why do i even do this to myself idek

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majestically running Kim Jongdae


I want to             I want to be someone else or I’ll explode
          Floating upon the surface for the birds               the birds

Do not imagine dan sneaking from the christmas table to go to his old room and call phil over skype because his cousins with their husbands and wives make him miss him more than ever

Do not imagine phil’s heart leaping when he excuses himself to go sit on his old swing in the garden while the snow makes everything around him but dan’s excited voice silent

And do not imagine dan’s mum come looking for him 3 hours later and see him lying on his bed with phil on the phone, talking like they haven’t seen eachother in ages when in reality they have been apart for not even 24 hours

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what's your fav thing about louis? both physically and personality wise xx

Oh my. I like Louis because of all the things that make him himself.

Physically: I love how tiny he is, the fact that he has to get on his tippy toes to make himself look taller but he fails, and his curvy body. I love his legs, they’re probably my favourite part of him because they’re beautiful and nicely shaped (I mean, I like his ankles, just how whipped am I). His bum is a close second, let’s face it, the kid has a really nice butt (do I even need to explain this one?). I love his face, he’s got a really cute face, with his nose and his blue eyes and the wrinkles and the smile and the ears. I really like his hair too, it looks so soft and feathery, I love every single style from the soft fringe to the quiff to the infamous cinnamon roll. I like his tiny hands and his tiny feet and the way he moves and how expressive his face is.

Personality: I love how kind he is, I love the fact that he spends all this time and money on local charities and then go back to visit the kids once the campaign is done. I love how devoted he is to his mum and his sisters, how much he loves his family and the fact that he still carries his childhood friends around with him. I love that he has the biggest soft spot for kids, he’s going to be a great father and spoil them rotten while playing around with him until they all fall exhausted. I love how much he cares about his boys, how he has this special and unique dynamic with each one of them and still manage to have them all wrapped around his finger. I think the amount of affection and admiration the other boys show for Louis says a lot about the kind of person he is, those people spend a lot of time with him and still treat him like royalty, it makes me emotional. I love how he fought against his insecurities, I love how the puts up a rough and sarcastic exterior to hide the fact that he has a soft side too. I love how naughty and troublesome he is, he’s like a little kid but nobody seems to be able to stay mad at him for long (I bet he pouts a lot when he wants to get out of trouble, he seems the type). I love his voice, I love how much he’s improved and his little proud face when people tell him so. I love how smart and hardworking he is, I love that he’s investing and taking care of things for the future. I love that he doesn’t let people walk all over him, how he reacts and bites back, how he lets his face and body language speak for himself. I really, really love how he is with Harry. I love the way his face just softens, like all the tension just melts away, when he looks at him. I love his little smile and the way he tries to pretend he wasn’t looking at him and and I love even more that he fails miserably every time. I love how his voice softens too and how he touches him so carefully like Harry isn’t a whole mountain of a man compared to him. I love that he treats him like his baby but at the same time teases him and presses all the buttons. I love how strong he is and how he’s dealt with everything they’ve thrown at him, with all the homophobic stuff and the stunts and the horrible things. I love that he doesn’t care and just slips away to be with the person he loves, even if he’s not supposed to. I love that he’s been trained to be something that he’s not, to hide everything he is, but still goes around with a big smile and wrinkly eyes and dripping sarcasm. Still lets the real him shows between the cracks.

Mhm, you said one thing, right? I might have gotten a bit carried away, it happens when you make me talk about Louis. Oops.



i11evn: To be honest, Namjoon can’t say that he had once been active being an underground rapper. There are a lot of them out there, where after they’ve become an idol, they say that “I’m a person that had done underground before” And they say that even though they don’t exactly do it anymore. Its hard to pick which one of them were properly doing underground and its the same case for Namjoon.

Writing raps and uploading them on, for example the community site or a hip hop site, its hard to say they were actually doing underground. Underground in general is a really independent thing to be in. You are carrying everything depending on your own independence. But for an idol its all according to the company’s plans, so in the end its nearly impossible for them to do what they are really passionate about. Because to the company’s point of view, their personal passion is not what the public wants. And because of that, the underground manias or the hip hop manias of course can’t really accept it.