why do i even go on fb anymore

anonymous asked:

It's your communication student anon again. OMG at that social media manager introducing himself... that's not normal. If you say that, then the tweets being sent out will have less credibility. Why... would... anyone... admit... that... like... are you trying to discredit the people or the organization or the company you are working for. And like... no person who wants to keep their job would say that unless.. that's what you were told to.. which in this case.. why is he trying to ruin 1D..

Comm student anon again. Like yeah there’s an understanding that social media accounts are managed, but you don’t put a face on who does it! That’s just wrong! Now every time that account is going to post, they’re not going to see your client! They’re going to see you! I’m just in awe. Oh my god. Who would do that…

I know, I know, it’s disconcerting! Completely, totally, absolutely not going to happen normally. There’s such a mess around here, we’ll never be able (and it’s not even worth trying anymore, if you ask me) to figure out the whys and hows, but this certainly wasn’t an organic slip or a naive employee.

It reminds me of that time some people were SURE Louis would be a judge on the XF becase Oli said so in a private FB conversation, haha, still one of my favorite moments! Wake up, please, if you keep this attitude up, you’ll end up believeing every single lie and sent your way. One day you might even end up buying a paternity story where the supposed mum was blatantly never even pregnant. Oops.