why do i even pretend to post other things

My dear lgbt+ children, 

Just a quick info: It goes beyond my imagination why someone would do this but if you come across any posts by blogs who say “letters-to-lgbt-kids is my main” or “I wanted to post this on my other blog, letters-to-lgbt-kids, but this one has more followers” - Nope, they’re not me. They do not own this blog. 

I have blogs next to this one but as they’re not lgbt+-themed and would most likely bore you, i never posted such a thing on them, so if you come across a post saying they’re me, please know they are lying (even though i fail to grasp why exactly they pretend to be me). 

With all my love, 

Your (really confused) Tumblr Mom

Can we not act like there is no discrimination amongst ALL Black ethnic groups? I’ve seen African-Americans call Africans dirty and associate us with poverty and a lack of education. I’ve seen Africans demean and mock Afro-Caribbeans and vice versa. I’ve seen Afro-Dominicans label African-Americans and Africans as dirty and disgusting. Even Africans discriminate against other Africans depending on their countries, regions, tribes, neighborhoods, etc. I just hate how posts on here have no problem addressing how non-AA Black people express anti-AA sentiments but pretend that AAs don’t do the same thing. That certainly doesn’t justify anything, but that’s also an issue too. Remember that not all African Americans consider themselves African and not all people of the diaspora want to be associated with Africa. As a matter of fact many people of the diaspora vehemently reject the idea of being considered African. Why is that never anything that gets talked about here? The bottom line is, any Black ethnic group putting down another Black ethnic group is just dumb. Most of us (if not all) are of African decent and still have to fight anti-Blackness in this world. Celebrating our differences is cool as long as it isn’t at the expense of other people. Creating some sort of hierarchy is dumb because the world will still see us all as inferior just because we’re Black.