why do i have to choose between food and vision

swlotakulady34  asked:

Well my names Katie, (she/her) I'm bisexual panromantic. I looove olives, deviled eggs, and cucumbers (not together tho). I like angel hair pasta because of the texture it has on my tongue. I can't eat spicy food. I like feeling velvet and microfiber, I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. I'm 5'5" Uh I like dresses with poofy skirts. I have really bad vision. I'm in choir as a soprano. Uhhh I'm a sophomore in advanced algebra II, adv American history, and next year I'm taking trigonometry and pre calculus.

((OOC: HECK YES FELLOW CHOIR BABY. I’m a mezzo soprano, which means I always had to sing alto. I, too, am bad with spicy food. And nothing is worse than trig, so, best of luck.))