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Do you believe it's a bad sign that a reader told me my Hermione wasn't likeable? It's early in the story, and I had planned for her to soften up as time goes on. I have met a real life Hermione Granger, and they're not likeable, but that doesn't stop them from being an interesting or decent person. However, even when you write dark Hermione, she's likeable. Do I need to make more of a consistent effort to show her good side? PS loving tws :)

Hermione isn’t likable at the start of Harry Potter.  She’s so awful even Ron thinks she’s awful, and says so out loud.  She’s brash, pushy…  Why do characters have to be likable?

OK, one reader wants her to be likable.  I had someone review TWS telling me Hermione in it was selfish and I was all, “Huh?”  Not everyone’s opinion is right and not everyone’s feedback is useful.

I’m going to send you to what I think is a really good blog post:  The Importance of the Unlikeable Heroine, and suggest that perhaps we worry too much about our girl characters being likable.  People tend not to worry about (or object about) whether male protagonists are likable as often as they do female protagonists.  I wonder why that is.

(Spoiler alert: it’s misogyny.) 

im just bored and have nothing else to draw so why not goth again and im trying to go threw school ughhhhhhh anyways i hope you like the picture even for my senpai nekophy anyways *Goes to Bed and sleeps* 

Goth belongs to @nekophy

art by me (ps im sorry for using goth on every art i do its just i love using your character alot) and im trying to still work on my drawing sillzz

Have some trippy young!Sam Drake. 

No, I don’t know why he’s blue pls don’t ask.

PS: If you wanna use it for anything please do ask first. You can reblog and all that don’t worry your frilly little knickers about that.

Now back to writing A Thief’s Overture


Very soft light, purple and pink glitter valentines weekend makeup look with bold red lips.

You Don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate valentines times day! Almost every year I spend it with my friends doing fun girly things, even if I’m in a relationship or not these traditions of ours probably won’t change.

So If your dreading Valentine’s Day because you think you’ll be “forever single” just remember that you probably have friends, family & co workers feeling lonely and unloved as well so why don’t you go out your way to make the day enjoyable for yourself and others. Ps yes I know my brows need badly done.

I’m reminded today of why it’s SO IMPORTANT to not force art/writing to happen.  I started drawing something on Tuesday, hoping it would be done in time for Valentine’s smooshiness, but I was so frustrated and annoyed that it wasn’t coming out, I just abandoned it. 

Today, I opened it up again and it’s going SO much smoother.

Mortal of the story: don’t rush things, kids.  Even at my age, I’m still having to remember this.

(ps - hoping this doesn’t jinx me into not doing well now).

BREAKING: Jack Eichel and Connor McDavid go missing, note claims they “ran away together”

Early Wednesday morning The NHL released a statement saying that the two stars disappeared this morning. A note left behind where each boy was suggested they ran away together. 

“Why is everyone making it a competition between us, i just want to share dunkins and talk about the pats with a good friend” Jack Eichel’s said.

“PS: I have a confession, dunkin donuts sucks, tim horton’s is better, i don’t even really like american football, and if i did it wouldn’t be the patriots. but i pretend for Jack. I do it all for Jack” said McDavid’s in response.

The players were found 20 minutes later under the stairs at the first niagara center, sharing a blanket and a DVD player from 2005. They were watching Finding Nemo and did not put up a fight when returned to their perspective teams although there was a small argument over who got the blanket and who got the dvd player (McDavid got the blanket, eichel got the DVD player).

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hey, battleborn anon again. i'm not mad or annoyed or anything at all. i love screaming "EL DRAGOOOOON" even if all the other players are bots and run against walls all the time. but every time i ask why overwatch is better no one can give me an actual answer. "because" / "they're different" / "both are equally good" don't explain anything. it really makes me believe all the weenies who gotta hate so much are just angry or jealous because the bborn players have, well, fun.

Anyone who has used the internet more than 5 minutes knows people don’t even need a reason to get angry on here

But I do think some people are motivated to be like that because they see people having fun with Battleborn, it feels like an ‘Xbox v PS V PC youtube comments’ situation where someone will spite another just because they think it inferior to play one game….. because of course the other is *vastly superior in every conceivable way*

Some people do have genuine reasons for disliking Battleborn though, it’s just shitty when they try to assert their opinions over those of people who actually enjoy it in a malicious/unprovoked manner

I’m pretty bias being a 99% Overwatch blog so me being objective about a game I play constantly and a game I have only ever played in beta is difficult, but they are both fun in their own ways


WHAT THE HELL did i just do here? If I’m going to draw, I should at least draw something that makes sense! I guess i was way too tired and my brain wasn’t working properly! Like in dreams, you dream something that makes sense… till you wake up and realise it was a lot of shit put together >>

yuramec , take it as a joke, please! I dunno what happened to me here.

That last panel was inspired by both toothless and stitch.

PS: Lidia hates all thats sweet, even sweet scents, I dunno why she would have such a dress. Wonder when she has needed it!


“You can always avoid killing people, Warner. You avoid killing them by not going to war.”
But he grins, so brilliantly, not even paying attention. “I love it when you say my name,” he says. “I don’t even know why.”
“Warner isn’t your name,” I point out. “Your name is Aaron.”
His smile is wide, so wide. “God, I love that.”
“Your name?”
“Only when you say it.”
“Aaron? Or Warner?”
His eyes close. He tilts his head back against the wall.

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Annagiota? Patanna? pANNAgiota? Or since you've got in your about me "legit call me P" Panna? (Ps wouldnt know how to pronounce them but then I can't even pronounce your name so..) or do you have any other nicknames?

Cool so I’m not going to say anything till Anna wakes up. I do have nicknames but I hate them mostly

the day they got him. [johanbeck]

A collection of Johanbeck snippets from the day they brought Watney back on board the Hermes. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while – you’ll find that a couple of things I’ve already written fall into this. Some new, some old, but all placed in order to round out the day’s narrative. 

Note: I totally cheated and combined my favorite book things and movie things from the ending. Meaning that I have them all meet Watney in the airlock (because cute) but I have Beck go get him (because this is Johanbeck, after all. Even though I totally understand why they decided to change it to Lewis in the movie). PS: Thanks for being patient, y’all.

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Exo's reaction to his mom not approving of his gf and always putting her down (making her feel like she's not good enough) bc she's a foreigner even though his gf is really nice and respects her? PS: I LOVE YOUR BLOG THANK YOU

Sure thing! And thank you so much! I’m sorry this took so long! Please don’t be mad!

Xiumin: Do you really have to be like that? What did she do to deserve this?

Luhan: *complains to Xiumin about it* Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, but I’m getting tired of hearing them say such awful things right to her face. I don’t know what to do. 

Kris: Why are you being so rude? I mean, everyone is allowed their own opinions, but you really aren’t being fair to her. 

Suho: *wants to say something to them but knows if he does they’ll just hate her more*

Lay: Jagiya … don’t listen to anything they say. I know it’s hard, but you don’t need their approval - you’re already perfect in my eyes. 

Baekhyun: Is that really necessary, mom? I know you don’t approve, but this is just beyond ridiculous, bringing her down like this. 

Chen: I really don’t think I can put up with this anymore. I’m going to explode if I hear them say one more bad thing about you. 

Chanyeol: I know that deep down your intentions are good, but all these accusations you’re making about her are completely ridiculous and unfounded. Can’t you stop?

Kyungsoo: Stop it. Stop it right now. You’re my parents and I love you, but I won’t put up with you disrespecting her like this, especially when she’s been nothing but nice to you. Your prejudice shouldn’t be effecting our relationship like this, and you’re going to have to accept sooner or later that y/n and I are together. 

Tao: Jagi, why are you so nice to them? Especially after all they’ve done to you! It’s not fair to you!

Kai: Y/n … I’m so sorry they’re like this. You don’t deserve to be talked down to like that. Never you. 

Sehun: Why are you all like this? Why? Why why why! You know that I love her, and none of your disrespectful attitude is going to change that! 

Hope you liked this! Feel free to send in reaction/scenario requests, as well as any questions/thoughts you have! My box is always open!



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oh my god !! some of you probably already saw me being a nerd earlier, but i’m still!!!amazed!! I can’t even fathom how I managed to fool 500+ people into thinking that I was worth following, especially all of my insanely awesome mutuals how did that even happen, but thank you guys so much!! I really have wanted to actually do something with this blog, to actually contribute to the fandom and make friends, and this shows me that I’m getting there !

so, I just wanted to thank you guys for supporting me and my content all the way up to this point, I love you guys so much ♥♥♥ (ps, if you’re a little bit confused as to why you’re on here, I might be following you for @rniraculoustrash​ or @lenaburgesss​ !!)

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Reblog If You Like It When People Express Romantic Interest In You

I mean pretty much anyone doing that. This is for if being asked out, told you’re attractive, etc. appeals to you in all situations where you don’t have to worry about the consequences of turning someone down.

Because I can totally into science, this is a not-even-slightly-confounded poll:

Like if you don’t want to be liked. (IE: Hit on by arbitrary people.)

Reblog if you… I can’t come up with a suitable pun. It says it on the top of the post, OK?

Feel free to add details of how/why you’d like people to hit on you in any rebloggs.

PS: I’m in the reblog category. Warm fuzzies are warm and fuzzy. More on this story as it develops.


Completed 30 minutes of fartlek running. 5 mins steady, 1 minute fast, repeat. Then worked on my abs. Proud of myself because I never work my abs OR do cardio. Small steps.
I want to see how far I can push my body. I want to see it change as I reach new goals & push myself to and even past my limits. I have a lot of work to do but I’m doing my best & trusting the process. Believe that when you put your full effort into anything that you will succeed. & when you fall down & feel like giving up, remember why you started.

Happy Saturday. Stay focused.

Now it’s time to tailgate & let loose. 👊🏼💕😸

(Ps I apologize for the messy room… It’s laundry day 😏)