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Chaos in the Pantheon (Part 6)

((A/N: Next chapter! This one is a bit chaotic. It’s also sort of long. The next is scheduled for tomorrow morning. It’s gonna be a doozy, if tonight’s doesn’t wreck you. And a huge thank you to @sketchbookthingz for the amazing Aesthetic!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes (Ares) x Reader

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: Death, violence, cursing.

Catch up!: Part 1// Part 2// Part 3// Part 4 // Part 5))

Well… almost the time to greet her. Aphrodite, as Sam explained, was not a woman willing to meet with just anyone. You were a mortal and she only interfered with mortals when it was to her benefit. Love, romance, and sex. There was so much more to such a goddess and now you were grateful for your mother’s own goddess. The goddess she knew deep down you’d never worship yourself but she had still prayed in your name.

The idea struck you, taking Bucky’s hand warmly, “Go to her, Bucky. I have to return to Earth and make sure my family is OK, and perhaps speaking with my mother will shed light. She is a follower of Aphrodite, after all.” You smiled weakly, concerned about Bucky’s willingness to ‘let’ you go. While he wasn’t in charge and certainly did not control you, he’d be worried. Earth had suffered an attack at the hands of the gods, and potentially Zeus himself. It was impossible for anyone to convince you to stay hidden.

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Love Triumphs Part 13: Friday Morning

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary:  AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“But we don’t want to leave Y/N.” Tom pouted as Gen stood in the hallway. “She was super nice. She played with us, we watched a movie, and Dad even ordered pizza. Can’t we stay one more day?” He begged.

Glancing at Gen, you waited to see how she would take it. They were her boys, her blood, and you were only the new girlfriend. “Well, maybe we could stay a little bit longer. That is, if Y/N doesn’t mind?” She asked, looking at you.

Even though you still had to pack for the convention you were leaving for tonight, you couldn’t say no to her. How would that look? Refusing to spend time with his ex and children. “Sure. I was just going to make myself some tea, would you like some?”

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Request/Summary: Student gets drunk and Snape finds the happy, touchy, talkative, Gryffindor student roaming the halls.

Note: Sorry it took so long!! I had so much fun with this though! Keep the requests coming.

Originally posted by xpolyjuicepotion

“Look what we’ve got!” Fred and George said in unison as they walked closer to where you were sitting in the Gryffindor common room.

“Ooohhh you’ve got a bag. How naughty of you.” You said in a sarcastic tone, but you couldn’t help but wonder what they were up to now.

“Oh, it’s not just any bag,” Fred started.

“This bag has three Fire Whiskeys in it.” George finished his brothers sentence like usual.

You leaned off the couch, “Oohh? Are you two gonna share?”

“Of course!” The boys said.

The three of you began a drinking game and before you knew it you were quite drunk.

“Guys. I gotta pee, I’ll be back.” You said getting up unsteadily.

You walked out of the common room and down the dark halls of the castle. Being drunk, however, you got quite lost.

You kept walking for a bit but stopped when you heard footsteps coming down the corridor you were in. It was Professor Snape. You started to walk toward him to ask him where the bathrooms were but got dizzy and feel.

“Whoops a daisy!” You said standing back up with your arms in the air, but swaying.

“Ms. Y/L/N, what is wrong with you?” Snape asked already knowing the answer.

“I’m intoxication Professor Sir Snape.” You answered, your words slurring.

“I believe you mean intoxicated or drunk.” He said his eyes narrowing.

“Sshhhhh!! Don’t tell Professssor Sssnape.” You say your slurring getting worse.

“Y/N, I am Professor Snape. Come with me.” He said as he turned but you quickly put your arms around him.

“I didn’t notice before. I can’t believe Severus Snape came to rescue me!” You said in a gleeful tone hugging him.

“Get off.” He said pushing you away and practically dragging you along behind him.

You followed him to his classroom, he began to rummage through his cabinets.

“Professor? I need you to help me.” You said, accidentally knocking over a large box on one of the desks.

He stoped and walked over to you, he let out an annoyed sigh and started picking up the items you’d knocked off. After he finished he sat down in on of the desks and you sat beside him.

You reached out and started to card your fingers through his hair.

“What are you doing?” He said pulling away from your touch.

“I jus’ really like your hair.” You say smiling flirtatiously.

“Actually, y'know, I jus’ really like you.” You said scooting closer to Snape.

He abruptly stood up, “You don’t know me. You are just my student.” He said once again rummaging through his cabinets.

You quickly stood up and walked toward him, hugging him once again.

“Why are you doing that? Get off.” He said pushing you away.

“But your kinda handsome, in a mysterious hot villain kind of way.” You say staring up at the tall man a large smile plastered on your face.

His face turned into one of complete confusion. “Stop talking to me like that. I’m going to find you a sedative.” He said trying to get out of your grip.

“Let me go.” He said coolly but in a very commanding tone.

“How about no?” You said with a smile. “I’m kinda tired, and I still gotta pee. But I don’t want to leave you.”

“Why do I always get stuck with the touchy, happy students?” Snape asked rhetorically.

“Oh, I dunno, maybe ‘cuz you’re the cute professor.” You said swaying back and forth on your heels.

“Oh shut up.” Snape started, “You are clearly inhibited and have no idea what you are saying.”

“Oh sir, I know what I’m saying.” You try to wink but you epically fail.

Snape’s face changes to a look with slight concern. “Are you having a seizure?” He walked closer to you.

“What? No, I’m winking at you silly!” You say trying to wink at him again but once again, failing.

Snape sighed, “Well stop, you look like you’re having some sort of convulsion.”

You cross your arms and start to pout.

“What on earth is wrong now?” He questioned you.

“You don’t like me.” You say in a childish voice and sit down on the chair behind you, but miss and hit the floor quite hard.

“Owwww!” You start to tear up and Snape walks over to you, giving you a look of almost pity.

“I don’t like many people y/n. Now let’s get that nasty cut on your arm cleaned up you klutz.” He says as he helps you up and over to his desk.

He swiftly cleans your cut and heals it with some kind of smelly potion. You start to feel tired and as he’s standing in front of you examining your arm, you put your head against his chest.

“Whoa, you have a heart, I can hear it.” You say yawning.

“You need to go back to your dorm. You’re very tired and very drunk.” Snape said helping you off the desk.

“I don’t think I can make it back alone, can you help me please?” You ask him in a begging tone.

“You’re pathetic.” Snape said but walks over and leads the way down the halls.

You began crying and stop walking before you get to your hall.

“Oh now what?” Snape asks in an annoyed tone.

“I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean to bother you. And I’m pathetic. And I’m sorry you have to deal with me.” You sniffled.

“Ms. Y/N, pull yourself together. You will be fine, you are just intoxicated. It is my job to deal with students. You’re lucky I’m not going to take house points from you, since you probably won’t remember this I will let you off with a warning.” He pulls you along and finally you’re by your painting.

“See you later.” You call to Snape as you turn to go into your dorm.

Snape nods at you and offers a small smile.

You woke with a raging headache the next morning. You walked into your first class of the day: Advance Potions.

“Ms. Y/ L/N, I trust you aren’t ‘intoxication’ today.” Snape says in a taunting voice, “If you are, I may have to take points from Gryffindor.”

You felt your face get hot as you blushed from embarrassment, “No, sir, I’m quite sober.”

anonymous asked:

Ahhh how about GOM+Kagami+Hanamiya (If it's too many charas, sorry D:) reaction to seeing their s/o fangirling over their ANIME HUSBANDS and not paying them any attention since the s/o is too busy dying over 2D cuteness. I think we can all relate to this tbh, I'm in love with too many 2D characters like pls send help.

Ugh this is my life on so many levels. Luckily my hubby fully supports my fangirling. He even buys me figurines and is willing to cosplay them TT__TT He is amazing. Thank you for your amazing Ask and wonderful patience! 


“____…____!” Akashi’s voice attempted to get your attention for the umpteenth time, as you scrolled through your favorite blog, enjoying the rather racy pictures an artist did of one Levi Ackerman. Oh, how you adored Attack on Titan and your self-proclaimed husband ‘Levi’.

“One minute Sei-kun!” You giggled again and went to join the forum discussion, commenting on your favorite picture and joining everyone’s friendly banter. Suddenly the air around you changed and you looked up to see a rather peeved looking Akashi.

“Sei-kun?” Your voice questioned timidly, subconsciously shrinking under his weighted gaze.

“____, I have been attempting to gain your attention for the past twenty minutes, I do not enjoy being ignored.” His voice was eerily calm and measured, but his eyes were burning with loss of patience. Holding out his hand, you realized he wanted to put your phone away so you would no longer be glued to it. With a small huff you handed it over, but not before realizing you hadn’t exited out from the racy photos…neither did Akashi. His eyes betrayed his stoic façade once more as they widened at the picture. Shoving the phone quickly down to his side, he looked at you nervously, apparently at a loss for words for the first time in his life.

“Hehehe…uhhh…” You stared up at him blankly, wondering how you were going to explain this obsession. “I have a thing for authority…” Seconds ticked by before an unsettling grin made its way to his face. He walked to your bookshelf and skimmed the titles until he found volume No. 1 of Attack on Titan. Handing you your phone back, he sat next to you, lounging back to begin reading.

“Perhaps I should see what you find so intriguing about this character.” His voice dripped with honey and a burning heat made its way to your cheeks. Was this the moment of your fangirl dreams? Was Akashi implying he would roleplay with you? With a sense of determination, you ran to your bookshelf and grabbed every volume, before dumping them haphazardly next to Akashi, who raised a brow in question.

“You have some reading to do Sei-kuuuuun.” You purred dangerously making the red head wonder who was actually in control in this relationship.


It was no secret to Aomine that you loved to read your cherished manga, just as much as he loved his gravure magazines. You often found yourselves in a heap of tangled limbs, cuddling on the rooftop during lunch hour, reading your respective reading material. But today Aomine couldn’t help but feel irked at how often you squealed and blushed at this month’s issue.

“Tch, what has you so flustered?” He leaned up from his spot in your lap, trying to get a look at the artwork.

“Oh my gosh. It’s too much! I just, Keiichi is perfect. Such a cutie and a total Dom. Like, how can this girl turn him away? He is perfect I just wann-“ Your fangirl tirade got cut short when a pair of firm lips smashed down on your own, silencing your words with a satisfied moan.

“Dom, you say? Oh ____…this is a discussion we should have had months ago.” His smirk became feral and your heart thrummed so harshly in your chest, you were sure it would leap out any minute. Watching your boyfriend grin that way felt like watching Keiichi come to life. It seemed you two were due for a discussion on some new bedroom ideas.



“What do you mean there are over 600 episodes!?” Your boyfriend stared at you in horror. He didn’t mind a lazy day in, watching your favorite series. Even suggesting he starts from the beginning so he can watch it with you. What he wasn’t ready for was how many episodes ‘catching up’ would require.

“It’s sooooo worth it Taiga-kun! Besides, once you get to episode 400ish, you get to meet my favorite character…Trafalgar Law! Ugh he is so dreamy. Just wait till you see. You will love this show!” Flames practically burned from your irises at the passion you held for your beloved fandom. All Kagami could do was swallow the building lump in his throat and nod in defeat. He could tell this wasn’t worth getting out of, he would simply have to watch every episode.

But feeling you snuggle close and murmuring all the lyrics to the opening song put a smile on his face. You really did love this show, watching the smile spread across your face was endearing to him. He supposed it would be worth watching the show in the long run, if it meant he could see that smile on your face every week a new episode aired. Wouldn’t hurt to also know how this ‘Law’ is that you constantly talk about.


“Oh my gosh they have leggings for him too!? I have to get them…” You continued to murmur while looking at the new clothing release that featured your favorite character.

“Eh, ____cchi? You seriously want more fangear? Don’t you have enough?” He looked a bit confused while putting his own phone down, raising a brow at your ever-growing pout.

“Ryo-kun…there is no such thing as ‘too much’ when referring to Uchiha Itachi. It is impossible. Besides, black and red go with everything I own.” You waved your hand dismissively. Kise sighed and peered around your room. It was covered in Itachi merchandise and he shook his head in defeat. What was one more item? You were already drowning in it anyways. Kise supposed he couldn’t be too upset, especially with the smile and giggle you let out when you pushed ‘purchase’ on your phone.


Your eyes glimmered with adoration as you watched the credits role once more, but pouting when you realized there were no longer any new episodes.

“It’s not that bad ____-san. We can take Nigou to the park and grab some lunch. There will be a new episode next Saturday.” Kuroko assured you softly, patting your head as you huffed in annoyance.

“I know but how can I wait a whole week before seeing what happens with Laxus. He is so strong, but this fight won’t be easy.” You pouted again, worry for your imaginary husband clearly written across your face.  

“At least you don’t have to worry about me every losing a battle _____-san…have you seen these guns?” Kuroko looked your way with a straight face and his small biceps flexing in front of you. It was enough to cheer you up and set aside your obsession…momentarily.


“What is this crap?” Hanamiya glared at the posters that littered your walls and his lips turned up at the plushies covering your bed. Meanwhile you were engrossed deep into a manga, nose practically buried between the pages.

“Ugh, devotion. Obviously.” You chuckled at your sarcastic response but failed to notice Makoto’s less than happy expression. He glanced around the room a bit more and though he wouldn’t voice it out loud, a small part of him was furious that there weren’t any pictures of him decorating your room. Just this blonde dude plastered everywhere. Even Hanamiya didn’t notice the rare moment of self-consciousness when he brought a hand up to his ebony locks. “Who is this loser anyways?”

“That is Tamaki! He is so romantic! I swear his way with words could swoon any girl off their feet and straight to the alter!” You gushed on and on, ignoring the darkening aura of your boyfriend.

“_____.” His voice pulled you from your rambling. “Apparently I need to make you forget about this blonde wimp and show you what it is you REALLY crave.”


“I don’t understand why you find that attractive, nanodayo.” Your favorite giant carrot complained for the millionth time as you basked in the glory that was Dio Brando. “He is absolutely insane, evil and cares for no one. Why is that appealing?” He looked genuinely confused.

“Uhh, he has muscles and besides, what’s wrong with liking a bad boy?” You questioned, eyes never leaving the manga page. Shintaro looked at you as though you had lost all sanity. The character you adored was a murderer…how could you possibly find that attractive? “Don’t worry Shin-kun, it’s just a character. No need to be so worried.” You gave him a reassuring smile that he returned, but once you looked away his eyes peered down at the manga in irritation. He vowed to himself to not let you ever meet Hanamiya or Haizaki…they might somehow steal you from him if you were into that sort of thing. Little did he know you were trying not to laugh at seeing your boyfriend have an internal debate with himself, over what…you weren’t so sure.  


Atsushi couldn’t really fault you for your obsession as he was equally in love with Food Wars. So here you were in your kitchen, trying to replicate a recipe from the show and babbling on and on about he much you adore Soma.

“Ne, _____-chin…my baking is better than Soma, just forget him.” He grunted childishly while kneading some dough for a pie you were making. You chuckled at the frown that carved its way into his features and the slow building glare he was giving the dough.

“Oh? Atsu-kun, would you be jealous if I ate Soma’s cooking?” Your eyes widened when he slammed his hands abruptly on the counter, looking up at you from under his violet fringe.

“Don’t joke like that ____-chin. I’ll crush anyone who tries to cook for you.” His brows pitched down in annoyance and his fingers dug into the flour lined counter top.

“Relax, Atsu-kun. I only want your cooking.” You smiled, touching the top of his hand in assurance, knowing that ‘cooking’ was a metaphor for something else in Murasakibara’s mind.

Favourites - Jordan Fisher x Reader

Here’s a fluffy one-shot to get you through waiting for Work Comes Home - Part 6 because I haven’t started that yet!

Request: could I request a jordan fisher fic since he is in the ham cast now??? I haven’t seen many jordan fics about. Something fluffy with maybe some smut would be great but whatever idea you have in mind is cool too :)

Word Count: 1040ish

Author’s Note: I didn’t write smut, mostly because I don’t know if I want to write it yet, so we’ll see. I hope you like it! But I agree, Jordan does need more love in the fandom. Also, I’m Canadian so some spelling will be different, we like the extra u’s, but my computer gets mad at me if I don’t add them. Like perfectionist too so I don’t like seeing the red lines on documents.

Warnings: Fluff, light swearing

Masterlist || Request

You were unpacking boxes in your new apartment, with your favourite soundtrack playing in the background. Your boyfriend and you had just moved to New York City and into an apartment together. You were starting school in the fall and Jordan decided to see if he could land any theatre gigs over the next few months.

As you unpacked, Sora was watching you dance around the room and rap terribly along to the lyrics of the Aaron Burr, Sir. You were addressing the pug as if they were Aaron Burr. You’d dance from the box grabbing an item and before placing it on the shelf. As you were rapping along, you turned around to find Jordan staring at you from the entry way, trying to contain his laughter.  

“Sora!” you addressed the dog, “Apparently, our audience doesn’t enjoy our performance.” You glared slightly at Jordan. “Such a shame, I was going to ask him to join our impromptu rendition. Guess we’ll just turn it off.”

As you reached for the speakers’ remote, you hand was grabbed by Jordan as he started singing the upcoming Lauren’s section.

“I’m John Laurens in the place to be! Two pints of Sam Adams, but I’m workin’ on three, uh!” he spun you around as he continued to rapping. Giggling, you rapped Lafayette’s next lines as you continued to dance in Jordan’s arms around the living room.

Before My Shot started playing, you both collapsed onto the couch in laughter. Sora immediately jumping into Jordan’s lap to join. As you turned the volume down on the music, Jordan glanced over at you and said, “You’re really bad at rapping.”

“Excuse me?” you replied, “Sorry for not being involved in theatre and the arts since I was a child.”

He leaned over has placed a kiss on your forehead, “Don’t worry, I like that you’re smarter than me, Miss Law student.” You watched his eyes flicker between yours.

“Good,” you replied, satisfied with his answer, “You better remember that.” He let out a burst of laughter as he stood up, he offered you his hand to help you up.

“Come on,” he said “I’ve got a surprise.” He dragged you up from the couch and out the door within minutes.

“Hurry up, Y/N!” Jordan yelled as he dragged you through Times Square by the hand.

“Where are we even going?” you replied with sigh.

He looked over his shoulder with a grin and a spark in his eyes you haven’t seen since he got the casting call for Grease: Live, “You’ll love it!”

You had been jogging slightly behind him for over 12 blocks now. You let go of his hand and stopped to catch your breath.

“Y/N! What -” he said as he turned back to you.

“Jordan,” you said in between breaths, “You know exercise and I have a delicate relationship. I just need to breath for a second.”

You soon found yourself being lifted over his shoulder, upside down and staring at Jordan’s bum. There are worse things to look at in the world.

“Jordan!” you screamed, “What are you doing?”

“Obviously, I’m carrying my girlfriend the rest of the way,” he replied, as if it was common knowledge.

You glanced around and saw a few people passing by staring at the odd scene he was making.

“Please just put me down,” you started, “I promise I’ll walk with as much enthusiasm as you want, but right now people are staring. Probably at the fact my ass is being paraded around Manhattan.”

“Let them stare!” he shouted, “Your butt is covered by clothing and besides I like your bum,” you felt his hand on your butt, “A lot. It’s one of my favourites.”

“Oh my god!” you yelled, a blush flooding your face, “Put me down right now!”

“Fine,” he said as he lowered you in front of him, keeping his hands around your waist.

“That was very uncalled for,” you said as you look up at him with your arms around his shoulders.

“Maybe, but neither of us was complaining about the view,” he said with a grin, as his hand wandered dangerously lower.

You rolled your eyes and leaned up brushing your lips against his. Your eyes closing as you enjoyed the touch of his lips against yours. You let him take over the kiss with more dominance.  As you pulled back needing to catch your break, you rested your forehead against his, noses brushing together.

“Tell me,” you whispered quietly, “Why was I dragged, then carried, out of my cozy apartment all the way to 46th Street?”

“Right!” he said, excitement rushing back into his eyes, he looked behind you quickly, “Okay, on the count of three turn around.”

He tucked a fallen tendril of hair behind your ear, “One.”

His thumb caressed your cheek, “Two.”

His other hand intertwined his fingers with yours, “Three.”

You turned around to see the Hamilton marquee, golden with its lights shining bright.

“Jordan…” you started cautiously, feeling his hand squeeze yours as you said his name. You looked over your shoulder to see him smiling and nodding.

Letting off a rambling of incoherent excitement, you jumped towards him wrapping your arms around his shoulders. He catches you and lifts you up, you instinctively wrap your legs around him. His hands somehow found their way to his favourite physical attribute on your body.

As you look down at his face, your hair creates a curtain around you both. Absentmindedly, you run your fingers through his hair, settling to gently stroke the curls at the nape of his neck. “I’m so proud of you,” you whisper, placing a soft kiss on his lips.

He lowered you back down, “I wanted to tell you in the apartment, but you were singing, and this seemed like a bigger reveal,” he said.

“Despite my ass literally being hauled out here,” you said with a grin, “I agree, this was much better. So, what part?!”

He laughed, “You’re going to love this,” he said. You started to bounce on the balls of your feet with excitement, “John Laurens and Philip Hamilton.”

Again, you couldn’t contain your excitement as you spun around quickly, before grabbing his face in both hands and placing a kiss on his lips.

“Sway” (JakexMC Songfic)

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

Prompt: “Kitchen” (for ChoicesCreates), based off of the song, “Sway” by Dan + Shay

Summary: Jake wakes up in the middle of the night to find MC rummaging through the fridge. Dancing and a meaningful conversation ensues.

Warnings: Some sexually suggestive themes (nothing graphic, labeling just to be safe), lots of fluffy feels

*AUTHOR’S NOTE* -Hey, y’all! I hope you’re all doing fantastic! I just wanted to say thank you everyone who liked/reblogged/commented on my last fic, “Thinking of You.” It really meant a lot! And I also want to say thank you to those who sent me some sweet words of encouragement yesterday, when I was really feeling down. You guys are the absolute best! Anyway, this will be a 2 part songfic, with the 2nd part posted sometime this weekend. As always, feedback is definitely welcome! Let me know what you like, what you don’t!

As I said last week, thank you  @hollyashton for coming up with ChoicesCreate Carnival! It’s such a blast to do, and I love seeing how creative everyone in this fandom is! I’d also like to thank @choicesmyway for being the host this week!

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. They belong to Pixelberry. I just use them for my own creative pleasure. I hope you enjoy!

He knew her side of the bed was empty before he had even opened his eyes. Over the last three years he had gotten used to the feeling of her body against his. He had memorized every curve, every crease, and how they fit against him like pieces of a puzzle. There was once a time he had enjoyed waking up in a bed alone, but now he couldn’t even fathom the thought of not having her head on his chest, his arms wrapped tightly around her, her hand trailing over his back subconsciously when he was paralyzed  by a nightmare. To be without her like that would be unnatural.

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what i learned while setting up my baby registry
  • boy clothes: super cool, bright colors, cartoon characters and expressive animals (no "gentle" animals though), band t-shirts, neat shoes, sports, nerdy stuff, clothes with uplifting and inspiring quotes
  • girl clothes: a sea of pastel colors but no blues, almost all shirts have flared out waistlines, so many frills, very soft, lots of princesses and some baby animals, little to no shirts with quotes except about being pretty, no band or nerd or sports related clothes, JUST ALL THE PASTEL FLARED OUT SHIRTS
  • unisex clothes: there's like five things and they're boring, you'll have more luck finding clothes for your dog
  • cribs: there are like 5 different kinds and 500 of each, lol good luck
  • strollers: same as cribs, except some also include car seats/carriers and it's impossible to tell the difference
  • moniters and thermometers (and basically everything): only two reviews - one says it's the best thing ever, the other is a dire warning against buying it
  • swings: do you get what looks like one of the many different regular swings or the confusing "modern" one that looks exactly like those weird ass egg chairs in Men in Black???
  • breast pumps: you spend fifteen minutes wondering how different each one feels and suctions your boobs and come to no conclusion
  • crib comforter sets: sudden panic that you weren't aware that everyone in these pictures plans their kid's room around a comforter and nothing matches what you had in mind originally
  • safety items: oh god everything in your house is designed to kill babies, bubble wrap EVERYTHING
  • white noise machine: this little shit is getting a cheap ass fan and they will LIKE IT
  • baby food prep equipment: buy the stuff to be the mom you wanna be but probably will never use because you're exhausted
  • bath tub: they can use a laundry basket, it's basically the same thing
  • diaper bag: none of them will be anywhere near what you imagined, just go for the most practical and basic looking one and try not to be disappointed that there wasn't anything fandom related you nerd
Scared to Be Lonely

Dean Winchester x Reader

1500 Words

Story Summary: Still holding on to your relationship, you start to wonder if it’s past time to let go.

A/N: This is for @mamaredd123 and her Shred Some Hearts Challenge. My song was Scared to be Lonely by Martin Garrix. 

Warnings: Angst. 

The words bolded are the song lyrics

In the darkened room, you pulled your knees to your chest, your movements slow and careful as not to wake the sleeping man beside you. With your chest heavy, you laid your head on your knees, your tears silently traveling down your cheeks, you wondered where you had gone wrong.

Your relationship with Dean had been a slow burn. Heated glances, and stolen touches had turned into deep kisses, and nights spent wrapped in each other’s embraces. Dean had been everything you had ever wanted in a man, even if he didn’t believe it himself. He was sweet, and funny, and the greatest lover you had ever had. The things he could do with his mouth, it still made you blush even thinking about it.

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A Good, Small Adventure

Fandom: TLoZ
Pairing: Link X Reader
Genre: fluff, action
Warnings: None


Being a princess of a small kingdom came at the price of usually being overruled by larger, older kingdoms. Not that you minded, of course. Most kingdoms were very courteous and didn’t mind your presence by them at all. Your favourite, however, was none other than the majestic land of Hyrule, ruled by the Princess Zelda.

Luckily for you, today, Hyrule had invited you by private invitation from the princess herself. She claimed to have been inviting her most valued allies, you included.

So, you were in a carriage, alongside your father, the king of your small kingdom, on the way to Hyrule. It was maybe a day at the most - if bokoblins decided to show up - spent traveling, but it was worth it. Hyrule was a grand land, with many small villages that sold the most unique items. You always enjoyed visiting them to buy things as gifts for your friends. However, this trip was strictly business.

“I wonder why the princess Zelda chose us…” you wondered aloud.
“Because the royal knight, Link, trusts us. She wrote to me separately, discussing how she only invited those with Link’s approval. After all, he will be fighting alongside us.”
“Yes, you remember him, correct?”
“How could I forget. He’s saved our kingdom more than once.”

Truth be told, your heart skipped the second his name rolled off your father’s tongue. You definitely would never forget those blue eyes. Link, the hero of Hyrule, was famous around every kingdom. He was truly a celebrity. However, he was bound only to Zelda from birth, and that simply could not be helped.

“I do not know why you took such a liking to that boy.” Your father sighed, “the boy hasn’t uttered one word since we met him three years ago.”
“Perhaps he is shy?”
“I think not, my precious. He must be used to the attention by now.”
“The perhaps he easily spills information and was forced to keep quiet to keep the dark secrets of Hyrule and its family under lock and key?” You joked.
“Don’t be so dense, [First].”
“I was only being humorous, father.”

The rest of the day was spent in the carriage, bickering with your father over the tiniest stain on your satin dress or the leaf that was stuck in the locks of your hair. He was very picky, especially when it came to meeting with the princess Zelda


The wind whipped your hair as you stood in front of Hyrule castle, soaking in its beauty. The sun had began to come down behind it, giving the whole structure a holy glow. You smiled and breathed in the air. Your father stepped out of the carriage behind you, also breathing in the refreshing Hylian air as he placed a large hand on your small shoulder.

“Remember, [First], power is not important, it is the wisdom of the powerful that is.” He said, then strode towards the main doors.

Once you got there, two guards bowed and moved to let you in. The castle was exactly how you remembered it - tall and beautifully decorated. You couldn’t take it all in, no matter how much you tried. In front of you stood a large staircase and at the top, two double doors which were shut and guarded. A woman suddenly rushed to your side.

“It’s lovely to meet you again.” She bowed.
“And you.” Your father smiled.
“Your majesty, the princess would like me to take you straight to your room. Princess [First], your highness, Princess Zelda would like to see you immediately in her quarters.”
“Of course.” You bowed, then wandered through the castle, trying to navigate through the winding halls to the Princess’ domain.

It seemed to be no use. You’d passed the same armour statue at least three times now and the painting of the Goddesses constructing the Triforce was simply getting on your nerves. As you passed the armour for the fourth time, there was a cough behind you. Startled, your turned to see the one and only hero, Link, standing graciously behind you.

“U-uh…” you stuttered, “I… have you been following me…?” You immediately felt bad as his face flushed red and his eyes widened at your accusation, “I’m trying,” you sighed, “to find Princess Zelda’s quarters. Can you show me?”

He nodded, composing himself before hastily walking up the hallway. You followed behind him, your dress beginning to cause some issues with how quickly you could keep up. He navigated through halls left and right before coming to two large wooden doors with a Triforce carved in the centre.

He knocked then entered. You followed, eyes landing on the Princess Zelda who stood at the top of the room, gazing out of the window.

“I see you both came.” Her voice was soft, sweet, and most definitely oozed royalty. She turned, blonde hair gently swishing as she did.
“Your highness,” you bowed.
“[First], there’s really no need for that.” She laughed, “are we not friends?”
“W-well.. if you think we’re friends then so do I.”

As she moved to take a seat in the large chair by her bed, Link moved towards the door. She only sighed, causing Link to turn as his hand gripped the door handle.

“Link, I called you here for a reason. Please come here.” She beckoned, “[First], how have you been?”
“I’ve been very well, and you?”
“Splendid. Though, I hear you’ve had a small bokoblin problem in your kingdom?”
“Oh, yes. Unfortunately one of our smaller villages was overrun with those monsters. Not even our best trained knights can seem to scare them away.”
“Why don’t you just kill them?”
“It’s… my father is against it.”
“Against it?”
“Yes… he’s not much into violence.”
“Then it’s a very good job I came up with this idea.”

She stood and you and Link parted so she could move to the desk in the centre of her room. Gracefully, she took out a piece of paper and a quill, then faced you and Link, a twinkle in her eye. You heard Link gulp next to you.

“Link, you’re going to escort [First] to her kingdom, take out all of the monsters, then escort her back here in time for the alliance meeting.”
“Y-your highness!” You shrieked, “you can’t be serious! L-Link is your personal knight, you can’t just give him to me!” You quickly bowed.
“It’s only for a day, [First],” she announced, amused, “besides, it’s not as if he does anything here. He’s usually asleep.” Her beautiful features scowled over at Link who chuckled nervously.
“A-re you certain?”
“Yes. Though, I will need you to sign this. It’s just in case either of you get hurt. It’s just to say you’re under my protection until you return.”

Shakily, you took the quill, watching as she placed the paper down, then signed next to her own signature. Link was next, taking the quill, fingers brushing against yours. He scribbled his name then returned the quill to Zelda, who only smiled in response.

“[First], why don’t you go and find your father? I believe there is a maid on her way here now. You may be able to catch her and she’ll take you to him.”

You listened to her, leaving the room. Zelda turned to Link, folding her arms and staring intensely at him.

“And you,” she began, authority taking over her previous gentle tone, “don’t spend tomorrow in silence. Talk to her. She doesn’t bite, though I’m sure you have figured that out.” She commanded and Link was nothing short of flabbergasted.
“O-of course, your highness.” He muttered, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.


The next morning you were awoken at the crack of dawn by a maid telling you Link was already waiting in the southern courtyard. You yawned a “thank you” and then proceeded to get ready, putting on your thinnest of dresses to make riding horseback somewhat bearable.

The maid was not lying, as when you arrived, Link was standing tending to two horses, a beautiful brown one and a coal black one. His sword was sheathed on his back alongside a heavy shield that had the Hyrulian crest on it. His blue shirt matched his eyes and caused his yellow hair to stand out amongst his pale skin.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting.” You apologised.
“It was no problem.”

Your heart stopped for a second. That was the first time he had ever spoken to you or even around you. His voice was smooth, and very soft, nothing like you had imagined. It had a boyish undertone, which matched the few sounds he would make when embarrassed or shocked.

“This is Epona, my steed.” He brushed the mane of the brown horse gently with his hand.

You slowly approached, coming to stroke the horse’s nose, which caused a satisfied neigh. You smiled up at the horse who nuzzled into you.

“She likes you.” Link smiled.
“She’s beautiful.”
“I know. She’s a real stunner. And that,” he pointed to the black horse, “is Malo. He’s got good stamina and will be able to take you there and back to your kingdom.” The long string of words seemed to take Link, himself, back in shock, as he began to trail off towards the end.

You moved to your horse for the day, stroking his mane and quietly thanking him in advance for his work. With haste, you mounted Malo and Link soon followed by mounting Epona.

“Your kingdom is to the south, correct?”
“Hm… oh, I almost forgot, Malo is a bit… timid… if something even slightly startles him, he’ll make a run for it, so just be careful.”
“Okay. Thank you for telling me.”

Then, you set off. The day begun as you travelled through the realms, taking in all of the beautiful sights of the lush fields surrounding you. Sometimes, Link would point out areas definitely worth a visit, such as Zora’s Domain, or Kakariko Village. He was, for the most part, quiet, but you suspected that it was just in his personality. You didn’t mind, however. Sometimes, you’d pipe up and talk for a while about the one time you saved a butterfly from drowning in your fountain, or about the time you made a 10ft long flower chain for the fun of it. Link would sometimes interject into your long stories, saying how it reminded him of his adventures around the area.

Your horses were patient, never going above a canter and always obeying to any command. You found Malo enjoyed the breeze on his ears, so you moved his mane so that whenever there was a breeze, it always hit his ears, never the hair around. Of course, you didn’t notice Link had noticed that, with a small smile plastered onto his face.


“Oh look!” You pointed to a large bird in the sky, “I’ve never seen one of those, what is it?”
“Go!” Link suddenly called.

The bird, turned out to be a Kargorok, which had the only intention of harming you and Link. Link already knew about these pesky skybound monsters, while you did not, so when he panicked and sent Epona into a full gallop, leaving you at the mercy of the giant bird in the sky, you also panicked. However, it was too late. The bird screeched, diving down, talons ready. You screamed and Malo reared up, front hooves leaving the ground, as he then galloped away. You, unable to control the horse, simply fell to the dirty ground, rolling in the mud. The world spun, your ears were ringing and the faint screech of the bird got louder. You ducked your head under your arms and prayed to god that it would leave you soon. Besides, Link had fled, as well.

There was a second loud, powerful neigh, and to looked up to see Link on Epona, who had also reared up, his sword up in the air, shield on his arm. Epona galloped towards you, Link swung his sword and the bird fell dead. Epona jumped over your trembling body, coming to a quick halt.

Link jumped off of his noble steed, rushing over to you and kneeling down. He discarded his sword and shield to the ground. His hands gently caressed your shoulders and you looked up into his face.

“Are you okay?” He asked gently, but with concern.
“I think so. Thank you… for saving me…”
“C'mon. We’re close to your kingdom, now.” He helped you stand, picked up his weapons, then looked around.
“The horse bolted.” You groaned.
“Oh… not a problem.”

He brought his hands up to his face, giving a loud, sharp whistle and within the next minute, Malo came galloping back. He immediately came over to you, nuzzling into your shoulder in apology.

“That was very rude.” You scolded the horse, “but you came back, so I suppose I can forgive you.”

You then mounted the horse, as Link made his way back to Epona and also got on. Then, together, you journeyed towards your Kingdom.


It was only mid day when you arrived at your kingdom. Many people approached, bowing to Link and thanking him for his service, while they asked you why you had returned. You simply told them that duty suddenly called, not wanting to tell them everything, as the king was not supposed to know. From there, you lead Link to the small forest in the in which the infested village lied. You stopped at the edge of the forest, telling Link to follow the path and he would find it. When he had disappeared amongst the trees, you dismounted Malo and turned to look at your kingdom.

The castle in which you lived hung above the small town and villages that stood in its vicinity. It was no Hyrule, definitely, but it was still a beautiful sight. Your kingdom’s flag flew high above the land, proudly. There was a quiet whisper from the main area, which was constantly busy with business and the like. To your right, there was a light babble of a small river which ran adjacent to your castle. The wind rustled the leaves, and left the entire area feeling so free.

Not long after, Link returned, covered in blood and mud, wielding his sword, but very much alive. You spun on the balls of your feet, gasping when you took him into your sights. He smiled.

“Are you alright?” It was your turn to ask him, now.
“I’m fine. I also finished the job. The people are safe to move back, now.”
“Thank you so much!” Tears welled in your eyes.

You couldn’t believe the overwhelming gratefulness that took over your body which was directed towards Link. After all, he’d just solved a very large problem for you. Around 100 people could go back home, which was a very substantial number for your kingdom. You couldn’t express your gratitude.

Link just put his sword and shield away, watching as you mounted Malo.


The skies had darkened a lot by the time you were almost back at Hyrule. You were close, but still quite far. The sun was already half sunken into the horizon and you’d already seen a few terrifying monsters in the distance.

“Are we going to make it in time?” You asked Link.
“I hope so.” He looked back at you and gave you a reassuring smile.
“I am not a fan of the dark.” You whispered.
“Oh really?” Link asked and you flushed.
“If it helps, nothing is going to harm you while I’m here. Though, I thought I already proved that to you.”

You looked down at your hands which gripped the reins of the horse and Link suddenly found interest in a tree that wasn’t too far in front.


It seemed luck really wasn’t on your side, as you still hadn’t even returned to a Hyrulian province and the sun had begun to set. Link was trying to be optimistic, telling you that he could see landmarks familiar to him which meant you weren’t far off.

An hour later and you were back in Hyrule, but a while away from the safety of Hyrule Castle. It was then, that two large Skelton Lizalfos jumped up from the ground right next to you, you gripped onto the reins of your horse, whipped him into gallop and followed Link in a panic.

“Okay, don’t panic!” Link shouted to you, “I need you to trust me, keep Malo in gallop and follow me! We can’t risk bumping into any more of those!”

You didn’t really have any choice but to agree, holding onto the reins for dear life as you followed Link. Soon, you could see the glow of Hyrule Castle and you knew you were almost safe. As soon as you were close enough, Link slowed down Epona and you slowed down Malo. It wasn’t long before you were finally putting the horses away, thanking them for their help.


After everything, you and Link went to see Zelda to report to her how everything went. She was not surprised to hear everything went smoothly and Link (as usual) had saved the day. You thanked her and Link over and over, unable to express your gratitude any further despite it being so much. You then left.

“How did you find it?” Zelda asked Link once more, now that they were alone.
“It was definitely an adventure.”
“I see.”
“I didn’t mean it negatively… it was a good adventure. A good, small adventure.”
“Okay, Link. I feel it’s best if you go and rest now. Tomorrow is a very important day.” Zelda chuckled.

Link made his way slowly to the door, all of his limbs hurting from the day-long outing. Just as he opened the door, he halted and Zelda looked up with a raised eyebrow. Link turned.

“Your highness?”
“Yes, Link?”
“Would it be possible… for me to see Princess [First] again… after her visit here?”
“Link, you may be my knight, but you are under no obligation to stay in Hyrule unless told otherwise.”

Her answer was nothing short of satisfactory for the hero, who left with a smile on his tired face.


The next day at the alliance meeting, you and Link stole many glances at each other, but neither of you knowing about them. Link, for some reason, wanted to do nothing but talk to you, however, you played a major role in the meeting, talking about how to strengthen alliances via shipping goods between kingdoms and having an annual day where all of the kingdoms celebrate their friendships with each other. Link hung onto all of your words during your speech. In that moment, you truly sounded like a ruler, and Princess Zelda herself complimented you about your speaking skills in front of the entire party.

You had been flustered, eyes searching for Link who stood with a smile that seemed to scream “I agree” as he looked at you. This only meant your face deepened in colour.

The day after the meeting, you finally headed back to your kingdom. However the journey was most certainly different, as Link escorted your carriage all the way back. He told you that it had something to do with wanting to get out more, but Zelda had whispered to you as you said farewell that “he just wants to see you more”.


In the months to come, you saw Link more and more as the battle against evil continued. You found yourself going on many good, small adventures with him, telling him about your childhood and listening to his.

It was in those moments that you truly felt alive.

You loved your good, short adventures with Link, and hoped they’d continue for eternity.

Every Life has a Moment ~Olicity Fic 5/5

Well first of all I can’t thank my amazing Tumblr family enough for the heaps of endless support. I’m truly in awe of this talented fandom. I’m also completely honored that so many of you think I’m one of you talented souls. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! 

Read it here or on AO3

You’re My Moment

Chapter 5

Present day… 

The rain pelted against the stained glass of the foyer angrily, the sky shook with thunderous rage before it became lit from the endless streaks of lightning. She slowly began her silent count….the room around her grew dark, the clock behind her ticked, the fingers along its face moved steadily, the clouds outside grew steadily darker…

Her mouth curved, her bottom up formed a small U while her upper lip mirrored the other. She felt the vibration of the storm racing through her veins. The rain was her blood, the thunder her heart and the lightning her soul. Felicity breathed deeply just as the sky roared…

“You still do that?” came a quiet voice from the doorway behind her still form. 

Her smile was small but earnest in nature, “Yeah, why don’t you do things to ease your nerves? she asked just when the sky grew bright. ‘

The voice behind her grew closer; the tenor grew soft and, the inflection hopeful. “I do, but generally I don’t have to wait for a massive thunder storm to decompress.” 

Felicity’s laugh was one of honest amusement, “Peanut you like your brother have a way with words.” 

“He’s also your husband…” she teased lightly then added softly, “Even if mom and dad don’t yet know it…” 

Felicity’s shoulders fell just as Thea’s words washed away the peace of the approaching storm. “Are you and Ollie really going to pretend you didn’t get married almost a year ago?” 

She shook her bent head and raised her hands into the air above her bent head, “I knew he couldn’t lie to you…” she merely noted with amused knowledge. “I knew he’d crack the moment he saw your sweet smile,” she laughed mostly to herself. 

“Please you would have cracked even faster,” she scolded with the grace of her mother. 

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Perfectly Imperfect

Fandom: Gotham

Character: Edward Nygma

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: After finally taking the next step in your relationship, Ed accidentally tells you his darkest secret. You feel you should tell him the truth about your dark side too.

Warnings: Mild swearing, talk of murder

Word Count: 1185

Author’s Note: You’ll notice that I do give the reader a preset job in a lot of these, but they often change unless it’s a direct connection to another thing I’ve written, if you want the reader’s life to be more ambiguous though, let me know! This one was more vague, but it was still sort of implied that they work at the GCPD. 

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You Need A Maid? Chapter 5

Fandom: Avengers / Marvel
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Swearing / Romance
Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, blah legal stuff. Don’t sue me, I’m poor.
Songs:  Next Year - Two Door Cinema Club

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Things had been calm in the house for several months. Everyone seemed to have put the awful six-month celebration behind them and moved on. The team was a little kinder to you and seemed to appreciate your work a little bit more. Finally, the day you had been waiting for arrived, your birthday.

“Oh yes, I’d love to ride the horses with you, Fabio. Your hair is so long, can I touch it…”

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Missed Connections (Eggsy Unwin x Reader)

Fandom: Kingsman: The Secret Service
Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader
Word Count: 874
Summary: Reader is an enemy operative working against the Kingsman. Instead of killing Eggsy as she was assigned, she falls in love. Knowing this won’t last forever, the two of them say their goodbyes.
A/N: I don’t own anything and this was written at 2:00 am so this is more unedited than usual. Any errors are mine.
Warnings: Light descriptions of sex. 

You wake to the sound of breathing and an unfamiliar bed.

In the moment between sleep and waking, you tense your muscles; you always want to get a sense of the place before you open your eyes. You count your intuition as one of your best assets.

Nothing seems malicious.

Slowly, you open your eyes.

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anonymous asked:

Idk man like I get that Luke was pissed with the gods and had every right to be angry in which made him the perfect person to become and be Kronos but like are we also going to ignore how shitty he was for like making Percy beleive he had a friend or someone to look up to, be betrayed, turned his back on Annabeth when he promised her that they'd always be a family (and spent like his last literal moment of life asking if she loved him) luke was a shitty person just saying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anon, you have no idea how enraged you have made me over the past few hours. I’m going to let you know I’m pissed, I’m not going to hide it, why would I? You need to know just how angry I am, because that has literally driven me to writing this answer. Before I start with the topic of Luke Castellan in general, let’s get a few things out of the way. The first thing, is going to be debunking this absolutely horrid and stereotypical ask you sent me in the first place.

  • There’s no need in telling me Luke was an absolute imbecile when it came to his judgment skills, we all know he absolutely failed that test.
  • Not once on this blog have I ever said in my life, that what Luke did to Annabeth wasn’t shitty. It was so horrible, Luke and Annabeth’s relationship was manipulative. He knew she looked up to him and he used it against her and that’s not okay. But just because he was manipulating her, does not automatically rule out the fact that he couldn’t have been being manipulated himself.
  • PSA: Because I know I’m going to have to repeat myself, I’m not excusing his behavior. I’m looking at the bigger picture.
  • Lastly, saying Luke was a shitty person because he made Percy believe he was his friend, is a weak argument and wouldn’t make it very far in an actual debate on the grounds that: Percy knew Luke a total of like what, a week? Luke, more likely than not, knew Percy was the target from the very start and treated him like a friend on purpose. He was being manipulative for who? Oh, I think we all know that. And Percy was not nearly as blinded as Annabeth this early on. He got pissed off the second he figured out it was Luke and he stayed pissed off. Percy was fully aware of what Luke was doing and he wasn’t even a quarter as affected by Luke’s betrayal than Annabeth was.
  • And that last thing, about the love thing? I’m going to get to that at the very end when we get into Luke’s character, but feel free to scroll all the way down right now.

Right now though, we’re not going to talk about Luke right away, because we all know Luke! He was a spectacularly written character! We know him very well, but do you know someone that no one seems to pay attention to? The very cannibalistic, titan lord that was canonically labeled “The Wicked One” in this series.

(I’m putting this under a read more because it’s just that long, but my read more’s on asks haven’t been working lately, so I’m really sorry if you all get stuck with this long post on your dashboards.)

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With You Went So Much Of Me (Jace Lightwood Imagine)

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Jace x Reader

Request: Hey I love your blog I was wondering if you could do a TVseries!Jace/reader where the reader is helping on a mission to help save Clary’s mom but the get kidnapped and Jace get really worried that he lost her forever then when they find her he gets all emotion on the reader and is like I love you and your never leaving my eye sight ever again oh, and this request is already a gif so it isnt my idea so just letting you know so you don’t get in trouble. I really just added a few extras that i want @ vitalanidragonbane 


Sometimes saying ‘I love you’ isn’t that easy, but if you experience what it feels like to lose that person…suddenly it is.

Warnings: kidnapping, slight torture (not graphic), blood

Words: 1.979



This was a requested TVShow!Jace imagine

I rated it M just to be on the safe side but it’s nothing too bloody or too nasty. So don’t worry.

Happy Reading!

Also sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language lol. Keep the requests coming e.g (x) , fandoms I write about (x), my ask box (x), my collection of stories (x) and

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*gif from shadowhunterxdaily *

Commitment had never been something that Jace had considered for himself. Dating or being in a serious relationship had never been an option before, knowing that what he felt for the girl laying next to him was nowhere near love. It had always been fun. But he could live without them. So when you had come around he had been more than blown away by the feelings that surely but steadily rose inside of him. Your wit and your sass amused him, you were more than capable to counter his teasing and arrogance. Fast forward you two had become an item , you’ve never talked about being in a relationship, but it was pretty clear for you and everyone else that you belonged together. And Jace’s single-mingle lifestyle was over.

Clary Fray was the reason the Clave had sent you to support the New York institute, Clary Fray was the reason you had met Jace, and Clary Fray was the reason that you got abducted.

‘’Alright, if I see anyone not sticking to the plan I will ensure that this person is never taking place in any kind of mission ever again.’’
Alec Lightwood’s eyes lingered on you for a few seconds too long to be subtle. He was Jace’s parabatai, adoptive brother and hopelessly in love with him. Hence the reason he didn’t quite like you. You couldn’t even blame him, you probably would have hated yourself just the same. How Jace couldn’t figure out Alec’s true feelings was beyond you. But it wasn’t on you to inform him.
‘’Give us a break , Alec. Sticking to the plan is not always the best way to go.’’, Jace spoke up while drawing several runes on your arm.
You had been given the tip that there was a group of vampires that supported Valentine’s plans. Apparently the rest of them feared those, or at least saw that as a problem. You were supposed to meet up with a few , get new information concerning the group of vampires that support Valentine and concerning the location of Clary’s mother. You had a bad feeling about that. But the minute you had voiced your concern Alec had quickly disagreed, simply because it came from you. Since then nobody took you serious. But your gut feelings were always right. So you had alarmed your own parabatai and a few friends in secret, just in case something would happen. They’d be your backup and the others didn’t know.
‘’Stick to the plan, Jace.’’, was all Alec said before you all followed him out the front door, heading to the meet up location.

The minute you stepped into the underground warehouse you felt the uneasiness increasing, clearly sensing that something was wrong. But the formation of 5 vampires a few feet away kept you from voicing your concerns out loud.
At first everything went smoothly , the vampires did provide you with information and there were no signs of attack. But a minute later you felt the odd sensation of being watched. You shared a subtle look with Isabelle whose demon-sensing necklace pulsed. The minute Jace and Alec realized what that meant hell broke loose. You counted at least three different demon species making it incredible difficult to focus in their special skills. There were so many that you had to split up knowing well enough that this was the stupidest thing you could do. Especially when you realized that the vampires were watching the scene without being attacked. So it had been a trap!
You had followed a shapeshifter down to some dark corridor, killed it and then realized that you were caught in a dead end alley . An insanely beautiful man with long silver hair appeared around a corner, showing off a playful smile.
‘’That’s how we meet again,Y/N.’’
Noah. His name was Noah.
When Seelis were Isabelle’s weak spot, Noah was yours.
Or at least he had been.
‘’Be a good girl and come with me and no one gets hurt.’’
He came closer and closer.
You tried to back away but there was no room left. You two might have history but that obviously didn’t matter right now.
‘’What do you want?’’
‘’For you to tell me where the cup is. We know that the little Fray found it. And you know where.’’
You swallowed but kept your expression blank.
You did. But you would never tell.
You knew that he could hear your heartbeat so lying was no option.
‘’I won’t tell.’’, you simply said, being rewarded with a cold smile.
‘’Oh yes you will.’’
He dashed forward and before you blacked out you screamed Jace’s name.

Jace couldn’t remember when he had ever felt this scared. Hearing your high pitched scream and then not being able to find you did things to him he couldn’t name. He was filled with rage, with anger and fear . Rage because you had been right and those vampires had lied, anger because he couldn’t protect you even though you yelled for his help and fear because him losing you was closer than ever before. He wasn’t delusional, if the group of vampires that supported Valentine had you, you wouldn’t come out alive. You would be tutored and then killed. And judging by your loyalty you wouldn’t spill the hideout of the cup, you would rather die. And that scared the hell out of him because he couldn’t lose you. If he did, he would lose himself. And damnit, he didn’t even tell you that he loved you.
So the sheer terror that was pulsing through his body promised to kill everyone that would get into his way of saving you.

When you woke up you felt yourself tied up against a wall. Why couldn’t it be a chair? Your legs felt like pudding and the bright light didn’t help either.
‘’Morning, beauty.’’, Noahs voice spoke up making your eyes focus on him. He stood behind another vampire, a woman though, who observed you curiously.
‘’Y/N Y/L/N , right?’’, she spoke up making a hand signal for Noah to leave her alone.
It was only you and her, and even though she looked kind of innocent and kind, you could see the masquerade that she was putting on.
‘’I’ve heard a lot about you. Noah assured me that you would cooperate since you’re…quite fond of the downworlders. ‘’,she smiled slightly.
‘’And If not…’’,she caressed your neck with one of her fingers.
‘’I’ll get myself a little taste of heaven.’’
That made you freeze. Having someone drink your blood was your worst nightmare. Noah knew. And of course he had spilled your secret. You had been attacked by a vampire when you were little, since then you didn’t necessarily feared them but you feared being bitten by them.
‘’So, sweetheart, tell me where the mortal cup is.’’

You didn’t know how much time had passed since you woke up in that room for the first time.
Hours, probably.
You didn’t talk. You really didn’t want to be responsible for the world’s end. So revealing the cups placement was no option.
It didn’t take long for Angie, the vampire, to figure that out. And it didn’t take long until she bit you for the first time.
Shadowhunter blood was partly angel, a real delicacy.
It was pure torture for you. But you’d be damned if you misused the trust that Clary had put into you.
You were born a Shadowhunter, raised as one and were proud to be one.
You would rather die than betray that.
Somewhere during the next bite you felt your conscious giving up to a deep blackness, the blood loss taking a toll on your body. You didn’t want to die. You didn’t want to leave your parabatai or Jace alone, but the pain your were in made you pray that it would be over soon.
Jace. You never told him you loved him. Did anyone ever tell him that they did?

‘’Y/N, wake up!’’
You heard a voice from far away, combat noises and upset orders.
The first thing you felt was that you were no longer tied upwards but laying against someone’s chest. There were hands all over your body, upset whispers at your ear and soft lips against your hair.
You tried to open your eyes but everything was so damn bright and you were so tired.
But no matter how badly your head hurt right now, you would always feel the presence of your parabatai .
And Jace. You would always feel Jace.
The scent surrounding you was his, the arms around your body his and the muffled voice belonged to him.
‘’Y/N, love please. Come back to me. Don’t leave me alone.’’
His voice sounded tearfully and the sheer look of horror on his face when you opened your eyes signalized you that you probably looked the way you felt like.
‘’Jace…amissio rune…’’, your voice was faint, feeling like you could slip away any minute.
You knew the iratze rune wouldn’t work on you but the amissio rune cured blood loss . And that was definitely something you needed really badly.
‘’Yeah-yeah you’re right. Hold up.’’
Jace was a piece of mess not able to think clearly. When he saw you hanging there , your shirt drenched in your own blood he had never felt so hopelessly and scared. He thought you were dead. And that thought alone ripped a piece of his heart out.
He hurriedly drew the rune on your shoulder knowing it was painful. But you didn’t even flinch and that made him realize how close to death you actually were.
Almost instantly you felt at least a little better.
You probably should have paid attention to the fighting going on around you but all you could focus on was Jace.
‘’I didn’t tell .’’, you smiled proudly widening your eyes when he laughed shortly before a tear ran down his cheek. Jace cried? When did Jace ever cry?
You lifted your arm under immense exhaustion leaning your hand against his cheek.
‘’Do you have any idea how scared I was? I heard you screaming. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from this.’’
He leaned down a little to kiss your forehead.
‘’I love you . I love you so much and I thought I had lost you. I could feel you slipping away from me and by the angels, Y/N, I have never been this scared before. Don’t you dare leave me if you stop waking up next to me every morning I won’t be able to survive.’’
This didn’t sound like Jace at all, all the arrogance and the sass was gone, he was completely bare.
And he loved you!
You smiled reassuringly at him feeling your heart ache.
‘’I love you too, Jace. I thought I wouldn’t get to tell you that ever. I love you so much oh god.’’
You were crying. This all was just too much and you were so tired.
He struggled with tears himself and held you close to his body. The noises around you had died down and you heard your parabatai sobbing. You shot her a thankful and reassuring smile before you curled up in Jace’s arms.
‘’Can we go home?’’,you murmurmed shivering shortly before you felt yourself getting lifted. Jace carried you out the building in bridal style.
‘’Yes my love. I swear you’re never leaving my eye sight again. Or do you want to be responsible for my broken heart?’’
You had to laugh, sniffling a little before you closed your eyes.
‘’Cuff yourself to me. Then we’ll never get separated.’’
That made him laugh and your parabatai giggle who was following you shortly behind.
Your head laid against his heart, listening to the steady beating.
Who would have thought that you would capture Jace Lightwood’s heart?


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Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Pairings: none
Genre: gen, crack
Summary: Tsuna purposely becomes oblivious, the Guardians are scared.

A stupid thing I wrote a while ago, but I figure I’ll post now. Inspired by a long-ago teacher that used to keep order in the classroom by standing and smiling. I don’t know how she did it. But all the students were scared of her. Anyways, it’s not really funny, but I haven’t posted anything in a while so why not. ✌🏼️

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Every Nancy Drew PC game ranked from worst to best.

So! Ever since I completed the tedious undertaking of ranking all the Nancy Drew suspects, I’ve had people asking me to do a comprehensive ranking of the games themselves (like two people, but that still counts as people). And if you trawl my tumblr, you can see I have been promising to do that exact thing since 2012! So here it is, finally.

Standard disclaimer applies: these are my opinions and my opinions only. They’re completely subjective and based on my own personal likes and dislikes. There are games I hate that I know people love, and games I adore that I know people can’t stand (lots of them, even!). I in no way claim this ranking as definitive. You do you.

Oh, and Dossier games aren’t included, and spoilers for everything, obviously.

Edit, June 2015: As I’ll update this every time a new game comes out, expect changes to occur. I’ll add some liner notes at the bottom of the ranking to justify these adjustments.

With that out of the way? LEGGO BITCHES.


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balance / a necromancer!woozi au

Originally posted by wonnhao

happy birthday jihoon!

summary: two sides of an unbalanced world, jihoon learns to conform with the good, and you learn to conform with someone who isn’t that bad.

genre: enemies to friends, supposed lovers

characters: woozi/female reader, other members of svt, ft members of exid

word count: 6.3k

a/n: i’ve been addicted to crossing over female band members into my aus. forgive me. also the longest thing i’ve ever written. character development is my niche. happy birthday vocal team leaderrrr

other notes: super emo woozi

i came up with like all of the concepts in this au. nothing here comes from any fandom as far as i’m concerned, just a general understanding of the magic fantasy universe. none of the spell phrases mean anything, as far as i’m concerned.

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Fandomstuck Headcanons

I am dedicating this post to the old draft I had of this that never got saved, RIP forever, I will never forget you.

Now, on a more serious note and what this whole thing is going to be about, I am making this post about some headcanons and theories of mine about some Fandomstuck characters, particularly the main five, Homestuck, Hetalia, Doctor Who, Supernatural and Sherlock. On that note, these are my own headcanons and you do not have to agree with them, all I ask is that you respect them please. (Hate all you want anons I give no fucks.) But, if you wish to correct me or add onto my theories, feel free to reblog or send me a message. Also for my own sake, I would like to inform everyone that I am an active member of all five of these Fandoms, and I have done some research on the side as well. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the art work done of the Fandoms nor do I take credit for creating them entirely. These are just my thoughts on what their past might look like. 


Perhaps it’s my lazy tenancies or the fact I’m not looking hard enough, but I rarely see any theories, headcanons, or posts about what the Fandoms were like in their past when they were born, or first created. It’s very rare I see them drawn as little babies and even rarer at the mention of any sort of reason why they are they way they look or how they became who they are today, before certain things happened within the show, anime, comic, ect. that most people have based their look off of. On that note, I will start off by talking about who I believe to be the oldest out of all of the Fandomstuck characters, Doctor Who.

By today’s standards, it doesn’t take long for something to get hype for, whether it’s a new show or internet thing that people become obsessed with. But it was probably a completely different story back in 1963, when the first episode of Doctor Who was aired. This was before the internet, before color TV was available to everyone. By those standards, it would take quite a long time for excitement to build up over a new show, since it would take longer for information to get out about it with the lack of the internet. While the whole idea of Fandomstuck wasn’t even written in the stars back then, we’re more so talking about how old the physical Fandom itself would be rather than the age of when Fandomstuck character. For the sake of simplicity, I will put it forth that the age of the Fandomstuck character is the same age as the actual Fandom is. Back then, it wouldn’t take a few days or weeks for something to be largely popular on TV, it might have taken months or even years. In this case Doctor Who might have been born, or created, two to three years after the show began to air. This would make him 49-50 years old in human years. So that settles his age, now for the way he looks. Without his adorable nerd clothes, he would look like a normal person since he doesn’t resemble any of the Doctors that much. But with them on, he resembles quite a few at the same time. When he was younger he most likely idolized the Doctor, since he is the main character of the show. Whenever the Doctor regenerated, Doctor Who would take whatever iconic piece of clothing he would wear during his time being that one Doctor and add onto his own style. It is even quite clear where he got pieces of his fashion he is depicted in today, he got a bow tie from the Doctors who wore one, a fez from the 11th, his blue and red glasses as well as his red converse shoes from the 10th, his scarf from the 4th, and so on and so forth. I have noticed he is also often drawn with a sonic screwdriver. On a quick subject that another theory I have is is that the Fandoms possess some of the iconic things that are easily recognizable from their show, movie, comic, anime, ect., I also believe that the items they would have work just as they would as if they were in the world they came from with the same limitations if not more than they would normally have. This would lead me to think that the sonic screwdriver that Doctor Who owns is fully functioning and works just as it would if it were in the Doctor’s hands. Not only does he have a sonic screw driver, I also believe that he has a TARDIS as well that he might have stowed away in his room but not fully functioning. Something also leads me to believe that he not only possesses timelord technology, but he himself is a timelord as well. There is the fact that he is 50 years old and still looks young, and also the fact that the main character of his show is one. Going back to how he might own a TARDIS, it is most likely not fully functioning due to unknown causes, but it would be bigger on the inside just as it is on the show. It would also look like the TARDIS in his show for obvious reasons, and even change it’s appearance along with his sonic screw driver whenever their appearance changed in the show even if it could never travel through time and space. I would imagine that he would try and fix it, sometimes he might even fall asleep in it by accident while he was up late working on it. Going back to how he is 50 years old, this would mean he would have been able to watch his friends and other Fandoms be created and grow up, this includes the two who would probably his closest friends Sherlock and Supernatural.

All three of them are quite famous together, even having a separate Fandom known as the dreaded famous Superwholock. But separately, they are each their own Fandom.

While the three of them are good friends, their ages vary quite a bit. With Supernatural’s pilot airing in 2005 and the first episode of Sherlock airing in 2010. This would make their ages five years old, ten years old, and of course 50 years old. But since a lot of things are complicated, I’m going to go off by their “Internet age,” (another Fandomstuck theory on that later) or how old they would be since all of them would most likely live on the internet with all of the other Fandoms rather than age like a human would. Internet years would work sort of like dog years, 1 human year = 7 dog years. On the internet, time would go faster than it would in real life (which is why time seems to fly when you’re on the computer or your phone). In this case, the internet time would go four times faster than that on earth, meaning Doctor Who would be 150 years old, Supernatural would be 30, and Sherlock would be 15. This would make sense to the relevant ages of the characters in their shows, aside from Sherlock since Sherlock Holmes is in his late 30s. The Doctor is hundreds of years old, which would go with how Doctor Who would be 150 years old, and Sam and Dean are in their 30s making Supernatural’s age close to the Winchester brothers’ ages. Going back to how their friendship would work, they would most likely know almost everything about each other, from the simple little things to their deepest darkest secrets. Their friendship might even be more tightly woven than a microfiber blanket. They would be there for each other if one of them became sad, the two of them would be there if the third needed support is something happened in their show, or the one would be there for the two if they started crying together. Even if something bad happened in all of their shows at the same time, the three of them would be able to cry together and make each other feel better so they could get over what happened faster. Now, onto the next headcanons, I’ll be skipping Supernatural for now, let’s move onto Sherlock.

This will be one of the shorter theories/headcanons because there isn’t a whole lot I have spent thinking about him. I’m not here to force my ships down anyone’s throat and tell people what is right and what is wrong, but I do ship WhoLock rather than anyone else with Sherlock or Doctor Who. Although it doesn’t really have any relevance with this, it might later on. While his is shorter than any of the other Fandoms, his is slightly more depressing. The entirety of the Fandom has been waiting for another season of Sherlock to air, some more anxious than others. Sherlock himself if coping with this as well, but in a way different than what most would do after watching the shows. Sometimes he will lock himself in his room and turn off all the lights and re-watch all his episodes again and again for an entire day, then come out of his room when he is done and pretend like everything was normal. New Fandoms are advised to never mention falling off of buildings around him, as it will cause him to break down in tears and lock himself in his room once again, in which Doctor Who, Supernatural, or both have to go retrieve him to calm him down. As for everything else, he normally wears his blue scarf that he claims to have been the real one that was worn by Benedict in his show, though there is no real evidence that supports that. Like his main character, he possesses the same highly tuned senses that allow him to figure out things about people quickly and make highly educated guesses about them as well. He will often quote his show (as many of the Fandoms are known to do anyway.) and has the same drug problems as Sherlock Holmes, and the same intolerance for bull shit like John Watson. Although he is the youngest out of the three, he often takes care of Doctor Who and Supernatural since he doesn’t have much else to do, which usually is making them their favorite treats, collecting any stray feathers Supernatural may have dropped, and being there for them when they need support. There is also the side job he has of auspicticing for a lot of people, which is also widely known to everyone. Though he does most of this between Supernatural and Homestuck, he is also known for helping Fandoms who are beaten on a lot and give them a boost of self esteem.

Now, last of the TV shows but sure as hell not least, is Supernatural.

It is well know Supernatural is a depressing show, with Mary Winchester burning in just the pilot and much more death to be had after that. It would be no surprise that other Fandoms would find Supernatural crying quite a bit, even though himself as a whole is quite tough. A strong question though, is what he would have looked like before the introduction of angels. Angels are the only known creature in Supernatural depicted with feathery wings, this doesn’t include any other creature that does have wings such as the dragons, which did not appear until season 6. It made me think that he probably didn’t even have wings until season 4 when Castiel was introduced as well as the fact that the angels do have wings. In my theory, he didn’t show any signs of having wings accept for small slightly noticeable bumps where they would grow later on. As time drew closer to season four, they probably began to gain their wing-like shape while still remaining small, their growth accelerated with the beginning of the fourth season going from hardly any to quite a lot. Even before he grew wings, he most likely noticed the abnormal growth on his back, and probably sought help from Doctor Who or anyone willing to listen to him that there was something wrong with him. Once he accepted that he wasn’t human and the fact that he had wings, he began to wear clothes that would allow him to use his wings freely without the restrictions of clothes getting in the way, hence forth he began to wear a trench coat like Castiel’s. His wings grew to such a large size that he was capable of flight, unlike the angels in his show who do not fly rather they teleport around when they have them. Unlike in the show, everyone is always able to see Supernatural’s wings which differs him from angels who’s wings are only visible when they allow them to be seen or if they have been killed to which they are scorched into the ground upon their death. This means that Supernatural could very well be neither human nor angel, but both, a nephilim. While nephilim are created when a human and an occupied angel vessel have a child, perhaps the introduction of Castiel and the strength of how much people shipped him with Dean is what caused him to change or rather show more characteristics of an angel and a human. As well as having the skill of a professional hunter, he even has some angel powers but not all. Some of these abilities might be being able to summon an angel blade, minor telekinesis, inhuman strength, accelerated healing, extreme stamina, partial contact with angel radio, temporal awareness, a healing touch, and the power to smite demons with touch. Though he has never tried to smite Homestuck before simply because he does not wish to hurt him severely no matter how much he hates him because they are still friends. Before he had his wings, he most likely looked like a combination between Sam and Dean, since he is usually depicted as having fluffy moose hair, a pretty face, broad shoulders, and jeans along with thick work shoes/boots, probably even a plaid flannel over his t-shirt. Over time and with every “The road so far…”, he began to look more worn and tired emotionally and physically just as Team Free Will became the longer they were caught up in the chaos of it all. Although he can be found sulking to himself a lot of the times, he is always there to make an out-of place but still not quite Supernatural GIF reference and is often known to make a bitchface whenever someone says something stupid or whenever the time calls for it. Some people even say that he might have a case of resting bitchface syndrome. His room is connected to a garage in which he keeps his 1967 Chevy Impala, and he takes care of it as if it were his own child. Although he has gotten over it now, when he was only a few years old he had a fear of fire, especially ones that were near a ceiling or just in an enclosed space in general which included bedrooms. This was caused by the fear that he would wake up and find a woman burning on his ceiling like in his show, although nothing else he had seen or heard in his show scared him. Unlike he was when he was younger, Supernatural is almost fearless, though there are some dark fears that still linger in the back of his mind.

Onto the last two of the main five of the Fandoms, Homestuck and Hetalia. Though so far I have done each Fandom individually for the most part, I have a headcanon that involves the two of them quite heavily at the same time.

Lets start off with Hetalia. The original run of Hetalia began in 2006 as a webcomic, which makes him 9 in human years, but 27 in internet years. Since it was created on the internet before it was an official manga, it wouldn’t take long for a proper Fandom to form. Homestuck on the other hand, the first page being posted in 2009, he would be six human years old, but 18 in internet years or on an Alternian standpoint he would be 8 sweeps (8.3 if you want to get technical). Hetalia will often refer to Himaruya as his Papa and has a strong bond with him, unlike Homestuck who feels a little tormented by Hussie and often curses under his breath about him. But going back to Hetalia, when he was younger Hima dressed him up in the white pajamas that the young nations would wear like in Chibitalia, and he could be found happily reading his comic or snuggling little dolls of his characters that Hima made for him. When he was a little older, Hetalia was forced to wear a dress much like Italy’s when he had to work Austria, this was due to Hima not being able to provide him with boy clothes that fit him properly, though Hetalia did not mind this at all, and enjoyed wearing the dresses that were provided to him. Homestuck was raised a bit differently, as did he look much much different when he was younger. Before Homestuck looked like a troll, he most likely looked human. Since he was born, he was a troll, although he did not show any signs of being one until he began to reach act 5 when the trolls began to interact with the kids. As a child, his skin was much much paler to the point where it was almost as white as paper, though his hair was still black. At that time his horns were nothing but small unnoticeable bumps on his head that were hidden by his hair. Of course when Homestuck was first created, he would have been a little wriggler, growing up a lot faster than normal trolls would and having a more human-like appearance. Throughout their childhood, both of them wore glasses, Homestuck’s being similar to John’s and Hetalia’s being similar to America’s. Though, before Homestuck was created he had an older brother, if you would like to call him that who went by the name Problem Sleuth. Though he never reached but a few days over a year, he was very mature for his age. Though I would describe his relationship with young Hetalia to be similar to that of Italy’s and the Holy Roman Empire’s. This saying that the two small Fandoms interacted somewhat, PS accidentally falling for Hetalia and thinking he was a dame rather than an adorable little boy in a dress. Six days before Homestuck was created, PS seemingly disappeared even though he was remembered by a few. He had given Hetalia his prized candy corn, and told him they would give him a special power if Hetalia put them on his teeth like vampire fangs. To this day Hetalia still has not eaten the candy corn. Once Homestuck had “replaced” PS, Hetalia found a way to cheer himself like reading some of the happiest moments in his manga. On the other hand, PS was one of the first webcomics Homestuck had read other than his own before he was introduced to all of the other Fandoms. After the two of them had grown up a bit and Homestuck had begun to look fully like a troll, there was a time during the dreaded era of 2012 when Hetalia and Homestuck hated each other for reasons no one could explain. Many believed it was just plain some silly Fandom argument and the face that Homestuck was mean to some for no reason, but what Hetalia never told anyone was that he hated Homestuck for that time because he blamed him for the disappearance of PS. Once the feud had settled and they became friends again, Hetalia realized that it wasn’t his
 fault directly for the disappearance of PS’ pages from the MSPA website, and it was simply a time to move on from one big and great webcomic to an even bigger and greater one with more characters and a more confusing plot. Sometimes Homestuck will mention how much he loves Problem Sleuth, as he is a big fan of the comic himself. There are even times when PS will come to Homestuck and on occasions bring Bard Quest and/or Jail Break with him as well for a small family reunion, though no matter how much Homestuck claimed this nobody believed him including Hetalia who believed all of them to be dead. While most feuds of all the Fandom’s pasts are settled, some still have vague memories of how they acted when they were younger, some more than others.

Overall, the whole concept of these theories might not make sense to most, but I have had some time to fester with my thoughts over the summer and even come up with some twisted things I didn’t include with this whole rant and probably never will. Thank you for reading as far as you did, and I beg of you to please add onto these headcanons and correct me if I’m wrong. I’m always willing to accept messages from anyone willing to listen. Don’t forget to reblog if you want to add anything that way!

Songs about John Mayer analysis:

“This is about, well, a guy, as usual. This was a guy that I was sort of enamored with. This song got its title by something that I just said randomly in conversation. [When] he walked out of the room, I turned to one of my friends and said, ‘It’s like watching Superman fly away.’” - Taylor Swift, Kansas City 2011

“It was at an awards show and there had been this falling-out between me and this guy, I think both of us had so much that we wanted to say, but we’re sitting six seats away from each other, just fighting this silent war of ‘I don’t care that you’re here. I remember getting home and sitting at the kitchen table, and saying to my mom, 'It was like I was standing alone in a crowded room.’ That’s when my eyes glazed over, and I got distracted and walked away to write.” She added, “My mom is used to me doing that.” - Taylor Swift on TSOU, New York Times 2011

Superman & Ours:

Superman: “He’s got his mother’s eyes, his father’s ambition,” Both John and Margaret Mayer have the same shade of brown eyes. John Mayer initially went ot college to study education - following in the footsteps of his high school principal father, Richard Mayer. 

Superman: “Something in his deep brown eyes got me seeing that he’s not all bad like his reputation and I can’t hear one single word they say.” Ours: “Seems like there’s always someone who disapproves/The verdict comes from those with nothing else to do/It’s not theirs to speculate if it’s wrong,” By the time Taylor and John Mayer became a public item he was already notorious for dating/bedding many other high profile women such as Jennifer Love-Hewit, Vanessa Carlton, Jessica Simpson, Minka Kelly, Jennifer Aniston and more - as mentioned in Dear John “My mother accused me of losing my mind”, Taylor dating John Mayer was not popular by her family’s stance as well as the medias’.

Ours: “I love the gap between your teeth/Any snide remarks from my father about your tattoos will be ignored,“ Originally this fandom dismissed Ours being about John Mayer because to state the obvious - he doesn’t have a gap between his teeth! But, upon closer inspection, between John Mayer’s two front bottom incisors there is a very noticeable gap when the photo is taken from above; something the average person would be oblivious too. Back in 2006 when Taylor’s debut album was in the process of being released, she’d joked live on air that if it sold more than 10,000 copies in the first week of sales she would get a heart (that she often Sharpie’d onto her foot anyway) permanently inked. Much to Taylor’s shock, her album sold almost 4 times that wild bet - 39,000 copies! Shortly afterwards she was prompted by the same radio presenter who asked if she was really going to get herself a tattoo, to which she responded “Yeah, I thought about it, but my dad threatened to take it off with a belt sander - so note to self, don’t get a tattoo.”

The Story Of Us, Dear John & I Knew You Were Trouble:

Superman: “He’s complicated, he’s irrational,”  TSOU: “So many walls up I can’t break through,” Dear John: “Wondering whch version of you I might get on the phone tonight,” IKYWT: “No apologies he’ll never see you cry, pretends he doesn’t know that he’s the reason why you’re drowning.” Even in the song supposedly written as a homage for John Mayer before he and Taylor were ever in a relationship, she describes his character as being very nonsensical and complex - almost foreshadowing to his manipulative behaviour recorded in the later songs.

TSOU: “A simple complication, miscommunication leads to fall out,” Dear John: “Counting my footsteps, praying the floor won’t fall through again,” Both these lyrics reference to somebody who is prone to overreacting about menial things and dishing out severe consequences - proving the “he’s not all bad like his reputation” line from Superman to be reconsidered.

Ours: “Ghosts from your past gonna jump out at me, lurking in the shadows with their lipgloss smiles,” Dear John: “I’ll look back and regret how I ignored when they said run as fast as you can,” IKYWT: “A new notch in your belt is all I’ll ever be/You never loved me or her, or anyone or anything.” During the confirmation stage of their relationship, Jennifer Aniston was interviewed on air and the topic of John Mayer and Taylor Swift was brought up - Jennifer Aniston’s automatic response was “Taylor, run girl, run.”

But possibly the most kick-to-the-gut parallel of all these supposed John Mayer tribute songs comes from the chorus to Ours and the bridge to Dear John, detailing the moment Taylor realised that the one thing she loved most was the one thing that was determind to bring her down.

Ours: “Don’t you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine.”

Dear John: “I’m shining like fireworks over your sad empty town.”

Secret messages:

The Story Of Us: CMT AWARDS in referral to the infamous awkward encounter between Taylor and John Mayer when he was unexpectedly invited to perform at the CMT Awards of 2010.

Dear John: LOVED YOU FROM THE VERY FIRST DAY is an undeniable Superman reference, practically confirming these songs are about the same person.

I Knew You Were Trouble: WHEN YOU SAW ME DANCING Taylor and John Mayer met at the MET Gala 2008, where there undoubtedly would’ve been some dancing. This could also be a reference to when they first romantically hit it off, at a party or another award show.