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Title: Comforting
A/N: This was a prompt from @sandersidestrash1! Hope you like it!!
Also, this has not been proofread thoroughly by any means and I’m kinda nervous about that buuuuut ehhhhhh my mind is currently in stranger things at the moment I’m not good for muuuuch

Virgil laid on the sofa in the commons room, headphones up and eyes shut as he tried to catch a few z’s to make up for the night before. It’d been rough for the past few nights, what with nightmares and memories to keep him awake, so Virgil didn’t sleep much.  But, it seemed fate was against him when he felt someone’s presence behind himself.

Opening his eyes slowly, Virgil saw Logan standing just off to the side with his arms behind himself.  Strange…

“Log’n…what’re you doin’?” Virgil said, groggily making his way into a sitting position.

“I have noticed that the past few nights have not been easy for you, and thought it would be best to try to assist you in some way,” Logan said, bouncing on the heels of his feet.  “So, I found that one of the ways you may be able to calm yourself would be a “comfort kit.””

“A comfort kit?” Virgil repeated, brows furrowed together.

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Best Of Me - Taehyung Version

Summary: Proposal. Marriage. A year or two then a baby. (But something gets mixed up) THE FLUFFIEST FLUFF YOU’LL EVER READ.

Best Of Me - Series - 3/7

Word Count: 2905

Originally posted by cyyphr

“And the award goes to…” Everyone held their breath, the silence killing them as the presenter for the award carefully opened up the envelope. A smile was on the presenters face, they had to be doing on this purpose, the anticipation was killing the whole crowd. With a deep breath, turning the envelope around, the presenter yelled, “B.T.S!” The crowd erupted into cheers, while the boys did their group hug before walking up onto stage.

You sat amongst the crowd, sitting with other celebrities. Eyes glued on your handsome boyfriend, Taehyung, as he took the stage accepting the award. Dressed in a suit and a bow tie, he looked dashing as ever.

Excitement took over your body as you patiently awaited their acceptance speech as the fans quieted down. But one thing you weren’t expecting tonight was when Taehyung called out your name.



“Oh good you’re all here.” Taehyung unlaced his shoes and set them aside by the door. None of the boys paid attention to him as they were too busy scrolling through their phones and lounging on the couches while watching nonsense on TV. “Can we all talk?” His voice came out shaky, his body was trembling but it needed to be done. This seemed to have caught their attention, as Jungkook turned the volume on the TV down and their phones went black.

“What’s up?” Namjoon fiddled with his ear as Taehyung walked in front of them all, like he was giving an important presentation to decide if he passed or failed a class.

With a deep breath yet shaky breath, Taehyung spoke up. “It’s about Y/N.”

“What about her?” Yoongi said right away, without skipping a beat.

“Well,” Taehyung cupped the back of his neck and rubbed it out of nervousness. He gave a faint smile before taking it back, and not showing any emotion.

“Tae we don’t have all day.” An annoyed Yoongi stared at him, he felt the lasers coming out of his eyes and burning holes in his body.

“Right,” Another deep breath was taken, before it finally came out, “I can’t be Y/N’s boyfriend anymore.”

If you dropped a pin the room, it would be the equivalent to the TV sound being at 100.

“You’re not serious, right?” Hoseok was the first one to say something, a little scoff escaping his mouth. When nothing came out of Taehyung’s mouth, Hoseok licked his lips and turned his head to the side, shaking his head. “He’s serious.” He whispered underneath his breath.

“What the fuck Tae?” Namjoon’s angered could be seen by just looking at him. “You’ve been with her for three years, how could you all of a sudden not want to be with her!”

“I’m with Joon on this.” Jungkook chimed in. He was laying on his stomach on the floor, looking up to Taehyung. “There better be a good explanation on why you don’t want to be with her.”

“It better not be the shit explanation of ‘Oh I’m always busy and on tour and schedules’ and blah blah blah.” Jin mocked him, while rolling his eyes and then looking at the younger boy. “Please tell me that wasn’t your explanation.”

The room grew louder as they were talking over one another, and Taehyung hasn’t said a word to them yet. They were defending you, he was expecting that of them. They love you just as much as he loves you.

“Tae why are you breaking up with her?” Jimin’s question brought Taehyung out of his thoughts and back to reality. The room fell silent again, and it was Taehyung’s turn to speak.

Taehyung reached into his pocket to grab the small yet valuable item he picked up today, he didn’t take it out just yet. “I can’t be her boyfriend anymore.” He repeated again, and before the boys could say anything he pulled the item out of his pocket. A black velvet box, and he opened it up to reveal an elegant and simple engagement ring. “Because, I want to be her husband.” He sheepishly grinned as he watched their faces light up.

Hoseok started screaming, as the guys stood on their feet at the speed of light, crowding Taehyung looking at the ring. “Is this what you were doing today?” Jin asked while examining the ring. Taehyung nodded, the nervousness was still with him. He couldn’t believe that this was actually happening.

Namjoon slapped his arm and Taehyung glared at him. “Don’t fucking scare us like that again.” Then Namjoon placed his hand on Taehyung’s bicep and looked down at the ring. “It fits her so well.”

“When are you going to propose?” Even Yoongi was getting soft in this situation.

Taehyung let out a little chuckle before scanning the room as they all locked their eyes on him, waiting for his response. “About that,” his boxy grin was shown, “I’m gonna need all of your guys’ help.”

*End of Flashback*


Which leads to him standing on stage in front of thousands of people, accepting the biggest award of the night with his 6 best friends next to him. While Namjoon was giving his speech, he patted his jacket to make sure the black box was still in his inside pocket, not wanting to forget the most important thing of the night.

“Thank you all so much!” Namjoon waved to the crowd, while they cheered. The boys all shifted over so Taehyung could make his way to microphone. He looked into the crowd as the cheering got louder, he smiled while looking at the ground for a split second. He then looked back up, licked his lips, and finally found the words to speak.

“Just like Namjoon said, thank you to our fandom: Army, our company, our CEO, and the amount of love we receive from each and every one of you.” He took his mouth away from the mic to hear the crowd, and to think about his next words in a quick break. “I would also like to thank our families who never stopped believing in us, and I would like to thank my wonderful girlfriend of three years, Y/N.” He pointed a finger towards your direction and soon enough, a camera was on you and you were on the big screen with a smile on your face.

“I don’t know what you guys think, but I think she should come on stage right now.” Your eyes went wide and you waved your hands in front of you telling him you were fine in your spot at their table. As soon as those words left his mouth though, a man was by your side escorting you up the stairs to the stage. The rest of the group went a few feet behind you and Taehyung so the spotlight was on you two and this special moment.

“This girl right here, keeps me grounded, makes me smile, keeps me calm in stressful situations, and she is the best thing to come home to after a tour or a long day.” He looked at you and grabbed both of your hands in his before talking again. “As some of you may know our anniversary was two days ago.” You both heard the crowd go ‘aw’, as you shared a slight smile with him. “I wanted to do something special, but I couldn’t as I was here practicing for our performance, and getting ready for tonight.” You nodded your head at the crowd agreeing with his words.

“She is the most understanding woman in the world, and that’s one of the many reasons why I love her.” You mouthed ‘I love you too’ back to him, as his thumbs rubbed your hands. “I still want to do something special for our anniversary.” The crowd started screaming louder. What could he possibly plan right now for your anniversary? “And that something special, is right now.” He let go of your hands, as his right hand reached into his inside pocket of his jacket and pulled out a black velvet box. Your hands flew to your mouth, as he got down on one knee in front of thousands of fans, in front of cameras, and on live TV. He opened the small box to reveal the most stunning engagement ring you’ve ever seen.

“Will you marry me Y/N?” You heard it perfectly even though his voice wasn’t  being projected through the mic and throughout the whole building. It was a moment meant for you two, and as the tears fell down your face you nodded your head and said yes. He leaped up from the ground and leaned in to kiss you. When he backed away, he wiped the tears off your face as you laughed. Grabbing your left hand, he placed the ring on your finger, and it slid on perfectly. Once it was on, you turned to the crowd and and lifted up your left arm and the screaming was the loudest you’ve ever heard it.

Taehyung then picked you up by the waist and spun you around, then placing another kiss on your lips. The rest of the members came to surround you guys in a group hug, and before you guys got ushered off, Taehyung said in the mic, “Thank you everyone, and give a round of applause for the soon to be Mrs. Kim.”


“Kim Taehyung!” You pushed your hands against his chest and shoved him lightly as you entered their dressing room. He grabbed both of your hands in his and placed light kisses on them.


“I was not expecting that!” You were still flustered from what just happened. “You proposed to me on live TV!”

“Sure did!” He winked at you. “I had to let everyone watching know that you will be mine for the rest of my life.” He wrapped his arms around your waist as your hands settled on his chest, your foreheads leaning against each other.

“I love you.” You whispered, as your half lidded eyes stared at his features.

“And I love you too, future Mrs. Kim.”


The surprise proposal took the internet, and every news station by storm the following morning and it didn’t slow down for months. You got to rewatch your proposal almost everyday, along with seeing fan pictures and professional pictures of the special moment. Sometimes Tae would walk in on you, smiling to yourself as you relived the moment, and he would join you too.

You didn’t even know where to begin to plan for a wedding. So when you and Taehyung met with a wedding planner, you scheduled your wedding to be a year and a half later from when Tae proposed to you. You both agreed to only have close friends and family to the ceremony, but the reception was a different story as you both wanted to have a great yet wild night.


“I’m home!” Setting the bags down from shopping with your bridesmaids, your mother and Tae’s mother, you see your excited fiance run out of the bedroom.

“How was your day?” He said breathless.

“Well,” You kissed his cheek and let out a sigh. “I said yes to the dress!” His lips crashed onto yours as you both smiled into the kiss.

“The wedding will be here before you know it princess.”


And he was right. Because you’re both in different hotel rooms, the night before your wedding. Pacing back and forth around your empty room, chewing your thumb nail you glanced over at the chair that held a present for Tae. Your friends telling you that you can’t see him until tomorrow otherwise you’ll have bad luck, but your heart and mind were both telling you that you needed to give him this gift.

That gave you the motivation to grab the gift off the chair and walk over to the next room. You opened the door and shut it quietly, Taehyung came out of the bathroom with a toothbrush in his mouth and saw that it was you. He shielded his eyes from seeing you and jumped back into the bathroom.

“Y/N what are you doing here?” He spoke over the running water. You then heard it stop and he was staying the bathroom not wanting to see you.

“Tae it’s fine you can come out.” You giggled as you held the gift behind your back.

“Isn’t that bad luck Y/N?”

“It’s more bad luck if you see me in my dress before the ceremony, and I’m not in my dress babe.” Shutting the bathroom light off he came out wearing a white t-shirt and black sweatpants. He stood by you with his hands in his pockets not moving. “Tae you should sit down.” You pointed your head towards the small couch he had in his room, and he did what you said.

“If you’re telling me that you don’t want to marry me, I swear to god Y/N…”

“Tae.” You cut him off as you bent down and placed a chaste kiss on his lips. “I want to marry you, I love you more than anything.”

He let out a deep breath, and you saw his leg twitching, shaking up and down from being so nervous. “I have a gift for you.” He looked up at you with a puzzled look on his face.

“If we were supposed to get each other gifts, I forgot, I’m sorry.” You laughed and placed a hand on his knee to calm him.

“No, Tae, hun, it was my idea to get you a gift.” He showed you his boxy grin while nodding his head. You pulled the box from behind your back which was wrapped in silver paper. You placed it on his lap, you clasped your hands behind your back and stood up straight with a little grin on your face.

“What is this?” He picked it up and examined it before looking up at you.

“I don’t know, you have to open it silly.” He ripped the paper off at an agonizingly slow speed, as your heart rate sky rocketed. He got through the tissue paper to reveal his first gift. A t-shirt that simply said ‘Future Dad’, and he gave you a chuckle while holding it up.

“I can wear this when we’re announcing that we’re having a child! I love it!” He was so oblivious that you wanted to scream ‘I’m pregnant!’ to him but you kept your mouth shut and watched him dig further. It revealed a picture frame that said ‘family’ on it, with no picture in it just yet. “You are already thinking of the future babe, I love it.”

“Tae.” He looked up at you, as you said his name softly.

“What?” He held onto his shirt and picture frame, one in each hand with the wrapping paper scattered on the floor.

“Think about it.” You said it quietly, and you saw the gears turning in his head.

“Think about… OH.” He grabbed the shirt again and held it up and saw the words again ‘Future Dad’. “OH.” Then he pointed at the picture frame. “OH MY GOD.” He jumped off the couch and stared at his gifts comprehending it all. “WE’RE PREGNANT?” He turned around to see you holding a picture of your ultrasound as you nodded your head.

His arms wrapped tightly around your waist as he picked you up. You placed both hands on his cheeks and placed a kiss on his lips. “We’re pregnant!” He said it over and over again like a mantra. When he placed you on the ground, he bent down and pulled your shirt up to reveal your stomach as he placed light, gentle kisses over it.


The wedding ceremony went beautifully, and now the wedding party was placed at the long table in front of everyone for the reception. Each person spoke, and it was Taehyung’s turn and you got to stare lovingly at your now husband as he made a speech.

“Today, I got to marry my beautiful best friend. She is the most amazing, talented, gifted woman I’ve ever known. On my worst days, she somehow makes them my best. She is a blessing and I can’t ever thank her enough.” He placed his hand on top of yours. “We’ve been waiting for this day to finally be here and it seemed like forever, but here we are Y/N, Mr and Mrs Kim.” You smiled at everyone in front of you.

“Y/N is always filled with surprises.” He bowed his head as he laughed a little. ‘Here it comes’ you thought. “Just last night, she came into my room and handed me this gift, and I just couldn’t quite figure out what she meant.” He handed you the mic as he loosened his tie, and undid his dress shirt to reveal the shirt you got him last night. “What does future dad mean?” And every person in the room started screaming as they put two and two together.

You stood up with your husband and placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned your head on it, watching as everyone was yelling and clapping at your announcement. Tae turned his head ever so slightly to whisper in your ear:

“Thank you for everything Y/N, for being you, for giving me a child, and for being my wife. You got the best me, I will never stop loving you.”


Request/Summary: Student gets drunk and Snape finds the happy, touchy, talkative, Gryffindor student roaming the halls.

Note: Sorry it took so long!! I had so much fun with this though! Keep the requests coming.

Originally posted by xpolyjuicepotion

“Look what we’ve got!” Fred and George said in unison as they walked closer to where you were sitting in the Gryffindor common room.

“Ooohhh you’ve got a bag. How naughty of you.” You said in a sarcastic tone, but you couldn’t help but wonder what they were up to now.

“Oh, it’s not just any bag,” Fred started.

“This bag has three Fire Whiskeys in it.” George finished his brothers sentence like usual.

You leaned off the couch, “Oohh? Are you two gonna share?”

“Of course!” The boys said.

The three of you began a drinking game and before you knew it you were quite drunk.

“Guys. I gotta pee, I’ll be back.” You said getting up unsteadily.

You walked out of the common room and down the dark halls of the castle. Being drunk, however, you got quite lost.

You kept walking for a bit but stopped when you heard footsteps coming down the corridor you were in. It was Professor Snape. You started to walk toward him to ask him where the bathrooms were but got dizzy and feel.

“Whoops a daisy!” You said standing back up with your arms in the air, but swaying.

“Ms. Y/L/N, what is wrong with you?” Snape asked already knowing the answer.

“I’m intoxication Professor Sir Snape.” You answered, your words slurring.

“I believe you mean intoxicated or drunk.” He said his eyes narrowing.

“Sshhhhh!! Don’t tell Professssor Sssnape.” You say your slurring getting worse.

“Y/N, I am Professor Snape. Come with me.” He said as he turned but you quickly put your arms around him.

“I didn’t notice before. I can’t believe Severus Snape came to rescue me!” You said in a gleeful tone hugging him.

“Get off.” He said pushing you away and practically dragging you along behind him.

You followed him to his classroom, he began to rummage through his cabinets.

“Professor? I need you to help me.” You said, accidentally knocking over a large box on one of the desks.

He stoped and walked over to you, he let out an annoyed sigh and started picking up the items you’d knocked off. After he finished he sat down in on of the desks and you sat beside him.

You reached out and started to card your fingers through his hair.

“What are you doing?” He said pulling away from your touch.

“I jus’ really like your hair.” You say smiling flirtatiously.

“Actually, y'know, I jus’ really like you.” You said scooting closer to Snape.

He abruptly stood up, “You don’t know me. You are just my student.” He said once again rummaging through his cabinets.

You quickly stood up and walked toward him, hugging him once again.

“Why are you doing that? Get off.” He said pushing you away.

“But your kinda handsome, in a mysterious hot villain kind of way.” You say staring up at the tall man a large smile plastered on your face.

His face turned into one of complete confusion. “Stop talking to me like that. I’m going to find you a sedative.” He said trying to get out of your grip.

“Let me go.” He said coolly but in a very commanding tone.

“How about no?” You said with a smile. “I’m kinda tired, and I still gotta pee. But I don’t want to leave you.”

“Why do I always get stuck with the touchy, happy students?” Snape asked rhetorically.

“Oh, I dunno, maybe ‘cuz you’re the cute professor.” You said swaying back and forth on your heels.

“Oh shut up.” Snape started, “You are clearly inhibited and have no idea what you are saying.”

“Oh sir, I know what I’m saying.” You try to wink but you epically fail.

Snape’s face changes to a look with slight concern. “Are you having a seizure?” He walked closer to you.

“What? No, I’m winking at you silly!” You say trying to wink at him again but once again, failing.

Snape sighed, “Well stop, you look like you’re having some sort of convulsion.”

You cross your arms and start to pout.

“What on earth is wrong now?” He questioned you.

“You don’t like me.” You say in a childish voice and sit down on the chair behind you, but miss and hit the floor quite hard.

“Owwww!” You start to tear up and Snape walks over to you, giving you a look of almost pity.

“I don’t like many people y/n. Now let’s get that nasty cut on your arm cleaned up you klutz.” He says as he helps you up and over to his desk.

He swiftly cleans your cut and heals it with some kind of smelly potion. You start to feel tired and as he’s standing in front of you examining your arm, you put your head against his chest.

“Whoa, you have a heart, I can hear it.” You say yawning.

“You need to go back to your dorm. You’re very tired and very drunk.” Snape said helping you off the desk.

“I don’t think I can make it back alone, can you help me please?” You ask him in a begging tone.

“You’re pathetic.” Snape said but walks over and leads the way down the halls.

You began crying and stop walking before you get to your hall.

“Oh now what?” Snape asks in an annoyed tone.

“I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean to bother you. And I’m pathetic. And I’m sorry you have to deal with me.” You sniffled.

“Ms. Y/N, pull yourself together. You will be fine, you are just intoxicated. It is my job to deal with students. You’re lucky I’m not going to take house points from you, since you probably won’t remember this I will let you off with a warning.” He pulls you along and finally you’re by your painting.

“See you later.” You call to Snape as you turn to go into your dorm.

Snape nods at you and offers a small smile.

You woke with a raging headache the next morning. You walked into your first class of the day: Advance Potions.

“Ms. Y/ L/N, I trust you aren’t ‘intoxication’ today.” Snape says in a taunting voice, “If you are, I may have to take points from Gryffindor.”

You felt your face get hot as you blushed from embarrassment, “No, sir, I’m quite sober.”

The Grocery Store: Bucky Barnes

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You drag Bucky along with you to the grocery store and he begins to truly appreciate (and question) the advancements in food of the 21st century.

The Grocery Store Masterlist

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

“But doooooll. I don’t wanna!” Bucky whined hanging off of your shared bed.

“James Buchanan Barnes you get dressed this instant! You’re going with me to the grocery store and that’s final!”

Bucky sat up and trudged his way to the closet picking our clothes and mumbled, “Yes ma’am.”

“That’s what I like to hear. And if you don’t complain throughout the whole thing, I may even give you a treat.”

Bucky whipped his head towards you with hopeful eyes. You gave him a wink and walked out of the room, “I’ll be waiting in the car!” Bucky had never gotten ready so fast.

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Love Triumphs Part 13: Friday Morning

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary:  AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“But we don’t want to leave Y/N.” Tom pouted as Gen stood in the hallway. “She was super nice. She played with us, we watched a movie, and Dad even ordered pizza. Can’t we stay one more day?” He begged.

Glancing at Gen, you waited to see how she would take it. They were her boys, her blood, and you were only the new girlfriend. “Well, maybe we could stay a little bit longer. That is, if Y/N doesn’t mind?” She asked, looking at you.

Even though you still had to pack for the convention you were leaving for tonight, you couldn’t say no to her. How would that look? Refusing to spend time with his ex and children. “Sure. I was just going to make myself some tea, would you like some?”

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The Riverdaily Rundown - 08/22/2017

Alright, mofos. This is about to be the worst rundown in the history of rundowns, partially because I feel really sick and partially because I feel so sick I don’t give a shit. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

One of the Riverdale writers uploaded a photo to their instagram stories, and the fandom is freaking out. I know what you’re thinking, when is the fandom not freaking out? I’d like to think that we’re pretty calm on every 2nd Tuesday of the month, but maybe that’s just me. 

No, but really, the fandom is freaking out for a legitimate (though miniscule) reason for once in its goddamn history of existence. The photo shows an array of items: a cellphone, a partially drunk water bottle, a really cool name tag, a pen that may have spent its time dwelling in a mouth, and a script. Guess which item the fandom is freaking out about:

A) cellphone

B) a partially drunk water bottle

C) a really cool name tag

D) a pen that may have spent its time dwelling in a mouth


E) a script

If your answer was anything other than “E” then you truly need to work on your comprehension and deduction skills. Bless.

Only a small part of the script is shown, and a lot of it is unintelligible without further context; however, several fans have already latched onto keys words and have sent the fandom into a frenzy. (x) @tfios-forever16

This hiatus has really done a number on us all, hasn’t it? 

Lili Reinhart is being Lili Reinhart again. Which pretty much means that Lili Reinhart is sleighing the game one reindeer at a time. (wow. that joke was funnier in my head. i’d erase it, but like i said in the beginning, i don’t give a shit)

Here’s a cute picture of Lili in Betty’s bedroom looking like an absolute cutie pie and being a total dweeb. (x) @riverdalelovee

@lilireinhart don’t worry, homie. That’s a compliment. 

Why are there so many men in her room? Probably because the patriarchy feels the need to inhabit every area that a woman tries to claim as her own! Or maybe just ‘cause they’re setting up some shit to film. Idk. Both seem pretty likely to me. 

(Pssst! That was a joke!)

Here’s a cute video clip of Lili doing things. I make that exact face when my mother says we ran out of ranch dressing. Right before I start sobbing uncontrollably, actually. (x) @sprousehartinvestigation

Wow. Look. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s LILI REINHART BEING A MEME QUEEN! 

Exhibit A) distorted photo of KJ captioned, “You’re grumpy today.” (x) @lilireinhart

Exhibit B) I don’t have any more exhibits. Isn’t one enough for you? I don’t get paid for this shit. The government doesn’t send me any checks to compile this content. Cut a girl some slack. Gosh.

Anyway, based off of this picture alone, I think that they should cast KJ as Jimmy Neutron if they ever make a live-action reboot. @nickelodeon do itttttttt. You know you want to!

Sprousehart fans, if you believe in God almighty, you might want to send a little thank you up to him, ‘cause he has been BLESSING Y’ALL! Straight up, y’all haven’t gotten this much content in wayyyyy too long. I felt your pain, kids. I prayed for us. I prayed for our sins. I prayed for a sign, signs, anything.

Here are your signs. 

Lili. With. Dog. (x) @sprouseharts

Cole. With. Same. Dog? (x) @rarecolesprouse

“Lili & Cole” + “Dog that is same Dog” = “Sprousehart + shared Dog?”

Update! That picture of Cole with a dog is an old picture! I was so sick, I didn’t even notice that his hair was a different color. I’d blame myself, but I’m bad at taking responsibility for things, so I’m going to blame the universe instead. At least we still got Puppo pictures!!!

Yeah, we went over this the other day when we got a few snippets of the top of the doggo’s head. Now, we have gotten full photos of Cole and Lili with more than a snippet of the dog. 

Look, I’m not all that excited ‘bout this. Okay? But that’s mostly ‘cause I’m allergic to dogs so I have a personal vendetta against them. You guys on the other hand? Y’all best be excited fo’ this shizniz. This is exciting af fo’ y’all and if ya don’t appreciate it? 

Murder. Whose murder? Who’s being murdered? Who’s murdering? Idk. I can’t say that much without possibly incriminating myself in the future. I plead the fifth. (Can I do that? Get me my ghost lawyer.)

When you hear the phrase, “Your hair looks like a glorious raven dove down and blessed your head by choosing it as its resting place for eternity,” are you offended or complimented? 

I believe it’s a compliment, and that is exactly what Cole Sprouse’s hair looks like in this photo he took with a fan. (x) @no1angxl

My question for you, Cole, is do you have to wash it or does it wash itself? Also, does it sleep perched atop your head as you try to sleep, or does it take flight into the deep midnight of the world, only to return as the dusty orange of the sun makes its way across the horizon? 

These are very important and serious questions. Please answer them so that I may finally write that thesis paper that nobody wants to hear and nobody asked for. Thank you.

Rumors, rumors everywhere. 

Rumors, rumors in the air. 

What is true and what is fake? 

Who knows? I baked a cake!

That’s my poem. Ur welcome for the A+ content. I will be adding that to my thesis as well. Send me MLA formatted essays analyzing it to receive no credit and zero acknowledgment!

Anyway, rumors are spreading around the fandom fast. One fan claims to have seen Lili and Cole holding hands and walking into the same hotel room. (x) @amab1060

Don’t ask me what I think. I’m a hopeless romantic, and I want everyone to be dating. I spent three years trying to convince my family that Pearl and Sandy Cheeks were going to get married. I am most definitely not a trustworthy source.

The only real trustworthy sources in this situation are Cole and Lili, so ask them. Or, y’know, don’t because its none of our business, and we really shouldn’t be sticking our noses into it any farther than we already have.

If they’re dating they’ll tell us when they want to (if they want to). If they’re not dating? Congratulations, guys. You are all officially candidates to date single Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart. 

How you like them apples, eh?


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We all love Cole (probably). We would all love to meet Cole (possibly). And I’m pretty sure we would all jump at any chance to get proof that we saw Cole (most likely). However, we probably shouldn’t be jumping for anything other than the 1984 Van Halen classic “Jump” in the car. Why? Death. You can’t jump for anything if you’re dead. (x) @gershwinn

Which doesn’t actually seem that bad if it gets me out of doing an intense (5) amount of jumping jacks.

Also, dudes, have you no soul? Just kidding, don’t feel bad about taking a picture, but like you probably shouldn’t. He’s a dude. A famous dude, sure. But a dude with dude emotions and dude rights to privacy. Let the dude dude in the comfort of his dude privacy, dude.

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anonymous asked:

Idk man like I get that Luke was pissed with the gods and had every right to be angry in which made him the perfect person to become and be Kronos but like are we also going to ignore how shitty he was for like making Percy beleive he had a friend or someone to look up to, be betrayed, turned his back on Annabeth when he promised her that they'd always be a family (and spent like his last literal moment of life asking if she loved him) luke was a shitty person just saying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anon, you have no idea how enraged you have made me over the past few hours. I’m going to let you know I’m pissed, I’m not going to hide it, why would I? You need to know just how angry I am, because that has literally driven me to writing this answer. Before I start with the topic of Luke Castellan in general, let’s get a few things out of the way. The first thing, is going to be debunking this absolutely horrid and stereotypical ask you sent me in the first place.

  • There’s no need in telling me Luke was an absolute imbecile when it came to his judgment skills, we all know he absolutely failed that test.
  • Not once on this blog have I ever said in my life, that what Luke did to Annabeth wasn’t shitty. It was so horrible, Luke and Annabeth’s relationship was manipulative. He knew she looked up to him and he used it against her and that’s not okay. But just because he was manipulating her, does not automatically rule out the fact that he couldn’t have been being manipulated himself.
  • PSA: Because I know I’m going to have to repeat myself, I’m not excusing his behavior. I’m looking at the bigger picture.
  • Lastly, saying Luke was a shitty person because he made Percy believe he was his friend, is a weak argument and wouldn’t make it very far in an actual debate on the grounds that: Percy knew Luke a total of like what, a week? Luke, more likely than not, knew Percy was the target from the very start and treated him like a friend on purpose. He was being manipulative for who? Oh, I think we all know that. And Percy was not nearly as blinded as Annabeth this early on. He got pissed off the second he figured out it was Luke and he stayed pissed off. Percy was fully aware of what Luke was doing and he wasn’t even a quarter as affected by Luke’s betrayal than Annabeth was.
  • And that last thing, about the love thing? I’m going to get to that at the very end when we get into Luke’s character, but feel free to scroll all the way down right now.

Right now though, we’re not going to talk about Luke right away, because we all know Luke! He was a spectacularly written character! We know him very well, but do you know someone that no one seems to pay attention to? The very cannibalistic, titan lord that was canonically labeled “The Wicked One” in this series.

(I’m putting this under a read more because it’s just that long, but my read more’s on asks haven’t been working lately, so I’m really sorry if you all get stuck with this long post on your dashboards.)

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A Good, Small Adventure

Fandom: TLoZ
Pairing: Link X Reader
Genre: fluff, action
Warnings: None


Being a princess of a small kingdom came at the price of usually being overruled by larger, older kingdoms. Not that you minded, of course. Most kingdoms were very courteous and didn’t mind your presence by them at all. Your favourite, however, was none other than the majestic land of Hyrule, ruled by the Princess Zelda.

Luckily for you, today, Hyrule had invited you by private invitation from the princess herself. She claimed to have been inviting her most valued allies, you included.

So, you were in a carriage, alongside your father, the king of your small kingdom, on the way to Hyrule. It was maybe a day at the most - if bokoblins decided to show up - spent traveling, but it was worth it. Hyrule was a grand land, with many small villages that sold the most unique items. You always enjoyed visiting them to buy things as gifts for your friends. However, this trip was strictly business.

“I wonder why the princess Zelda chose us…” you wondered aloud.
“Because the royal knight, Link, trusts us. She wrote to me separately, discussing how she only invited those with Link’s approval. After all, he will be fighting alongside us.”
“Yes, you remember him, correct?”
“How could I forget. He’s saved our kingdom more than once.”

Truth be told, your heart skipped the second his name rolled off your father’s tongue. You definitely would never forget those blue eyes. Link, the hero of Hyrule, was famous around every kingdom. He was truly a celebrity. However, he was bound only to Zelda from birth, and that simply could not be helped.

“I do not know why you took such a liking to that boy.” Your father sighed, “the boy hasn’t uttered one word since we met him three years ago.”
“Perhaps he is shy?”
“I think not, my precious. He must be used to the attention by now.”
“The perhaps he easily spills information and was forced to keep quiet to keep the dark secrets of Hyrule and its family under lock and key?” You joked.
“Don’t be so dense, [First].”
“I was only being humorous, father.”

The rest of the day was spent in the carriage, bickering with your father over the tiniest stain on your satin dress or the leaf that was stuck in the locks of your hair. He was very picky, especially when it came to meeting with the princess Zelda


The wind whipped your hair as you stood in front of Hyrule castle, soaking in its beauty. The sun had began to come down behind it, giving the whole structure a holy glow. You smiled and breathed in the air. Your father stepped out of the carriage behind you, also breathing in the refreshing Hylian air as he placed a large hand on your small shoulder.

“Remember, [First], power is not important, it is the wisdom of the powerful that is.” He said, then strode towards the main doors.

Once you got there, two guards bowed and moved to let you in. The castle was exactly how you remembered it - tall and beautifully decorated. You couldn’t take it all in, no matter how much you tried. In front of you stood a large staircase and at the top, two double doors which were shut and guarded. A woman suddenly rushed to your side.

“It’s lovely to meet you again.” She bowed.
“And you.” Your father smiled.
“Your majesty, the princess would like me to take you straight to your room. Princess [First], your highness, Princess Zelda would like to see you immediately in her quarters.”
“Of course.” You bowed, then wandered through the castle, trying to navigate through the winding halls to the Princess’ domain.

It seemed to be no use. You’d passed the same armour statue at least three times now and the painting of the Goddesses constructing the Triforce was simply getting on your nerves. As you passed the armour for the fourth time, there was a cough behind you. Startled, your turned to see the one and only hero, Link, standing graciously behind you.

“U-uh…” you stuttered, “I… have you been following me…?” You immediately felt bad as his face flushed red and his eyes widened at your accusation, “I’m trying,” you sighed, “to find Princess Zelda’s quarters. Can you show me?”

He nodded, composing himself before hastily walking up the hallway. You followed behind him, your dress beginning to cause some issues with how quickly you could keep up. He navigated through halls left and right before coming to two large wooden doors with a Triforce carved in the centre.

He knocked then entered. You followed, eyes landing on the Princess Zelda who stood at the top of the room, gazing out of the window.

“I see you both came.” Her voice was soft, sweet, and most definitely oozed royalty. She turned, blonde hair gently swishing as she did.
“Your highness,” you bowed.
“[First], there’s really no need for that.” She laughed, “are we not friends?”
“W-well.. if you think we’re friends then so do I.”

As she moved to take a seat in the large chair by her bed, Link moved towards the door. She only sighed, causing Link to turn as his hand gripped the door handle.

“Link, I called you here for a reason. Please come here.” She beckoned, “[First], how have you been?”
“I’ve been very well, and you?”
“Splendid. Though, I hear you’ve had a small bokoblin problem in your kingdom?”
“Oh, yes. Unfortunately one of our smaller villages was overrun with those monsters. Not even our best trained knights can seem to scare them away.”
“Why don’t you just kill them?”
“It’s… my father is against it.”
“Against it?”
“Yes… he’s not much into violence.”
“Then it’s a very good job I came up with this idea.”

She stood and you and Link parted so she could move to the desk in the centre of her room. Gracefully, she took out a piece of paper and a quill, then faced you and Link, a twinkle in her eye. You heard Link gulp next to you.

“Link, you’re going to escort [First] to her kingdom, take out all of the monsters, then escort her back here in time for the alliance meeting.”
“Y-your highness!” You shrieked, “you can’t be serious! L-Link is your personal knight, you can’t just give him to me!” You quickly bowed.
“It’s only for a day, [First],” she announced, amused, “besides, it’s not as if he does anything here. He’s usually asleep.” Her beautiful features scowled over at Link who chuckled nervously.
“A-re you certain?”
“Yes. Though, I will need you to sign this. It’s just in case either of you get hurt. It’s just to say you’re under my protection until you return.”

Shakily, you took the quill, watching as she placed the paper down, then signed next to her own signature. Link was next, taking the quill, fingers brushing against yours. He scribbled his name then returned the quill to Zelda, who only smiled in response.

“[First], why don’t you go and find your father? I believe there is a maid on her way here now. You may be able to catch her and she’ll take you to him.”

You listened to her, leaving the room. Zelda turned to Link, folding her arms and staring intensely at him.

“And you,” she began, authority taking over her previous gentle tone, “don’t spend tomorrow in silence. Talk to her. She doesn’t bite, though I’m sure you have figured that out.” She commanded and Link was nothing short of flabbergasted.
“O-of course, your highness.” He muttered, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.


The next morning you were awoken at the crack of dawn by a maid telling you Link was already waiting in the southern courtyard. You yawned a “thank you” and then proceeded to get ready, putting on your thinnest of dresses to make riding horseback somewhat bearable.

The maid was not lying, as when you arrived, Link was standing tending to two horses, a beautiful brown one and a coal black one. His sword was sheathed on his back alongside a heavy shield that had the Hyrulian crest on it. His blue shirt matched his eyes and caused his yellow hair to stand out amongst his pale skin.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting.” You apologised.
“It was no problem.”

Your heart stopped for a second. That was the first time he had ever spoken to you or even around you. His voice was smooth, and very soft, nothing like you had imagined. It had a boyish undertone, which matched the few sounds he would make when embarrassed or shocked.

“This is Epona, my steed.” He brushed the mane of the brown horse gently with his hand.

You slowly approached, coming to stroke the horse’s nose, which caused a satisfied neigh. You smiled up at the horse who nuzzled into you.

“She likes you.” Link smiled.
“She’s beautiful.”
“I know. She’s a real stunner. And that,” he pointed to the black horse, “is Malo. He’s got good stamina and will be able to take you there and back to your kingdom.” The long string of words seemed to take Link, himself, back in shock, as he began to trail off towards the end.

You moved to your horse for the day, stroking his mane and quietly thanking him in advance for his work. With haste, you mounted Malo and Link soon followed by mounting Epona.

“Your kingdom is to the south, correct?”
“Hm… oh, I almost forgot, Malo is a bit… timid… if something even slightly startles him, he’ll make a run for it, so just be careful.”
“Okay. Thank you for telling me.”

Then, you set off. The day begun as you travelled through the realms, taking in all of the beautiful sights of the lush fields surrounding you. Sometimes, Link would point out areas definitely worth a visit, such as Zora’s Domain, or Kakariko Village. He was, for the most part, quiet, but you suspected that it was just in his personality. You didn’t mind, however. Sometimes, you’d pipe up and talk for a while about the one time you saved a butterfly from drowning in your fountain, or about the time you made a 10ft long flower chain for the fun of it. Link would sometimes interject into your long stories, saying how it reminded him of his adventures around the area.

Your horses were patient, never going above a canter and always obeying to any command. You found Malo enjoyed the breeze on his ears, so you moved his mane so that whenever there was a breeze, it always hit his ears, never the hair around. Of course, you didn’t notice Link had noticed that, with a small smile plastered onto his face.


“Oh look!” You pointed to a large bird in the sky, “I’ve never seen one of those, what is it?”
“Go!” Link suddenly called.

The bird, turned out to be a Kargorok, which had the only intention of harming you and Link. Link already knew about these pesky skybound monsters, while you did not, so when he panicked and sent Epona into a full gallop, leaving you at the mercy of the giant bird in the sky, you also panicked. However, it was too late. The bird screeched, diving down, talons ready. You screamed and Malo reared up, front hooves leaving the ground, as he then galloped away. You, unable to control the horse, simply fell to the dirty ground, rolling in the mud. The world spun, your ears were ringing and the faint screech of the bird got louder. You ducked your head under your arms and prayed to god that it would leave you soon. Besides, Link had fled, as well.

There was a second loud, powerful neigh, and to looked up to see Link on Epona, who had also reared up, his sword up in the air, shield on his arm. Epona galloped towards you, Link swung his sword and the bird fell dead. Epona jumped over your trembling body, coming to a quick halt.

Link jumped off of his noble steed, rushing over to you and kneeling down. He discarded his sword and shield to the ground. His hands gently caressed your shoulders and you looked up into his face.

“Are you okay?” He asked gently, but with concern.
“I think so. Thank you… for saving me…”
“C'mon. We’re close to your kingdom, now.” He helped you stand, picked up his weapons, then looked around.
“The horse bolted.” You groaned.
“Oh… not a problem.”

He brought his hands up to his face, giving a loud, sharp whistle and within the next minute, Malo came galloping back. He immediately came over to you, nuzzling into your shoulder in apology.

“That was very rude.” You scolded the horse, “but you came back, so I suppose I can forgive you.”

You then mounted the horse, as Link made his way back to Epona and also got on. Then, together, you journeyed towards your Kingdom.


It was only mid day when you arrived at your kingdom. Many people approached, bowing to Link and thanking him for his service, while they asked you why you had returned. You simply told them that duty suddenly called, not wanting to tell them everything, as the king was not supposed to know. From there, you lead Link to the small forest in the in which the infested village lied. You stopped at the edge of the forest, telling Link to follow the path and he would find it. When he had disappeared amongst the trees, you dismounted Malo and turned to look at your kingdom.

The castle in which you lived hung above the small town and villages that stood in its vicinity. It was no Hyrule, definitely, but it was still a beautiful sight. Your kingdom’s flag flew high above the land, proudly. There was a quiet whisper from the main area, which was constantly busy with business and the like. To your right, there was a light babble of a small river which ran adjacent to your castle. The wind rustled the leaves, and left the entire area feeling so free.

Not long after, Link returned, covered in blood and mud, wielding his sword, but very much alive. You spun on the balls of your feet, gasping when you took him into your sights. He smiled.

“Are you alright?” It was your turn to ask him, now.
“I’m fine. I also finished the job. The people are safe to move back, now.”
“Thank you so much!” Tears welled in your eyes.

You couldn’t believe the overwhelming gratefulness that took over your body which was directed towards Link. After all, he’d just solved a very large problem for you. Around 100 people could go back home, which was a very substantial number for your kingdom. You couldn’t express your gratitude.

Link just put his sword and shield away, watching as you mounted Malo.


The skies had darkened a lot by the time you were almost back at Hyrule. You were close, but still quite far. The sun was already half sunken into the horizon and you’d already seen a few terrifying monsters in the distance.

“Are we going to make it in time?” You asked Link.
“I hope so.” He looked back at you and gave you a reassuring smile.
“I am not a fan of the dark.” You whispered.
“Oh really?” Link asked and you flushed.
“If it helps, nothing is going to harm you while I’m here. Though, I thought I already proved that to you.”

You looked down at your hands which gripped the reins of the horse and Link suddenly found interest in a tree that wasn’t too far in front.


It seemed luck really wasn’t on your side, as you still hadn’t even returned to a Hyrulian province and the sun had begun to set. Link was trying to be optimistic, telling you that he could see landmarks familiar to him which meant you weren’t far off.

An hour later and you were back in Hyrule, but a while away from the safety of Hyrule Castle. It was then, that two large Skelton Lizalfos jumped up from the ground right next to you, you gripped onto the reins of your horse, whipped him into gallop and followed Link in a panic.

“Okay, don’t panic!” Link shouted to you, “I need you to trust me, keep Malo in gallop and follow me! We can’t risk bumping into any more of those!”

You didn’t really have any choice but to agree, holding onto the reins for dear life as you followed Link. Soon, you could see the glow of Hyrule Castle and you knew you were almost safe. As soon as you were close enough, Link slowed down Epona and you slowed down Malo. It wasn’t long before you were finally putting the horses away, thanking them for their help.


After everything, you and Link went to see Zelda to report to her how everything went. She was not surprised to hear everything went smoothly and Link (as usual) had saved the day. You thanked her and Link over and over, unable to express your gratitude any further despite it being so much. You then left.

“How did you find it?” Zelda asked Link once more, now that they were alone.
“It was definitely an adventure.”
“I see.”
“I didn’t mean it negatively… it was a good adventure. A good, small adventure.”
“Okay, Link. I feel it’s best if you go and rest now. Tomorrow is a very important day.” Zelda chuckled.

Link made his way slowly to the door, all of his limbs hurting from the day-long outing. Just as he opened the door, he halted and Zelda looked up with a raised eyebrow. Link turned.

“Your highness?”
“Yes, Link?”
“Would it be possible… for me to see Princess [First] again… after her visit here?”
“Link, you may be my knight, but you are under no obligation to stay in Hyrule unless told otherwise.”

Her answer was nothing short of satisfactory for the hero, who left with a smile on his tired face.


The next day at the alliance meeting, you and Link stole many glances at each other, but neither of you knowing about them. Link, for some reason, wanted to do nothing but talk to you, however, you played a major role in the meeting, talking about how to strengthen alliances via shipping goods between kingdoms and having an annual day where all of the kingdoms celebrate their friendships with each other. Link hung onto all of your words during your speech. In that moment, you truly sounded like a ruler, and Princess Zelda herself complimented you about your speaking skills in front of the entire party.

You had been flustered, eyes searching for Link who stood with a smile that seemed to scream “I agree” as he looked at you. This only meant your face deepened in colour.

The day after the meeting, you finally headed back to your kingdom. However the journey was most certainly different, as Link escorted your carriage all the way back. He told you that it had something to do with wanting to get out more, but Zelda had whispered to you as you said farewell that “he just wants to see you more”.


In the months to come, you saw Link more and more as the battle against evil continued. You found yourself going on many good, small adventures with him, telling him about your childhood and listening to his.

It was in those moments that you truly felt alive.

You loved your good, short adventures with Link, and hoped they’d continue for eternity.

Caplan’s Christmas Challenge

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Chaos in the Pantheon (Part 6)

((A/N: Next chapter! This one is a bit chaotic. It’s also sort of long. The next is scheduled for tomorrow morning. It’s gonna be a doozy, if tonight’s doesn’t wreck you. And a huge thank you to @sketchbookthingz for the amazing Aesthetic!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes (Ares) x Reader

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: Death, violence, cursing.

Catch up!: Part 1// Part 2// Part 3// Part 4 // Part 5))

Well… almost the time to greet her. Aphrodite, as Sam explained, was not a woman willing to meet with just anyone. You were a mortal and she only interfered with mortals when it was to her benefit. Love, romance, and sex. There was so much more to such a goddess and now you were grateful for your mother’s own goddess. The goddess she knew deep down you’d never worship yourself but she had still prayed in your name.

The idea struck you, taking Bucky’s hand warmly, “Go to her, Bucky. I have to return to Earth and make sure my family is OK, and perhaps speaking with my mother will shed light. She is a follower of Aphrodite, after all.” You smiled weakly, concerned about Bucky’s willingness to ‘let’ you go. While he wasn’t in charge and certainly did not control you, he’d be worried. Earth had suffered an attack at the hands of the gods, and potentially Zeus himself. It was impossible for anyone to convince you to stay hidden.

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anonymous asked:

i didnt want to say this before but man.. Danny kind of.. sucks, at least in the heart of canon. i get that he's young and learns "Those Valuable Lessons" and but people dont acknowledge most of this douchebag's shitty antics cause he's a cute boy or whatever. although Danny has a very excellent premise for a character, he is sincere sometimes, but overall its not executed well. he falls into too many awful high school tropes

i guess im glad people are making use of his character premise by reading too closely than the show intended, or by making content of their own interpretations. but we cant ignore that he is quite a goddamned piece of hell shit who i fucking hate in the real show sometimes. i feel there’s just too much emphasis on a character and show that wasn’t well crafted and well managed to begin with. its kinda sad when all the hate is somehow directed towards other characters like Sam.

it feels like most people are praising him and the overall show for what they imagine it to be instead of what it actually is. srsly this awful goddamned fuckboy sells stuff garage lab items he aint supposed to just to buy some fucking clothes??? uses ghost powers to spy girls in their locker room?? he fuckin destroys ghost writer’s writing and then doesnt feel sorry about it just cause it’s christmas-related and he’s so pissy about it.

so.. yeah. i dont get why people think he’s literal kid Jesus and always wants to protect this little fucker. he puts himself in alot of mess. the “D” on his suit stands for “dick”, bc that’s what he is.  i want to beat him up sometimes


Normally, I delete all character hate on sight, because the point of my blog is to focus on the show’s strengths and how the weaknesses could’ve been done better. I get critical sometimes, but I like focusing on a characters’ strengths rather than their poor writing and garbage like that.

This was so long, detailed, and harsh that it’s really hard to ignore. Maybe I should. Stick to my guns and not let some anonymous rant change how I work. You came to me, though, so if you want to debate this, then alright. I’ll bite.

First off, who in the fandom is portraying Danny as a kid Jesus? Maybe it’s just the circles I’m familiar with, but one of the most reblogged posts that pops up in my notifications is one with a ton of additions arguing why Danny totally deserves to suffer. The majority of the fandom loves tormenting this kid. Even those that do say he needs to be protected never claim he has no flaws. Far from it. They just acknowledge he has it hard for a kid and he deserves a break sometimes.

Second, have you ever…met a 14 year old? As someone who spent most of his career life working with kids and who is the oldest of 5 (with one brother who’s turning 14 this November), lemme tell you that the main trio are saints for their age.

People talk about the terrible twos, but 14 year olds are so much worse. I’m not slamming them, because it makes sense. They’re in a tough transition period between childhood and adulthood. Adults tell them to act more mature, but refuse to acknowledge their voices in serious situations. Middle school and high school are cutthroat places, and one mistake can ruin the entirety of the four-six years you spend there. They’re pressured to get good grades or they’ll fail, they have to be part of the cool crowd or they’ll fail, and people are more likely to blame them for whatever goes wrong in their lives than anything that goes on around them.

Doesn’t change the fact that they can be little demons sometimes. With all the hormones and drama, young teenagers can be really emotional and make problems bigger than they seem. They can be harsh and judgmental, because that’s the environment they’re being exposed to. They need guidance, but they don’t want it. They argue with adults and to some, it seems like they want to make their own lives miserable. They can be tough to work with unless you’re willing to take them as seriously as they take themselves, and most people don’t want to bother.

There are shitty things Danny does in canon, but that’s true for literally every fourteen year old. And heck, are you telling me you didn’t do some ridiculously stupid stuff at that age? I actually stole money from my folks to buy something I wanted. My group of friends frequently set stuff on fire in their backyards. And fuck, nobody can prove Danny was spying on girls in the locker room. While I think the scene is shit and refuse to accept it as canon, all we see is Danny coming out of the locker room. He could’ve been just looking to see what it was like in there. Nothing says there were actually girls in there. But I’m so sick of talking about that shit scene, so I’m gonna leave it at that.

Danny has flaws. He can be selfish and petty and inconsiderate. But really? You wanna beat him up for that?

Are you forgetting that he canonically already does get beaten up every single episode? Whether it’s by ghosts, bullies, his own goddam parents, or whatever, getting beat up is something he’s familiar with.

The reason some fans cut him some slack is because, hey, yeah. He is a kid, and you know what? He’s entitled to be a dick sometimes. He loses sleep every night, almost dies on a daily basis, has his dreams ripped away from him often, and is picked on at school. Despite all of that, he still fights ghosts to keep his town safe, and he’s under no obligation to do that. He saves lives, even when people hate him for it. He puts himself in danger, even for those who are cruel to him. He tries to use his powers for the right reason more often than not, and he’ll take the high road against his bully because he feels like he shouldn’t stoop to his level.

We acknowledge that canon can be shit. We acknowledge that sometimes, Danny’s writing makes him out to be a dick. At the “heart of canon,” though, as you so eloquently put it, he’s the kid who risked his life for a little girl he barely knew that nobody else would miss. He’s the one who saves the lives of his own bully, the teacher who used to be so hard on him, and the parents he fully believes would cut him open if they knew what he was. He’s the one who could so easily be Vlad, but instead he tries his best to be a hero.

You’re under no obligation to like him, and you don’t have to ignore the shitty parts of canon like some of us do. I do it just because I enjoy thinking about what the show could’ve been, not what it was. You don’t have to do that, though.

But really, are you going to march into your nearest high school and beat the shit out of the first kid you see messing up? Seriously? You honestly think that the mistakes Danny makes outweigh the good he’s constantly trying to do enough that he deserves that? Even when he already gets beat up in every single episode already?

Well, fine. That’s your pessimistic opinion. It’s not fact, though. How many cartoons do you watch? You gonna beat up Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron, too? They can be right assholes. What about Jake Long? He’s a shallow, obnoxious, irresponsible kid a lot of the time. Sure, he’s just 13, but why should we show mercy to kids who mess up? Serena/Usagi from Sailor Moon? Yeah, let’s ignore all the people defending her and just focus on the fact that the show makes her a dumb kid who doesn’t have enough backbone to immediately become the savior of the galaxy. Come to think of it, where’s your rant about Dash Baxter? Or is he not popular enough for you to rag on?

Perfect characters aren’t the ones who are the most upstanding. They’re the ones who are realistic and flawed. So Danny sells his parents stuff. So he sneaked into the girls’ locker room. So he took out his anger on an innocent person.

I’m not saying any of those things weren’t wrong, what I’m saying is that kids make fucking mistakes. And sometimes, they’re huge ones. Sometimes, kids get curious and break into a house. Sometimes they get hungry at the store and shoplift. Sometimes they lie and cheat and make fun of each other. Sometimes they can be perverted little leaches.

So fucking what? We’ve all been there. We all need to learn and grow.

And seriously, if you’re going to be one of those people who gives Sam a break, don’t turn around and start criticizing Danny for the same shitty writing he sometimes gets. That hypocrisy is exactly why I so adamantly defend Sam.

I don’t know what you wanted to accomplish with these asks. Maybe you just wanted to vent. Maybe you were looking to stir up drama. Maybe you don’t know what you wanted and you just sent these asks randomly without any real reason.

Regardless of what you think, I’m still gonna enjoy my fucking fictional character, even if I don’t always agree with how he’s written. I relate to him, his struggles, and even his mistakes. You have fun ripping on characters people like because you don’t think they should be allowed to make mistakes, but let the rest of us have our fun, too. You’re not helping anyone with this, so maybe just fuck off, m’kay?

Being stupidly nice is kind of my thing, but I’m tired of putting up with this self righteous crap. Let characters fuck up. Let fans rewrite things they don’t like. Let people enjoy their fucking cartoon, because they aren’t hurting anyone. I’ve yet to find a single phan who considers the DP cartoon to be completely canon anyway. They enjoy it for the fan content or the few really spot on episodes. We’re already aware that there’s shitty stuff in there, and we don’t need you to tell us.

If I ever get any asks like this that rip on characters for stupid, petty reasons again, I’m deleting them on sight. That was my initial plan anyway, but I really needed to say my piece here.

Tumblr, maybe stop being such judgmental pieces of fucking shit, okay? You’ll accomplish nothing good by being so harsh toward anything that doesn’t fit your standard of “perfect.”

“Sway” (JakexMC Songfic)

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

Prompt: “Kitchen” (for ChoicesCreates), based off of the song, “Sway” by Dan + Shay

Summary: Jake wakes up in the middle of the night to find MC rummaging through the fridge. Dancing and a meaningful conversation ensues.

Warnings: Some sexually suggestive themes (nothing graphic, labeling just to be safe), lots of fluffy feels

*AUTHOR’S NOTE* -Hey, y’all! I hope you’re all doing fantastic! I just wanted to say thank you everyone who liked/reblogged/commented on my last fic, “Thinking of You.” It really meant a lot! And I also want to say thank you to those who sent me some sweet words of encouragement yesterday, when I was really feeling down. You guys are the absolute best! Anyway, this will be a 2 part songfic, with the 2nd part posted sometime this weekend. As always, feedback is definitely welcome! Let me know what you like, what you don’t!

As I said last week, thank you  @hollyashton for coming up with ChoicesCreate Carnival! It’s such a blast to do, and I love seeing how creative everyone in this fandom is! I’d also like to thank @choicesmyway for being the host this week!

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. They belong to Pixelberry. I just use them for my own creative pleasure. I hope you enjoy!

He knew her side of the bed was empty before he had even opened his eyes. Over the last three years he had gotten used to the feeling of her body against his. He had memorized every curve, every crease, and how they fit against him like pieces of a puzzle. There was once a time he had enjoyed waking up in a bed alone, but now he couldn’t even fathom the thought of not having her head on his chest, his arms wrapped tightly around her, her hand trailing over his back subconsciously when he was paralyzed  by a nightmare. To be without her like that would be unnatural.

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what i learned while setting up my baby registry
  • boy clothes: super cool, bright colors, cartoon characters and expressive animals (no "gentle" animals though), band t-shirts, neat shoes, sports, nerdy stuff, clothes with uplifting and inspiring quotes
  • girl clothes: a sea of pastel colors but no blues, almost all shirts have flared out waistlines, so many frills, very soft, lots of princesses and some baby animals, little to no shirts with quotes except about being pretty, no band or nerd or sports related clothes, JUST ALL THE PASTEL FLARED OUT SHIRTS
  • unisex clothes: there's like five things and they're boring, you'll have more luck finding clothes for your dog
  • cribs: there are like 5 different kinds and 500 of each, lol good luck
  • strollers: same as cribs, except some also include car seats/carriers and it's impossible to tell the difference
  • moniters and thermometers (and basically everything): only two reviews - one says it's the best thing ever, the other is a dire warning against buying it
  • swings: do you get what looks like one of the many different regular swings or the confusing "modern" one that looks exactly like those weird ass egg chairs in Men in Black???
  • breast pumps: you spend fifteen minutes wondering how different each one feels and suctions your boobs and come to no conclusion
  • crib comforter sets: sudden panic that you weren't aware that everyone in these pictures plans their kid's room around a comforter and nothing matches what you had in mind originally
  • safety items: oh god everything in your house is designed to kill babies, bubble wrap EVERYTHING
  • white noise machine: this little shit is getting a cheap ass fan and they will LIKE IT
  • baby food prep equipment: buy the stuff to be the mom you wanna be but probably will never use because you're exhausted
  • bath tub: they can use a laundry basket, it's basically the same thing
  • diaper bag: none of them will be anywhere near what you imagined, just go for the most practical and basic looking one and try not to be disappointed that there wasn't anything fandom related you nerd
Favourites - Jordan Fisher x Reader

Here’s a fluffy one-shot to get you through waiting for Work Comes Home - Part 6 because I haven’t started that yet!

Request: could I request a jordan fisher fic since he is in the ham cast now??? I haven’t seen many jordan fics about. Something fluffy with maybe some smut would be great but whatever idea you have in mind is cool too :)

Word Count: 1040ish

Author’s Note: I didn’t write smut, mostly because I don’t know if I want to write it yet, so we’ll see. I hope you like it! But I agree, Jordan does need more love in the fandom. Also, I’m Canadian so some spelling will be different, we like the extra u’s, but my computer gets mad at me if I don’t add them. Like perfectionist too so I don’t like seeing the red lines on documents.

Warnings: Fluff, light swearing

Masterlist || Request

You were unpacking boxes in your new apartment, with your favourite soundtrack playing in the background. Your boyfriend and you had just moved to New York City and into an apartment together. You were starting school in the fall and Jordan decided to see if he could land any theatre gigs over the next few months.

As you unpacked, Sora was watching you dance around the room and rap terribly along to the lyrics of the Aaron Burr, Sir. You were addressing the pug as if they were Aaron Burr. You’d dance from the box grabbing an item and before placing it on the shelf. As you were rapping along, you turned around to find Jordan staring at you from the entry way, trying to contain his laughter.  

“Sora!” you addressed the dog, “Apparently, our audience doesn’t enjoy our performance.” You glared slightly at Jordan. “Such a shame, I was going to ask him to join our impromptu rendition. Guess we’ll just turn it off.”

As you reached for the speakers’ remote, you hand was grabbed by Jordan as he started singing the upcoming Lauren’s section.

“I’m John Laurens in the place to be! Two pints of Sam Adams, but I’m workin’ on three, uh!” he spun you around as he continued to rapping. Giggling, you rapped Lafayette’s next lines as you continued to dance in Jordan’s arms around the living room.

Before My Shot started playing, you both collapsed onto the couch in laughter. Sora immediately jumping into Jordan’s lap to join. As you turned the volume down on the music, Jordan glanced over at you and said, “You’re really bad at rapping.”

“Excuse me?” you replied, “Sorry for not being involved in theatre and the arts since I was a child.”

He leaned over has placed a kiss on your forehead, “Don’t worry, I like that you’re smarter than me, Miss Law student.” You watched his eyes flicker between yours.

“Good,” you replied, satisfied with his answer, “You better remember that.” He let out a burst of laughter as he stood up, he offered you his hand to help you up.

“Come on,” he said “I’ve got a surprise.” He dragged you up from the couch and out the door within minutes.

“Hurry up, Y/N!” Jordan yelled as he dragged you through Times Square by the hand.

“Where are we even going?” you replied with sigh.

He looked over his shoulder with a grin and a spark in his eyes you haven’t seen since he got the casting call for Grease: Live, “You’ll love it!”

You had been jogging slightly behind him for over 12 blocks now. You let go of his hand and stopped to catch your breath.

“Y/N! What -” he said as he turned back to you.

“Jordan,” you said in between breaths, “You know exercise and I have a delicate relationship. I just need to breath for a second.”

You soon found yourself being lifted over his shoulder, upside down and staring at Jordan’s bum. There are worse things to look at in the world.

“Jordan!” you screamed, “What are you doing?”

“Obviously, I’m carrying my girlfriend the rest of the way,” he replied, as if it was common knowledge.

You glanced around and saw a few people passing by staring at the odd scene he was making.

“Please just put me down,” you started, “I promise I’ll walk with as much enthusiasm as you want, but right now people are staring. Probably at the fact my ass is being paraded around Manhattan.”

“Let them stare!” he shouted, “Your butt is covered by clothing and besides I like your bum,” you felt his hand on your butt, “A lot. It’s one of my favourites.”

“Oh my god!” you yelled, a blush flooding your face, “Put me down right now!”

“Fine,” he said as he lowered you in front of him, keeping his hands around your waist.

“That was very uncalled for,” you said as you look up at him with your arms around his shoulders.

“Maybe, but neither of us was complaining about the view,” he said with a grin, as his hand wandered dangerously lower.

You rolled your eyes and leaned up brushing your lips against his. Your eyes closing as you enjoyed the touch of his lips against yours. You let him take over the kiss with more dominance.  As you pulled back needing to catch your break, you rested your forehead against his, noses brushing together.

“Tell me,” you whispered quietly, “Why was I dragged, then carried, out of my cozy apartment all the way to 46th Street?”

“Right!” he said, excitement rushing back into his eyes, he looked behind you quickly, “Okay, on the count of three turn around.”

He tucked a fallen tendril of hair behind your ear, “One.”

His thumb caressed your cheek, “Two.”

His other hand intertwined his fingers with yours, “Three.”

You turned around to see the Hamilton marquee, golden with its lights shining bright.

“Jordan…” you started cautiously, feeling his hand squeeze yours as you said his name. You looked over your shoulder to see him smiling and nodding.

Letting off a rambling of incoherent excitement, you jumped towards him wrapping your arms around his shoulders. He catches you and lifts you up, you instinctively wrap your legs around him. His hands somehow found their way to his favourite physical attribute on your body.

As you look down at his face, your hair creates a curtain around you both. Absentmindedly, you run your fingers through his hair, settling to gently stroke the curls at the nape of his neck. “I’m so proud of you,” you whisper, placing a soft kiss on his lips.

He lowered you back down, “I wanted to tell you in the apartment, but you were singing, and this seemed like a bigger reveal,” he said.

“Despite my ass literally being hauled out here,” you said with a grin, “I agree, this was much better. So, what part?!”

He laughed, “You’re going to love this,” he said. You started to bounce on the balls of your feet with excitement, “John Laurens and Philip Hamilton.”

Again, you couldn’t contain your excitement as you spun around quickly, before grabbing his face in both hands and placing a kiss on his lips.

Missed Connections (Eggsy Unwin x Reader)

Fandom: Kingsman: The Secret Service
Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader
Word Count: 874
Summary: Reader is an enemy operative working against the Kingsman. Instead of killing Eggsy as she was assigned, she falls in love. Knowing this won’t last forever, the two of them say their goodbyes.
A/N: I don’t own anything and this was written at 2:00 am so this is more unedited than usual. Any errors are mine.
Warnings: Light descriptions of sex. 

You wake to the sound of breathing and an unfamiliar bed.

In the moment between sleep and waking, you tense your muscles; you always want to get a sense of the place before you open your eyes. You count your intuition as one of your best assets.

Nothing seems malicious.

Slowly, you open your eyes.

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Scared to Be Lonely

Dean Winchester x Reader

1500 Words

Story Summary: Still holding on to your relationship, you start to wonder if it’s past time to let go.

A/N: This is for @mamaredd123 and her Shred Some Hearts Challenge. My song was Scared to be Lonely by Martin Garrix. 

Warnings: Angst. 

The words bolded are the song lyrics

In the darkened room, you pulled your knees to your chest, your movements slow and careful as not to wake the sleeping man beside you. With your chest heavy, you laid your head on your knees, your tears silently traveling down your cheeks, you wondered where you had gone wrong.

Your relationship with Dean had been a slow burn. Heated glances, and stolen touches had turned into deep kisses, and nights spent wrapped in each other’s embraces. Dean had been everything you had ever wanted in a man, even if he didn’t believe it himself. He was sweet, and funny, and the greatest lover you had ever had. The things he could do with his mouth, it still made you blush even thinking about it.

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Perfectly Imperfect

Fandom: Gotham

Character: Edward Nygma

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: After finally taking the next step in your relationship, Ed accidentally tells you his darkest secret. You feel you should tell him the truth about your dark side too.

Warnings: Mild swearing, talk of murder

Word Count: 1185

Author’s Note: You’ll notice that I do give the reader a preset job in a lot of these, but they often change unless it’s a direct connection to another thing I’ve written, if you want the reader’s life to be more ambiguous though, let me know! This one was more vague, but it was still sort of implied that they work at the GCPD. 

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Title: Djinn

Characters: Sam, Reader, Dean

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1068

Warnings: Typical supernatural violence, heartbreak, slightly vulnerable!Dean, angst, small amount of fluff.

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing in first person and writing violence. So let me know what you guys think! :)

This hunt had been a hard one. We had thought that there was only one djinn, but it turned out that there were two. Dean being the arrogant person he is decided to go in before Sam and I got there. That’s when the djinn got ahold of him.

“Dean!” Sam shouted as we entered the warehouse. “Ok, we need to search every single room. No splitting up. We’ll be too vulnerable if the djinn finds us.” As we started looking through the rooms I started praying that we would find Dean and that he would be ok.

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300 Followers Celebration!!

You guys, I finally made it to 300 followers!!! Granted it was last night and is now 304, but I decided to wait to post since it was so late that way people would have a better chance to see it. I can’t believe it honestly! This is just so amazing and I am just so thankful and appreciative of all of you lovelies!!! Seriously, thank you so so much, all of you. This really means a lot to me that all of you guys, in some form or another actually want to witness my nonsense.

So to celebrate this milestone, I’m doing another challenge. The catch is, that instead of like before where you got prompts for yourselves, you all get to choose prompts that you want me to write. I love writing, and I don’t post my works nearly enough, so this seems like a win-win for everybody! :)

Instructions/Rules below:

1. Choose a ship (I’ll list some ships, feel free to suggest a new one if you don’t like the options. Ask box is always open and working so there shouldn’t be any issues with that if so let me know.)

2. Choose a phrase or an item that must be included (I’ll list some phrases, feel free to suggest a different one if you don’t like the options. Also if you’d prefer an item instead of a phrase then go ahead and just choose what you want to be included, I’m not sure what kind of items to list so that’s why I’m leaving it up to you.)

3. Start and end dates (Obviously, the challenge starts today- 10/2/17 and will continue anywhere from 2 days - 2 weeks, depending on how many fic requests I get, so for a listed official end date lets say- 10/16/17)

4. Fandom (Yes, it’s set in the Supernatural fandom again. Apologies to all of my fellow Harry Potter peeps, I promise you, next time you will get your own challenge.)

5. Asks (For each request you can only choose 1 ship and 1 phrase/item. However, if you’d like to, you are allowed to send in more than one request.)

6. Timezones (Don’t worry about sending it in too late/early in the day, I will write and respond as soon as I see it and will post as soon as I can.)

You don’t necessarily have to be following me, but since it is a Follower Celebration after all, it would be much appreciated if you were!

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nenya85  asked:

Prideshipping for the ship meme (Are you surprised?)

I apologize for the wait! Thank you for your patience! Though to be honest, this exercise is more for my own sake in building ideas and adding detail to these ships, and if other people happen to get something out of it, that’s only a bonus. (At some point I’ll be answering for Heartshipping too.)

And of course these are only my interpretations/opinions.

There are two ways Pride can be approached: either Seto makes visits to the Netherworld, or Atem through some means exists in the modern world. I’ll try to acknowledge the differences where appropriate in my answers.

I think Seto making routine trips to the Netherworld would be an alright choice for the couple. It’s intriguing how Seto is both so independent as a person and yet so co-dependent on Atem, but I think a long distance relationship would work out well for the two. Seto needs space but would understand he has someone who loves, desires, and supports him even as they’re physically apart. Likewise, I think Atem would be satisfied in what they share. I characterize Atem as more calm and at peace post-canon and I think he’s both loving and independent, and he’d cherish how deeply Seto feels for him and how they’ve both followed each other from the start.


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