists. “He typically just rolls his eyes and doesn’t argue, but this time he straight up refused. Didn’t even give a reason, just glared at me like he was plotting my murder.”

“Isn’t that what he usually does?”

“Yeah, but this time, he looked like he was really going into detail.”

It’s always the same thing. Him insisting that Kyungsoo is in love with you while you both share a chocolate muffin. It’s a change, but you still miss seeing Kyungsoo. You still see him of course, he comes over to yours every once in a while to watch some Ghibli films with you while eating take out, and you occasionally go over to his to get some cooking tips (he ends up cooking an entire meal for you, not that you’re complaining). It’s sweet, but the atmosphere feels different. A bit strained, contained in a way, like he’s not telling you something. Maybe he got a girlfriend? No, he probably would have told you that big of a detail. 

Chanyeol decides to bring you out to some fancy restaurant in order to fuel his plan. It’s this beautifully built, gorgeous restaurant that has like four dollar signs on Yelp or something. You really don’t know the purpose of going there (you also realize that you tend to not understand half of what’s going on anymore) but you decide to treat yourself to dressing up and going out with a good friend. So you agree. Chanyeol is ecstatic when you let him know and immediately asks what colour your dress will be so he can match his tie. You just give him a “I’m-so-done-with-you” look and move on. He only laughs. 

You’ve told Kyungsoo about the “date” with Chanyeol, and he insists to come over before you go so he can help you get ready. Reluctantly, you agree and he arrives about ten minutes later with some muffins. 

“I made muffins to send to my mom, but I made too many,” he says, holding them out to you. “So I decided I could give the rest to you.”

You hope you’re not blushing as you take the delicious smelling muffins and grin up at him. “Bless you, Soo, bless you.”

A heart-shaped smile grows over his face. 

He sits on your bed as you search through your closet for a dress appropriate for the occasion. You don’t really have a lot of choices, but you manage to narrow down your options to two of the nice dresses you have out of the three. 

“So…” Kyungsoo awkwardly begins. “Fancy date with Chanyeol…tonight. Where’s he taking you?”

You shrug and hold the two dresses up to him. “Some fancy place by the name of Danielle, I think. Red or black?”

“Black,” he says, looking at the two, and sighs. “I still think my cooking is better, just saying.”

You giggle. “I know, Soo, I know. Your cooking is the best I’ve yet to have. I doubt that this five star restaurant can top your marinated beef with asparagus.”

Kyungsoo grins triumphantly and you shoot a grin back at him before going into the bathroom to change. 

The dress is an off the shoulder number with flowing sleeves, kind of like medieval style, that goes down to your mid thigh. It’s a bit tight, hugging everything quite nicely, actually. You never really took a good look at it before now, but now that you’re actually looking at it on yourself in the mirror, you like what you see. You take a deep breath before going out of the bathroom to show Kyungsoo. 

“So? How does it look?” 

He turns around from looking at the photos on your wall and his mouth slightly drops open. You can feel your face turning red again. 

“Its…definitely on you,” he says. 

You roll your eyes. “Really, Soo, does it look okay?”

He hesitates before answering. “Yes, you look absolutely stunning.”

You nod and give him a gracious smile before getting a dark red choker to wear and your heels. You’d much rather be doing so much at this moment. You’d prefer to be helping Kyungsoo make something for dinner in your pajamas before settling down to watch a rerun of a drama. But if Chanyeol is going to literally go to such extreme lengths to get Kyungsoo to “confess” or whatever, you might as well go along with it. It’s kind of fun, you can’t lie, and hanging out with Chanyeol is always entertaining. 

You slip your heals on and lace the choker around your neck. Your hair has already been curled and pinned half up half down. It’s a nice look, you decide, and check the time. 7:26. Chanyeol should be here any minute to pick you up. You look over at Kyungsoo. He’s still looking at your pictures, and his eyes seem like they’re glued to this on photo of you and him. 

That photo was always your favourite. You two had gone to Jeju island that day, with Kyungsoo’s friend Jongdae. Jongdae had taken a candid picture of you two laughing at something a seagull had done. Kyungsoo had his arm slung around your shoulder, and you were smiling up at him, mid laugh. Just seeing that picture made you feel all warm and happy. Even before you realized your feelings, that picture always made you feel like that. Safe, warm, and a bit nostalgic of the past. 

You come up behind Kyungsoo and open your mouth to say something, but your phone buzzes, and you know that it’s probably Chanyeol telling you he’s here. Kyungsoo sighs, as though he knows what that buzz means too and tears his eyes away from the picture to look at you. 

You pick up your phone and grab your wallet, before confirming that yes, Chanyeol is here to pick you up. You both make your way to your door to grab your coat in case it gets cold tonight. Turning to face Kyungsoo, you open your mouth to say something, but he beats you to it.

“Make sure he treats you right,” Kyungsoo says, almost sadly. He looks a bit defeated and tired, now that you’re really looking at him. He seems like he hasn’t been getting enough sleep lately and just looks really down. Your heart feels compressed in your chest at the thought of him not feeling well lately. All you want to do is get him into bed, nice and warmly bundled up and make him some soup and tea. But you know at this time, you can’t do that. Chanyeol is waiting downstairs. So instead, you smile at him, feeling somewhat empty that you aren’t going to the restaurant with Kyungsoo. 

“I will,” you say, putting a hand on his shoulder and nodding. “I’ll report it all to you tomorrow, okay?”

He nods, and opens the door for you. “Have fun, love.”

You nod in acknowledgement and smile again. “See you later, Soo.”

And with that you exit your apartment, feeling forlorn at ever being able to love Kyungsoo. 


Kyungsoo watches from your doorway as you leave, his heart feeling heavy in his chest. Unlike you, who realized how you felt only about a week ago, Kyungsoo here has been keeping everything hidden and suppressed inside of him for about two and a half years. It hurt to see you with someone else, especially if that person was Chanyeol. He was always a bit jealous of Chanyeol. Who wouldn’t be? Chanyeol is tall, obviously attractive, with a charismatic personality and multi-talented. He’s everything Kyungsoo thinks he’s not. And now, he has you. 

He sighs and steps out of your apartment, closing the door behind him. He feels as though he’s officially lost you. He knows you’ll still be there, but only as a friend, and not as his partner for life. But that role has been taken by Chanyeol. 

Chanyeol. Why him? It still makes Kyungsoo angry (which might be spurred by the jealousy, but y’know) and he still doesn’t know why Chanyeol would ever go for you. Is he even really your type? You like cats, and Chanyeol likes dogs. There you go. Pure, scientific evidence why you two would be terrible together. It just wouldn’t work. Sure, Kyungsoo knows you also love dogs, but he knows for a fact that you’ve always wanted a cat. Kyungsoo groans. 

Why was he just sitting around and not trying to tell you how he feels? He knows all he’s done really is ask why you chose Chanyeol, but your responses were all vague and didn’t sound right to him. It all sounded like you were hiding something. Was Chanyeol somehow blackmailing you to go out with him? That bastard. 

He tries to think back to the restaurant you were going to. Danielle… sounds fancy, that’s for sure. He thinks he might as well go and check out this place for himself. He does, after all, have a cooking hobby, and checking out restaurants that are supposed to have good food is kind of part of that hobby. And what’s the harm in checking in on your date?

On the bus to the restaurant, Kyungsoo tries to convince himself that what he’s doing is totally normal. Best friends check in on each other’s dates all the time, right? It’s totally normal to not trust or like your best friend’s potential suitor, right? Completely normal to hate the idea of your best friend leaving you for someone else, right? Yeah, completely, 100% normal. 

The restaurant is certainly fancy, he admits when he gets there. It’s big, with about three stories. Tall windows line the edge of the building, giving passerby’s a perfect view directly into the elegant restaurant. And that’s exactly what it gives Kyungsoo. A perfect view of you and Chanyeol laughing together. 

He’s sat across from you, with your back to the window. You’re obviously laughing and having a nice time with Chanyeol as he cracks another joke. Kyungsoo’s heart starts cracking in his chest. So…so this is actually happening you’re actually with Chanyeol. He hates to admit it, you two make a beautiful couple. You’re both free-spirited and kind people. 

His heart officially shatters when he sees Chanyeol bring out a box, probably holding a ring or a necklace. He can’t watch it anymore. So he runs. He turns and runs away, not even knowing where his feet are taking him. He told himself he was just there to check out the cooking, but how could he even do that if you’re there with Chanyeol? Having a wonderful time, laughing and…and being in love. He was lying to himself. He didn’t go there to scope out the cooking. He went there to see if you were actually, truly serious. And after a week of thinking that it was impossible that you could ever consider Chanyeol as a potential suitor, he found himself wrong. That’s it. You and Chanyeol…that was actually happening. And Kyungsoo can’t do anything to ruin that. You’re happy with him. And if you’re happy, then he’s happy. 

Actually, no he’s not happy. He hates how he feels. Hating Chanyeol even more, feeling selfish for you, and despising himself even more. It sucks. 

He finds himself outside of your apartment with his phone out. He slides down the wall beside your door and pulls up Chanyeol’s number. The more he thought of you moving on, leaving Kyungsoo behind, marrying Chanyeol, having four children, with three dogs and living in the suburbs, far from Kyungsoo, the more angry he got. Chanyeol didn’t deserve you. You were too good for him, too pure. Chanyeol would never deserve you. 

In a spur of anger, Kyungsoo texts Chanyeol. 

Get your ass to work. There’s a problem with the photos and apparently you’re the only one who can fix them. And yes, they even called me in. Not my fault. 

Kyungsoo reads what he sent over and over again. A few seconds later, it was read. Fuck. Oh he fucked up. He totally fucked up. He ruined your date. All because of his damn conflicting feelings. Fuck. He knew he ruined your nice date. He ruined it he ruined it. You’re going to hate him now. Fuck, you’re going to totally hate him once you learn that the text was a lie. 

He groans and starts hitting his head on the wall. Oh, he totally fucked up. 


Chanyeol’s phone buzzes and he looks at it. Then laughs. 

“What is it?” you ask, spearing a mushroom on your fork. 

He laughs again. “Our poor Kyungsoo just texted me, saying there was an emergency with the photos at work. He told me to ‘get my ass to work.’”

“Well then?” You inquire. “Aren’t you gonna go?”

Chanyeol looks at you. “Honey, there is most certainly no emergency at work. We had already submitted the pictures today, I think. Kyungsoo’s just being a little jealous shit, that’s all.”

You roll your eyes. “Sure, buddy. I still think you should go just in case, though. What if he wasn’t kidding?”

“I’m fairly certain he just wants to get me away from you,” Chanyeol says. “But if you insist, I’ll actually go check. Do you need a ride back?”

“Nah,” you say, signaling for the check. “I think I’m good.”

“You sure?” He asks. “I thought it was supposed to rain tonight.”

“I think I can get home in time, before it starts pouring.”

Chanyeol shrugs. “Or, you could just call your prince charming and get him-”

“I can get home in time, Chanyeol,” you insist as the check arrives and you thank the waiter. “I’ll be fine. Just go.”

“Okay, fine,” he says and takes out his credit card. “But just saying this dinner’s on me.”

“Fine by me, bud.”

Chanyeol leaves after he gets his card back, saying something like, “Go get ‘em tiger,” or something cliche like that. You decide to finish your pasta before leaving. They make some damn good pasta here, so of course you’re going to finish every last bit of it. It’s got pesto that you love with sautéed mushrooms and grilled chicken. Damn, it’s some good stuff. Seriously. 

By the time you finish, you come to the conclusion that you were wrong. It is raining outside. And it seems like it’s raining hard. You groan in frustration. Of course it’s raining. You had thought that it would at least wait until you got home, but nope. Rain waits for no one. 

You end up taking a cab home, not wanting to go onto a bus in such fancy attire. Regardless, as you get out of the taxi, you get quite soaked, even in the few seconds that you’re outside. Your dress is quite soaked, and with the slight breeze and chill air conditioner inside, you’re getting cold quickly, so you try to make it to your apartment before you catch hypothermia or something. 

The elevator ride is awkward, especially when a businessman walks into the elevator with you, making you feel quite awkward with your soaking wet self and his tailored suit. When you get to your floor, you quickly exit the elevator and take off your heals to jog to your door. 

What’s sitting outside of your door though, that’s what surprises you. Kyungsoo is sitting outside your apartment, knees tucked up to his chest and his head resting on his arms on his knees. He looks like he’s been sleeping as you approach him, his eyes opening slightly too look at you. Immediately, he jumps up and swallows, blinking the sleep from his eyes. 

“You-you’re back,” he says, shaking his head to help wake him up. 

“I thought there was a problem at work?” you ask, moving around him to open your door. 

“You’re soaking wet!”

You glare at him as he follows you into your apartment. “Thanks for stating the obvious, buddy. But what about the emergency at work?”

His face turns red. “Well, that-that was not technically a–”

You spin around to look at him. “Are you telling me that I got soaking wet because there wasn’t actually an emergency? Come on, Kyungsoo. I was having a great time with him, why would you–”

“Because I want you to be having a great time with me, not him!”

Your heart stops. “Soo, I do have a great time with you, all the time, whenever I’m with you.”

“Then why are you with him then? Huh? If you’re always spending your time with him, how are you sure that you have a great time with me?”

You hesitate before responding. “Because Chanyeol likes me romantically not just platonically! I’m tired to being single! I actually want to date someone now, and Chanyeol is–”

“I want to date you too!” Kyungsoo exclaims. Your brain officially stops working. You open your mouth to respond but he beats you to it. “I want to date you. I want to be there for you. I want to be the one who you want to spend all your time with. I want to be able to hold you, and kiss you. I can love you romantically, I do love you romantically. I love you in every way possible, okay? I just want to be that person for you! I can be that person for you, so why are you with him? Tell me why please!” He looks serious. 

You can only stare at him, mouth gaping. “Are you–”

Kyungsoo groans in frustration, running his hands through his hair. “I just fucked everything up, didn’t I? Fuck, I’m so sorry. You’ll probably never want to see me again. God, I’m so sorry (Y/N). Please just forget I said anything. I’m so so sorry. I’ll leave now.”

“Don’t you fucking move, Do Kyungsoo.” Your voice is firm and he freezes. He’s already turned around away from you. There is no way in hell you’d ever think that he would be standing in front of you, telling you the words you thought were impossible. Obviously, you were wrong. He’s there, and he’s telling you those words. 

“You love me?” you ask tentatively. “Like you actually, really love me?”

Kyungsoo takes a deep breath before answering, still not facing you. “I do.”

A giant grin comes over your face, and you leap onto his back, kissing his cheek. He yelps in surprise, grabbing at your arms on instinct. You wrap your legs around his waist and hug him like a koala. 

“You’re fucking stupid,” you say. “I love you too, penguin-man. I love everything about you. I fucking love your cooking, and the fact that you have penguin boxers. I love how you make sure I’m okay when I’m sick and I love how you make sure I remember to eat. I just really fucking love you, okay?”

Kyungsoo laughs happily, turning his head to try to look at you. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, I’m fucking serious, Soo!”

He stares into your eyes, his sparkling ones looking deep into your own. “Can I kiss you?”

You nod excitedly. Kyungsoo swoops in, placing a soft kiss on your lips before pulling away. He grins and you jump off of his back so he can kiss you again, properly this time. 

“I can still kiss you right,” he says, pulling you close to him and wrapping his arms around your waist. 

“Yes, yes you can,” you say grinning, pulling him down for another kiss. 

A/N: So that’s that! I hope it was good, please let me know! I really want to know if it’s good or not. I literally spent like a week writing this thing, so that’s why it’s so long. Thanks for reading it, and please let me know what you guys think! I’ll try to write more often now, okay? Have a lovely day! 

-Sadie :)

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Hey. So I was wondering... can you please explain Bendy to me? I get he's a 2D cartoon character, but what is he a drawing of? Is he good or is he bad?Does he like humans? Why is he all goopy half the time? I just keep seeing things from the fandom but have no idea where all these interpretations of his character are coming from. Thanks.

Ohhhh boy here we go kids, it’s time for a full breakdown of what we do and do not actually know.

Buckle up and prepare for spoilers!

Okay so. Bendy And The Ink Machine is a indie horror game by theMeatly. The premise is that your character, Henry, used to work at the Studio 30 years ago, and got a letter from your old boss, Joey Drew, to swing by again. On arrival, you find that the studio is run down, there is literally a vivisected cartoon wolf, and that there’s a big creepy machine that you need to turn on because…we don’t know, Henry’s an idiot.

Once you turn it on, you promptly get jumped by a malformed mockery of the cute cartoon demon you used to draw; Bendy the Lil’ Darlin’ Devil himself, though he ain’t so darlin’ no more. You run like hell and fall down a shaft into a lower complex in the Studio you didn’t know was there and, more importantly, shouldn’t be there. You get an axe, follow it down, and proceed to get chased around the old Music Department by ink zombies before being captured by Sammy Lawrence, who used to be the songwriter and is now a horrible abomination made of ink. He worships Bendy now, and believes sacrificing you to him will release him from the inky void that is now his body.

Bendy does release him, in the sense he releases his head from his miserable shoulders.

You manage to escape, just barely, your ax broken, and finally find a…friend, for the sake of not spoiling the big moment of the end.

…That’s it really.

In all honesty, we don’t know all that much about what’s going on. Is Bendy a victim or an unsympathetic monster? What was Joey Drew actually doing? WHY is everyone a goddamn Ink Zombie?!

Who the heck knows?

Now the goopy art you see of Bendy, that’s based off his actual in-game model which is uh…not pretty. Even in the beta, he was a half-melted mess, and now?

Let’s just say Bendy’s seen better days.

The cute art is actually the less canon art; it’s based off the cutouts and cartoon drawings you see every so often in the studio, combined with various headcanons and theories about the original cartoon. We know that the show used to be popular and likely started in the 30s, and did eventually get voice acting, but we have no images to go off of. 

Moreover, we have no idea what’s even wrong with Bendy. He could be another victim, driven mad by the horrors inflicted on him by his creators. He could be an asshole who is capitalizing on whatever the hell kind of shit went down in the studio. Heck, he might not even be Bendy the cartoon, but instead some poor sucker (bets being Joey himself) transformed into a malformed monstrosity.


Due to the long breaks between chapters, everyone has their own ideas, and that’s resulted in a lot of fics, arts, and AUs. 

If you want some solid information, I already linked the tropes and creator twitter.

Here’s the Wiki.

Here’s Markiplier’s run through of the original Chapter 1.

And here’s @squigglydigglydoo​ running through the updated Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

Once you’re done with that, there’s plenty of fan songs to engorge yourself on in the break between Chapter 2 and 3 we’re in.I hope this helps!

One year anniversary of Rose Legacy!

How did I get to this point? I’m honestly very surprised. I usually played my sims families for a few months only and then I got bored of them. But Roses, oh dear, that’s different.

On this day one year ago, I reinstalled all Sims 3 expansions and stuff packs I have and decided to start a legacy challenge. Yeah, I actually followed some rules. My founder Amelia started very poor with a small house. The rules I followed said the spouse can’t be created by me so she married a townie (to this day I can’t understand why him but…okay). And I decided that the heirs will be girls. Whoops. But I mean, there’s finally a female heir for gen 5! :D As you can probably tell, with time I dropped all the rules and the only thing I decided to do was just having fun and doing what I feel like doing, which is how I play to this day and is the reason why I never finish any sims challenge. The rules.

I love these guys so much, it’s actually crazy. So yeah. Thanks for ruining my life, guys. Just kidding, I really love them and they’re not ruining my life, I ruin theirs.

I think one of the reasons why I’m still playing them is that you guys can see them and read what they’re up to and somehow that really motivates me to go on. Thank you for being here with me :)

Here’s to another year of mess and Doctor Who references I’m not sorry about! :D

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I know this comes off as really random but I recently started drawing people and I have a really hard time drawing hair (mostly the way it should sit and drawing the actual hair stands) and I was wondering if you could help? (I draw characters from snk and more specifically Levi so if you could use him that would be awesome)

Well anon, I’m flattered you’re asking me for help but I think I’m a terrible person to ask for hair drawing advice since it’s something I’ve struggled with forever (which probably explains why I’m so lazy with it) but I will try to answer by showing how I do Levi’s hair. I made a gif instead of posting 10+ pictures lol

You said you have trouble drawing the actual strands, and I literally just draw a bunch of lines to make his hair, which is definitely not the best way to do everyone’s hair and only just kinda works with him because his hair is black anyway. The only thing I can say I guess is to taper the ends of the hair and give them the slightest curve at the ends because no one’s hair is completely straight and flat (unless it’s wet)

As for how it sits on the head, always remember to give it some lift at the roots (for fabulous volume) cause hair doesn’t stick right to the scalp (again, unless it’s wet) and draw it in a way that frames the face and head (but I mean that depends on the hairstyle of course), like how I make the hair behind Levi’s ear kinda curve away from it and form more to his head, cause I feel like it looks better and more natural than having it jut out and hang over his ear.

A few more tips is to show a bit of scalp if they have a very distinct part in the hair, and also mind the hairline and how it’s shaped along the forehead (also don’t make the back too high or too low, it usually ends a little below the bottom of the ear, and remember hair doesn’t grow right to the ear so leave some space around it)

Ahhh sorry I’m not more helpful, explaining things is not one of my strong suits, but practice and in no time you’ll be drawing hair a million times better than I do! :D

How do children cope, when the person who’s supposed to fill them with joy to the brim, does not even spare them a drop of mercy? How do children cope with that feeling of constant missing? How do children cope, when everyone sees the father as the pride of the family, yet they have not received anything else but humiliation?

Is that why some people can not wrap their minds around your deep love, since the first thing they ever got the taste of was cruelty?

—  I wish fathers were stories and wisdom, but they seem to be emptiness and disappointment instead [8pm thoughts]

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Hey!!! I have seem a couple of headcanons about Clay kinks but can you do one for tony's kinks or what turns him on the most about clay?

1. Tony loves Clay’s mouth and lips. He’s found himself staring at them countless times throughout the day, just waiting for the moment where he can kiss them again. Kissing Clay is one of Tony’s favorite things to do - he likes to suck his tongue and bite his bottom lip to have Clay groan breathlessly into his own mouth.

2. As the months passed, Clay grew to be more adventurous in bed and comfortable around Tony. He thought that this confidence was very attractive since it meant Clay had free range to express himself. If they were passing by one another in the hallway, Clay would just smirk as he pulled him aside inconspicuously to whisper in his ear, “can’t wait for us to fuck tonight.” in the most innocent voice he can muster.

3. One of Tony’s favorite places for them to fuck is in the shower. It’s a rare space for them with the risk of getting caught by their families, so when they do get the chance, it’s hot and long drawn out. Seeing Clay’s body dripping water with his hair hanging over his eyes is something that will forever be imprinted in Tony’s mind. (“fuck, you look absolutely beautiful in here.”)

4. The sight of Clay wearing tight clothing can turn Tony on in an instant. Clay, as oblivious as ever, doesn’t know about this kink and wears them quite often, which leaves Tony feeling on edge all day. There are a pair of black skinny jeans that make Clay’s ass look so amazing to the point where Tony has to hold himself back from dragging him to the boys locker room.

5. Tony loves it when Clay loses himself. He enjoys the burn on his back as Clay scratches his nails down as he tries to pull Tony closer. There’s also times where Clay just moans his name out over and over again, obviously close to cumming - Tony then realizes he wants to make Clay moan out his name in every way possible.

6. There’s a lot of playful banter between the both of them whenever they’re having sex. And contrary to Tony’s original belief, he eats it up. He finds himself waiting for Clay to chuckle and say something along the lines of, “is that all you got?” or “I don’t think you’ll make me scream.” Tony thinks it gives him the motivation to work that much harder to prove Clay wrong.

Reasons why Alex killed himself

I have been seeing a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding Alex being shot and I have got to say something. Tyler did not kill him; he took his picture down because he knew that Alex overcame his feelings for Tyler and did the right thing when a bully was pushing him against a locker. Alex most definitely shot himself the hospital would not have confirmed a dead/injured body unless they were absolutely sure of the persons identity but I’m not saying Justin didn’t kill himself as well (theory about Justin being in the ambulance) but I am saying that Alex shot himself and here is why and how he was capable of doing it.

1) How he did it:

Remember that one scene in Monet’s with Hannah, Jessica, and Alex? Yeah, I know you do. He said he went to a shooting range regularly with his father. Remember that other scene in Alex’s house when his dad was polishing/cleaning his gun? You probably don’t remember that scene as vividly. Or maybe I’m just making it up. Go check. He obviously had easy access to a firearm.

2) First reason why he killed himself

He broke up with Jessica because of a silly reason. Everyday he passes her in the hallway, sees her at lunch, and in classes and his heart aches because she’s happier with another person who doesn’t treat her right yet at the same time he realizes he was just as bad to her. 

3) Second reason why

This one is probably obvious but making/ taking part in the list. No explanation needed. 

4) Third reason why

He has an extremely strict father and he is unhappy in his own home. His father expects him to be just like he is and Alex is not passionate about the things his father is passionate about. 

5) Fourth reason why

Everyone is too focused on Hannah to even realize he is hurting. His grades drop, he has frequent doctor visits, he quits jazz band, he rips down posters, he lets someone beat him up, and still no one notices his pain.

Feel free to add more

Whenever people say Japanese otome game MCs have little to no personalities… I REALLY feel the cultural difference AND age.

because people are like that. My personality in real life is subtle. Bland as my Westerner friends tell me. You’ll see me with less inhibitions online because I’m technically anonymous. I am more reserved in real life.

And as I age, I can confidently say, there will be people with the very same personality. Why do I say that? Well, I started teaching 3 years ago and already I have found 3 students with the very same personality I do. This is real life.

And really, MC hate is such an odd thing to do.

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That reblog about people complaining that Lauren's gaining weight: bitch excuse me who tf they need to turn on their location right now imma fight them. Nobody says that shit about my baby 😒 like how DO YOU HAVE EYES?! Ugh sorry I just can't w some people

Besides why does gaining weight have to be a bad thing? The girls are told to lose weight all the time. So I’m glad they can eat healthy & put on weight before award reason starts & management bring the whip down again. Lauren is gorgeous and healthy as fuck so people better shut their mouths before they do any actual damage.

How Pearl and Peridot fused
  • Pearl: Your doing it wrong.
  • Peridot: That is impossible. I clearly have the superior intellect and skills necessary to perform the task at hand. I am doing fine.
  • Pearl: No, that is improper and not how this task at hand is supposed to work at all. Here, let me do it.
  • Peridot: Hey! I *muffled peridot noised* stop that.
  • Pearl: No! Hey! Why you little *muffled pearl noises* stop... I... Eyy
  • (Task gets done)
  • Jade: There! Told you I could do it, yeesh, it just goes to show if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.
  • Jade: ...
  • Jade: Wait.

I was tagged by @notsuchasecret to say 10 facts about me!

  1. I have so many things I want to do but not enough time to do them
  2. Trying to grow my hair long enough to donate it but my mom keeps saying it’s too long when it’s not
  3. I have no idea what blood type I am
  4. I almost got put on HRT once and the nightmare I did not know I have almost became reality
  5. English is actually my second language
  6. I have been told that my laugh is like a demon’s
  7. I love spicy food (which is why I don’t get why everybody writes Suga’s taste for mapo tofu frightening for everyone else, like bruh, mapo tofu is the BEST)
  8. I have never watched High School Musical or the Suite Life of Zack and Cody
  9. I don’t like musicals because it’s so much work for me to understand what they’re singing
  10. I love writing at 1 am in the morning only except when i wake up later, I read back and I yell at myself “WERE YOU DRUNK” (i was not drunk)

I tag: @queeniwaizumi @queenpigeon @yukiokasamatsus @karasunoboi @enbyezra @hijackedhoneybeeez @ulove7810 @fxvixen @harvestmoonpeoples

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I am lowkey attracted to you as a person, but am too shy to say anything. I adore the way you love music and the way you analyze the things you love. I just want you to realize that you're amazing and that you have the right to love yourself without feeling bad about it.

I think I know who’s typing this but at the same time, I have no idea who’s typing this. *thinking*

Well, brother/sister/cupcake, I am but a little bean who has nothing to give and nothing to take in this tiny little world I’ve constructed for myself. When do I ever analyze anything??? It’s a miracle I’ve gotten this far in school considering…some things.

Maybe this is why I have a connection with JJ. We’re both seemingly arrogant people who want people to remember us but in doing so, we push people away from our circle and we put ourselves down because we have too high of a expectation for what we do. And in our downfall, we find that one person, that one friend, that one small group of people who accept us and love us because of who we are, not what we’ve done.

Is that analyzing?

Send some anonymous opinions about Joey from that one thing I reblogged but am too lazy to link back to because yes