why do i even gif these things

I don’t know what to say about all these pictures of Sans with a glowing penis…… Why. just Why. xD
everytime I see a pic like this, I just can’t take it seriously.
to me, if he really had this “thing”, he would only make stupid things with it like… idk, being a lamp. yeah.
and then he would probably make an epilepsy because of it xD
but Hey, I’m not juging. do whatever you like. (even if drawing a skeleton with a glowing penis is a liiiittle weird. Just a little.)

I’m sorry the quality is terrible… I draw with my 3ds (and as you can see, the quality is bad) and I make the animation with my phone so… I don’t use very professional stuff xD but you get the idea-

What if Tobio went to Aobajousai instead…

Prompt: “I have stabbed people with these heels before and I’m not afraid to do it again, so I would suggest not pissing me off.” (X)
Fandom: Shadowhunters
Pairing: Reader x Raphael Santiago
Word Count: 624

“Why the hell did you drag me along? I told you before Clary, I hate vampires. Especially the ones that are named Raphael Santiago.” You mumbled as you walked behind her and Simon, annoyed because you had to go to the vampires lair with her and her vampire best friend. Out of all the things you had encountered, vampires were the ones you hated the most. Their fast speed made them unpredictable, even for a skilled Shadowhunter like yourself. But besides that, vampires were always snarky and annoying, something you hated about them the most.

Out of the vampires you had encountered, Raphael Santiago was the worst. Sure, for a dead guy he was extremely good-looking. Unfortunately, his attitude wasn’t. He was always dripping with sarcasm which annoyed you the most, especially since you lived with a bunch of Shadowhunters who were sarcastic as hell.

“He isn’t that bad.” Simon answered as you rolled your eyes. Of course Simon would protect him. The two vampires had a sibling bond which you found quite odd. How could someone have that kind of a bond with Raphael Santiago out of all people? Or in this case, out of all vampires.

“Have you met this guy?” You asked as the three of you walked over to the front door of the hotel they were residing in. Clary and Simon stopped, debating over whether they should knock or just walk in. Rolling your eyes you began to kick down the door when it flew open, making you almost fall into the arms of the one vampire you hated: Raphael Santiago. Luckily, you managed to gain your balance as you stood extremely close to him before clearing your throat and taking a step back.

“Were you just planning on kicking down my front door?”

“Why exactly would I want to work together with a bunch of werewolves and Shadowhunters? Especially with the ones who wanted to kick down my front door.” He said, looking straight at you with a smirk on his face. You rolled your eyes as you turned to him, crossing your arms.

“Are we still talking about this? We said we’re sorry.” You mumbled before Simon raised his finger, pointing at himself.

“Actually, I said it. You just nodded.” He added as you let out a sigh.

“Which means that I agreed. Can we move past this now, please?” You remarked as you glanced at Clary who was beginning to grow impatient.

“Look, we’re here for the same reason: we all want the cup. I mean, we are all pretty screwed if Valentine finds it first.” She said as you nodded, looking over to Raphael as you waited for his answer.

“No.” He stated confidently. You raised your eyebrow as you glanced at Clary and Simon, seeing them just as confused as you were.

“What do you mean ‘no’?” You asked. He simply sighed as he stood up from the couch he was sitting on.

“I mean no. If you want someone to help you, ask the dogs or the fairies.” He simply said as he passed the three of you, wanting to leave the room.

You moved in front of him, blocking his way out of the room. He stopped, looking at you with an annoyed expression.

“Move.” Raphael simply said as you let out of a chuckle, taking a step closer to him as you stared deeply into his eyes.

“Listen closely, bloodsucker. I have stabbed people with these heels before and I’m not afraid to do it again, so I would suggest not pissing me off.” For a moment Raphael seemed stunned before letting out a chuckle and turning himself towards Clary and Simon.

“Did she just really threaten me with her heels?”

Hi everyone. I wanted to talk about to you about Supergirl’s last ep 2x06 “Changing” and especially on how and why Maggie reacted like that. I heard some of you say that you didn’t get why she said those things, who were even angry with her for rejecting our sweet baby gay Alex. Also heard RIP Sanvers … They aren’t done … Far from that. I have true faith in the storyline. So yeah I want to talk about that :D Buckle up cuz I’m gonna do a post explaining this with gifs  ♥ Don’t hesitate to comment it too ♥

So … Let’s start with the general overview of Alex’s story ^^ I’ll get to Maggie later.

TV is all about conflicts … angst. TV shows (and movies too actually) almost never do long-lasting, happy, perfect relationships. It’s all about challenges, misunderstandings, obstacles …

What are the steps … The storyline … The scenario of a story ?

First, there’s a starting position : Alex aka badass woman working with the DEO, protecting her sister, confident about herself. She found her place at the DEO with Hank and her sister.

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RIP my career as GIF Artist, apparently | 2012 - 2015

Should have mentioned earlier but you probably already noticed how I’m making less and less GIFs. Why? Lack of new ideas. I don’t exactly enjoy repeating same thing over and over again. But why another stack of glass balls? That’s the joke. Though, it’s not the absolute end of me making GIFs since there’s always gonna be idea or two once a year. Maybe?

Anyways…. I want to focus more on making stills. It’s what I’ve been doing in the first place. If you need more fancy GIFs on your dashboard there’s always my bros omnidaily, sentravii and motionaddicts, for starters. And even more in the #GIF tag.


hey it’s your local chan stan™ n i’m here with my fourth follow forever but i feel like a whole new blog so let’s just say it’s my first lmao 

first of all i changed blog types and urls.. even sort of changed my mains from exo to seventeen.. i make gifs now?? i’m a whole different person?? anyways i’m saying this because ever since these things happened i’ve lost mutuals, gained mutuals but the ones who stayed throughout that whole phase.. like.. thank you so much.. i might not say it much or even at all but i’m so grateful for the ones who stayed.. i hope you know who you are!!

anyways i reached *k a while ago but never got around to making a follow forever n my last follow forever was a year ago.. i made this kind of short because i really wanted to say thank you to all of you for making more experience here on t*mblr more enjoyable than it ever was!!

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                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NARUMIYA MEI ♔

Narumiya Mei used to be my most hated character in the series. I stopped watching when Seido lost because of Inashiro but after re-watching, I don’t know why but I’ve come to love this man. Probably because I learned a lot from him like how luck doesn’t matter, if you want something you should earn it through hard work and even if you fail, then you just have to make up for it by working even harder. He is not a perfect ace and I think that is why he uses his confidence to boost everyone’s fighting spirit. His arrogance is his defense mechanism so that if he loses, no one would feel sorry for him. His pride and competitiveness mirror his passion for the things that he do. While outside the field, he is the most bubbly and carefree. He might seem selfish but he’s actually good at understanding and reading an individual though his pride prevents him to show his feelings. He is also very straightforward when needed. I think of all the characters, he is the most realistic and to some extent, I relate to him. He will be forever my king. Happy birthday, Mei ♥

Are we not gonna talk about this?

When I saw this the first time, I thought Ian tried to wake him up really aggressively and that’s why Mickey reacted like this. The livestream always hang and was too slow so I didn’t see it correctly. But after I rewatched it, I noticed that Ian tried to wake him up softly. Gently. So why did Mickey wake up like someone was screaming in his ear? Why was he so frightened?

Because of the things that happened in jail. You can clearly see that bad things happened to him. Was Terry, his father, not in the same prison as him? Did he do something to his own son? Told other people to beat him up? ‘Beat the fag out of him’? Or even worse things? I don’t wanna imagine.

It hurts to imagine that these things actually happened to our sunshine Mickey.

A/n: This was a request from @darkness-my-acquaintance but I wanted to use a gif of snow (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

Walking around New York City was always something you and Jillian had done together, even before you started dating. Regardless of the weather, you’d both make time at least once a week to take a little stroll and talk about all the things you’d been up to.

Especially now that it was December and the entire city was covered in snow.

Jillian was particularly fond of shoving a bit of snow down the back of your winter coat and then pressing a kiss on your lips to stop you from shouting at her, even though you made a note to ignore her for awhile so she knew you were mad.

When it got a bit too cold to be strolling around in the frigid air, you both decided to make your way back to your apartment a little ways from the park you had currently been walking through.

On the way you both noticed that the snow was trying to come down a lot more heavy and thick, making it a bit hard to see where you were going.

“It’s freezing outside.” Jillian said as she started to remove the scarf from around her neck and stuffing it into her pocket once you opened the door and let her inside.

“Well snow can do that to a city.” You answered, smiling at her while you hung up your coat and removed your boots.

“Thank you for clarifying.” She said sarcastically as she gazed out one of your windows to see how bad the snow how gotten. “I should probably be heading back to my place.”

You looked over at the window and frowned at the idea of Jillian trudging through the snow to get home. “I’d hate for you walk home in this mess, why don’t you stay with me till it clears up a bit?” You offered.

Jillian really didn’t want to go out in the cold and end up getting horribly ill in the process, besides the idea of staying with you longer was always appealing to her. “I’d like that very much, thanks.” She said, proceeding to take off her coat as she kissed your cheek.

“I’ll give you some warm clothes to wear for bed and run you a bath.” You told her, getting up from the couch and moving to the kitchen to make you both soup.

Jillian sat at one of the kitchen stools, resting her chin in her hand as she watched you adoringly. “Has I ever told you how wonderful you are?”

“About a dozen times a day.” You answered, looking back at her with a fond smile. “But it’s rather nice hearing it.”

Once you started stirring the broth, Jillian came up behind you and rested her chin on your shoulder, adjusting her head after a bit to leave little kisses on your neck.

You laughed a little at the sensation. “As lovely as this is, best wait till after I’m done with the boiling hot liquid.”

Jillian smiled, detaching herself from you as she started exploring through your cabinets for bowls.

So you both sat on the sofa, eating warm soup as you watched some old comedy sitcom on the television.

You noticed Jillian starting to drift in and out of consciousness, so you gently tapped the side of her face.

“Hey, you should probably get into night clothes before you doze off on me.” You said softly, moving from the couch to find some warm pajamas in your closet.

“This ought to fit, you can change in the bathroom.” You said, pointing to the door and waiting for her to go inside so you could change as well.

Holtzmann came out of the bathroom and placed her folded clothes into a spare drawer in your dresser. “For safe keepings.” She said.

You had offered her to sleep in bed with you, but she seemed persistent on crashing on the couch.

So you made sure she had warm blankets and kissed her forehead before you went to your room and snuggled into the blankets, drifting to sleep.

Of course, that didn’t last long because several minutes later you felt Jillian tapping the side of your face and your eyes fluttering open to stare at her.

“It’s too cold.” She said, holding onto one of the blankets you gave her. “I figured it would be warmer with you.”

You laughed, sitting up and folding the comforter on the other side of the bed for her to go to. “Come on then.”

Jillian smiled, diving into the blankets and shifting a bit until she was comfy, letting out a pleased sigh.

You turned over so you were facing her, being able to make out her wild cloud of blonde hair. “Why didn’t you just take my offer earlier?”

She laughed a bit, reaching out and snuggling very close to you. “If I’m honest, I’d tell you it’s because I didn’t know if I could handle us sleeping together.”

You let out a snort, appreciating the warmth Jillian provided. “Well looks like you’re holding up fine.”

You could feel her kiss the top of your head. “But really it’s because it suddenly struck me how wonderful it would be to cuddle on a very cold night when we’re snowed in. And I must say this does feel rather nice.”

You smiled, looking up and feeling around her face till you found her mouth, and pressing your lips to it. “Didn’t know my Jilly was such a romantic.”

Holtzmann bit her lip as she smiled, holding you closer. “Well it really only ever shows up around you.”

After that you both just laid in comforting silence until you both fell asleep, feeling much warmer.

And when you woke up, the streets were still just as bad and the television in your room showed you that all the roads were closed until further notice.

Lucky for you and Jillian, this meant that you could stay in bed and cuddle all you wanted.

Goodbye Peter Pan

“No Peter, I’m done this time and I’m dead serious” I shout to him while I walked through the dark jungle. You don’t even remember why you both were fighting, but you do remember fighting with him for the smallest things all last week and the week before and the week before.

“Please Y/N, don’t say that” Peter says, trying to catch up with me. When I arrive to the beach, I look back to see that he was no where to been seen. “Good” I grumble before I grab my bag and head to the rowboat that was out there for me.

“Please Y/N, don’t leave me. You don’t know how much I need you”

“Peter, we’ve been like this for too long and I just can’t deal with this anymore” I say getting inside of the rowboat. Once I place my bag inside the boat disappears.

“PETER!” I yell.

“No Y/N, I can’t let you leave”

“Why not?!”

“Because I need you and you promised me on the night I brought you here to tell you that I love that you would never leave me”

“Oh Peter GROW UP!!! Promises are for children!!” I shout back. “Now give me back my rowboat, I’m leaving this god damn island”

Peter starting to tear up, the boat re-appears on the water. I place my bag inside again, grabbing the oars and putting them in place. Peter stood there,now  emotionless, looking into the darkness of the sea. I couldn’t stand leaving him like this so I ran to where he was giving him one last kiss on his sweet lips.

“I’m sorry; I’ll never forget you” I say kissing him again; this time his hands grabbing my waist and pulling me closer towards him. When I finish the kiss my hands reach behind my neck to take off a golden necklace that Pan gave me a long time ago. There were two golden stars; one bigger than the other. It symbolized “second star”, Neverland, the place where I thought I had found my true love.

“Here, give it to the special girl” I say handing him the necklace.

“No, you keep it; you are the lucky girl. This way you’ll always find your way back to me” he says trying to smile. I head back to my row boat, rowing until I get to Hook’s ship.

“Alright mate?” Killian asks when he sees that tears were escaping my eyes.

“Yea, I’m fine” I say sniffling slightly.

“And now, off this bloody island and to another world!” Hook shouts to his crew who start un-wrapping the sails. We soon arrive to the middle of the sea, I look at the necklace in my hand.

“I can’t” I say softly. I let go of the necklace, letting it fall to bottom of the Neverland sea. When the Jolly Roger was about to go through the portal, I see the island growing darker and darker, reflecting Peter’s emotions.

“I love you Peter Pan” I say into the night sky before we disappear in a cloud of green smoke.

Another short comic on mental illness - since I keep getting new insights every now and then. This is something that often puts me in conflict with other people. I often get asked why I do certain things and get a “Well, that’s weird, but as long as it makes you happy…” in return, wich actually hurts every time someone says it. Others get mad at me and accuse me of being too dumb to realize that I’m hurting myself by doing certain things or that I don’t care enough to change my behaviour. They keep explaining why my behaviour is bad and get angry when I can’t just snap out of it. Well… I’m aware of all that. I know my behaviour can be annoying to others but it’s even more annoying to myself. I do have common sense and I’m no stranger to logic thinking. However, I’ve got this overwhelming sick brain. Sometimes it gets out of control and keeps screeming at me to do certain things even though I know they’re not reasonable. Like, I get immensely anxious if I don’t do a thing… and I don’t mean “it makes me uneasy” but really really horrified. I get all kinds of physical symptoms and I feel SO scared that doing that harmful things seems still better than going through all the trouble my brain gives me for not doing them.

For healthy people this is often hard to understand. They expect you to function the same way as they do. After all, most mental illnesses are invisible. This is why it’s so important to talk and to educate about mental illness. We need an environment where mentally ill people dare to speak out about their problems because others are willing to listen to them without judging. And that’s something we can only create together!

i love how this gif shows so many different types of people―there are those ones diligently working and writing, those ones in the back sitting down calmly, those ones that are walking away, and well, meanie. i don’t think i really have to explain what the heck meanie is doing because i don’t even know tbh.


Endless list of Felicity scenes (4/) | Felicity & Noel

When did this become my life? How did I get so off track? - 3.03

Rose City’s offensive strategy is intricate, well executed and difficult to see. It’s why it is so effective. I’ll try to break it down even though I can’t do it justice.

1/ The very beginning of this clip shows two important things, #4 from Gotham (Violet Knockout) coming back in bounds at the apex and two rose blockers (Elicia Nisbet-Smith and Sarah Gaither) knocking a gotham skater out of bounds.

2/ Sarah Gaither begins to bridge the Gotham blocker (Fisher Twice) back while Nisbet-Smith stays to maintain an established pack. At the same time, Griffin escorts Violent Knockout out of bounds and starts to bridge her back. 

3/ Shaina Serelson of Rose City approaches the remaining two wall to get another blocker. 

Here is what is going on and why it is so genius. Rose city is effectively controlling the speed of the pack and pack definition while also limiting Gotham’s ability to form a wall. 

Imagine wanting to go to prom with your boyfriend. But he, how always, refuses to, wsaying it was just a stupid foolish party for people who want to feel like grown ups though they behave like children the whole time. “But I want to go! Am I childish because of this wish? I just want to be part of the class for one time. And this is gonna be the last time I get the chance, you know I am going to the university next year, so, why can’t you just do me the favor??”. Sherlock quietly looks at you with his perfect lips closed. His deep blueish eyes looking through you. Nearly crying of anger you turn around and leave the flat. Walking to the park. Angry. Thinking of all the things you did for Sherlock, going to murderer, helping him to solve cases, helping him to get socail networks. And he won’t even do this for you? Honestly? You decide to go back and tell him exactly that! You storm into the room, ready to shout at him as you see what he does: He is standing there, dancing without music.”What are you doing here? Wanting to tell me what you did for me, and tell me that I should be able to do you this lile favor? Well, as you see, I am sorry! I will go with you! And now come here!”. Ugh! All this knowledge and this deducing you.. but hey, he changed his mind all on his owne! THat truly is great! And so you go to him, he takes your hand, lays one on your hip, and begins to dance with you. Humming his favorite walz!