why do i have to be so dirty minded

  • Lance: *makes eye contact with Keith*
  • Lance's mind: goddamnit Keith is so fucking hot I always tell him I hate his mullet but it's actually kinda cute what did I do to deserve this why have I been blessed to know this amazing person named Keith Kogane he is the greatest friend I could ever meet why the fuck am I like this I wanna hug him and kiss him and love him goddamnit-
  • Lance: Fuck off, mullet
“The Hunt” Casifer x Reader

Words: 2,065

Casifer (Lucifer) x Reader

Request: Can I request a reader x casifer one shot where he and the Winchesters get injured on a hunt (the reader stayed behind to do research). And when they come back the reader helps patch them up but casifer gets very jealous that she is helping/touching/paying attention to the Winchesters?

Warnings: Language, mentions of violence, wounds from getting hurt, talk of sex, jealous lucifer, implied smut

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“Please tell me you’ve found something useful.” Dean mumbles over the phone, sounding slightly drunk. You can hear people in the background talking loudly, indicating that they may be at a bar.

“I’m not finding anything in the books. I don’t know. You need to give me more time.” You groan, flipping to the next page of the lore books.

Sam, Dean, and Lucifer (who was currently preoccupying Castiel’s body) were out on a hunt. Lucifer demanded to be taken along, since he was a “viable member of the group.” They got to the place where the killings have been happening yesterday, and you know that Lucifer is driving them crazy. Dean has barely any patience when it comes to that man, and it’s leading to both him and Sam rushing you to figure out what it is that they’re hunting. They’ve only been gone one day and Dean is already overly annoyed with Lucifer.

“Just please hurry, alright? I can’t- I swear to god, I don’t even care that you’re occupying Castiel’s body right now, you need to fucking stop or I will stab you.” Dean hisses at Lucifer, making you giggle slightly. “Y/N, figure it out, or I’m making him stay with you while we do this hunt.”

“He’s not that bad. You need to be nice- he’s helping us with Amara, after all.” You roll your eyes even though you know he can’t see it. “But, yes, I will pick up the pace. I’ll call you once I figure it out.”

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Domestic Happenings

Request: dan x reader domestic fluff with prompt 26 please!! <3

26: “If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.”

Requested by: @honeyscamander

a/n: super cute idea! Thank you for the request!

Warning: domestic feels…?

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You were doing your least favourite thing of the day. Dishes. You didn’t know why you hated it so much, but as a child you were always forced to do it and you thought when you were older the damn chore would be forgotten, unfortunately you got a wake up call. And quickly.

Twenty three years old, you stood in your boyfriends apartment that he shared with his best friends, washing their dishes. Okay… so maybe you didn’t have to. But when you’d walked into the flat and saw the mess they had in their sink and the literal grime on the plates, you couldn’t help it.

You didn’t know where Dan or Phil were, you’d used the spare key they’d given you and let yourself in. Deciding to just wait here until someone did get home and then you’d found the mess. So you’d grabbed the gloves, soap and a sponge and got to work.

You hated it, but you refused to let your boyfriend live in such filth, even if it was his (or partially) his fault.

You heard the door open halfway through the dishes, and the stomps of the two giant making their way up the steps. Rolling your eyes at their loud stomping and animate conversation, you continued to wash the dishes. 

You heard the sudden chatter stop and turning with a confused glance, you stared at the still form of Dan and Phil with shocked looked on their faces. You blinked, unsure of what was their problem. Waving with your wet gloved hand, you rose an eyebrow. “Hello guys…?”

“Y/N…” Phil started and you blinked.

“If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.” Dan suddenly said, his face leaving no room for argument, only issue is you didn’t know what he was referring to.

“Uhhh, what?” You stumbled.

“Y/N, why the hell are you doing out dishes?” Dan bluntly asked, staring at you with disappointed. You looked back at the almost sink, then at your hands and back at Dan and Phil, still confused. 

“Because they were dirty and I didn’t want you guys living in that filth, so I decided to do them?” 

Phil suddenly smiled, “that’s so sweet!” He said, excitedly. “But you don’t need to, it’s our flat and you shouldn’t have to do our chores.”

You shrugged, “it’s really no problem. I don’t mind. I did the dishes when i was younger.” You smiled at Phil. Missing the way Dan made his way over to you, until he was right in front of you taking off your gloves and placing them on himself.

“Uh, Dan?” He said nothing but turned towards the sink, lightly shoving you over and beginning to do the dishes.

You smiled suddenly.

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How would the boys feel about a super shy easy to fluster s/o?Like they mention anything remotely sexual and she starts blushing red and stuttering.


♥Shu: Heh, I don’t believe you’re that innocent… I bet you actually enjoy it when I speak about that kind of things.

♥Reiji: Are you blushing again? It amuses me how pure you pretend to be… Somehow it makes me want to taint you.

♥Ayato: It’s so fun to bother someone so shy, hehehe…. Ne, Chichinashi, do you actually imagine the things I say? It’s that why you get so ashamed? Haha!

♥Kanato: You’re a very hypocritical woman. You’re actually doing this to catch my attention…

♥Laito: Fufu~ Bitch-chan is so dirty-minded… I only said something a little naughty, and you’re already blushing~

♥Subaru: Wait, what are you imagining?! I didn’t mean it that way! Goddamit… Don’t take everything I say so seriously!


♥Ruki: Livestock, do you have to panic with every single word I say? Save that red and teary face for your punishments.

♥Kou: Heheh~ i exactly know how you’re feeling right now, M Neko-chan… Even if you hide your face away from me.

♥Yuma: Dirty, dirty Sow! Do you pretend that I believe that stupid façade?! I know you like my dirty-talkin’!

♥Azusa: Ah, my Eve… Is so innocent… Nee, don’t look away… I like seeing that expression…


♥Carla: Why are you always hiding your true emotions? Show me your face and tell me what you’re thinking.

♥Shin: Yeah, yeah. Act innocent now… But you don’t actually complain when I do those things.

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Hey there I can pls request a bts reaction to their gf completely shutting up with a blissful expression when they play with her hair or ear? Thank you darlin 💙💙

BTS Reaction To Their Girlfriend Having A Blissful Expression When They Play With Her Hair/Ear

He would pause seeing you with such a look on your face “does it feel that good jagiya?” he’d ask trying to hold in a laugh. When you nodded your head, he’d smile before playing with your ears once again. He’d find it very cute even though your expression was a little too blissful.

You had convinced him to give you a neck massage, and while he was at it, his hands had roamed a little too high and touched your ears which caused you to have a look of complete bliss, every time his hands brushed your ears, he’d look at you strange “I can’t believe you like having your ears played with” he’d say in a joking way.

Rap Monster:
Namjoon loved to please you, so if you asked him to play with your ears for a little bit, so be it he didn’t mind. Seeing you come to a look of full bliss would him lowkey think dirty thoughts ;) “I should do this more often,I didn’t know you liked it that much”

As someone that also likes having his hair played with he could understand why you liked having your hair played with so much, but what he wasn’t expecting was to see you with a look of pure bliss “are you ok jagi? Do you really like it that much” laughs,finds it cute.

He’d giggle feeling embarrassed for some reason seeing you with such a blissful look on your face “if I knew you liked having your hair played with this much I’d have done it sooner” makes a mental note to play with your hair more often cause lowkey he wants to see you make that face again, keke.

He was playing in your hair, while the two of you were hanging out, after awhile you had gone quiet, he checked to see if you were alright, but would be shocked/concerned upon seeing you with such a blissful expression “Oh no did I hurt you jagiya?”

*Jungshook*His hand would instantly stop the moment he saw you giving him such a blissful expression ‘should I just ignore it?She looked like she was really enjoying it’ he’d blush a little before slowly continuing running his hand through your hair.

Dear Damian [Older!Damian Wayne x Reader]

Anon requested: “45. (from the prompt list) with (older) Damian”

A/N: You think this will be angsty? Well you are totally………. right get some tissues ready guys cause I am going all out. Also, this ended up being WAY longer than usual Prompt Requests.

Pairing: Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

Warnings: SADNESS, abandonment, anger issues

Word Count: 1542

Prompt 45: “You and I were never meant to be.”



Dear Damian,

You and Damian had always been walking through life hand in hand. As a child, you were trained to be his partner, his second-in-command, and when he needed, his protector. None of them knew it sparked something more.

You and I have had our ups and downs.

It was only a comment. You didn’t know it would cause something so toxic. You had simply mentioned to Damian that he was becoming more and more reckless, letting this Joker case consume him. You guessed all the stress and frustration must’ve came pouring out.

After hours of screaming at each other and several objects thrown at the wall, Damian started towards the door.

“Damian, don’t you dare!” you yelled at your boyfriend as he walked to the doorway.

“I can’t do this right now.” he growled before exiting the apartment and slamming the door shut, leaving a pregnant silence in his wake.

When the weight of what had just occurred finally came down on you, you fell to the floor and wept.

Yet somehow, we still made it through.

When you woke up, you immediately felt arms tightly wrapped around your torso. If it wasn’t for the familiarity of the feeling, you would’ve sent that person flying across the room by now.

You laid still and cherished the feeling of Damian embracing you. You had fallen asleep with tears to accompany you that night, and you didn’t think he’d come back.

But he did.

“[F/N]?” Damian whispered. You hummed but didn’t say anything. “I’m sorry.” he said quietly, pulling you closer.

“I know.” you said gently, “I’m sorry too.”

I cannot express how happy you made me feel.

“Dami!” you giggled, trying to wiggle out of his death hold. You were a trained assassin, but nobody was a match for Damian Wayne. “Come on! I have to go! I have a college degree to obtain!”

“You’re ahead by a mile, beloved.” said Damian, “you’ll be fine.”

“That is no excuse to not attend the lectures.” you pouted, pushing his face off your shoulder.

“Then what about me?” asked Damian, smiling mischievously. You gave him a stern look, but eventually a smile crept its way up to your face as well.

“I swear Damian Wayne, you’ll be the death of me.” you sighed, shaking your head in defeat and kissing that adorable face of his.

You made my life worth living.

Breathing was becoming a struggle. You covered the wound in your stomach with your free hand and held your sword with your other hand. You knew that your chances of surviving were low, and you were surrounded.

“Dammit.” you hissed, trying to reach for your comm. It was out in the open, and getting it would risk your position. However, you needed backup.

“N-No!” you gasped when one of the enemies spotted you. In seconds, you found yourself surrounded by people with their guns trained on you. You swallowed. This was it.

Appearing seemingly out of thin air, Damian took your attackers down with ease. He was then by your side in a flash.

“Beloved!” Damian gasped. You gave him a weary smile.

“Took you long enough.”

“Hang in there, I’ll get you to safety.” Damian informed as he picked you up.

You winced but maintained your laid-back attitude. “Don’t worry, you’re not getting rid of me that easily.”

But I think, somewhere along the way, I fell out of love with you.

You stood, frozen in fear and shock. This couldn’t be happening.

You were on patrol like any other usual night. Damian actually fell sick so you had to go alone. The thought made Damian nervous and worried, but you reassured him that you were a trained assassin of the League. Not only that, you trained with him.

Now you wished you had listened to Damian and took a night off.

It’s not your fault, it’s no one’s.

“Father.” you said tensely, trying not to shake.

You were trying hard to stay calm, but inside you were panicking. Your father was more ruthless than Ra’s al Ghul, and the fact that he and the League had a falling out, and you chose to side with the League, didn’t help your situation. You thought he was dead as you saw the explosion of the building he was in, but apparently he was still alive, and most likely looking for vengeance.

I understand that you’re angry right now, and you have every right to be.

“[F/N].” he scoffed, eyeing you with disapproval. “I see you haven’t… changed.”

“What are you doing here?” you demanded, unconsciously grabbing hold of your sword.

“Do I need an excuse to visit my traitorous daughter?” he asked with a sinister smile.

“Yes, you do.” you growled.

“Such aggression, though I should expect no less from you.” He cackled and gave you a wicked grin. Seeing your glare, he sighed. “Well, if you are just dying to know, I originally came here to have my way with you.” 

You took a cautious step back as he continued. “However, I realize death is too… quick. Besides, I need a little puppet to use to do my dirty work, someone of my standards who isn’t valuable enough for me to mind if by chance, that person dies on the field. So, I thought, why not let that person be you?”

However, I cannot stay in a one-sided relationship.

“You’re kidding, right?” you scowled, “there’s no way in hell I’m working for you against my family and friends.”

“I thought you’d react that way.” your father stated calmly, “luckily for me, I gathered more than a few trained killers while I was in hell. I wouldn’t mind sending a few of them to pay a visit to your precious Damian.”

You were scared before, but now you were terrified. Damian may be strong, but your father… your father was a madman. No, you couldn’t think like that. Damian also had his family, and if necessary, the Teen Titans and Justice League. Heck, even the Outlaws! He had many allies.

“Your little pets would be child’s play for Damian.” you snarled. However, there was something about your father’s smile that made you uneasy.

“Say my sweet [F/N]… didn’t Damian get sick today?” he questioned. “It was that soup wasn’t it, in the diner in front of Wayne Enterprise?”

“How did you–” you gasped. “That was you?”

“Me? No, of course not!” he waved a hand to dismiss your accusation. “No, that was one of our new recruits. Still training, but I was impressed.”

You were speechless. If a mere recruit managed to make Damian sick… what could the trained soldiers your father found do?

I don’t love you anymore, Damian.

You glanced at Damian sleeping on the bed of your shared apartment with his arm draped over your empty side. Tears prickled your eyes, but you blinked them away.

You strapped your sword on your back and adjusted your bag before walking over to Damian. 

This was the only way to protect your love. There’s no way to predict your father’s actions, and you knew he didn’t care who he angered or what he had to go through, he’d kill Damian if it meant he’d prove his point. 

You wouldn’t allow a single scratch to be inflicted on Damian. It was your duty as his protector, his partner, but also his friend and lover to keep him out of harm’s way. It broke your heart to leave him, but it was the only way.

“I love you Damian.” you whispered, placing a gentle kiss on his head. “I will always love you, till the end of time, and beyond that.” 

I’m sorry.

“I’m sorry.” you said so quietly it was lost in the night breeze. 

This was the man who you had loved all your life, who had loved you all his life. He was more dear to your heart than your own parents, than your own life. You’d go to the ends of the galaxy for him and you knew he’d do the same if he knew you were in trouble, so you had no choice but to lie. You couldn’t tell him you were going to knock on Death’s door for him. 

You opened the window but before leaving, you took one last look at Damian. You tried to implant the image of his face in your mind. His hair, his eyes, his cheekbones, his lips… everything. You knew this may be the last time you’d see him again, so you wanted to cherish it.

And with one final look, you closed the window and disappeared into the night.

You and I were never meant to be.

A frown made its way onto Damian’s face when he felt empty sheets next to him. He opened his eyes and pushed himself awake, panicking when he didn’t see your body next to his and heard nothing but a silent apartment. 

He searched through the apartment frantically and realized that all your belongings were gone, along with you.

All that was left was a letter with his name on it, neatly written in your handwriting.

With shaky hands, he opened it, and with a heavy heart he began to read.

Dear Damian…

mind reader: just try to relax

my mind: why do fanfic writers always give spencer a sad plot line? does he not already get tortured enough by the criminal minds writers? isnt fanfiction suppose to be happy??? why are you making me cry even more than i already have? spencer doesnt deserve this. he deserves happiness and rainbows and blueberry muffins with extra sugar on top. i came on here to have a good time and you all keep destroying him in a various ways. i cant believe you would do me so dirty-

mind reader: what the fuck

Not even Mark is immune...
( darkiplier )
Not even Mark is immune...

@jorgeaperson12323:  @darkiplier how would you feel if someone lets say mark was immune to your torture techniques would you get physical then or better yet what would need to happen to break you >:D

“Ohh, there’s always a way to break someone’s mind. It’s like I said before, all it takes is that push until the cracks start forming. Why do you think humans are so empowered by emotion?

However, if Mark himself were to be put into consideration… I will admit, he’s not completely vulnerable. But because of my connection with him, I know all of his weaknesses. You learn a lot about your host that way if they have been sent to the hospital enough times.

I detest dirtying my hands with blood and scrapes of flesh. With Mark, if I can’t break his mind–WHICH I CAN–poison is always there as an alternative. Do you know what happens to his body if he consumes even one small amount of alcohol? It does horrible things to his insides.

As for myself… I can never be broken. Do you remember shooting me back on February 14th and later resuming your ‘date’ with Mark? Hmph. If you do… you would have learned later that I wasn’t completely gone. My spirit would still live on even if you got rid of the physical shell. You just have to wait patiently for my return, afterwards.”

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Their prey thinks all they want from her is to drink her blood and kill her at some point. But gets absolutely terrified when they touch her in a more intimate way, like kissing or touching her body and implores them to not do more than that because there's nothing that terrifies their prey more than sexual assaulting.


♥Shu: Hm? What’s with you? I’m not going to touch you in any indecent place… I just want your blood. Nothing else. But, if you want me to do something with you… We could give it a try.

♥Reiji: There’s no need to get so desperate… I’m not like the rest of my brothers. I mean, I could punish you, but not in that way… Unless you beg for it.

♥Ayato: Chichinashi, I’m not a savage!…But that scared face you’re making right now… Do it more, and give me more of your blood. Heh, this gets me excited…

♥Kanato: Agh, did you really think I would lay a finger on you?! In case you’re stupid, I’m not interested in those things! Or are you such a dirty human to even think I would do that?

♥Laito: Yes, Bitch-chan… You should really be afraid of me, nfu~ But don’t worry, I’m not going to take you against your will… You’ll be the one asking me to ravish you~

♥Subaru: D,dumbass! Why would I…?! I’m not like that fucking perverted Laito! It’s not like I desire you or anything!


♥Ruki: You really have a dirty mind, Livestock. To think your Master would do such things with you… You should be afraid of yourself instead. You’re the one who makes up all those thoughts.

♥Kou: Hahah, that’s adorable, M Neko-chan! Do you really think I would do that with you?! Pfft, I don’t even find you attractive, so don’t worry about that~

♥Yuma: Heh?! Why would I want to fuck you, Sow?! Don’t be stupid. I’m just interested in your blood, so don’t come with any strange ideas! But who knows… Maybe, someday, I could take advantage of your fears…

♥Azusa:… Eve… I only need your blood… But I want to make you… Feel good at the same time… So, don’t worry… For now, I only want to cut you… And give you a lot of… Friends… But… Whenever you want to… We can go… Further… Fufu~


♥Carla: What makes you think I enjoy your physical appearance? I’m only doing this to purify your dirty blood, human.

♥Shin: Hah? Why would I ever think on doing those things with you? Hell, I wouldn’t dare mix my ancient blood with yours…

New arm & New chapters

Bucky x Reader

A/N I’ve been reading a lot or all of @buckyandfubar / @yawpkatsi ‘s comics so FUBAR will be included

Word count: almost 4,700+ (wtf is wrong with me)

Warnigs: sexual assault, panic attacks, racists 

It gets super boring being a receptionist for Avengers tower, I sit around messing with the things on my desk, or talking to F.R.I.D.A.Y because it did all my work for me. I think he only has me around for pity, I mean I can find a job anywhere else so why not fire me? It gets pretty lonely, no one knows about me. Something finally happened Mr.Stark himself came up to my desk,”(Y/n), right, what are you doing sitting here,”he was drumming his hand on the white marble. “Great, I’m getting fired, I knew this day would come,” I thought to myself. “Sir, F.R.I.D.A.Y. does all my work, so I sit here,” I spoke. He opened up a file,”says here you have a mechanical engineering degree; that include welding?” I nodded my head,”yes sir, why do you ask?” He closed the file and looked at me,”because I need help in my lab and instead of hiring new people just promote older people, you in?” I frantically nodded my head. He smiled,”great, you start Monday. Wear casual clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.”

I did as Mr.Stark asked and wore leggings,converse, and a shirt so long it touched my knees that I bunched up and tied with a rubber band. I put no effort into my hair and stuck it into a high ponytail l put on only foundation and left. ,”This job is better already,” I thought to myself.

It was super weird walking into the tower dressed as casual as possible,”sixth floor, got it,”I stepped in to the elevator.I felt out of place, all these people dressed in business clothes and well built. I was in basically pajamas and had a little extra weight, everyone was trying to fix themselves in the reflection but i couldn’t see anything but a clothed brown blob in a sea of pale sticks. I don’t care it makes me stand out. One man asked if I was the janitor. when the sixth floor approached I replied with no and stepped out apparently not many people are allowed on this floor because the look of shock on his face was priceless. I was walking towards his lab but then i realized that I don’t know where that is. I walked up to the first person I saw and asked where his lab was,”why do you need to know? are you taking out the trash in there or something,” they sneered. Why does everyone think I’m the maid! “Look I’m just trying to find his lab, I don’t need to find a fucking idiot too,” I held the bridge of my nose and let out a huff. They just looked at me,”what would Tony Stark want to do with you.” Suddenly the man in question appeared behind them,”Try and figure out why she’s late, but i see why.” they just walked away. most of the day was spent looking at and updating/fixing old Iron Man suits, but it was the best first day I’ve had.      

About a week in Mr. Stark walked in with the winter solider, minus the arm. “(Y/N), Bucky, Bucky,(Y/N),” he introduced. I had heard things about him like how he could kill you with his pinky, either one. Him intensely staring at me didn’t help my nerves. Tony finally broke the silence,”since this guy is finally himself again I thought I’d give him a welcome back present,” he gestured to the soldier,”sadly, I cant make all of it right now because I have a huge project. So you get to design, assemble, and bond his new arm, I’ll take care of the tech aspect. I suggest that you two start talking so you get the design how he wants,” and with that he left.

“So…Bucky, do you want to get down to business or get to know each other,” this was really weird. He just stayed silent. “Okay…. I’ll take that as a work, so I was thinking of a design that looks like your other arm or slightly smaller but realistic, also I could get rid of that star for you,” still nothing. I grabbed the measuring tape from the table and he flinched,”hey, it’s just measuring tape, If I can’t get you to talk can you let me get the dimensions of your arm,”I slowly approached him and he nodded. After I got the measurements I told him he could leave, but he stayed. I just went back to the sketch and payed him no mind. That was until he said,”are you going to make it look like my old arm,” I looked at him,”if that’s what you want.” He shook his head quickly,”I don’t want any part of my body to be marked or resemble what HYDRA did to me.” I leaned forward in my chair,”then tell me what you want,” I was looking him in the eyes. He leaned back, “Stark makes amazing things with minimal user input, why can’t you.” I looked back down at my sketch book,”I’m not Stark, and he knows those people. I don’t know you,” I ripped off my sketch and handed it to him. I got up from my seat,”if you want lunch let me know now,” he said nothing so I left.

When I came back I didn’t find Bucky but I did find a note that said “just don’t give me a Iron Man arm and we’re good- Bucky.”

Since he wouldn’t tell me anything I looked through files Tony gave me and asked Steve about him whenever he came in with his shield after missions. I got all the plans from tony and made the final sketch. I know he didn’t care but I asked Steve to give him the sketch anyway.  

Bucky’s P.O.V

“Hey Buck, special delivery from the 6th floor,”Steve walked in with a piece of paper and handed it to me. “Tony send you a love letter or something,” Sam joked. I rolled my eyes at him, and I opened up the paper to see a complete diagram and sketch of an arm which I assume would be mine followed by a note that said,”I know you said you don’t care but here’s the sketch anyway. What do you think?- (Y/N).” My stupid grin made both Sam and Steve worried,”It’s a love letter I knew it,” Sam shouted. “It’s not a love letter, it’s a sketch from (Y/N)’“ Steve answered for me. Sam looked very confused,”who the fuck is (Y/N).” I answered this one,”dude, she’s worked here for almost 2 years now. She’s the one that used to sit in that desk downstairs. Now she’s helping Tony make my new arm and repair Steve’s shield.” Sam just nodded his head, “wait is  she the one that shows up in long t-shirts and jeans all the time. I’m surprised she still works here.” I looked at him,”why, she seems fine here.” I really hoped he was gonna say she’s way to talented but I got this instead,”everyone says that she is the ugliest girl here and call her all these mean things, if I were her I’d had slapped every last one of em’.” I clenched my jaw, what about her is ugly? She’s amazing, if I weren’t a scared little punk I would have asked her out.

Your P.O.V

Today was the start of the actual project at least 2 months of melting, molding, and a whole lot of metal. I was struggling to move some sheets of scrap metal when Bucky stopped by. Between him, Steve, and Tony I have approximately 3 people I trust and talk to here, so it’s nice when he stops by.”Hey Bucky, I see you got my sketch,”immediately after I said that I lost my balance. He tried to catch me but I had already dropped the metal and was falling into it. I braced myself for the impact but it never came,”I take it that was the metal for my arm,”he pulled me up and brushed me off. “actually it’s some scrap metal I’m sending to the manufacturer of all the pieces. They only have so much,”I crouched down to pick up the pieces. Suddenly a white service dog walked in and sat down next to Bucky . He rubbed the back of his neck,”that’s FUBAR he’s my new roommate in a way.” “Well normally I would pet a dog the second I get the chance but I don’t think that you want to give him a bath,” I held out my pitch black hands. He understood and asked,”well what can I do to help,” I couldn’t turn him away he looked like a child asking their older sibling is they could play with them. “Can you take the rest of the scrap metal to those boxes by the door. Then we can start on moving the sheets of titanium.” He nodded his head and told FUBAR to sit outside the workshop.

By the time we were done both of us were covered in black smudges and had gone through two bags of chips, an extra large pizza, and 500 pounds of metal,”that took a while I need to go home and sleep for 20 hours,” I laughed. He smiled,”yeah, FUBAR  is probably starving.” The poor dog was asleep right where Bucky had left him. “See you tomorrow I got a lot of things to upgrade,” I locked up the workshop and we went our separate ways.

Bucky’s P.O.V

When I got home I fed FUBAR and went into my room to take off my smudged clothes and take a shower when I was walking through the  living room Sam and Steve shot up from the couch,”where have you been it’s 12 AM!,” Steve shouted. “Relax, I was with (Y/N),” I pushed past him. I poked my head from around the door frame of my room “you didn’t notice my clothes.” I thought I herd Sam yell,”get it Bucky,” but I shrugged it off. I made my way to the shower and turned on the water. it felt really nice to wash off all the sweat from today. I let FUBAR into my room after I got into pajamas and let him lie down next to me and fell asleep. All I could think about was (Y/N), and I didn’t care.

Your P.O.V

Today started as a pretty crappy one. While I was in the elevator some random guy just kept staring at me and when we were alone he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall,”never thought Stark would hire a fat bitch,” he whispered against my ear. “get off of me creep,” I writhed against his wrist. He started kissing against my neck and I could feel his crotch rubbing against me. Then like the heavens opened up, the door opened and he pulled away and I quickly walked out the door. I was so on edge I walked past Bucky and straight to the workshop. I grabbed my laptop to see what I had to do while Mr. Stark was away at a conference, but FUBAR rested his head on me and licked my face. “okay you have my attention,” I laughed while running my hand through his fur. Bucky walked up next to me, “You wanna come with me to walk FUBAR,” he asked. I checked my email and I had nothing to do so I agreed.

Bucky’s P.O.V

I knew something was wrong with (Y/N) when she walked past me like I didn’t exist. FUBAR noticed too because he did to her what he does to me when I wake up from a nightmare or had a flashback. When that happens I usually go outside and try to forget about it.

It was nice to have someone to talk to while walking FUBAR, and I think he liked seeing me happy. we just walked around the city and made jokes and even though I wasn’t the one upset I felt better. We sat down on a bench and my stomach started to growl that’s when I realized I hadn’t eaten breakfast and it was almost one in the afternoon,”man, I’m hungry,”I said while throwing my head back. Her eyes lit up,”I know this really good italian place a few blocks away from here and I haven’t had time to go, come on,” she pushed me off the bench and we walked to the restaurant.

When we walked in a bell rang at the top of the door and the smell of pasta and pastries filled my nose. It was a small restaurant but it had a homely feeling. An old woman walked out of the kitchen and smiled,”(Y/N)! I haven’t seen you in months,” she looked over at me and FUBAR,”and who is this.” (Y/N) just laughed,”hello to you too Mrs.Torelli this is Bucky, and the walking snowball is FUBAR.” Mrs.Torelli went for a handshake,”it’s nice to meet you Bucky,” she crouched down,”and you too FUBAR.” We walked towards a table and talked, and ate, and talked some more. When I checked the time on my phone I was supersized with how late it had gotten. FUBAR was asleep under the table he was probably dying of hunger being surrounded by all this food. (Y/N) noticed too, she quickly got up,”bye Mrs.Torelli, money’s on the table.” “You two lovebirds take care now,” Mrs.Torelli joked. (Y/N) froze and started stuttering,” hes not…we’re not,” she just bowed her head. Mrs.Torelli just waved us out.

On the way back (Y/N) finally opened up. She let out a sigh,”you know, I thought this day was going to be really bad after what happened in the elevator, but it turned out to be one of the best days I’ve had in a while.” I looked at her confused,”what happened in the elevator,” she didn’t say anything. I tried again,”what happened (Y/N).” She breathed in.”this man kept staring at me like a piece of meat and looking me up and down. When we were the only ones left he pinned me against the wall and called me a fat bitch. If it weren’t for those doors opening he would’ve….he would’ve,” she was crying now. “Shhh, it’s okay I got you,” I whispered as I held her. We arrived back at the tower. “I’m gonna sleep in the workshop tonight, I don’t feel like walking home.” I gave a sympathetic look,”you could sleep on the couch upstairs if you want,” I understood why she didn’t want to walk home alone. “no thanks, I don’t want to invade your space besides, I have a pull out couch in there,” she smiled at me. I was a little disappointed that she said no but I can’t blame her.

The only sound you could hear in the elevator was the gears turning and FUBAR panting. She had waved goodbye and left the elevator. I fed FUBAR and got into my pajamas but I thought about (Y/N) downstairs alone so I checked on her. She was on the pull out couch with no blanket using her arm as a pillow. So, I went upstairs grabbed a couple pillows and a blanket and went back downstairs. I put the blanket over her and left the pillows off to the side. I was about to leave when I felt her grab my arm and groan,”don’t leave,” I slid next to her and wrapped my arm around her waist. In a few minutes I drifted off to sleep.

Two months. that’s how long it was after that day. Me and FUBAR have been sitting on the couch in her workshop. Tony trusted her more now she was working on as many projects as him. Which meant I had less time to spend with her. One day she told me I couldn’t show up for a while and I was upset. I loved watching her work, the way she forgets that anyone’s around and how she even begins to understand all those tools is beyond me. All the jokes and the way she mumbles to herself make my day. Now I couldn’t be near her. What did I do wrong?

Your .P.O.V.

I felt really bad about kicking Bucky out, but the parts for his arm came in and I want it to be a surprise. Since I couldn’t let him into the workshop I stopped by his place upstairs. I was about knock on the door to his room when Steve walked by,”(Y/N) what are you doing here,”he asked. I leaned in,”I don’t want Bucky to see his new arm so I said he couldn’t come to the workshop, but that doesn’t mean that I cant have lunch with him right,” I was whispering so Bucky couldn’t hear. “oh, okay, go on in. Be warned he hasn’t come out of his room all day,” then Steve walked off.

When I opened the door I saw Bucky lying face first on his bed with FUBAR on top of him.  FUBAR jumped off of Bucky and started pawing at my legs,”good to see you too,” I scratched behind his ear. As soon as Bucky heard my voice he shot up and looked at me,”what are you doing here,” he ran to grab the bags from Mrs.Torelli out of my hands. “I felt bad about not letting you in, so until you’re allowed back I thought I’d eat lunch with you,” I held up the lunch I packed. He smiled and moved over on his bed,“I’d like that.”

And I kept my word. I ate lunch with Bucky everyday for 3 months. One day I burst into Bucky’s room, he wasn’t there, so I ran into the kitchen. Steve, Bucky, and anyone watching looked really confused. I grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him towards the elevator FUBAR close behind. “woah, (Y/N), slow down,” he almost tripped over the steps to the elevator. “sorry, I’m just excited,” and with that the doors close. When the doors opened I led him to the doors out side the shop door,”close your eyes,” I was smiling like an idiot. he rolled his eyes, but closed them. “Now open them,” his eyes grew wide. In front of him was a black arm made of titanium (mixed with the smallest bit of vibrainum because that shit is expensive),”Tony did all the tech work but don’t worry I made sure he didn’t go overboard. and the final product was a NIGHTMARE to weld, but it’s worth it.” He just stood there,”It’s….it’s, amazing, you made this,” he was walking closer and I was getting nervous. I admit I have feelings for Bucky but, I don’t want to rush him, he’s been through so much, he should be ready. “yeah, now lets get this baby on you, and don’t worry, you can actually take this one off if you want,” I moved away because it was getting a little too much for me. I pulled out a seat,”come on,” I patted the chair. He sat down and I put the sleeve on him. Once the arm was on I took a step back,”I’m good,” I said while nodding my head slowly. He tried moving it but it barely budged. My smile faltered,”don’t worry, it takes some getting used to, I’ll help you.” he looked a little happier after I’d said that. He crouched down and let FUBAR sniff his arm,”what do you think buddy,” he then scratched under his collar. FUBAR just barked happily, I guess we were both happy to see Bucky smiling .

Bucky’s P.O.V

Trying to get my new arm to cooperate with the rest of my body was difficult, frustrating even. It’s been 7 months and I can barely hold a knife let alone use it. “THIS IS POINTLESS,” I yelled. “relax, how about we walk FUBAR huh,”(Y/N) suggested. I’m surprised she still believes in me It’s been a year, how is she not sick of me? I reluctantly agreed and kept the arm on for once.

One thing I like about (Y/N) is that she always has a joke or comeback, which came in handy today. “Hey buddy what are you doing,” some man yelled at me. I raised my eyebrow,”what are you talking about,” my head tilted to the side slightly. “ The girl,” he replied like it was obvious. “What are you talking about,” I was still confused. “Why are you near her, she’s black and you’re white,” he had the most punch-able face in that moment. I was about to say something but (Y/N) beat me to it,”it’s not the 1960′s or earlier he can hang out with me if he wants,” She grabbed me by the arm and we started to leave. He yelled,”yeah, walk away, all of you do. All of you are fucking disgusting. I bet your mom is a fucking broke slut like everyone else. I hope the KKK hangs all of you,” I knew what he was doing. (Y/N) stopped in her tracks. I was about to say something but she turned around and stalked over to him. If people thought my ‘murder strut’ was bad they should see hers. She grabbed him by the shirt,”say one more thing, I dare you,” Her teeth were gritted and she was staring holes into his eyes. I think this guy had a death wish because he kept on talking,”what, you’re gonna sit on me? I know you’re soft, won’t even hurt a fly. Bet a bitch like you is probably used to being the one under a man,” He smirked. That did it, especially with what happened to (Y/N) a while a go. Me and anyone watching knew he was screwed and no one stopped (Y/N). She brought her face closer,”everyone has a dark side,” I swear her eyes turned pitch black. I’m going to spare you the details but that guy’s gonna look like a walking mummy. I just stood there mouth open, this girl won’t even kill a roach but has no problem putting a guy in the hospital. She walked up next to me,”no one talks about my mom like that,” I got that message loud and clear.

I got more control over my arm, even to the point where I decided to wear it around everyone else. Tony’s birthday was coming up soon and we all know how Tony gets about celebrations especially if it’s about him. I would go if (Y/N) went, of course, I’m not gonna tell Tony that.

Your P.O.V

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” I shouted and placed a small cake in front of Mr. Stark. “Thanks, (Y/N). I assume you’ll be at the party after work,” he laughed. “sure, but don’t expect anything too fancy out of me,” I smiled.

Mr. Stark is known to have crazy party’s and this one is no acceptation. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Bucky in a black leather jacket and jeans. “hey (Y/N), some party huh,” he ran his hand through his hair. “Yeah, it’s pretty-,”I cut myself off because I recognized a certain face. Bucky looked where I was ,”(Y/N), Is someone bothering you,” he asked. I snapped out of my trance,”no, hey where’s FUBAR,” I quickly changed the subject. He pointed towards an empty corner. I smiled “I know what that means and I don’t think you’re talking about the dog,” I moved closer. He looked at me,”no, it’s more about the one he’s assigned to, it’s pretty true,” He was getting closer. “I think he needs a more accurate name then,” we were millimeters away from each other now. We just stood there, all one of us had to do was close the gap and that year of unknown affection would end. But we were interrupted.

Him. I froze. “(Y/N), long time no see,” he had a cocky grin that I wanted to punch repeatedly. Bucky noticed how I was acting,”(Y/N), do you know this guy,” he looked concerned. He budded in,”of course she does, now I need to talk to her alone.” I moved closer to the corner FUBAR was in. I felt my body tense up but I refused to let any one see me cry.

So I ran.

I was in an empty hallway and I broke down. I started sobbing. Hy breath was getting caught in my throat. I was shaking like crazy. With every second going by it was getting harder to breathe. I hate this. I hate that one man can make me break down to points I’ve never experienced. I felt so helpless. Bucky found me and pulled me into his arms,”you’re okay, you’re okay,” he pulled me closer to his chest. After my breathing got back to normal he wiped my tears. He looked at me, “(Y/N), is he the guy,” he asked. I just nodded. His jaw clenched,”wait here,” he spoke through gritted teeth. I was sitting in the corner with FUBAR’s head in my lap when he came back. Except he wasn’t alone,”what the hell Buck,” Steve yelled. I poked my head around the corner, Steve, Mr. Stark, Black Widow, and Falcon were all staring at Bucky. He just rolled his eyes,”you didn’t let me get a good punch in,” He looked over to where I was. Mr. Stark noticed,”what are you looking at.” Bucky got defensive,”nothing.” Mr. Stark turned the corner to see my tear stained faced sat in the corner with a giant service dog in my lap. He looked extremely confused,”(Y/N), happened,” he had a look of pity on his face. Before I could answer Bucky said,”he happened,” and explained. Next thing I know, he is being pinned against the wall by an Iron man hand and they all take a swing at him, Bucky puts a little extra power in his though. He offered his hand to pull me up and I took it. He puts his arm around my waist,“no one does that to you,” He smirked, I laughed at the obvious reference to the incident a couple of weeks ago. He rubbed the back of his neck,”you can leave if you want, it’s understandable.” he looked a little upset. “I think I’ll stay, Why pass up a Stark party right,”I smiled. His eyes lit up and we walked back into the party.

It was actually fun when I went back in. I got to meet the rest of the Avengers and I think they liked me especially when most of the guest left and it was just us. I let out a yawn and rested my head on Bucky’s shoulder as Thor told one of his Asguardan battle stories. When all was said and done I said my goodbyes and left.

Bucky’s P.O.V

“Tell her how you feel Buck,” Steve said after (Y/N) left. “I will when the time is right,” I replied. He rolled his eyes,”it’s been a year, since you met her.” Of course everyone started getting involved. “If you don’t tell her I will,” Tony budded in. Steve joined the conversation again,”just, don’t wait too long,” Natasha comes in,”it’s obvious she likes you, what’s holding you back.” I sighed,”I’m scared and clueless okay. I don’t know what will happen when or if I ask her out and I’m worried that she’ll be a target to anyone trying to kill me,” that was valid right. Natasha spoke,”fate will be the judge of that, just go with it.” I knew I had to tell her eventually, “okay.”

A couple of days later I walked into her workshop. She stopped working and smiled at me,”Hey, this is a surprise,” she gave me a hug. I rubbed the back of my neck nervously,”can I talk to you for a second,” I stared at the floor. Her smile fell,”sure, I got time,” she said. I was so nervous I started talking really fast,”Ireallylikeyouand-,” she cut me off. “I can’t understand what you’re saying, slow down,”she laughed. I took a deep breath,”I really like you and I have for about as long as we’ve known each other. It’s okay if you don’t like me back or if you’re not ready.” She put her arms around my neck and I stopped talking. We paused for a second but I closed the gap. The kiss had a year of built up emotions poured into it and was better than anything I had imagined. When we pulled away she said,”what happens now.” I pulled her into my hip and kissed her on the cheek,“lets find out, doll,” I smirked. Tony and Steve walked in,”finally,”Tony yelled. “took you long enough,”Steve patted me on the back. Me and (Y/N) just laughed.

This was going to be good, I know it.

Big prayer request!

Alright. So, it’s time for me to be open about something that I haven’t mentioned to any of my close Christian friends. I’ve honestly been feeling so ashamed that I was afraid that I’d disappoint them. I’m writing this on here to ask for strength and healing during this time.

Well, here it is.

So, about a month ago my boyfriend, let’s call him Blake,and I broke up. Our break up tore me apart. 1. Because I thought he was the one that God picked out for me, and 2. Because I made some bad decisions in our relationship that I deeply regret. When I was about 12 or 13, I promised myself I’d stay pure until marriage. Now, here I am at 19 and during my relationship with Blake, I had premarital sex with him.

Yes. I know. The Bible says multiple times NOT to do this. Believe me. I’m having a really hard time forgiving myself right now, and I can’t even begin to explain how dirty and worthless I feel. I know what I did was wrong, and I wish that I could take it back. I really really do.

I loved Blake. A lot. So when we ended, I was destroyed. Still am. I didn’t realize it, but in the back of my mind, I had been holding on to the hope that we would get back together. Why? Because things didn’t end badly between us. He wanted to end things because he felt a strain on his relationship with God. He’d felt so before we started dating. I know a lot of you are going to think that this is a lie coming from him, but I know him well enough to know he isn’t lying. He’s never lied to me before, and I know he really cared about me, so I have no reason not to trust him. The other night, we were talking, and I got my heart broken all over again. He had asked me if I found anyone nice. When I told him no, he said “well you will”. He doesn’t want to get back together. So yeah…

The funny thing is, it was actually an answer to prayer. Just not in the way I expected it. I had been praying that he would draw near to God again. He had been drinking once in a while, plus our sexual sin, so I really wanted us to come together in Christ and repent. So in a way, it worked out. He seems to be a lot better, and we’ve been praying for each other. A small shred of me still hopes that we’ll get back together, but I’m really trying to focus on God right now, and not worry about that. Because if it’s really meant to be, God will work it out in His perfect timing.

Right now, all I ask of y'all is to pray hard for me. I’m being heavily attacked by the devil, and he is filling my head with all sorts of bad thoughts about myself. Nasty, worthless, wasted, slut, unforgivable, disgusting, dirty, used. These are all things that have filled my mind, and I really need prayer for strength and self-forgiveness. I would really appreciate lots of prayers right now.

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Good Girl Ch 37: Our Future Together

“I slept with Jiyong.”

All the silverware clatters on to the table while we all look around confused at the words that just spilled out of her mouth.

“Where the bloody hell did that come from?” Yoongi slams his hands down on the table in anger and confusion. The rest of us just stare at my best friend completely dumbstruck.

She shrugs, “We were talking about our weekend and that’s how mine went.” All eyes on shift to me next waiting for some kind of reaction but I honestly don’t know how to react. Sure, I feel a little betrayed that Jiyong would confess to me then sleep with my best friend but he owes me no loyalty. I’m technically in a committed relationship with twelve men, men that I love with all my heart but still there is a prick in my chest at this news.

“How did that happen?” I finally choke out after a minute.

Jihyo is surprised by my casual follow up question, “I, um, left your room hoping to find you “”`in the living room. Instead I find Jiyong shirtless and one thing led to the next and bam, we’re having sex on his kitchen counter.” Hoseok is choking on his lunch while the others stare at her with distaste.

“Okay children lets go,” Joonie stands up with his tray in his hands but only Yoongi and Hoseok follow. The other three seem far too interested on where this conversation could go, not that I blame them, I’m very interested as well. “I said up,” Joonie kicks their chairs, getting their full attention quickly. “You pervy boys should go back to class and finish your homework, we are going to be out late tonight.”

The youngers nod and grab their things to head back to class but not before I catch Kookie by his shirt, “Kookie-ya.”

I watch the others go ahead as he turns to look at me, “Yea Noona?”

“What are you guys doing this afternoon?” I wonder thinking back to what I heard under the table about them finding out more about Block B.

He shifts uncomfortably under my stare, “Noona, you know you aren’t supposed to ask about stuff like that.”

I sigh, my curiosity is killed, “Nevermind then, go to class like a good boy.”

The nervous boy rushes away and I turn back to Jihyo. “So do you think it’s going anywhere?”

She sighs as she pushes her food around on her plate with her chopsticks, “Nope.”

“Why not?”

She stops and looks up into my eyes, “There are a few reasons, first being that there was this interesting thing that happened during sex where he-“

I stop her before things can get too weird, “I have to see him tomorrow I don’t need to know about his kinks.”

“Stop being so dirty minded, he didn’t do anything kinky he just, um, he called me Beautiful.”

I try not to think much of it and laugh, “Jihyo, you don’t like him because he told you were beautiful? Seriously?”

She rolls her eyes at me, “He didn’t tell me I was beautiful, he called me Beautiful.” We sit there in silence for a minute before I open my mouth to brush it off like it’s not what she’s thinking but she knows me too well. “Don’t you dare say it’s just some nickname he uses on all girls. I asked around and most girls are lucky to get him to look in their direction, I can’t imagine what they would have to do to get him to call them a nice nickname like that.”

“You asked around?”

“Well I asked Daesung and Seungri oppa, Youngbae oppa could barely look at me after he walked in on us during the act.”

I can’t help but laugh at that, “Youngbae walked in on you? That’s hilarious!”

Jihyo joins me in grinning, “He was so dumbstruck, it was kind of cute.” After a solid five minutes of us laughing and making fun of poor Youngbae we quiet down shifting into a more serious mood.

“Number 2?” I wonder.

“We aren’t really compatible.”

I frown, “You guys are exactly a like, how are you not compatible?”

“We are too much alike, we are looking for them same thing in a person.”

“I’m still confused. If you’re looking for the same thing in a person you guys should fit perfectly. What’s the problem?”

She sighs, “The problem is that we aren’t what we are looking for.”

“Oh,” I nod in understanding, feeling like an idiot for not realizing it earlier.

“Yea, oh,” She sighs again, “We are both too dominate for each other. I mean sure, it makes for awesome sex but not a relationship. We want someone who is soft, sweet, maybe with a little fiest but someone who is warm. Someone to come home to after a stressful day of work and have them cooing and loving all over you. Someone like you.”

I gulp at her words, “Me?”

She nods, “We talked about it after. You are our ideal type.”

“Are you hitting on me?”

“When am I not? Seriously though, when things are done with those oppas of yours me, you, and the hot dragon are going to get a three way marriage so you can’t run away from us.”

I stare at her dumbstruck, “Jihyo, you guys did not have this conversation.” I burry my hands in my face in embarrassment.

“We sure did. After I graduate high school and college we will move into his penthouse or where ever he lives at the time. I’ll start up my own company while Jiyong oppa continues with his. We will both work long days, come home tired and crabby, and be welcomed by your sweet face and a home cooked meal. He has dogs but if you want kids we can adopt or something, whatever you prefer. I mean sure, we might have very dramatic fights about who gets your attention first or more but I can live with that.”

“Oh my god.”

“I think that would be a very interesting relationship,” She grins as she looks off into space to picture it.

“Don’t you dare be thinking of anything nasty!” I swat at her.

“But my love,” She teases.

“Did he say that one too?”

She grins, “My little lion. So brave and so cute with your mess of curls.” She ruffles my hair.

“So do you think you’ll see him again?”

“Since he figured out the way to your little heart is threw me, yes.”

“I mean sexually.”

“God I hope so,” She bites her lip at the memory, “He was very impressive”

I cover my ears like a child, “Nothing like that!”

“Next time you can come along, now that would be fucking amazing.”

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Its funny how Baek does alot of dirty thungs to Sehun. Like well, asstouching. Sehun doesnt mind. Most of the times. Is he used to it orrr????? Cuz i've noticed that













Too Kind To Soon

Originally posted by sourwolffangirl

Requested by anonymous:

“Hi dear! Would you be able to do a Brett talbot imagine where the reader is his girlfriend, and when theo comes into town she is adamant on giving him a chance to Brett’s dismay. Eventually, they have a fight and she goes to theo for comfort. But he hands her over to the dread doctors and then Brett comes and saves her and its all fluffy and all that good stuff? (I literally just ranted I’m sorry!!!)”

Warnings: Violence, fluff, swearing

Note: Babe never apologise for ranting/giving detailed requests! xx

“Are you sure you’re ok?” 

“Babe, for the last time. I’m fine.” Brett laughed. Your forehead creased, clearly not buying what he was trying to sell you. Brett smiled softly at you, he found your constant worrying secretly adorable.

“Look.” He spoke, moving away from your hold to lift up his lacrosse jersey exposing his abdomen. You traced your fingertips across his tanned skin, finding no trace of any injury. If you hadn’t seen him bleeding on the floor of a club two nights before you would never have believed that he’d been hurt at all.

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a variety of Willam-isms from her YouTube channel and collabs
NOTE: profanity, sex, vulgarity, overall buffoonery, fleek overload

  1. “My vision for you is just a fresh-faced college girl.”
  2. “There’s a dead spider on it! It’s so cool it’s like a fossil!”
  3. “The first thing I’m gonna do is clean my hands.”
  4. “Have you seen that movie ‘Frozen’? You’re gonna look nothing like that.”
  5. “I met a white Dwayne last night and I was like…I met three other Dwayne’s and none of them were white.”
  6. “It’s so much fun to get high at Ikea just because there’s so much possibilities.”
  7. “This looks like I know what I’m doing.”
  8. “The blue lets you know you’ll suck it, the pink lets you know you’ll swallow.”
  9. “You could totally like charge money…for babysitting.”
  10. “You kinda look like a WWE diva.”
  11. “It looks like she has a full-time career at being awful.”
  12. “That’s why you get shit done because you’re straight.”
  13. “It’s definitely like Adele’s bleached out whorey little sister.”
  14. “Pretend you’re trying to be sexy coz you need a ride to go somewhere.”
  15. “I only have three nails painted.”
  16. “I don’t mind getting dirty. I love being dirty.”
  17. “I just have good cheekbones. The rest of my face is total man.”
  18. “She’ll only bottom if there’s a scented candle.”
  19. “I look like the cartoon version of you because it’s pretty.”
  20. “We need that on! I look like a man!”
  21. “It’s gonna get messy. That’s what I say in bed.”
  22. “This is why people block you on Twitter.”
  23. “You’re gonna do well in jail.”
  24. “Good mornting! Fourscore and seven whores ago.”
  25. “I was a door bitch when you were the queen of the scene.”
  26. “Leap year is good for the skin.”
  27. “I wasn’t aware of my own douchebaggery. Now I am and I love it.”
  28. “I remember doing the alphabet with my tongue while eating a woman out.”
  29. “Ooohh Elsa’s grown up and she’s back. The reckoning. She bringin’ the ice, part two.”
  30. “I ate horse in Japan. My Little Pony up in my mouth.”
  31. “I treat my body like Gandhi Monday through Friday and then like a French gutter Saturday and Sunday.”
  32. “I just do shots. Mixers make you fat.”
  33. “It’s the year of the fist!”
  34. “That’s what happens when you do drugs and lock me in the room.”
  35. “Fuck a bow! I’ll put a bow on a dick.”
  36. “You were supposed to bring the lube. You’re the bottom!”
  37. “I’m kind of a poet like Maya Angelou.”
  38. “I could be the witty best friend of a really hot guy.”
  39. “He doesn’t love you. He wants to fuck you.”
  40. “If you don’t love yourself…something RuPaul says.”

Fandom: One Piece

Ship: LawLu - for the 10 Days of LawLu: Day 6, H for Hoodie

Prompt: Someone once asked him: “Why do you like Law’s hoodies so much? You have your own. You could take your crew’s. But you chose him.”
The answer wasn’t really the one expected.

Warning: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, a bit of angst too, painful memories

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“Wearing this again?” Law said as he glanced at Luffy, who had just left his room.

Luffy replied with a grin, letting out a slight “shishishishishi!” betraying his joy.  The Heart Pirate twitched a smile, and softly kissed him on the lips.

“Still, you should change. I wore this hoodie for a while, it’s not that clean.”

Luffy genuinely looked at him with a combination of shock and amusement.

“I like wearing it.”

Law shrugged. It wasn’t as if he could tell the Straw Hat Captain how to behave, anyway. If he wanted to do something, that was it. No turning back. He decided he liked wearing Law’s hoodies, and even if Law did mind, it wouldn’t change anything.

Mugiwara no Luffy was wearing his hoodies, end of story.

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You know, I’ve been thinking about centaurs and how breastfeeding works, as you do. Wouldn’t a centaur woman have two pairs of breasts, one on the front and one in the back? So this came to mind:

Personally, the one in the back makes more sense; picking a baby horse up if you’re that height would be very difficult, and I feel like baby centaurs would be running around far sooner than a normal baby would, so why even pick them up in the first place. The back is easier access. But it would be really hard to swivel a human head around to get in there; horse udders are not like cows– they don’t dangle and are hard to access.


Twenty-four (Exo Fanfic) Chapter 1- Breaking News


“EunJi….It’s over” I heard those words leave from his lips. I felt my heart ache as my throat lock out the oxygen that I could breathe in. I could feel the tears in my eyes beginning to make their appearance. I couldn’t move a single muscle in my body as I watch him walk away.

Why did he break up with me?

Was I not enough for him?

“Wait!!!” I called after him. I sprinted into a run as I clutched onto his blazer. “Why are you breaking up with me?” I asked him. I really wanted to know his reason.

“You were just a toy to play with.” He responded. “You didn’t think I would actually like you….Hahaha.” he started to laugh as he hold his stomach. I bowed my head, to fight the tears off.

“No one would ever date you.” His words played in my head like a cd that is scratched and the only thing it could play is that one part on repeat. I watched him walk away from me again.

I turned the opposite direction of the way he went as I made my way home. The clouds rumbled of thunder as the rain poured down like cats and dogs. It was a good thing the rain was pouring as I could cry my eyes out and no one would notice it. What was more sucky about my day was not having an umbrella.

I slowly arrived to a bus stop. Sitting on the bench, I waited for the bus to come. I happy that no one was around yet but I knew that it was bitter sweet until a group of guys came to the stop. They all had the same school uniform. They were from a different school then I was.

I could hear their conversation but I wasn’t really paying attention to them. I didn’t realized that I started making the noises I make when I was crying. It was between a hiccup and a sobbing sound.

“Miss… are you alright?” A guy voice asked. I looked up to see see a bronze skin guy sitting next to me. I hiccup sobbed again as I looked at him and his friends. They were probably thinking I was crazy.

Sniffing a couple of time. “This is the worst day ever. First I forget my text books at home…then I didn’t have enough money to buy lunch….It started raining and I don’t have my umbrella with me and my now ex boyfriend just threw me away like a dirty tissue. He said I was only a toy” I said, taking more sniffs and hiccup. “Like what in his right mind would he do that. Do you know?” Asking him.

“Uhhh….” he scratch the back of his neck.

“Of course not… your not him.” I cried. I wasn’t for sure why I was spilling my feeling out to them but it sure in hell felt good to let it out.

One of his friends pulled out a tissue and hand it to him so he could give it to me. I kindly took it him as hiccup sobbed came.

“I’m sorry, I just told this all on you.” I told them. “I’m really am sorry”

“Its okay…it’s not every day you run into a beautiful girl thats crying her eyes out.” The guy said giving a small smile. “I’m Jongin but you can call me Kai, these are my friends Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O, and Sehun. He pointed out each guy and I bowed to each one.

“Hello, I’m EunJi” I told them. The bus pulled up and I stood up. “It was nice to meet you all… I’ll be going.” I quickly got on the bus and wave to them. They were nice, I wouldn’t mind to have them as friends. 


I opened the front door and called out to my mom. “Mom, I’m home!!!” I threw my backpack on the floor and took my shoes off. I could smell the delicious pastry that she was cooking for her work. Since she is a pastry chef and owns her own bakery. I picked up a cupcake on the platter and licked the icing off my finger.

“Yah!! EunJi that is for the bakery!!” She yelled over her shoulder. It was scary that she knew that I took her food. It was like she had eyes in the back of her head.

“This is so good Ma” I moaned as I took another bite out of it. She turned around and smiled. She came over to wrap her arms around me. He embrace was comforting. It was like she knew I had a rough day. I hiccuped and sniffed. 

She pulled back. “Why is my baby crying?” She asked wiping the tears from my face. 

“I forgot my text book this morning, I couldn’t buy lunch because I didn’t have enough money so I didn’t eat, YoungBin broke up with me and when it was raining, I didn’t have an umbrella. This was the worst day ever” I cried into my mom’s shoulder. She pulled me closer and rubbed my back to comfort me.

“My poor baby. You did have a bad day and for YoungBin, you don’t need him. There’s will be other boys that will come around. So don’t cry sweetie. I’m sure their will be another boy that will cherish you more then anything.” she said. I knew she was right. She was my mom after all. 

She gave me a small smile and handed me a plate of my favorite sugar cookies. I took them and kissed my mom cheek as a thank you and headed to get my backpack to head to my bedroom.

 *Three Months Later*

Its been three months since that day. I been never better. I focused on my school work then anything and hanged out with my best friend Sora. My mom been dating this guy, who been coming to her bakery for a while now.

Those guys, I haven’t seen them since then. I was curious to when I would see them.

Chewing on my lips as I tapped the pencil on the desk. I tried to figure out this math problem. “EunJi!!! Can you come down please!!!!”

I heard my mom call for me from down stairs. I sighed as I set the pencil down and rolled the chair back. I headed down the stairs.

“Ma?” Calling out to her. “In the living room baby” she called back to me.

Walking into the room, I saw my mom and Juro sitting on the couch. I quickly sat on the other couch to face them.

“Sweetie, Juro and I are getting married…. and we are going to Seoul to live with him. So you will be going to a new school. MinSeok will take over the bakery over here and I’ll be opening a new bakery there.” My mom broke the news. I was thrilled that my mom was getting married but I didn’t want to move to Seoul. We were perfectly fine here.

“I’m so happy for you guys!!” I said giving my mom and Juro a hug. I was trying my best to hide my true feelings about moving. “I can’t wait to be a real family.” Juro pulled my mom and I into a group hug.

When we separated, I excused myself to finish my homework before going out to celebrate. Shutting the door behind me, I got my phone out and dialed Sora.


“Yah!!! We got an emergency!!”

“Emergency? Wae?”

“Juro popped the question and now my mom and I are moving to Seoul to live with him.”

“Omg he really did. I’m so happy for your mom. But yeah… thats is really an emergency. I don’t want my best friend to move away.” She sound really depressed as I was about it.

“Well Seoul is thirty minutes away so its not like I can’t visit on weekends…..Who knows you might like it over there and meet Mr. Right.”

“Sora, you know Im not into dating right now. I want to focus on school.”

“Uh huh, will see about that. Hey I gotta go, my mom calling me. Bye.”

“Bye” I hanged up and set the phone on the desk and went back to finishing my homework. I was lucky that I got done in time to go out to eat with my mom and Juro. When we got home again, I got ready for bed and slept until next morning.

Chapter 2 —->

This is My Rape Testimony

Ever wonder why victims of rape don’t go forward with pressing charges? Well I had always wondered this, until it happened to me. It was a hot and muggy August day. I woke up excited because I was getting my hair done, and for all you girls out there, you know how exciting this is. I also had my last workout of the summer at the gym I had been going to. I went to the hair salon and spent probably a good 2 hours there. I had been texting one of my close friends the whole time, who had just started her new job in the city. It was a Wednesday. She was going out after work for sips at the uptown beer garden, and I had made plans to go down to the city and meet her after I got my hair done. It was around 5 o’clock when my hair was finished, and my mom came to pick me up. I felt pretty and decided I definitely had to go out because I had just gotten my hair done. I asked my mom to drop me off at the 69th street terminal so that I could take the El right into the city to meet M. Of course my mom drops me off and says “Remember, text me when you get there, who you are with, when you are coming home, and how AND don’t drink too much!” I replied back just by saying yea ok mom I won’t forget! I get on the EL and head down to the city. It was around 6:30 when I got there—still light out. The uptown beer garden was packed, but it did not take me long to find M. M, her friend C and I started drinking, and we thought “hey let’s just start chugging our drinks, and ordering 3 at a time” And that is what we did. We were having ourselves a ball. Eventually we decided to go back to a hotel right across from city hall, where M’s work friends were staying. We started to drink again when we were there and around 9 o’clock we were deciding to go to a bar close by. This is where everything turns black. There’s a part of time where I just don’t remember up until I realized I was lost from my friends in the city by myself. I was texting and calling to find them, but just couldn’t make sense of anything, and neither could they, but I was determined to explore around the city until I found them. I am very familiar with the city and have been in this situation before so I didn’t really think anything of it.
I’m a very outgoing and talkative person if I do say so myself. Usually this isn’t a problem, but August 17, 2016, my friendliness got me into a bit of trouble. A man approached me, probably in his mid-40’s or 50’s. He was wearing a Phillies hat. A black man probably the same height as me. He had facial hair. We started talking and he was being very friendly so I just told him that I was looking for some friends. Then things started to get a bit weird. I will spare most of the details for you, but he eventually led me down an alley where he then forced his penis into my vagina. I was raped. Luckily I was eventually able to get away and by the Grace of God there was an uber 1 minute away that I was able to get in right away at the place where I ran to. My head was spinning. I was confused. I was in denial. I had no idea what to do.

I ended up ubering to my friend B’s house. I probably got there around midnight. I cried and cried and cried to her. She hugged me and just let me cry. Eventually, she drove me home where I went right to sleep, hoping I would wake up and it would all just be some crazy nightmare. I woke up the next morning, wearing exactly what I was wearing the day before. My mom was downstairs in the kitchen making breakfast, and I walked downstairs and just started bawling my eyes out, apologizing to my mom when I saw her. I told her what had happened and she just hugged me and cried with me. Eventually I calmed down and I told her that I didn’t want any police involvement and I didn’t want to go to the hospital. Long story short, we decided that was what I had to do. I spent half of August 18th in the hospital, and the other half, in the SVU department of Philadelphia speaking with detectives. Telling every little detail that I could remember of what had happened, close to 10 times. It was by far one of the hardest, most exhausting days of my life. Flash forward a month or so, I get another call from the detective. They had found someone matching the description I gave 6 times that night on camera. They needed me to come into the SVU again and look at a photo array. This is a lineup of 6 photos they showed me, in which I were to identify if any of them were the man who had assaulted me. I ended up identifying him, which made it possible for them to get a warrant for his arrest.

Now after this, I just waited and waited to hear from them. One day I decided to call and ask for an update on my case. The Detective said that she was actually just about to call me because they had to bring me in for more questioning. Probably the last thing I needed at that time. I went back in for more questioning and waited and waited. I ended up forgetting about all of it for a little. Besides the nightmares and flashbacks I was able to convince myself that I am ok. I had been wondering when I would get an update, and if they had even done anything. I really had no idea what was going on. Eventually in the beginning of February, 2017 I received a call saying that they had arrested the man. I felt an immediate sense of relief, but the more I thought about it, I realized this meant I had to face him in court. The day came where I received my witness subpoena in the mail. The court date was set for February 23, 2017, a day I will never forget. We got there at 10:30 and waited until my case was called around 2 to go into the courtroom. I saw many girls there for the same reason as I was. Everyone had tear filled eyes, but there was still a strong sense of bravery radiating off of every girl sharing their testimonies. Facing this man in the court room, and having to be re victimized was sickening. Testifying was the hardest and worst thing I ever had to do in my life by far. This is the reason why girls don’t end up pressing charges and testifying. It all comes down to he said she said. And that is exactly what happened. The judge discharged the case for burden of proof that I did not consent. I did all of this for nothing. Had to face this man again, had to feel him staring at me as I was up on the stand, had to be cross examined and almost forced to believe that it was my fault this happened, all for nothing. The criminal justice system had failed me.

How do I feel most days? I feel dirty, worthless, alone, confused, overwhelmed, damaged, unlovable, scared, stupid. Did I deserve this? I know that God didn’t make this happen to me, but why me? Why anyone? Why are people like this? Why are there bad people? Where is God? When will I forget? Will I forget? I know I am doing the right thing by reporting it but why is the right thing so hard to do?

These questions, plus hundreds more constantly cross my mind. Some days I wake up and have to call my mom to ask if something bad happened to me because it doesn’t seem real. Nightmares and flashbacks have become a part of my life. I smile and act goofy on the outside, but inside by body is quivering in fear and broken heartedness.
This attack is now a part of my life. I know that it is not who I am and I am not defined by this but I am a victim of rape. I have been trying to run from it and pretend like it never happened the past few months, numbing myself to life, but the reality is that it did happen. And I think that is what my recovery depends on. Realizing that it did happen, and facing it. This chapter must be in my story book for some reason, and one day I hope that God shines his light upon its purpose, or the road leading me to help others in similar situations in the future. I think that another important step I need to make towards my recovery, is facing Jesus and inviting him back into my life. When I am feeling the weight of evil, remembering that He promised us good. He will help me to fear no evil, and he will walk with me through this storm.

There is a Bible verse that I have been thinking of a lot recently, and that is “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you. For I will be with you” (Isaiah 43:2). Just a reminder that no matter what struggle you are going through, whether it is something small, something large, or something in between, God is with us always. He will help us get through these deep waters. He will help us to be brave and do hard things every day of our lives. He promised us good, and he will make sure good is what we get. Easier said than done, and trust me, it has been extremely difficult for me, but all we have to do is open our hearts to him and ask.

I still question myself everyday wondering if I had said or done something differently would any of this have happened? Would my case have been discharged and all of the charges dropped? But in the end I have to remind myself that I did all that I could. I was as brave as I could have ever been, and I told the truth. At least I know the truth and I want the rest of the world to know the truth and how the criminal justice system has failed me, along with so many other girls.


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This is really bad but I’ve had this idea that Newt is pretty innocent and naive. Anyways, enjoy this awkward conversation between the reader and Newt

Taking subbmissions and suggestions! 


Newt leaned back against a tree as he watched you work your magic with one of his many creatures. You had gotten quite popular amongst them, (maybe because you sneaked them treats constantly) and Newt liked it, a lot.

“We are like parents,” he declared suddenly, smiling proudly of his own conclusion.

“Yeah?” you asked and turned to look at him. You released the empty bucket and walked over to him, wrapping your arms around his waist. He was just dressed in brown pants and a not-so-white-anymore button up. He had rolled his sleeves up, showing off his toned arms. “Why’s that?”

“Because we take care of our creatures together,” he stated, looking very confident in himself. You liked that look on him. “And I already call myself mummy so you have to be the Daddy.”

“Do I now?” you scoffed, holding your laughter. Damn your dirty mind. “Are you going to call me Daddy then?”

“No?” Newt questioned with a frown. “Why would I do that? You’re not my father. You are the love of my life.”

You shook lightly with held in laughter and you hid your face against his shoulder, pretending to be embarrassed of the situation. How far could you take this joke?

“But parents call each other mummy and daddy when talking to their babies,” you said and bit your lip to contain laughter.

“Yeah you might be right.” Newt sounded distant, like he did when he was thinking or focusing really hard. “Should I call you Daddy then?”

You couldn’t hold it anymore and burst out laughing. You hugged his confused form closer, laughing down into his neck.

“Did I say something..?” Newt asked, a confused frown appearing on his face. “Oi, are you alright?”

You released him in order to slide down to the floor, still laughing. He crouched down on his knees next to you and frowned, putting a hand on your forehead. Slowly your laugh turned to sporadic giggles and you finally opened your teary eyes to look at him. He was looking confused and just mildly terrified.

“You’re so cute,” you giggled and reached up to put a hand on his cheek.

“I still don’t understand,” he said, sounding dejected. “Should I call you Daddy or not?”

You started to laugh at him yet again.