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idk which version is better so here you go have both of them

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Also, I was trying to get back into writing with dialogue practice last night. All I got is Artorius doing his dumb bird metaphor with Sorey and Mikleo, and…

Why do you think birds fly?

Sorey: Well, that’s because all animals have to adapt to their environment to survive, right? And many birds are just built for flight – they have wings, streamlined bodies, feathers, and even hollow bones! These are all designs that naturally allow birds to soar high above in the skies.

Artorius: Uh–

Mikleo: Right. And it isn’t just for survival either; some birds are predators and flying helps them hunt prey more efficiently.

Artorius: No, that’s not what I mean–

Sorey: Yeah! It’s also sort of a misconception to say all birds can fly. They might look like they’re built for it, but some birds – like pengyons – can’t fly at all, but are good at catching prey in the water.

Mikleo: Indeed. So, I think the question we should be asking is: why do birds even have wings? What first made them evolve and develop these wings so that they could take flight or swim better in water?

Sorey: Birds are amazing, aren’t they Mikleo? I’d rather be a bat though. Bats can fly and use sonar to find their way in the dark – that’s like, double cool!

Mikleo: Of course you would. You’re the weird one here, after all.

Sorey: Hey, birds of a feather flock together….

Artorius: Can you two nerds stop ruining my metaphor already?

Thanksgiving with BTS

nj: hey seokjin im here and I brought the kids like u asked

sj: oh good I’m still cooking but u can all sit down

jh: who’s bringing the turkey again??

sg: jimin’s dad is bringing it when he drops him off. dumbass how’d u forget ?

jh: hey maybe he can bring u a personality too since u dont have one! :)

sj: y'all don’t start I’m not in the mood my pie is giving me hell

jk: maybe that’s a sign u shouldn’t be making one??

sj: maybe the fact that ur still in high school after 5 yrs is a sign u should just drop out but that doesn’t stop u for going in for ur 6th :))

nj: lol why do u even keep trying

jk: idk maybe the same reason why ur still trying to release a second mix tape even tho it’ll never beat yoongi’s

th: omg???

jm: hey guys my dad and I are here and we brought the turkey

sg: ur just in time jungkook was just telling namjoon that he’s a failure and that I’m the best rapper in bts

jh: lol ok and I’m mariah carey

sg: that explains how high ur voice gets when u see a roach

jh: it’s a phOBIA ITS NOT FUNN Y

jm: guys my dad’s here be respectful???

th: oh sorry hey jimin’s dad u raised a very swell little dude

th: he hugs me when I’m sad even when it was because he and jungkook took all the lines in lost and left me with like 2

jm: I told u I was sorry???

th: but u always go and do it again??

jm: it’s not my fault I have a more superior voice??

jk: lol superior where u sound like a freshly neutered dog having sex with an owl

jm: dont fucking come @ me like that u fucking lopsided coconut head ass





sj: jesus fucking christ the jungle can’t come sooner

nj: guys sit down before he tries to feed us to his mario collection again

jh: this is great all of us together sharing a wonderful meal and being successful

jm: hey daddy can u pass me the salt

yoongi and jimin’s dad both reach out:


jimin’s dad:


sg: can u let go now he asked me for the salt

jm: yoongi?? shut?? the?? fuck?? up??

jk: lol this is awkward

nj: so is the fact that u have no top lip

th: hey leave him alone it’s not his fault he was born lipless

jk: ur literally not helping

th: I’m doing as much as I can, I can’t juggle singing, acting, defending u, AND work on my verse for cypher pt5- that has so far exactly 27 lines and 3 different ‘sick beats’ to add both diversity and color to an otherwise bland track known as “every cypher without kim taehyung”

th: not to shade or anything.

nj: yea ur not getting on cypher pt5

th: why not I’ve been working so hard on my verse!!

nj: u can’t even rap??

sj: namjoon u can’t even remember to pull out so leave the poor boy alone and eat ur greens

nj: that’s was one time??

jh: then why do we have 3 kids here??


sg: whoa babe it’s okay calm down I’m alright

jm: I was talking about my real dad plS SHUT THE FUCK UP MY DAD DOESN’T NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MY SEX LIFE

jk: too late lol

jm: oh is it too late for u to graduate too




sj: NOw I want to go around the table and say what we’re most thankful for

sj: namjoon u start

nj: I’m most thankful for our precious army’s that go above and beyond for us all the time we love them so much and appreciate all the army’s all over the world and thank you all so much and thank you-


sj: kay that’s creepy yoongi u go next

sg: I was gonna say I’m most thankful for my fire mixtape but then I realized that I brought that to myself so I only really have myself to thank so thanks min yoongi u the true og

jh: ok that was tragic so I’ll go now

jh: I’m thankful for the sun that rises each morning-

sj: aw that’s nice

jh: -because it just goes to show that I shine brighter and there’s really no one who is better or brighter than me but the fact that the sun tries so hard is so cute and uplifting it feels great to squash it each morning :))


sj: taehyung how about u

th: I’m most thankful to the toilets because without them this world would be a really stinky and dirty place and people would have to poop in buckets or the woods and that’s nasty cos bears poop there so if we poop in the woods where do bears poop?? in our homes that’s where cos then they want revenge and-

sj: ur a disappointment I hope u know that

sj: jimin?

jm: I’m thankful for my daddy who always treats me right and loves me no matter what right dad?

yoongi and jimin’s dad: that’s right

sg: seriously why do u keep doing this

jm: I fucking hAtE mY Lif E

jk: guess it’s my turn

jk: I’m most thankful for this turkey for not being as dry as seokjin’s humor or jimin’s hair. thank u.

sj: that’s it I’m going to the jungle early I hope u all choke on ur dinner

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i love so much your sketches!! can I see some you are doing right now? 8)

I haven’t being able to draw as much as I wanted lately but here is some sketches that I’ll probably never finish since almost all of them are from last year 8D

  • kara: hey do you like maggie?
  • alex: That’s disgusting. And wrong. I don’t even get– why would– I’ve never liked anyone, anywhere. It’s none of your- you have- the nerve, the audacity, Maggie is my coworker, technically. And she is terrible, face-wise. And how- how- do I know, frankly, that you don't like her? Maybe you do. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off? Hmm check and mate.
Choosing a Bias in NCT
  • Me: *becomes NCT stan day of "Chewing Gum" release*
  • Jisung: *is my first bias*
  • Chenle: *is my first bias wrecker*
  • Jaemin: *kicks Chenle to the curb*
  • Me: Wait you can't just-
  • WinWin: Hmmm... I think I want to be your bias today.
  • Me: Ok thanks but Jisung is already-
  • WinWin: Too late :) *becomes bias*
  • Taeyong: If he can do that... then I can do this!! *replaces Jaemin as bias wrecker*
  • Me: No stop!!!
  • WinWin: Yuta don't even try to replace me, you'll fail.
  • Yuta: *tries to become bias* *fails*
  • WinWin: I told you so motherfucker.
  • Taeyong: Bet you didn't see this coming tho!!!
  • Me: Wait what where who why and how
  • Taeyong and WinWin: *struggle as they fight to be bias*
  • WinWin: Ha I win(win).
  • Taeyong: For now... *evil smirk*
  • Me: *sits here wondering how a bias list can change so much within 48 hours.*

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So... Even tho is a hypothetical situation... How does it continues? *v*

I think what would happen is that Dream, unable to cope with this, teleports away before Nightmare even has a chance to do anything.

Rather taken aback himself, Nightmare leaves and keeps his distance, trying to come to terms with what exactly is happening. Dream couldn’t bring himself to kill him, but Nightmare doesn’t know why. He doesn’t know if Dream is going to have a change of perspective, or anything that’s going to happen.

Turns out, Dream has only remembered how much he cares about his brother. He’d always tried to convince himself that he doesn’t, but in that very situation, it’s all come back to him. He decides… that there has to be a way that he can accomplish what he wants without ending his brother’s life.

Involving his own personal feelings in the matters of business wouldn’t go so well, so Dream tells his organization (Justice Reigns) that he was wrong, and that Nightmare existing has no impact on the presence of negative energy. Of course, he doesn’t actually know this, but he doesn’t want to hurt his brother anymore.

But… he can’t face Nightmare, either. Not after everything he’s done.

The distance grows between them.

Nightmare, almost uncomfortable with the fact that Justice Reigns isn’t chasing him around anymore, decides that he has to talk to his brother. They can’t just… forget about all this. They can’t just leave it undiscussed. So… what do you do when you’re someone like Nightmare? You sneak into the Justice Reigns castle. He’s pretty good at it by now.

Nightmare gets to Dream’s office and finds him there.

“… Why are you here?” Dream asks, facing another way in his large spinning chair, pretending to be occupied by paperwork of some sort.

“I think there’s something we need to talk about, Dream,” Nightmare answers.

Dream takes a harsh breath, throwing his sheets of paper onto the desk and storming over to his brother. Nightmare doesn’t move, looking up at Dream, who towers eight inches above him… almost softly. Dream sees this, and is unable to continue looking at Nightmare with the anger he intended.

“… We both know…” Nightmare starts, but trails off, suddenly able to sense Dream’s pain.

And then, he’s being hugged.

The room is silent. Nightmare slowly wraps his arms around Dream, feeling far too much to even properly express himself either.

He thought he would never be able to feel this again… the feeling of hugging his brother, even if Dream had changed so much. Those wings wrapped around him definitely weren’t there last time they hugged.

“Ha… haha…” Dream laughs. “It looks like I still love you after all, Night.”

“Heh. Me too,” Nightmare replies. “Unless you’re planning to kill me right now. That’d suck.”

“Very funny…”

“Actually, it’s not that funny, I just have a crappy sense of humor. But… don’t worry. I…” Nightmare takes a deep breath. “I forgive you, Dream.”

Dream pauses. “You… what?”

He backs away and looks at Nightmare, a shocked expression on his face.

“After all this time of you treating me the way you have? Yeah, dwelling on it really isn’t going to accomplish anything,” Nightmare says. “Sometimes you’ve just got to accept things and figure out how to move on.”

“I… haven’t even apologized…” Dream tells him.

“Well too bad, because I forgive you anyway,” Nightmare replies.

Dream lets out a laugh. “… I guess you’ve changed more than I thought, Night.”

“It’s been longer than you think,” Nightmare says.

“But, for now…” Dream starts, backing away from his brother. “I… really need space… I need to sort some things out…”

“I agree,” Nightmare says flatly.

Dream scoffs. “I take it back. You haven’t changed at all.”

“I’ve only changed a little,” Nightmare tells him, grinning. “Later.”

He gives a short wave and teleports out.


you always steal his enormous t shirts

whenever an inappropriate scene on a movie or tv show comes up he covers your eyes, even though you’re 18

him teasing you about being younger than him

rock paper scissors to solve your problems

him trying to get away from his problems but you being there to tell him you’re gonna solve them together

you don’t like sharing

him annoying you for fun

him trying to understand what each make up supply does

putting make up on him while his sleeping


food fights

when you curse he gasps and goes like “I didn’t raise you like this”

burping in his face for revenge

trying to cook together for your parents

you being the one to approve or disapprove of his girlfriends (usually disapprove but you’re never wrong)

him being really protective of you at times

him scaring and threatening your boyfriend/girlfriend for fun

“Chris! Now he/she’s afraid to visit me again as long as you’re in my house dickhead!”

“I didn’t raise you like this!”

big hugs

him comforting you after you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend

you falling in love with one of his co-stars in avengers (I prefer Sebastian)

him trying to set you up w them

him turning on the warm water in the kitchen while you’re showering

“Chris, you’re dead once I’m done over here!”

water gun fights

playing pranks on each other, all. the. time.

when you drive he usually goes like “can you try not to get us killed this time please?”

taking part in his interviews

having movie marathons with him and the cast of avengers

comforting him when he breaks up

visiting his house really often and vice versa

running out of toilet paper and the other throws a roll at the one in need

replacing his shampoo with honey

“What the- Y/N!!!”

sleeping in his bed after having nightmares

sometimes being mistaken for a couple

“Ew, I’d never date this idiot.”

trying to set him up with your best friend


he thanks you for introducing him to your bff

once catching them about to have sex

“*gag sound* Oh God I think I’m going to throw up”

punching his ex in the face for trying to kiss him while you and him were at a club with the rest of the crew

“He’s in a relationship bitch.”

everybody being surprised with your move

“nice uppercut”

“thanks Scarlett, been training these babies *kisses biceps*”

sarcastic comments all the time

him taking care of you while you’re on your period (or comforting you in general if you’re a boy)

eating ice cream together

doing photoshoots together

having an amazing relationship with your big old bro ✌🏼

Y tho

Hater: *doesn’t know jackshit about storytelling n doesn’t bother to check facts*

Wawawaaah Kylo Ren Blubhubu buhbubu hope he dies buhubububu rape apologists buhuhu abuse blubber buhbubu he is not a main character aaaaargnnngh HE MUST DIE wawawaaarrrgh!!!!!

Like.. The writers try to present you a complex story and the actors try to play nuanced characters and you just take a huge dump on their efforts.

Like why do they even try Adam Driver could’ve just been standing in front of a white wall and say “me Kylo Ren. I evil!” and Daisy could’ve been like “I is Rey. I hate you!” *stab Kylo Ren*
Adam: oh no! You killed me because you hate me.
Daisy: I killed you because I hate you! You are not even a main character!
~The End~

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“Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo makes me feel so happy! I am hooked. I don’t know why it is such a good drama but it doesn’t have the attention it needs! Hwarang has only 4 episodes out and its doing better… “

Similar Confession:

I am someone who rarely watches drama because i am too picky with my kdramas. But i love wlfkbj it seems perfect to me! Doesn’t that say something? People should give it a try, it deserves so much

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Not even criticizing here but I swear to God idk why but I just assumed you knew donkey anatomy.... maybe bc tony is so great. It looks cool regardless tho.

horses/donkeys are THE BANE of my existence…. they are so hard to draw 

i remember when i was little and spent hours trying to draw spirit from that how to draw video on the dvd and would get so mad that my hand wouldnt just do what james baxtor was doing….nothings changed

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"Pro self dx" "15" You do know that people under 18 dont get diagnosed with personality disorders bc 100% your brain isnt even mature or fully developed yet. Sure if you have a therapist that you go to at least once a week after you're 18 then you can be properly diagnosed. Just saying...

i kno plenty of people personally who have been diagnosed with personality disorders under the age of 18 but….go off i guess…..? symptoms and shit don’t just magically appear the second u turn 18 surprise they do this thing called developing thru out ur life im not about to ignore the fact i fit in to all the bpd diagnosis criteria bc i have 2 years until im 18


Guys, what part of no dick pics don’t you understand? I don’t even understand why you have them as your profile image as tho that’s all you have to offer. Your penis is not interesting. It does not make me want to talk to you. Do you approach women like that in public? I dont think so because you’d get slapped, which is the least of what I can think of happening. Try being a normal person who has something to offer.

if Seungkwan was your boyfriend....
  • he’d be that super loud boyfriend that would be like, “yEAh my girlfriend’s pretty great i mean why wouldn’t she be she is dating me”
  • but he’d also be super protective of you like he will legit whop ass if anyone dares to come at you
  • the two of you would just have the most random dates like no one even wants to know what sort of shenanigans the two of you get into
  • since he is the eternal aegyo hater, you do lots and lots of aegyo just to piss him off
  • “nice try, jagi, but i only hate my members’ aegyo. cute baby talk, tho”
  • he’d pinch your cheeks a lot and be like, “gosh you’re so cute i could just eat you up”
  • you’d catch him practicing his variety show voice in front of the mirror and you’d just piss yourself form laughing
  • the two of you would dance girl group dances together and the other members would be like, “oh no not this again”
  • despite being the funny mood maker that he is, he’s pretty serious when it comes to your relationship
  • like serious in the way that he holds you close to his heart and he’d do anything to make sure you were happy
  • “i want to introduce you to my mom”
  • “seungkwan what if your mom doesn’t like me oh mY God”
  • “don’t be stupid she’s already calling you her in-law”
  • would give really really intense kisses like he just grabs the sides of your face and dives in like in the movies
  • and yes you’d guest on andromeda and the two of you would just torment hoshi the whole time lethoshilive2k15
  • he’d be the most respectful, generous, and caring boyfriend on the whole entire planet 
  • you’d save his number on your phone as “baby boo”
  • and he’d save your number on his phone as “mrs. boo”
Thoughts on Tonights TWD episode: The Other Side

Where do I begin.

First of all, you go Hilltop ppl for training, so proud of you guys.

Gregory you little punk bitch, he doesnt do ANYTHING to contribute, why the hell isnt he dead yet?!

Simon tho for trying to bribe Dr.Carson with icecream

i cant believe Dr.Carson and Dr.Carson are actually brothers, I thought it was a HUGE coincidence. 

The BEAUTIFUL AND SAAAD scene with Daryl and Mags. That scene just about killed me. How sad he was and how sorry he was that he wouldn’t even talk to Maggie, and the fact that she forgave him and didn’t even think it was his fault=crying forever. And that sweet quote about Glenn and Daryl being good things in the world omg

and it BROKE MY HEART that Maggie was crying because Daryl wasn’t talking to her or looking at her, FUCK RIP MY HEART OUT!!!! she was sad because he wasn’t talking to her cuz they’re family and it hurts her and just ugh

and Rosita and Sasha FIANLLY coming to good terms and for Rosita to confess to Sasha all about her anger and sadness was heartbreaking. Finally making up for Sasha to go in alone </3

and how did anyone think that was Daryl at the end looking at Rosita? That was CLEARLY Dwight; look at how fucking skinny he was; hes gonna help i think

and damn Eugene. cri

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The whole Simon thing I understand where your coming from but what annoys me the most coz it's fat shaming everyone suddenly cares but all the autism jokes that's been made nobody gives a shit about like their one of the few things they do that offend me because I have autism. The fat jokes and gay jokes don't bug me even tho I struggled with an ED and is bi but I totally see how they do to others I guess what I'm trying to say is why does everyone suddenly care when they looked over that yanno

I completely understand this anon. I guess it depends on you’re sense of humour and how much offence you can take. Personally I don’t get offended much at all, and in terms of the gay jokes, I’m currently trying to figure out if I’m bi or asexual, and don’t really find offence to the jokes they make.
The whole thing can’t be figured out, cause at the end of the day someone will always disagree with you.


2am, time to disappoint my parents