why do i have so many sunglasses

Obligatory Mafia AU That No One Asked For™

Intergalactic Mafia AU headcanons because I’m always a slut for Mafia AUs–

I was actually very reluctant to post this bc I don’t know how anyone would feel but tbh mafia AUs hold a special place in my heart and I couldn’t deny myself this. I’m gonna post more, b/c galran half of the mafia AU

– Ryan


• Weapon of choice: blunt projectiles / clubs
• Works as clean-up, along with Pidge
• Although he doesn’t do much in the field, you know, except for cleaning, he does a lot more in the castle
• He does his part as chef, where Coran used to work as well until everyone decided enough is enough
• Hunk’s side hobby is making and testing out poisons??
• Like can’t you just see him meddling around with the herbs and different elements and the burners trying to make different chemicals for their different targets? let’s keep in mind not all of them are humans
• I can totally see him threatening everyone if they misbehave with certain poisons he makes
• No one trusts the dinner he makes that night
• “If I don’t see him eating it, I’m not touching it”
• “Quit being a baby, you really think I’m gonna sabotage my own food??”


• Weapon of choice: knives
• Works as clean-up, along with Hunk, but mostly she works from within the castle
• She’s the technician and the weapons specialist of the family
• She’s also the information broker / archiver
• Pidge is a very vital part of this family proTECT HER AT ALL COSTS
• Rarely ever does confrontations, but will fight if she must.
• Most jobs she takes are infiltrating jobs, or any job that she can get close to the target enough to administer a poison
• She’ll paint her blades with the poisons Hunk makes on the off chance she has to go out on a job
• Constantly makes 007 puns
• Constantly makes gangster puns


• Weapon of choice: any form of artillery tbh probably an automatic weapon
• He’s the sniper of the family, and specializes in ranged combat rather than close combat
• He’s the one that insists they dress all sharp and wear sunglasses and everything
• “Lance, you’ve seen The Godfather far too many times-”
• “The sunglasses idea was from Men In Black, leave me alone!”
Is actually a good shot, and him and Keith are normally the ones to go out on jobs for hits
• Because him and Keith are always the ones that go out for hits, he can’t help but make a competition out of it
• “Hey, I bet I can drop more of these goons than you can.”
• “Why do you have to be so morbid about this.”
• Imagine the cleanup poor Hunk, poor Pidge
• Usually deals in illicit behaviors like back alley transactions


• Weapon of choice: twin pistols
• He’s really flexible with his weapons, and he isn’t picky. If he’s forced into close combat (which, thanks to Lance, is quite often) he’ll pull out brass knuckles, and fight with martial combat.
• He once took a man down with a bamboo-woven broom and a spatula
• No one will let him live that one down
• “Remember that time we went for a job, and Keith forgot his weapon?”
• “Lance”
• “And he stole that broom from Home Depot?”
• “Lance
• “And then that woman bitchslapped him with that spatula–
• Other than that, Pidge will custom-make a weapon to suit Keith’s fighting styles: semi-automatics, pistols, knives, projectiles, chemical weapons, bombs, you name it
• Usually handles jobs on his own, and acts more as a bounty hunter than a mobster


• Weapon of choice: hand blades + attachable prosthetic
• He’s pretty good with a gun, but he’s more agile in close combat
• He’s the one that’s handed all the s-rank missions
• He acts as the ‘head’ of the family. Some might call him daddy. Or just dad, really, he’s Dad™
• More or less the big shot, and because of his success story, is alternatively known as the Champion
• Pidge makes him prosthetic attachables, sometimes guns, but mostly swords or other kinds of blades.

The problems of having glasses:

-Rain: sure you can take them off but then you can’t see, but if you leave them on rain drops on you glasses make it so you can’t see anyway

-cold days/drinking something steamy: when you get some where warm your glasses fog up so you can’t see

-trying to find your glasses: you can’t see so it makes it so hard to find them, you need to see in order to find them but you can’t since you don’t have them

-trying to adjust your glasses when you aren’t wearing them: you can poke you eye out

-playing sports: always going to be worried that they are going to fall off and break

-3D movies: it bad enough dealing with on pair of glasses but trying to wear two at once when ones a shitty paper pair of glasses is impossible

-dumb people asking if you glasses are fake: it’s like are you kidding me, do you really think i would wear these dumb things all the time if i had too

-people trying to wear your glasses and saying wow you are really blind: it’s like no really? why do you think I’ve been wearing these? for fun?

-people that when you take off your glasses hold of there fingers and ask how many you see: yeah I can see them it’s just blurry as fuck what else do you expect, me to see a crayon? 

-sunglasses: HAHAHA not going to happen, you have to deal with the bright ass sun or wear sunglasses and not being able to see, or buying a really expensive sunglasses so i can see

-wearing them for long periods of time: in some cases you nose and ears will hurt if you wear them for too long

-wearing contacts: not if you want to touch your eye everyday or having your eyes dry out your not going to wear them

-sight even with glasses: you vision will be better with glasses but it will never be a perfect 20/20 vision

-trying to clean glasses: it’s annoying as hell some times it takes forever to get one smudge off, and if you even touch them the slightest bit more smudges to deal with, also you can leave behind small scratches witch can be very annoying

-having long eyelashes: you don’t want to have them, trust me, they will rub against your glasses, and it will feel weird and plus it leaves behind smudges in the area were you see the most. “oh i wish i had long eyelashes”. No fuck you, i wish i didn’t

-taking them off: in some cases people won’t even recognize you, and when i take them off it means my day is fucking done.

-when glasses sit on you face they can get greasy: this is annoying b/c then they always feel like they are slipping or  they are actually are slipping down your face. The can also cause pimples which can hurt very much b/c you glasses are kind of sitting on them.

-when people take off your glasses and touch the lends: this is the quickest way to piss us off. we are going to need to clean that after you give them back, we don’t mind if you a careful and touch the lends on accent, but if your are a careless fuck trad we will hate you

-going on rides in a park: worrying if your glasses will fall off, even to a point to wearing a glasses strap to make sure that they don’t fall off. If you don’t have this you need to take them off but were the fuck are you going to put them then? 

-make like eyeliner: if you think it was hard to put on before you lucky seeing fucks. it’s a whole new level of difficult with us since everything you see fucking blurry. 

safe goggles: the suck even more, it is very uncomfortable, like you can’t adjust your normal glasses. Bless the teachers who count your glasses as safety glasses. 

-telescopes and things alike:oh I’m just going to look though this (clunking sound) oh, I guess I can’t get close enough with them so i’ll just have to take them off…

-buying new ones: Oh do I look good in these ones? I don’t know since i can’t see with the model ones on. also they can be expensive as fuck like depending on your eye sight it can be 200 dollars or 400 dollars or more just to fucking see. 

that’s all i can come up with right now, sorry it’s so long I just wanted to rant, feel free to reblog or add more, sorry for any grammar you spelling mistakes. 

ᴇᴠᴀɴɢᴇʟɪᴏɴ ǫ: ʏᴏᴜ ᴄᴀɴ (ɴᴏᴛ) ʀᴇᴅᴏ ᴄᴀsᴛ ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴠɪᴇᴡs

During the 2012 Q premiere, an exclusive interview pamphlet – which had the cast explain their character’s role in Rebuild and their personal thoughts on the Evangelion franchise – was made available to the Japanese audience. Three years later, and here they are –  translated in English for the very first time. There’s a lot of information to be gleaned in these, including: 

  • Asuka’s seiyuu is certain Asuka Langley Shikinami will have a happy ending in Evangelion: 3.0+1.0.
  • Mari’s seiyuu claims that it is possible to figure out where Mari “comes from” just by viewing Q.
  • Misato Katsuragi is Sakura Suzuhara’s role model, according to information provided by Sakura’s seiyuu.
  • Koji Takao’s seiyuu verifies that Kaji is indeed alive in the Q!verse.
  • Hideaki Anno disclosed Rebuild’s “hidden nature” to Akira Ishida (Kaworu’s seiyuu) way back in 1.0.
  • And more!

Very special thanks goes out to my friend Freshy (longtime JJBA translator) for tackling these. Enjoy.

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ok but ed actually looks so good in the gq photoshoot? like how?

Right?! He just gets more and more attractive. By the time he’s 30, we’re going to have to wear sunglasses to look directly at him. 

You know what that GQ thing reminded me of though? 

Why… do I have so many gifs of him doing this… 

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five things you’ll find in my bag

  • Prescription sunglasses
  • A notebook/sketchbook
  • Varied assortments of pens and pencils
  • A nail file
  • Advil, invariable

five things you’ll find in my bedroom

  • So many books
  • LOTS of art
  • About half of my mug collection
  • My notebook collection
  • Boxes. Just. Boxes. Literally everywhere. I have a weird obsession with things that contain other things. I don’t know why. I’m sorry.

five things i wanna do w/ my life

  • Publish a novel
  • Get married!!
  • Have babbies
  • Find a better relationship with God
  • Learn to deal with stress without letting it overwhelm me

five things i’m into right now

  • Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  • Voltron
  • Like, five songs from this one Jukebox the Ghost album
  • Sushi
  • My Hero Academia

five things on my to-do list

  • Pack for College
  • Finish this logo design commission that has been giving me a n x i e t y
  • Work on my palette challenge pictures I’ve been doing for my art blog and instagram!
  • Pack for my trip to North Carolina
  • Do a little research on art commissions/paypal/etc

five things people may not know about me

  • I hold on to grudges for longer than I’d like to admit and I have a really hard time letting go of things.
  • I was incredibly sanguine and extroverted as a kid and I’m not really sure what happened but I did a complete 180 somewhere around the age of 14-15ish
  • Most of the time I’m worried I’ve fooled everyone into thinking I’m really nice or really sweet when I’m really not.
  • If you try to make me eat split pea soup I might actually vomit. I am dead serious.
  • I have an incredibly sharp memory but it’s like. Super selective. I remember my second birthday party in vivid detail but I can’t remember the last names of most of my coworkers.

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[ inadvertently slept the entire saturday away ] well. shit. set so many alarms i slept through, wanted to do a bunch when many would be awake.  oh well! i’m woke and ready to kick butt. if you’re conscious and I can intrigue you into some dip dop sass, mandorable dipstick, or just anything. c: hit me up on im, ask, i mean.. you can like this i guess. i’ll just have to annoy you by IM or ask anyway. or if you have an idea tag me in something– even if its an open. super feelin some smol things while i get warmed up/wake up. its also sinday and i’m more than up for that fun too.

more importantly good morning, afternoon, and evenin’ to any frands readin’ this. you are fucking awesome, i love you, i’m glad you’re here. you have an amazing day even if i dont hear from u. whether it goes good or bad, tay luffs ya. don’t even argue.

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5 Things Tag Game

I was tagged by the lovely @iceandbone !!


-lip balm/hand moisturizer
-sunglasses (like 3 pairs. Why so many?? I only have one face???)


-cat (usually napping on the windowsill)
-a custom made Jack Frost Barbie doll edit (a friend made for me) next to a Rapunzel Barbie doll (I’m jackunzel trash I know)


-be merry


-my friends
-dan and phil
-disney movies with my bf and hot chocolate
-just chocolate in general


-pastel pink
-making YouTube videos
-tabletop games
-Yooka Laylee


-have dinner w my bro
-finish writing the script for my next vid
-start shooting scenes
-oil change
-buy more cat food (the wet kind, she has plenty of dry food no worries)

That was fun!! I’d like to tag anyone who comes across this and wants to do it! For specific peeps- @molteniridium, @ember-hinote, @saxysteph, @chemistthatfangirlsoverchemistry, @midnighttotwelve, and @thelouvrebitch


Sorry for the long post, but…. MY MASK IS FINALLY DONE HOLY POOP

This is Alexandrite from Steven Universe. I will be cosplaying this giant woman at KCCC on Aug. 7-9 in Kansas City!! AAAAUUUGHGHGHGHH

I have so much more left to do…. why does she have to have so many arms…

The mask was seriously so cheap. 6 bucks for the clay to make the teeth and pearl, the sunglasses and mask were 1 dollar each online, the nose is cardboard, each color paint was 50 cents, the hot glue was super cheap, the clear nail polish coat was 1 dollar so…. Pretty cheap mask overall! I’m super happy with it! My boyfriend won’t kiss me while I’m wearing it! 

If you have questions, suggestions, anything, let me know :)

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“No, officer, I will NOT step out of the vehicle..”adrienette

I did a bit of a personality-change AU for this one… testing the waters a bit.

“Step out of the vehicle, please.”

“No, officer, I will not step out of the vehicle.”

Marinette groaned inwardly. Just her luck that she would pull over this guy right before her patrol ended. She put on her I’m-not-dealing-with-this-tonight face and leaned against the car, glaring down at the driver. “Sir, I’m going to ask you once last time to please step out of the vehicle.”

He pulled his sunglasses from his eyes, scanning her up and down with intelligent and immature green eyes. Marinette recognized him instantly. Adrien Agreste, supermodel playboy, owner of the Chat Noir club and many other joints across the city. Son of the wealthy Gabriel Agreste, huge fashion icon and billionaire. Her childhood self would have been ecstatic to meet him. Now, she just glowered.

“Why the long face, Lovebug?” he grinned, flashing his perfect white teeth at her.

“Do you know how fast you were going?”

He raised an eyebrow. “Oh, so I guess you’re not pulling me over for an autograph.”

“No, I’m not. You were going twenty over the speed limit, I’m going to have to write you up for that. License and registration, please.”

“And what if I say no?”

Marinette wanted to punch this guy in his perfect stupid face, lawsuits be damned. Well, if he thought he could do whatever he wanted because his father was some big time CEO, she was gonna prove him wrong. He picked the wrong day to mess with her.

“I’ll have you brought in for resisting arrest and failure to comply. If you think you can escape the law just because your last name is Agreste, you’ve got another thing coming.”

At the sound of his name, he grinned again, and rested his elbow on the window ledge. “You know who I am already, so just write me up and send it to my lawyers.”

That was it. Marinette yanked open the car door and dragged him from the drivers seat. Though he was at least a head taller than her, she had no trouble slamming him against his own car, dragging his wrists behind his back. “Adrien Agreste, you are under arrest for –”

“Aw, Lovebug likes it rough, huh?” he laughed, and Marinette scowled again. He didn’t resist when she shoved him into the back of her cruiser, calling in the appropriate people to pick up the car, and took off toward the station.

Asshole!Adrien is actually kind of… fun?

Dialogue Prompts

If the zanpakuto confessed to what they *really* do in their shinigami’s soul worlds...

Zanpakuto confessions requested by anon. :)

You know how weird you get when you’re by yourself? Well, imagine being a zanpakuto spirit. They’re all alone all the time, in their shinigami’s soul world. So probably they do plenty of weird shit. So what if the zanpakuto spirits had to confess to what they really do in their shinigami’s soul world? What (PG!) things might each of them say?

1. Gegetsuburi

Gegetsuburi: I…I…



Gegetsuburi: BUT THEY’RE JUST. SO. CUTE!

Omaeda: …

Gegetsuburi: SO CUTE

2. Hozukimaru

Hozukimaru: Well, uh, mostly, I, uh…

Hozukimaru (whispers): Mostly I groom and stroke my magnificent hair and beard.

Ikkaku: That’s not shameful. Why would you hide that?

Hozukimaru: Well, you know partner, ‘cause you…

Ikkaku: Yes?

Hozukimaru: ….don’t have hair?


3.  Ashisogijizo

Ashisogijizo: [fluttery noises]

Kurotsuchi: What do you MEAN you give money to animal charities??

Ashisogijizo: [fluttery noises]

Kurotsuchi: AND to a baby goat rescue????


4. Tobiume

Tobiume: I like to set fires!

Hinamori: Uh

Tobiume: It gives me joy!

Hinamori: But

Tobiume: Fire is life!

Hinamori: I am more than a little alarmed.

5. Senbonzakura

Senbonzakura: Mostly I practice being cool.

Byakuya: …what

Senbonzakura: You know…

Senbonzakura: Turning around suddenly without getting dizzy and falling over, putting on my extra mask really quickly, acting like I know what’s going on even when I don’t, leaning against objects in a way that makes me look awesome and not slouchy….that sort of thing.

Byakuya: …

Senbonzakura: If you could get me a mirror, it would really help a lot.

Byakuya: I am going now.

6. Hichigo

Hichigo: You know me, I normally surf the internet.

Hichigo: Knock the old man off his pole and laugh at his pain.

Hichigo: Wish I had a garden.

Ichigo: One of those was different than the others.

Hichigo: Wanting a garden is nothing to be ashamed of!

7. Gonryomaru

Gonryomaru: Mostly I write fanfiction.

Sasakibe: W-what?!

Gonryomaru: Sometimes it’s about people we know.

Sasakibe: GOD WHY

8.  Sogyo no Kotowari

Sogyo no Kotowari: Mostly we run around in circles screaming as loud as we can!

Sogyo no Kotowari: It’s like a contest!

Ukitake: Aaaaand that explains my headaches.

9.  Katen Kyokotsu

(older) Katen Kyokotsu: Mostly I just sit back and listen.

(older) Katen Kyokotsu: Since my partner never stops talking.

Kyoraku: S-she’s never said a word to me!

(older) Katen Kyokotsu: Yeah I’d take that personally.

10.  Sode no Shirayuki

Sode no Shirayuki: Oh, I don’t do anything TOO embarrassing!

Sode no Shirayuki: I mean…except for that time when Rukia didn’t have her powers, ‘cause I was really really bored then.

Sode no Shirayuki: And once I spent an entire afternoon seeing how many grapes I could fit in my mouth.

Sode no Shirayuki: It was dark times.

11.  Ruri’iro Kujaku

Ruri’iro Kujaku: Well, you know that “Burn Book” from Mean Girls?

Ruri’iro Kujaku: I have one of those. I work on it often.

Ruri’iro Kujaku: It is 80% about Yumichika, though.

Yumichika: That isn’t a confession. You show it to me every time I visit.

Ruri’iro Kujaku: I do!

12. Tenken

Tenken: [gestures toward 31 fully complete puzzles]

Komamura: My soul is a puzzle-building demon?

Komamura: I am all right with that.

13. Wabisuke

Wabisuke: I go on the internet and look at cat pictures.

Wabisuke: They make me laugh.

Kira: You…can laugh?

Wabisuke: I am laughing right now.

Kira: …

Kira: What does “laughing” mean to you?

14. Kazeshini

Kazeshini: I like to binge watch movies!

Kazeshini: Well….mostly just one movie. On repeat.

Kazeshini: …

Kazeshini: I like to watch Spy Kids.

Hisagi: Oh. My. God.


15. Suzumebachi

Suzumebachi: I work on my speed!!!!

Suzumebachi: …

Suzumebachi: Mostly I fly around making “zoom” noises with my lips.

16. Zabimaru

Chimpette: Snakey and I like to take bets on when Renji will break his sunglasses and/or zanpaktuo.

Chimpette: I’ve made like 900 yen!

Renji: Y-you’re my soul! You’re supposed to support me!

Chimpette: 900 yen, though.

17. Haineko

Haineko: I do loads of stuff!

Haineko: I take naps, I lie on my back, I fix my hair, AND I sometimes run around randomly for no reason!

Matsumoto: So….you’re just a cat, then.

Haineko: I AM NOT

18. Hyorinmaru

Hyorinamaru: I like to reenact “Let It Go.”

Hyorinmaru: I have built so many ice palaces.


Hyorinmaru: Yes.

Hyorinmaru: You are welcome.

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you can make a gif of Dave/Karkat fusion dance?? (If you don't want/can, is fine :D)

omfg guys they weren’t doing a fusion dance it was just a regular dance haha

I can’t make a gif because it would have too many frames but imagine if it was the case, Karkat doing the crab dance for it, Dave would just start laughing and then they’d mess up and turn into an angry lobster with sunglasses

..Sollux would be a fusion of 2 mini twin Solluxes.. just image.. mini solluxes

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from your neighborhood vandal, tumblr user chandelaa <3

so many questions

why the floating doritos. why the floating mountain dew. why are we portraying russia as a white boy with no life living in his mothers basement. why the faded edges like this phenomena could have occured more than 5 years ago. why the pixelated sunglasses when this blog constantly uses some random high def pic of sunglasses the mun found on google. why are the sunglasses tilted in a way most people do not wear sunglasses because it looks dumb.


  • “ You coming in? ”
  • “Don’t splash me!”
  • “I have sand everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE.”
  • “I don’t want to get wet!”
  • “I can swim by myself you know.”
  • “Will you hand me my sunglasses?”
  • “It says no diving you idiot.”
  • “It’s a castle made out of sand. A sandcastle.”
  • “Ready? 1, 2, 3….!”
  • “How long are we going to be here exactly.”
  • “Why are there so many guys in speedos?”
  • “Don’t untie my bathing suit- STOP THAT.”
  • “Do that again and I will throw you in.”
  • “Watch out!”
  • “Wow you look really good- and tan.”
  • “I found Dory, we don’t need to search for her anymore.”
  • “Play some music- yeah?”
  • “I think that’s a crab?”
  • “I don’t want to get out.”
  • “Don’t touch me. My hair is wet, I’m all sandy, and I want to die.”
  • “It feels like bath water in here.”
  • “I just swallowed water am I going to die?”
  • “If you fall into the pond doing this I’m going to laugh. I hope you know that.”
  • “See, that’s what you get for running across the bridge you piece of crap.”
  • “Why the heck did you just throw your bottle of Gatorade? Who does that?”
  • “Remember that time a seagull ate my hotdog? Because I do.”
  • “I don’t even like the beach. Why am I here.”
  • “I bet they moved our stuff just to spite me.”
  • “Oh- She’s/He’s/They’re hot.”
  • “I can feel myself about to be burnt to a crisp. I hate the sun.”