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We all know that Tweek is great at acting, so why doesn’t he play the role of Craig’s favorite show character “Red Racer ”, but Tweek doesn’t want Craig to know because he fears that Craig will hate him because he is not red racer himself, but really Craig loves tweek being red racer!

(Sorry if the comic is very hard to read or it’s not very well done but I had to rush in order to work on my other work, but do enjoy the AU)


why do people care about people getting excited for LGBT characters in cartoons, why do we villainize people getting excited about this stuff, and why do you care, you all fucking go wild if a girl says “i hate you” to a boy and ship them like wild, why do you all care

this comment is my favorite

“Plot Development” this a show with a magic talking skeleton named “a magic talking skeleton”

Museums, Christmas lights, and more.

Part 1, Part 2 Part 4

Here’s part three!  Things are getting interesting…

Also click on the link in the fic (you’ll see it) for a sweet surprise…

In which Y/N works as an esteemed SWAT officer in New York City, seeking to avenge the murder of their lover.  Diana Prince has taken a day job as a Clandestine Officer (in other words, she works for the CIA) to hide her identity as Wonder Woman after a nasty mess up with the press. When the two are forced to work together to prevent an impending attack from a terrorist group, and to hopefully cease the group altogether, they learn quickly that they don’t get along.  At all.  [Basically reader is a stickler for following orders and Diana is merciful and won’t have it]

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Hate for the Voltron fandom?

Is it just me, or is the hate for the Voltron fandom way out of proportion? Almost every time I log onto Tumblr I see a post about despising us! It’s either because of ship wars or people blatantly hating on each other. Newsflash: hate stems from whatever you do in life.
My experience in the fandom has been nothing but enjoyable, honestly. I always know that when I log on there’s 50 more theories about the next season, or a small, seemingly crucial detail from a past episode that we overlooked! It’s awesome. Also, this is the only fandom that I actually post my thoughts for.
In addition, I ship almost all of the ships in Voltron and have never gotten hate for it. The majority of posts about Voltron I see do not have hate either.
So, why do people detest the fandom so extremely?
We’re intelligent! We’re creative! The fan art artists draw up are amazing and cause my craving to watch the show become stronger!
Plus, people are passionate about the storylines and character arcs! Never before have I been in a fandom where everyone has a different favorite character (ignoring how everyone loves Lance, ha-ha!).
The blogs I go down usually have more than one ship. Just today I was scrolling down someone’s blog and they were asked as to why they shipped Klance and Sheith. The blog’s owner answered that they simply liked both romances. And that was that.
Why all the hate? We’re actually quite nice! :)

I’m back from vacation (and crying) so i wanna make a list of all the trainees i will truly miss from produce 101′s last elimination.

Kim Seonglee who has a beautiful ass voice and got very little screentime. his vocals would’ve killed in the top 11. You will be truly missed ;;; a smiling angel :(

Byun Hyunmin My flippy boy :( Who actually has good stable vocals (i mean even his evaluation at the beginning was stable and he sounded great?) even after doing all that dancing and those flips and his iconic (well at least in my books) pushed back hair in the Right Round performance (still dead thx)

Woo Jinyoung cute cute boy, such a talented rapper, personally my favorite rapper on the show. He showed his own unique colors in his rapping. he went from rapping cute in mansae to nearly killing me in Who You. Why y’all hate talent???? Even tho he wasn’t my like /main/ bias. I think i’m personally gonna miss him the most.

Yoo Hoeseung another boy with another beautiful voice. Also did i mention he was hilarious??? he makes me smile so much and laugh so much. him, haknyeon, and samuel with the pants laksdjf. lip swipe boy. Also another legendary meme. If he got more screentime im 100% sure the ‘national producers’ would love him more.

Lee Gwanghyun im gonna keep my cool and not write a 5 page paragraph its fine. Boy really all rounder????? how dare y’all seperate the starship boys im bitter, sewoon was upset when he didn’t see gwanghyun’s face on the screen for the 35th place, and gwanghyun told sewoon he’s gonna miss him??? y’all hate friendship and talent that much. His voice???? beautiful pls. Dance??? of course boy smooth. Rap?? boy said he gave himself a challenge with rap but made himself sound seem like he was a rapper. Went from replay to rhythm ta like no big deal, like lmao okay. ELMINATED TWICE!!!!! Y’ALL REALLY DONE THIS TO THIS SWEET BOY IM SO MAD!!!!!!!!! he’s so sweet and might not be the loudest, but how is that a bad thing? he proved himself with his skills and personality what more u want from him. im done i wanna keep going but….

Lee Insoo SAME AS GWANGHYUN?? DO U HATE TALENT WHY WAS HE VOTED OFF TWICE, WHAT DO U GUYS THINK UR DOING???? BOY CAN CHOREOGRAPH, CAN DANCE, CAN RAP, CAN SING, ALL ROUNDER???? IM SO CONFUSED IM JUST BAFFLED TBH. Also king of friendship? taking his pals out and recording each other having fun just like it should be??? also king of spilling tea and having mnet call him? truly a king.

Lee Kiwon ????????? really y’all???? you out here embarassing yourselves by not voting for him. my heart? its sore it hurts. i wanna write so much for this boy but instead i’m just gonna link u to what you are missing out on. Disgusted, embarrassed, my cute lil bean. i would talk more about this talented boy but i hope the videos will do everyone justice (not that i ex’pect anyone to read this skdfja)

Lee Youjin Im still !!!!!!!!mad!!!!!!!!!!!! he auditioned with his own song. and killed it, he messed up but it wasn’t even that big of a deal???????? each evaluation he just kept improving more. im ?????? can my poor heart just rest pls.

Justin why??? what was the reason???? another boy going from replay to shape of you??? boy can do anything he wants like wow???? he’s so young too, small child, how do u feel, crushing a childs dream ???? i can’t wait for my yuehua boys to debut for everyone can see their mistake


Hong Eunki Shhh, can u guys hear that? thats the sound of my heart breaking into 12billion pieces. Do i need to even explain how much i love this boy to you guys? Dance king? King of waacking? he made his whole right round team waack like what a fuckin legend. Boy out there being a leader that could literally give two shits rather ur popular or not. He gave an Hwanwoong the position even though he was a lower rank bc he believed that he fit the concept more. Most people would go for more popular members bc it does give them a better chance for score, but boy knows what the fuck he is doing. He’s so loveable? he makes friends with so many boys and he loves to hold hands. Literally can go from booty bouncing to graceful dancing. Idk if any of y’all seen his predeubt videos of him dancing, or auditioning for a play, or of him in drag(and not as a joke, it was a role in the play and let me say he fuckin killed it), but that boy can fuckin do everything. i just ;;; my heart hurts so much. Boy gives us everything adn what do we give him :( i hope you all will support him in whatever he chooses to do, bc u can’t deny that that boy is talented

Jung Jung/ Zhu Zheng Ting I DIDN’T WANT TO WRITE ANYTHING FOR HIM BC MY HEART, IITS SO SHATTERED, I ;;;; SMILING ANGEL, KING OF TRADITIONAL DANCING, KING OF TUMBLING, KING OF LOVE, JUST A KING. BOY WAS CENTER TWICE!!!! WHY DID U GUYS NOT NOTICE HIM!!!! he killed it everytime too :( He fills my hear with so so so so much love. He loves his members so much and cares for them. He’s trying so so hard to learn korean better for he can interact with everyone. His voice is also stable? He really never got a chance to show his vocals but with his little oppurtunities he showed everyone how well he did. Boy was in a national chinese dance competition and placed 1st. He had so much more to show and he was cut so short :( thank you for voting him through this far everyone, he was one of the “lesser” popular members, and me being not able to vote for him once breaks my heart. Thank you again everyone. Good luck to him adn the rest of the Yuehua boys on their debut and don’t get to follow their instagram. Also pleas continue to support the rest of the Yuehua boys!


Meet the Interns: Caitlin

Why I’m here: I have known rejection, loneliness, pain, and the darkness of depression and anxiety. Thus, TWLOHA quickly found its way into my heart back in 2006. I am here, both because I want to give back to the organization that changed my life and because I desire to live my life serving and encouraging others. Furthermore, I want people to know that they are not alone, and that there is hope for everyone. I believe that we desperately need individuals in this world to share this message, and I want more than almost anything to be part of that. And last but not least, I also want to be a bridge that connects individuals from the darkest days of their struggling to the light of their healing and recovery. TWLOHA allows me the opportunity to be a piece of that bridge, while working with some of the kindest, most caring, and all around best people that I have ever had the honor of meeting.

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with much hype and twitter ramble about the upcoming soloist’s fated departure into the industry as a soloist, it’s needless to say that this was a highly anticipated masterpiece to end this week. the album features 13 tracks, each with a different ambiance and feeling, ranging from low key ballads, to mellow R&B and up-tempo dance tracks. the album itself is 95 % written and composed by the vocalist herself, featuring some big industry names as her features.
 the title track “BEAU” has a fresh and classic hip hop feel, with the r&b vocals and hip hop style rapping included throughout. taking over the mid center of the song is “matthew” or better known as BM of DSP Media’s Wild K.A.R.D.
 the album release pre-starts up the night long showcase, album release after party, and special stages that will be much talk with the big stars showing up. then at midnight the mv for BEAU will release!

Two Music Videos have released to Yori’s youtube channel for two tracks as well, a surprise to some fans only anticipating one music video from the artist. 

[ VIEW VIDEO FOR “090920” ]

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Just a message for the PLL fandom

Hey it’s me again, I just wanted to say something to the PLL fandom.
I can’t understand why some “fans” send so much hate to the writers, to the cast and even to some others fans. First, there was this huge Haleb hate that has been seriously bothering me. I mean, Emison fans calling Haleb fans “homophobic”, Haleb haters being really mean to some Haleb fans, and just all this hate only because Haleb gets more screentime in 7B than the others ships, just stop all of this, every ship has had luck when the others were neglected. OKay, Spoby, Ezria and Emison aren’t really on their best moments but is that really Haleb fan’s fault ? I don’t think so. So just stop all this hate already that’s really stupid for you to do.
I also wanted to talk about the hate in general. Why do fans have to get in such a war ? I mean seriously these are the last 10 episodes, fans should appreciate it together don’t you think ? We should all be reunited for the end of our favorite tv show, we should enjoy it instead of ruining it. Pretty Little Liars is my favorite show of all times, it has brought me so much and I’m so fucking sad it’s ending but I just want to enjoy it with all the PLL fans out there and I’m sure I’m not the only one
So just stop complaining about the plot, about the ships, about the scenes… We should all be enjoying the end together instead of having this huge war.

Of all the overused tropes that I hate, probably my least favorite is the Totally Avoidable Misunderstanding trope. Miscommunication is common enough in real life, so why do writers have such a hard time showing it in a realistic way? The most infuriating variant is the one that relies on the main characters being uncharacteristic dicks the whole time. Take yesterday’s episode of “King of the Hill” for example. Boomhauer finds out his brother Patch is getting married to Boomhauer’s old flame. While he is understandably saddened by this, he resolves to be supportive of his brother and agrees to be his best man. That is until he realizes his brother is still a philanderer who is very unlikely to be faithful to his new wife. He confronts his brother on this and that leads to a fight culminating in Boomhauer refusing to be the best man, and Patch asking Hank instead. Now here’s the first issue: Boomhauer was initially supportive of his brother in the wedding despite his personal feelings. Yet never once do any of his closest friends stop to wonder why he is now refusing to participate, and if he might have a good reason. They never even bother asking him why, they just assume it’s because he was overcome with jealousy.

Later, Patch’s fiancé tries to mend things with Boomhauer, asking him to please attend the bachelor party and be there for his brother. He agrees, but at this point he has continued to see his brother’s completely inappropriate and flirtatious behavior with other women, and he tries very kindly to warn her that he might not be trustworthy. But he’s interrupted by Hank, who once again assumes he is only trying to talk her out of marrying Patch out of jealousy and berates him for his behavior. Even despite once again being mistrusted and treated like a criminal by his closest friend, Boomhauer still decides to be the bigger person and go to the bachelor party. And it turns out he was right: Patch hired strippers for the party. Boomhauer tries to pay the women to leave just as the fiancé comes in. Not wanting to get in trouble, Patch accuses Boomhauer of hiring the strippers to make him look bad and EVERYONE BELIEVES HIM. No one doubts it. Everyone is so ready to believe that he did such a horrible thing without any evidence that he would have. Again he’s done everything right. He’s been respectful of his brother’s relationship, he’s been supportive of the wedding until he had a good reason not to be, and he’s tried to spare the fiancé’s feelings. But no one gives him a chance to explain himself and they just write him off for being a jealous creep. This is pretty much completely out of character, at least for Hank who generally is the most levelheaded of his friend group. I might excuse this behavior from Dale or Bill because they’re idiots, but it’s actually Dale who points out that Hank never actually asked Boomhauer directly for his side of the story. Then of course he does and finally everyone realizes Patch is a jerk and things are wrapped up in a neat bow. But the whole thing could’ve been resolved much faster if anybody had paid attention or trusted their friend or even stopped to consider that there might be another aspect that they’re missing. The same thing happened in the first half of “A Canterlot Wedding” in MLP:FIM, when even freaking Celestia is willing to write Twilight, her most trusted and loyal student, off as a jealous nutcase for trying to point out that her brother was about to marry a changeling.

There’s nothing wrong with a realistic misunderstanding, but if the only reason the misunderstanding is happening is because everyone suddenly decides to treat their closest friends and family like liars and idiots for no reason, it makes for a pretty poorly written story.

School story

So because school is about to start up again for me I’ve been reflecting on my sophomore year to see what I could improve on and such. Anyway I’m going to tell you my proudest moment from sophomore year. My biology teacher had been showing videos of animals getting killed for about a week at this point in time and I had just about had enough of it. One day she gets the smart idea to show the “in the arms of the angels” dog commercial you know the one. Anyway it gets about ten (10) seconds in and I snapped, I screamed at her from across the classroom “what is wrong with you?! Why do you keep showing this!!” She immediately turned it off, she hated me the rest of the year because eventually I got all my friend group in on revolting against the videos of animals getting killed along with just about everything she did. @constantlyconfusedasexual what was your favorite bio class moment

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K Adam and Eddy are no Shonda Rhimes at all. Their ratings are already trash, Shonda built GA to survive something like this. Shonda did not kill Meredith Grey, Shonda killed the love interest. OUAT is Emma's story, she is the Meredith Grey, it is 2 completely different scenarios. You honestly think the GA will be fine and dandy with Emma being killed off after they've seen her struggle for everything for 6 years? If they kill her off Adam and Eddy risk even more people dropping S7.

I will give you my most honest answer. And it may seem more cruel over the internet than the compassion I am saying it with in my head:

I do not believe that Greys Anatomy would survive without Ellen Pompeo. She is Meredith Grey. There have been rumors at a few points over the show’s 14 year run that Shonda was prepared to move on without her, but notice that the show never did. They give Ellen whatever she wants because she is the backbone of the show and the executives know it. And that is why they pay her more than any other dramatic actress on television and still let her direct episodes as a side hustle.

I do hear your point though, and up until last May I probably would have agreed with you. But, here is the reality we are facing: Jennifer Morrison did leave and the show still decided to go on without her. On face level, that already tells us that she is not the Meredith Grey of this story. It was never called Swan’s Anatomy, you know? 

There are executives and PR specialists and focus group analysts who have access to data, research, and tools that we in fandom will never see. And they have decided that she isn’t the “make or break” heartbeat of the show. If she was, they would have given her what she wanted so she would stay.

 And that doesn’t mean that I am hating on Emma. Up until last spring, I never thought the show would be likely to continue without her. But they have. So now we have to deal with that new reality. And take it seriously.

That said, you will get NO argument from me that A/E are not Shonda Rhimes. Shonda happens to be one of my favorite tv writers of all time, and I will fight to the mat for that. I do not believe A/E will be as brave to make the hard storytelling choice that’s best for their show.

Which is why I keep telling people that my theory is VERY LIKELY WRONG. I don’t know why Anons keep coming into my inbox to fight me about something that probably isn’t going to come to pass anyway?

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Why do you hate yoonmin? I'm not a yoonmin shipper (I don't ship at all actually) but I always see a lot of hate for it

I love Yoongi and jimin with my whole heart and they’re dynamic in real life is one of my favorites.

But yoonmin as it is written by a lot of fan fic writers can often times be toxic, abusive, heteronormative (giving them a male and female role, its gross and it needs to stop even if one person acts more “feminine” or “masculine” than the other), it shows Yoongi as cold and uncaring and jimin as shy away now submissive. They’re the ones with the highest rate of fics with abuse and violent and angst filled themes. I love angst don’t get me wrong but I’m sick and tired of LGBT people being represented in the media(yes that includes fan fiction) never having simple happy plots.

TLDR; LGBT people hate yoonmin because of uwu “gay sin” straight shippers. Straight shippers pretty much own and push yoonmin jikook taekook and namjin….were tired of the heteronormitivity. Please stop it.

I was tagged by @norrisontheclumsy to do the 30 questions thing. (even tho i’m supposed to be doing summer reading oops)
Name: Myles
Nickname: Milo, BoopBoi, My Loins, etc. please give me more i’m boring
Gender: Non-binary boy
Star Sign: Aquarius
Height: fuck off i’m short that’s all you need to know ;-;
Time: 8:36
Birthday: January 26
Favorite Band(s): Beastie Boys
Favorite Solo Artist(s): Tchaikovsky
Last Movie I watched: 10 things i hate about you
Last Show I watched: Mystery Science Theatre 3000
When Did I Create My Blog: ????
What Do I Post: lotsa shit idk
Last Thing I Googled: Property Taxes of Pennsylvania
Do You Have Other Blogs: maybe… oKAY I DO BUT ILL NEVER TELL
Why Did You Choose This Blogname: SNEKS
Blogs You Are Following: 233
Followers: 53
Favorite Colors: Black and any pastel colour…
Average Hours Of Sleep: 2-3
Instruments: KAZOO and drums i guess
What Am I Wearing: all black. yuri on ice shirt tho
How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With:2
Dream Job: Comedian, sitcom actor, physicist, business owner, podcast owner, director, animator, director, digital artist
Dream Trip: JAPAN!
Favorite Food: PICKLES!
Nationality: dont feel like answering sorry
Favorite Song Right Now: Russian Dance (maybe?)

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6, 8, and 9 for the ask thing! (If you don't mind)

(Thank you for asking!)

6.) First fic/pairing you wrote for?

With my friend’s (heavy) suggesting, my first time writing something fully was actually for Owari no Seraph (MikaYuu of course), and it involved medical experimentation and torture as well as pain-sharing. Fun, right? (I eventually got settled into Haikyuu then, and settle back into IwaOi for my sister.)

8.) Why do you choose to write?

Simply put, when I write- which reaches out to poetry, my true favorite- I do it because I hate having ideas or feelings or thoughts or images gnawing and chewing at me, or in darker cases devouring me completely. I trap it all in words so I can show that whatever I had stuck in my head (most of the time dark and ugly things) can be turned into some kind of art, no matter how twisted or ugly it can be. On a lighter note, I also thrive on reactions, and one of my favorite things to write small things (poems or small stories/fics based on ideas from them) as gifts for people close to me. :)

9.) Do you have plans to write anything other than fics?

Aside from the occasional poem here and there, I unfortunately have no use in writing as my field of interest does not overlap. However, I do have one small novel I wrote in one of my classes waiting to be edited that I absolutely adore, not to mention I’m gearing up to write another novel with the Grim Reaper this fall! 

That’s pretty much it, I believe? Not too much to me, but I’m glad to share my thinking. Thank you for stopping by!

Allow me to explain ep.8 (to the best of my ability)

In light of what a mess DR3 Zetsubou Hen turned out to be, I sure can’t wait for certain things to never be explained. Let’s start with one of my favorites; the extremely fascinating yet confusing episode 8.

I’m going to attempt to explain this using only the tools that the episode itself gave us.

In episode 8, Komaeda finally returned to the class. When he walked in, they gave a close shot of water dripping onto the floor from his soaking clothing. He had clearly been walking in the rain.


Moments later, as he explained how he had just seen Tsumiki on the other side of the school, we saw a flashback where he was holding an umbrella.

I caught a lot of weird, unexplained shit in this episode, but this one somehow managed to slip past me until someone else pointed it out.

Since the flashback was Komaeda’s, there’s no reason not to believe that what we saw was true. At one point, he had an umbrella, so there was no reason for him to be wet. Somewhere between seeing Tsumiki on the other side of the school and coming to the class, he lost the umbrella. What was he doing, right?

This part here was a straight-up lie. It’s amazing how easily you can tell he was lying to Nanami.

It wasn’t luck. I would say that he followed Tsumiki to find out about the underground passage. That makes sense. Seems like the logical conclusion.

But why was he missing his umbrella when he returned to the classroom? All he needed to do was follow Tsumiki for long enough to realize that there was a secret passage in front of the founder’s statue. He didn’t need to go down into it - and, as we know, going down there would have been very dangerous. As things are, though, we have to assume that whatever he saw during that flashback made him realize that he needed to kill Junko, otherwise he wouldn’t have confronted her. If he wasn’t expecting her, he would have, idk, acted surprised?

So yes, we can also safely assume that he went under the statue after he followed Tsumiki.

Zetsubou Hen was never good about making the structure of the school clear. In episode 8, it looked like Komaeda and Nanami walked all the way down to the bottom and found the room with Mitarai, but then in the next episode, we saw lots of long hallways, secret doors, etc. They were able to go from that passage all the way back to the old school building where the first game’s trial room was, meaning that they were connected in some way through the underground passageways.

We know what else was in the old school building. Myeah, Kamukura Izuru. So that explains more or less how Komaeda would’ve known about human experimentation being done around those parts. For all we know, he could’ve discovered their labs.

Still following me? He followed Tsumiki into the passage, wandered around a bit, ended up on the other side of the school at the old school building where they had been experimenting on Hinata, and then…?

I mean, that all sounds like a nice, light jog to me. Why was he missing his umbrella? This umbrella is vital to understanding the episode! I demand an explanation!

I’m sorry, I don’t have an explanation for the umbrella. Not really, at least. See, while he was in that other building, I think he may have happened upon some other things. It’s really unclear to me when DR:Zero was supposed to take place during the timeline of Zetsubou Hen… But regardless, we know that Junko was brainwashing some of the reserve course students down there as well as brutally torturing the school’s committee members. Depending on how bizarre Komaeda’s adventure got, he could’ve misplaced the umbrella in some kind of scuffle, but as the story is now, there’s no explanation for what happened to it. Goodbye, umbrella…

Now here’s one that I totally can’t explain without making wild guesses based off of nothing explicitly contextual. During and prior to the episode, we were given no reason to assume that Komaeda would know of Junko or Mukuro. My guesses would be like… Maybe he researched the incoming 78th class like he did with the 77th. Maybe he heard about Junko from one of the reserve students. Maybe one of the committee members she was torturing told him about her and begged him to kill her. ((Maybe Tengan told him.)) MmmmMmmn- hell if I know!

But that brings me to the next unsolved mystery.

Everyone’s favorite - Gunmaeda. Who let this boy have a gun? No, seriously, who gave this to him? Where’d he get it? He said “overseas” and I actually… tend to believe that’s true somehow.

Unfortunately, trying to explain the gun with that angle leads me to yet another unsolved mystery.

Jumping back to episode 7 for this one. They never had to show us a plane for us to assume that Komaeda was on some “trip around the world” like Jin and Kizakura were joking. (For the record, I think they were wrong.) They could’ve shown us some palm trees and the ocean and- Oh, there’s Komaeda, bathing under a waterfall! The plane wasn’t necessary, but at least it lets me think that he really did pick up a gun overseas. He was somewhere far, far away from HPA, so maybe there was an opportunity for him to acquire a gun there.

There’s still the question of why he would’ve gotten on a plane at all in the first place, though. That’s why the conspiracy theorist in me wants to think that someone forced him onto the plane. But That’s Just a Theory.™

My last point is… This is a convoluted one. A lot of people have assumed now that this scene was fanservice, but I still don’t think it was. Fanservice between these two could’ve been done a lot more easily than this. For instance, they could’ve had Komaeda catch a glimpse of Hinata in that early scene where they passed by each other. They could’ve randomly made eye contact and we would’ve been happy because we could’ve taken it to mean that they had a connection in the future even if they didn’t have one here in Zetsubou Hen.

But instead, they chose to break canon by retconning ch0 of SDR2 so that Komaeda could meet Kamukura. Then, to cover up that retcon, they made the absurd suggestion that Junko had erased the memories of Kamukura from everyone in the class (even though Komaeda was the only one who met him). On top of that, to make it even harder to understand, Kamukura said that he was going to erase his own memories of them so that they could meet fresh. I’m assuming that he meant something other than the New World Program… But we know that the NWP erased their memories as Despairs anyway, so that would’ve been a double dose of memory erasure! W-what? Seems redundant for him to do that when he was going to forget them later anyway. They didn’t have to mention that… Unless it was just to cover up that retcon.

But like I said, that means that the retcon wasn’t necessary in the first place …Unless it served a purpose. Until the show is completely over, a part of me thinks that Komaeda really was supposed to meet him there for some reason. That’s what the scene felt like. Otherwise, this is one of the weirdest decisions I’ve ever seen. If it was fanservice, then they made things very, very needlessly difficult for themselves. Amazing!

As far as this scene goes, though, it seemed like Kamukura appeared just to interfere with Komaeda shooting Junko. While that makes sense in the story, my confusion about it still stands. Nanami could’ve tackled Komaeda. Tsumiki could’ve arrived and saved Junko. They didn’t have to retcon the game to make this scene proceed with the exact same results.

Now, to conclude, here’s a list of all the things I was unable to 100% explain without strong evidence to confirm my assumptions. (Plotholes. It’s a list of plotholes.)

  • Where the hell Komaeda’s poor umbrella went
  • What Komaeda saw when he followed Tsumiki into the passage
  • How he knew about the human experimentation
  • Why Komaeda knew about Junko and Mukuro (The most questionable of all, tbh.)
  • Why Komaeda knew that Junko was a threat that needed to be eliminated
  • Why he knew that Mukuro would be there, be a threat, and would need to be distracted by Pekoyama
  • What Komaeda was doing on a plane
  • How Komaeda returned to the school after apparently being stranded
  • Where he obtained the gun and why he had it on him at school
  • Why the scene with Kamukura occurred at all

This is my favorite episode. I absolutely hated this show, but I unconditionally love this terrible episode because it left me SO confused that it inspired me to investigate it. I don’t think I have to explain why it’s a bad episode, right? Nothing got explained in a satisfactory manner. It raised questions that you cannot answer without making assumptions. The only way this episode can make sense is with explanations that sound like “He probably did this, then he probably did that, etc.” You can make some good guesses, but even the best explanation will probably have many questions left over because there’s just no way to prove anything.

With the two remaining episodes we have, I hope they’ll do something about this, but who knows! If they don’t, I’m almost kind of fine with it at this point because this incredibly bad episode is like a treasure to me now. It’s kind of perfect in how mysteriously bad it is.

Hot damn, I have so much against Shadowhunters. Don’t get me started. BUT DEAR GOD, DO I LOVE THE MUSIC THEY HAVE ON THE SHOW!! There are literally all of my favorite artists on the show. 

I’m not really digging the show, but dear god the music is keeping me coming back. That and the fact that my 11 year old wanna be heterosexual self loves Clace so I might as well give into that. 

thegingergoddess  asked:

Doctah Who?

  • the first character i ever fell in love with: I started watching the show from series 5 on, then went back for the previous stuff and am making my way through Classic Who, so probably the first character was the Eleventh Doctor.
  • a character that i used to love/like, but now do not: I don’t think this has happened for me.
  • a ship that i used to love/like, but now do not: This is pretty much the same, too. The only thing I don’t like is the Wh*ffaldi ship name, because it feels weird using Peter’s name for a fictional relationship, and I don’t really see why people couldn’t just stick with Whouffle. He’s the same man no matter the face, after all.
  • my ultimate favorite character™: Probably gonna have to go Donna here. I just love her so much.
  • prettiest character: I can’t answer this question. There’s too much pretty on this show for almost 54 years now.
  • my most hated character: Hated sounds mean but if we’re going major characters I gotta say Simm Master and Rose lol. (No hate towards the actors, though, I just hate the writing both for and about them. I liked Simm Master much better in series 10 as the narrative wasn’t trying to paint him as this tragic figure needing to be redeemed and I loved Billie as The Moment from the 50th Anniversary.)
  • my OTP: I’m admittedly something of a multishipper but if we’re going straight-up OTP it’s probably between Doctor/Donna and Doctor/River. Also I live for Amy/Rory and Bill/Heather.
  • my NOTP: Doctor and Rose
  • favorite episode: Ohhhh man this is so difficult! Like, too many tbh, and for different reasons. Favorites off the top of my head include The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, The Runaway Bride, Blink, Partners in Crime, Unicorn and the Wasp, Midnight, Turn Left, The Eleventh Hour, Amy’s Choice, Vincent and the Doctor, The Lodger, The Doctor’s Wife, The Girl Who Waited, The God Complex, The Rings of Ahkaten, The Day of the Doctor, Time Heist, The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar, The Pilot - basically I tend to rewatch ones that are fun and make me happy, but I do like the occasional more serious one.
  • saddest death: Hm, death is tricky. Regenerations are all sad. I guess in terms of deaths Amy and Rory’s (even though they technically did live happy lives) made me bawl when I watched the episode so I’ll go with them. I haven’t seen any of the Classic Who deaths yet.
  • favorite season: Series 4 or 5, and so far my favorite season from the Classic Series was the one where the Master is the villain in every. single. serial. (I believe it’s season 8? Pretty sure that was also Jo Grant’s first season)
  • least favorite season: Series 2
  • character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but i hate: Probably Rose again lol or maybe Simm Master? He does seem to have a bit of a following.
  • my ‘you’re piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave: The Master (although tbh the only ones that are faves are Delgado, Jacobi, and Gomez) - and also lowkey the Tenth Doctor, because he is a mess. (Truthfully if it hadn’t been for his episodes with Donna I probably wouldn’t like him much at all.)
  • my ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave: Martha and Donna both deserved so much better.
  • my ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but i still love it’ ship: I don’t know if this counts but Doctor/Master is a millennias-old trainwreck of a relationship that just keeps chugging along (although I really don’t ship Ten and Simm because Simm is the freaking worst stay away from him.) 
  • my ‘they’re kind of cute, and i lowkey ship them, but i’m not too invested’ ship: Whouffle
Gregzilla’s Thoughts on a Whole Buncha Anime

This past year I decided to expand my horizons and watch some anime.  While I always had an appreciation for Japanese animation, it wasn’t until recently that I really decided to sit down and watch a few anime series that I’d heard about.  I came out of it with mixed reactions, but a very big chunk of them were positive, and I got a ton of inspiration out of these shows in various ways - so I thought it’d be fun to do a quick run down of my thoughts and opinions on them!  I’ll stick to the ones that I’ve watched start to finish, no particular order.

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