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If I read one more post accusing destiel and bi!dean fans of fetishizing the characters and abusing the shows creators I’m gonna scream.

Fuck. Off.

This has sometimes been a horrid hiatus. The ridiculous attacks on meta writers for a start were honestly laughable. Accusing us of having some conspiracy in place.

Now we are once again being called delusional for reading and analysing well known story tropes and symbolism that is literally in the text book for filmmaking 101 (which I would know as I studied those fucking textbooks)

Here’s an idea. If you are thinking of attacking people whose opinions differ from yours. DON’T. You are an asshole. You can’t cover it up by pretending you are on some righteous path to “protect” the show creators and actors from rabid fans. We all know your true intentions. Why even write posts attacking other bloggers? Posts specifically designed to cause offence? Why do people do this?? I don’t fucking understand it and I never will.

We quite happily stay in our lane. We tag stuff appropriately and we mix within our own little community. If you don’t like it Tumblr saviour is a thing ya know. USE IT.

No one that I know in the meta community, destiel shippers or bi!dean supporters have EVER harassed the cast and crew either, so again such accusations are entirely laughable to me. And the accusations of fetishizing Dean and Cas again are ridiculous. In the context of the show, we just want to see this healthy happy love story play out the way it naturally appears to be playing. It’s not about sex FFS. It’s about a love story and wanting to see that love story come to fruition. If I fetishized gay characters just because they are hot and I wanna see them fuck I’d ship a whole bunch of hot guys together regardless of whether they are anything in canon, or even in the same show, hell, maybe I’d even ship incest if it was just about hot guys having sex. But I DON’T. It’s not about that. It’s about the canon love story and if you assholes can’t see that it’s not my problem. But don’t go shitting on people who do. We ain’t the problem in this fandom. YOU ARE.

I’m so done. Bring on season 13 because this hiatus needs to end already. Urgh.

callout post for @ me
  • has never even listened to be more chill or newsies despite everyone on my dash always talking about those shows. i just nod when i see those posts and pretend to understand. i don’t understand. i can’t even fool myself. who’s race?? who’s rich?? what’s up with these 4 letter names that start with r that aren’t usually names?? can race race ? is rich rich? ? what’s a squip? is it that pink fluffy monster thing that was in a few of those bts photos of bmc a while back? do newsies and be more chill have anything to do with each other why are y’all always blogging about both of them ? a nd why are they called newsies? there’s something to do w a strike and newspaper but ? i know mike faist was once one, but everyone else? i saw a clip of them performing once and they were dancing on newspaper like that can’t be safe? why is that poor guy’s head spinning ? does he have a concussion? is the squip good or bad is it like an alien that possesses people or is it like a dementor or is it like your alter ego? ? ? what? who? when? where? why?

I have no idea how to express what I think about this but people keep copying my stories and posting them on their blogs or other places. I really am disappointed. People do not even read my stories that much so I have no idea why this keeps happening. I am not the greatest writer in the world I know. However I am trying my best to do my own thing. Copying it word by word and using it as if your own, is this right? Reblog or credit if you want to share it. Actually I would be so happy if you did that, knowing that someone appretiates my work. You just take it and pretend you wrote it when I spent my hours on what took you mere 2-3 minutes to put there. Time is the most valuable thing in this world because there is noway to take it back. By stealing my content you do not only steal my efforts but also my time. Not just me… This keeps happening to other people who puts efforts in writing, editing, painting or other things. I am sure there are lots of people feels the same way I do. You know why? It really is not easy to respect someone’s work. I don’t know why stealing is easier than saying “That was great” or “I like it” I hope you all think twice before you do such a thing again. If you aren’t apathetical these words should kick some sense into you. Still feeling the need to protect my stuff I disabled click and text selection on my blog. I will also label my stories with keep reading so the full version will only be available on my own page. Though, its sad that I have to do that… It really is…

My dear lgbt+ children, 

Just a quick info: It goes beyond my imagination why someone would do this but if you come across any posts by blogs who say “letters-to-lgbt-kids is my main” or “I wanted to post this on my other blog, letters-to-lgbt-kids, but this one has more followers” - Nope, they’re not me. They do not own this blog. 

I have blogs next to this one but as they’re not lgbt+-themed and would most likely bore you, i never posted such a thing on them, so if you come across a post saying they’re me, please know they are lying (even though i fail to grasp why exactly they pretend to be me). 

With all my love, 

Your (really confused) Tumblr Mom

Can we not act like there is no discrimination amongst ALL Black ethnic groups? I’ve seen African-Americans call Africans dirty and associate us with poverty and a lack of education. I’ve seen Africans demean and mock Afro-Caribbeans and vice versa. I’ve seen Afro-Dominicans label African-Americans and Africans as dirty and disgusting. Even Africans discriminate against other Africans depending on their countries, regions, tribes, neighborhoods, etc. I just hate how posts on here have no problem addressing how non-AA Black people express anti-AA sentiments but pretend that AAs don’t do the same thing. That certainly doesn’t justify anything, but that’s also an issue too. Remember that not all African Americans consider themselves African and not all people of the diaspora want to be associated with Africa. As a matter of fact many people of the diaspora vehemently reject the idea of being considered African. Why is that never anything that gets talked about here? The bottom line is, any Black ethnic group putting down another Black ethnic group is just dumb. Most of us (if not all) are of African decent and still have to fight anti-Blackness in this world. Celebrating our differences is cool as long as it isn’t at the expense of other people. Creating some sort of hierarchy is dumb because the world will still see us all as inferior just because we’re Black.