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why do you have so much fan art

what do you mean, I’ve been drawing my oc all along *7*

ahaha but in all seriousness, because 1) have you ever loved something so much you want to express all your love for it but you can’t scream anymore so you can only express this love through art (because that’s fanart *O*) 2) my original art aren’t that great compared to my fanart honestly *7* I think it’s just because I feel more “alive” when I draw fanart?? idk it’s a hard feeling to explain;;;

3) I’ve learned that a lot of people enjoy copying my characters and claiming it as their own;;; so I try to scatter my original art everywhere so they can’t have access to EVERYTHING ;o;;; //like,,, I’m not really happy when people heavily reference/copy my drawings already;;; but actually taking a design that I spent hours, days and years developing just because they “like it” or “want it” is really heartbreaking for me ;v;;; it’s like having someone just;;; take your hard work away;;; man it’s happened so much I don’t really wanna talk about it TTvTT //i can tell if people copied my design or just happened to think of the same design as me *0* because they usually draw it in the similar pose and style LMAO

buttt you can find my original drawings scattered on all my social medias and art websites ( ‘ v ‘ )b probably not as much on tumblr though because i forget to post ahaha,,, and here’s my character website too <3

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I've read and heard stories about people who felt pressure to have a Relationship and kiss people and I must ask... Is that true? Do people in America feel obligated to find someone at 15?Like, I have seen an episode of ICarly where everyone laughed at Freddie because he never kissed anyone. Why can't people mind their own bissness? From I came from no one gives a shit about who you date with (or not) at this age

I actually remember seeing that ‘ICarly’ episode and that it annoyed me. The same went for an episode of ‘Skins’, where the main character made fun of his ‘friend’ be cause he was 17, I think, and was a virgin. And seemed to be obsessed with getting him laid. Like??? Mind you’re own damn business???

What magic land are you from, anon? I can only speak as an American but I think it may be similar in a few other western countries. But yeah, the pressure to have a romantic relationship is real, man! 

It’s kind of gross that we’re all seemingly conditioned to want romance from birth. When you’re a little kid, you can’t play with a child of the opposite sex without an adult saying that they must be your boy/girlfriend. Children’s programing always has the main character have a ‘secret’ crush on someone. Followed by several episodes where they try to awkwardly romance or impress them. Teen programs are practically nothing but romantic and sex drama. Then ‘adult’ shows…Ugh, let’s not even get started. Books, movies, and advertisements aren’t any better, either. The going idea still being that ‘sex sells’ (even though it doesn’t, really), and that everything needs a forced romantic sub-plot. 

The impact of media on children cannot be denied. Kids want to mimic what they see in media. They want to be what is perceive as ‘normal’. I remember being 10 years old and friends would talk about having boyfriends and ‘going out’. As a teen, I’d hear about fights over boys/girls, and cheating, and who kissed who, and see people crying over their ‘One true LOVE’. If you didn’t at least kiss someone by the time you were 18, you were a prude, you might as well be an old cat lady or forever stuck in childhood limbo. :/

Not to mention some parents and media, who pressure people in their 20s-30s to get married and have kids before they’re in their 40s. It’s a very annoying “American Dream” type of timeline that people assume everyone wants. 

Is it any wonder that so many aspecs/arospecs feel like they’re broken?

On a more optimistic note, with newer generations and more ‘untraditional’ lifestyles, the idea that romance is everything is slowly (sloooooowly) changing. Fewer people feel the need to get married or have kids by a certain time and are focusing on other things. So that’s…something.

Sorry for the rant.

Mod Britt <3


Is there a song you’ve sung on stage that feels like it was written for your life?
Why, from Tick, Tick… Boom, pretty much defines a moment that I experienced.
Standing there and going I’m gonna do this. It doesn’t matter what else I think I should do, and it doesn’t matter if I fail.

This nonsense has really got to stop

So… This is the first thing I see when I checked out Ao3 this morning. Nice. The best part is, my fic didn’t have a single mention of Kaneki or Touka… EVER. This was about Hide (age 7) and Eto (age 12), and I was just literally playing around with the idea of Ghoul!Hide.

Honestly, I’m just gonna delete that very soon, but I just had to mention because I’ve never actually seen such hatred towards a character that people feel the need to comment worthless stuff like this on fanfiction smh.

Just to say, if this ever happens again, I WILL ignore it. But I thought I’d let people see what ridiculous assholes it has lurking around.

PSA: Just because you’ve suffered more hardships than a person does not give you to right to dismiss their problems and say “I’ve had worse.” and “You know, that was nothing compared to…..” Their experience does not make it any less painful to them than yours. Not only that, you will also prevent them from reaching out to people when they are dealing with severe problems and force them to deal with their difficulties without the support of others. No one’s emotions are ‘superior’ to others; all of our emotions have equal priority. And remember that crying never makes you weak.

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Hi Jess. After all the amazing stuff we got since the beginning of January, I was/am really positive and optimistic about the future of this ship and thought that most people would agree. But now I've sensed such a negative vibe amongst some shippers, more and more people seem to be nervous about the upcoming few weeks away from set. That's why I was wondering if you feel it too? I really thought we'd seen the rest of the drama/narrative. What do you think, will we see more bullshit? xxxxx

Nah I think the days of constant drama are behind us. It’s never been this good for this long and I don’t even feel like I’m jinxing it by pointing it out. I’m feeling really good about everything. Nothing can take away the last few weeks  :)))

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Even though I've heard the arguments of why artists caption their art "please don't tag as me/kin/id etc", and can KINDA understand why they do that, it still makes me feel... some kind of way to see that as a caption?? It always makes me FAR less likely to reblog it, even though I've (thankfully) never seen it on art of my own kintypes. There's an artist I follow who always captions their art that and idk, I keep wanting to unfollow but I don't because it's so silly and irrational

Big Fish the Musical {Sentence Starters}
  • "Remember me as something bigger than I was."
  • "Some stories don't make sense."
  • "You can't go back to what you were."
  • "You can pine your life away, wishing things were better."
  • "I don't know when I'll understand."
  • "Go live life out there on the road."
  • "Can you please explain, precisely, why you're hiding the truth?"
  • "Close your eyes, I'm still beside you."
  • "Or better yet: Let's run like hell!"
  • "Look around. Be sure we aren't seen."
  • "I'm feeling stranger than I've ever felt before."
  • "Death is glorious. Let me show you."
  • "Come tomorrow, you’ll be free."
  • "I'll teach him how to use his common sense."
  • "Here's where I end and begin."
  • "Though, I didn't know if we were foes or friends."
  • "I never want to choose between the two."
  • "That’s him, right there!"
  • "Let's go. The door is just our first opponent."
  • "Why would I want to see how I die?"
  • "I know he isn't perfect, but he's mine."
  • "We can do things better than before."
  • "I know exactly how this ends."
  • "Don’t tell me that you’re leaving us for good."
I love Misha Collins
  • <p> <b></b> I'm still having a really hard time processing the fact that there are people there who actually HATE Misha Collins. Like how? This man is literally an angel.<p/><b></b> 1. He founded Random Acts of Kindness. He became a celebrity to use his influence to help people. He cares about everyone. This is a pretty rare feat in celebrities.<p/><b></b> 2. He spends his own money on anyone who needs it. Literally. The man went to a park, asked homeless people what they needed, and then he went out and BOUGHT EVERYTHING THEY ASKED FOR.<p/><b></b> 3. He's an amazing father and husband. Misha adores his kids and he love his wife, who just happens to be his high school sweetheart. Not many celebrities are known for their fidelity or lasting marriages. Too much pressure from, well, everything. (PLUS we always shove cockles and destiel down their throats. #no regrets though)<p/><b></b> 4. He's loves his fans. Misha goes beyond what he needs to to show his fans just how much he cares. Who else would deliver coffee to a long line of fans who had been waiting there for hours through the night. He's a total sweetheart.<p/><b></b> 5. He gets us. Misha has dealt with depression just like Jared. And they both want to do everything they can to let people know they are not alone. Our well being actually matters to him. He loves us. How many celebrities can actually say and PROVE that our love matters to them. (And not just because of their paycheck.)<p/><b></b> 6. He doesn't think he deserves our love. This man, who does everything above that I just mentioned, doesn't believe that he deserves to be our role model. He's doesn't think he's good enough. He tries and he tries but he still just doesn't think he deserves our love. He's like a little lost puppy who needs our assurance that we care.<p/><b></b> Because there are plenty of us out there who do care. I love Misha Collins. Not because he's hot, or because he plays one of my favorite characters on tv. No I love him because he's a good man, fantastic actor, loving husband and father, and he loves me despite the fact that he's never met me.<p/><b></b> So yes, it boggles my mind that there are people out there who wish to do him harm. Who hate him. For no reason whatsoever. Like seriously, if you can give be a valid reason as to why he's a bad man who deserves your hate, then maybe I'll listen. But I can assure you it's impossible to sway me because of all the things this man has done. I've seen the kindness in his eyes, I've felt the love he has for me.<p/><b></b> If you hate this man, I honestly feel sorry for you. You're missing out on knowing one of the kindest, gentlest, wonderful man you could ever know.<p/><b></b> I am proud to call myself a Misha fan, Mishamigo, Misha Minion, and (as my name suggests) a Mishette.<p/><b></b> I love Misha Collins. And I'm damn proud of myself for it.<p/></p>

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Hey Madara! I love your blog and your the best Sasusaku lawyer I've ever seen. Do you think one of the reasons why people dislike Sakura is because they feel that Sakura had to like Naruto because Naruto liked her? I mean, if memory serves me right, I've never heard that there was a rule that just because someone likes you, that you automatically have to like them back. That's just my opinion tho.

Well yeah you’re right. No one is obligated to return anyone’s affections. I think many people thought that Naruto had to get the girl he initially wanted simply because he was the protagonist, but it doesn’t work that way; there’s no rule dictating this either. I see no issue with Hinata or Sakura getting the guys they wanted. But some extremists inexplicably believe that Sakura and Kakashi somehow “forced” Sasuke or “guilt tripped” him into returning her feelings. You tell me where they get that nonsense from.

She loves Naruto as a dear friend, but loves Sasuke in every sense of the word. That’s just how it is. You don’t choose who you develop feelings for.

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I've never said SS was unhealthy, but whatever. Further, several arguments were given why that is a. at worse impossible to prove and at best simply absurd to think Naruto would act the same and b. was fundamental irrelevant.

I’ve seen you do it myself and I followed you for a fucking year. I’ve seen you say shit like this all the time, but because I’m already apart of one crazy fandom I didn’t feel like going at it with you. But what you did now was the final straw. 

First I’m going to prove that you did say they were unhealthy;

Let’s look at your post to @rawrrsakura;

Because the fact of the matter is, there is no SasuSakuSara family. It doesn’t exist. Sasuke has never acted in a fatherly role to Sarada, and barely as a husband to Sakura. That is simply the realities of him being gone. The fact is, that isn’t even throwing shade at SS, it’s simply stating a fact. Sasuke was not a father to Sarada, he never has been.

Saying SasuSakuSara family doesn’t exist is therefore saying that their family is unhealthy. Saying that Sasuke has never been a father to Sarada is saying they’re unhealthy. Saying Sasuke has ‘barely’ been a husband to Sakura insinuates an UNHEALTHY relationship.

Please don’t act like you suddenly forget how to use words.

All of your claims are also entirely untrue but I’ll get to that in a moment, dear. Let’s look at what else bullshit you spewed;


Trying to say the ‘Sasuke/Sarada issues are solved’ is a bit disingenuous.

Oh, so what would you call the ending of Gaiden then? An entire waste of time, or was that Gaiden to RESOLVE the issues in their family? 

Did the manga not end with Sarada and Sakura AND Sasuke smiling?

(notice how Sasuke’s gripping the lunch that Sakura made him)

But, please, continue on about how ‘disingenuous’ this ending is in regards to the Uchiha family’s ‘problems’ being solved, I’m sure Kishimoto would absolutely love hearing that he wasted time creating 10 more chapters just to supposedly solve nothing for the Uchiha family.

but you know what, let’s examine Sarada’s reactions;

Sasuke’s answers Sarada’s question by saying that SHE is the answer;

And Sasuke saying Sarada is the thing that proves he is connected/loves Sakura makes Sarada cry with joy:

Which causes even Naruto to smile with joy.

That following night, Sasuke, Sakura, and Sarada eat dinner together (like families do) and Sarada is (again) seen smiling at the man you CLAIM never acted like a father to her.

What a strange thing for Sarada to do to a man that she supposedly never resolved her issues with, let alone that ever acted fatherly to her.

But lets look at their goodbye now;

Without saying so much as a word, Sasuke sees that Sarada doesn’t want him to go and that she is sad, which is a strange thing for someone you claim to ‘not be a father’ to be doing to a supposed practical ‘stranger’ (your words, not mine). Especially since this is SASUKE we’re talking about, a character that doesn’t usually do this type of physical emotion for anyone (hence the entire importance of Sasuke poking Sakura on the head to convey his love and HENCE why it’s Sakura’s favorite thing, just in case you forgot about that).

Sasuke HUGS his daughter, a person you claim he doesn’t know and never acted like a father too, and this made Sakura (Sarada’s mother in case you forget) SMILE, albeit bittersweetly, but this is how every mother would smile if they were watching their husband tearfully say goodbye to their daughter.

What matters is the next entire page, @remedialaction

Does that face look like a child who is still harboring unresolved daddy issues?

What about those tears of joy *don’t* you understand?

What part about Sarada blushing and holding her forehead HAPPILY while smiling back at her mother DOESN’T convey a happy family?

Let me explain this, Sarada is smiling at her mother while holding her forehead because she knows what that forehead-poke means to their (uchiha) family, it means LOVE. And that’s why she’s smiling ear to ear at her mother (which probably means Sakura told Sarada about the significance of doing that at some point)

Sasuke’s smile, the strong loving grip he has on the bag of lunch that SAKURA made for him—all of this was done to convey that their issues (or rather Sarada’s issues) were completely resolved.

You’re making it out as if Sakura has been angry at Sasuke for leaving or that there’s some problems between them as husband and wife and that is NEVER EVER hinted at in the Gaiden chapters. The only problem in their family was SARADA’S doubts about her father.

As you can clearly see, those issues were resolved.

Saying there’s problems in their married life or even family life (now) is an absolute trashy myth. And the more you insist upon that ridiculous notion, the more clear it becomes that you paid NO attention to the meaning Kishimoto put in gaiden.

As for Naruto. What rawrr said was true. If Sasuke had told Naruto he needed help with his task, Naruto would have gone. And Boruto (and maybe Hima) would have felt just as much doubt and anger as Sarada did. Had it not been for Sasuke being selfless and taking all of it on HIS own shoulders, Boruto would have been in Sarada’s place.

Actually, we don’t even NEED that to prove our point, Boruto is already angry/sad at Naruto, there’s already issues between them while Naruto is still around. Boruto is already feeling exactly like Sarada did except, instead of Naruto being gone for years, he’s right there by Boruto’s side. 

So don’t try and tell me there weren’t any problems between Naruto and his child, because there was. 

I already explained that Boruto is just feeling sad to have a sudden change with his father taking on more work, but there’s still no difference in Boruto’s pain and Sarada’s. Both felt neglected and that’s all that matters. Both resolved their issues with their father. Both families are happy. Both families know they’re loved.

So stop trying to make SSS out to be an unhealthy family just because Sasuke’s taking care of what he has to, especially since Boruto felt the same neglectful feelings as Sarada did when Naruto started to take on more work as Hokage

Saying SSS is negative or unhealthy because Sasuke was gone (When Naruto being hokage made Boruto feel the same way) just makes you a hypocrite.

Now move the fuck on.

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how do you feel about the lyrics of The Other Girl? cause for me this song fucking screams ryden,,,,, like it's such an angry song?? like,,, "they will send him straight to jail, where he'll die and go to hell with the other girl",,,, i mean he even uses he pronouns????? but then i've never seen any posts about it???? also "he's not where he's supposed to be" and "i'm trying to figure out why he's with the other girl" like????? or am i completely wrong and this song is about something else????

Okay so I have a really twisted view of this song. Of course I am not saying this is the correct interpretation, but in the best interest of all that is Ryden, I think Ryan is having a play on pronouns here. I think this “he” is referring to is Brendon and the “you” is himself. Essentially, he is talking to himself. I wouldn’t put it past Ryan to do something like this either because it is a known fact Ryan liked to write like he was writing a diary entry. This idea fits if we take into context the fact that this was written after whatever happened in Cape Town AKA the break-up. Let us take a look.

Don’t wait around for love
You’re not what he’s thinking of
When he’s with the other girl

The other girl is whoever Brendon is with (presumably Sarah). Ryan is telling himself not to expect Brendon to wait for him or to come back. Ryan is telling himself Brendon has moved on.

Don’t bother waiting up ‘cause he
He’s not where he’s supposed to be
When he’s with the other girl
When he’s with the other girl

Again, Ryan is trying to convincing himself Brendon is not coming back, but he acknowledges the fact Brendon belongs here, with him, and not there with the other girl.  When he says “don’t bother waiting up” he is talking to himself. Maybe at first that was what Ry thought would happen. By leaving the band, Brendon would come and try and get him to come back. But he isn’t going to.

You, you were right
I was wrong
Like I always am
And you always are

Here is where I think it gets sad. You (Brendon) were right in the aspect that Brendon presumably wanted them to be a legitimate thing, whereas Ryan refused. Ryan probably said something stupid that he didn’t mean (Cape Town lyrics) and Brendon called him out on his feelings. Brendon was right, Ryan was wrong.

Don’t have much to say right now
‘Cause I’m trying to figure out
Why he’s with the other girl

I like to think of this as the explanation for Ryan’s silence- in the music scene- for so long. He doesn’t have the words to say because he hasn’t put everything together. He doesn’t get why Brendon chose the other over him.

Life is not a fairytale
They will send him straight to jail
Where he’ll die and go to hell
With the other girl, with the other girl

Here, Ryan is accepting it at last. It isn’t a fairy tale, he lost the boy. I see the anger here that anon is talking about. This is understandable though, hearts were broken and love is not a pretty thing. This “jail” I think is meant to be more metaphorical though. I like to think of it as Ryan saying that with the other girl, Brendon has chosen to life a false life- one where he has to lock up his true feelings, his truth as a person. Living a lie is bound to be hell but it is inevitable so long Brendon chooses the other girl.

Strawberry Kisses

So I have written this fic for billyiscoolerthanyou because she won my little contest from a while ago!

Her prompt was: Dan feels depressed and has an eating disorder and Phil finds out. (Ending will be cute) ———————————— One… two… three… four… Dan was counting the little leaves he plucked off the strawberries, one by one. It was a hypnotizing occupation, actually. The smell seemed more amazing than ever before. Five… six… seven… ‘Dan?’ Phil’s voice went through his whole body and full of shock he dropped the strawberry on the ground. Quickly he picked it upagain, but didn’t eat it. He hadn’t even heard Phil coming in. 'Phil, what’s up?’ 'Why have you been sitting here for twenty minutes, looking at that strawberry?’ 'Excuse me!? I have eaten them, too, weirdo.’ That was a lie, and he felt Phil knew.  'Then why are there no less strawberries on the plate?’ Phil spoke, pointing at the plate on their living room table. 'I bought more this morning and just put them on the plate, too. It looks so ugly when the plate’s only half full, that’s the reason.’ 'Oh, okay.’ Phil sighed. 'I’m unexpectedly going to eat in town with Louise now, do you feel like coming with us?’ 'Nah, sorry man, already got plans.’ 'With who?’ It was quiet for a moment. 'The internet, very romantic,’ Dan tried to joke it off. 'That’s stupid. You haven’t seen friends like Louise for so long! Well, anyway, if you feel like coming, we’re at the Cat Café.’ Phil went to leave but just before the door he stopped and turned around. 'Dan, please eat that freaking strawberry, you’ve been holding that for minutes now.’ And with that, he left. Dan didn’t eat the strawberry. —– Fuck, he’d lost count. Where was he? Eighty-five? He’d probably been doing this too long. He picked up the strawberries with their plucked leaves and wrapped them in some toilet paper and threw them in the garbage bin. The toilet paper was necessary, as otherwise Phil would find out he hadn’t eaten them but thrown them away. This is what he had done with most of his food for the last four months.  Now it was time to weigh himself. Phil was in town again with Louise, so he didn’t have to be too secretive. It was three days ago when they went to th Cat Café and Dan couldn’t help but feel a little put aside, even though it was mostly his own fault. He walked to the bathroom and opened the little cupboard in which the scale was placed. There was a toothbrush on it, which Dan shove aside. He then took out the scale, stepped on it and closed his eyes, waiting for it to show him how heavy he was. —– One hundred twenty. One fucking hundred twenty pounds. He hadn’t even lost that much weight. Disappointing, to say the least. He placed the scale back in the cupboard and went to his room. Just then he realized how much he hated other things counting him, measuring him, telling him what he was. He shove his curtains aside and starting looking outside. London. The weather represented quite well how he felt. Cloudy, grey, the sun trying to shine through but not succeeding. Sometimes thoughts of simply jumping out of the window wandered through his head. It wasn’t that he wanted to die, but he just didn’t see the joy in living anymore. Everything was fucked up. He looked awful these days. Fat, tired and sick. Often he felt guilty for not finding the motivation to upload more videos. And then there was Phil, who made things so much better and so much worse at the same time.  Hopelessly in love. That was all there really was to say. Phil was the first and last thing he’d think about everyday and the fact that Phil would often rather go out with friends than stay at home with Dan was hurting him. It was absolutely normal and realistic for Phil to do that, but still Dan often felt forgotten and less loved by Phil than before. The definition of that 'love’ was unclear to Dan. They were best friends, but sometimes Dan thought there was more. Their cuddles just lasted a little too long. But then again it may just be wishful thinking. —– Fifty-seven, fifty-eight, fifty-nine… twelve o'clock. Phil had said he’d be home by twelve. Dan couldn’t help but always wait for Phil to come home when he’d gone out. Not that he’d let Phil know, he’d do it secretely by simply staying awake in bed until he’d hear Phil enter their apartment. He just had to be sure Phil got home safely. Probably because Phil was the only thing in his life that could sometimes make him smile and actually feel good and he just had to be sure that his only source of gladness was sage. Pathetic, he thought of himself. Phil’s an adult, not a kid. Stop treating him like a baby. He isn’t a baby. He isn’t your baby. He isn’t yours. Just as he got lost in his own self-destructing thoughts again, as he’d do every night, he heard a door click. Then something fell on the floor. Now he was sure it was Phil, as Phil would always drop something on the floor when he came home. Some kind of undiscovered and useless talent. But Phil was home, and now he could sleep. —– Three knocks. Dan groaned. What the fuck? He had finally fallen asleep. Was this death to tell him his life was finally over? 'Dan?’ Suddenly Dan was completely awake. He looked at the clock and saw it was only one o'clock. 'Phil, what’s wrong?’ Dan sat up straight in his bed. 'You’re asking me!?’ He sounded angry. 'What the fuck? Phil, I haven’t done anything and it’s midnight! If you won’t explain then go away please.’ 'If only you gave me the time to explain!’ 'Can’t it wait till the fucking morning?’ 'No!’ Dan didn’t feel like yelling back again. Not at Phil. Phil was never angry, especially not with Dan, so this kinda scared him. 'Let’s talk in the living room, Phil.’ 'No, let’s do it here. Dan….’ Phil sighed. 'Why are you destructing yourself?’ Silence. Dan could count the seconds, but didn’t. More important things were happening. 'What are you even talking about!?’ 'Dan, I’ve seen for months you’re not well. But since this week it’s going downhill so fast…’ 'Excuse me!?’ Dan so didn’t feel like having this conversation. Phil shouldn’t and wouldn’t know. 'Dan… I- I’ve seen it. The scale. I mean, that you are trying to lose weight.’ 'That’s fucking bullshit!’ 'You moved the toothbrush. That I placed on it. So you have weighed yourself. A lot, actually. Don’t lie, I know.’ Dan was shocked. Stunned. Numb.  'Dan, I only want to-’ 'WHY do you interfere with my life!? Just keep your head out of my business Phil!! I can’t believe you!’ 'You’re skinny. I don’t want you to kill yourself.’ 'Please get out of my room. How dare you!’ 'Dan, please-’ 'I said get OUT. You clearly don’t give a fuck about my privacy or me-’ And that’s when Phil walked, almost ran from the door towards Dan and forced his lips on Dan’s. Rough, yet full of love. Angry, but so soft. Their lips slided against each other and the feeling warmed Dan up inside. Phil grabbed Dan’s neck and automatically Dan’s hand went to Phil’s back. They bit each other’s lips and grabbed each other harder to be closer. It was very wet and full of all the emotions they had both recently felt. Suddenly Dan felt tears rolling over his cheeks. Phil probably tasted the salt in their kisses, as he looked up to see Dan crying. 'Phil… I’m so confused.'  Phil hugged Dan, who placed his head in the crook of Phil’s shoulder. 'I understand, Dan. Fuck, why do you destroy yourself? You’re so precious. So amazing, so full of love and kindness.’ 'I don’t know, Phil, I don’t know.'  'You have weighed yourself more than fifty times. I counted.’ 'Please don’t count everything I do. Ever. Not anymore.’ 'I can’t promise that if you’re still doing that yourself.’ 'What do you mean?’ 'Dan, can’t you see? You are the only one measuring yourself, hating you. That’s because you measure everthing about you. Not because other people or other things do that.’ 'I can’t stop counting, Phil.’ 'Maybe not. But you can stop counting that. You should start counting other things.’ 'Like?’ Phil kissed him. 'Like how many kisses I will give you from now on each day.'  Dan smiled. 'Or how many times… I make you laugh!’ And with that Phil started tickling Dan’s tummy. 'PHIL! PHI- STOP!!’ Dan laughed and Phil stopped. 'Or… how many times I will tell you I love you?’ Phil spoke, with slight hesitation. 'Why was there a question mark?’ 'Because I wasn’t sure how you’d react…’ 'I love you, Phil.’ 'I love you too, Dan.’ They both smiled. —– 'Phil?’ 'Yeah?’ It was twenty minutes later. They’d just been sitting on Dan’s bed, talking calmly and sometimes share little kisses. 'Will you stay here with me? Tonight? Just to- sleep?’ 'Yes, under one condition…’ 'Which is?’ 'Wait here.’ Phil stood up from the bed and walked out of the bedroom. A minute later he came back with a strawberry.  'Eat this and then I’ll stay here for the night.’ Dan hesitated. 'For me?’ Phil added. Dan smiled. 'Okay…’ Phil handed him the strawberry, which he ate, while still smiling. 'Tastes good.’ Phil snuck in the bed besides Dan and pulled the blankets over the both of them. 'We’ll get through this, Dan, together. I love you.’ 'Seven.’ 'What?’ 'You said you loved me seven times today. I counted’

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in your opinion, what do you think attracted padme to anakin? what are your thoughts on her feelings towards him? why do you think padme loves anakin? fell in love with him? (i don't doubt her love for him - i've just never seen someone explore the relationship from padmes perspective. we know why anakin loves padme, what he thinks of her, why he was attracted to her in the first place and what keeps him coming back to her. i'd just like to hear someone explore padme's perspective for once).

This is a really great question, and I hope this long, rambling response answers it sufficiently for you.

When Padmé first meets Anakin in TPM, she’s equal parts amused by him as a “funny little boy” and shocked by the situation of slavery he’s living in. As she gets to know him a little better, she sees that he’s a brave, selfless, troubled kid, and she grows to really care about him. Padmé is a very compassionate person, who feels strongly compelled to help those in need. (She becomes Queen and later Senator, sacrificing nearly all of her personal life to her career, not out of ambition, but because her people need her.) This desire to help people is something she recognizes in Anakin as well. She also sees his fear and vulnerability in the wake of his separation from his mother, and where the Jedi Council see him as potentially dangerous because of this, Padmé has a more humane perspective and sees him as a child in need of comforting.

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  • “You really wanna know how I know?" 
  • "I found something." 
  • "Okay. Um. But why now?" 
  • "That sounds intense." 
  • "I’m not sure I follow." 
  • "We barely speak anymore." 
  • "Get up and walk away." 
  • "Follow me. Now." 
  • "We have to keep moving." 
  • "Are you coming or not?" 
  • "So what did you two talk about?" 
  • "Okay, look—you don’t know shit about much. But you’re not terrible to look at." 
  • "I know. I know. You kinda pulled me in a little." 
  • "But the main thing is, I kinda really need the money." 
  • "There has to be something I’m missing." 
  • "Wow. You do know something.”
  • “Okay, but look at this.”
  • “Is there any way you might be mistaken about all of this?" 
  • "You think I’m paranoid." 
  • "You could’ve stayed longer." 
  • "Yeah. Starting to get to know you." 
  • "Thanks. I think." 
  • "It’s really not that difficult." 
  • "You know, I've—I’ve never seen anything like that before." 
  • "It was strange. I was feeling strange." 
  • "It almost hurts that you’d ask me that." 
  • "I warned you." 
  • "Why are you here? Why are you here?!" 
  • "Most of the time, I’m uncertain about everything.”

do people actually hate armin or is it just something someone made up so they can feel special and make a big deal about how devout of an armin fan they are

  • Emma: Regina, are you ready?
  • Regina *confusedly*: For what?
  • Emma: To go back.
  • Regina: Back where?
  • Emma: Back to the future!
  • Regina: Huh?
  • Emma: Back to the future. This is the day Doc and Marty travel to the future.
  • Regina: I've never heard of this Doc and Marty, are they from the Enchanted Forest?
  • Emma: Have you never seen Back To The Future?
  • Regina: I feel like I've dabbled in enough time-travel for one lifetime Emma.
  • Emma: This won't do. Come on. I'm going to introduce you to a truly awesome trilogy of movies...and then you can magic me a hoverboard!
  • ...
  • ...
  • Regina: Why can't you just poof?
  • ...
  • ...
  • Emma: Because they didn't poof in Back To The Future...
  • Regina: Is this just another way for you to ask me on a date without really asking?
  • Emma *smiling*: If it is are you still up for a movie marathon?
  • ...
  • Regina: Yes.

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Actually, the best bit of that MTV interview was when James was asked who his favourite princess is. He replied that he had none till recently and now it's Snow White! Why do I have the feeling he might have seen that Tumblr post about him looking like Snow White :D