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Gansey: *is dead*

Adam: why did you kiss Gansey?

Blue: what? i don’t even get…why would…i… i’ve never kissed anyone anywhere. it’s none of your…you have the nerve, the audacity…and how do i know frankly, that you didn’t kiss him. maybe you did. maybe you’re trying to throw me off.


idk which version is better so here you go have both of them

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@allesiathehedge told ya I was going to do something for Alphys’ birthday… even tho it’s a week late… Hope you don’t mind >.<’

I tried to use your designs for the characters… but I started doing this before you posted that little comic on Alphys’  birthday, so she has no pretty dress.. sorry ‘bout that..

This comic has, like, the best Papyrus I ever drew… Also, was the first time I drew Asgore, and Toriel (if you don’t count that time I drew Altertale Toriel). Drawing baby poses is so hard for me… I don’t even know why, it just seems like everything I try is unnatural… Hope I got at least 40% good poses in this.

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Can I just say, I feel like I'm the only one that's extremely irritated with the whole moving theories? Like it's great if they are but in all seriousness, there's a lot to disprove them moving, specially right now with everything going on(vaca). And moving is something serious, not some secret project that doesn't have to be acknowledge right away like moving would. Why the fuck would they be so hush hush over moving? There's no need to?? And dan said he's redecorating his room SOO... no move.

fair enough. idg why it’s the foundation for so much discourse to be honest. if they move they move if they don’t they don’t. they inevitably will eventually bc they’ve said themselves that the house is too small for all of their things. so it’s rly more a matter of “when” and that seems v uninteresting to me overall to be frank

edit: since yesterday i’ve been thinking about the wholly inadequate answer i gave to this ask. not only was i a bit condescending in my response (and i want to say sorry about that bc i didn’t intend for my tone to be laced with so much judgment … of course it’s valid to be interested in if/when they’re moving and think about what it could mean for them,) but i also didn’t even really respond to the question that this anon posed and i feel really bad about it (which is also why i realized i should probs log off and not try to answer much else, since i was not in a great place to be thinking about this stuff.) 

i do want to try and respond better tho to the question of why dnp would “be so hush hush over moving” (though i apologize in advance since u said you’re feeling irritated by the moving theories. this is a full on explanation of all the evidence that supports that theory.) the first point i want to make is that i actually don’t think they’re really trying to keep it hush hush. they’re obviously not outright stating that they’re moving, but dan especially has made several allusions to that notion over the last few months, many of which seem to have been forgotten in the overall discussion happening in the fandom right now. there were all of the needing storage mentions of course, and then the explicit statement in that january live show that “getting more storage” was definitely on the agenda for 2017. that could obviously be an innocuous statement, but with dan’s extensive knowledge of phandom discourse, the chance seems slim that he didn’t know that “getting storage” was being used as a way to talk about moving. then there were all of those subtle mentions about how long they’ve lived in the flat–i think on 2 or 3 separate occasions dan brought up that he couldn’t believe they’d been there for 5 years now. there was also the mention that he wants a new piano, and that that was something he would do this year. again while it’s possible he meant getting a new piano in this flat, he’s also stated in the past that the piano has been in that apartment since it was constructed and it just seems more feasible to accomplish that goal in a new place? and he also stated in january that after filming a lot for dapg, the early part of 2017 would be dedicated to “life things.” and, finally, with respect to yesterday’s live show, if they’re really trying to keep this some enormous secret dan would’ve tried a lot harder imo to hide the absence of the wirrow painting and the shit on his bedside table. or he would’ve waited until after the tuesday live show to get the stuff moved. or he would’ve canceled the tuesday live show altogether, especially bc he had a pretty solid excuse in being swamped with pre-travel preparation (he even made it seem like a possibility that he wouldn’t stream today during the joint live show last week.)

generally, i do think there are a number of reasons they would want to keep it mostly secret (the pressure from millions of people openly speculating about it, drawing conclusions from it, expressing their heartbreak bc of their emotional attachment to their current flat, etc. seems like an incomprehensible stress on top of the already stressful process of moving.) but i also think it’s important to note that they’re not really trying very hard to eliminate speculation on it either. in my opinion, they seem more like they’re attempting to lowkey prepare people without outright stating it so that no one who is seriously invested in them and their personal matters (aka the ardent live show watchers) can truly claim to be shocked or surprised when it happens. i mean, just look at their tags here on tumblr rn–if they were aiming to keep it “hush hush” i would say they miserably failed. if, however, their goal was to tell people subtly without confirming it outright,, then they clearly succeeded.

overall, since dnp have always been people who seem to make every decision and statement with so much premeditated thought, the easiest explanation of all of the past statements i’ve listed (and yesterday’s very pointed “you could say i’m relocating it … one could say” …. like rly if he’s aesthetically rearranging his current bedroom why that sketchy “one could say” addendum? it makes literally no sense in that context) is that they’re moving. i also don’t understand why it seems like such a ‘reach’ to people. they’ve lived in that flat so long. they’ve talked about needing more space for so long. it just seems very logical to me on every level that two people with their level of intertwined living and their financial capacity would take this relatively chiller time in their professional lives to do something about their struggle w too limited space, the annoying loudness of their street, their leaky gas pipes, their overbearing landlord, etc. etc. and “see if there’s a better way to live” (also dan’s words from earlier this year, in case ppl forgot) 

in short, all of these things seem to make at least a reasonable case for them moving (and moving soon), and  all of dan’s talk about aesthetics and new backgrounds for his videos, plus asking viewers to send him “palettes,” are easier explained, imo, as just a bit of (adorable) excitement around the upcoming process of redecorating in a new place. he’ll still need to think about how to arrange his furniture and what sort of decorative pieces to add to his background in this hypothetical new place, obvi, and he never explicitly said the words “i’m redecorating this bedroom that i currently inhabit.” moreover, that they’re moving and some of their stuff has already been packed away explains all of the sketchier elements of the show in a much cleaner way. for example, why was dan’s excuse for using his phone that the mouse to his “laptop” was dead? do they not have batteries? do they not have other computer mouses in their house? (they do. like at least 2 if not more.) why would not having a mouse, if that was even true, necessitate him sitting on his bed with his phone? why not use his laptop? or if that’s broken too, why not use phil’s laptop as he has done before? using a phone seems like the most inconvenient solution, and sitting on the bed with that phone seems doubly inconvenient. like, let’s say all of the other tech is packed away for their trip or dead or broken and his only option really was his phone … why did he choose to sit on his bed? something he hasn’t done in a live show in literal years? something that is so clearly uncomfortable? wouldn’t it have been easier to sit at his desk with his phone leaned against something? and then obvi why the weirdness with the painting? why the empty bedside table? also, why will phil be unavailable to do a live show until the 25th if the aus convention ends the 15th and, by dan’s own words, they’re coming home before going to florida? 

i really think the simplest explanation to all of these things is that his room is being emptied and he didn’t want to show us, they’re in the process of moving some stuff out, maybe all of it, so that they’ll be totally relocated in the coming weeks. i think the notion that he was talking about rearranging his room makes much less sense bc then he would’ve just directly said “lol i’m rearranging my room right now and i need ideas and also that’s why the painting is gone.” there was literally no reason for him to be so weird and unclear about it. that they’ve been house-hunting and packing shit up would also account in large part for their apparent busy schedules and stress over the last few weeks. it would account for why dan has made so many allusions to being tired (rmmbr “i’m so tired … i don’t know why … actually i do know why”?? rmmbr him clarifying at one point that he was “physically” tired??? hmmm.) 

obvi everything is speculation at the end of the day, i could be totally wrong on all of this and dan might just be a crazy person who says random misleading shit for kicks, but i guess overall i’m just a bit confused why the idea that they’re moving is being treated like some sort of outrageous tinhat theory when: 1. there have been so many signs pointing to it 2. it just makes sense for them at this stage of their lives, and 3. they’ve seemingly not tried super hard to hide it either. 

I lowkey wish Dizzee had his own spinoff

Not to be shady but I’d push Zeke ass to the background real quick for some front running Dizzee.

After part 2 it just left me wanting more Dizzee. More from his perspective. Since his story is so metaphorical I wonder at how that would be. I mean of course his story would be told through art as Zeke’s is told through music, which I noticed was a heavy element in TGD. The story is told by Zeke but Dizzee also tells the story through his messages on the train and in this part in a bigger way through the comics. I want them to go back to the beginning solely from Diz’s POV with his own story because he stays away from the group enough to have his own side thing going on. This part highlighted a lot of things I wanna see extended…

His relationship with his parents

His shut down when Thor was locked up

Thor and dizz before the lock up

The relationship when diz decided to face himself and went to stay with Thor

Thor own life story/interest//history/family cause he don’t seem to have a family…

Dizz coming out or not coming out cause this was not the era

More of the revolution

More lgbqt clubs

Even though they one had a few scenes to work with they were able to show a different side of Dizzee in part 2. His temperament with his brothers (knowable about what’s going on even if they’re hiding it yet nonjudgmental - caring - as open as he’s comfortable) his flash of temper, traits highlighting his focus and his determination. Even though in part he was lost, dizz exhibited a lot of confidence in part 2 that he lacked in part 1. I want the story to continue past him find himself to his ambitions as an artist. Of Jaden is at home with a mic in his hand and we see that confidence shine in Diz but Jaden does an amazing job of showing the exuberance and emotionalism Diz has when he’s painting/when he becomes Rumi. And I love that, I love to see him in art wars and how he transitions when it comes to his craft - def since street art was not considered art back then. Hell I wanna see more of Thor’s work. Since I’m a shipper at heart I want them to have an epic love story that last and has a happy fucking ending - none of that ‘most young love don’t last’ BS. I hate that excuse! I want them to have photos of themselves hugged up in the Paint Palace - not just drawings of their alternate egos. I wanna see Diz support Thor in art shows. I wanna see the adult version of them. I wanna see the Paint Palace graduate to their own art gallery. I wanna see one of them propose to the other in a cheesy manner that uses art.

I just want nice things - I deserve nice things.

TGD is def one of those shows that should have a high number of episodes so the characters can be highlighted corrected, but we can’t get that cause there’s not enough fans. In fact I doubt we’re gonna get a season two considering their episodes got pushed down. I really think those 5 episodes were tester episodes in which the fate of the show depended viewership. The production team seemed to think they wouldn’t get another season which is why they went ahead and created those endings - even tho it seems like they had to recycle Jaden’s scene because of his schedule. Which is upsetting because the team doesn’t wanna give up their own fucking show and they had visions for what they wanted to do, they try to be as honest as possible and I’m thankful for that shit.

I want more Dizzee Kipling!

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announcing “Worf Wednesdays”

  • what? a day dedicated to Worf on my blog
  • when? every wednesday! first one will start tomorrow (14th of june)
  • why? even tho Worf is a very significant character in both TNG and DS9 I see very little content for him in the fandom, so I want to use my url to at least create and appreciate content for him one day in the week
  • how do I participate? if you want to post Worf content specifically on those days with me for the purpose of Worf Wednesdays, I’ll be following the #worfwednesdays tag and reblogging stuff from both that tag and the general #worf tag

just trying to use my url for something good Worf related and I figured some people may want to join in with the fun!

EDIT: I made a blog @worfwednesdays so I can place all the themed posts there! 

Who you should fight: RVB Freelancer edition

Connecticut: Shit man I mean??? Why would you?? She’s just trying to do what’s right and she saw how fucked up pfl was so like. Leave her alone??? Do not fight Connecticut.

Carolina: holy fuck man do you really think you can live??? She’s a badass and could kill you??? Also like she’s been through enough, she lost practically everyone just. Fuck. Do not fight Carolina.

Florida: haha. Dude. You did see this guy like. Pull a fucking hatchet out of his shoulder and keep fighting, right? Why would you think this is a good idea. Also like he’s so good to everyone and super positive even tho he could kill you in like three seconds?? Do not fight Florida.

Georgia: Don’t. He’s already pretty much the joke aboard the MoI (“You don’t wanna end up like Georgia!”) and he got flung through space I mean. If you want to punch him go for it but. Be nice. Do not fight Georgia.

Idaho: You can punch Idaho. But only once. Any more than that and you’re just cruel. Fight Idaho.

Iowa: Fuck you pal!!! Why would you want to do this!!!! Leave Iowa alone!!!! Do not fight Iowa!!!

Maine: HAHA. WOW. You’re really considering this, aren’t you. First of all, ask yourself this: WHY??? Why in god’s name would you want to fight Maine????? Fuck!!!! Not only is he super tall and probably buff as shit, he’s a huge nerd and has been through enough!!! If you wanna punch someone punch Sigma!!!! Leave Maine alone!!!! DO NOT FIGHT MAINE!!!!!!

North Dakota: North once shot a guy in half. He also uses two sniper rifles at the same time like what the fuck is with him?? What is with this unnecessary dramatic flair?? Why is he such a nerd??? Punch North once. Right in the got damn face. Fight North.

Ohio: Why would you? Girl’s just trying her best to get noticed. She’s a huge nerd but I mean there’s nothing wrong with that and she owns it so?? I mean, on the other hand she might be into being punched? There’s that whole thing with Sherry so? Fight Ohio?

South Dakota: Holy FUCK!! WHY?? South could kick your fucking ass!!!!! Do not!!!!! This has bad idea written all over it!!!! Do not fight South!


Utah: I mean….I guess?? Idk he almost suffocated when he got the domed energy shield so I mean? Maybe don’t? If you want to tho I won’t stop you. Do not fight Utah?

Washington: Fuck!!! You!!! Leave Wash alone!! He’s done a lot of shitty stuff in the past but at least he’s working toward doing not as shitty things!! He’s a pretty cool dude who lost all of his friends!! Leave Wash alone!!! Do not fight Washington!!

Wyoming: Fuck with that mustache literally who wouldn’t want to. If you want to punch Wyoming I won’t stop you. Fight Wyoming.

York: He’s already dead!!!! Stop!!! He may have really bad pickup lines but just!!! Don’t!!!! He just wanted the best for his friends!!! He’s a nerd!! That’s why he was paired with Delta—THEY’RE BOTH HUGE FUKCIN NERDS!!!! Do not fight York!!!

And after reading the translations of that really controversial thing Mahiru said to Shinoa on the latest chapter I think (and I really believe in what I’m saying) we can rest because:

- Mahiru now is crazy as hell. The demon wants Shinoa to do the same mistakes as Mahiru, who ended up like this cause she wanted the love of someone she couldnt have and then went for power

- Shinoa will never act like Mahiru

- Mahiru is accusing Shinoa of not having strong desires. Remember when Guren accused her of acting careless the way she does because she doesnt know what its like lo loose a loved one? Yep. No strong desire. Remember that she only has a crush on Yuu? Yep. No strong desire. If you read the novels you’ll find a Shinoa that just doesnt care or at least pretends she doesnt. She has no desires because she isnt used to care for people or have people around. She has a crush on Yuu because of his desires I think. And that’s pherhaps the strongest desire she has even tho it’s not even that strong so that’s why Mahiru is trying to get her to feel something strong and since she herself fell because of love she wants her sister to do the same.

I really don’t think Shinoa’s squad is going to repeat the same mistakes as Guren’s squad even tho they want us to believe they will.

I’m still not happy with their attitudes and Mika being ignored and always called out for being grumpy when he has all the right to be, but I don’t think this is the end of the world and some things that are nonsense now will make sense in the future.

Just don’t give up on something as beautiful as Mikayuu.

I don’t believe the author would give us Bella and Edward when he has Romeo and Juliet.

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Congratulations on the milestone! 🎉🎉🎉Can I please have headcanons for the flashfam with an S/O who's always reading and is in her own little world when she is?

Thank you!) even tho I’m celebrating real late whoops!)

• Has super speed taken your book away while trying to get your attention
• Still thinks it’s adorable
• Likes to watch you read

• “Helllooooo? Anybody home?”
• “Why do you like books more than me?!”
• Whiny little baby but still loves your bookishness

• “What'cha reading?
• Superspeed reads your book
• Accodentally tells you the ending
• Whoops! Spoilers!

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ok but like,,,,,give me some cartercy headcanons. (ur the most prominent in the tag. I need more. u've made ur bed now lay in it)

is this it, is this my legacy?
I did it, mom


- these two are so ridiculous that they actually take turns being the most dangerous and ridiculous one in the relationship.
- percy “I’m being chased by a giant but everything’s fiiiiiine” Jackson
- and carter “I’m aware that the earth is ending but can I just-” Kane
-they’re a goddamn mess
- like Percy is jumping off of everything and goofing off during a battle, as you do, and carter is just. A mess.
- “okay so I’ll start over there and get them from behind and perCY DONT TOUCH THAT”
-Percy’s not dumb he does it on purpose
- carter isn’t dumb either and he knows percy does it on purpose and he wants to hurt him for it.
- this never stops percy however.
- and carter is hurt, like, always
- it’s never bad tho, it just looks bad
- so he like comes into camp assisted by Will or Sadie or something (even tho he doesn’t need it’s all For Show™) and percy is just
- but then Percy’s nurturing side over comes and he’s just
-“!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And he just fusses all over him trying to make him feel “better”
-again carter is never that badly hurt but to have a percy Jackson fawning all over you is a blessing and half so he just. Let’s it happen…
-….just to be safe of course

Nerds, the whole bunch of them, why do we even tolerate them.

Give me things that I’ve wanted to know
Tell me things that you’ve done

tested out my brand new clip studio
i was both impressed & disappointed. it’s pretty difficult to handle… i tried painting & it was a disaster
still, i did buy it, so i wanna try using it more & more & eventually get used to it

why do aces want to be part of a group that very clearly doesnt want them to be there? like imagine a lil group of people desperately trying to befriend another group of people cause wow look at these Cool Kids even tho the other group is obviously uncomfortable with these outsiders? im just.. why? theres nothing in common between these two groups however the kids from the first group have a lot of common with eachother and vice versa! why cant these two groups stay seperate? whats wrong with that? i dont understand ace inclusionists

edit: i didnt specify it but i meant cishet aces. non cishet aces are totally welcome in the community. i just dont think asexuality is inherently lgbt

I just hit 2k (lil pause for some cheering *yayaya*) okay,, I honestly didn’t know what to do until I remembered that I actually like to edit so why not some bad url edits (yea yea I know how original).

right, here are some rules (?? or smth like that)

- mbf me pls (if u don’t mind it would be nice :) 

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- I’m only doing dnp related url’s (and anything I get inspiration from) ooh and I’m aiming for some minimalist kinda edit thing 

- I’ll be tagging these #jo’s url edits and I’ll @’ as well

yea, it should be fun. btw don’t expect much from me even tho I’m going to try to do them as quickly as possible. yaya so if this flops just forget I exist or smth

Yuta As An Older Brother

Taeil  -  Taeyong  -  Yuta  -  Doyoung  -  Jaehyun

Originally posted by neotechs

  • As kids, he’d actually be very close to you
  • He’d treat you like his best friend, even if you’re 5 and he’s 9
  • He’d invite you to play with him and his friends a lot and as a result you’d sort of grow up as a tomboy
  • With time tho, you’d make your own friends and get your own interests, ones that didn’t include video games and role-playing pirates in the basement
  • He’d be a bit sad, but you’d both grow into yourselves with time
  • He’d for sure be a nosy brother, wanting to know all the gossip between your friends, who you thought was cute, what you’re into these days
  • You’d probably get sick of him always loitering around and being nosy
  • LOL
  • You’re friends wouldn’t understand why you were annoyed by him, mainly because they’re obsessed with him
  • He knows he’s hot shit, don’t worry, he’d use that to his advantage; being greasy and trying to charm you with his looks
    “There’s only one protein bar left-”
    “I need it, I’m going to soccer practice.”
    “I love you.”
    “Get away from me-”

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  • Even tho you push him away a lot, he’d be a trustworthy person to confide in when you have issues or need advice
  • He’d look out for you, wanting nothing but the best for you
  • I feel he’d be the type to do your homework for you on occasion when you’re too lazy to do it or refuse to do it, solely because he wants you to get a good grade
  • He’s also a bit of a physical brother, tickling your neck from behind the sofa until you yell at him, dancing up on you when he’s being silly
  • He just finds comfort in contact
  • He’s a bit of a pervert on occasion, making you grimace- if you were to make a suggestive remark he’d probably scold you and tell you to you’re too young
  • For sure he’d brag about you a lot, to his friends, to your parents, to everyone
  • Regarding dating, he’d be a real baby about letting you date
  • He’d get why you’d want to, but he’d be terrified if you were to get hurt- he knows how guys are and what they want
  • He’d be very picky before he’d 100% approve of a guy
  • If you dated a guy he didn’t approve of he’d probably give you the cold shoulder after arguing
  • Since we’re on the topic of arguments, he gets upset a bit frequently
  • He usually just raises his voice and roasts you
  • It can be painful, but within the next day he always apologizes
  • Likewise, if he began dating, even tho you wouldn’t admit it to him, you’d be a bit sad
  • It’d be a lil lonely, him giving his attention to another girl
  • With time, you’d both grow to be adults
  • He’d still be a nosy brother, more nosy now that he doesn’t live with you
  • He’d be really sweet and the two of you would become good friends actually
Online (Jimin, You)

• Title: Online
•Characters: Jimin x You
•Words: 7.2k
•Genre: Fluff (angst? not sure)

Plot: You met him on a penpal kind of website, and almost immediately felt the connection between the two of you.

A/N: You might have seen this fanfiction somewhere before, and you might be right. I started this series almost 2 years ago, and never finished it. Lately I noticed it in my old computer, and I felt the urge to finish it. I posted all the parts together, so that it’s easier to read. Hope you like it! Tell me what you think about it with a message, I’d be glad to hear your opinion. Now enjoy!

2Chim: Hello there! Nice to meet you, my name is Jimin and I’m from South Korea. I’m trying to make some friends here on WorldPals. I hope you could be one of them. Have a nice day~

“Look, a message! I told you,” your friend Denise explained “it’s one of the most used websites. You can get to know people from Australia, from Japan… isn’t it amazing?” She looked enthusiast about the idea of having friends from all over the world. She’s always been interested in learning different languages, about different cultures.
“Hum, I don’t know… is it safe? What if this 2Chim is a fraud?” You murmured checking his profile. He looked cute on his profile picture, and many comments were from girls and boys praising his good looks. “You can always block them if they seem suspicious, don’t worry about that. It’s not that you have to give your personal information away” she said and finally stood up looking at her clock. “Oh my, it’s so late! Listen, Y/N, you just talk to people and see how it works by yourself, it’s not that difficult. You’ll tell me about it then.” She ruffled your hair with a strong gesture and then left. “Ouch… my hair!” You cried out, but she was already gone. You looked back at the computer, 2Chim’s profile still on it. “Let’s do this” you told yourself.

Y/N: Nice to meet you, Jimin. I’m Y/N, I’m from ____. I’d like to make some friends too. ^ ^
2Chim: Wow, Y/N! What a beautiful name, for a beautiful flower like you eheh~

“Uh! That was cheesy” you chuckled.

Y/N: Well, thank you? Ahah I like your name too. Hum, where do you live?
2Chim: I live in Seoul, but I’d like to travel a lot, that’s why I’m here. I want to improve my English! You know, English is really important nowadays… but it’s so difficult.ㅠ ㅠ
Y/N: Are you sure? Your English is perfectly fine!
2Chim: It’s all because of this website. And I read a lot. So… what about you? Why are you here?
Y/N: My friend told me this place is awesome, I’m here because of her… but I don’t really know. It doesn’t look that safe, I have to get used to it.
2Chim: Yes, sure… you should be careful. Bad people see a pretty face and always try to harass you. ㅠ ㅠ
Y/N: Thank you for the advice then, I’ll be careful.

“Even with you, Jimin” you said to yourself.

Y/N: Where do you want to travel to?

Talking to someone that distant was curious, you suddenly felt that curiosity eating you.

2Chim: To be honest? Your country is the first place I want to go to. That’s why I contacted you… and you’re pretty too, perfect combo, isn’t it? ^ ^
Y/N: Oh, so kind! I’m not that pretty tho ahah

You felt your face getting hotter, and as you looked at the mirror right in front of you you saw two red cheeks, as red as two tasty apples. “What-…”

2Chim: Oh, you are. ^ ^ Anyway, I’d like to spend some time there, like 1 or 2 months. I’d like to have some friends to count on there.
Y/N: Wow, it’s a nice travel anyway! And yeah, my country it’s pretty cool. There are so many places to visit, and I haven’t seen all of them yet!
2Chim: Ikr! I can’t wait, I’m so excited, yet so scared.

A smile crept over your lips. It was so cute. Someone with such an admiration for your country, and you felt so proud of it.

Y/N: Why scared? I’m sure you’ll meet lots of friends here, don’t worry! ^ ^
2Chim: Okay, Y/N. I trust you then eheh~

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BTS reaction to their idol gf being insecure about her talent

Hi! please can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being insecure about her talent?


He’ll be like not understanding why you say that but he’ll say to you “Well I can help you in whatever you are feeling insecure about even tho I think you are just fine’ *LOL look at hobi in the back!!!*

Originally posted by yourpinkpill


‘Why are feeling like this? You are amazing no matter what people say about it, I don’t want to heart it from you cuz you have this amazing talent’ trying to make you feel better

Originally posted by toughchim


‘But yagi why are you saying this?’ he’ll be trying to light up your mood by taking you out of buying you food or just watch some movies expecting to you at least stop thinking about it.

Originally posted by stereojimin


‘I don’t see what are you talking about’ he’ll be like trying to act clueless about it making you see that is a stupid thing that you have to worry

Originally posted by myloveseokjin


He’ll be mature about it seeing that this topic is bothering you so much so expect a long talk about it

Originally posted by silenhciosa


‘You should just stop paying attention at the mean comments’ he will just avoid the topic so you can forget about it

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‘I don’t want to hear about it!’ he’ll be saying a little bit angry, ‘I can’t believe you actually think that about you, your voice is amazing please don’t let that affect you cuz seeing you like this just hurt me’ he’ll be hugging you for a while almost cuddling you both will be continuing with the day just forgetting about it.

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