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do you and sean just like having more of an "off-screen" relationship, so thats why you dont film together a lot orr?? because i would love to see you guys play games together and stuff, but youre never on his channel and hes rarely on yours. are you both just busy?

I can only answer from my perspective but the reason I don’t have a lot of videos with Sean is because I would rather have a good video idea that we both can participate in and have fun with than forcing out videos with him just for the sake of it.
Also Im already being crucified for making videos with him because apparently that means I am “using him for views” so there is really not much I can do. ^^;

1812: War of 1812
  • America: England, how could you release a monster to me!!! I know that you're mean, but I didn't know you were evil!
  • England: what, what the bloody hell are you talking about?
  • France: how dare you scar my trading partner!
  • England: he's not your trading partner when I have full authority of the sea, Frog. And I have no idea what you're talking about, America. I haven't done anything... yet.
  • America: then who sent a demon to come into my place and burn the White House????
  • England: what? The only person I told to deal with you is-
  • Canada: hello, everyone~
  • America: *shrieks and runs away*
  • Canada: hm? What's wrong with him- ... why are you two looking at me with a scared expression?
  • England and France: ... what did you do??
  • Justin: Um, Roman Mars says that if there's a revolving door and you use the one next to it that isn't revolving then you're a monster. 'Cause they're so efficient and great.
  • Griffin: Can I, um, can I ask you a question Justin? I've been meaning to ask you this for a while.
  • Justin: Uh-huh?
  • Griffin: Why don't you just go do a podcast with Roman Mars?
  • Justin: Um. If he would have me I would love to, to get over there. I have a lot of good ideas for like, not like this show, but like, for his show like Smart Stuff, you know what I mean? Like, real thinkers. Not like - I can't stress this enough - not like THIS show, but like, smart, erudite podcasting. That's, I feel like, my true calling and. I really feel like my light's under a bushel.
  • Travis: Justin, do you wanna do like a weird backdoor for pilot for Smart Stuff with Justin and Roman right now, and just like, give us a topic you might discuss on Smart Stuff?
  • Justin: Yeah, I'll give you an example and this would be like co-hosted by me and Roman, okay? So I'll kinda leave blanks for his-
  • Griffin: I'll do- No, I can do Roman.
  • Justin: No, I'm just gonna leave blanks for his parts, okay?
  • Griffin: You don't even wanna hear my Roman?
  • Justin: No! You can try later.
  • ...
  • Justin: Remember it's like an erudite, kinda smart podcast.
  • Griffin: Yeah, yeah, like a podcast where you know the host knows the word erudite.

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I am currently working on a original story. I have characters that I like a lot, but it has been hard for me to develop them as I wish; do you have any tips on how to develop characters? Thank you!

Your character development is directly related to your plot, so it’s often best to have a basic character concept that gets fleshed out after you solidify the basic events of your story. Character and plot develop together. Your characters have to experience things before they can develop, and too much pre-planned development can risk you backing yourself into a corner. Why You Should Avoid Knowing Your Characters Too Well.

That doesn’t mean don’t plan at all, it just means stay flexible. What you initially want to happen doesn’t always work out if you get a new idea, and sometimes things need to be sacrificed (whether it’s the old idea or the new one).

Ways to Flesh-Out Characters can help you on a basic level, but like I said, development is related to plot. A character can’t grow from an event that doesn’t happen, and certain events can’t happen if a character doesn’t grow.

Example: Character X loses trust in a friend after learning the friend lied to them. Later on, they choose not to trust information coming from that ex-friend due to the first lie. Someone dies because they chose not to trust the ex-friend.

So, look into the flesh-out characters link, and then think about how your plot can bring that development out. A shy character may have to be forced into social situations, a loud character may have to learn to be quiet once in a while. It all depends on the basic character concept and where it leads over time.

Good luck with your characters!

So, the @otayuriwczine came yesterday!!! Ahhhhhh! I’m so excited! I guess I know what I’ll be doing this week while I am slowly dying from the plague.

So, funny story though. I came home from work to find my dad sitting at the kitchen table, package open, anthology in hand and reading the zine very intently.

Our conversation thereafter went something like this:

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heteronormativity also ignores that guys and girls can be friends as well. it's just funny cause if we take jikook for example, they do a lot of things (like jk calling jimin baby) that could make you go hmm that's sketchy af for people who are just friends but bc they're 2 guys it's whatever, but jungkook looks at a girl or does what a polite person would do (clap) they're automatically dating without any further "proof". like that's what's annoying to me more than anything.

the horrible thing is that heteronormativity is normalized in the kpop fandom and nobody thinks twice about it. like, i’ve already answered quite a few asks on why i hate heteronormativity adn why it’s toxic.but you made such a good point. it makes it seem like boys and girls have to be dating and they can’t be just friends. like, two members could have 388 moments that are legit sketchy as hell, and het shippers will still deny the idea of their idol being gay. it’s ridiculous how close-minded a lot of this fandom is. jimin and jungkook could legit say “i love you” to one another and kiss and people would still say it’s “fan service” and “normal for friends” but jimin could look in seu*gi’s general direction and it’s suddenly “wow, i can’t believe he loves her” like. y’all are too much. 

When the people I used to know found out what I had been doing how I had been living, they asked me why, but there’s no use in talking to people who have a home
They have no idea what its like to seek safety in other people
For home to be wherever you lie your head- ldr

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This is a weird ask, but the thought just struck me out of nowhere and... I Love your ideas on things and wanted your opinion. Isnt it kinda weird that missing nin wears the headband of their villages? Kakuzu and Hidan come to mind first and foremost. Kakuzu has been alive for a loooong time and, since he basically killed the elders in his village, you would think he doesnt care about his village? Maybe it has something to do with honor or whatever, maybe Pride, but... (Part1)

Why would he keep something like an emblem of the village he left? Itachi makes sense, as he didnt leave willingly. Yahikos body probably wears it as a symbol for them not agreeing with rains ways (maybe) and some of the others generally dont have any real… dramatic ties, so to speak, to their villages. But I cant imagine Hidan ever being loyal to his village. He is far to manic for that, yet he carries his forehead protector. This can be made for just,, any “villain” in naruto, (part2)

I mean, Sasuke didnt wear any bc he left the village and didnt want to be asosiated with it (Which is oversimplifying it but whatever). So i guess my question is - why do you think these S-class ninjas who are in the bingo book basically everywhere and all that stuff still wears the symbol of their respective villages? Its not like it gives anything to the story (although some do). So im very curious about your thoughts! 💕

The crossed-out village symbol is a repudiation of the previous village, and at first, although Sasuke does do that whole crossing out thing, he tellingly leaves it with Naruto, because what he’s really repudiating is his bond with Naruto and the idea of becoming stronger with his team, not Konoha at that point.

Kakuzu and Hidan, who hated their original villages, have obvious reasons for wanting to advertise their repudiation of them. Ditto Kisame and to a lesser extent Deidara and Sasori (for whom I think the next reason is more motivating).

Being so obvious about being a missing-nin is also a power move, like gang tattoos and symbols, or the bright colours of a venomous creature. You advertise that you are dangerous and not to be trifled with. It’s kind of an open challenge to the world.

Lastly, in the same universe as colour coded nail polish villains, it’s for the Look, darling.

You know, to find how real life always is able to find space in C’s works is easy… that wise and smart man is able to serve it to us on a silver plate. Despite the fact that we use to analyze D’s life because of beard a lot, in his case is more difficult. Being  able to witness “Cough Syrup” at Elsie Fest 2017 i had confirmation of how “personal” was D performance of the song on Glee.

Yes, there’s the K’s outing story line but… why pick Blaine and make him do a very felt rendition when he’s the out and proud kid etc..? I have to be honest, i had the feeling that the song was more personal for D than what we thought even when i was not a cc. Anyway, in my opinion two are the things: D doesn’t hate Blaine, Klaine, Glee etc (i’m still laughing at some attack to us from m/iarrens before Elsie) so he decided to imitate “him” or we had, years ago a Blarren that was more D than Blaine.

In any case, Elsie’s Version was spectacular. ;)

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I'm trying to write a book to kick off a series. But I have no ideas for the plot. I have the main characters and the antagonist, but zero ideas -good or bad- have entered my mind. How do i urge myself to come up with something? Do I just wait for the spark that'll light the fire?

Coming up with a plot is the hardest part of writing. 

What I suggest is writing out some small stories with your characters. They don’t have to be long. You don’t have to finish them even. Just play around with some scenarios. I would say either write all in a journal or have a folder on your computer for it. Collect as much writing as you can for your ideas. It’ll give you a chance to get to know your characters better while you work on their story, and maybe you’ll write something that will go somewhere. Maybe you’ll be writing about the characters eating breakfast and suddenly you think to yourself: “They’re going to be opening a pastry store because their dead mother loved baking pastries! But the antagonist comes in an set fire to their business!” Or something like that. I’m not sure if your characters are interested in pastries, or if the antagonist has some vendetta against the baked deliciousness. But do you get my point? You’ll find something as long as you keep writing and working. 

It might take a while for a really good plot to come to you. You might even go through several plots and scrap pages and pages of writing until you find the right plot for your book. Take your time with it. You don’t want to speed through this process and settle on a plot that you’re not happy with. 

I think I might try and get into writing drabbles or something. Maybe post them on here. I don’t know, I just think I should start practicing writing shorter things lol, since I have such a huge problem with fics getting out of control and getting huge. Not to mention I want to get better at posting more frequently/speed up my writing process.

Like, I think one of my biggest problems with writing is that I’m too caught up with trying to make it all “perfect”. If the writing doesn’t match up with how great it all seems in my head, then I get super frustrated, to the point where it blocks me and puts me off.

And sometimes I’m actually way too scared of not getting it perfect at all, like I’ll somehow mess the idea up, that it’ll be ruined forever, and it blocks me. Sometimes I won’t even start a project because of it.

I’ve got to stop doing that lol, because it’s really stupid. And it’s been such a huge problem for years now, so I should probably try and chip away at those kinds of bad habits, try to improve myself, that kind of thing.

I don’t know, I’m just rambling lol.

It sucks that some anons have had some bad experiences and didn’t get to meet JT like they wanted. We have no idea why LV was the way she was because as you can see in the pic she’s been in the car when he has stopped for fans before however I don’t think it is very common common since I think they mostly drive separately and then maybe LV goes home earlier since JT himself have said that he likes to stay behind after games and workout (also pointing out that it sometimes drives LV and his parents crazy when they just want to go home but have to wait for him so that could be why). We have to remember something else and that s that there is no obligation by anyone to always stop for the fans, it’s great when they do but you can’t expect them to do it, that’s why they have events that are specifically are for the fans like the conventions and different signings and we’ve never seen any players miss those and never have the wags kept them away either but when they are on their personal time then it’s a 50/50 shot. I remember when Lidstrom said that he had an off day and was very excited to finally go and see one of his son play a hockey game but when he was there of course the other kids and their parents wanted to meet him and since he was too much of a good guy to say no he ended up missing the whole game, he admitted that while he loved his fans he had to be better at saying no when meting them could have a negative effect on his personal life and that’s how it should be for all public figures. My advice is that if you really want to meet a player and they can’t stop after games when they have their off time then I’d attend any of the many public events that the team has and then I can guarantee that you’ll get your autographs and pictures with no one getting in the way.

➡️ The last piece is good advice anon!

honestly I’m relapsing so much and so often now… and I have no idea when it becomes time to accept that they aren’t just relapses anymore

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I was just on pinkvilla and the top story is about Vivek and Salman and how Salman ruined his career. Do you have any idea why, years and years later, this whole scandal hasn't died?

That is an excellent question. If this were a couple years ago, I’d say it’s because there haven’t been any comparably explosive scandals. But now we’ve had Kangana vs. Hrithik and the whole Deepika/Ranveer/Ranbir/Katrina/Salman love pentagon, so I’m not really sure why they can’t let the Salman/Vivek/Aishwarya thing go.

If anything, it should tell you that those scandals will also be beaten to death for years and years to come. Everyone will have children and grandchildren and it’ll be like Rekha and Big B, they’ll still be flashing the camera at their exes’ faces during award shows. Yippeee!

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I have had such unstable relationships for years. Finally found a bf who calls me every night and is actively trying to get to seek help. Also I have a slight eating disorder and he researches that sort of shit a lot too. I'm terrified I'm going to lose him though. Like, literally everything is pointing to me marrying this guy and I'm still scared he'll just leave. There hasn't been any indication, but the fear is real. Hell we even made plans to live together! Why am I like this?

god i relate to this so much its scary