why do i feel the urge to be a vampire

Last words and first kisses

In which Simon decides to prove that Baz is a vampire once and for all. Simon’s POV.

I’m lying in a heap at the bottom of the stairs, my left arm beneath me at an unnatural angle. Wincing, I pull it out from under me and am relieved to find that it’s still functioning as normal. I lift my head and have to shut my eyes to block out the world spinning. There’s blood coming out of my nose from where I hit it on one of the last stairs and my whole body is aching. I’ll be black and blue by nightfall.

I open my eyes again and peer up the stairs. Baz is standing there like some evil overlord, his face twisted into a wicked sneer.

That’s it. I’m done with him. It didn’t have to be like this; if he had left me alone, I would have been happy not to spend all our free time trying to kill each other. I could have broken my neck when I fell down those stairs, and I’m sure that would have done nothing to wipe the smug grin off his face. He probably would have come home to a congratulatory party thrown by his rich family.

I’m done with Baz. I’m going to end him once and for all.


‘I need evidence,’ I say to Penny. ‘I’ve been telling everyone what he is for years and no-one believes me. Or if they do, they don’t do anything about it. So, I need evidence.’

‘He drinks rats in the catacombs, right? You just need to get photos.’

I grin at her. ‘Yes. Photos. Can I borrow your phone?’

She looks dubious. ‘Are you sure this is a good idea? Baz will know what you’re up to, and he’ll do anything he can to stop you. He might hurt you.’

‘As if that’s new, Penny! He pushed me down the stairs!’

‘Yeah, but this would be different. He’d be fighting for his life.’

I scoff. ‘I’m not scared of Baz. Anyway, this has to be done.’

She sighs. ‘Alright. Just be careful.’ She hands me her phone. ‘And let me know before you go after him so I can spell you invisible.’

‘Really? Thanks, Pen!’

She usually refuses to spell me when I’m following Baz because she wants to discourage me from stalking him. She doesn’t think it’s a very good use of my time.

The library doors swing open to reveal Baz (he always has to make an entrance. As if I could miss his presence) and I send him my most malicious glare.

‘You are going down,’ I mutter.


I follow Baz through the usual route down to the catacombs, invisible and inaudible thanks to Penny’s spells. I notice him glancing behind him at every turn. Probably expecting to find me following him. I smile triumphantly as he continues walking into the darkness.

He stops suddenly and pulls out his wand. I turn away to avoid watching all the rats go limp at his command. It’s a highly unpleasant ritual to watch. Once Baz seems to have collected a sufficient pile of dead rodents, he sits down and sinks his fangs into the first one. I stare for a moment. It’s unsettling, but strangely fascinating at the same time. Baz finishes draining the rat and tosses it aside, picking up a second one. I shouldn’t be surprised to find that he hasn’t left a single drop. Crowley, he’s poised and graceful even when sucking the blood of rats. If it was me, I would have blood dribbling down my chin and over my uniform.

I force myself to stop watching him and concentrate on my mission. I point Penny’s phone at Baz and start taking pictures. The flash goes off and I hold my breath, waiting for him to leap up and spot me, but he doesn’t see it. What would I do without Penny?

I move closer, more confident now that I know Baz won’t be able to sense me. I crouch down and try to make sure I’ve got his fangs in the photo. There can’t be any doubt about what he’s doing. I keep getting distracted. His fangs are huge. It’s a wonder he manages to hide them.

Finally Baz seems satisfied. He stands up, drops the final rat onto his discarded pile, and licks his lips. I expect him to turn back the way we came from, but instead he heads deeper into the catacombs. I return Penny’s phone to my pocket and follow him. He makes a final turn and I realise we’re in a tunnel. He’s never led me here before – and are those skulls lining the walls?

Baz stops in front of a doorway and sits down with his back to the wall. He sets something down beside it and from the light of Penny’s phone I realise they’re flowers. This must be his mother’s tomb.

‘Hey, Mum,’ he says quietly.

I freeze and try to keep my breathing quiet. Even though I know he can’t hear me.

‘I just wanted to say that I… I miss you.’

He sighs. I stay perfectly still.

‘And I’m sorry. I really should visit you and get the rats on separate trips. This feels disrespectful.’

He leans his head against the wall. I imagine him closing his eyes.

‘Anyway, I just… I love you.’

I shouldn’t be here, watching this. But I can’t look away. I’ve never seen Baz like this.

‘Even though you would hate me. What I’m doing, carrying on as a vampire.’

It occurs to me that I could be recording this as more evidence, but I don’t move. This is personal and raw and emotional for Baz and I would never. I wouldn’t.

‘I’m sorry. I don’t think I’m hurting anyone. But I know it’s wrong. I’m sorry.’

Why do I feel the sudden urge to cry? This is Baz, for Crowley’s sake.

‘Okay. Bye.’ He stands up suddenly and I startle, flattening myself against the wall just in time to avoid being crashed into. Then I hurry to follow him back out of the catacombs. I sure don’t want to get lost down here.

This is definitely new information. I’ve always known Baz was evil and a monster, but I didn’t know he felt sorry about it. I’m tempted to reach into my pocket and delete all the photos from Penny’s phone, but for once I decide not to do anything rash. That little conversation hardly excuses pushing me down the stairs. And since apparently he can live perfectly well on rats, being a vampire doesn’t actually excuse Baz for being a villain.

It’s just the part where he thinks his mother would hate him that bothers me. Natasha Pitch couldn’t possibly hate Baz. He’s powerful and cunning and ruthless. He’s unfailingly loyal, annoyingly good at magic and irritatingly good looking. Everything a Pitch would want in a son. Who cares if he’s a vampire?


‘Where have you been?’

Baz is snarling at me in the middle of the night. I realise Penny’s spell must have just worn off.

‘Unnnmmmgf?’ I mumble, rolling over to face him.

‘Did Bunce put a spell on you? Is that why I could smell you in the catacombs?’

‘Did you wake me up in the middle of the night to ask me that?’ I pull my pillow over my head.

‘Well? Is that what you were up to last night?’ Baz persists. When I don’t answer him he whips the pillow off me. I look up to find him glaring.

‘Anathema,’ I mumble. I’m not rising to the bait tonight. I’ve got the upper hand now.

‘I know that, you twat. Were you following me again?’

‘Go to sleep, Baz.’

He glares at me for a few more moments then tosses the pillow back at me and leaves the room. Too bad Penny isn’t here to spell me invisible, so I can’t follow him again. On second thoughts, maybe it’s a good thing because he’s probably just trying to lure me out of reach of the Anathema. I lift my head and put the pillow back in its place then roll over to face the wall. But I don’t fall asleep until I hear the door close softly as Baz comes back into the room, at the crack of dawn.


‘Did you get the pictures?’ Penny asks at breakfast.


‘Can I see?’ She snatches the phone from me and scrolls through the photos. They look even more incriminating in the daylight. The pile of dead rats next to Baz grows and grows as she swipes at the screen. ‘Well, good job. This is definitely irrefutable evidence.’

‘I’m not sure if I want to use it yet,’ I say. ‘Maybe he’s not… a complete evil git.’

Penny raises an eyebrow.

‘Okay, he definitely is,’ I amend. ‘But I should wait. Not do anything hasty. Right?’

‘Right. You’ve finally learned something.’


I’m walking along the drawbridge when I hear footsteps coming up behind me. Instinctively I whirl around and sure enough, it’s Baz. He can’t sneak up on me anymore; I’m too attuned to the exact sound of his footsteps. Years of practice.

‘How the tables have turned,’ he says, smirking. He’s holding out his wand, which I find more than a little bit worrying. ‘I’m following you around, for once.’

‘What do you want?’

‘What I really want, Snow, is to see you torn into a thousand tiny pieces by a pack of angry merwolves,’ he says, gesturing towards the moat with the tip of his wand.

‘Are you going to throw me into the moat?’ I wouldn’t put it past him. Down the stairs, into the moat – what’s the difference?

He tilts his head like he’s considering it. ‘Maybe.’ He steps forward, pointing his wand at me. ‘Unless you want to jump.’

I’m pretty sure he’s bluffing. Probably. Not that I don’t think he’s capable of pushing me in. I just think he’s more likely to be doing this just to watch me squirm. Just to see if he can get me to jump.

The merwolves wouldn’t get me anyway; I’d probably go off before they could do me any real damage. Honestly, Baz is the scarier option. But I won’t give him the satisfaction of jumping over the bridge.

‘Why would I do that?’ I scoff, stepping towards him. Away from the edge. Just in case.

‘Because I’m pointing my wand at you and I feel like making you pay for following me around last night. You’re a pain in the neck, Snow. I’ve been reading up on new spells.’

I can’t believe I told Penny he might not be a complete evil git.

‘Is there something you want?’ I say as he takes another step towards me. ‘Or are you just doing this for fun?’

‘Yes, there is something I want. I want to know what you were doing following me last night. I want to know what you saw.’

He must be referring to his mother’s tomb, because he knows I’ve seen him drink rats before. I realise he’s worried I heard him talking to his mother. And Baz doesn’t like being vulnerable. It doesn’t help his case when he’s trying to threaten me.

‘Don’t worry, Baz,’ I say, smirking. ‘If your mother hates you, it’s probably because you’re an evil git and a –’

His whole body slams into me and I feel the impact in my stomach as the breath is knocked out of me all at once and then suddenly I’m flying through space, cold air rushing at me and then I’m underwater. Instinctively I shut my eyes as I feel myself sinking, water rushing into my nose and mouth, the world around me silenced. Then I feel slimy things brushing up against me and I open my eyes just before my head breaks above the surface of the moat.

I’m surrounded.

I place my hand over my hip and start calling for the Sword of Mages but I’m smacked in the head by something (a tail?) and I’m underwater again. The merwolves are knocking into me and I’m flailing in the murky water and the last thing I see is a flash of sharp razor teeth before the magic inside me builds up and explodes.


I’m huddled on my bed draped in blankets and I still don’t feel clean or dry.

I can’t believe it. Baz pushed me into the moat. He pushed me into the moat! That is the absolute last straw. I’ve still got Penny’s phone and the first thing I’m going to do once I feel human again is to show the Mage those photos. Then Baz will be out of this school and I won’t have to see him, let alone sleep in the same room as him, ever again.

It will be a relief. And a joyful experience.

The door bangs open and Baz storms in. Clearly he’s still mad at me for bringing up his mother. I would feel guilty if he hadn’t just tried to get me eaten by merwolves. It’s a good thing I’ve got a plan, because if I didn’t have those photos I would probably have violated the Anathema the second he walked into the room.

‘Just typical, Snow. I try to get you eaten by merwolves and instead you send the entire contents of the moat flying and emerge without a single scratch.’

‘I can’t believe you’re acting mad at me right now. You’re the one who shoved me in.’

‘Yes, and it didn’t help,’ he growls. ‘I never want to look at your stupid face again.’

‘You know, if you’d just behaved like a decent human being, I wouldn’t have to do this. Oh but wait – you’re not a human being, are you?’

‘You wouldn’t have to do what?’

I grab Penny’s phone and hold it out triumphantly. The blankets fall from around my shoulders but I ignore them.

‘I have photos of you in the catacombs. Drinking rats. Your fangs are very noticeable.’

I wait for his reaction, but he’s perfectly frozen. Is he in shock? Good.

‘I’m going to the Mage – right now – and then you’re gone.’ I stand up and head for the door.

‘You can’t.’

I turn back around. Baz is still standing in the same position.

‘Why the hell not? You keep trying to get me killed. Consider it self-defence.’

‘Snow. You can’t.’

I take in the look on his face and realise he’s seriously terrified.

Well, merwolves are pretty terrifying too. So.

I turn back towards the door just as Baz lunges at me. I pull the phone into my chest as his hand swipes for it. Now he’s standing behind me with his arms around me trying to wrangle the phone out of my hands. He’s not actually hurting me, which is probably why the Anathema hasn’t intervened yet.

‘Baz, get off me!’

He growls and we both fall to the ground. I keep both hands curled around the phone.

‘You’ll never get it without violating the Anathema,’ I say. He pulls himself off me and gets to his feet, apparently agreeing with me. I stand up too, making sure I don’t loosen my grip on the phone.

‘I hope you’re bluffing,’ Baz says.

‘Nope. I’d show you the photos but… not taking that chance.’

He sighs and sits down on his bed. He bows his head.

‘All right, Snow. I guess you win.’

‘That sounded good. Say it again.’

Baz lifts his head and glares at me. ‘You win. You beat me, Snow. Victory is yours. Will that stop you from going to the Mage?’

‘No. Because then I don’t win and you keep plotting against me.’

Baz sighs. ‘You’re right. It’s what I do. It’s what I would do. Probably.’

I should just go. I should just walk out that door and towards the Mage’s office.

‘Simon, please.’

Did he just call me Simon?

‘If you show that to the Mage, he won’t just expel me. I’ll be killed. My name will… you don’t know what it will do. To my family.’

‘The ‘I’ll be killed’ argument isn’t doing much for me, given that you’ve been trying to kill me pretty much since we met.’

‘Simon, I’m not you! I don’t have your magic! Nothing I ever do can actually hurt you. This isn’t the same.’

He did it again. Called me by my first name. I’ve never seen Baz look so vulnerable. That doesn’t mean I’m changing my mind. He still totally deserves this.

‘Please. I’m – I’m saying please, Simon, just please don’t do this.’ He’s staring up at me with earnest grey eyes. I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe Baz Pitch is begging me.

He’ll do whatever he has to do to save his skin. The merwolves, I remind myself. If I don’t turn him in now, he’ll pretend this never happened and he’ll be back at me with a vengeance. How much more of it am I supposed to take?

‘Sorry,’ I say. I guess it’s the least I can concede. ‘Y-you’re a vampire. You’re dangerous. I have to.’

Baz crosses his arms.

‘Fine.’ He’s closed off again. ‘Enjoy your petty revenge.’

‘I cannot believe you just called me petty.’

He stares me down. ‘Go on, Snow. Walk out that door.’

‘If you have any last words to say to me before they come for you, now would be a good time.’

I wait. Baz just keeps staring at me. Just as I’m about to conclude that he has nothing he wants to say, he stands up abruptly.

‘Well, I’ve got nothing to lose,’ he says, his eyes still focused on mine. He’s so close we’d be nose to nose if he didn’t have those extra three inches on me. ‘So I might as well do what I want.’

I’m about to ask what that is when – oh.

His hand is on the back of my neck and his mouth is on mine and I feel my breath hitch in my throat as Baz kisses me hard. His mouth is cold and his fingers are raking through my hair and I can feel his tongue in my mouth.

In a moment it’s over and Baz is stepping away. The sound of him breathing hard reminds me that I haven’t taken a breath since he reached for me. He stumbles back and almost trips over his own bed. His face is flushed and I think he’s shaking as he walks around the bed towards the door.

‘I’m going to run,’ he says, his voice wavering. ‘Do whatever you want.’

‘Wait,’ I manage to whisper as he steps out the door. He doesn’t hear me; the door slams.

I become aware of the sound of my heart pounding. I think I’m in shock.

‘Baz, wait!’ I yell, and I fly down the stairs after him. I catch up to him in the middle of the stairwell. He turns around at the sound of my footsteps.

‘I won’t do it,’ I blurt, holding out the phone. He stares from me to the phone but doesn’t move or say anything. ‘Here, I’m deleting the pictures.’ My hands are fumbling with the screen as I scroll through and delete all the photos, one by one. ‘There. All gone. See?’ I hold out the phone. ‘You can check. If you want.’

He shakes his head. ‘I believe you.’

I’m staring at him. I don’t understand what just happened. I mean, I know he kissed me, but I don’t understand why. And I don’t know why I deleted those photos. He’s evil. He’s a vampire.

Why doesn’t that bother me?

‘A-are you going to stay?’ I ask.

‘Do you want me to?’ Baz says slowly.

I open my mouth. I honestly hadn’t thought about it. It’s hard to think about anything right now. My mind keeps playing back the kiss. Baz’s mouth on mine and his fingers on my neck. I shiver. ‘I don’t know. Yes. I want you to stay.’

He takes a deep breath. ‘Look. Snow. Simon. Thank you… for deleting the photos. But I don’t think I can stay. After what I just did.’


‘Don’t you hate me for doing that?’

‘This is like the first time in years that I haven’t hated you.’

He narrows his eyes at me. ‘What are you saying, Snow?’

‘Uh… I just…’ I sort of want him to kiss me again. It’s not something I ever thought about wanting, and it’s not something I ever thought Baz would want, but maybe I’ve been wrong all this time I thought I had both of us figured out.

‘Do you feel… I mean… are you… did you like it?’ He buries his face in his hands. ‘Crowley, this is embarrassing.’

Baz should have just acted all vulnerable and flustered like this from the start. It’s adorable.

‘Yeah. I did. You should do it again.’

Baz tilts his head, scrutinising me. ‘Really?’ He takes a step forwards. ‘You’re going to regret saying that.’ He takes my face in his hands. This time, I kiss him back.

SURPRISE! {TVD 1x07 Review}

Hi all! Welcome to the seventh review of TVD season 1. Considering that I haven’t like sat down to watch a full episode of the past seasons of TVD in a few years and my memory might not be the greatest I think I will start with my usual disclaimer: I write my thoughts in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning of this post, it will be corrected by the end. There will be anti-Damon and anti-Delena sentiments (I’m only mentioning these two because it’s the beginning of the series), and in light of recent events I feel the need to say that there may be some anti-Jenna sentiments too. I will probably bring up other shows and call attention to misogynoir, racism, anti-blackness etc. Also I do not have MS Word right now so I wrote this on Kingsoft, which is eh, so some of the formatting might be off. Ready? Let’s go.

1. Tyler interrogating Vicki when she’s in the car is the weirdest thing because Michael’s delivery is odd, like he doesn’t seem like he’s eager for information because he’s an excited teen, he seems like he thinks she’s a suspect.

2. Vicki does do out-of-control with hunger really well although I still don’t get why she showed up in Tyler’s car because she isn’t enraged by how he treated her, she looks to have gone to him for comfort, which is like, but why?

3. “Oh come on, whose going to miss this idiot?” Damon wanting to kill Tyler in season 1 and making good on that desire in season 8.

4. When Tyler punches Damon Vicki yells “Don’t you hurt him” which suggests to me they were going to make Siring a thing that just happens when you make a vampire without the ridiculous “you need to have feelings first” caveat in an attempt to de-problematize DE but they didn’t go through with it.

5. So Damon is worrying about the council on the other side of the room and Stefan turns his head to look at him and omg that neck, that JAW, Paul Wesley is kind of a divine, guys.

6. Also he looks hella James Dean here and I’m thinking about that time that anon came into my inbox talmbout how Ian was more James Dean than Paul and all of you, my lovely followers, DRAGGED them for like DAYS.

7. It’s funny because this DE “banter” about “If you wanted me dead then I’d be dead.” “Yes you would.” “But I’m not.” “Yet!” legit reminds me of sibling banter? Like I find it really immature.

8. Grams telling Bonnie how their ancestors fled Salem and could just end up in Virgina without experiencing any form of racial persecution is making me roll my eyes.

9. “Have we seen Elena? DO WE KNOW WHAT SHE’S WEARING?” I don’t know, Older Me is OK with Season 1 Caroline, I find her very 16.

10.  “I’m not proud of my past behaviour” so when doesn’t Stefan take responsibility? Like when are these times that DErs keep talking about.

11. “Where’s the bathroom, I have to pee -why do I have to pee, I thought I was dead.” Lmao.

12. LOL when Stefan tells Elena he’s going to give Vicki more blood she has the most unimpressed look on her face and it’s making me LAUGH.

13. “It’s hard to resist certain people especially when you’re new”, which is why I keep saying in 1x01 Stefan kept trying to control his urges but the pull to Elena was so strong, which is why showing up at her house abruptly is, well, abrupt because it’s his emotions on overdrive.

14. “It’s hard to resist certain people especially when you’re new, it’s difficult to separate your feelings love, lust, anger, desire, it can all blur into one urge — hunger.”

15. I like how Damon is all “omg she’s been cooped up in her room all day, she’s a vampire Stefan she should know the perks” and takes her to the front yard and what does he do, he vamp speeds behind her. My guy, you couldn’t do that inside?

16. And you see what happens, she takes off, you jackass.

17. “I met you before, aren’t you Caroline Forbes’ boyfriend?” And no one finds this a problem? Guys, he legit ends up going to school dances as a chaperone.

18. Poor Matt. He looks at Elena with those heart eyes and she looks at him like a brother.

19. “And you’re going as … you?” LOL Matt shading Angsty Jeremy for the win.

20. OK a couple of things, I get that Stefan is being Concerned Stefan right now and it’s serious, Paul does it so well but his intensity actually is really sexy and it’s distracting me from the fact that Vicki is losing her mind. Two, in True Blood when Bill just turns Jessica and she’s basically acting like Vicki and Bill doesn’t know how to handle it he goes to Eric like “Omg you see what she’s like right??” and Eric just looks at her and says, “Sit down and shut. up.” And she does. Then he grins at Bill like, “See, you gotta be firm with them, newborns can be like this.” And I get that Stefan is supposed to be out of his wits with Vicki but because he’s really intense when he’s like “Really? No headache? Your stomach isn’t screaming at you…” he gives off the impression that a newbie would listen to him, like he’s commanding so I just thought of that Eric moment.

21. I’m sorry, I just, Damon doesn’t look good at seduction so him getting Carol to talk using his manly wiles is like … I guess.

22. OK this is the first Bamon scene of the series and they’re acting like they’ve interacted before. 

23. Oh sorry, I suppose technically the first Bamon interaction would be when he hits her car with the bird.

24. Damon is just so fucking negligent, leaving Stefan to clean up HIS mess.

25. “But he was worried about the council” then he can stop killing people.

26. It’s funny, Vicki biting Jeremy’s bottom lip and then sucking the blood from it and licking his lips with her tongue … I actually expected that sort of scene from DE with their crazy intense vampire sex but nah.

27. And Vicki dies. Alllllllll because Damon was bored. And sad.

28. Why would Elena tell Stefan to take Jeremy away and she stay with the body Why wouldn’t Elena be with Jeremy and have Stefan stay with the body?

29. Because then we wouldn’t get a DE scene.

30. I think the scene where Stefan is sitting on the porch listening to Jeremy cry is very poignant and it’s all in Paul’s expression because it’s like we’re seeing more guilt and pain being added to his conscience, the guilt of having to kill Vicki and the pain at having caused Jeremy pain, like we see how that’s encasing him as he sits there.

31. And he doesn’t centre himself. Elena asks how he’s doing and he says, “I wanted to help her” and then asks about Jeremy, he doesn’t talk about how bad he feels, it’s about the people he’s effected.

32. It’s funny when Elena says “It’s what I want” when Damon says he’ll compel Jeremy if it’s what she wants, she looks at Stefan for confirmation and he nods his head and then the proceedings begin, which is really just a metaphor for the entire DE relationship. Elena always looks to Stefan before saying she wants Damon, which is why Stefan always has to tell her to fight for him.

33. So I love that we get an SE scene but really Elena, Damon was responsible for a lot of death in these past 7 episodes and you’re just going to let him go and fuck with Jeremy’s mind without you being there?

34. “I can’t lose the way I feel about you”, it’s also actually a good summary of SE because there is so much pain and so much death surrounding Elena and a part of her wants to forget about everything but the feeling she has with Stefan, that deep-down good feeling eclipses all of the pain and makes feeling and remembering worth it.

35. They really try to form this triangle by having Elena walk into her house and Damon and Stefan staring at her as she goes in but Elena and Damon literally have no relationship. He threatened her twice, tried to kiss her, manipulated her into getting into fights with Stefan and told her people died in a fire that is the sum of their interactions.

OK done! Funny story, I’m at work doing this (now going home) and this guy from upstairs who I may or may not be crushing on I can’t tell, comes downstairs and sees what I’m doing but I had the scene paused on Stefan and Elena staring at each other and he said “What is this, some vampire show?” I go, “What makes you think it’s a vampire show?” “I don’t know, the way they’re looking at each other, I just … I get a feeling of a vampire show.” “Oh.” “So is it a vampire show?” “I’m not telling you.” “What, why! It’s not like I’m going to go home and watch it.” “Yeah, I know, you still haven’t watched Underground. Or How To Get Away With Murder. Or Queen Sugar. Or—” “I’m just saying it’s a vampire show, they look like people who would be in a vampire show.” “OK fine.” :D

anonymous asked:

Have there been any secretaries that the guards have been particularly fond of? Heidi, Chelsea, and Jane especially?

Do you think Demetri ever gets attached to a secretary, or has the urge to change them? And if so why would he feel compelled to do so. Also I love your blog, its amazing.

Hopefully you folks are okay with me combining your questions! They’re thematically very similar, so I’ll answer them together. 

Heidi, as a rule, doesn’t allow herself any friendly contact with the secretaries. She feels a dark sense of kinship with them– they’re also pretty young people meant to reassure humans up until the very last moment– and thinking about those parallels freaks her out. Plus, Heidi’s not bad, by vampire standards. She knows that she could connect with the secretaries, and she’s not ready for the heartbreak which follows. 

I think I’m alone on this one, but I envision Chelsea to be mostly well-meaning, scary gift aside. A secretary who’s sweet and flighty and image-conscious would totally strike her as friend material. In other words, Chelsea routinely befriends the secretaries and mourns their deaths, without really trying to help. In her defence, Chelsea’s unsure about the boundaries of her position. The Volturi allow her a mate and a black cloak, but she’s not really willing to risk herself and Afton for a nice human.

Jane feels a twinge of warmth towards secretaries who take an interest in her. She’s attention-starved and lonely, so she’ll happily accept polite conversation from anybody. However, because of the aforementioned loneliness, she finds herself drawn to the secretaries too quickly and, knowing their fate, backpedals out of the friendship. 

Finally, I imagine that Demetri flirts with the secretaries, but that he’s terrified of commitment. Actually turning one and facing the coven’s displeasure would be too intense for him. The only thing which could force his hand is real, actual love. (But again, the consequences of that would be pretty disastrous. The Volturi don’t punish Felix and Renata for transforming the occasional secretary because the newborn is kept around for a few months, and then released. Demetri’s mate would be a permanent fixture, which is precisely what Aro doesn’t want.)

Blood Lust (4)

Some of you expressed interest in another chapter of Blood Lust, hope you like it! All the other chapters are posted here: 1 2 3


Simon woke up slowly, stretching his feet like a cat. When he felt someone shift beside him he froze. For a moment he forgot everything that had happened the night before. Then, in a flash, it all came back to him. He opened his eyes to see that Baz was still sleeping soundly. Simon noticed in the night that he had pushed off his socks and pajama bottoms because of Baz’s minor body heat. Trying not to wake him, he slipped out of bed.
It was Saturday so Simon had no reasonable excuse for ditching the room but he couldn’t help the urge to run. He left for the dining hall wondering if food would be a convincing justification for abandoning Baz.
With a scone halfway crammed in his mouth Simon looked up to see a furious Penny and a concerned Agatha barreling towards him. He cursed and swallowed the scone quickly.
“Where the hell have you been?” Penny slapped him with a piece of paper.
“She’s been really worried about you Simon.” Agatha subtly wedged herself between the two of them.
Simon shrugged. “I had a lot of nervous energy yesterday so I sort of roamed around.”
She studied his face. “You’re still really pale.”
“Lack of sleep?”
Penny huffed. “Do you even care how bad a liar you sound like right now?”
Simon rubbed his eyes in frustration. “Not really no.”
He looked up to see a fearful expression on Agatha’s face. She was looking at his shirt, the one he hadn’t bothered to change before running down to the dining hall.
“Is that…are you bleeding?”
He looked down and saw a small smear of blood on his shirt near the collarbone. Last night neither him nor Baz had been very careful. He felt panic seep through him.
“Yeah I-I cut myself last night.”
Penny was glaring at him. “Doing what exactly?”
“Shaving,” He blurted without thinking.
Agatha’s face became suspicious. “Since when have you started shaving your collarbone?”
At that moment Baz entered the dining room looking clean as ever. He looked directly at Simon and strode over determinedly.
“Simon may I have a word?”
Agatha stared at him. “When did you two become chummy enough for first names?”
Baz dismissed her with a wave of his hand. “Since we were almost killed by a dragon.”
Simon noticed the way Baz’s eyes zeroed in on the bloodstain on Simon’s shirt. Penny was looking between the two of them in a calculative way.
“Yes. The dragon attack, I’ve been meaning to ask you about that Basilton.” Penny’s voice was edged with ice.
“By all means ask away Bunce.”
“I saw you get clawed.”
Baz put a finger under his chin and rubbed in a thinking gesture.
“You know I can’t remember so well, must’ve been healed by Snow’s magic.”
Penny looked as if she were about to speak and then froze. She stared again at the blood on Simon’s shirt. He felt his stomach drop.
“Agatha can you get me a glass of seltzer water from the kitchen staff?”
She looked confused. “What for?”
Penny batted her eyelashes. “Simon’s shirt stain.”
“Can’t you just spell it clean?”
“Yes but then Simon will complain about how much a waste of magic that is.”
Agatha stared at them all for a moment and then huffed delicately. Throwing her hair off her should she strode towards the kitchen. Penny turned to glare at Baz the moment she was out of earshot.
“Simon did heal you.” She spat the words.
Baz stayed silent.
“But it wasn’t magic was it? No, it was blood.”
Keep your voice down!” Baz hissed.
“You twisted dark creature! You could’ve killed him.”
Simon stood. “I told him to do it Penny. It wasn’t Baz’s idea.”
She looked at him in disbelief. “Why on earth would you do that?”
“He was dying. And the nurse would’ve turned him in if she figured it out.”
“That doesn’t mean you risk your own life.”
“Well I’m alive.”
She crossed her arms and looked at Baz again.
“So, that explains the other day. Why is he bleeding this morning?”
Baz sneered. “That’s private.”
She snorted. “It’s not as if I don’t know what you are Baz.”
“Not what he meant.” Simon spoke quietly.
Penny sat down and set up her food. When Baz didn’t move she glared at him expectantly. He walked over and sat next to Simon. He had the urge to lean back into Baz and rub his face into his neck. All of this was so new to him and he wished he had the privacy to explore it.
“Now,” Penny spoke lightly, “what do you mean it’s private?”
“Explaining would sort of defeat the purpose don’t you think?” Baz’s voice was dangerously light.
“I asked him to do it again.” Simon grimaced.
“I liked the…feeling.”
She blushed lightly and looked away. “Oh.”
“Oh.” Baz repeated mockingly.
Penny bit her nail. “Well there aren’t a lot of sources on vampire biting but some have stated there’s a kind of…sexual pleasure to it.”
Simon felt his face heat completely.
“Not that that’s what was going on for you two. It just sort of heightens the sensitivity of the body.”
Baz stood and grabbed Simon’s hand.
“Precisely right Bunce, hence our awkward appearance this morning. If you don’t mind I need to discuss with Simon why I woke up to find he had left me alone in bed.”
Penny’s face went from being a bit flushed to crimson red.
Baz grinned dangerously. “Like I said, private.”
Simon trailed after Baz feeling simultaneously mortified and gratified. On the one hand, he was satisfied that someone knew how Baz felt about him. On the other hand…Penny wasn’t exactly someone to gossip about boys with.
Baz spun around once they were alone in the hall.
“Care to explain?”
Simon fidgeted nervously. “I didn’t mean to run out on you I was just nervous.”
“You telling me that it was just the blood. That you don’t have those kinds of feelings for me.”
Baz’s expression softened. “I wouldn’t have said that.”
Simon shrugged. “Well it’s not like I knew that. So I went to clear my head.”
Baz glanced in the direction of the dining hall.
“I’m sure that spectacle didn’t help.”
Simon laughed. “Nope.”
“I was afraid you regretted it.”
Simon thought about how his absence this morning must’ve looked. He mentally kicked himself for being such a prat.
“I didn’t think about that.”
Baz playfully fiddled with Simon’s hand.
“Normally I would insult you at a moment like this.”
Simon laughed. “At a loss for words?”
“Hm, not really. I was thinking, would you like to go out with me?”
Simon’s heart thumped unevenly. “Yes.”
“Maybe we could go out to eat?”
“No blood this time?”
Baz shrugged jokingly. “Let’s not limit ourselves.”
They walked back into the dining hall hand in hand. Blood loss or not, Simon was sure he felt more alive than he had in a long time.

Gone Girl

Here it is, the Gone Girl AU inspired by a conversation with hummingbirds-and-champagne and unwillingsuspensionofdisbelief.  This is pure dramatic fun and not in anyway meant to be taken serious.  It may also be my swan song for this fandom.  I hope you guys stick around to appreciate any other mutual fandoms we may share, but I understand if you don’t.  At the very least, please enjoy this:

The seeds were planted when Elena turned off her humanity.

               Shesaid how much better it was, how much easier, and I thought yeah, yeah it is.  Of course I couldn’t do it.  I was the good daughter, the good vampire, and how could I possibly do that to my mom?  My friends?

               But the seeds were planted.

               They began to take hold, to root themselves deep, when I watched my best friend play the loving girl friend to my abuser day after day, and act as if there weren’t a damn thing wrong with that.  I watched her be happy with him, and then I watched her be heartbroken over him, as if that two-faced bitch actually had a heart to be broken in the first place.

               And then there was Katherine.

               She was conniving and bitchy, but she never hid any of it.  And when she talked about teaching me how to be bad, well… I thought why not?  Why not let it happen?  Of course Elena whined about her, and Damon wondered why we didn’t just hand her over to Silas, and Stefan slept with her.  And all the while she watched me with that look that asked me why I was so busy being the good vampire, when it was clear it was better to be bad.

               The seeds began to grow when I helped her fake it all.  When I offered her my blood, and she looked at it, and then at me.  Then she told me her darkest secret.  The truth of the game she’d been playing; the game that had been put on indefinite hold, when Elena shoved a cure down her throat.

               She was diabolical.

               She was everything I was too afraid to be.

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As much as I hate the retcon about rogue reapers being an easy way into purgatory, this ficlet probably needs it to really work, so let’s kind of ignore that detail and enjoy the rest :P

The wonderful libbyroseitm drew fanart for this and you should all go check it out because it’s amazing :)

The burning pulse of the mark runs through the veins of his arm, his shoulder, his chest, his heart, his mind, his whole body. It looms over him, it seeps into his deepest core, it surrounds him, it threatens to take over. It has been like this for a while now, maybe days, maybe a few weeks, he hasn’t really been counting; too busy trying not to blow his brother’s head off, trying not to bash that lady’s skull into the yoghurt shelf at the supermarket, trying not to slash Castiel’s gut open, trying not to run over that group of teens crossing the road.

But now he finally finds his outlet, in this land of doomed souls, his killing almost feels like a favour. Just cleaning the filth away. He wishes the blade on his hand were a different one, to feel the smooth leather on the hilt and the thrill up his arm when bone meets bone and blood runs free. Instead he relishes on the familiar weight of the bone against his hand, the satisfying cracks and wet noises when the rock blade breaks the bodyless bodies of the damned souls open.

He doesn’t know how long it’s been since he left the bunker and its other two occupants in the middle of the night, found his way here, and started leaving his bloody trail through these woods, but the monsters that come die at his hands are more scarce now. Maybe there’s not enough humanity left in him to shine like a beacon calling to them, or maybe word of his bloodlust and ruthlessness has spread, and there aren’t that many monsters left stupid enough to run towards him instead of away from him.

There are at least three more of them. He’s just freeing the blade from the first one’s neck and turning to face the others when one of them falls dead to the ground at the hands of the last one.

“Didn’t think I’d see you again, brother. Not here.”

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anonymous asked:

are u still taking prompts? if u are can u do another klaroline with you mean everything to me

Thanks anon :) Yup, prompts are still open for the taking and I have plenty waiting to be done in my inbox!


It started out as murmurs, followed by whispers and then rumours. Caroline had turned up in New Orleans, ready to take Klaus up on his offer to show her all of what the city held, a couple of years earlier. After seeing New Orleans, they had left and discovered a small portion of the world, but much more of each other.

When they returned, however, was when she noticed everyone talking about her. It seemed that their absence had created a rumour mill around the supernatural community, all wondering about the blonde baby vampire (she was over four decades old, thank you very much) who had taken their king away in a flurry of smiles, and arrived again together and absolutely in love.

She sat in Rousseau’s with a book she had picked up in Bogota. It was slow going due to her basic Spanish, but she was improving. Every time she finished a chapter, she had a shot. Alcoholism might have been a side effect of spending too much time with Klaus, she realised, but ignored it for the new conversation between two males her vampire hearing picked up.

“That’s her. Caroline, something. Do you know her last name?”

“Mikaelson? Who knows what they did in the two years they were gone?”

“I hear she’s got something over Klaus, something that keeps her claws in him.” 

“For over two years? She’s a vampire, not a witch. The only thing she might have over him is leaving his bed cold.”

They both chuckled at that and Caroline resisted the urge to go punch them out. She could feel their eyes quickly glance at her and it was all she could do to remind herself of their fates if Klaus were to find out why she had attacked them.

“She hasn’t got a bad deal either. All that power and money at her hands.”

“I doubt its the money she’s after. She’s under their protection which means she’s got a good long life ahead of her.”

“What did I say? Not a bad deal.”

They clinked their glasses and carried on with another line of conversation, clearly satisfied with their little gossip session. It wasn’t the first time she had overheard comments made about her and it would definitely not be the last. The fact that they didn’t try to hide it only showed how little they thought of her. They would never say a word if she was with anyone else (especially Klaus) but the minute she was caught alone, the gossip started to flow.

Realising she was reading the same line over and over, Caroline shook her head and shut her book. Settling her tab with the bartender, she held her head up high as she walked out of the bar, passing the table where the two men who had been talking about her sat. She was above them both (above them all, according to Klaus) and she wouldn’t let their antics get her down. 

Only, with nothing else to do and no-one to talk to about it, there was nothing to distract her from what she had heard. And with that came the other voices she had overheard saying more or less the same things until she couldn’t do anything but play it over and over in her head.

“Caroline?” Klaus’ voice broke her out of her thoughts, glancing up to see him look at her worriedly. “Something wrong?”

Shaking her head, she offered him a small smile. Caught up in her own mind, she hadn’t realised she had made her way to his studio. “Just thinking. Nice painting.”

“Thank you, love,” he smiled, turning back to the landscape he was currently working on. “Its inspired by the sunrise we saw whilst in O’ahu.” 

“Hmm,” she hummed noncommittally. Art wasn’t her forte but she could appreciate the beauty and hard work he put into each piece of work he did. “That was a good day.”

“It was,” Klaus agreed, greeting her with a loving kiss when she came up next to him and ran a hand over his back. Breaking away, she smiled when he pressed his lips to her temple before going to perch gently against his desk. She pick up the snow globe she had brought him from DisneyWorld a few years earlier, shaking it to make the glitter move around and remembering the days she had spent Spring Break in Florida with her childhood friends. 

“I’m going to go back to college,” she announced suddenly, resting the snow globe against her legs as she looked up at Klaus. “At Tulane.”

“Alright,” he replied easily. 

“And I’m going to move out,” she added, waiting with bated breath for his response. She didn’t have to wait long for him to freeze momentarily; brush stopping mid-stroke and a frown appearing on his features.

“Move where?” he asked just as easily as before but she could see the tension in each and every one of his muscles as they tensed under his clothes.

“Onto campus, like a normal student.” 

“You’re not a normal student, Caroline,” Klaus informed her, a slight bitter tone to his words that she ignored, having grown use to his moods and knowing not to be personally offended by it.

“I know, but I want to be. Klaus, I want friends. I want to go to college, actually finish a degree and do it with my friends,” she told him, lowering her eyes onto the snow globe in her hands and smiling wryly. “I don’t have anything here for a life, Klaus. I don’t have a job, a family, any friends. I do nothing all day.”

He put his brush down during her speech and stepped closer to her. “You have me,” he said softly. 

Looking up, Caroline allowed a soft smile to grace her features. “I know, and you mean everything to me. I love you, but I need something else too. I need a life. You have the city. What about me?”

“You can have whatever you want, sweetheart. I’ll give you anything you ask for,” Klaus reminded her, reaching out to cup her face and gently caress her cheek with his thumb. “Are you unhappy here?” 

Caroline sighed and shook her head. “Just bored,” she told him before biting her lip and adding, “and lonely.”

Klaus inhaled deeply and she could see the turmoil in his eyes. “I’m sorry, Caroline. If I had known-” 

“No, its not your fault,” she quickly cut him off, placing the snow globe back onto the desk and taking his hand in hers. “My life can’t revolve around you. It can’t just be about you, or us. Just like yours can’t be all about me or us either. We’d end up resenting each other.” 

At her words, he took her face into both his hands and looked deeply into her eyes as he spoke. “I could never resent you, my love,” he murmured before bringing her into a passion-filled kiss that managed to evade all other thoughts from her mind.