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Albus Dumbledore and Ron Weasley have to be THE most unfairly shitted on characters in the whole fandom. I mean those are the two that fandom will not give any slack whatsoever. Poor Dumbledore doesn’t even get hated for things he did, but gets blamed for things that aren’t even his fault: the Potters’ deaths, Peter, Voldemort’s rise, the way nonhumans in his society are treated (but when he tries to help its abusive. EVERYTHING this man ever does with and for another person is always considered abusive. Every interaction ever.) That man gets the most hate for shit that he had JACK to do with. And poor Ron. My poor precious baby, he’s considered abusive, stupid and gluttonous all the time. When he has a teen insecurity it’s abusive like teenagers have never been dicks before sometimes. And because he likes to eat? Who doesn’t, I know I do. He’s abusive? Why,because sometimes he could be a jerk like every other teenage boy?! And he’s constantly demonized for it just like Dumbledore is. They are not allowed to be human. Even Voldemort gets more sympathy than these two. Look, if it was between Voldy and Dumbledore I’m picking Dumbledore any day. Some people say they’d trust Snape more than Dumbledore which is cool, forgetting that Snape was loyal to this man and respected him.

PS: He didn’t “plan Harry’s death.” Harry was fucked from the get-go, the night he became a Horcrux. Oh look, something that isn’t Dumbledore’s fault.h


“Lara Jean? Are you okay?”
I nod my head yes and make a motion like he should just go. He rolls the window back up, and I think he’s really going to drive off, but then he pulls over to the side and parks.
Peter sits down next to me. “How long have you been sitting here crying by yourself ?”
I turn my head and wipe my face again. “I’m not crying.”
”He’s getting into his car when, as an afterthought, he turns around and asks, “Want me to call Triple A for you?”
“No, that’s okay,” I say. “Thanks for stopping, though. That was really nice of you.”
Peter grins. I remember that about Peter—how much he likes positive reinforcement. “Do you feel better now?”
I nod. I do, actually.
“Good,” he says.


Have some Amamatsu (and Bonus OumaSai ;) ) ❤❤❤

—-story behind the idea—-
I immediately thought of Amamatsu when i saw the text post, and im like… “Im pretty sure Amami will say this because he definitely have that brother instincts/reflexes, right?… With so many sisters why wouldnt he?

And ofc while i was in the final touches it hit me.. “oh donuts! this would have definitely fit Oumasai, Oumami, Oumaede and even Saiede”… Ill do those next time

Ps. Yes, Ouma saw the whole thing (Amamatsu moment)

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(inspired by anoutherstraight)


Okay, so since the first time I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I‘ve been witness of some fans making Severus Snape a hero. Like hear me out: THE FACT THAT SNAPE MADE SOME BRAVE CHOICES DOES NOT MAKE HIM A HERO. All he did to protect Harry was because the boy was the only thing left of Lily, he felt no remorse whatsoever about joining the Death Eaters in the first place, he only left bc the “love of his life”, I mean the girl he was obsessed with, was in danger. (like, she was in danger the whole time becase she fucking joined the order AND she was a muggleborn)

Now I’m going to point out, with actual facts, why Snape was a terrible person who happened to be brave in some cases:

Philosopher’s Stone:

  • He knew Harry was raised by muggles, he knew how Petunia was and still went on to ask questions thet he probably wouldn’t be able to answer
  • ´Snape’s lips curled into a sneer. “Tut, tut- fame clearly isn’t everything´ (PS, The Potions Master)
  • If there is something I learned as my time as an english tutor for kids i that you NEVER call them idiots, they’ll belive it and it won’t be easy for them to forget it either. But Snape just went on and called Nevile, a boy who was ALWAYS looked down even by his own family “they tought I might not be magic enough to come” (PS, The Sorting Hat), an idiot, like, seriously Snape?
  •  After calling Neville and idiot for a mistake that ANYONE could have had he took points from gryffindor because Harry didn’t tell him how to do it right “You- Potter- why didn’t you tell him not to add the quills? Thought he’d make you look good if he got it wrong, did you? That’s another point you’ve lost for Gryffindor” (PS, The Potions Master). Like chill Severus the boy was probably trying to do his OWN potion.
  • Imagine how bad he treated Harry and how much he hated him that his friends, Hermione speifically suspected Snape when Harry lost control of his broom: ´”I knew it” Hermione gasped, “Snape- look”´ (PS, Quidditch)
  • He was biased while refereering the gryffindor vs. hufflepuff match. “Snape awarded Hufflepuff another penalty for no reason at all” (PS, Nicolas Flamel) 
  • He used his position of power to abuse others, and that, it’s not a correct move

Chamber of Secrets:

  • When he caught Harry and Ron after they arrived at Hogwarts in the car instead of the train he didn’t let them explain:  “So,” he said softly, “the train isn’t good enough for the famous Harry Potter and his faithful sidekick Weasley. Wanted to arrive with a bang, did we, boys?”“No, sir, it was the barrier at King’s Cross, it—”“Silence!” said Snape coldly. “What have you done with the car?” (CS, The Whomping Willow) Like Ron said once why do you ask the boys a question if you are not going to let them answer? 
  • He wanted to expell them after the incident with the car and was very disappointed when that didn’t happen: ´Snape looked as though Christmas had been canceled. He cleared his throat and said, “Professor Dumbledore, these boys have flouted the Decree for the Restriction of Underage Wizardry, caused serious damage to an old and valuable tree-surely acts of this nature—"´ (CS, The Womping Willow)
  • “Harry had been held back in Potions, where Snape had made him stay behind to scrape tubeworms off the desks “ (CS, The Writing on the Wall) Why, Severus?
  • “When Snape turned and walked off to bully Neville “ (CS, The Dueling Club)

Prisioner of Askaban:

  • He is a resentful git: “ It was common knowledge that Snape wanted the Defense Against the Dark Arts job, but even Harry, who hated Snape, was startled at the expression twisting his thin, sallow face. It was beyond anger: it was loathing. Harry knew that expression only too well; it was the look Snape wore every time he set eyes on Harry.” (PA, The Dementor) Why would you use that look on a 13 year old, Severus?
  • Again, he uses his position of power for his own gain; “Snape was head of Slytherin House, and generally favored his own students above all others” (PA, The Boggart in the Wardrobe)
  • Again, infered Neville is an idiot:  “Orange. Tell me, boy, does anything penetrate that thick skull of yours? Didn’t you hear me say, quite clearly, that only one rat spleen was needed? Didn’t I state plainly that a dash of leech juice would suffice? What do I have to do to make you understand, Longbottom?” (PA, The Boggart in the Wardrobe)
  • When Hermione offered to help Neville she called her a show of:  “I don’t remember asking you to show off, Miss Granger,” (PA, The Boggart in the Wardrobe)
  • And then he went and threaten Neville’s toad:  “Longbottom, at the end of this lesson we will feed a few drops of this potion to your toad and see what happens. Perhaps that will encourage you to do it properly.”  (PA, The Boggart in the Wardrobe)
  • Then he takes points from gryffindor because he couldn’t poison Trevor:  “Five points from Gryffindor,” said Snape, which wiped the smiles from every face. “I told you not to help him, Miss Granger. Class dismissed.”  (PA, The Boggart in the Wardrobe)
  • “Possibly no one’s warned you, Lupin, but this class contains Neville Longbottom. I would advise you not to entrust him with anything difficult. Not unless Miss Granger is hissing instructions in his ear.” (PA, The Boggart in the Wardrobe)  WHAT AN ASSHOLE, teachers should encourage their students not put them down for their mistakes
  • When Lupin asked Neville his worst fear he answers Snape (a boy who got his parents tortured and a grandma like augusta) No wonder he can’t finish his potions 
  • After the encounter with the boggart, it is said that Snape bullied Neville worse than ever (Flight of the Fat Lady, if you were wondering)
  • He tried to get Lupin fired for helping Sirius Black, just because he did not trust him
  • And when Dumbledore didn’t agree, as always, he was resentful: “Snape stood for a moment, watching the headmaster with an expression of deep resentment on his face; then he too left.” (PA, Grim Defeat)
  • He tried to expose Lupin in front of the third years 
  • In order to make Lupin look like an useless professor, by ignoring Hermione when she knew the answer to the question he asked
  • “That is the second time you have spoken out of turn, Miss Granger,” said Snape coolly. “Five more points from Gryffindor for being an insufferable know-it-all.”  (PA, Grim Defeat) As Ron said you don’t ask a question if you don’t want to hear the answer 
  • Gave Ron a detention for defending Hermone and criticizing his lack of skills while teaching
  • As he couldn’t talk about werewolves in class he left them a essay, so he could expose Lupin and get him fired
  • He insulted James in frot of Harrry just to provoke him:  “Rules were for lesser mortals, not Quidditch Cup-winners. His head was so swollen —” (PA, Snape’s Grudge)
  • He was very happy with the thought that he could send Lupin and Black to askaban
  • Insulted Hermione, he called her stupid
  • Showed his resentment towars James multiple times:  “Like father, like son, Potter! I have just saved your neck; you should be thanking me on bended knee! You would have been well served if he’d killed you! You’d have died like your father, too arrogant to believe you might be mistaken in Black — now get out of the way, or I will make you. GET OUT OF THE WAY, POTTER!” (PA, The Servant of Lord Voldemort)
  • He really wanted Sirius to get kissed by a dementor just because he was still angry for the pran they played on him:  “Sirius Black showed he was capable of murder at the age of sixteen,” he breathed. “You haven’t forgotten that, Headmaster? You haven’t forgotten that he once tried to kill me?” (PA, Hermione’s Secret)
  • I’m pretty sure Snape, being Voldemrts right hand, knew the real spy and traitor was Peter AND he also knew Sirius was innocent, and still wanted hm to get the dementor’s kiss 
  • He was soooo angry when Sirius scaped and did not hesitate to blame Harry in front of the minister of magic WITHOUT proof (PA, Owl Post Again)
  • AND still pissed off because of Sirius escaping and being unable to get Lupin fired all year he managed to make him resign by tellin his house he was a werewolf  “Er — Snape told all the Slytherins this mornin’… . Thought everyone’d know by now … Professor Lupin’s a werewolf, see. An’ he was loose on the grounds las’ night… . He’s packin’ now, o’ course.” (PA, Owl Post Again)

Goblet of Fire: 

  • He was resented with Harry after what happened with Sirius the year before:  “Harry’s loathing of Snape was matched only by Snape’s hatred of him, a hatred which had, if possible, intensified last year, when Harry had helped Sirius escape right under Snape’s overlarge nose” (GF,  The Triwizard Tournament)  
  • Gave Neville a very cruel detention:  “and Neville returned from it in a state of nervous collapse, having been made to disembowel a barrel full of horned toads” (GF, The Unforgivable Curses)
  • Are you really going to poison your students, Severus? “They took this one seriously, as he had hinted that he might be poisoning one of them before Christmas to see if their antidote worked.” (GF, Beuxbatons and Durmstrang) 
  • Without proof (as most of the time) tried to blame Harry for something, in this case joining the Triwizard Tournament):  “It’s no one’s fault but Potter’s, Karkaroff,” said Snape softly. His black eyes were alight with malice. “Don’t go blaming Dumbledore for Potter’s determination to break rules. He has been crossing lines ever since he arrived here —” (GF, The Four Champions)
  • Mocked Hermione’s teeth  Snape looked coldly at Hermione, then said, “I see no difference.” (GF, The Weighing of the Wands) This ended with Hermione changing her appearence forever
  • When Ron and Harry went to defend Hermione after Snape’s stupid remark he gave them a detention
  • Be reasonable, Severus. You know what can happen to a kid who’s been bullied, and still you abuse your students
  • Imagine how bad he hd to be to his students that they called him evil, like Ron did multiple times during the book
  • Again tried to provoke Harry, but this time, by insulting the boy  “All this press attention seems to have inflated your already overlarge head, Potter,” said Snape quietly, once the rest of the class had settled down again. (GF, Padfoot Returns)
  • “but I don’t care how many times your picture appears in the papers. To me, Potter, you are nothing but a nasty little boy who considers rules to be beneath him.”  (GF Padfoot Returns) Severus back a it again with insulting his students
  • He was a death eater

Order of the Phoenix:

  • Knew of Sirius’ condition as a fugitive, and how he could not get out of Number 12 Grimmauld Place and still made fun of him: “Listening to Snape’s reports, having to take all his snide hints that he’s out there risking his life while I’m sat on my backside here having a nice comfortable time … asking me how the cleaning’s going —”  (OOTP, The Order of the Phoenix) 
  • “Merely that I am sure you must feel — ah — frustrated by the fact that you can do nothing useful,” Snape laid a delicate stress on the word, “for the Order.” (OOTP, Occlumency) 
  • “Oh, but why don’t you tell him so?” whispered Snape. “Or are you afraid he might not take the advice of a man who has been hiding inside his mother’s house for six months very seriously?”  (OOTP, Occlumency)
  • Instead of correcting his students mistakes he shamed them for it:  “Tell me, Potter,” said Snape softly, “can you read?” (OOTP, Professor Umbridge) And then instead of giving him the grade he deserved for forgetting one ingredient, like he did with others like Ron and Neville, he vanished his potion like he didn’t do it so he couldn’t test it. 
  • Yeah, well,” said Harry, glowering at his plate, “since when has Snape ever been fair to me?” (OOTP, Professor Umbridge) 
  • Again he vanished Harry’s potion, leaving him with no marks 
  • Severus, again, using his position of power for his own privilege: “He was also turning a deaf ear to the many reports of Slytherin attempts to hex Gryffindor players in the corridors.” (OOTP, The Lion and the Serpent)
  • He didn’t tell Harry how to block his mind:  “I’m trying,” said Harry angrily, “but you’re not telling me how!” (OOTP, Occlumency)
  • You don’t insult your students, Severus:  “Fools who wear their hearts proudly on their sleeves, who cannot control their emotions, who wallow in sad memories and allow themselves to be provoked this easily — weak people, in other words — they stand no chance against his powers! He will penetrate your mind with absurd ease, Potter!” (OOTP, Occlumency) and again  “You are lazy and sloppy, Potter, it is small wonder that the Dark Lord —” (OOTP, Seen and Unforseen)
  • He used Sectumsempra’s curse on Jmaes, I know he was defending himself ut there’s no need to use dark magic
  • He called his best friend, ONLY FRIEND, a racial slur:  “I don’t need help from filthy little Mudbloods like her!” (OOTP, Snape’s Worst Memory). And don’t dare to tell me he only did it because he was angry, I know sometimes we say things we don’t mean in these kind of situations, but he still surronded himself with people who wante to kill all muggleborns AND every other muggleborn was a mudblod for him, why was Lily any different?
  • Physically abused Harry because he was angry, I know what he did was not ethic at all, but a detention is enough:  “ Snape threw Harry from him with all his might. Harry fell hard onto the dungeon floor.” ; “Get out, get out, I don’t want to see you in this office ever again!” And as Harry hurtled toward the door, a jar of dead cockroaches exploded over his head. (OOTP, Snape’s Worst Memory)
  • He threw Harry’s potions sample to the floor preventing him to test the potion just because he was resentful.  
  • He knew how important it was for Harry to learn occlumency and he stopped giving him classes (in which he never actualy explained how to clear your mind) and later ignored when Lupin asked him to start them again even when he knew how poorly Harry’s progressed 
  • Professor Dubledore himself:  “I trust Severus Snape,” said Dumbledore simply. “But I forgot — another old man’s mistake — that some wounds run too deep for the healing. I thought Professor Snape could overcome his feelings about your father — I was wrong.” (OOTP, The Lost Prophecy)

The Half-Blood Prince:

  • Mocked Tonks when her patronus changed to match Remus’, like dude, have you seen your own patronus? (HBP, Snape Victorious)
  • He still uses his position of power for his own privilege
  • He knwe Harry was still sad about Sirius’ death, and gave hima detention in which we WAS going to see his name multiple times: “ It was, as Harry had anticipated, useless, boring work, punctuated (as Snape had clearly planned) with the regular jolt in the stomach that meant he had just read his father or Sirius’s names “ (HBP, Sectumsempra)
  • He never got tired of insulting James, did he? Don’t you feel a littel remorse for getting him killed, Severus?  “You dare use my own spells against me, Potter? It was I who invented them — I, the Half-Blood Prince! And you’d turn my inventions on me, like your filthy father, would you? I don’t think so … no!” (HBP, Flight of the Prince)

Deathly Hallows:

  • He spied on Petunia and Lily (DH, The Princes Tale)
  • Snape threw a tree branch over Petunia, it hurted her shoulder  (DH, The Prince’s Tale)
  • Mocked James for wanting to be a gryfindor “No,” said Snape, though his slight sneer said otherwise. “If you’d rather be brawny than brainy —” (DH, The Prince’s Tale)
  • Did not listen to Lily’s advice and thought that using dark magc on Mary Mcdonald was just for “a laugh”
  • Tried to compare his use of dark magic withthe pranks that the marauders pulled off 
  • Tried to control Lily’s life:  Snape’s whole face contorted and he spluttered, “Saved? Saved? You think he was playing the hero? He was saving his neck and his friends’ too! You’re not going to — I won’t let you —” “Let me? Let me?” and “I know James Potter’s an arrogant toerag,” she said, cutting across Snape. “I don’t need you to tell me that. But Mulciber’s and Avery’s idea of humor is just evil. Evil, Sev. I don’t understand how you can be friends with them.”  (DH, The Prince’s Tale)
  • Wanted to join Voldemort and his Death Eaters, a group who persecuted and harassed muggleborns, like Lily, in order to mantain blood purity
  • “No — listen, I didn’t mean —” “— to call me Mudblood? But you call everyone of my birth Mudblood, Severus. Why should I be any different?” He struggled on the verge of speech, but with a contemptuous look she turned and climbed back through the portrait hole… .   (DH, The Prince’s Tale)  I think Lily already said everything there is to say here
  • Did not care about James and Harry dying as long as Lily lived, he did not care if by doing so Lily will lose everything that makes her happy, her husband and son:  “You do not care, then, about the deaths of her husband and child? They can die, as long as you have what you want?” Snape said nothing, but merely looked up at Dumbledore.  “Hide them all, then,” he croaked. “Keep her — them — safe. Please.” (DH, The Prince’s Tale)
  • “Always,” said Snape. (DH, The Prince’s Tale): Now let’s talk about this quote, almost everyone think this is beautiful, but what it really shows it’ shows obsessed Severus was with Lily, their pratonuses are a stron reason, they don’t complement each other like Lily’s and James’ do, instead, Snape’s patronus copies Lily’s. He can’t stand the fact that Lily chose James over him, even if their friendshipended because he chose eath eaters over her. The hatred he feels towards James makes it unbearable that Lily and James got married

Now concluding, as JK said Severus is a  grey character, he’s very complex and useful to the plot of the story, but still he was a terrible person, and THAT is somethig that Snape lovers seem to ignore. To be a hero you do the things because they are the right thing to do, Snape chose his moves just because in order to redeem himself he promised Dumbledore to protect Harry, the only thing left of Lily. 

If he believed on Lily’s and the order cause he would have joined it in the beginning, instead he chose the group who commited slaughter and who were to kill as many people as they could. I know Snape’s life was not easy, he had an abusive father, he was bullied at school and many other things, and those can be reasons to the path he chose but tey are definitely not excuses  

Reigen Headcanons

lmao this is long overdue, but tbh i was stuck on him for a bit. (which is why i saved him and mob for last)

// Teru // Shou // Ritsu // Reigen // Mob // Serizawa //

  • Probably has like. barely any Casual Clothes. at least 70% of his wardrobe is suits and ties and slacks because he always is Dressed to Impress
    • but. that 30% is like old worn out shirts of bands that no one remembers and weird pajama pants with tacky designs on them
    • 70% classy 30% tacky
  • sometimes passes out on his desk at the office. not all the time, but often enough that he has a constant kink in his neck
    • gets woken up at 3am by Shou breaking a potted plant while crawling through the window
  • “ooh, god. My neck is absolutely killing me. I don’t even know what I did.” “Maybe its because you’re like fifty, old man.” “wh-aa I uhm– why you even here, Ritsu.” “….. I’m here for Shou…” “oooh I see. So that’s it, huh? Well–” “Oh my god, stop looking at me like that.”
  • has chronic back pain
    • the whole reason he actually learned how to give some killer massages was to try and work the pain out of his own back instead of ‘exorcising’ curses n whatnot, but hey, two birds one stone
  • has a mini fridge in his office
    • before he met mob it used to be full of mostly cheap beer that he could barely stomach. Now there’s always milk, coffee creamer, and whatever is left over from their lunches together
  • has to put a baby lock on said mini fridge
    • teru doesnt know how to unlock them
  • Reigen externally: “oh haha, that, uuh, that was a close one, eh Mob? That damn spirit almost h-had us, huh? good thing I was here.”
    Reigen internally: “holy fucking shit holy crap oh my god oh fu”
  • constantly on the verge of a mental breakdown
    • the only reason he isn’t freaking out 24/7 is because he is really good at just…. shoving all that deep, deep down. He has a killer calm and collected facade
      • the only time his fears, doubts and worries are shown is when he is drunk off his ass (and oh boy does he have a lot of those)
  • the words ‘daycare center’ were once written on the Spirits and Such sign for almost a month is scrawled, messy sharpie
    • Reigen actually did notice it, but Shou would start snickering and giggling whenever he walked past it without saying a thing, so he kept it up to humour him
  • Only remembers Shou and Teru’s name when it’s convenient to him
    • “Eh Mob, where’d that fire headed kid go? I think he took off with my coffee flavouring.” “…. do you mean Shou?” “yeah, that kid.”
    • Hey! Haystack! Get away from the fridge! Didn’t you read the damn sign?” “Sorry boss I don’t know how to read suddenly.”
  • Just as Mob starts telling Teru about how awesome and powerful of a psychic he is, Reigen trips over his own feet in the background and takes a bookshelf down with him
  • screws himself over quite a bit
    • drinks coffee at 9 at night
    • doesn’t readjust that rug near the front of his office, no matter how many times he trips over it
    • repeatedly locks himself out of his office, has to wait for Mob to drag Ritsu by so he can pick the lock
      • doesnt dare question why the fuck ritsu knows how to pick locks
  • will sometimes stay up late at night, staring up at his ceiling with dead eyes because he realized that he has four kids latching onto him
    • like, wtf??? He’s not Adulty enough to take care of this many kids?? why do they keep coming back?? is he supposed to be some sort of Role Model now? thats too much fucking responsibility he cant do that
  • has trouble coming to terms with change, time going past, that sort of thing
    • sometimes he remembers how young Mob was when he first met him, how much time has gone by since then, and his mood plummets instantly
  • he is completely aware of why Teru has been showing up at his office so often, why he sometimes even trails behind Mob like a shadow during some exorcism gigs, and he finds it hilarious
  • Is very, very Asexual

ALRIGHT ELLA SINCE I GUESS I’M SUCH A  BIG NAME FANDOM BULLY ,   I’M GONNA BE THE ONE TO MAKE THE   CALL OUT POST !!!   are we ready guys ?   this one is gonna be a doozy .   hold on to your seats ,   because  @LEGILLIMENCYY  is definitely a  stealer ,   and i’m sick of the way she has treated my good friend  ally ,   as well as others on this stupid fucking website .

i had made  a smaller post  about this last night for my followers ,   but since this problem has  continued  to escalate ,   ella has given me  no other choice .   we are here now ,   in this  toxicity  called  call out culture .   i’m normally not a fan of it ,   but this time i had to speak up .   ally is my  friend ,   a long time friend at that .   and when you fuck with her ,   you fuck with me .

so let’s start at the  beginning ,   shall we ?   the basis of everything you’ve  stolen ?   i say your   theme insp.  is as good a place to start as any :

i just …   wow .   that is …   that is some  damn good   inspiration  you stole there ,  huh ?   ripped off practically her entire edited agirlingrey code ,   right down to the  font styles and link placements .   i can’t even give you ps credit because even your bg image looks extremely similar to ally’s .   so i guess  kudos  to you for knowing how to steal other people’s codes .

but you didn’t  stop  there ,   did you ?   no ,   of course not !   why  would you ?   you were already stealing her code ,   why not go ahead and steal some of her  headcanon’s  too ?

wow dude .   just wow .   did you even  rewrite  it ?   or just  copy / paste ?   and yes ,   please make sure to look at the  hovered dates  on each :   ally’s is from  6 months ago ,   while ella’s  copied version  dates back less than a week to even  HOURS  at least .   you even stole her  tag name ,   which is pretty  sad .

and then ,   when you were finally called out on your stealing ,   you  BLOCKED  ally for calmly trying to talk to you ,   for  ASKING  you to take down  HER  content .   it was only after  i and a few others  started sending messages that you  BLOCKED US AS WELL ,   and then  messaged  ally with the most   insincere ,   bullshit excuse ever heard ever up to date :

i see  a lot  of things  wrong  with this ,   so let’s just name them off ,   shall we ?   1 .    and none of us  –  with the exception of oc blogs  –  actually created these characters so to claim any kind of originality to anything is honestly bull.          i just …   what ?   what kind of  fresh hell  is this ?   that is like ,   the  shittiest excuse  ever made up ,   like ever .   that’s like a  7 year old  who knows they did wrong trying to  back track  and get out of the blame .   i just want you to know ,   that every writer is laughing right now .   we are all laughing ,   because that is honestly the  stupidest  thing i have ever fucking read in my entire life .

2 .    but since you and your little group of friends are all worked up about it i’ll delete my headcanons and kind of start my blog over.          fuck ,   i would  love  to stop you right there ,   but there’s  so much more  i need to get to .   um .   ally’s friend group  ISN’T  little .   there are  loads  of people on this site that have her back ,   and  love  her for being the person she is ,   not the   fake sickly sweet  bitch you think she is .   oh ,   and  yes  ella ,   i have the screenshot  of that ask ,   too !   you know ,   the one you  deleted ?   let’s post that too ,   huh ?

oh wow ,   and look at all those  vague posts  there too ;   newsflash ,   ella :   that anon on the right ,   the one who called you worthless ?   that wasn’t ally .   ally doesn’t stalk your blog .   i think you kind of have that  backwards  huh ?   considering all your headcanon posts are hers from what ,   6 months back ?   i think that seems a little  stalkerish ,   hmm ?

but i digress ,   getting back to your  shitty excuse of an apology :   3 .    but whatever. i’ll  [ delete ? ]  my headcanons and start fresh …          so …   they’re  not  technically yours ,   considering you weren’t the one who thought of them .   and if you were going to  delete  them ,   why are they  still  on your blog ?   why did you lie ?

listen ella ,   none of us wanted it come to this ,   but  you made this .   you did this to yourself .   not only did you steal ally’s things and take extreme inspiration from her ,   but you lied about it ,   and dragged her name through the proverbial mud ,   and i  for fucking one  will not  take that sitting down .   so take down your stolen headcanons ,   make a theme that isn’t based off of someone else’s ,   and come up with your own goddamn things ,   or face my wrath .   the next time i see this happening with you ,   i  will report you to tumblr for  theft  and  harassment .   what you’ve done is  childish ,   it’s  pathetic  and  immature  and  unbecoming .   i’m  not  sorry to drag your ass through the fucking dirt like you did ally and present you to the public :   a dirty fucking thief with the attitude to match .

get off your goddamn high horse .   no one here accepts the shit that you’re pulling ,   so there’s no need for your shitty self entitlement ,   k ?   k .

Questions for MBTI Types

- why ya’ll so depressed sometimes?
- I’m not equip to comfort you but somehow you know how to comfort everybody ….how?
- how do you have so many cares?

- how do you know things about myself that I don’t even know?
- can you tell the future? I’ll pay you double what I pay my usual psychic
- why are you so pessimistic sometimes?

- will my isfp kid need art lessons or is being artistically gifted a preprogrammed function? I’m kinda cheap ya know $$$$
- when I say ‘long term’, how far do you think I’m talking about?
- if you had to give up 1 artistic pursuit (but you can reclaim it in your next life), which would u choose?

- do you have a hidden set of antennae for picking up gossip?
- can we switch wardrobes for a day?
- do you have a book of savage AF personalized comebacks ready at your disposal?

- how do you not run out of tears?
- if I have a friend who doesn’t want anymore flower crowns, how should they voice their opinion? I’m asking for a friend obviously
- why don’t I feel emotions the same way you do?

- what are you thinking about right now?
- is there anything you’re not good at?
- Your stare is sexy, it’s like you’re studying me, has anyone told you that?

- would you rather use google calendar or a physical planner?
- Did that question turn you on?
- how do you coexist with Ps?

- do all of you know how to start fires or wut?
- how many times have u been arrested? (I’ve stopped asking ‘have u ever been arrested’)
- what rules do you even follow? If at all

- did you eat? (Most likely no)
- was math created to understand and interpret the laws of the universe or was math always an inherent feature of the universe?
- loop quantum gravity or string theory? Come at me baby … I can physics

- how do you have time to work + volunteer + extra curriculara + socialize + fam time + school?
- how come you’re still awake at 4am whenever I drunk call you?
- how do I run a cult? Oh, you teach weekly training classes? Where/what time?

- where your liver at?
- do all ESFPs dance well or is dancing just another way of communicating that you’re single and ready to mingle? (mating ritual)
- why do we only communicate in emojis now? I’m 🐳ly tired

- how do I turn you off?
- how does your facebook profile have sooooooooooo many photosss? Zuckerberg prolly shaking his head rn trying to store all your pics from the spontaneous trip to iceland u took last week
- why do animals just appear whenever you’re around? Do u radiate weird animal pheromones or smtg?

- what’s it like being a productive member of society?
- at what age do you wanna retire? If at all
- where do you hide all your money? I’m asking for a friend

- is there a way for you to deliver criticism without yelling?
- does it ever bother you that your to-do list will never end and will spontaneously regenerates everyday? *Ps reading this get an anxiety attack*
- is there anyone you don’t raise your voice at?

- would you rather sex everyday for a month or $1000 straight up?
- why do all of you have nice eyes?!?!
- what is the smoothest pickup line you’ve ever used (that was successful)? (All of them were successful I know)

- who would be your ideal debate partner?
- lip sync dance battle or straight up rap battle?
- what do you think about Trump?

Commander (Pt. 1)

Bucky Barnes x female!OC

Summary: Earth has some new and unexpected saviors teaming up with the Avengers as they wait for the inevitable arrival of Thanos.

Warnings: Slow burn, some swearing

A/N: So this is my new series guys. It’s the longest series I’ve written so far and I’m not even done with it yet. Tags are open so if you like to be tagged feel free to ask. GIF is my edit but not my original, if you know the original artist let me know and I’ll credit them but I was unable to locate them. If you have any questions about why you’ve been tagged in this fic please see THIS post. Also I’m a sucker for art so if you for some reason feel compelled to do art of my characters please tag me in it so I can reblog it endlessly. 

PS: I’m terrible at summaries, I’m always worried I’m going to give too much away…

She had been living on this god-forsaken planet on and off for almost half of a century and everything had been fine and dandy up until the past few years. Then Thor and Loki decided to show their royal faces and now shit was getting real. After the battle of New York with the Chitauri, she had been keeping a very close eye on the Avengers and everything they were doing. Based on their most recent antics and the rumors she had heard floating around the other universes, it was inevitable that Thanos was going to be showing up here soon. She spent months calculating and analyzing everything preparing for her departure but now the time had come and she needed to leave before it was too late.

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[Me, yelling into the void about a Voltron / Star Wars TFA au that nobody except me cares about and playing around with increasingly random art styles/new brushes]

KE-3147, “keep it - it suits you” Klance edition, Allurey, BB-1U, Hunk as the successor to epIV’s Gold Leader, Pidge and their bffl, and a Shiro of unknown allegiance. (PS: if u Do care about it please give this a like/reblog!!❤️)


If you’re reading this, then we’ve won our revolution and I am an incredibly brave man. Not because of any fighting I did or battles I won, although I hope it’s because of that too. I am an incredibly brave man because this is not something I’m good at, I am afraid I will fail, and yet here I am, doing it anyway; or, at least trying to. That’s why I’m writing this instead of telling you in person. My words would get tangled in my throat and it would be a mess.

I’ve always thought rather than felt. I’m surprised my parents weren’t more concerned. As a result of this predisposition, I’ve become all rationality and no emotion.

You may be one step ahead of me, because the above statement was a lie. I’ve only recently realized that I am a very emotional person, I had just never thought about it that way. Furthermore, to my horror (this caused quite a hefty existential crisis) I have come to realize that hardly any of my actions have been motivated by rationality at all. I am a compulsive liar, Grantaire. Maybe not to others, but to myself, absolutely.

I feel as though I’ve cheated myself out of a fair few things in life due to this self-deception. For instance, and perhaps quite obviously, I’ve considered myself married to the revolution, and therefore didn’t see the merit in pursuing any sort of relationship with anyone, romantic or platonic. Any friendships I’ve somehow made have been exclusively consequential and entirely by accident, and for those, I am extremely grateful.

However, Grantaire, this letter is not addressed to any of them. If you’ve read any further than the name at the top of the page, you will have noticed that I am writing to you. I promise what I have to say is completely truthful, regardless of the fact that I called myself a liar earlier. I know I’ve been a jackass to you up until now, with few instances of kindness. Grantaire, I am heartily sorry. In reality, your friendship is the one I cherish the most. In an ideal world, this would be obvious from my actions, and there would be no reason for you to have any doubt in your mind that this is true. However, this is clearly not an ideal world (although, if we won, maybe it is now) and I acknowledge that you have always deserved a much better friend than I was able to be for you. I am writing to you for a few reasons, the most important being that you understand the guilt I feel. I apologize from the bottom of my heart, and I hope you can forgive me for the tactlessness and insensitivity I have shown.

Along those lines, during the trials we endured throughout our revolution, I failed to impress upon you how much your courage and dedication meant to me. None of our friends were so blindly loyal to me, and while that was never a requirement, it helped me immensely to keep going on the darker days we saw. Your bravery, too, was incredibly inspirational to me. Life has not been kind to you, your liver can vouch for that. I don’t think I’ve said this to you before, but I have often thought that if I had ever endured so much as a fraction of the loss you’ve experienced, I don’t think I would be strong enough to move on, with or without constant inebriation. For this feat, I admire you deeply.

You have become my dearest friend, Grantaire, and I feel comfortable enough now to tell you that I love you. It is my hope that we can remain friends for years and years to come, perhaps even our whole lives if we can stand it.

Thank you again for everything, and I hope this new world we’ve helped to create is worth it. I hope it’s treating you well thus far.


PS Do you see why I couldn’t say all of that to your face? It would’ve been a nightmare, I would’ve come off as a complete asshole instead of only kind of an asshole.

ajanamyth  asked:

Civil war fix it?

ok, I have only watched Civil War about three times bc it hurts. 

So no, I haven’t written a fix it for it. By the way, for me to call it a fix it, it has to be an event change in what is otherwise canon that would alter the ending to something happier. I have scribbled things that made it worse, and I have mentioned events in CW in other fics, but I have never tried to fix it. 

If I did, to be perfectly honest, I would let it run its course until the airport fight, and while they were all standing there being dramatic and glaring, I’d just have Nick Motherfucking Fury walk into the middle of it with a line about “I can’t leave you alone for ten goddamn minutes without you making a mess.”

and most of the group would get sheepish and those that don’t know Fury would get confused so then it would just be Nick telling them to sit their collective asses on the ground, followed by a lecture. He takes no prisoners on this. 

T’Challa? You come from a super advanced nation, and you’re standing next to people that have the tech to steal someone’s face, do you even use your brain?

Rogers? Take the stick out of your ass and realize that not everyone loves it when the American way gets shoved down their throat. It’s called Consent bitch, sign the damn accords before Carter’s ghost shows up to bitch slap you. 

Stark? Bruce doesn’t count as a therapist. I already scheduled a doc for you, and also why the shit didn’t you call me when things heated up? PS, set up Barnes with that thing you made that has the dumb name.

Maximoff? Maybe next time talk to Rogers about what the fascism looks like and help fix the problem instead of falling back on a criminal lifestyle.

Natasha? If I didn’t know better I’d think you were actively trying to make this worse. You’re better at what you do than this. I am disappointed in you. 

Wilson? Just because you worship the guy doesn’t mean you have to go along with all of Captain America’s dumbass plans.

Vision? You are way too high power for this shit, either end it before anyone gets hurt of step to the fucking side, you throw the balance off. 

Barnes? Same note as Wilson man. You know he’s an idiot better than anyone else here. Also, I set up some therapy sessions for you. Plums don’t do shit, your super soldier ass needs some real medicine.

Rhodey? You know what? Actually, nah, I get why you’re here, but dude, it’s a dumb fuck thing to do. 

Barton? Seriously Wtf? I thought you retired, man?

And then like halfway through his twenty minute long diatribe, Scott sizes back up and Peter drops in from where he was hiding, and Fury jumps about three feet and ramps up the yelling to an eleven. 

Two hours later, Wanda, Vision and Rhodey head off to Siberia, Steve and co have signed the accords, and Fury and Stark and T’Challa are working out a plan to A, make the accords better, and B, keep anyone from trying to kill Bucky. 

please imagine that yamaguchi tadashi is a terrible, terrible slob

  • he’s so stupidly sentimental and doesn’t throw anything away so it’s all just lying around his room. 
  • also, he isn’t too dead set on having a neat room so he doesn’t bother to organize unless someone tells him to. 
  • his mom used to order him to clean his room or just do it for him but since he’s in high school now she leaves it up to him 
  • and it drives tsukki out of his mf mind. 
  • but then it also started to effect practice time because it’s at the point where he can’t find all his things in the morning and is consistently late to practice
  • so the entire team initiates Opertation Clean Yamaguchi’s Room
  • they have yamaguchi bring them to his house and they’re all ready to make his room shine
  • (ps: they weren’t ready)
  • (no one but tsukki was even the least bit ready)
  • “Yamaguchi, what’s this?” “um….” “right, in the trash it goes.”
  • “is this a tooth?” “yeah, when we were little tsukki accidentally knocked one of my baby teeth out with an umbrella and that’s the tooth.” “why? why did you keep that?” “i thought it was cute…”
  • “yamaguchi, these clothes are HUGE. why do you have such huge clothes?” “… I thought my closet was getting a bit small lately. so that’s where they all went.” “sorry tsukki!”
  • “YAMAGUCHI! YOU SAID YOU DIDN’T KNOW WHERE THIS WAS!” “w-well, in my defense tsukki, I meant I didn’t know exactly where it was and I mean i didn’t so.” “I HAD TO BUY A NEW ONE YOU LYING HO.”
  • “yamaguchi… are these… volleyballs from our gym? all six of them?”
  • baby pictures of yamaguchi
  • “holy shit, tsukishima can smile!”
  • “you were such a cute kid, tsukishima… such a shame…” “yeah that’s what my mom tells me too. every day of my life.” “omg.”
  • yamaguchi’s diary from middle school
  • “ooooh! so that’s what it was! i thought it was a really sad and badly written novel. ok that makes more sense.” “hinata…”
  • no one is allowed to open the drawer under yamaguchi’s bed. for. Reasons.
  • final haul of trash: 3 disco pants, 2 chemistry kits, 4 month old milk, a lampshade with taco print, like 200 of those silly bandz, a stack of meme printouts, that goddamn tooth, and all the clothes he doesn’t fit into anymore
  • tsukishima suggests he throws himself out too
  • yamaguchi is now asking around for a new best friend
When you watch the episode and you see Bonnie suffering so much that you realize that people really FAILED her.

Bonnie was always the one who sacrificed herself and when you see what she’s able to do to bring Enzo back to his side, and also that Elena is the first thing Damon think about, it shows what we all suspected:

Bonnie is not respected, it’s above happiness, dear Bonenzo, Bamon, and other ship fans. It’s FUCKING RESPECT.

Caroline LET MESSAGES. NO trying to see her so-called best friend. I’m VERY SORRY, Stefan can wait! You are a fucking vampire erase the memories with the help of all later!

Damon hears Bonnie “ Leave me alone “, I’m sorry, this is precisely the moment when you don’t leave someone ALONE!

Caroline CALLED her mother? Someone who ABANDONED her ? who is a vampire when she supposed to be here for her? What is your fucking logic? Stefan is right, you only think about your fucking marriage!


Also, I seriously want to see Bonnie slap Stefan. Or Damon. Or someone for fuck’s sake, she deserves a slap! WHen she almost killed Elena, she was under the expression influence but for once… MAKE THEM PAY. STEAL THE CAMARO. LEVE THIS SHIT HOLE. I DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT BAMON ANYMORE CAUSE DAMON FAILED YOU!

Let Elena burn in her fucking coffin and move on!

Ps: Kai is back, it’s probably the time to have payback.

PS2: Abby is a vampire. So why the hell can she do magic etc? Did I miss something?

anonymous asked:

Can I please have a scenario for Kirishima where his fem!s/o always gets really sick and has a lot of pain on her period days? (PS I really love your writing. I'm really nervous with sending this in even on Anon x.x;;)

dont worry! I judge no one! <3 and thank you!!!

Menstruation tw!!

Kirishima Eijirou
[Babe, open your window]

The message stares back at her confused gaze. What? Why? She texts him back asking for a reason to do so, when a pang of angry pain shoots through her abdomen again. She breathes fast and shallow. She has to lock her phone because the white background of the messages was too loud for her eyes.

[I’m in your tree]

She launches up and looks out the window to find her boyfriend smiling at her, smile like a ray of sunshine. She quickly unlocks her window and pushes it up.

“Eijirou-kun, what are you doing??!” She asks incredulously, and Kirishima nearly loses his footing on the branch he was lodged on. She nearly screams. Another pang of pain shoots through her again, and her legs feel faint all of a sudden, so she crouches. 

“Visiting you! Ah–” He jumps skillfully to her window, catching himself with his arms on the frame. She works to pull him in. He’s so lucky he has a quirk like this. When he finally gets in, she presses her aching back against the side of her bed. “I kinda figured you didn’t go to school cause your period, so I wanted to pick you up some snacks and stuff. Oh! I also went by a discount store and found this really nice heating pad if you want it! If it’s too–”

“Eijirouuuu~” She sobs, and Kirishima looks panicked for a moment. “How can I deserve someone like you, ahhh..” She launches into his arms. He chuckles, wrapping his arms around her as well. 

When they settle into her bed, Kirishima kisses at her temple whenever the cramps get to be too much. She curses the fact that ibuprofen doesn’t work as well on her system, and just wants the day to be over with. But Kirishima talks to her about all types of things and feeds her delicious snacks, an assortment of sweets and salty chips. It’s perfect.

“Thanks so much, Eijirou… You’re such a manly boyfriend.” His lover leans up to peck him on the lips. He smiles.

“Only for you, babe.”


anonymous asked:

Do you believe it's a bad sign that a reader told me my Hermione wasn't likeable? It's early in the story, and I had planned for her to soften up as time goes on. I have met a real life Hermione Granger, and they're not likeable, but that doesn't stop them from being an interesting or decent person. However, even when you write dark Hermione, she's likeable. Do I need to make more of a consistent effort to show her good side? PS loving tws :)

Hermione isn’t likable at the start of Harry Potter.  She’s so awful even Ron thinks she’s awful, and says so out loud.  She’s brash, pushy…  Why do characters have to be likable?

OK, one reader wants her to be likable.  I had someone review TWS telling me Hermione in it was selfish and I was all, “Huh?”  Not everyone’s opinion is right and not everyone’s feedback is useful.

I’m going to send you to what I think is a really good blog post:  The Importance of the Unlikeable Heroine, and suggest that perhaps we worry too much about our girl characters being likable.  People tend not to worry about (or object about) whether male protagonists are likable as often as they do female protagonists.  I wonder why that is.

(Spoiler alert: it’s misogyny.) 


overwatch offense hero miis!! and trust me i almost cried when i realized theres NO hairstyle in mii maker tht looks even relatively close to sombra’s, so,, (ps if ur going to upload them to tomodachi life n you want two miis to be in a gay relationship, u have to set one of the genders to male, and the other to female before u upload, unfortunately :// thts why i made the miis copyable so u can do that if u wish)

anonymous asked:

Why do you think Sam didn't praise Hannah's work yet? He and Cait are both pretty kind and generous with guest actors, they're always singing praises for them, Sam already gave a shoutout to the actress who played Isobel but for Hannah just crickets. PS: I suspect HJ has a hard crush on SH, wonder if CB is aware of it.

I have no idea. Truly. There’s tons of theories floating around but it really is odd that he’s completely ignored her. Normally he’d at least send a tweet, even if it’s just a generic, professional one. I feel like they may not have gotten along or something, and yeah she’s definitely crushing on him. Hard.