why do i have a million more doctors to talk to

I…I woke up late again orz. In my annoyed half awake state I cut off my phone instead of doing my complicated alarm. Jfc…
Let’s have a brief update!
So mom situation: Things are looking far better. Since she has fibromyalgia and lupus, my mother literally has a box full of medications she has to take daily. The doctors realized that all of those medications were basically fighting with eachother, making her feel worse mentally and physically, but mainly mentally. So they’re going to be taking her off of those slowly and finding a healthy combo of pills that aren’t a million of them, and also work okay together.
She’s been calling three times a day, and is even saying she loves us. She’s not hateful anymore, she just sounds like she really misses us, so that helps me a lot. A lot a lot. That’s why I’ve been posting a bit more and talking.
She might come home today! I’m scared, because I’m a bit paranoid she’s going to do this again asap, but we plan to take her to SC where her best friend is and let her relax there for a few days, just enjoying it (she loves it down there).

In other news I GOT OVER 100 FOLLOWERS OVERNIGHT?? So now I have 541 followers, what the—
I wasn’t expecting that at all, but thank you guys so much!!! It’s so nice, because so far every single one of you have been so overwhelmingly sweet and kind! So many sweethearts!!!
I do have a few posting plans for today, but if you don’t hear from me later- Mom came home! And I’ll be trying to cheer her up with bad horror movies and puns (like the whole family enjoys when sad).
Thank you all so much! 💕 I can’t even begin to express how much those sweet messages I got mean to me. Thank you!!