why do i even tag glee

Note, that this actually happened. and I am currently eating pancakes at 12 AM with my mom and sister.
  • 11: 55 am....
  • Mom: *barges into my room and slowly approaches me* Shhhhhhhh.
  • Me: *pauses gossip girl and looks at her* I didn't even... say anything?
  • Mom: Do you want pancakes?
  • Me: *stares blankly at her* What..?
  • Mom: I said shhh. Dad is sleeping. Pancakes. do you want pancakes. I'm making them.
  • Me: *looks at the time* It is literally almost 12 in the morning. I don't think the phrase "Midnight snack" was ever taken literally.
  • Mom: So, pancakes..?
  • Me: *sighs* sure, why not. Who could turn down free food at 12 am. *sets laptop aside and goes downstairs*
This is not right!

As Glee fans we should not take this crap RIB is giving us any more! It is freaking nationals! Artie And Tina are Originals but Blaine gets a solo while they fight for one? The newbies are no longer gonna even be on Glee and get no songs but Blaine  easily got to sing lead and have his own solo because he is (from  the writers and Mr. Schues mouth from the recent Audio spoilers) “The New Rachel” Well Guess what! Blaine NEVER wrote any music for Glee club!

Blaine NEVER saved them at any Glee competitions like Rachel and the old ND people did! Blaine was the one who TOLD the Warblers about their damn set list in the first place! Blaine ALWAYS Sings! Why do he get a free past at every fucking thing?! Why do he get to ease into New York and be a dick their AFTER he ruined Lima side!

Blaine is why people are sick of Lima and are now moving to New York! Peoples choice CLEARLY stated people did not care about BLAINE, KLAINE(Blaine in Klaine, not Kurt, they love Kurt) , and BLAM!!!! ALL OF THEM LOST! But why do we Gleeks have to accept this? Klainers get what ever the fuck they want because they are loud! Klainers are Big Blaine supporters, they get mad when he miss one song for ONE episode! It does not matter that he sings 2-4 times each episode!

I really am sick of this! If you are sick of the mistreatment and DOUBLE STANDARDS with Glee characters compared to Blaine Anderson, say something! We ALL have a voice! For ONCE Artie and Tina should be able to have a moment for their last days of high school, but we will NEVER get that because because of Blaine! Because the WRITERS and KLAINERS shove him down the REST of the FANDOMS throats!

And we are sick of it! I am TIRED Of Blaine getting every thing handed to him! I am TIRED for him to NEVER have to work for any damn thing! Rachel may have been the star of the Glee club, but at least they mentioned other people needing to shine for once! But not Blaine! Blaine gets EVERYTHING!

He was HANDED a solo because it is his senior year! Kurt’s senior year, Blaine sung a DUET with Rachel, he certainly did not give a damn about the man he loves having a solo or duet for HIS senior year! And now his best friend Tina must battle it out with Artie for a solo, their are TWO solos, but Blaine do not even have to fucking work for it!

Want to know how much everyone got to sing compared to fucking Blaine through season 4-5? Let me show you! I will also state how many damn solos they got! (Did not feel like normally checking every song, so here is Glee wiki! And what I remember hearing on canon, also I do not count songs in 2014 that have not aired yet)

  1. Blaine: 36 songs total for season 4, 8 solos season 413 songs so far in canon season 5, 3 solos season 5
  2. Marley: 32 songs total for season 4, 4 solos season 4,   8 songs so far in canon season 5, 1 solo season 5
  3. Rachel: 26 songs total for season 4, 7solos season 4,  13 songs so far in canon season 5, 2 solos season 5
  4. Sam: 23 songs total for season 4, 3 solos season 4, 10 songs so far in canon, solo season 5
  5. Jake:  22 songs total for season 4,  4 solos season 4, 10 songs so far in canon season 5, 1 solo season 5
  6. Ryder: 20 songs total for season 4, 4 solos season 4, 7 songs so far in canon, 1 solo season 5
  7. Brittany: 17 songs total for season 4, 2 solos season 4, season 5 N/A
  8. Kurt: 16 songs total for season 4, 3 solos season 4, 9 songs so far in canon season 5, zero solos from canon to recent spoilers
  9. Unique: 16 songs total for season 4, zero solos season 4, songs so far in canon season 5, 2 solos season 5
  10. Santana: 14 songs total for season 4, 4 solos season 4, 11 songs so far in canon season 5,  1 solo season 5
  11. Kitty: 14 songs total season 4,  2 solos season 4, 10 songs so far in canon season 5, zero solos period season 5
  12. Tina: 12 songs total season 4,   3 solos season 4, 8 songs so far in canon season 5, zero solos season 5
  13. Artie: 11 songs total season 4, 2 solos season 4, 11 songs so far in canon season 5, 1 solo season 5
  14. Finn: 10 songs total season 4, solo was cut, so now zero solos
  15. Mercedes: 5 songs total season 4, 1 solo season 4, 2 songs so far in canon season 5, 1 soloseason 5
  16. Mr Shue: 5 songs total season 4, 1 solo season 4, songs so far in canon season 5, zero solos season 5
  17. Quinn: songs total in season 4, solo season 4, season 5 N/A so far in canon
  18. Puck: 4 songs total in season 4, zero solos season 4, 2 songs so far in canon season 5, 1 solo season 5
  19. Emma: 3 total in season 4, zero solos season 4, season 5 N/A
  20. Mike:songs total in season 4, zero solos season 4, season 5 N/A 
  21. Sue: 2 songs total season 4, 1 solo season 4, 1 solo season 5, zero solos season 5

All these characters have story’s and backgrounds, they do not get to shine because of Blaine, they get very few songs because of Blaine, and I am sick of it! They are already making episode 14 as we speak!

If you DO NOT want New York, or the rest of Glee like this before Glee finally ends, can you guys help me and speak up with me?  We are probably one  fandom who hates Glee more than people who do not even watch it, but we are still here!

We still have a voice and we need to be heard! Klainers plot and plan together for Blaine and getting Klaine scenes for even MORE Blaine! Blaine gets to go to New York because he is riding Kurt’s coat tails and since Kurt has to go back to his cheating ex, he never gets to shine as a character for himself, Blaine gets to have it all!

He gets to take over everything and the rest of us and our favorite characters get shitted in for Blee! Well I for one do not want to allow this to keep happening! Glee will be on tomorrow at 8 PM in the US time zone, It would be great if you Gleeks can maybe help me speak up: I will be tweeting a few things and blogging a few things dealing with these words:

  • Blaine needs to go,
  • Stop singing Blaine
  • No more Klaine
  • We Don’t Want Blaine
  •  Give us Back Glee and no more Blee
  • Sick of hearing Blaine sing
  • Stop the double standard in Glee by giving Blaine all the songs 
  • Blaine has too much screen time

I will be doing this all week, but will be starting tomorrow, You do not have to hash tag them if you do not want to.

Even if no one decides to tweet or blog about this, just think about this please: What have Blaine done to deserve getting everything handed to him? What have Blaine suffered? What consequences and lessons did Blaine ever learn? Why is Blaine an Under dog? Why is Blaine so special that nothing bad EVER happens to him? Why do ever person have to agree with Blaine? Why do characters get sidelined by Blaine?

 Ask yourself this, and even though Blaine is just a character, and is not real, the WRITERS are! And They can hear our voice! The Klaine/Blaine fandom speaks loud enough for Blaine, why can’t we speak loud as a fandom about what we want for characters WE love?!

Why can’t we let Glee know we are sick and tired of the double standards concerning Blaine against the rest of the characters on Glee! Every character on Glee has suffered and been the under dog, have been told no, seen as the bad guy, EXCEPT FOR BLAINE! He CHEATED so that was HIS fault if he was sad!

That is no excuse for Blangst! Blaine NEVER have to work for anything! He is handed everything, and I am not going to stay silent about this, so end Blee, and bring back Glee!