why do i have to be so tall

some height difference prompts
  • i’m always scaring you on accident because 1) i walk silently 2) you never see me coming because i’m literally over a foot shorter than you 3) you just really don’t pay any attention to anything below chin level do you 
  • you always put things on the top shelves because that’s pretty much eye level to you and so you think it makes sense but exCUSE ME, IF YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED YET I’M ACTUALLY THE SIZE OF A SEVENTH GRADE CHILD AND WHY ARE YOU PUTTING EVERYTHING ON THE TOP SHELVES THAT’S BASICALLY A DIFFERENT ATMOSPHERIC LAYER TO ME YOU SENTIENT TREE
  • “how tall are you even??” “like six seven i think, idk” “what the fuck” 
  • i have to stand on a chair to be intimidating when i yell at you and you always start laughing at how ridiculous i look and damn it your cuTE LAUGH ISN’T GOING TO MAKE ME LESS ANGRY STOP HUGGING ME PUT ME DOWN I’M STILL MAD AT YOU
  • everyone seems to expect me to be some evil angry midget because i’m so short but i’m actually really chill, it’s my tall friend over there who’s pretty much satan 
  • stop being a snarky salt lord or i will elbow you in the crotch with no regrets. that’s what you get for being tall and an asshole. 
  • this is really awkward because i swear i know what your face looks like but i always recognize you by the top of your head and today you wore a hoodie/hat/coat so i was looking for you for about half an hour before you took off the hood/hat and i realized who you were
Who should you fight from Yuri!!! on Ice

sorry its really late and im just sitting there laughing at myself

dunno if there’s something like that already lmao

also they’re all athlethes so i just ignored that for the sake of story



you should totally fight this kid. he’s, like, 2 feet tall?? 15 years old??? all bark but no bite??? also a lil’ rude motherfucker, i can understand why you’d wanna wreck him. just catch him while hes not wearing his knife shoes and keep from jolting, he wont be able to do shit. also watch out for his gay parents and psychotic fans. THEN you can kick his fuckin tiger socks off.


Please don’t fight this man, he just wants to have a real friend and maybe to be introverted in peace. Unproblematic fave? Silent philosopher on ice?? Why would you wanna attack him in any way??? also kind of feel like he’d try to avoid fighting you with any way known to men, but would totally 100% beat the shit outta you if could not get away (have you even SEEN these muscles????). 

do yourself and everyone else a favor and dont fight otabek altin.


Are you mad?? He’s, like, the vogue’s most wanted man of the last decade. You really wanna feel the wrath of the entire population of his fans??? Other than that he seems pretty fightable, but I’d still reconsider. 

Why you even wanna fight him in the first place? He’s just a bit silly, but otherwise outstanding man who likely just wants to live peacefully with his soon-to-be husband and lots of poodles, probably in a house with a big garden or some sentimental romantic bullshit like that. leave the gay man be.
(also he seems like a guy who might have some connections to mafia. if i was you i would not check if thats true.)


Please, do not fight Yuuri Katsuki. He might seem anxious and too kind-hearted for that shit, but believe me, he’s not the kinda guy you would wanna fight. he’s pretty competitive, wont take any shit from you, wont let you disrespect him or his precious gay family. have you seen what kind of shit he did at that banquet after some champagne? i bet my ass he would take pleasure in beating you up if you did him/his fiancee/their angry smol child wrong. its always the quiet dudes. 

100% he has something up his sleeve. Do not fight Katsuki Yuuri.


are you joking? go for it. this guy probably cries when someone calls him bitchbaby, spends more money on cosmetics than food and has his butt on a life insurance. nobody likes him (expect his fiancee and fans). he’s a professional pissoff. and you know what? you certainly can thrash his self-obsessed ass. youre welcome!


if i was you i would not fight him. dude seems kinda chill, but also fucked up. like, who the fuck comes on ice?? thats a whole new level of fuckupery. he might not have any inhibitions and i dont know if you wanna deal with that. also there’s a big chance he might try to sexually harass you while you struggle to beat him up. if you don’t feel uncomfortable/just want to get in his pants and dont know any other way to gain his attention than fight him, just do it.

so I’d say 50/50.


Try beating that sunshine child up and I’ll fucken end u.

Guang Hong Ji

Such a good, sweet kid. His hugs probably can cure cancer. His smile gets rid of an acne and dandruff. His posts on social media clear skin and water crops. Do not fight him, befriend and then use him to make money of his magic healing abilities.


Another nice guy. If you decide to fight him he won’t stand a chance. But I don’t think that you two would actually get to the fighting part, there are so many things to talk about and selfie and you seem like a swell guy let’s go on a brunch what are you allerg-

Seung-gil Lee

Weird dude. Most likely knows all of your weaknesses as soon as he sees you, but also seems kind of air-headed? You might try if you really want. I would highly recommend catching him by surprise. 75% chance of winning then, i’d say.


You probably can, but why? Just roast him. Tell him mean shit about his relationship with Anya. Tell him that hes a dumb cryboob. Make him reflect his whole life. He’ll cry. He’ll lost all his motivation. Become depressed. Then you can wave your black cloak for the last time and walk towards the sunset. Maybe kick him for a good measure, if you really need to.


He would really beat the flying shit outta you, but only if you tried assaulting his sister. You could send him official invitations for a fight ten fucking years every day and he wouldn’t get it at all. Try only if you have a way of destroying him emotionally. Like, Sara agreed to date you or smth.


Easy thing, but why? Maybe if he really iritates you, give him a lil’ slap of a some kind, but don’t be too mean, he’s a good kid. Also, his menthor might cut a bitch if you do him any real harm. Maybe try a balaclava? Idk dude just dont


Don’t even try. She’s beauty she’s grace she’ll give you a fucking run for your life and make you regret all your life decisions. She’s a real queen DO NT FIGHT MILA BABICHEVA IF YOU VAL;UE YOUR LIF E

RATHER FIGHT: Seung-gil Lee, JJ, Yurio
CAN FIGHT BUT AT YOUR OWN RISK: Minami, Chris, Viktor, Phichit, Leo
DONT NEED TO FIGHT TO DESTROY/USE: Georgi, Michele, Guang Hong Ji
DO NOT FIGHT: Mila, Yuuri, Otabek

Dating Remus would include...

Requested- Hey :) Could you do a ‘dating Remus would include’ please?

Originally posted by lifetimearoundtheworld

  • being delighted by his cute subconscious actions
  • him giving you cute kisses on your forehead
  • secret dates at the Astronomy Tower
  • to avoid his nosy friends
  • a lot of cuddling
  • gentlest boyfriend you could ask for
  • finding out that he’s a werewolf
  • you don’t care, of course
  • “Remus, I honestly don’t care. I’ll always be there for you.”
  • “I’ll always be there for you, too, y/n.”
  • the rest of the Marauder gang accepting you after you told Remus that you would be by his side no matter what
  • you helping him with transforming each full moon
  • treating his wounds when you’re alone with him
  • ending up making out
  • becoming best friends with Lily
  • him telling you how beautiful you are everyday
  • lots of blushing moments
  • him rambling whenever he gets nervous
  • him pinching your cheek while you were pinching his
  • height difference
  • you having to struggle to kiss him because he’s so tall
  • “Ugh, why are you so tall!”
  • “Do you need me to help you get a stool?”
  • “I hate you.”
  • “Thanks.”
  • him enjoying to watch you struggle
  • then he kisses you
  • “Sorry, love.”
  • “Fine.”

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give me a flirty-with-his-friends bittle

“So, just a warning, when I get drunk I tend to flirt a lot. I hope that won’t bother you.”

“Pff, I would be insulted if you DIDN’T flirt with me, Bits. Come on, time to do that kegstand!”

  • He tends to sit on everyone’s laps.
  • He catcalls the guys who walk shirtless in front of him.
  • He will not hesitate to tell the guys how handsome they are.
  • “Okay but Bits, who among us is more your type.”
    “Guys, I’m nineteen and you’re all tall and fit. This whole hockey team is my type.”
  • “Why are you so prettyyyy” he asks Jack, once, after drinking his own weight in tub juice. There may have been tears in his eyes with how pretty Jack is.
  • And that was just the first semester

After a while, everyone notices it’s not so much a drunk Bitty thing, but a Confident In His Own Skin Bitty. The guys love the attention.

  • He is truly honest with his friends. He thinks they’re all hot and doesn’t hesitate to tell them, because everyone needs to know how hot they are.
  • “Bits, tell me I’m hot.”
    “Ransom, if I hadn’t seen you eat that pizza from the floor last week I would be overcome with lust right now.”
  • “How do I look?”
    “Good enough that I might try to grope you after a couple of beers. Don’t worry, I won’t do it.”
    “What? Why wouldn’t you? Have you SEEN me?”
  • Once, Jack comes back to the HAUS after a run and somehow manages to be ridiculously better looking than usual. The guys at the kitchen table are all “dude” and Bitty lifts his arms in despair and just. leaves.
  • “What did I do”

He tried asking them, again and again, if it bothered them, but they were all unanimous, Bitty needed to keep it up, it did wonders for their self-esteem. He even asked Jack, and Jack laughed and said he was flattered.

  • “Bitty, fuck, marry, kill: Holster, Shitty, Jack.”
    “Oh, this is hard. Definitely kill Holster, he woke me up at seven when I could actually sleep late today. But oh, I can’t decide for the rest…”
    “You don’t know if you’d rather fuck Jack or Shitty?”
    “No, I don’t know if I’d rather fuck OR marry Jack!”
  • “I’ll drink to that,” says Shitty, raising his beer.
  • Jack is sitting next to him, being like what.

So, well, when some of the guys have doubts about their sexuality or are just curious or drunk, they go see Bitty. Bitty made out with three different guys on the team on such occasions, he will never reveal their names. The rule is: no awkwardness allowed afterwards.

  • “So? Did it help?” asks Bitty.
  • “I think it was more a Ransom thing than a gay thing.”
  • “You know, I don’t think it does it for me. But I need to know how to do that thing with the tongue.”
  • “It answered some questions,” mumbles Jack before going back to his room.
  • “You’re not allowed to be awkward, Jack!” yells Bitty after him. “Come back here and eat some pie!”

It was all fun and games until a fateful afternoon in the kitchen where a ray of sunlight hit a flour-covered Jack in just the right way and - oh.

  • Bitty hasn’t complimented Jack in three weeks.
  • Jack notices.
  • And he keeps flirting with the other guys.
  • Just. Not him.
  • Shitty asks him what’s up, he looks moody.
  • But how can you say “Bitty hasn’t told me I’m pretty in almost a month” without sounding ridiculous.

He can’t say anything anymore. Because someday he may try to say “These jeans make your ass look fantastic, Jack” and would say instead “I want to grow old with you and adopt twenty dogs.” Better to say nothing.

  • “Dude, what have you done, why is Bitty mad at you. You’re doing shirtless crunches in the living room and he walked by without even mentioning your abs. I’m straight and even I could lick them.”
  • “I don’t KNOW”

And then, Graduation happens.

The guys tell Jack that even if Bitty is dating him now, it doesn’t mean Bitty can stop complimenting their butts, okay.

RP Starters for Tall Muses
  • Reblog this meme if your muse is tall! To be sent from short/shorter muses.
  • "Can you grab that for me?"
  • "Why do you have to be so damn TALL?"
  • "How tall are the people in your family?"
  • "I hope your/our kids get your height."
  • "How does it feel to stare at the top of my head all the time?"
  • "There's one thing that's good about you being tall--the hugs."
  • "You're the tallest person I've ever seen."
  • "How tall are you?"
Makeup Tag

Chris Evans x reader

Warnings: none, literally just fluff.

Words: 443

All credit goes to Marvel.

A/N: Hi guys, I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting. I’ve been coping with a super-tough breakup and have essentially lost all of my friends during it, so I’ve pretty much lost all motivation to do everything. I have so many fics I’ve been working on for you guys but I can only type a few words until my thoughts start drifting back to my situation. Well wishes are appreciated and will hopefully motivate me to get your fics published. Here’s a short drab for you guys until I can get on my feet again. 

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“I’m a grown ass man, I still don’t see why I need makeup to walk down a carpet.” Your 6 foot tall, 35 year old client said.

“Shush, your cheeks get splotchy when you get nervous.” You said, applying more foundation with your beauty sponge. He scoffed, but you knew he was suppressing a smile.

“I do not get nervous!”

“Do I need to show you the pictures of you meeting Tom Brady again to prove to you why you need a heavy coverage foundation?”

“It’s all the cameras,” Chris brushed off. You rolled your eyes and laughed at him. You worked as a makeup artist for many celebrities, but never had you worked for someone as down-to-earth and personable as Captain America himself, Chris Evans. You lightly began brushing his eyebrows in place with your clear brow gel. “Don’t forget the beard.” You laughed at his comment.

“Oh, honey, there is no taming that thing.” He smiled as you pulled back, admiring your work. You smirked, going back into your Morphe Lugger bag, pulling out mascara. He laughed sarcastically at you.

“Hardy-har-har,” you laughed with him and put the Too-Faced mascara back in its designated pocket. “You know, you should be nice. One day I could be doing your makeup.” You rolled your eyes at him, stepping out of your robe and exposing the expensive black dress underneath. You spritzed setting spray on him and tucked his foundation and beauty sponge into your clutch, in case he needed touch-ups.

“Yeah, wouldn’t that be the day.” Chris pulled himself out of his seat, checking himself out in the large vanity mirror. You stood behind him, also checking for any flaws in your makeup, and turned when one of the red carpet assistants called, saying that they were ready for Chris to walk. He turned and looked down at you, and you looked up at him.


“Chris.” You smiled. He grabbed the clutch out of your hands and placed it back on the vanity table. You stared at him, confused. Your arm reached out to grab it again when his hand stopped you.

“How about instead of walking with me as my makeup artist tonight, you walk with me as my date?” You raised an eyebrow at him, grinning at him. 

“Are you sure about that, Cap?”

“Absolutely,” he smiled down at you but looked up, biting his lip, smiling, and holding out one finger to signal ‘wait’. “Only if I really do get to do your makeup.”


“Okay, guys. That has been the boyfriend does my makeup tag! Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go wash the blue eyeshadow and the poorly drawn-on Captain America shield off my face!”

who you should fight: gamer edition
  • MARKIPLIER: Why would you fight Mark???? like seriously he's just a short man with a big golden heart who - you know what nevermind i don't know what markiplier is capable of he can probably kill u
  • JACKSEPTICEYE: LITTLE ENERGETIC BALL OF SCREAMING WHo's giggles can stop a child from crying and make them laugh with them and he's so cute???? what the fuck don't fight jack he's just having a good time
  • LORDMINION777: i mean go ahead fight wade but mark will give you a serious lecture afterwards
  • EGORAPTOR: arin can fucking kill you do not fight arin no bueno
  • MORTEM3R: she will team up with arin to kill you dont fight suzy
  • RUBBERNINJA: ross is satan. do not fight
  • CR1TIKAL: he can kill you with his eyebrows jesus christ how are his eyebrows natural #goals
  • DANNY SEXBANG: you can fight danny if you want but ninja brian will get revenge
  • PEWDIEPIE: you're gonna have a bad time

@sasseffect and i have diverging headcanons regarding Phil : i think she is tall, and she thinks she is small. So naturally i had to draw 4 Philippas in one picture to illustrate the variety of Philippas one can come up with. An experiment, if you will.

Smol Phil compensates for her shorter stature with a slightly bigger owl form. Tol Phil wonders why she is like this.

anonymous asked:

If Taylor wasn't a singer and had an interest do you think she would have been a succssful model?

ABSOLUTELY! she is tall, has the body and is sooo incredibly photogenic and this is coming from fashion photographer Nigel Barker, please watch this 

(ignore the Kendall part)


so yes i do think she could be a successful model BUT she has to work on her posture and walk… but as a campaign model she would be amazing, she should be the face of a fashion house tbh

Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 6) Junior Year: March

“Wow,” says March, adjusting her bra under her shirt. “Shall we like, stop?”

“Um, yeah,” says Holster. What do you say in these situations? He has never felt this awkward during a hookup before. Not even his first time was this weird.

“We could try again later?” she suggests politely, like she’d rather eat a volleyball.

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anonymous asked:

Ok, su critical posts I have seen so far related to episode: "why is Rose huge and Steven is so tiny?? Wrong inconsistent heights! Lazy animation!" Like, I get it, heights aren't consistent, it's true, but.. steven is shorter than ruby and rose is 8ft tall, and from all this amazing pretty animation... they only noticed this... i can't do this anymore

no offense but I sincerely don’t care anymore and you shouldn’t too.

They already disproportionately invested THIS much into a “su critical blog” ( g od I get secondhand embarrassment saying that now) and everyone is expecting them to provide some level of discourse even it’s clearly petty and no matter how good the ep actually was bc at the end of the day they love feeling superiority over people who enjoy things normally. that’s just what they are now. you think people who unironically and proudly call themselves “su critical” on a weekly/daily basis are gonna slip up and say “actually I really loved this ep”? let their discourse-hungry fandom down???? no. they gotta point out some ~bad screenshots~ at least. it’s their image, dude. whether they’re self-aware of their nitpicking or not is something else.

 just don’t worry about it, don’t go into the main tags and please enjoy the show

Question list because I’m bored!!

So I’m bored and on tumblr so I figured why not get a question list together and I’ll answer every question you ask! 😁 So ask away! I also all dare you too (so ya have too now!)

1: Full name.
2: Zodiac sign.
3: 3 fears.
4: 3 things I love.
5: 4 turn on’s.
6: 4 turn off’s.
7: My best friend?
8: Sexual orientation?
9: My best first date?
10: How tall am I?
11: What do I miss?
12: What time was I born?
13: Favorite color?
14: Do I have a crush?
15: Favorite quote?
16: Favorite place?
17: Favorite food?
18: Do I use sarcasm?
19: What am I listening to right now?
20: First thing I notice in new person?
21: Shoe size?
22: Eye color?
23: Hair color? 24: Favorite style of clothing?
25: Ever done a prank call?
26: What color of underwear I’m wearing now?
27: Meaning behind my URL?
28: Favorite movie?
29: Favorite song?
30: Favorite band?
31: How I feel right now?
32: Someone I love.
33: My current relationship status.
34: My relationship with my parents.
35: Favorite holiday.
36: Tattoos and piercing I have.
37: Tattoos and piercing I want.
38: The reason I joined Tumblr.
39: Do I and my last ex hate each other?
40: Do I ever get “good morning” or “good night” texts?
41: Have I ever kissed the last person I texted?
42: When did I last hold hands?
43: How long does it take me to get ready in the morning?
44: Have I shaved my legs in the past three days? 45: Where am I right now?
46: If I were drunk & can’t stand, who’s taking care of me?
47: Do I like my music loud or at a reasonable level?
48: Do I live with my Mom and Dad?
49: Am I excited for anything?
50: Do I have someone of the opposite sex I can tell everything to?
51: How often do I wear a fake smile?
52: When was the last time I hugged someone?
53: What if the last person I kissed was kissing someone else right in front of me?
54: Is there anyone I trust even though I should not?
55: What is something I disliked about today?
56: If I could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?
57: What do I think about most?
58: What’s my strangest talent?
59: Do I have any strange phobias?
60: Do I prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?
61: What was the last lie I told?
62: Do I prefer talking on the phone or video chatting online?
63: Do I believe in ghosts? How about aliens?
64: Do I believe in magic?
65: Do I believe in luck?
66: What’s the weather like right now?
67: What was the last book I’ve read?
68: Do I like the smell of gasoline?
69: Do I have any nicknames?
70: What was the worst injury I’ve ever had?
71: Do I spend money or save it?
72: Can I touch my nose with a tongue? 73: Is there anything pink in 10 feet from me?
74: Favorite animal?
75: What was I doing last night at 12 AM?
76: What do I think Satan’s last name is?
77: What’s a song that always makes me happy when I hear it?
78: How can you win my heart? 79: What would I want to be written on my tombstone?
80: What is my favorite word?
81: My top 5 blogs on tumblr?
82: If the whole world were listening to me right now, what would I say?
83: Do I have any relatives in jail?
84: I accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what’s even cooler is that they endow me with the super-power of my choice! What is that power?
85: What would be a question I’d be afraid to tell the truth on?
86: What is my current desktop picture?
87: Had sex?
88: Bought condoms?
89: Gotten pregnant?
90: Failed a class?
91: Kissed a boy?
92: Kissed a girl?
93: Have I ever kissed somebody in the rain?
94: Had job?
95: Left the house without my wallet?
96: Bullied someone on the Internet?
97: Had sex in public?
98: Played on a sports team?
99: Smoked weed?
100: Did drugs?
101: Smoked cigarettes?
102: Drank alcohol?
103: Am I a vegetarian/vegan?
104: Been overweight?
105: Been underweight?
106: Been to a wedding?
107: Been on the computer for 5 hours straight?
108: Watched TV for 5 hours straight?
109: Been outside my home country?
110: Gotten my heart broken?
111: Been to a professional sports game?
112: Broken a bone?
113: Cut myself?
114: Been to prom?
115: Been in airplane? 116: Fly by helicopter?
117: What concerts have I been to?
118: Had a crush on someone of the same sex?
119: Learned another language?
120: Wore make up?
121: Lost my virginity before I was 18?
122: Had oral sex?
123: Dyed my hair?
124: Voted in a presidential election?
125: Rode in an ambulance?
126: Had a surgery?
127: Met someone famous?
128: Stalked someone on a social network?
129: Peed outside?
130: Been fishing?
131: Helped with charity?
132: Been rejected by a crush?
133: Broken a mirror?
134: What do I want for birthday?
135: How many kids do I want and what will be their names?
136: Was I named after anyone?
137: Do I like my handwriting?
138: What was my favorite toy as a child?
139: Favorite TV Show?
140: Where do I want to live when older?
141: Play any musical instrument?
142: One of my scars, how did I get it?
143: Favorite pizza topping?
144: Am I afraid of the dark?
145: Am I afraid of heights?
146: Have I ever got caught sneaking out or doing anything bad?
147: Have I ever tried my hardest and then gotten disappointed in the end?
148: What I’m really bad at.
149: What my greatest achievements are.
150: The meanest thing somebody has ever said to me.
151: What I’d do if I won in a lottery.
152: What do I like about myself?
153: My closest Tumblr friend.
154: Something I fantasies about.
155: Close your eyes and think of five things that make you smile when you think about them. What are they?
156: If your house was on fire and you had sixty seconds to leave, what would you take with you?
157: When you’re alone in the middle of the night and you can’t quite get to sleep, what do you think about? “Going to sleep” doesn’t count.
158: What is love to you?
159: What is the opposite of love?
160: Is it possible to love someone if you don’t love yourself?
161: Do you believe mutual attraction based on mutual hatred is possible?
162:Is it better to have something amazing and lose it or to never have had it to begin with?
163: Do you focus more on the past, the present, or the future?
164: Do you judge people for what they wear or how they express themselves?
165: Do you believe in individuals over generalisations?
166:When you’re very scared or worried, what do you think about or do to help you feel better?
167: How do you feel about what happens after death?
168: Would you rather live a hedonistic life full of good things that make you feel good even if they’re bad for you, or a healthy life centered around treating your body like a sacred temple and watching your health as closely as possible? Or do you not care either way?
169: Do you think you can tell a lot about a person from the way they express themselves or answer questions like these?
170:Do you have any special or magical memories you’ll always have with you?
171: How would you define yourself, without saying your name or giving a physical description of yourself or your obvious personality?
172: When do you feel truly at peace?
173: Do you like having your worldview or opinions challenged or questioned?
174: Do you believe happiness can exist without sadness?
175: Is there a reason for existence?
176: Do you think the world existed before you did?
177: Do you believe people need breaks from each other, even if they’re deeply in love?
178: What do you find most beautiful in people?
179: Do you take questions like these literally or pick up on what they really mean?
180: Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
181: Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?
182: Have you ever stolen a street sign before?
183: Do you always smile for pictures?
5: Do you ever count your steps when you walk?
184: What is your Song of the week?
185: What do you drink with dinner?
186: What is your favorite food?
187: Which movie could you watch over and over and still love?
188: Last person you kissed/kissed you?
189: Were you ever a boy/girl scout?
190: Can you cry on command?
191: Are you loyal?
192: When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
193: Favorite kind of sandwich?
194: Best thing to eat for breakfast?
195: What is your usual bedtime?
196: Are you lazy?
197: How many languages can you speak?
198: Are you stubborn?:
199: Are you afraid of heights?
200: Do you sing in the shower?
201: Do you think musicals are cheesy?
202: Is Christmas stressful?
203: Ever eat a pierogi?
204: Favorite type of fruit pie?
205: Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
206: What do you wear to bed?
207: Who would you like to see in concert?
208: What was the last concert you saw?
209: Tea or coffee?
210: Do you want to get married?
211: Do you want kids?
212: What’s your favorite part about today so far?
213: What are you doing tomorrow?
214: What are you doing next week?
215: Have you ever tried sushi? (Did you like it?)
216: How do you like your steak cooked?
217: What do you like least about yourself?
218: Who’s your best / closest friend?
219: Who do you trust with your secrets?
220: Which friend would you go to in an emergency?
221: What was the last text you sent?
222: Does anyone hate you?
223: How did you meet your spouse / girlfriend / boyfriend?
224: Would you rather live in the countryside or in the city?
225: Ever had a detention?
226: Which swear word do you use the most?
227: Ever cried at school?
228: Who is the most intelligent person you know?

ok but why is her bed like that? Do apartments exist like that? Where its not a total loft but just like, what is that, crotch height? What is the point of having the bed up there? Short people deterrent? Clearly not a good idea with Maggie. How high is the ceiling where that setup is not gonna hurt a tall person. Did Alex forget that the step down existed when she first moved in and sleepily walk right off of it? I just have so many questions

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Hello!! Sorry to be a nuisance, But are you able to do the RFA reacting to MC being 6'6/198cm tall and finding out she is incredibly insecure about it? Thank you so much + have a lovely day/night!! ^^

A/N: Omg you aren’t being a nuisance please don’t apologize!!! Also I lowkey wish I was 6'6 so I feel really bad if you’re this tall and insecure about it ;A; no one can help what their height is, and that’s okay!!!! Because it doesn’t matter!!! I personally love all heights and don’t understand why others don’t <3ヽ(*>∇<)ノ ~Admin 404


           -Woah MC, that’s amazing!

           -Will yoU PLEASE CARRY ME, MC?!

           - -yoosung, i can show you the world shINING, SHIMMERING, SPLENDOR-

           -He doesn’t understand why you’re insecure because? He’d love to be that tall!

           -Maybe everyone would take him seriously!! ;A;

           -All he knows is that you’re insecure and he isn’t going to have it!!!

           -Cuddles, snuggles, everything! He even tries to make you some comfort food his mum used to make him when he’s sad!!

           -He’s latched himself onto your leg before

           -He refuses to let go until you agree to sit down and talk to him about what’s bothering you

           -Spends hours listening and reassuring you that it’s all okay! Every bad comment you say about yourself is immediately flipped around and disproven. You’re perfect the way you are, MC!!! Absolutely loves you!!


           -Height is but a number, dear MC

           -You’re taller than him? Whatever, doesn’t bother him at all

           -Thinks you’re so precious <3

           -Actually treats you as if you’re shorter than him

           -Makes sure he’s always the big spoon when cuddling though

           -If anyone says anything he will fIGHT THEM TO THE DEATH

           -Forget what others say, MC, he thinks you’re amazing

           -He!! refuses!!! to let you!!! Talk badly about yourself!!!

           -Any time you try and talk badly about yourself, he kisses you until you forget every last thought

           -There’s no such thing as too tall, or too small, and he wants you to know that MC! Why should your height matter?? It’s what’s inside that counts! Trust him MC, he struggles to remember that constantly


           - -can you please get things off the top shelf for me, MC-

           - -i am but a small baehee, pls-

           -She actually loves that you’re so tall because? She can pick you out of a large crowd and never have to worry about losing you

           -Did you know that Gods/Goddesses are usually thought to be giants?

           -She can now confirm that it is true, 100%

           -She just loves the comfort of having someone taller than her

           -You can put your hand on the top of her head with no effort and she meLTS IT IS HER FAVOURITE THING

           -When you get insecure, she’s always right there with a warm drink and cuddles

           -Rant and rave all you want bby, she’ll listen to you

           -At the end of it however, she’s already got thousands of compliments ready for you, and explanations of how others are just jealous of you!!


           -you’RE TALLER THAN HIM

           -THAT’S AMAZING???


           -Don’t worry about it, MC!

           -Wear those heels, rock it

           -Owners of The Tall Squad

           -Do not test him he will woRSHIP YOUR BODY, MC

           -Tries to make you feel as comfortable as possible about your height, he knows what it’s like to be tall, he’s got you

           -Honestly, he’s probably been insecure about being that tall as well, so he tries everything he can think of to lift your spirits- he will not let his MC feel the way he did over something you can’t control

           -Brings you Elizabeth, cuddles for days, any sweet words he can think of are whispered into your ear, makes you strawberry pancakes every time you seem insecure -i don’t care if it’s 3 in the morning if you’re feeling bad, yoU’RE GETTING PANCAKES-


           -You must be an angel MC

           -Because seriously who is that perfect

           - -oh hush saeyoung-

           -Doesn’t look at height, at all

           -He doesn’t even notice honestly, until you say something

           -“Wait, you’re taller than me??”

           - -uuuuhhh yeah-


           -He’ll wear heels just to be taller than you, if it’ll help

           -He does everything he can to make you feel okay about yourself! Refuses to make any jokes about height! He’ll do ridiculous things in public so people won’t even notice your height -saeyoung why are you wearing clown shoes “tO HELP YOU, MC”-


           -He loves your height!

           -The backgrounds he can get when he takes pictures of you are a m a z i n g

           -He loves giving you his camera and seeing what pictures you come up with

           -Love love loVES when you hug him from behind

           -y e s MC rest your chin on my shoulder and look at my pictures plEASE

           -He’s always radiating an aura of warmth so it’s hard to think badly about yourself when he’s around

           -Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, though

           -He’s devastated?? Why would you think bad about yourself? Why are you insecure?? You’re literally an angel??

           -S o m a n y s o f t k i s s e s

           -Seriously, all the kisses to every inch of your face. He listens to you and tries to help you think differently about your height! Always telling you the good things and advantages about it!! He’s very logical about his comforting


           -So you’re tall, so what?

           -He’ll pull you down to him whenever he wants you, whatever

           -Doesn’t bother him at all

           -He’s closer to your heartbeat when the two of you hug and he is A-okay with that

           -Still requires being the big spoon though

           -His death glare stops any one from even THINKING about commenting on your height

           -Isn’t very good with words but, he’s willing to listen to everything you think about yourself

           -A lot of silent kisses to your cheek because?? What does he say

           -He could tell you how amazing and perfect you are to him but he doesn’t have the words

           -So he’ll tell you the only way he can- holding you against his chest and running a hand through your hair until you’ve started to feel better


The gravel crunches under your feet as you make your way through the pit to Eric, who is standing with a group of other Dauntless members. It is past 6pm, your favorite time of the day, the initiate’s training is over so you have finally time for your boyfriend.

“[Y/N]?” You stop as you hear a voice behind you and turn around. A tall, quite handsome boy is smiling at you. He’s one of your initiates this year, a transfer from Erudite.
“Oh, Michael, hey. Why aren’t you at dinner like the others?”
“You aren’t there too.”
You answer with a laugh, a bit too loud. “Well, I still have a few things to do. Is there something you need?”
“Yes, uhm-” He shifts from one foot to the other. “I wanted to ask if you could help me with my combat technique.”
“Your combat technique?” You’re a bit surprised, Michael is one of the best initiates, and he surely doesn’t have any problems with combat. But still, it is your job to train them, and if he thinks he needs help, then you don’t have any other choice – as a good trainer.
“Of course. But you should go and take a short break. How about we’ll meet in the training room in 15 minutes?”
“That sounds gre-” He suddenly stops talking and looks behind you. Just as you’re about to turn around, two arms wrap around your waist. You look down at the tattoos and smile.
“I’m waiting for you”, Eric says in a deep voice. He turns you around to kiss you, wild and passionately.
“Well, then you have to wait a bit more”, you say cheekily after you pull away and place another kiss on his lips before you turn around to Michael. The confusion is written in his face. “I’m going to edge in an extra training session.”
Eric steps closer to the poor boy who looks completely intimidated now.
“Four is still in the training  room. You can ask him for help. [Y/N] is busy right now.“ Michael’s eyes wander from Eric to you. That poor boy! You offer him an apologetic smile.
"See you tomorrow”, he says low-voiced and turns around to rush away.

“The hell was that?!”, you snap at Eric. “You scared the shit out of him.”
Eric grabs your waist and pulls you closer to him.
“His fault. He shouldn’t have flirted with you.”
“He wasn’t flirting, he just asked for help.”
“Oh princess, sometimes you’re so innocent”, he says and smiles. You wrap your arms around his neck to kiss him. Eric returns your kiss eagerly and you press your body against his.
“That’s not what you’re going to say tonight”, you tease and wink at your boyfriend. “And besides, since when do you show your affection in public? That’s not usual for you.”
“Well everyone has to know that you’re mine. ”
“Wait. Eric, are you jealous?” you ask, slightly amused..
“Come.” He takes your hand to lead you out of the pit.
“You’re hot when you’re jealous”, you chuckle. “Where are we going?”
“My apartment. We have things to do.”

Okay so things I really want to know but can never seem to get into Talks Machina

- Why the fuck is J'mon 8 feet tall like this is my number 1 most pressing question because it bothers me all the time. Do they choose the form they take because why choose to be creepy when they wear simple clothes so like demonstrably don’t want to stand out. How do they go out in public? Do they have a normal height form for daily use and only elected to be tall to freak out Vox Machina? This haunts me
- Did!! Whisper!! Awaken!!
- What’s Gilmore’s charisma modifier
- How the mcfuck is Percy’s Dex 22
- How did Gilmore recognise Devo'ssa as J'mon in episode 81 or was that simply an error
- What’s Elaina and Syldor’s story? How did Syldor suddenly come into custody of the twins 10 years later? What’s Elaina’s last name?
- What’s this “legend of Devo'ssa” stuff from episode 85. Is this a well known story for people who grow up in Ank'Harel? How much do citizens of Ank'Harel know about J'mon themselves? Is it well known that they’ve been emperor for the entire time the city has existed (400+ years)? Seriously how does nobody realise they’re a dragon?
- Seriously. Awakened Whisper.
- Will Vax take damage if the wings get hit. Can he feel through the wings. Did he feel it when Keyleth pet his wings I need to know for no particular specific reason.


*wipes sweat and tears off my tablet* what do you mean that isn’t even all of them?

Scared- Alexander Hamilton X Reader

“If you marry a sister, you’re rich son.” A tall man smirked and I felt my face grow hot with anger. How dare he-

“Is it a question of if Burr or which one?” The shorter man replied cockily, nudging the other. I stormed over to them and as I approached them, I could almost see the shorter one smirk, although he was doing a very decent job of hiding it. The tall man offered me a smile and walked away.

“May I have the pleasure of having your name?” I asked him.

“My name is Alexander Hamilton.”

“And I’m Y/N Schuyler. I would like to know Mr. Hamilton why you believe it is okay to talk about me and my sisters as if we are prizes to be won?” I asked him, managing to keep my tone even and cool.
A panicked look appeared across his face.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t realize-”

“You’re forgiven, Mr. Hamilton.”

“I hope I have not given you a bad first impression.”

“The past is behind us.” I told him and he smiled graciously. He leaned down and kissed my hand.

“Thank you for all of you service.” I smiled, noting his uniform.

“If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it.” He said smoothly and I laughed a bit.

“Forgive me for asking but how many times have you practiced that to use on my sisters and I?” I asked amused and a panicked look was on his face but only for a second.

“You caught me.” He laughed.

“If we are going to talk Mr. Hamilton, please be genuine.”

“Please, call me Alexander and of course Y/N- sorry, Miss. Schuyler.” He said.

“You can call me Y/N.” I smiled. He looked relieved.

“May I steal him from you for a little bit?” My sister, Angelica asked politely to me although I could tell that it was instructions rather than a question. I smiled graciously.

“Of course.” I nodded and headed over to the wall and I just stood there, observing Angelica’s conversation with him and I watched her bring Alexander to Eliza and Eliza looked completely helpless.

I exited the room, angry with myself for thinking it possible that he may like me and that he wasn’t just using me for my wealth and status. I made my way over to the balcony and stared over the edge.

“I saw you come out here and I wanted to make sure you were okay.” A voice said from inside. I turned around to see Alexander.

“You really were right. It’s not really a question of if, is it? It’s a question of which one.” I said carefully, making sure my voice didn’t break. He looked at me in shock.

“I… yeah. I mean you and your sisters are beautiful.” He sighed.

“Peggy- she hasn’t met you- is beautiful as well. I have to ask you though, why did you go to flirting with three of us?”

“Angelica reminds me of myself and Eliza is so… helpless.” He said and I gave him a curious look.

“And me?”

“You scared me.” He said and I snorted. He gave me an amused look and smiled softly. “Did one of the most envied woman in New York just snort?”

“You caught me off guard. I mean you’re a soldier- you’re fighting in the war and you’re scared of me?”

“Your beauty stunned me.” He teased and I shook my head, laughing. “You are unafraid of standing up to people and I like that.”

“I’m glad you find it admirable. Suitors find it annoying.”

“They are wrong.”

“Thank you. I don’t know much about you, Alexander.”

“There’s not much to know about me.”


“I’m penniless.”

“That’s not what I was asking, not that your wealth matters.” I told him and he looked at me.

“I don’t have an acre of land to my name or a troop to command…”

“None of that matters to me. I want to know small things. What’s your favorite color?”

“Green.” He answered quickly and I smiled softly.

“Your turn to ask me one.”

“Is there anyone who has ever caught your eye?”

“One person but he has flirted with two of my sisters and I fear he wants to court one.”

“And if he were to ask one?”

“She would say yes and I would be devestated but I would try and be happy for her.”

“But trying to be happy and being happy are quite different.”

“And I know this. But at least he would still be in my life. At least I would keep his eyes in my life.”

“And if he was to ask you?”

“I wouldn’t know what to say. If I said I yes, they would say they are fine but they would be lying…”

“Y/N I…”

“I know.”

“Pardon my rudeness, but you don’t. I love you.”

“I love you too Alexander.”

“I would like to court you, if that isn’t too forward of me.”

“There is nothing about you that isn’t forward but I want to do this correctly. We can write and if my father approves… I will allow you to court me.”