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“Yes hello I wanted to request a fix where the reader is actually extremely frustrated that she can’t seem to catch the attention of F/C (he hangs out with other girls, ignores reader, etc), until one day he’s like forced to be her slave and pay attention to her, or put under a spell and begins to become interested in her, or something along those lines. Thanks so much! *Puts out warm chocolate chip cookies for authors*”

Can’t resist chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t do anything huge like having him be her slave or get put under a spell, but I hope the plot is good anyways! Hope you guys like it.

Written by (a shy) Anon.


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Both are in my favor

Warning: Quite a bit of swearing, Grey’s Anatomy feels

Barely a year ago, Clarke Elizabeth Griffin had been one of 121 students to throw her hat in the air as a proud pre-med graduate: Goodbye college, goodbye to long nights sitting sexiled in the hallway, studying for a test the next morning - no more horrible coffee and snacks from way-too expensive vending machines.

Reyes, one of her very best friends from high school had suggested that Clarke should move into her apartment immediately after graduating because she was a control-freak with sense for organization, if not to mention seriousness, which would bring new balance to her home. Since Raven was a bit of a rock chick: messy but so tough that she was capable of scaring guys, although she only came up to their chins. Also Clarke wondered how it was possible for one to be as laid back as her mechanic friend, who could always get the best out of everything; take her mind off of things, even the most terrifying history finals (but damn, she was scary with a wrench, and if anybody dared to as much as look at her the wrong way they would get slapped hard enough to not talk the following five days - just ask the outcast John Murphy from her mechanic courses. Clarke was amazed at Wick’s bravery the day that he had managed to hit on her in a way that she liked).

Getting her first job as an educated doctor at the Ark City Hospital was beyond exciting, but the same morning of receiving the phone call, Clarke had noticed one of those very infamous notes on the refrigerator door: “Hey Babe! I’ll head to Wick’s place immediately after work - he insists that we go out to eat on our anniversary. Man, he tries all his best to be romantic after the bet that we made. It’s killing me! - R.”

Therefore, the night before her first day she decided to go and celebrate the victory all alone, maybe have a couple of drinks (though not enough to get drunk), dance by herself as she did it best - and talk to strangers, who might congratulate her. That proved to be the worst choice of her life, but she didn’t know that what happened would happen.


“It’s just so not you, Clarke. Running late for your first day of work because of a one-night-“

“Don’t mention it!” Clarke warned through the phone while tugging her black coat on, only succeeding in pulling an arm through one of the sleeves as she slung the front door open and grabbed her to-go coffee mug to chuck the rest of the black goodness (caffeine was a life-safer, truly).

“Tell me about Mr. Dreamy when you get home,” Raven teased, and the doctor could literally hear her grinning in amusement, but before she could hiss a ‘shut up’, she was wished good luck, and the call was ended.

In her rush to get to the right floor, Clarke barely registered her new surroundings (well, perhaps excluding the many countless ways her colleagues - a lot of which she should have respect for considering how experienced they were - sent her. She would never be as good as them if this kept happening, that was for sure).

Her boss better be one forgiving son of a bitch…

She couldn’t stop herself from imagining the horror from the explanation she might be forced to give like she had been whenever she had shown up late for math classes in college (“Can I ask why you’re late this morning, Mrs. Griffin?” “Yeah, so I took this incredibly hot dude from a bar with me home last night. We had hardcore sex, but the asshole didn’t wake me up so…”)

Though desperate, she decided to act natural and enter the workroom quietly in hope that no one had acknowledged the missing newbie. (But shit, that was no use, because her boss proved to know exactly why she was late)

It’s okay, Griffin. You got this, you’re cool, you’re confident and you don’t give a damn, Clarke thought to herself before opening the door just enough for her squeeze through, then with her papers at hand, she tried to effortlessly brush a piece of hair to its place behind her ear, however it ended up getting caught in her mouth.

“Miller, you need to check on that little girl Cassidy today and see if her concussion is really as bad as we initially thought -“ This. Wasn’t. Happening. The voice of the man giving orders wasn’t unfamiliar, to say the least.

“You sure know how to make a good first impression, Princess,” His deep, dark words were exhaled against the sensitive skin of her ear, and if - God, if it hadn’t been him she wouldn’t have found it as much as a bit attractive. She knew this guy was nice despite the smugness - in the end that was what changed her response from: ‘Asshole’ to the politer:

“And you can shut up,”

Fuck. No, no, no.

Someway, Clarke really wanted to gaze up because of the tiny chance that she was wrong, and that guy had just messed up her mind. The wiser part of her brain overpowered that, though, telling her not to do so.  She woke from a haze to hear the best part: “Oh, and Harper, if you have time today, would you mind showing our new intern around… Her name is-“ she looked up in time just to see none other than Mr. Dreamy glance down at his papers with those characteristic eyebrows furrowed and his concentrated frown (which she had found too intriguing the night before) suddenly making her gulp, “- Clarke Griff- Wait a minute-“

The last thing Clarke felt as she in the matter of a millisecond made her way to the door was his eyes on her back - a sensation that shamefully still made her unable to breathe, only now in the worst possible way.

“No last name?”

“Better to be safe than sorry, remember Princess? Be careful. I might start to think that you want to hunt me down on Facebook or something,” that smile of his glowed more than the flashing lights from the disco system, and the sparks within his dark eyes were naturally stunning.

“Why would you say that?”

“Maybe because it’s happened before? A couple of crazy ex-girlfriends are in my past. Making new accounts didn’t help much. You should be happy with what you get,” even though his self-interest was obvious, it didn’t scare her away like it usually did (blame the tequila shots): “You don’t know me, but I am here to inform you that one of my deadly sins is greed. And I plan to take advantage of every second; every detail you give to me,”

During her break, after being showed around by the nurse named Harper - she went to an empty lounge to call Raven in desperate need of advice from a rebel. As Clarke waited for her to pick up, she couldn’t ignore the complete mess her mind had turned to at the sound of his voice - That, along with the fact that he clearly had left his shirt in her room on purpose was simply another reason to why Clarke was so certain that his lone mission was to haunt her.

“Trust me, R. This is not funny! I’m freaking out! What do I do?” Lowering her voice as a female nurse passed the door, Clarke impatiently waited for Raven to finish chuckling.

“Relax, G… Was it a bad experience? - was he a terrible lover?” Clarke blinked at the last word, narrowing her eyes. Honestly, she always got the teasing side of her best friend when she clearly needed the Doctor Phil side.

“I don’t understand how you dare to say something like that in a situation as mine, but no and that’s the fucking problem, you see?”

It seemed like Raven pondered a bit, or maybe Clarke had called while she was busy having fun blowing shit up in the back of her shop down town, but then she finally sighed an advice: “Okay, that’s easy. Just tell him ‘hello dude, thanks for last night - I want to pretend like it never happened because you turned out to be my boss and I don’t want to screw up my reputation,”

“Well, that makes me sound like a bitch,”

“Got a better idea?”

As if the whole thing couldn’t get worse, right at that moment, a man, who was far more than ‘just somebody’ stepped into the room, announcing himself with a smug: “Having trouble navigating around here, Princess?”


“Raven, I have to go. Duty’s calling-“ Quickly, she hung up the phone and reluctantly raised her gaze to him, finding his facial expression to be far more serious than she’d imagined it would be - still, that didn’t quite hide the grin after all, “No, Dr. Blake. Sorry, I’ll see myself out,”

But he stopped her; one strong hand closing around her arm to pull her back towards him so that she had to hold back a defeated whimper: “Doctor Blake? As far as I recall, last night I was Bellamy and you were Clarke, a pre-med graduate,”

She met his gaze, her blue eyes lightening, no longer a tad afraid: “Oh well, as far as I’ve concerned, last night didn’t happen. Now, let me go, I have to get back to work,” at that he released his grip on her forearm, allowing his hand to hover merely an inch from her wrist as if there was anything left to say between them…

… Taking the first step away, Clarke felt the intensity of his gaze at the back of her neck once more, and pathetically she gave in, trying to mask her fluster with a hissed comeback at how he had accused her of lying (which she technicallyhadn’t): “For the record: calling myself a graduate even after a year sounds much better than ‘unemployed’ don’t you think?” - Holy crap, how smooth, Clarke. She deeply wanted to facepalm.

“I would’ve slept with you anyway,”

“ Yeah, of course you would’ve. Whether I had a job or not didn’t matter to you, because I was made for nothing but sexual pleasure, right? That’s all that counts for you. Well, fuck you Bellamy!”¨ Determined not to waste one more second of her time on that asshole, with tears of anger (and disappointment) burning within her eyes, she stormed away from him.

“Clarke, wait! I’m sorry!”

Message from 433-58-123

You misunderstood me.

Please, let me explain.

Okay, it was her fault now, too! He was unbelievable!





She was bound to admit that this was rather satisfying, yet you couldn’t deny the fact that a phone that was constantly vibrating was more than disturbing to her concentration while she was filling out a form for a patient.

                                                                 Aren’t you supposed to be working?

No. I’m supposed to be begging

you to listen to me.

                                                                                                       And if I don’t?

Then, I’ll send you a Shakespeare quote.

Which way do you want it?

Somehow the thought of Bellamy Blake being romantic made her feel weird; not sure of she would be flattered or disgusted at a guy, who had spent a good portion of last night shamelessly trying to woo her (it was definitely not the other way around!) and then later, talking dirty but in a horribly sexy way, suddenly acting as if they were in a cheesy chick-flick.  

Therefore she replied…

                                                                                      You have thirty seconds

                                                                                                             to explain.

God, he wasted no time, and it was almost like he had typed the response in advance.

I would’ve still slept with you,

because I like you!

I like that you call me out when I’m

being an ass - that you’re funny, but

laugh at my shitty jokes. I love the

fact that you know that you’re beautiful

without anyone having to tell you.

But last of all, I love that in spite of all

you can’t see how much you mean to me,

because it forces me to act like the man,

I want to become.

                                                                                                               Oh wow.

The last thing she had expected was for him to be that good at text-monologues; it was a rare talent, she knew that, because the other guys she had dated saw no reason whatsoever to reply with more than a ‘k’. Maybe, he wanted this. There was a possibility that he was indeed different; that she had indeed misunderstood him, but if a single thing was certain, it was that Clarke Griffin, the pre-med graduate was stubborn as hell… And Bellamy was completely aware of it:

Need the Shakespeare quote?

                                                                                                                   Hit me.

“Love me or hate me, both are

in my favor. If you love me,

I’ll always be in your heart.

If you hate me, I’ll always be

in your mind,”


Clarke looked around, and caught him standing in a doorway behind her. His cheeky wave caused her to smile, and without further thought, she spun around on her heal, saying as naturally as she could master: “Do you care to show me around, Mr. Blake?”

Habits(luke hemmings)

This was inspired by a post on here, actually lol.

//uneited, not proofread// 


Summary:He has cut every bad habits for her, expect for one. And that’s exactly her.

“You’re my worst bad habit”


There she is again. Every day, every single day, luke will walk to the campus’s library on purpose, to test his luck, to see if he’ll be able to see her. Y/N.
His heart was stolen the day he spotted her small figure, tip-toeing trying to get the books on the top rack. He reached for her, effortlessly. The way she said “thank you” in a sweet, soft way got his heart honeyed. His heart melt the second her eyes bored into his. Her creamy cheeks flushed in pink. His was lovestruck.
Ever since, he’ll stop by to see if she needs another help. If he’ll be able to get to know her. And now she’s really there. Sitting down on her usual spot, digging into yet another poetry. If only Luke can remember some lines, maybe even a cheesy Shakespeare will help, but nope, because he was never a guy who would play with words. He’s never good at layering words with emotions, the direct way is with actions. That’s why he was never good at relationships, either. 

Now finally remember the facts, his hands start to shake, his confident breaking. The smirk he usually wears has drop to be a frown. It’s no doubt even a hi will come something otherwise. 

“May I help you?” A soft voice quickly brought him back to earth. The sweet, soft melody he can never forget, the voice that belongs to the girl whose making his heart beating rapidly. His body tense up, cheeks brush with pink. 

“Um…” Still feeling lovestruck, words are stuck in his throat. She giggles, a new music that soon made Luke obsess. Finally being able to meet her eyes, the breathe he thought he was going to catch got taken away again. The way she covers her smile with her hands shyly, while not forgetting to glance up at Luke a couple times, makes the butterflies inside him flap even wilder. Gathering up his confident, he reaches out his hand, “I’m Luke Hemmings” Taking his still slightly shaking hands, she sweetly replies, “Y/N, Y/L/N”. Smiling brightly, Luke tighten the grip of their hands, having a strong feeling this won’t be the last time they hold hands.

Small exchange talks, the attraction between got linked. Although form the start, Luke knew she’s a good student, having a normal track of life, while Y/N knows as well how bad news Luke is, she can’t put the sweet, shy boy and the bad boy with drinking, smoking even drugs habits together. She knows habits can be cut, There’re always a stop to it and she’s willing to be the one to guide him through it. And he’s more than glad for her to be the one.

That’s how their adventure begin.


“Did you smoke again?” She smells Luke as soon as she walks into the room. Her frown creeps up as she sees Luke clearly still enjoying the high. 

“Relax, baby. It’s no big deal” He smiles lazily at her, looking her through his lashes. “Of course it is, you know how bad smoking is!” She whisper-yells. She started knowing how serious Luke’s smoking habit is 2 months ago, he had promised he’ll stop. But deep down, both of them knew it won’t be that easy. He had cut down drug and drinking problems, but maybe because of exactly how much he had cut down, he put himself all into the high between smokes. 

“Come on, loose up a little. You look so tense” He reaches out for her, pulling her into his wild embrace. The warmth and the smell of a mix of Vanilla and cigarette hit her nose immediately. She snuggles her head in the crook of his neck, wrapping her arms around his back. “You promised” She softly says. The shaky voice makes his heart shatter, knowing he’s the cause of it. He will never let anyone hurt her, he ceratianly will never forgive himself if he’s the one. 

“I know cupcake. I’m trying, if it can stop your worries, I swear this time I’ll cut it for real. Anything to keep the frowns away from your cute little face” The edge of her lips lifts up as how adorable he is with pet names. “Call me that again” 

His smile brighten, kissing the tip of her nose, “Cupcake,” to her ghostly brushes his lips with hers. “Cupcake. I can literally eat you up right now” She chuckles, no matter how many times Luke has the dirty talk, her face will still heat up, “Eww” 

“You know you love it” He winks before crashing his lips fully on hers. Giving both of them a proper kiss. 


Both Y/N and Luke are at a party. Feeling bored, she walks around the house trying to find the ridicouls tall figure of her lover. When she finally spots him outside, she can’t believe the sight. Here he is again, swinging his leg in the pool,  a cigarette in one hand, while five beers around him. He thrown his head back, clearly enjoying the long loss joy. She snaps it out of his hand, throwing it right into the pool. “What the fuck!” He angrily stands up, stumbling a bit cause how lightheaded he is. Seeing it is his cupcake, he quickly adjusts himself. “Y/N,” He trails off. “You swore! You promised!” She shouts, tears streaming down. She’s not angry he smoked, she’s angry how he had fooled her. Actually doing an absolute well job on playing with words. How fool she actually believed him, how he had lied. The first ground of relationships has crush down miserably. 

“Please, just let me-” He reaches out for her, but she slaps it away. “No, you know what? I’m done with your crap. You fucking lied, you bastard! I was such a fool to believe you will change. You know what? Smoke up, smoke all the fuck you want, I don’t give a shit anymore!” He’s taken back by her stung words. Y/N never swore, if she does, it must be something serious. “I’m sorry, please just look at me!” He desperately begs, grabbing her hands as she flinches away. “Goodbye Luke.” She walks away, away from him, away form his sight. He had let his love of life, the only solid ground he was holding, slipping away from his fingertips. That night, he has lose his mind, his life and himself.


The cold wind is cutting Luke’s whole body, especially his empty heart- the one that might be possible to be filled again. Ever since Y/N left, he had seriously cut down all his habits. He doesn’t even feel excited seeing s cigarette anymore. The path to the library is so familiar, it feels the very first few times meeting Y/N, but this time excitement has take up more space than nervousness. He can’t wait to let Y/N knows the news, he’s proud of himself for doing it without the help of his angle.

However, as he opens the door, seeing his cupcakes’s figure on her usual spot, his isn’t relived. Sitting across, is a boy. A boy who’s making her life, a boy who’s now holding her hands. His heart was once again shattered. He wipes away the tears as he quietly makes his way out. Out of the building out from her sight and out of her mind.

Lifting the cigarette he bought on his way home, he knows it can never be the way how she lifts his lips up by being beside him. He knew the high can never replace the ones she gives him. 

Breathing out the white smoke, mixed with the snows. He knows one thing for certain: She’s his second hand smoke, his worst habit