why do i even watch this show tho

sick best friend!dk

(i’m so excited for this bakfh you don’t even know)

• xixosudidi best friend dk is legit an angel i can’t put it any other way

• so like one day you’re in your apartment and you’re just minding your own business cutting up a watermelon

• ,,,and you hear screaming???

• and you’re like O.o

• and your brain just scrambles like “waT DO”

• so you keep listening bc you don’t know where it’s coming from and it’s obviously nowhere in your apartment so you venture outside

• and when you open the door it hits something??

• and the screaming stops lol

• and you look down and there’s this boy there and you’re like what the

• and then this other dude comes up and is like,,,

• “thanks for hitting him with that door he would nOT shut up”

• and you’re like you’re welcome?? but your friend is knocked out on the floor??

• and he’s just like “eh he’ll be fine. mY NAME IS DOKYEOM WHERE ARE YOU FROM”

• and you help him bring his roommate friend, whose name is soonyoung you find out,, inside his apartment to his couch

• and then you stay for dinner and make sure soonyoung is okay and then you leave

• and then like 10 minutes after you get back in your apartment you get a knock at your door,,,

• and you open it and dk is just standing there

• and he doesn’t say anything for like 10 minutes and you’re like i stg dk what do you want

• and he just smiles and sweetly says “can you plEASE hit soonyoung with this door again,,, he woke up and now he won’t quit complaining,,, pretty pleaseeeee”

• and you just smile

• and slowly you become best friends :)))

• you’re either always at his apartment or he’s always at yours

• so it’s like 8pm

• and you haven’t talked to dk like all day

• but you’re at the point in your friendship where you don’t even have to talk to each other you just sorta have peace in knowing that they’re still nearby

• but you get a knock at your door and you’re like yay dk probably wants to watch a movie or something

• but you open it and it’s soonyoung,,,,

• and you’re just like it’s a sad sad day

• what do you want soonyoung


• and you’re like i really wanna hit you with this door,,,,

• but you go over anyways and as soon as you get in the door you see a sleepy dk covered in used tissues on the couch and you hear soonyoung do this uGLy evil laugh while running out the door

• and you just go yell out from the doorframe at him


• *his car skurts away lol*

• you mutter to yourself as you walk back in and close the door

• you look back over to the couch and dk has his eyes lazily open and a small sad smile on his lips and it kinda hits you,,,

• like omg poor baby let me take care of you

• so you like walk over a little quicker than your normal pace and you’re like

• so this is why you didn’t talk to me today hah

• and he just smiles and then he starts talking and he sounds uGLY like his voice is so nasally

• and you just smile and listen as he explains his,, condition

• then you go straight into caretaker mode

• you start gathering all his tissues and taking them to the trash

• and you’re like “first of all you’re drowning in your own snot rags dokyeom you-”

• and you’re about to joke around with him like “your legs work they aren’t sick”

• but then he starts like coughing and he sounds so miserable and you’re like lowkey misty eyed and you’re not sure why

• like he’s just so vulnerable right now??

• and you’ve never seen him like that so you’re kinda shook

• and your heart flutters a bit

• you feel your face heat up as you wash the snot off your hands at the kitchen sink


• so you spend a little second at the sink like collecting yourself before you walk back in to the living room

• and you see dokyeom like reaching towards the tv remote that’s on the coffee table and it’s just out of reach

• but he won’t move to get it so he’s just sorta like trying to be elasti-girl and stretch his arm out to reach it

• even though he knows it’s not possible

• so he just sighs and sits back

• and you just quietly walk up and grab the remote and sit down next to him

• “what do you want to watch ?”

• “idk just whatever you want to watch, i caNNOT watch project runway right now bc meredith just got eliminated and i do NOT want to be angry aND sick”

• you just giggle bc even tho he’s all raspy and nasally and slurring his words,, he’s still same ol’ best friend dk

• best friend.

• you lowkey didn’t like the sound of that

• so you subconsciously pout

• and he looks at you all innocently like hey why the long face

• and you just brush it off and turn on like modern family or something

• you just sit there sorta quiet and watch the show and it’s kinda weird bc it’s never this quiet with you two

• and you look over at dk and he’s just occasionally softly smiling when something funny happens

• you find yourself admiring his features,, his cute little moles,, his red nose from blowing it so much,, the cute little crinkles by his eyes,, his messy hair

• gOSH

• he looks so perfect

• you never thought about him this way before

• like he’s so beautiful and shifusix??

• he just looks so open and carefree in his cute little orange blanke-

• your thoughts were cut off by a loud obnoxious

• sneeze

• but it wasn’t from dk tho?

• it came out of your body

• and he just looks at you like :o

• and chuckles a little heartfelt laugh

• and you somehow feel self conscious all of a sudden so you blush and look away, not even a sliver of a smile on your face

• then you’re like why aRE YOU LIKE THIS Y/N LIKE FR

• and dk does NOT like it

• he’s like “okay what’s up?,, you’re never like this around me y/n i may be sick but there’s nothing different right now”

• and on the inside you’re like yES RHERE IS IM FALLING IN LOVE WITH MY BEST FRIEND

• but you tell him it’s nothing and he doesn’t like to push you beyond your boundaries,,

• (yet another thing that you realize is so special about him),,

• and he doesn’t pressure you to tell him

• instead he jokes about your sneeze and that you’re already getting sick so you might as well come cuddle with him instead of being so distant

• and -reluctantly- you go and snuggle up to him

• and you can’t lie it always feels good when you cuddle dokyeom

• but now it felt.. different?

• everything felt different.

• and you’re just like dang how did i not notice this before

• you look up for a second to sneak a glance at his lovely features again

• but instead you see dk looking straight at you

• “you’re very cute when you blush, y/n”


• you look away

• and he just puts a finger under your chin

• and pulls your head back to face him before looking straight into your eyes

• and then his lips are on yours

• and it just feels so right

• the kiss was short, sweet, and slow

• and it felt like it lasted 8 lifetimes

• but you wish it would have been 80 mILLION LIFETIMES

• and you’re so shook

• and he starts to give you this long confession about how he’s been like fanboying over you since the day you met

• and you’re just like in shock bc haidhsidh omg

• he finishes talking and he just does this really adorable cheesy smile

• and you bust a nut


• (no i’m lowkey not)

• you bust out laughing and he just smiles and you’re like

• i didn’t realize it til today but i am legit head over heels in love with you

• and he just kisses you real quick and then places another kiss on your temple and then you snuggle up to him

• and then he sneezes in your hair

• but it’s cute

• you pass him a tissue

• then you hear him gently snoring

• not the type of snoring that makes you think there’s an elephant in the house

• but the cute kind ya know

• like when you can hear his slow heavy breathing but it hardly makes any noise it’s just calming white sound

• and somehow even though he’s asleep, his hand is still rubbing circles on your arm

• and you just smile as you feel yourself drifting off

• and right before you’re about to fall asleep

• you hear the door open

• “DOKYEOMIE hONEY I’M HOM-what the funk yo?”

• and you’re just like soonyoung shhh our baby is sleeping i’ll tell you all about it in the morning

• and he’s like ahhh~ crazy kids~


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out of sort of curiosity, why aren't you fond of heechul?

heechul is…. hm how do i say this without getting more asks about it… he.. has always been rumored to be gay.. like.. k-fans say that.. the celebs there say that… the gossip~ has been like that for years…

so.. jisoo, and jonghyun (from shinee) went on the show Knowing Brother. Heechul - even tho he’s a closeted gay - was forcing and pushing and jisoo and jonghyun to.. kinda like admit… that they’re bi. he ALWAYS tries to out people!

here’s jisoo’s vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ma0GahUSWT0&t=35s heechul kept making jokes and sexual jokes and remarks and making it seem nasty and made jisoo uncomfortable and shy. then the other hosts joined in saying shit like “its ok if you like men, no one heres judging” “we can just go on over this answer. its enough now” “you need to clear up the misunderstanding. there’ll be a lot of news if we keep it like this” “jisoo and joohyuk both said they find me attractive i think its a sign” and heechul just wouldnt. stop.

heechul is pretty much a closeted gay homophobe lmfao that’s what this all is about.

like heechul and these old men KNOW about the gossip because they are IN the media. they know about this!!! and they were trying to OUT jisoo like… it made me sick it was so uncomfortable for me to watch.. and no one does it to heechul because hes a senior. he got status. hes been in this for so long. and about jonghyun, hes always been as open as he can about his sexuality

and suho is VERY, VERY close to both jisoo and jonghyun (wink wink catch that hint!) and i was like so afraid heechul was gonna say some “funny shit” while suho was there with baek for the league thing. the only thing i caught was heechul saying “youre so handsome suho, i usually dont say this about men, but youre so handsome” and making suho sit on his lap (when suho is often very… not touchy with most people like this with people hes not really close with! ) and yeah…….. hes just nasty. its like proof queer ppl can be queerphobic as well if you want an example lol

You know what? Everyone can shit on iron fist because yeah it’s kinda not amazing. But I’m okay with him. You know why? Because RIGHT NOW he’s the ONLY ONE of the defenders with a god damned safety net. No one else does as far as I know. Daredevil is at odds with his best friend foggy and Karen right now and his girlfriend elektra is ‘dead’. His law firm is kinda in shambles too and there’s that old guy who helped him fight that he’s still angry at. Jessica Jones has no one I can remember on her side? I mean she has a PI business but it’s really small and I don’t remember her having any real friends helping her with that? I mean she had Luke Cage at one point but like and he’s got his own show now so…. speaking of Luke Cage, I haven’t watched his show a lot yet but so far he doesn’t really have that much as far as I’ve seen? I mean he has that barber shop? And he’s a hero I guess but? I don’t remember if he has lots of friends tho? No one I can note specifically off the top of my head? And the Punisher… well do I even need to explain why he has no one? I mean if you know him then you’ve watched daredevil season two or that old movie and both prove my point. But fuckin Iron Fist? He has a company worth billions with his name on it, an adoptive brother who runs that company who cares about him a lot, a lawyer lady who helps him out every time he gets in deep shit, he’s actually friends with Claire when he’s himself and not just iron fist, and he’s got a badass girlfriend who helps him fight and who he accepts into his life and wants to share things with. I like him because I personally don’t have to care about the emotional stability Iron Fist (aka Danny Rand). I don’t have to care because HE HAS PEOPLE IN HIS LIFE TO CARE FOR ME.

Something I will never get over is how poorly they treated Laurel Lance (and Katie Cassidy tbh) on Arrow. Her character was killed without a logical reason.
She was the most human character on Arrow. She went through hell and back without leaving Star City. She was treated like sh*t by Oliver when she needed him the most (as a friend, if you want) and when she fought back he treated her like a child and not the grown ass woman she was.
She was the only one who really had to work her ass off to gain some respect from the people she loved.
And the writers just dumped her.
It could’ve been so easy to fix it with flashpoint, honestly, she could’ve even been a metahuman, like saying that she was on Central City to visit her mum when the S.T.A.R. Labs blew up.
The fact that so many people hated her for something she couldn’t control… It’s just shows how much people/viewers don’t deserve a well rounded, real, character. Being strong doesn’t mean not having bad moments or always making the right/best decision, it means fight when you feel like you can’t fight anymore. Is doing your best. In her case getting back on track and find herself again. And the thought of an arc like this being wasted because someone so incompetent that think it’s fine to randomly pic someone to generate shock, it’s why I stopped watching Arrow.
I could have accepted a Dark!Oliver, I did (even tho I thought that they did a poor job with Oliver PTSD). I could have accepted my notp being canon (even tho it was poorly written). But killing off a character that went through so much and that was being a hero both with and without her costume, it’s something I can’t stand.
And let’s not talk about how insane and vile most of the haters of the character were (and still are) towards Katie Cassidy.

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I've literally being going through the river dale tag and you are the first person to mention jugheads asexuality..... why couldn't they make it apparent in riverdale, I'm so upset he isn't it in the series.

a lot of aces have given up on watching the show so I’m not surprised that I’m the first person you came across mentioning jughead’s asexuality. tho I am surprised that you even found me, or that I was even in the tag cause I never tag my liveblogs directly. 

Anyway, the show has A LOT of issues, like the bad writing (why do you have to finalise things now, in such a final way? -archie in ep 11) and the bad plot ideas (incest???) so I’m not really surprised that they fucked up jughead. I mean, look at kevin, he literally said that moose should ‘stay in the closet’ like what self respecting queer person tells another (struggling) queer person to stay in the closet??!?!

The thing with jughead is that he has always been ace, always. there was just never a word for it until the 2011 iterations. and I guess when the riverdale writers came together, they figured that queer-baiting on multiple levels was ok??? Honestly, the writer’s just aren’t as progressive as they think they are (I mean, do we even have to mention the beronica kiss in ep 1??). so erasing jug’s asexuality I think was always going to happen, because the writers aren’t going to be praised by wider society for adding in an ace character. let’s be real here.

The issue for me is that in a lot of instances throughout the series, he can still be read as ace. even in the Hell Scene in the finale. because lets face it, I have been in those positions, doing what jughead did, and the only thing that’s missing is the panic attack at the end. They queer baited me through terrible writing!!! (Also like somehow the series managed to one up incest by personally attacking me???? like that scene was such a call out???) I mean, those kind of scenes and the Hell Ship could be useful to jughead’s character, but only in the journey of jughead coming out as ace. The writers honestly don’t have the balls for that.

and the fandom itself isn’t great either. you get a lot of bughead shippers that say that they only ship bughead in the universes where jughead isn’t ace. And unfortunately for them that’s all the universes, its just that the writers didn’t want to do anything truly amazing. so I suspect in the next few weeks we will be getting bughead shippers coming out of the woodworks to justify the Hell Ship.

in summary, the writer’s didn’t want to tackle asexuality cause they wrote in their token gay and figured they had don’t enough for queer rep cause that’s what everyone else was doing. and if they get renewed they will continue to not look at jughead’s asexuality because they don’t want to do anything truly progressive. The show is trash and the fandom is trash. support neither. actually just read the comics

take care anon, and if you want ace-friendly riverdale blogs I would recommend @aspecs-for-jughead and @qprjarchie

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Hey, since you watched bon voyage, I have a question. I've read that tae cried and that suga is the only one that knows why, or something like that. They don't show it in the episode right? (When tae cried). Do you think that happened during their "date" when they were alone? does this mean that that moment wont appear in one of the episodes? What do you think? :((

hey nonnie <3

I can’t lie to you babe, i’ve been thinking about this all morning. During the commentary live they did say that armys probably won’t know why tae cried because they won’t show it, so it’s highly likely that it was during the taegi “date/team activity” and that we may not see it, depending on what was caught on film and what they choose to edit out.

While they were all talking over each other after the second or third time someone brought up tae crying, tae made a point to say that he and yoongi had some deep conversation, so that might have been part of it, but hopefully they show it (AND GOD I HOPE WE GET AT LEAST A LITTLE BIT OF THAT) and then we’ll know for sure. All I do know for sure is that Tae cried, Yoongi cried and that if the rest of bts do know why they shed tears, they won’t say in case it gets aired on an ep of bon voyage.

But this is all stuff they said during the commentary live and we actually haven’t seen any group or paired outings yet. Those are yet to come laskdfjdslkf and i cannot wait to get my hands on the footage of my daegu boys bonding !! They already showed a little clip and it was them doing a high five or hand shake thing on some stairs lsakdjfsdkf

I’m hopeful tho that even if we don’t get to see tae crying (which would break my heart fyi) we at least get to see some real genuine moments of those two bonding. They’re so sweet together.

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probably a stupid question but why do so many naruto blogs get into the political and serious stuff???? like i'm a naruto blog but i watch the show for fun and don't really have the proper mentality/mindset to understand what the posts are talking about but i appreciate that you do bc it makes you all sound super smart (sorry if this doesn't make sense/is all over the place)

omg… tbh i have a lot of trouble not thinking abt things seriously even naruto (tho also esp naruto bc its my special interest) like it’s just hard to only see the fun in smth when it pulls shit thats harmful esp if it affects you personally, which is prob where a lot of ppl are coming from. also this is just me but im uh delusional and have trouble separating fiction from reality

“Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo makes me feel so happy! I am hooked. I don’t know why it is such a good drama but it doesn’t have the attention it needs! Hwarang has only 4 episodes out and its doing better… “

Similar Confession:

I am someone who rarely watches drama because i am too picky with my kdramas. But i love wlfkbj it seems perfect to me! Doesn’t that say something? People should give it a try, it deserves so much

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ASFJKDJHDHDH IT’S SO TRUE but like it’s time that this lust turns into love :^)

i can’t really speak for val (even tho i watch his route i have trouble remembering the details lmao)… but for ez… there’s just one (1) moment that is just straight up flirt to me… i mean except if u count all the teasing as flirt lol

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Do you know why world of dance didn't show Haley Mesick and her crew compete even tho they were listed as qualified???

i havent been able to watch past the first episode because i was out of town and idk when this was sent either. have they been shown yet? anyone have an answer to this anon

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I just saw someone say that in the last episode Chari didn't really seem to care about Nina, but only about Jeanne and I'm rolling my eyes so hard. He literally dropped his conversation with Jeanne like a hot potato the moment he heard Nina yelling at him and left her standing by the elevator so that he could have a chat with Nina. They even showed us Jeanne looking bewildered at the two of them and wondering what the heck is going on there. I'm amazed. How do people even watch this show?

*Sighs* I don’t know why I’m not really surprised at all, maybe, because it’s the same damn thing they’re saying everytime??????

But oh well, good news for all that people:

Jeanne perfectly knows what’s going on, and I love her face right here tho because it’s the same of all these people: 

All of these are reactions to Charioce’s actions towards Nina. And these two panels are my favorites:

The official charinina squad is getting bigger. :’) 

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Hi! I watch SU but I'm not involved with the fandom at all, and I was hoping you could explain to me why you call yourself an ex SU fan? I ask bc I do like the show but I don't want to support it if it's bad!

The racist gem the transphobic gem the horrible ships people constantly bringing up zamii in cases of racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia to tell people to shut up even tho she herself has said not to do that the constant excuses for the problematic staff on the show the huge disappointment in the past seasons and the fact literally no one in that fandom can handle criticisms

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Top three characters: Killua (Hunter x Hunter), Nishinoya (Haikyuu!!) and Chuuya (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Top three ships: soukoku, tododeku, iwaoi

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I’m Yours.

Request :  Can you make a scenario based on this. Y/N: I’m sorry I wasn’t any better than her. Go after her. Jungkook and Y/N are in a relationship but the gf is kinda jealous/insecure to his past girlfriend bec sometimes JK mentions the things him and his ex do before that it slips thru his mouth. That JK mentions too that he misses his ex because ofc they’ve been friends too way before they became gf-bf before like that. Angsty angst with fluffy ending maybe? hihihi.

Genre : angst/fluff

Word count : 947

I apologize for any grammatical or mistake in general, please keep in mind that English isn’t my first language

«I’m sorry, I’m not better than her, I’m not prettier, I’m not smarter either, I can’t sing like her, I can’t dance as well as she could, I’m not worthy Jungkook. Just go get her I’m sure she will be really happy to get you back, and I’m sure you will be happy, because that’s all that matters right ? You miss her, and i’m pretty sure she misses you just as much, so go after her Jungkook.”

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you’d better believe I love the movie Amelie, you’d better believe I’m dying over Miraculous Ladybug and you’d bettER FLIPPING BELIEVE THAT this IS PROBABLY MY ALL TIME FAVE FANART/PHOTOSET TO EVER EXIST!!! SO HOLY CRAP HERE WE GO grab onto your tiddies and gET READY for this freaking series that i’m DOING

Amelie au part 1/?

special thanks to @shishitsunari for bringing this crossover to my attention. It’s been a super long time since I’ve watched Amelie and I definitely needed to watch it again because of how amazing it is. so thank you.

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TrophyHusband!Viktor is 200% my jam get this boy in pretty outfits hanging off his man showing off his new watch/ring/cufflinks.

((Lowkey want to write a one shot now but I’m not gonna do wtbbpdts like that)) Honestly??? Bitch same. I feel like Yuuri ends up making more money than him if only slightly and Viktor l i v e s for it even tho he bought Yuuri that jacket last week ‘Why’d you leave the tags on?’ 'I DON’T NEED A FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR PEACOAT’ 'Should we return it, then?’ 'No.’ Like they both spoil the other and they both do the “nononono I can’t have this” thing

i dont know why the audio wont work on dashboard :(
-- it works if you go to my tumblr tho!
i dont know why the audio wont work on dashboard :(

150716 EXO Fansign   — BENNY CHENNY talking about his possible kiss scenes ft. BAEKHYUN “Don’t do it ‘ㅅ’ ”

CHEN: Ahhhhh! I am Musical Actor Chen!!!!

CHEN: Yes, hello I am EXO’s Chen! um..

FANS: Benny! Benny!

CHEN: Benny? Ah yes, many people have asked me.. about the kiss scene..

BAEKHYUN: Ahhhh~~~ are you doing one?

FAN: Don’t do it!

CHEN: I’ve gotta practice, right?

FANS: *scream*

BAEK: Ah that’s why Jongdae has been looking at himself in the mirror like this (Baek demonstrated by angling his face like you do when you kiss - indicating that’s how Jongdae practices^^)

FANS: “scream”

CHEN: That.. even if I want to do it, I won’t be able to do it/it won’t be possible… (..) About the kiss scene.. if you are curious, then come to watch (the show), to see whether i do it or not! haha~~

BAEK: Jongdae must be wanting to do it

CHEN: (whines) No, I dont~~~ why are you being like this ~~~  >‿‿<

FANS: Don’t do it!

BAEK: They’re saying not to do it! Don’t do it ‘ㅅ’

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Did it explain why crazy eyes was in jail. I keep watching that episode and I can never figure out why.

ok for starters we should all be calling her suzanne by now

and I’m not entirely sure they even showed us it’s just implied it has something to do w/ her mental illness(? which hasn’t been specified) it’s possible she got violent w/ another person like we saw her get with poussey last season?? (tbh if im forgetting what happened in s2 it’s bc i watched it from 9pm-10am so like)