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Can I just say I have a lot of opinions about JJ, especially from a Westerner’s point of view? Specifically, the way he’s treated by the other skaters in YOI? JJ is loud, boisterous, and toots his own horn at every chance. Does this make him a bad guy? No way. In fact, all it does is paint a picture of how the rest of the world views people from America. Now, I’m from the US, so I can’t really speak for Canada, but I have quite a few Canadian friends and we are all, by definition, “North Americans”. I notice that our cultures aren’t really that different- specifically our social culture. Most Western young men act A LOT like JJ does- making jokes at other peoples’ expenses, trying to one-up everyone around them, be it verbally or otherwise, being really competitive and thriving in a competitive atmosphere, and generally just being very loud and obnoxious. 

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so what we have here!! is!! some!! presents!! for my amazing friend @rachirdsims, she was one of my first friends on tumbles and is one of the main reasons why i even make cc!! shes kind, thoughtful, smart, and such a beauty!! SO!! as a thank u to the universe for blessing me with such an amazing creature i have made these wonderful 13!! mesh edits!!

~ all of these items require city living ~

(if i get enough requests i may try to make them bgc as well)

  • i did do all of these myself, so chances r i did make a mistake!! if that is so!! plez!! let!! me!! kno!!
  • please do not re-upload or claim as your own, these are not only cc but also a gift to a friend dont disrespect that!! ):<
  • if you use them in a build tag me!! i love to see creations in use!!




- David Suchet on Poirot’s enduring qualities, ABC Q&A panel, 28 July 2014

who you should fight: pjo/hoo edition
  • jason grace: who wins: jason but i mean why are you trying to fight him anyway. he’s a good kid
  • hazel levesque: who wins: hazel. she’s literally a witch. do you want to die.
  • leo valdez: who wins: it doesn’t even matter who wins please just fight this boy. he might set you on fire but who cares. someone needs to punch him. i’ll help you
  • grover underwood: who wins: you but at what cost. why are you fighting this cinnamon bun
  • thalia grace: who wins: get her a few feet off the ground and ur gold. otherwise this is a guaranteed loss. probably better to just avoid
  • piper mclean: who wins: piper probably but as long as you don’t let her talk you might win. one word and you’ll end up dead and possibly sell ur soul to her though
  • reyna avila ramírez-arellano: who wins: reyna. why would you even try this
  • rachel elizabeth dare: who wins: you might win but she could also just stop mid-fight and predict the exact moment of your death. she scares me
  • will solace: who wins: you. he can’t do much to you and he’s the best healer at camp too so he’ll be okay probably. fight him
  • clarisse la rue: who wins: clarisse. tbh if you’re fighting clarisse she probably started it so good luck getting outta that one
  • percy jackson: who wins: could go either way. the kid might end up killing you in some spectacular and painful way but he might also just fuck up so badly you win by default. go for it though i want to see him get punched
  • coach hedge: who wins: you. just ignore the screaming and avoid the bat
  • luke castellan: who wins: he’s a good sword fighter but if you stand out of range and ask him about his evil plans/tragic backstory he’ll go off on a four page speech and you can try to get ur shot in then
  • frank zhang: who wins: why would you even want to fight frank?????? is he too kind???? too sweet for u??? please dont
  • nico di angelo: who wins: nico. he has killed more people than any of the seven and he doesn’t even have to touch them. dont try this
  • octavian: who wins: you. kick him
Okay but...

Think of this, Lance having to put up so many masks that he loses sight of who he is.

I might be self projecting but coming from a really fuckin big family I have to throw up acts to suit certain family members or else I’d have to face them complaining to my parents (and thus getting the ruler/cane/umbrella/sometimes pens of dEATH) and/or just having to deal with their disappointment.

So since lance comes from a big family that’s what he does? And he does it so often that by the time he reaches the Garrison and later on joins Voltron everything is just a mask bc he doesn’t know what to think and doesn’t know who he is. But the team doesn’t know? Bc this is all they’ve known about lance and by now he’s so good at masking himself it’s almost like a second skin.

Ok then cue them going to an alien planet who’s been able to resist the Galra’s for sometime and they wanna make an alliance with the alien planet bc they could use the allies. But the aliens are really strict and they don’t take no funny business like flirting or whatever. So when they get to the planet they decide Lance might need to stay behind bc he’s an impulsive guy and might fuck things up. But it’d be weird if only one paladin was missing right? So it’s just Allura and Coran that go down to greet the alien race.

But the alien leader is unimpressed and is like “where is voltron how do we know you’re legit?” (More serious like but meh I’m too lazy fuck it). So they have no choice but to let Lance and the rest of voltron out of the castle. Everyone’s keeping an eye on Lance (and Keith kinda but moreso lance) but they’re so surprised when his entire attitude changes? He’s serious, answers questions eloquently and is standing like he’s some army soldier or something like that.

They’re all so surprised bc wtf Lance how are you so good at acting? But they have to put it out of their mind bc hello alliance and fighting Zarkon. The alliance is made successfully and they leave to which Lance just reverts back to his normal self but only after an hour after leaving the planet (bc from experience it takes time to dismantle one mask and then put on another)

Then during one of their calmer weeks where there isn’t much news or fighting, someone (pidge maybe?) offhandedly mentions how Lance acted during their stay on that planet. (And Lance isn’t there he’s doing his beauty guru stuff) And everyone is like “oh yeah wtf was up with that” and someone else just jokingly says “Lmao what if Lance is acting with us too?” And everyone’s laughing bc this is Lance and no way this is Lance we’re talking about.

Lance enters the room when someone makes that joke and he’s like “yeah I am” and everyone nervously laughs bc “haha yeah really funny Lance you’re just joking right?” And he just is so serious for once and “no I’m not”. Cue Long conversation on why he’d feel the need to put on a mask around them bc they’re family and Lance talking about his insecurities with the team and there’s crying and cuddles and everyone is talking about their internal problems bc “we need to get these off our chests anyways.”.
Shiro is afraid that he won’t be a good leader and will one day lead them to disaster.
Pidge is afraid she’ll never find her family and that she’ll one day lose them as well.
Keith is afraid of his heritage and one day just bringing the whole team down bc of that.
Hunk is afraid of not being able to protect the team properly.
Allura is afraid that they’ll never defeat Zarkon and that she might lose the team too.
Coran is afraid of losing the team, Allura everything. (And if you want for comedic effect Slav just appears and is like “I’m afraid of dying but this conversation has increased our chances of living by 67%! And there’s watery laughter as they pull Slav in for a hug too)

There’s more cuddles and the team wakes up the next day with disgusting crusty eyes and pillows that still have tear streaks on them. Everyone is grossed out bc someone (Hunk maybe lmao) drooled and there’s calls of “EWWW” mixed in with laughter and everyone feels lighter and mildly happier. And if for a moment just a small one, Lance feels a flicker of who he really is of the him without all the masks.

Of course not everything is fixed right away, when is it anyways? There’s still relapses where Lance pretends to be something he isn’t in reaction to a situation that he doesn’t know how to react to, and then there’s more cuddles and the team taking care of him. Sometimes Shiro dissolves into panic attacks, sometimes Keith just starts shouting for no reason, sometimes Pidge just starts sobbing when something reminds her of her family, sometimes Hunk’s screams can be heard throughout the castle as he has nightmares of his team dying bc he wasn’t able to save them, sometimes Allura overworks herself into exhaustion, sometimes Coran has to just constantly check on each member of the team every 5 minutes and he’s always nervous and scared when he does so. But the team is always there to help each other out, there’s bonding nights with huge cuddle piles, forts made from huge pillows and blankets, sad movies that end with sniffles or sobs, funny movies that end with people crying from laughter. They’re all a little broken but it’s okay bc the team will always be there.

And bc I’m a cruel bitch, imagine the teams reactions when Shiro disappears after all this happens :) and then when Lance is captured by Prince Lotor :)))))))

I love y'all don’t forget :)

(Reasoning why Lance would just admit he was acting: I’m probably self projecting again but tbh when I’m caught out and someone asks me if I’m just acting I don’t mind admitting it. Maybe subconsciously I know I’ve really lost myself and I might need the help so that’s why I admitted it. But also bc I don’t see the point in doing the whole cliche “w-what? No I’m not this is the real me” bullshit bc 100% of the time no one who actually cares about you will believe that, and Lance RECOGNISES that the team DOES care about him even though his lack of self esteem and overwhelming self doubt often makes him doubt that fact.)

(Also I’m really new to the Voltron fandom so I’m sorry if my writing is crappy and the characters are a little ooc pls forgive this child I’m trying my best)

(New edit: I also have a lot of really cool ideas on how to continue on from Shiro being missing so if y'all want me to continue just ask-)

A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[35] Warning Pop – Knots Untie, 6x11

The dynamic duo are back in action for the first time since they got some action and, in case you were concerned their recent romance would leave them floundering in a fight, we are all good here. These two can look after themselves, and they can damn sure look after each other.

There isn’t even a beat between Hilltop Lady punching Rick, and Michonne appearing from nowhere to take her down. If this zombie outbreak ever passes, Michonne could really consider a job in the secret service. Her reflexes are catlike. Her fighting’s efficient. Within a second, she has that situation handled. It’s easy to see why Rick gets cocky with MVP Michonne on-side. Even before this, she provides him the distraction he needs to stop the other Hilltop dude, Nathan, from killing him. Classic OTP shenanigans.

  • Danai: When this young lady decides to punch Rick, Michonne, of course, doesn’t like that. What she’s really trying to do is give her a little warning pop. […] Don’t mess with Rick in front of Michonne.

“Go beyond! PLUS ULTRA!” trio [60%]

On a side note I wanted them all to smile and have their fist in the air but I’m not sure anymore what I want them to do haha… And since I just wanted to draw Shouto’s boots I’ll edit this to 3 fullbodies (I have no idea how i’ll deal with all 6 feet positions - R.I.P.). Yes, I went through all of this just cause I wanted to draw boots! (don’t even try to think why the heck…)

Also I apologize to all Bakugou’s fans but I draw from left to the right, even though I’m left handed (and on a side note I can hardly deal with his spiky hair and I have no idea what he should do with his arms)… T wT
I wanna be done asap but I’m really struggling because my old laptop can’t deal with the real size of this monster (Image Size 24.5 MB -Resolution 5236×7165).

I will be adding an individual version for each once this is done, as well as an edited wallpaper version~
If you want real size of these you can ask and if it’s for use you shall ask for my permission as well thank you~

My playlist for this fanart:

This is how i feel about finishing this fanart cause i just started it on a whim and i actually sacrifice some sleep time for it <_>



Thank you to @junknight for creating these wonderful characters. They inspire me so much, and the love I have for them goes beyond words. I hope they find happiness in the magical, beautiful, and twisted world you’ve created. Here’s to another year with these wonderful twins. 

supermiikka  asked:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't HYDRA a separate entity from nazis? I think they worked together during WW2, but became their own thing during modern day stories.

I am really never in the mood to hear people try to argue semantics about organizations that resemble Nazis, have admitted Nazi Red Skull running them, or by your admission: worked with Nazis.

They. Are. NAZIS.

I don’t give a crap if they file separate tax returns or their marketing pamphlets made sure to proclaim “Nazi? Not us!” It’s such nonsense meant to distract away from the fascistic policies, and I don’t even get why people would want to try to distance the VILLAIN ORGANIZATION from people who we already KNOW are villains. Do people love the “Hail Hydra” joke so much they want to say it unironically or something?

All because Marvel wanted a villain organization that they could collect royalties on?

EDIT: Just to be clear, not mad at you specifically and not intending any offense - just sick of that argument, sorry. XD

writer-person replied to your photoset “As part of the AO3 Ship Stats project, this list shows the 100…”

I don’t know why races would be added if since such a category would be hard to manage.

Race isn’t as clear cut as the M/M, M/F, F/F, etc categories are

This seems like a good opportunity to talk about this:

The race category is really difficult to maintain. The lines between the categories are blurry and, as a white person, it feels very wrong to be trying to decide ‘is this character POC enough?’ (As it should, tbh.) I rely a lot on suggestions I get from readers, but that ultimately means that I have to make edits for days every year as new corrections come in. It’s frankly a pain in my ass.

So why do I keep at it?

Because unless I highlight the fact that this list is very white, no-one notices.

The first year I made this list, there was no race data. And so there was nearly no discussion of race in the comments. Even now, with the data spelt out for people, a lot of people who reblog don’t seem to see anything wrong with this picture. There is something wrong with this picture.

Adding the race category is my way of drawing attention to fandom’s blind spot. It’s not a perfect system, and I’ve made my fair share of mistakes - but the alternative is not mentioning it at all, and then the conversation falling silent.

So that’s why I put in the effort.

I had all the requisite magazine cover article offers [to announce my coming out]. And I thought, “Why do we have to sensationalize this? Why can’t it be a conversation?” And there are times when I’m like, “Oh man, another political dialogue when I’m trying to promote my stripper movie?!” But you know what? It’s good that we can have these dialogues now so that the generation that comes after me doesn’t even have to have one. - Matt Bomer [11:22]

Also, you know what bothers me the most about that whole conversation? Is how it’s basically a twisted version of Fitzsimmons is. 

Trying to protect each other, their future, and what they’ve built. It makes my skin crawl to hear them repeating those words in that context. 

AIDA is trying to keep Fitz with her by using what she’s witnessed with Fitz and Jemma in real life. She’s keeping him close and keeping him working for her by trying to forge the same bond that she’s seen over and over again. It’s so manipulative and it hurts 

Especially the “I’d cross the universe” for you in that promo. It makes me want to throw up. She’s twisting his memories and his natural instinct to be loyal and loving, and using them to make sure he doesn’t stray. You saw what happened when Fitz tried to push her, she shut him up by kissing him. This isn’t love we’re seeing, it’s her keeping him exactly where she wants him. 

There is nothing there but a lust for his mind and the things he can make. He helped make her so, what else can he do?


Also I think she understands that her attachment to him isn’t as strong as she’d like him to be. Why else would she hide Jemma’s picture from him? She’s scared that, if he even so much as sees her, he’ll remember. No wonder she’s trying to transfer that bond to her.

The world is dyed with the color of blood ~ Vampire Knight (failed edit)

who should you fight - monsta x edition
  • Shownu - who wins: Shownu
  • I have to ask - why would you do this to yourself? You were walking into failure. Not even God will fight Shownu. And you want to try? Not only will Shownu win, worst of all, he'll sit you down after it and say "I'm not angry I'm just disappointed". Now you've upset your dad. Great going.
  • Kihyun - who wins: Kihyun
  • Listen, I get where you're coming from. You probably think you could take him on? He's so adorable and small and aww look at those cheeks and that smol face. WRONG. You would be a fool. Do not forget that Kihyun is a Scorpio. He is a contained bubble of untapped rage. Kihyun will mercilessly tear you apart, physically and verbally, and probably make soup afterwards for everyone else while your bitch ass walks home broken.
  • Minhyuk - who wins: you
  • Please fight Minhyuk. He's fucking ridiculous. This pretty fuckboy will take a selfie mid-fight and just wants to stir up drama so he'll have it coming and needs to meet you in the pit. You'll win and he'll take a selfie afterward because he has no shame. That's just another reason to fight him honestly. No man has a right to look that beautiful after a fight.
  • Wonho - who wins: Wonho
  • I can't see why you'd want to fight Wonho but if you want to you will lose miserably. Have you Seen his muscles??? Do not be fooled by his pretty face, and his sunshine personality. He is ALL Muscle. He will Destroy you and be serving some #looks while he does it. This is just a gym exercise for him. If you must fight him I wish you luck.
  • Hyungwon - who wins: you
  • Not only can you fight Hyungwon easily but you'll win. He's so tall you could probably knock him over like a particularly attractive domino. But why would you do that? What did he do to you? He was probably sleeping and you just decided to throw down? What a hollow victory. What are you trying to prove?? What did he do wrong you monster?
  • Jooheon - who wins: tie
  • It would be an even match (as long as you don't involve his thighs in which case, good luck). On your side you have the element of surprise, on Jooheon's side he has the advantage of.....being able to roll yarn really fast. Either way it'll be exciting.
  • I.M - who wins: tie
  • I mean, my first question is why though. Why would you fight him what has Changkyun done wrong??? Was he TOO cute??? Were his raps TOO good??? Did he make a bad pun??? Wait if it's the last reason, you DEFINITELY have to beat his ass. It has to happen. Either way, it'll be a close match. Fair warning though, if you win against him, you'll have to fight all the other members afterwards who will not hesitate to protect their beloved maknae.
Your Scars (Newt x Reader)

Originally posted by lordgolemord

Request:   I know you already wrote one about scars but could you please write one where both the reader and Newt are looking at one another’s scars and Newt like kisses the reader’s scars to make them feel better?  - Anon

It was quite short, oh well.  And this one sucked since I had to drop what I was doing and go somewhere so I will try and edit this later

**These scars are animal-inflicted**

You had already known about your boyfriend Newt’s scars.  What he didn’t know about, however, were your scars.  Unlike his, yours ran all along the length of both your arms.  That was why you always wore long sleeves after you had got enough of them that they didn’t look right.  Nobody ever seemed to really notice, even during the summer.  If someone were to ask during summer you would always answer with:  “I ran out of shirts.  All my others have yet to be washed.” 

But today you seemed to forget them, you were too busy spending most of the morning snatching all of your jewelry back from the Niffler that by the time you tugged back your last necklace, what shirt you wore didn’t matter to you anymore.

Newt was climbing out of his case after he had finished feeding his creatures breakfast and walked over to where you were sitting in the living room listening to the radio with a blanket covering your entire body.  It was one of those days in New York during winter.  

“Good morning, Y/N!”

You smiled at the sound of his voice.  “Good morning to you too, Newt.”

He plopped down next to you on the sofa and wrapped his arms around your blanket-covered shoulders.  He kissed you on the cheek and then lay bury his head in the crook of your neck.  You brought up a hand from the blanket and pet his hair.

When he pulled his head off your shoulder, his happy and light expression became one of worry and sorrow.  You looked at him confused, but then quickly followed his glance that laid on your arm. 

He gently touched one.  “Y/N… what are these?”

You brought your arm to your chest.  You lay your head back, close your eyes, and sigh.  “I didn’t think you would ever see them.  I really hoped you wouldn’t.  At least, not now…”

“This whole situation seems a tad familiar,” he tried to joke, but you didn’t laugh.  He soon took notice of your face that was now plastered with a frown and sadness-filled eyes.  He wrapped an arm over your shoulders and gently lifted your arm away from your chest.  He peppered kisses along all of your scars, causing a tear to slip from one of your eyes and a smile to appear.

Newt pulled you to his chest and rested his chin on your head.  “I love you no matter what imperfections you may have.  Always remember that.”

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!  (I had to go somewhere so chances are I will edit this later)