why do i fix everything i touch

So some folks in the chat are aware, that I am attempting to mod my sims game to allow for polyamory romances, because apparently after sims 2 someone at EA developed severe abandonment issues and made the “reputation addition” which means your sims will now fight over that one girl you held hands with back in college. (I wish I was kidding)

Anyway, most of the mods for it were broken, but I finally got one to work today after hours of tinkering with it, and I thought to myself great, I’ll do the Human AU trio from Hunger Pangs for a bit of a giggle, and it was fun cause it worked! They were all flirty and happy and all enthusing about each other to each other and it was super adorable. There was still the option of “confess to cheating” but I just ignored that, it wasn’t triggering autonomously so that was what I wanted.

And then Ursula gets a notification over her head which says “Try for A Baby” directed toward Vlad, and I’m like oh, okay neat that’s not canon but sure, I can totes build you guys a nursery in the basement for your weird demon spawn child, no problem. At which point I’m distracted by Nathan setting fire to the kitchen so have to jump down a level to manage that to keep everyone from dying, but while that is going on I hear the “baby jingle” meaning somebody got preggors from woohooing, so I flip back up to Vlad/Ursula to find she’s playing on the computer, but Vlad, where’s Vlad…oh he’s throwing up in the bathroom apparently, weird, he must have tried drinking from Ursula again (the vamps can’t drink from fairies in the supernatural exp but he keeps doing it and getting sick like wtf buddy come on, I know she’s pretty but keep it together) oh well…except he keeps throwing up. And his back hurts, and he’s emotional and crying and turns out the key phrasing up there is somebody got preggors.

Turns out this mod can allow anyone to get pregnant, but unfortunately the base game is not equipped for this and Vlad now no longer has a body. He’s just a floating pregnant head. Which, okay I can live with this, this is not how I had planned this but sure okay, what can possibly go wrong.

Of course Vlad is now doing the whole “goal: buy a crib” like oh joy my broody vampire is quite literally feeling broody and trying to nest, and while I can do some of the things he wants, like buying terrifying stuffed toys for the nursery and going to the spa because apparently his non existent back is killing him, he has other desires, like, read a “pregnancy book” so he’ll know what to expect but EA is/was (I’ve heard sims4 is better, alas I have 3) such a piece of gendered shit, (EDIT: the mod was causing this, not the base game) male sims literally cannot read books about being pregnant, but Ursula, the non pregnant one can. Meanwhile she’s really excited about becoming a mother without actually being pregnant, Vlad is torn between crying all the time and enthusing to her about their impending unholy vampiric/fairy offspring and Nathan is…Nathan is not doing too well…in fact he’s downright unhappy, and the first I notice it is when he storms up to a now very heavily pregnant Vlad, slaps him and accuses him of cheating, despite the fact that the mod I have installed makes it IMPOSSIBLE for him to do that autonomously and also they are supposed to have ZERO jealously issues because I literally disabled it as a function and YET, there he is being an utter dick to a my poor pregnant vampire who just started bawling his eyes out cause one of his two love interests just threatened to expose him as a vampire and is demanding to fight. Well Ursula is having none of it, she might have fallen for Nathan first but when she sees Vlad being picked on she straight up throws an elixir at Nathan which makes him fall asleep, but then Vlad is upset cause he still technically loves Nathan, and Ursula just attacked him, and now she’s trying to apologize and Vlad is in the bathtub doing the equivalent of NO ONE TOUCH ME, NO ONE EVEN LOOK AT ME, which breaks Ursula’s heart, so then she goes off to apologize to Nathan who has woken up, turned into a werewolf, and is shredding everything in the house.

Meanwhile I’ve got the in game mod screen up, desperately trying to check why this is happening, making sure I have the polyamorous jealousy set to the right function, and according to the mod it’s all working just peachy keen, so I hit reset, thinking I can just re-enable all of it and fix it. But what that does is it makes everyone INSTANTLY HATE EACH OTHER IRREVERSIBLY so now my house has a fairy and a werewolf who want to kill each other on sight, and a vampire who just went into labor but doesn’t want to go outside to go to the hospital because the sun is up and he’ll literally burn so he’s just hiding in the basement crying.

So basically my game went full mpreg trope catastrophe and I’m going back to Skyrim where mods only ever cause occasional bouts of surprise nudity and accidental bardic regicide. 

Wreck-It Ralph  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Thanks, Satan.”
  • “I don’t want to die!“
  • “I don’t have time for this.“
  • “You really are a bad guy.“
  • “Just let me out of here, please!“
  • “Oh, this place just got interesting.“
  • “I know, I know, I know. I’m an idiot.“
  • “Right… I’m sorry, you lost me there.“
  • “Why do I fix EVERYTHING I touch?”
  • “Flattery don’t charge these batteries.”
  • “Why are your hands so freakishly big?“
  • “I don’t wanna be the bad guy, anymore.“
  • “Step aside, sir. Random security check.”
  • “I’m just a bad guy. And I need your help.“
  • “Everyone here says I’m just a mistake…”
  • “Random, my behind. You always stop me.“
  • “If that little kid likes me, how bad can I be?”
  • “You wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses, would you?”
  • “Do you have any idea what you put me through?”
  • “You could stay. You could have your own castle.”
  • “You hit a guy. With glasses. That’s… well-played.”
  • “I don’t know. Why are you so freakishly annoying?“
  • “I don’t have to do boo! —– Forgive my potty-mouth.”
  • “News flash: neither one of us is getting what we want!“
  • “What’s going on in this candy-coated heart of darkness?“
  • “Doomsday and Armageddon just had a baby and it. Is. UGLY.”
  • “The selfish man is like a mangy dog chasing a cautionary tale.”
  • “I’m bad, and that’s good! I will never be good, and that’s not bad!”
  • “I hereby decree that everyone who was ever mean to me shall be… executed.“
  • “I met the most dynamite gal. Oh, she gives me the honey glow something awful!“
  • “Got a bit of a temper on me. My passion bubbles very near the surface, I guess, not gonna lie.“
Vital: Part One - Terra (A Yondu x Reader Fic): Chapter 7: She’d Rather Be With Me

Click here for: Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six

Rated M for language and future NSFW chapters (these will be marked as such).

Your long work hours are exhausting, but the thought of going home to somebody makes it more bearable. In the depths of your heart you know that any day now, you’re going to come home and Yondu is not going to be there – his crew will have found him, and he’ll be gone. But you’re enjoying his company while it lasts.

You can’t help but be a little afraid of him, but he makes you feel safe, and that protective feeling that emanated from him a few days into his arrival only seemed to deepen after Devon cheated on you. He’s gentler these days, less gruff, and jokes more, teetering on the edge of flirting. But he never quite crosses that line, and neither do you when you’re teasing back.

Even though Devon was an ass, the reality of it is that it still hurt. Someone you trusted betrayed you, and the pain is still raw. It’s something that Yondu seems to understand, and you’re grateful.

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If She Favors You (An Emison Fanfiction)

find part 2 here

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, but this was fun! I hope it can help tide everyone over until Tuesday. You can also find it here. Comments are welcome!

Thunder rolled angrily outside, and wind shook the windows of Alison’s house. Emily was picking up the nursery, shreds of stuffed animal and broken wood, when she heard Alison huffing in frustration from the other room.

“Everything okay?” She knocked lightly and peered in.

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I’m tired { 45&46 }; M I N G Y U

[ bf!mingyu x reader ]

word count: 749
genre: angst
a/n: ohmygosh this is my first time writing a full angst! thank you anon for requesting! i couldnt help but to make it angst :(( i hope you still like it!

“Y/N, I’m home.”

I heard his very tired voice called from the hallway. I clutched the blanket, wrapping it around my body and shifted from my position, facing the window. The door opened from behind. 

“Oh, she’s asleep.” He sighed. The other side of the bed sank as he lied down.

“I’m not.” I sat up immediately, making him gasp a little. “Mingyu, can we talk?”

He looked at me surprisingly. He knew there’s something wrong because I never call him by his name unless there’s something bothering our relationship. He quickly sat up and held my hand. “What’s wrong?”

“I know you’re tired and you should be sleeping right now, but how long are we going to pretend that there’s nothing wrong?” I said, looking down at our intertwined fingers. 

He’s quiet. He knows what’s wrong.

“I tried to understand. I know how hard your career is, that’s why I’m trying to be understanding as possible. I don’t even care anymore if we cancel our dates because of your practice. But Mingyu, the fact that you’re not getting any rest anymore is a different topic!” I looked at him this time, raising my voice a little. “You were sick two days ago and now you went home late again! For the nth time!”

He just looked at me blankly, knowing that he’s in trouble. He opened his mouth to say something but I cut him off.

“Now tell me, how long do we have to pretend?

“Why do you care so much?” He snapped. 

I opened my mouth in shock from what he just said. “You didn’t…” I trailed off. “What did you just say to me? Mingyu I’m trying to take care of you! I’m trying to consider your situation right now!” I raised my voice.

“What do you want me to do? Stop this career to satisfy you?” He replied, raising his voice as well. “And I never told you to take care of me! You’re not my mom Y/N!”

His words were starting to hurt me but I continued to speak. “Just because I’m not your mom doesn’t mean that I don’t have to care about you! I’m yours, Mingyu, and you are mine!”

“You are not trying to understand my situation, Y/N!” 

“I only want what’s best for you, Mingyu!”

“You don’t! If you do, you wouldn’t stop me from continuing my career!”

“Mingyu, I never stopped you! I’m only saying that you should take care of yourself because you just came back from being sick! Why are you making things worse?” 

“Because you’re not trying to understand the situation!” He removed his hands from mine and stood up. “And it’s not me who’s trying to make this worse! It’s not me, it’s you. It’s always been you.” He yelled, pointing his finger to my face.

I looked at his finger, finally stopped from talking. He never laid a finger on me. We had fights before, but never this extent where he has to look down at me like I’m a soul made up of regrets.

Even at this time, I still tried to understand him, understand that he’s just tired and he didn’t mean to everything he just said. But I feel like an idiot, I feel like I’m the only one who’s making this relationship work. I feel tired of understanding him. 

“I’m tired.” My voice cracked. “Tired of being the one who understands. We both know who’s wrong this time, but why do I feel like I should be the one to fix this? Shouldn’t we fix this together?” I didn’t realize that I was already sobbing.

“Y/N…” He said slowly, trying to touch me but I stop him. “I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean th–”

“I’m tired, love. I’m so tired.” I breathed out. I tried to rush out of the room but I felt his grip on my wrist.

“Please don’t leave.” He was crying too.

“I’m tired, please.” I begged, removing his hands from my wrist. When I let go, I ran out of our apartment, closing the the front door loudly as I could, and leaving him behind.

I didn’t want to let go of him. I just needed to rest because I’m tired. I promise Mingyu, I’ll comeback when I’m ready to understand you again.

#21 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “hii love could you possibly write one where van and the reader start off as friends and the reader confesses her love for him under the stars xx”

You met Van and Benji in high school. You didn’t know who they were, and when they sat down in the chairs at your table in the library you were a little confused, but mostly uninterested. You looked up over your book at them, then back down. They seemed offended.

“Told ya she doesn’t know who we are,” the fuzzy haired one said. You would have laughed out loud, but you were trying to not engage.

“Hi Y/N,” the other one said. He had a bad haircut and his two front teeth were rabbit-like. You looked back up over your book. “Um, you’re the girl that records the school band and choir and shit, yeah?”

Yes. He was right. Most people stayed pretty clear of you. You were kind of a loner, which would have made you a target, but because the school needed your excellent audio/visual skills they upped the protection. You spent most of your time between the library and the sound lab.

Both boys continued to look at you. You shrugged and raised an eyebrow.

“Cool! So, uh, we’re in a band,” Bad Haircut said. You rolled your eyes. Here we go. “No! Don’t roll ya eyes, love,” Love?! Really. “We want to record a demo to send off to the record companies and stuff, and we were hopin’ you’d help!” He did sound very hopeful. You lowered the book and looked at them.

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Love & War

Requested by some-will-give-you-hell: Y/N just moved into a new house and asks for her best friend Barry to help repaint it, but it results in a paint war that ends with the winner wanting a kiss as their prize, revealing their crush on the other person.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 1568

A/N: Hey guys, here’s another request! I hope you all like it and thank you so much for requesting :)


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skelltales  asked:

Welcome to the family! I wanted to know, how would the US/UF/SF skelebros react to their S/O constantly static shocking them and being static shocked? They're not doing it on purpose of course. (This kept happening to me today, everything I touch, I get shocked)

Thanks Fam! :D And I’m going to assume you mean Red SF (Fellswap) since most people don’t seem to ask about Purple SF (Swapfell)…

US!Sans: “DATE-MATE! WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?” Blueberry is confused; he knows how static electricity works, but he’s pretty sure that you’re aren’t suppose to conduct that much static. He tries to fix it; suggests wearing less-fuzzy socks, take longer strides instead of shuffling your feet, anything that would decrease the shocks.

US!Papyrus: “such a shocking turn of events, babe…” Stretch is more than amused by your predicament, sending many shock and electricity puns your way. However, he just pulls you in an inescapable hug, because you can’t make more shocks when you can’t create more electricity; if you can’t move about since the friction of movement builds up the electrons, then less shocks. Don’t expect to escape, he has a surprisingly iron-grip, so it’s best to chill with your skele-bae.

UF!Sans: This anxious mofo will jump every time he gets shocked, but- thankfully- he has surprisingly good reflexes for a lazybones, so you don’t get impaled by a bone attack. Red does curse up a storm, “sick of all these mother-fucking shocks…” and the like. He’ll be emotionally tired and grumpy by the time the static shocks stop, so it would be best to cuddle up the angry bean and hand him a bottle of mustard; he’ll nearly cry tears of joy- being the affection-starved cherry he is- but Red will just cling like a koala, sip his mustard, and then fall asleep after all that madness.

UF!Papyrus: While not as anxious as his brother, he is very much so on edge- although he might seem cool as a cucumber- but he knows it merely excess electrons that built up due to friction. Unlike BB- who suggests things to fix the problem- Edge takes it upon himself to fix it himself; like, for instance, he forcibly changes your socks to less conductive ones. Depending on how sassy you were, he’ll carrying you around either bridal-style or like a sack of potatoes, “AS TO NOT HAVE YOU CONDUCT MORE STATIC.” Edge will be smugly grinning no matter what, whether you are blushing like a madman via bridal-style or indignantly flushed via potato-sack style.

SF!Sans: “DATE-MATE, I DEMAND YOU STOP THAT THIS INSTANT!!” Blackberry is NOT a particularly patient skeleton, but does know that this not something that’s easily controlled. He takes a deep breath- a habit he formed since fighting with anything but a calm mind got you killed in the underground- before Blackberry simply uses his blue magic to carrying around; he sees it as the most logical tactic since you don’t generate electricity that way. Blackberry expression becomes amused as his S/O struggles lightly in his magic’s hold, but simply continues- finding their reaction cute.

SF!Papyrus: Slim- the sweet, adorable masochist that he is- actually thanks you for each shock, smiling as the tingle spreads through his bones. “you are truly electrifying, my love…” He can be a smooth, pun-telling skeleton, so his S/O doesn’t feel bad when ever they shock him. Slim starts looking up erotic material involving electricity, so the S/O might have to have a discussion if they’re not into that…

WANNA ONE as your Older Brother [pt.1]

Kang Daniel
- You are that one famous person in neighborhood to be younger sister of Daniel, especially among Daniel’s friends since he is hella friendly.
- He’s the type that gonna bring his friends home, along with some snack, french fries and drinks.
- He and his friends will all scattered in living room, some lying down, some in sofa, focused in their video game (and that random curses scream)
- You actually don’t really care about it all
- Except when you feel sudden hunger and you gotta deal with you covering your hommies shortpants and tanktop just to go to kitchen.
- “(y/n) bring me water along with you.”
- “(y/n)!!!!!!!!! Come downstairs its important!! HELP!!!”
- “WHAT?”
- “cook some food for me.”/giggles/
- and you swear you want to choke him but can’t coz youre way TOO SMOL beside him.
- the type that freely movable around the house SHIRTLESS in summer when the heat turns too hot.
- not really careless, but not really interfering your personal life also.
- I mean sometimes he really sweet to listen to you but he ended up giggling and telling you not to worry cosz everythings gonna be okay

Park Jihoon
- You also become famous in neighborhood to be jihoons younger sister, it all since jihoons wayy tooo handsome and everybody wants to get close to him, through you.
- jihoon is shy and awkward with stranger but actually HE IS NOT.
- he sometimes bragging how you are even single while you have an amazingly-famous-handsome brother like him
- hes the type that order you around
- “(y/n) buy me the choco drink near your school. Pay with your money first, ill pay you back later.”
- and he ended up not paying you back at all.
- you avoid hanging out with him too much since everyones gonna stare at both of you.
- even the supermarket cashier says you two looked good together.
- you laugh awkwardly “thankyou but he is my brother.”

Ha Sungwoon
- with him you gotta win an Worldwide Patience Competition.
- “Wheres my glasses??”
- “Saw it in TV cabinet tho???”
- “Thats why I never let you touch my stuff.”
- “??????????????”
- him being bossy.
- “Where do I put the key?”
- “I dont know.”
- “Find it.”
- “I.dont.even.touch.it.”
- “Or Im not taking you to your course.”
- but with him too everything becomes so easy.
- like you can ask why your laptop isnt working and he will fix it, also like
- “this is easy tho, what do u do if Im not here.”

Lai Guanlin
- Isolated himself in his room with hip hop music turned on out loud
- Not gonna let you enter his room easily /which youre also prefer not to/
- You both not talking too much, unless if its necessary and important things.
- He usually coming home late coz basketball-
- also active in english and many other sport club
- Which makes him extremely famous among gurls in his school, even another school
- have so many fans but he often not giving any dem care about it

Bae Jinyoung
- the shy and quite one among your family
- like you really really rare to fight with him
- since he never mischievous toward you so you like and adore him so much
- actually really caring and loving
- the type that really hyped when it comes to his most favorite things
- “i have new dvd, u want to watch it together?”
- and you both ended up watching movies together in the living room peacefully

anonymous asked:

I don't really get that "flashback from season one" like when was there really time to fit anything in that we didn't see? The only thing I could think it would be was when Alec stayed over the night after Magnus healed Luke? ... I also kinda loved all the moments in S1 as they were and don't really want them touching them. Fix your problems in the current storylines instead of going back and fucking around with things that were fine plz...

My point exactly, Anon. I think the only reason where a flashback would actually make sense is the “morning after” when Alec stayed over in 1x06 OR the scene in 1x13 where we were all wondering what the hell they were doing when “let’s go check the perimeter” at Camille’s. Everything else was pretty much perfect in season 1 and as you stated, I honestly don’t get why they feel the need to do flashbacks for season 1 when they better should do flashbacks of 2a and fix their shit because they clearly messed this up way more than season 1 wtf.

Also, imagine if the “morning after” will be really Alec just waking up in Magnus’ bed or his couch which might be nice but that’s is not what we meant and/or looking for when talking about casual intimacy now that they are in love. Like…. I dunno…. I am already so tired of this and Todd continuing to hype up shit. Siiiigh.

“I was worried you’d get mad.” + “Do you have any idea how much I love you?”

Long overdue Dean x reader drabble

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Tears were streaming down your face as you sat in the hospital bed waiting for Sam to come and pick you up. Your collarbone was sore and your left thigh was practically one big bruise but your physical injuries weren’t the worst.

You had been driving the impala when a deer had jumped out infront of you making you sore into the nearest tree. The car was all dinged up and you had been terrified when you called Sam half an hour ago after the doctors had given you the green light to go home.

You had pleaded with him not to tell Dean and for the two of you to go to the nearest garage before you headed back to the bunker. Dean would be so pissed if he saw what you had done to his car and the thing between you two were still pretty new so you didn’t want to test it. Granted you had known each other for years but it had taken Dean turning into a demon for the two of you to gather up enough courage to tell each other how you felt.

That courage was nowhere to be found when you saw the older Winchester walk through the door to your room instead of his brother, “Dean?!”

“Y/N are you okay?!” Dean’s eyes were riddled with worry as he quickly made his way across the room to sit down on the bed next to you. You nodded as you let Dean tilt your head back and forth running his hands over your body checking for broken bones. Like he didn’t trust the doctors had done the job well enough. When he was satisfied he looked and you and your eyes immediately shot down, “hey Y/N what’s the matter? Why did you call Sam not me?”

“Dean the impala….” You began but Dean just cupped your face in his hands. “I know! Sam is picking her up. It’s nothing I can’t fix! Is that why you didn’t call me?”

You looked up into his eyes surprised by the calm in his voice and the warmth you found in his forest green orbs, “I was worried you’d get mad,” you sniffed but Dean just smiled. “Whatever happens to the car I can fix. You on the other hand…. Y/N do you have any idea how much I love you?” Before you could answer Dean had pressed his lips against yours and you forgot everything around you as you melted into his touch.  


“W-Well then why are you crying?!”

Please throw me out with the rest of the garbage because I am trash. I really needed to satisfy my urges, but I can’t trust myself to ever start and finish larger projects so I do these small out of context things to hold me over. Plus I need to work on bgs, but this is totally lazy. Why must I ruin everything I touch?

Lilo & Stitch Sentence Meme
  • "He is bulletproof, fireproof, and can think faster than supercomputer."
  • "His only instinct is to destroy everything he touches!"
  • "It is an affont to nature! It must be destroyed!"
  • "I prefer to be called evil genius."
  • "I want an expert on this planet in here now!"
  • "Every Thursday I take Pudge the fish a peanut butter sandwhich. And today we were out of peanut butter!"
  • "I just want to dance. I practiced."
  • "Leave me alone to die."
  • "I'm going to stuff you in the blender, push puree, then bake you into a pie and feed it to the social worker. And when he says 'Mmm, this great, what's your secret?' I'm going to say 'love and nurturing.'"
  • "I'm a special classification."
  • "Let me illuminate to you the precarious situation in which you have found yourself. I am the one they call when things go wrong and things have indeed gone wrong."
  • "My friends need to be punished."
  • "We're a broken family, aren't we?"
  • "People treat me different."
  • "I need someone to be my friend, someone who won't run away. Maybe send me an angel, the nicest angel you have."
  • "I have just determined the situation to be far too hazardous."
  • "I'm sorry I bit you...and pulled your hair...and punched you in the face."
  • "This is your badness level. Its unusually high for someone your size. We have to fix that."
  • "Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten."
  • "You wreck everything you touch. Why not try and make something for a change?"
  • "Want to listen to The King? You look like an Elvis fan."
  • "Thus far you have been adrift in the sheltered harbor of my patience."
  • "I might not be a doctor but I know that there's no better cure for a sour face than a couple of boards and some choice waves."
  • "I hear you cry at night. Do you dream about them?"
  • "If you want to leave, you can. I'll remember you, though. I remember everyone that leaves."
  • "I have lost patience with you both."
  • "Your incompetence is nothing short of unspeakable."
  • "You're built to destroy. You can never belong."
  • "Sometimes you try your hardest but things don't work out like we want them to."
  • "Sometimes things have to change and maybe they're for the better."
  • "You can just date me and we'll call it even."
  • "This is my family. I found it all on my own. Its little and broken, but still good."
A letter to my future self .

Dear future me,

I  have some questions for you. Are you still alive or did the demons win? If your still on this earth if you’re not death does that mean you won the battle inside your head? Are you still fighting? Is your life still about trying to be enough? Do you have a family of your own now? Did you let someone  in? did you finally let someone touch your heart. Did you finally trust someone enough to give them your all? Did you reached your goals? Is there peace in your head or does the chaos never end? Please tell me I stopped trying to control everything? Please tell me the bad habit’s stopped? Did they? Do I finally stopped destroying myself? Did you find the courage to ask for help or did you fix it alone? I know how bad you wanted to fix it yourself and how you didn’t want to bother anyone. Do you know why you’re on this earth, or are you still wondering?

Can you please send me a massage back? Because I’m close to giving up. I hope you’re okay, future me. I hope you figured your sh*t out. I hope the bad thoughts stopped haunting you. I really hope you’re in a better place.  But most of al I hope your happy…

Greetings your struggling younger self.

Ps: if your still on this earth… please stay!   

skins sentence meme.
  • ' and it's not exactly like anybody cares . '
  • ' be careful . '
  • ' better fuck off , then . '
  • ' do i ever get to be anyone but me ? '
  • ' do i ever get to be upset ? '
  • ' everybody loves me . '
  • ' everything is so beautiful . '
  • ' hit me ! i dare you . '
  • ' i believed it all and now i'm miserable and it's your fault . '
  • ' i wanna be scared . '
  • ' i was saving this for lunch . '
  • ' i'd do it all again. '
  • ' i'll miss you . '
  • ' i'm not scared ! '
  • ' i'm officially off the rails . '
  • ' isn't everything beautiful this morning ? '
  • ' it's like nobody's fucking business . '
  • ' i've got an appetite for destruction . '
  • ' look who's talking . '
  • ' my mother always say opposites attract . '
  • ' no offense , but you kind of represent everything i despise in the world . '
  • ' oh , wow . '
  • ' that's why you destroy everything you touch . '
  • ' they matter more to me than the truth does . '
  • ' you're too pretty for your own good . '
  • ' we are a mess , we are failures , and we love it ! '
  • ' when i'm with you , i feel like i'm a better person . i feel happier . less ... alone. less lonely . '
  • ' who the fuck are you ? '
  • ' who the fuck do you think you are ? '
  • ' you broke my heart . '
  • ' you can't fix it ! '
  • ' you care and that's what's killing you . '
  • ' you don't know me at all ; you never will . '
  • ' you should try it . '
  • ' you told me everything was going to be okay as long as i tried . '
Step Bro...Fuck Buddy...or Love?

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Please listen to this when JungKook and Kitten meets again

Genre: Smut ( NSFW ), Romance, Angst , Fluff

Members: JungKook & Jimin & TaeHyung & Reader

Word Count : 2159

I turn around and see Taehyung who is in low cut jeans and a loose tshirt which has cuts on here and there. What the hell is he doing here? I wave at him. He takes a few steps to me, seems curious.

“I heard about JungKook… Why did you guys even break up?”

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Out of Tune

Prompts are open. Thank you anon this one was super fun! All credit for this AU to ikimaru, and please watch Steven Universe. Please.

“Emerald, dammit-”

Emerald is panting, swaying to catch his balance, before he grits his teeth as you and makes an irritated huff through his dumb nose, gesturing at you angrily. You aren’t shocked you’re on the floor. This always happens. If someone wasn’t such an asshole with where he put his feet, maybe you could actually keep a decent beat going!

“Doggone it, Topaz, if you stopped acting like you hadn’t the foggiest about how I dance, maybe we could actually sync this lousy thing and manage to fuse!”

“Maybe you should remember to adjust to the better dancer here,” you snap back, not allowing even a hint of doubt in the thought. Maybe he’s right, maybe you should soften- No! He’s wrong, you’ve always been the lead! He should remember that.

“Guys! Stop!” John raises his hands at you, and the worry in his voice is enough the flicker on your gem fades along with the thoughts of smacking some sense into the ungrateful mineral before you. “Come on.”

He sighs, weakly flapping his fingers around like he can pluck words from the air, worrying his lip before he speaks again. “I don’t get it, Rubellite is always telling me how great you guys used to be at fusing. She told me you used to fuse so much people didn’t even realise there were two of you! But, uh. How do I put this? You guys kind of suck.”

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EXO Reaction to you being sad and EXO trying to cheer you up by but you two end up in bed

Requested by @guillepacibtr​ . Pretty sure it would be quite common xD Why not?

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Kind of provoking you* “Why are you crying jagi… come here. We can… cuddle… or something.. else” *Bites his lips looking into your eyes from the bed*


“You need to calm down… but don’t worry I’m here… to make you think about something else” *You can see or think about anything else but his eyes*


*Starts making his move even before the sad part begins in the movie you are watching* 
“Don’t look jagi… you’ll cry here. Wait let me get on top of you so you can’t see…”


*Cuddling in bed trying to make him feel better because well… he is very sensitive* “Baobei… they were meant to be together… I thought it was love… I don’t want to live in this world. Come hug me”


*In the middle of a make out session*
“Jagi? Have you realized that every time you read a sad book… we end up in bed somehow? Not that I’m complaining..” *Chuckles* 


*Trying to be funny* “I know the perfect way to make you feel better” *Somehow ends up doing that… on top of you, making you really happy*


*Listening to you rant about something about work* “Keep talking… wait.. you want to do what while we undress?” *Naughty byun. Naughty byun*


*You are telling him everything you feel when you realize he is staring into your eyes* “honey… why did you stop?” *You can’t help it but kiss them there after having so many fixed feelings* 


“Come here… someone needs a.. hug” *Doesn’t realize he said it in a very provocative way and his breath touching your neck is driving you crazy* “Do you feel better or should I try something else?”


*Really worried* “Jagi… who made you cry? Who should I kill?” *Is exactly his protective-manly side that makes you throw yourself at his arms… and bed*


*You can’t stop kissing him* “Baobei I thought you were sad… never mind that… continue I like it. I’m here… for you..”


*Trying to stay calm* “Jagi… I’m trying to cheer you up here jagi… you shouldn’t be the one ‘cheering me on’” *Struggling*

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[Anon Request] BTS Namjoon Imagine - Part 1, Skype Hype

Part 1:

“Namjoon” I hesitantly called out to him through a pixelated screen, but he didn’t respond immediately.

His eyes were staring down at his desk. He was once again occupied, once again, scribbling away at a sheet of paper and his attention was off somewhere.

“He’s busy again” I thought, gazing away from the screen with a sigh, “Like always…” Turning back to the screen, I was growing fed up.

“Namjoon!” I called out once more, a lot more firm.

After a few more seconds, Namjoon finally seemed to realize that I existed.

“Huh?” he responded. He lifted his gaze finally in my direction, raising his eyebrows in confusion. He then chuckled and gave a slight, apologetic smile.

“Ah sorry jagi! Let me finish writing these few lines and we can talk tonight. I swear.”

“You said that last night,” I responded with a pout,  "I need to talk to you now.“ My eyes slowly drifted away from the screen leading to a glossy, scarlet heart-shaped picture frame encasing a photo of the two of us. Along the frame’s border were letters spelling out the word “Always.” It should’ve said “Always, as long as I’m not working”.

"It’s important,” I said, turning the picture frame in the other direction. Looking back at the screen, I had a hardened expression.

“Oh, chinja?” Namjoon crunched up his eyebrows together with a concerned look, actually looking at me. “Okay…just give me like 2 more seconds and then-”

I sighed. “Namjoon we need to break up.”

Namjoon winced as soon as he heard the phrase ”break up” leave my lips. For the first time, he looked up, and this time it wasn’t just a passing glance. His hand froze what it was writing and he leaned closer.

“Wait, what?” Namjoon said with a darkened expression.

“Namjoon, I honestly don’t think this relationship just is going to work,” I said, already feeling my voice get thick with emotion. I shook my head and looked at him. “Ever since debut, you’ve been busier than ever and I rarely get to see you.”

“I’m an idol, jagi,” he reasoned, “You knew that before we-”

I’m actually quite jealous of your make up artists,” I admitted, “They get to see you more than me…”

“But I’m here now,” he said, getting defensive.

“Are you?” I questioned, “Because your mind is lost in whatever you’re writing on that paper. I understand you’re busy Namjoon, but even when you’re not busy, you choose work over me.”

He shook his head, setting aside the paper, “That’s not true.”

I looked down and sighed. “Namjoon…the last day off you had you spent it locked in your room writing lyrics…and now, it’s almost 1:30 in the morning and you’re still writing…”

“Jagi, please,” he tried, “We can make this work I swear.”

“Namjoon let’s be realistic here,” I said back, “Our lifestyles are completely different. You’re always traveling while I spend everyday of my agonizingly mundane life away from the one person I love. It hurts that we’ll never get to go on dates like we used to and honestly Namjoon, since when has a relationship between an idol and non-idol ever worked?”


“Namjoon…” I sighed, “There’s nothing much for you to say. It’s over between-”

“Y/n, why don’t you just come and travel with me? I’ll give you the money. Just please stay with me.”

“I can’t,” I said back, “Namjoon I can’t just leave everything here and go with you. You know it’s not that simple.”

“What’s so difficult about it?” he challenged.

“Everything,” I said firmly, “Namjoon, I have my parents here to think about…and what about my school? The semester is just starting…and my job?” I shook my head, “I just can’t-”

“Why are you so eager to end things?!” he suddenly snapped, “After all we’ve been through?”

I shook my head, “Namjoon-”

“Why can’t you try?”

“I AM trying, I just-”

“Don’t you still have feelings? Don’t you love-”

“Of course I do-”

“Then why can’t you let me fix this?!”

“Because you CAN’T fix this, Namjoon!” I felt my breath go ragged as I screamed into the screen, “You just can’t! Everything you touch breaks!”

For a while, I just stared at the screen.Namjoon had a stern expression plastered across his face, silence filling the air. He leaned back in his seat, briefly laughing before he gave me a smirk.

“Usually when people say that, they’re joking,” he said, looking down with a pitiful chuckle. His smirk was gone, however, when he looked up and cocked his head to the side, the irritation and attitude in his voice. “But I guess you’re not joking because no one here is laughing. Tell me y/n, what was I to you then? Was I just a joke?” He looked straight and hard at the camera at me anticipating for my response.

I didn’t answer. I couldn’t. Tears were beginning to well up in the corners of my eyes. I tried my best to stop them from falling, but to no avail.

“Namjoon, look-”

“I thought you said you understood?” he snapped at me, “I thought you said you supported me and my passion?”

I shook my head, “I do, Namjoon. But I feel like I’m just dragging you down. I’m sorry…I just can’t keep up with you…I can’t keep up with your lifestyle. It’s just too hard…”

“So you just give up?” he said with a nod. “Because it’s easy for you…It’s so easy for you to just leave me.”


“No, y/n, I get it,” he said, his eyes glassy and anger in his voice, “Thousands of fans across the world can love and support me, but you can’t.” He shook his head, “All because it’s too HARD.”

“Namjoon, please,” I said, voice thick from tears, “I tried…I tried to keep up, but I can’t anymore…” I shook my head, “I’m sorry.”

He scoffed at that, “The hell you are.”

And suddenly the screen went black, the words ‘call ended’ blinking back at me.


Uh hope this chapter didn’t upset you guys too much :P There’s more to come, don’t worry. Part 2 is already underway! 

~Admins Ciel and Lexx