why do i have so much creamer

It's A Date // Seo Johnny


the prompt: I would like to request a teacher x student with Johnny being the new college professor falling in love with his a student.

words: 1169

category: fluff + drabble

author note: just a lil johnny drabble! i think i’ve gotten the most johnny requests out of everyone so i hope you guys like this drabble.

- destinee

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Daily Drabble 10-5-15

Prompt: It’s All Kageyama’s Fault
Pairing: IwaOiKage
Rating: T

Oikawa Tooru would like it to be known that it was not his fault. Absolutely none of this would have happened if Kageyama hadn’t come padding out of the guest room that morning, rubbing his eyes with his hair a mess and Iwaizumi’s sweatshirt hanging off one shoulder.

So. It was clearly his fault. Not Tooru’s.

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Today was one of those days where I feel like, without doing much, I’ve accomplished a lot. I have finally realized that there is so much I want to do and can do so why not just do it? On the lighter end I’ve decided to rearrange my furniture tomorrow and I finally learned how I like my coffee (lots of flavored creamer and absolutely no sugar). Coffee and naps really are the only things keeping college students from dying everyday. 

On a bigger scale I’ve 90% decided that instead of majoring in Psychology I’m going to major in Marketing and minor in Psychology. Psychology is a subject that really interests me but it’s a path that I’m not 100% sure I want to go down. I’ll have no idea where to start once I start looking for a job, internships are hard to find in that field, and honestly I’m worried it’s something I’ll become bored with in 10 years or so.

My decision to major in Marketing has been something that has lived in the back of my mind for awhile. At first my plan was to minor in Marketing so that I could have a fallback plan but the more I’ve looked into it the more I love the idea of it. There are just so many opportunities with Marketing. I can find internships, I can work with several kinds of companies that interest me like interior design firms, clothing companies,etc, and even blogs. There’s so much room to grow and at the same time, if I choose, I can be a part time student and get my PsyD over time while making a living. There are many more things I want to start doing and I’ll be making a post about those tomorrow!