why do i even try tho

what was this even supposed to be

Gansey: *is dead*

Adam: why did you kiss Gansey?

Blue: what? i don’t even get…why would…i… i’ve never kissed anyone anywhere. it’s none of your…you have the nerve, the audacity…and how do i know frankly, that you didn’t kiss him. maybe you did. maybe you’re trying to throw me off.


idk which version is better so here you go have both of them

a mix of all the shits on my mind atm 


“Why do you try so hard to avoid drinking human blood? Don’t tell me it’s because you hold out hope that one day……you can be turned back into a human? Or maybe…you’re afraid? Do you think your beloved Yu would hate you for drinking human blood?”

okay imma shed some light on why i absolutely hate the way that this cheating storyline is progressing and why what adena is doing is really bothering me

1. she cheated
2. she did it multiple times
3. she literally said she doesn’t regret it
4. even tho she clearly said she has feelings for kat and she was ready to break up with cocoshe’s still going back to coco to try to fix things
5. now she’s trying to fix things with coco,,,,, but she still keeps in contact with the person she cheated on coco with


@allesiathehedge told ya I was going to do something for Alphys’ birthday… even tho it’s a week late… Hope you don’t mind >.<’

I tried to use your designs for the characters… but I started doing this before you posted that little comic on Alphys’  birthday, so she has no pretty dress.. sorry ‘bout that..

This comic has, like, the best Papyrus I ever drew… Also, was the first time I drew Asgore, and Toriel (if you don’t count that time I drew Altertale Toriel). Drawing baby poses is so hard for me… I don’t even know why, it just seems like everything I try is unnatural… Hope I got at least 40% good poses in this.

EXO Reaction to seeing you in a cafe and coming up to you

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Hey… I thought you might like these… they are my favorite from these place… I’m Chanyeol btw” 


*He’s the hot/sexy/handsome guy that won’t stop staring at you and one way or another will give you his number before you leave*


*Just sits in front of you as if you were friends* “So tell me… how are you today? I’m good… actually.. a little bit confused. You are making my heart beat so fast”


*You feel watched until you look up and see someone staring at you like that. In that moment he’ll walk up to you and introduce himself* “Hello… I’m Tao.. Panda for friends… Honestly I saw you from back there and…I knew I couldn’t leave without knowing your name”


*In a moment of confidence he sits in front of you* “I’m sorry I don’t know what I’m doing. I saw you and wanted to talk to you… Hi, I’m nini..” *But the confidence leaves and he’s back to his shy self*


*Asks the barista if he can prepare your coffee, so he can impress you and start some conversation with you after it* “This is my specialty… I hope you like it”


*The boy that can’t stop staring at you but is to shy to come closer so you just walk to his place and start the conversation yourself* “Hi… eh… no I wasn’t staring.. okay I was.. you caught me”


*Right before he says hi* “I can do this, I can do this, No I don’t think so.. HIIMLUHANANDYOUARESOPRETTY”


“Do you mind if I sit here? Oh thanks, I’m Chen by the way? And your name is?… Oh you have a beautiful name and a smile”


*So done with himself* “Why can’t I go talk to her… I need to stop being this shy… Do I look good guys? What should I say tho? I don’t even remember my name…”


“Hey! So I came to buy my daily coffee and saw this pretty girl and couldn’t leave before telling her. Just wanted to make sure she knew how pretty she was… I’m Yixing by the way” *So casually*


*Trying to look cool and interesting while drinking shots of milk ;))))*

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some Yugyeom headcanons
  • the fluffiest boy of them all
  • when you call him yugyeomie he’ll crawl into your lap like a cat I swear he’s like
  • ‘yes that’s me I’m ur yugyeomie I’m your man that’s me ily’
  • he’s always laughing about you being impressed w/ his height lmao 
  • like you’re just “wow lol I wish I had those tall legs babe ur so lucky”
  • and then he just laughs and is all “bb ur perfect the way u are, honestly idk how you can be jealous of such a thing”
  • and things turn cheesy hella quick 
  • bc he will not stop until he’s made you smile and blush and tbh nothing makes him feel more accomplished
  • he’d throw shade your way when you’re always wanting to hang out w/ bam
  • you’re like ????
  • /he’s your best friend like u could just come w/ us and chill but no, ur too busy grinding salt and honestly ur so extra/
  • but that’s your boy :’)
  • he just wants you all to himself ngl
  • bc he deals w/ enough teasing and cheek pinches by the other members trust me
  • esp jinyoung
  • but yugyeom is chill when you come over during practices bc that’s his time to outshine the other boys and bruh his confidence gets a lil boost every time you kiss him in front of the other members 
  • esp jinyoung imma stop
  • but yes pls kiss him on the cheek and compliment him while they’re all watching he lives for that shit 
  • ok so
  • like he preaches about being adventurous together and all that, but when it comes to it…………..he’d really just rather have you cuddled up on his tummy while he plays w/ your hair as you both listen to music 
  • but hey would I complain ?? no
  •  he isn’t really naturally lazy, you just make him all comfy and he never wants to leave your arms and honestly he blames his sleeping habits on you
  • *pulls you back into cuddling w him* “y/n this is all your fault you made me this way”
  • he has a thing for candles and your shared apartment probably always smells like raspberry pie or unicorn tears 
  • so one day he was really hungry bc the candles were burning out and he’s like “hey y/n, you wanna recreate this candle and make an actual pie”
  • and you’re like !!!!!!!! heck yeah I bet we’d make great cooks xoxox
  • well you thought wrong 
  • the whole kitchen was a powdery mess and the fire alarms were on a couple times and…………..yall they have bakeries for a reason, pls refrain from ever doing this again
  • but it’s a shared experience that you both always tell at parties 
  • and everyone’s like wow………………..these kids were made for each other in heaven I bet 
  • he boops your nose a lot and tbh it’s cute even tho there’s no reason behind it
  • *ur trying to make the moment all romantic and lean in to kiss him all passionately* 
  • *boop* :)
  • “oh my fkin gosh binch why do u always do this”
  • this sounds hella cheesy and overdone but ye……..he loves it when you steal his clothes and then he wears it and smells like you bye
  • sometimes even sprays your perfume on his shirts again just in case they lose that ‘y/n scent’
  • probably has asked to take one of your perfumes before he goes away for a long time tbfh 
  • I still wouldn’t be complaining 
  • his voice is so squeaky when he says I love you and it’s the most adorable thing
  • he still gets nervous no matter how long you’ve been together aw babe
  • like he still blushes when you fluff his hair or even show affection in public 
  • “we were just making out in ur car yugyeom don’t act like ur a shy lil kid and that u don’t know me pls”
  • “STrangEr dAnGEr!!!!!”
  • omfg pls take care of this one 🌺

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  • Finneran: How long have you been sleeping with Croix?
  • Ursula/Chariot, becoming more flustered and red by the second: I don’t even get– why would– I’ve never had sex with anyone, anywhere. It’s none of your- you have- the nerve, the audacity, Croix is my co-worker. And she is terrible, face-wise. And how- how- do I know, frankly, that you’re not sleeping with her? Maybe you are. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off. Hmmm, check and mate!
  • Finneran:
Respect Evan!

“i want to respect his decision..buuutt umm”

This was actually said by someone when they reposted his picture even tho he stated not to repost them

Then said

“Evan stated that he didnt want his pictures reposted but no one is listening….sooooo”

Then why act like all the other disgusting people? Most likely only doing it for the views and follower count :)

Instagram is full of people who dont know when to leave shit alone.

Please respect Evan or any of the boys or just ANYONE when they say DONT REPOST MY PICTURES

Stop being a shitty person trying to get cheap views…

ok maybe this is just me but the notion people have about needing to develop a drawing “style” is so misguided like. getting stuck in a style is one of the biggest problems I feel like I face as an illustrator??? ?

like first off, everyone naturally has a style. it’s like handwriting. you can improve upon it but you don’t need to “find one”, you already have one. secondly, especially if you want to be in comics/animation/illustration, being able to draw diversely is rly important??

styles are just using different symbols to represent something in a simplified manner (for instance, when I draw a nose it isn’t what noses look like in reality, but it translates as a nose to the viewer). but if those symbols aren’t developed out of a real world knowledge of things like anatomy/light/perspective etc., they will inevitably limit you as an artist. like, there is nothing wrong w having a style, as I said, literally everyone has one, but I just. don’t get why this seems to be what people are concerned about “achieving”.

idk I guess what I’m saying is; if you are worried about not having a style, don’t. you already have one, and it’s probably limiting you. focus on consciously improving your drawing practise and try to work outside of your comfort zone as much as possible. (is advice I should give myself more often.)

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I think dan is upset that people don't get that he's joking in his video. he made a new comment under his video "in these comments: people not understanding humour". I think he's referring to the people who are asking if he is depressed and wants to kill himself.

edit, adding in a screenshot of his comment for posterity lol: 

my feelings are pretty aptly summed up by this response: 

this is something that irks me about dan. i understand humor is his coping mechanism with his own mental health issues and i appreciate and acknowledge that. it is 100% his right to have that, use it, put it in videos, whatever he wants, if it’s really helping him work through things for himself. but if that humor is not received 100% graciously by people who are particularly sensitive to these themes (and esp bc those ppl might not watch his live shows so they dont even hear him ever rambling about his mental health struggles; they only have these ‘jokes’ that dan himself says are ‘jokes’ to go off of) OR people who just care about him and are worried about him,,,, then he can’t be surprised or take issue. it’s also just self-contradiction after a point bc on the one hand he says (in live shows) that his dark humor is a coping mechanism for real internal struggle, but in venues like this he very much cops out and says it’s just a joke and that ppl dont get his edgy humor and theres no need to worry about him. i mean theyre probably related in a sense bc he doesnt want the wider internet to be worried about him and so he trivializes these jokes to deflect attention, but overall i feel like he can’t just cling to both explanations when it suits him and depending on which audience he’s talking to. im giving him enough benefit of the doubt to think that its a bit more than just ‘edgy humor’ for the sake of it, but if this is all that people are hearing and all that ppl have to go off of … no wonder they’re upset?  

in short: as much as it’s his right to make jokes like this, it’s his audience’s right to dislike them. he has to know there are people out there who are actually struggling with these problems, so idk how it’s shocking that some people might be hurt or a little put off to hear it referenced so so so much and for the purposes of comedy by someone they’re trying to watch for entertainment. i myself find suicidal ideation and even general references to ‘wanting death’ to be pretty hard to stomach at the best of times and thats why even tho i wanted to uninhibitedly love this vid and also the recent anthony collab, both of them made me feel slightly unsettled at the same time. doesnt mean i dont understand dan’s ‘humor’ or why he resorts to it. i do, but i dont always like it. simple as that. 

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Congratulations on the milestone! 🎉🎉🎉Can I please have headcanons for the flashfam with an S/O who's always reading and is in her own little world when she is?

Thank you!) even tho I’m celebrating real late whoops!)

• Has super speed taken your book away while trying to get your attention
• Still thinks it’s adorable
• Likes to watch you read

• “Helllooooo? Anybody home?”
• “Why do you like books more than me?!”
• Whiny little baby but still loves your bookishness

• “What'cha reading?
• Superspeed reads your book
• Accodentally tells you the ending
• Whoops! Spoilers!

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Sooo something I noticed, why don't you draw any hetacouples? (Lel try being smart with that one; Also though, I get your wanting to avoid controversy, but I also think you could do the same thing drawing any pairing, thereby keeping the ones you like ambiguous while still keeping up with your followers' demands–drawing more couples ought to expand your artistic potential even more, too! No pressure tho 😅)

I’m aromantic and drawing pairings isn’t really my thing hehe….

I don’t want to draw what I don’t enjoy drawing :)

Please remember he’s just a guy with a wife and kids who got swept up in this giant mess by a horrid illness. His life got flipped on top of its head and he decided to roll with it in a beautiful way and he’s been nothing but grateful. He’s just a guy who needed help. He didn’t ask for any of this and he just needs to get better. That’s all he wants, so please don’t be weird. Don’t be so inconsiderate and creepy to him at this very trying time in his life.

Who you should fight: RVB Freelancer edition

Connecticut: Shit man I mean??? Why would you?? She’s just trying to do what’s right and she saw how fucked up pfl was so like. Leave her alone??? Do not fight Connecticut.

Carolina: holy fuck man do you really think you can live??? She’s a badass and could kill you??? Also like she’s been through enough, she lost practically everyone just. Fuck. Do not fight Carolina.

Florida: haha. Dude. You did see this guy like. Pull a fucking hatchet out of his shoulder and keep fighting, right? Why would you think this is a good idea. Also like he’s so good to everyone and super positive even tho he could kill you in like three seconds?? Do not fight Florida.

Georgia: Don’t. He’s already pretty much the joke aboard the MoI (“You don’t wanna end up like Georgia!”) and he got flung through space I mean. If you want to punch him go for it but. Be nice. Do not fight Georgia.

Idaho: You can punch Idaho. But only once. Any more than that and you’re just cruel. Fight Idaho.

Iowa: Fuck you pal!!! Why would you want to do this!!!! Leave Iowa alone!!!! Do not fight Iowa!!!

Maine: HAHA. WOW. You’re really considering this, aren’t you. First of all, ask yourself this: WHY??? Why in god’s name would you want to fight Maine????? Fuck!!!! Not only is he super tall and probably buff as shit, he’s a huge nerd and has been through enough!!! If you wanna punch someone punch Sigma!!!! Leave Maine alone!!!! DO NOT FIGHT MAINE!!!!!!

North Dakota: North once shot a guy in half. He also uses two sniper rifles at the same time like what the fuck is with him?? What is with this unnecessary dramatic flair?? Why is he such a nerd??? Punch North once. Right in the got damn face. Fight North.

Ohio: Why would you? Girl’s just trying her best to get noticed. She’s a huge nerd but I mean there’s nothing wrong with that and she owns it so?? I mean, on the other hand she might be into being punched? There’s that whole thing with Sherry so? Fight Ohio?

South Dakota: Holy FUCK!! WHY?? South could kick your fucking ass!!!!! Do not!!!!! This has bad idea written all over it!!!! Do not fight South!


Utah: I mean….I guess?? Idk he almost suffocated when he got the domed energy shield so I mean? Maybe don’t? If you want to tho I won’t stop you. Do not fight Utah?

Washington: Fuck!!! You!!! Leave Wash alone!! He’s done a lot of shitty stuff in the past but at least he’s working toward doing not as shitty things!! He’s a pretty cool dude who lost all of his friends!! Leave Wash alone!!! Do not fight Washington!!

Wyoming: Fuck with that mustache literally who wouldn’t want to. If you want to punch Wyoming I won’t stop you. Fight Wyoming.

York: He’s already dead!!!! Stop!!! He may have really bad pickup lines but just!!! Don’t!!!! He just wanted the best for his friends!!! He’s a nerd!! That’s why he was paired with Delta—THEY’RE BOTH HUGE FUKCIN NERDS!!!! Do not fight York!!!