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Date Night

You were running around the bedroom after your shower, slipping on underwear, picking out dresses, blow drying your hair.

Pennywise was watching this all unfold, sitting on your bed as you prettied yourself up, spending a few hours on your make up, ridding your hair of any kinks using an iron.

“What are you doing (y/n)?” He asked, not really used to seeing you even bother with make up before.

“I have his thing my friend invited me to, I’m kinda third wheeling but I don’t really mind too much” You said under concentration of adding eyeliner.

“Third wheeling?” His face twisted in confusion.

“It’s when a person tags along with another couple because they don’t have a date or someone to hang out with them. When the numbers are odd” you say simply. He sat silently for a moment, processing the information. Then he finally spoke up again.

“Why not take me?” He asked, playing with beads from a necklace near by.

“Babe,” you started, looking over at him. With his ruffled dirty clown, while pale skin, unnatural look. It’s not that you were necessarily embarrassed of him, but he was literally the killer clown that would probably have angry mobs after him.

“Killer clown” you said to yourself, almost scoffing as you looking over at him, watching his “killer instincts”. snuggling into a pillow, looking a little offended over not being invited to a simple evening outing.

“Why do you want to go so bad? You said you didn’t even like the way (y/f) smelled” you turn back around, finishing off your make up and walking over to your closet.

“You could of at least mentioned it to me, you didn’t even ask if I wanted to go..” he said, pouting grumpily. You sighed, feeling bad about not bringing it up to him. But also, in what way would it be normal to take a 6'5 pale vintage clown to a formal dinner? As much as you loved him the way that he was, it would definitely be the elephant in the room. You sighed and smiled at his adorable pouts, finally saying “fuck it” to yourself.

“Would you like to join me to dinner my love?” You said after a few minutes of just watching him, he perked up almost immediately, a toothy smile spreading across his face. You were unsure about how going out with him would look, but before your eyes he had turned into a more “human” looking man. Tall, handsome, brown haired goof ball with Penny’s same blue eyes and wide grin.

“Shall we my darling?” He extended his hand towards yours, you still in a robe completely in aw of his human form.

“L-let me slip into my dress, yeah?”


Later than night, you had showed up with Penny in his human costume. Girls turned heads when his large figure past tables, your friend seemed to almost completely avoid her date due to the admiration towards your dashing date.

“P-Penny was is? My my what a hunk” she would make jokes about it, and the guy next to her seemed jealous. But your favorite part of the entire night was how Penny would turn to you over nearly everything. Not only was he not used to being in public, but he also didn’t want to say something to upset you. He would crack his joke though, and you swore a giggle escaped from every girl in the room. He had caught everyone’s attention, but when you spoke with others, Penny would instead turn his head and admire you. He liked the tone of your voice and the elegance of the words you used to seem intelligent infront of people.

By the time the night had come to a close, you were exhausted. You sat in the back of a taxi leaning into Pennywise nearly falling asleep when you felt his lips atop of your head.

“How was I (y/n)?” His whisper interrupted the sound of traffic outside. You smiled and hummed a little. “Does that mean good or bad?” He whispered again.

“You were absolutely perfect” you said, eyes still closed, “but as soon as we’re back home, I want my Pennywise back.

"Don’t you like me like this better?” He asked, almost quieter as before. Your eyes opened as you pushed yourself up to face him.

“I think I fell in love with a clown, not a regular person. I like this look, but whoever I intend of holding tonight is my clown, yeah?” You said, pinching his cheeks slightly. He nodded, a bit of color coming to his cheeks as you leaned back into him again. “No more clowning around and get back to being my clown” You smirked at your oh-so clever line and kinda dozed off the rest of the ride in his chest.


First off shout out to @fuck-the-clown

Second off, I gotta say I’m so grateful you guys allow me to write these things down and allow me to express myself. Gotta be free to be weird somewhere :-)

Lastly, if you don’t like what I write then don’t fucking read it.

Thank you guys so much for liking my last story, it really encouraged me to post this one. Love you guys, I’m signing off now, but have a great day! (Or Night) 🖖🏼

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the only thing I don't see that you really understand is that fiction affect reality. by supporting an abusive relationship you are romanticizing it further and keeping those who are victims of it from getting out of it because this mentality tells them that abusive relationships are cute and desirable. when jaws came out people started killing sharks off and there are sources that say it killed up to 90% of sharks so don't tell me it's not anything serious.

OK I SWEAR THIS’LL BE THE LAST cause I’m going to disable anon asks for a good while like most ppl recommended me to…I’m new at this whole thing ok?

yea sorry that kind of came off a bit one-sided cause fiction rly does affect reality in some ways;;; depends on how you take it and all but for me

Depiction doesn’t equal encouragement and enjoying it in a fictitious setting doesn’t equal encouragement. Writers/Artists can have many reasons for showing problematic material in any artistic medium, and honestly, very rarely does it translate to “ this thing should happen irl” A majority of my katsudeku art hasn’t even touched upon the whole abusive thing, it’s kacchan being a dumb tsundere and deku just ????? idek;;;;; I am just appreciating it as plot and character development devices

but you really can’t just assume someone is into something problematic in fiction means they support it irl??… das not a cool move either. Don’t worry though, I do respect what you don’t like or even hate for your own personal reasons. I do my best to tag the contents so if I completely missed the tagging somehow(cause i’m not perfect sry) then just leave a little message about that and I can get that fixed right away!(for you i guess just stay away from katsudeku tags;;;)

Thank you so much for informing me, it’s really helpful! I do try to avoid that term cause I remember there was a controversy over that, and I didn’t remember why haha;; it was a while back for me. cause i saw as just a harmless word. JUST a word.

words shouldn’t harm anyone or even label ppl. so that’s why i didn’t bother tagging it as “genderbend” cause I didn’t know how to tag it lol and I’m sure ppl saw the term differently too. I just saw it as a fun thing, not trying to limit anything;;;

unforth-ninawaters replied to your post “unforth-ninawaters replied to your post “*dramatically lies on floor*…”

I honestly don’t understand why other people don’t? Even when I was pretty new to tagging I usually did it because it seemed like an obvious thing people would want to know. I think in SPN fandom particularly people have gotten really used to most fans being on team switch and so they’ve stopped bothering? I don’t even know.

Yeah, I imagine that it’s got something to do with that, but I can’t be sure…

I don’t think that most people intentionally don’t tag. Though there have been posts circulating some years ago, that claimed that reading and writing switching was superior to having top/bottom preferences. There have been some people who said that they refused to tag top/bottom preferences because of that.

I have asked about how writers tag before and there have been some interesting discussions, like for example writers who don’t want their story to be reduced to the sex scene and losing potential readers because the fic happens to feature one or the other thing. Which I understand, but I’d still prefer a tag or an alternative solution like putting further info into the authors notes.

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Hi I've been looking into buy a puppy Samoyed and I heard they shed a lot. How much fur are we talking about?

Oh, like… an insane amount. Like at least double whatever you’re thinking! There’s just SO MUCH of it that it gets everywhere. Granted, we could be better about not letting Skookum on the furniture, but even if we did that, it just finds its way everywhere. We basically don’t leave the house without doing a full-body lint rolling (those sticky things that you peel sheets off of) 

A little more info under this post and under tagged/shedding

This picture is why I don’t even bother trying to wear black anymore. So to answer your question, YES they shed a WHOLE BUNCH and we vacuum more than we ever thought possible, but it’s still everywhere. BUT they’re beautiful and awesome dogs, so it just depends on how much you’re willing to deal with.

Also… I see in your profile that you’re 18 and maybe it’s the right thing for you, but I really hope you consider whether you want to be responsible for another living thing for the next 10 or so years, to the point that it will hinder your plans and travel, and spontaneous overnights, and work/social schedule. I’m not trying to be a bummer but I know I wouldn’t have been ready for the responsibility at 18 - and again, maybe it’s the right thing for you but if the dog is healthy you’ll have it until you’re, like, 30, and a lot could happen in between now and then and you might end up wishing you weren’t tied down by the practicalities of owning a dog.

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I really appreciate how considerate you are with tagging things, because a lot of horror/paranormal bloggers don't do that, or make fun of it. Thanks for making your awesome content enjoyable for everyone!

its no problem, i wish more people did.. like it takes so little effort to make your content accessible to a larger range of people? i just dont get why so many ppl wont even bother when asked 

but yea i try to cover all the basics (common triggers/fears) without being asked, but also you guys can ask me to tag anything. even if its a ‘weird’ trigger or something u just dont want to see, dont hesitate to ask and ill tag it for you

this is what you have to type in to make teen wolf come up as a suggested tag on mobile

and recently #teen wolf switched spots with #hot teen as a popular tag. as a result, i keep accidentally tagging all my teen wolf posts as #hot teen by force of habit and muscle memory, and it’s the most annoying thing ever






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