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Who do you want as the season 4 main and why? Lots of people have been saying Even, Vilde, or Sana, but I personally want it to be girl Chris, even though it's not likely at all.

Yeah it’s not very likely it would be Chris considering how little we saw of her in season 3. Personally, I’d like the main to be Sana or Even. I feel like Sana has a lot of potential to bring up and handle topics concerning religion, feminism, etc. 


Chris Evans and Mjölnir on the set of Captain America: Civil War

SMH as quotes from my squad group chat
  • Bitty: I've eaten an entire lasagna by myself but I still can't swallow ur bullshit
  • Jack: normally in stressful situations I just say "oh dear" under my breath over and over until everything is less screamy
  • Holster: if I sucked a dick one time does that make me the gay cousin
  • Ransom: the only reason I got the homework done was because I read the whole thing out loud in a 1950s announcer voice tbh
  • Shitty: listen, I found some Obama/Shrek smut, and it's actually not that bad
  • Lardo: if u ever find urself in a gross white boy flirting situation, just hit him with the old 'man in a cow suit'... he will stop
  • Nursey: i know I told you to calm down before but I was wrong, right now I need you to scream into the abyss with me
  • Chowder: apparently girls don't like it when you'd rather watch Toy Story 2 than make out with them.... whatever
  • Dex: quick someone send a meme so I want less to end my own life
  • Tango: I feel like you're secretly Canadian [no one responds for like ten minutes] ...is Canada even real?
  • Whiskey: I wrote you a poem because I love you: roses are red violets are blue you're trash and your eyebrows are gross. That's it. The end.
  • (Alternate Shitty): wow man, I'm lit like a glow stick
  • Bonus- Fry Guy: if you ever do that again im going to march to your house, grab u by ur frizzy ass ponytail and swing you around like that little pigtailed bitch from Matilda
Karrueche Tran Fitness Guide

Karrueche was born with a petite body so ultimately, her genes are the prime reason for her size. Aside from her small frame, Karrueche has a perfectly toned body. That being her arms, legs, and abs. If you keep reading, I will explain how you can achieve this body that Karrueche struts everyday!

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how many blankets do i sleep with: i sleep with one at the summer and two at the winter

dream job: programming engineer, i love codinggg

I tag (im a loner and I barely have 2 people who i speak to over here so forgive me) @scottisbae @cupcakeblake @reyofvlight @mockingbbird @lenaiuthor @capitolfalls @rileymatthews 

Chris Argent Imagine | Smells Like Death |

The rain pours creating a gloomy atmosphere in the car as your older sister Melissa McCall is driving you back to their home. Your house was back in Chicago, the Windy City, and it had got burned down in a weird accident due to a random combustion in your house. Thankfully you or nobody else was in there because someone would have gotten hurt. You have packed everything that wasn’t burn in the fire and fortunately or you you had a fire/water/bulletproof trunk full of sentimental items like family photo albums, your life savings, and other priceless things in there including clothes. So you did the only thing you could. You called up your sister and dragged up your ass to California. Now here you were in her car with one of the most sullen landscape on the planet.

“You know, Y/N, it’s actually a good thing your coming up here. It’s be great for Scott to see his favorite aunt.” Melissa speaks, looking over at you and then at the road.

You and Melissa were about 10 years apart, yeah it’s a pretty large age gap, making you 25, but you guys acted like twins . Always inseperable, but you had gotten busy over the past few years with your Weaponry Shop that you lost contact over the past years only calling on holidays and birthdays.

“I’m his only aunt.” You laugh, shaking your head.

“That may be but it will bring everybody’s mind to a happier place.” She sighs.

“Why do I have the feeling something’s up?” You cock an eyebrow at her.

“Well, you know that Chris Argent guy?”

“The one who also owns a weaponry shop?”

“Yes, his daughter passed away.”

“What? Melissa how come—”

“I know, I know. I’m sorry. It’s just that its been affected everyone and you’re like this great person that can flip any situation, so I thought bringing you here would be a great idea.”

“So you’re saying that even if my house did burn down and this girl didn’t pass away you would have never let me come here.” You cross your arms.

“No, no.” She says, shaking her head getting frustrated. “I mean either way you’re always welcome. No matter what. You know that. It’s just best if you are here is all. I love you, Y/N. I really need you here.” She smiles, holding you hand.

“That means alot, Melissa. Really.” You smile back, sueezing her hand.

“You’re gonna like it here.” She grin, looking at you. “ I can feel it.”

* * *

“Guess who’s here?” You cheer rather loudly, dropping your bags as you enter the house.

You see Scott and a group of his friends hunched over what looked like an old artifact of some sort. They all gaze upwards at you, but Scott’s mouth drops and then turn into a large lopsided grin.

“Aunt Y/N!” He exclaims, running up to you with open arms like a child.

“Oh, Scotty, I missed the living hell out of you! You grew up so much!” You squeeze his cheeks.

“Aunt Y/NNN.” He groans, looking back at his friends.

“Oh, alright.” You frown, putting your hands down.

“What are you doing here?” He asks, looking over your shoulder to his mom.

“Well, your Aunt Y/N’s house burned down, so she’s staying with us.” She smiles, closing up her umbrella.

“What? How?” He asks rather frantically.

“Random combustion.” You shrug nonchalantly.

“Uh, Melissa, this coffee tastes kinda weird do you think I can run down by the Sheriff’s Dept. and get some from there?” A rather handsome, but middle-aged police officer comes out from the kitchen.

“Seriously, Sheriff? It’s like pouring rain outside. How in the hell do you think you’re even going to make it back for the House marathon.” Another highly attractive male replies.

He looks up to meet your eyes with his own icy blue ones and the scruff on his face makes him even more gorgeous. His hair is a dark brown and his physique quite fit especially against his black henley that he wore so effortlessly.

“Who’s this?” He asks, pointing his coffee cup towards you smiling.

“Uh, this is my sister, Y/N.” Melissa answers. “Y/N, this is Sheriff Stilinski is the father of Stiles Stilinski, who is right there—she points to a brunette with multiple moles covering his pale face and neck—and this is Chris Argent.”

That was him? It never would have really struck that this is the man whose seventeen year old daughter has just passed away. I mean seriously look at him. He holding a cup coffee and nonchalantly having a conversation with a Sheriff about how he’s not going to make it back in time for a marathon of House. People deal with the passing of a loved one in all types of ways, but this is just ridiculous.

“How do you do?” Sheriff Stilinski asks, shaking your hand.

“I’m doing great actually, and you?” You reply, smiling widely.

“Well, other than the weird tasting coffee I’m doing pretty great myself.” He laughs, pulling his hand back.

You laugh as your eyes land on Chris making your heart leap a bit his hand extended towards you.

“Hi, I didn’t know Melissa had a sister. Let alone a very stunning sister.” He smiles, making your heart melt.

“Oh, thank you. That’s very sweet.” You blush, pulling your hand back.

You look behind you to see Scott and Stiles making gagging gestures as a red-headed girl smacks both of them on the back of the head.

“What is that suppose to mean, Mr. Argent. You don’t think I still got it?” Melissa retorts, putting her hand on her hips while raising an eyebrow at him.

Sheriff and Chris both break out into laughter leaving you a but embarrassed. This is definitely going to get some getting used to.

a/n: hey there will be another or multiple parts to this but yeah originally you were supposed to be Scott’s little sister but I thought it was kinda gross so I decided to switch things up so I hope you liked it.

-z & d

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Is there lots of inter-cabin mingling? Do you guys have sleepovers? Have any of you been found in compromising positions in other cabins? ( <3 cabin shenanigans )

I actually really enjoy hanging out in the Aphrodite Cabin. Its this weird Taylor Swift-y, unicorn wonderland. Being in there almost feels like a religious experience. -Nico 

People don’t usually get caught in the cabins, we have secret places. -Drew

But sometimes you get walked in in those secret places because, well, there aren’t many. -Kayla 

If you’re gonna do it in the cabin, you need to plan days in advance why you can go to a class or the camp fire. -Chris 

It is a lot of work to get laid. -Travis 

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Ghostbusters are getting some bad reviews, I'm not sure I should waste the money. WrecklessEating and Roeper gave it really bad reviews after seeing early releases. They claim graphics are as bad as ScoobyDoo the Movie, and the plot/dialogue is worse.

heres my take on what happened with this movie, in terms of how to watch it as an audience.

this is not “ghostbusters” the original movie. there is a great amount of fan service for fans of the original (i was clapping my hands to my face over and over at many parts). it didnt TRY to be a ghostbusters remake in the traditional sense (as in, making the same movie again but with advanced filming techniques ect ect). it is ghostbusters for a contemporary crowd. i rewatched the old movie today and it is still very charming and has a unique sort of sardonic “feel” to it and it follows the “slobs vs snobs” formula that was wildly popular in the 80s.

so they took the same basic premise (people bust ghosts) and pulled it into today. you know how ghostbusters, the original, felt like a group of real people talking? like real people interacting with each other? thats what this movie does, but with women, today. they just feel real without feeling dated or trying too hard to be modern (theres like 1 emoji joke).

the cgi is honestly not bad. its appropriately silly/engaging and consistent (something the original movie was lacking; why was that cab driver a crypt keeper?). your ghosts in your silly ghostbusters movie do not have to look hyper-realistic to be good. they were fine imo.

the plot/dialog is great and i would say about 85% of the jokes land beautifully. holy shit chris hemsworth played his part beautifully but he would have been nothing without the jokes they gave him. every characters gets equal time to shine, everyone has a clearly defined role in the team and no one feels extraneous.

i loved it. its a great summer film. its fun, its light, im in love with holtzman. go into it expecting to have fun and not for it to be the GREATEST EVER or the WORST EVER. dont compare it to the original because they are totally tonally different movies. two great tastes for different moods.

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what are your thoughts on marvel choosing Josh Brolin to play Thanos why couldn’t they have kept Damion Poitier? Some might argue the Brolin has more experience, but they sure took a chance with chris hemsworth.

This is literally the first time I’m hearing that they dropped Damon Poitier. Its disappointing obviously solely for the fact that a man of color was dropped in favor of a white man. I’m talking about moneywise I feel bad for Damon Poitier but I can just imagine the reactions of white people are going to be completely predictable and offensive.

if white ppl say

  • josh brolin is more talented (how do you know that? he’s a goddamn hollywood kid who’s daddy was also in hollywood Josh has got considerable connections and obviously more opportunity).
  • josh brolin has more experience (see my first answer he’s had more chances at opportunity because he’s better connected)

Reasons this change is racist

  • something not v similar happened with Sitwell and Coulson. they racebent Sitwell to cast Max Hernandez another MoC. And Sitwell’s job and storyline were given to a white character the new Coulson (he’d never been in the comics before his appearance in Iron Man).
  • Ofc having a compelling villain (depends on how much they’re going to show in the film) is a progressive role for a MoC to take on. This was illustrated more in Thor 2 where Kurse (Algrim the Strong, played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) was given no backstory besides loyal servant of Malekith. Malekith was actually given more backstory that never made it the final cut.
  • In the new film we’ll see that Thanos has minions who are conveniently both white and has family connections and far reaching power nearly absolute power. How convenient that they gave the expanded part to a white man when the character already has more backstory than MCU!Kurse ever did.
  • According to IGN Thanos has a familial connection to Gamora. How much you wanna bet that the same ppl who cried foul when Michael B Jordan was cast as Johnny Storm and Kate Mara as Sue Storm (I’m fine with the casting choice because I come from a v mixed extended family and know lots of blended families but I was really annoyed at how much white ppl didn’t care to hide their racism in protesting this) are going to either ignore this fact that Josh Brolin a white man was cast as being family to Gamora played by Zoe Saldana a woc. Or they’ll will point out that they’re aliens and Zoe is in full body paint and thus it doesn’t have to be realistic. They’ll urge us to suspend disbelief.  I’ll urge them to stop bending over backwards to justify their racist “logic”.
  • The money thing again. From the little I know it doesn’t sound like in the comics Thanos was easy to defeat. Thanos might survive Avengers 2 and so there will be 2 films that could have featured Damion Poitier (a MoC) in a significant role.
  • We know that Sebastian Stan has a 9 picture deal so I’d like to know what exactly has kept Marvel from offering similar contracts to Anthony Mackie and now Damion Poitier. Also with Fury having handed over the last of the SHIELD apparatus to Coulson how much you wanna bet they’ll never bring him back for a significant role in the MCU again? Counting Max Hernandez who’s storylines were given to Coulson that makes four actors of color who were denied longevity with the v profitable MCU. Watch the racists not say a fucking word about this tendency of white men getting the better roles and contracts.
  • You mentioned Chris Hemsworth. And you are v right but you neglected to mention Tom Hiddleston (who got to be a p big villain in two films had arguably a bigger part than he should have in Thor 2), both actors were probably dirt cheap and completely untested in such heavy roles. Sebastian Stan had more films under his belt than either of them when they started. So there’s your money issue and experience issue. (I think Chris Hemsworth is underrated by film critics and fans alike because everyone obsesses over Loki, but I think they’re equally matched in talent, but they literally wrote more for Loki because ppl love him).  Why then could they not take a chance on Damion for Thanos…?

I could keep going but I’ll stop now because its 3am and I’m fucking pissed but I need some sleep.

Chapter 6

The next day

Tyler P.O.V

“So right now we have the talented Tyler Jackson on the breakfast club right” Dj Envy spoke into the mic along with Angela and Charlamagne saying random stuff in the background.

I giggled. “Waddup waddup”

“Its nice to have you here Ms. Jackson or should I say Ms. Brown.” Charlamagne said with a raised eyebrow making me laugh.

“Na its stil Ms. Jackson at the moment but its hopefully in the works.” I said, stirring my coffee alittle.

“What do you mean by in the works like its you mean like its gonna happen or…” Angela trailed off.

“Yea I mean I would hope so ya know but ….i dont know.” I said with a laugh.

“I feel you but yo i’ve never realized how beautiful you are and how big your hair is until now..” Charlamagne spoke

“Aw thank you”

“Like its one thingto see you in pictures but in person you are stunning and you really do have some big *** hair” He said making me laugh.

“The only reason why its so big is because its not done.” I said through my laughter as I raked my fingers through my hair.

“So like does Chris ever get mad at your hair. Cause I know with big hair like that, its alot to maintain” Angela said.

“Actually yes and the fact that our daughter has big curly hair doesn’t help either.” I said with a chuckle.

Charlamagne spoke.“Thats right yall do have a little one…”

“And she is so freakin adorable, oh my goshh.” Angela gushed makin me smile.

“Thank you.” I took a sip of my coffee.

“Alright so now I know it’s alot being who you are and being Chris’s girl, I know that comes with alot of hate. How do you deal with all of that and basically just your lifestyle?” Charlamagne asked.

“Well before anything family always comes first for me and Chris. That’s something we both vowed on before we got into all this. And only because we wanted Asia to have a normal and stable life.”

“And what about the haters. Like theres alot of people who think that you just livin off his money.”

“Well for one I think people seem to forget that I own one of the biggest fashion labels out there.” I chuckled. “ Like with hate there is always love. So all the people that talk about me and Chris’s relationship are just…… non-existent to me.”

“Thats wassup. Thats the attitude of a boss ladies and gentlemen.” Charlamagne said into the mic making me laugh.

“Na thats just the attitude of a woman.” I daid making them all Oo.

“Aye I like that.” Angela said as she gave me dap.

“Uh oh we got this girl power thing goin on.” Charlamagne said, sounding annyoed.

I chuckled. “You already know!”

“Okay now it time to get serious.”

“oh gosh.” I adjusted myself in the seat.

“Now there have been rumors about you and your family being in the cartel business. Is it true.”

“Alright imma just lay everything flat on the table..”


“No my family as in me and Chris arent in it but that is what I grew up around. Im pretty sure most of yall know my pops Carter Jackson-”

“Your Carter Jackson’s daughter?!” Charlamagne asked, shocked.

I chuckled “Yeah.”

“Who is Carter Jackson?” Angela asked.

“He was one of if not the biggest drug lords in the south.”

“Yea, so i mean I grew up in that lifestyle and all but im not in it anymore.” I said.

“And what about Chris?”

“Chris was never in it to begin with.”

“Alright yall here that everybody. Chris and Tyler are not in the game so yall can stop hittin us up about that ****” Charlamagne said into the mic making me laugh.

“Oh and another question we get alot is did you and Derrick Rose have something. I know there was a time when yall were spotted together and they were callin you his mystery girl because of what happened at that one game. You wanna tell us about that?” Angela asked.

I made a face which made everyone in the room Ooo. I giggled. “Uhh I guess you could say we had our little fling. Nothing to serious though.”

“Do you guys still talk as friends?” Charlamagne asked.

“Every once in awhile he’ll hit me up or vise versa. So we cool.”

The interview went on and soon I was back in my Mercedes Benz. While I was on the road my phone started to ring through the car. I pressed the green phone button on the steering wheel. “Waddup?” I said aloud.

“Guess what I found out.” Tyra’s voice rang through the car.

“You found out blew up my shit and stole my money?” I said, kind of getting excited if she did.

Yes some stole 10 grand from me the day after they blew up my car. They were good because they didnt even leave some sort of trace.

“Yup and you’ll never guess who it is.”

It better not be that nigga August cause I swear on everything Imma fuck that nigga up.


Walking through the glass doors of the tall building, I was ready to fuck someone up but I had to keep my cool.

“Hi ma'am I think you have the wrong building, this is a private office.” The receptionist said. I ignored her and kept walking towards the elevator. the sound of my Red Bottoms bounced off the walls until I stopped, waiting for the elevator to come down.

Tyra better be right. She some how found out his new building address, his schedule, everything. I was kind of surprised but then again I do hire the best.

I stepped into the empty elevator and clicked on the floor I remembered Tyra telling me to go to. The whole ride up it was just me, know one came on. The doors slid open. I looked to my left and right before walking down the empty hall way that led to double doors. Im guessing thats where the conference room was. If Tyra is correct he should be in a “meeting”.

The closer I got the louder his voice became and ther angrier I got. Its been a long as time since Ive heard his voice. As soon as the doors were in arms reach I bursted in, catching everyones attention, including his.  There were only males and two females in the room. Some of the guys were familiar.I noticed they were all in business attire, including him. I see he went and got a new crew.

I could feel all the guys in the room eye raping me as they looked me up and down. I took this moment to walk up to him. The whole time we kept eye contact. As soon as I got to where he stood he smirked down at me. But it was more of an evil smirk.

“Who the hell is this hoe?” One of the girls in the room said. I did my best to ignore her.

“Long time no see Tyler. How you been.” He said with the same smirk plastered on his face.

That only made me angrier. “You know her boss?” a male voice said.

“We need to talk. Now” I gritted through my teeth as I placed my bag in the head chair

“What? No kiss?”

I swear he was pushing it. He took my hand and started to lead me out the room with him. “Ill be back this will only take a second.”
He walked us out, making sure to close the door. He led us into the Womans bathroom and made sure to lock it.

He stood against the door while I stood against the wall. I felt his eyes taking off every piece of clothing I had.

“You look good baby.” He said.

That was it. “WHAT THE HELL CHRIS?”

He held up his hand before I could go on. “Its Breezy now.”

Both of my eyebrows raised as I stared at him in shock. “So this is what it is? YOU WENT THROUGH ALL THIS SHIT JUST TO TRY TO TEACH ME A LESSON. YOU COULD HAVE KILLED ME!”

“But I didn’t.” He said. Before I could snap he went on. “See this is what I realized. If you don’t have to get out the game, why should I? Now I see why you stayed I miss this kind of rush. But here is my proposal.”

He walked up to me until our faces were only inches apart. His hand rested on the wall above me as his other made its way to my waist “ If you get out the game, leave all this shit behind.. Ill get out and do the same.”

I chuckled. “Its gonna take more then a bomb and a couple of bills to get me out this shit baby. You should already know this.” I said with a devilish look on my face.

He looked away for a second then back at me. “Then be prepared for war baby girl.” He said as he looked into my eyes, letting me know he was serious. I felt his grip on my waist start to get tighter and tighter. That spot just so happened to be where my stitches where.

Before he could squeeze any tighter I grabbed his tie and wrapped it around my hand, yanking it down. That made him let go and choke a little. “Im always prepared baby boy.” I said into his ear.

I let go of his tie and walked towards the door, unlocking it and walked out. I heard his foot steps behind me as I walked into the conference room. Yet again all eyes where on me.

I grabbed my bag and turned around only to see Chris behind me. I smiled and fixed his tie, along with his collar. I then slipped my hands into his pockets, getting his house keys. He watched me the whole time. I smoothed out his jacket and pecked him on the lips, which he gladly returned.

“You sure you wanna do this Tyler?” He asked.

“What? You scared… Breezy?” I mocked, making him chuckle.

“Never that baby girl.” He said as I walked to the doors. Before I walked out I turned around.

“You look good baby.” I said with a smirk on my face then walked out.

A war he wants, a war he will get.